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Flashback Review: March 19th, 2014 Movie – Attack Of The Sabretooth

attack of the sabertooth

You know what is detrimental to trying a write a movie review? Distractions, and they come in many forms. For instance, from September through January, those come in the form of football on Saturday and Sunday. For me, video games can be a big distraction, especially any game by Bethesda, meaning any of the Fallout or Elder Scolls games. Case in point, today I watched the movie that I was scheduled to watch today, took a break, then intended to get right back into writing the review for a previously viewed movie. However, that break ended up being a couple of hours longer than I intended due to my getting to absorbed into playing Fallout 4, which I just got a few days ago. Since I need to get this review finished so I can get back into that game, here is Attack Of The Sabretooth.

The plot: At a newly created theme park, a security guard enters a restricted area to retrieve a nude picture, inadvertently leaving the gate open, and ends up being attacked and killed by a sabre-toothed cat. Elsewhere, the park owner, Niles, is setting up for a meeting of the park’s investors, where he hopes to impress his ex brother-in-law Grant, and sends his assistant Alan to check with security. In the security office, an alarm sounds on one of the gates and security guards Savannah and Sindup believe it is a false alarm but Alan decides to go check it out. Grant arrives with his date and wastes no time in belittling Niles. Meanwhile, five college friends (Kirk, Alaina, Robbie, Alys, and Collette) arrive on the island and are greeted by Niles, who is friends with Robbie’s father, and shown to the hotel. At the hotel, Kirk reads the letter stating the rules of the game and hands each of them the card containing the item they must find. Back in the security room, a fire alarm goes off and they notice one of the workers, Brian, welding in the area. Savannah goes to stop him, turning off the camera as she leaves as she uses the opportunity to have sex with Brian since they are dating. Outside, Alan comes to the gate and reports to security that the gate is open, then heads inside to find the missing guard, only to come across the guard’s remains right before he is killed by a sabretooth. Sindup informs Savannah about the breach, and she goes to see if the cats have returned to their cages but their handler, Sachariah informs her that they have not returned for feeding. At the investors meeting, Niles gives his sales pitch to the investors, telling them that he has managed to clone some sabre-toothed cats and that it is only the beginning. Savannah meets with Niles and suggests evacuating the investors but Niles refuses and tells Savannah to get the cats back in their pens. Meanwhile, Kirk and Robbie end up breaking into the park facility, followed by Alaina, Alys, and Collette, and Robbie ends up shutting down the security system so they can find the items they were looking for. Sundip goes looking for Alan and the missing guard and finds their body parts, but he is unable to get in touch with anyone due to the security system being down, and ends up being killed by a sabretooth. Brian and Savannah discover that the power is off and the gates are open and Brian goes looking for the cats while Savannah ties the gates closed. Inside the enclosure, Brian runs into Sachariah, who informs him that he had captured the two cats. With the cats back in their pens, Niles orders Brian to get the power back online. Back in the park facility, Kirk, Robbie, and Alaina find their items but before they can look for the other items, they are forced to hide when they hear Niles bringing the investors into the building. Robbie and Alaina end up in the incubation room, where they find the failed fetuses for the sabretooth cats. Alaina leaves the room and when she runs into a sabretooth, she tries to use the shell spear to defend herself but is quickly killed by the cat. Robbie hears her screams but arrives to late to save her and ends up hiding in a freezer to escape the cat. Meanwhile, Brian runs into Alys and Collette and when they try to run, the end up tripping over Alaina’s remains, where Brian catches up to them and finds out there are two more kids out there. They head to the incubation room, where they find Robbie and Brian tries to get in touch with Savannah but their radios aren’t working. Meanwhile Grant’s date, Autumn, fakes being sick and Niles takes her to his office to lie down but when he leaves, Grant finds his safe and Autumn opens it so Grant can steal Niles’ research and patents. Back in the facility, Brain lures one of the cats into the incubation room and manages to kill it with an explosion, but tells the kids that there is a larger, male sabretooth still out there. Elsewhere, Kirk runs into a drunken investor and the two head into the souvenir shop to make out but the male sabretooth kills the investor while Kirk runs from it. Brian and the kids run into Sachariah, who tells them that there is a third, even larger cat but that it’s slow due to it’s back legs not working. Brian has the kids go with him while he looks for Kirk and Savannah. When Robbie says that he might be able to get the power back on, they head for the security room while Brian finds Kirk just as the sabretooth kills Kirk. Robbie gets the power on just as the sabretooth kills Sachariah. Out in the jungle, Grant and Autumn are heading through the jungle in an attempt to get off the island but one of the sabretooths kills Grant. In the building, Savannah sees the giant sabretooth and tries to shoot it but Niles tackles her. As the giant cat comes towards him, Niles runs for the door and manages to get outside but the huge cat begins banging on the door, causing the one of the fangs from the statue on the building’s roof to break loose and impale Niles. Savannah kills the giant cat and asks Brian if that is all of them but he says he can only confirm one of them. As they leave with the three kids, Autumn is shown still wandering in the forest, where the male sabretooth kills her.

This wasn’t bad for a Sci-Fi original movie but it could have been better. The acting was ok for the most part though there were some people that were just bad. The story was basically a Jurassic Park rip-off, but with sabretooths instead of dinosaurs. As for the special effects, they weren’t too bad until the end, where the tooth falls off the statue and impales Niles. That scene just looked terrible. Still, this kept me entertained for 90 minutes and that was all I expected it to do.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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