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December 28th, 2015 Movie – Return To The Lost World

return to the lost worldEver have one of those days that just starts out wrong? Well I am certainly having one today. IT started when my alarm went off and, after turning off the alarm, I laid back down for a minute because my head was killing me due to the weather. Well, a minute turned out to be 2 1/2 hours so I got off to a late start. Then I got to start the day with some family drama (great way to start a Monday) and so now, when I should have been done hours ago and back to playing Fallout, I am just now starting to watch today’s movie. Unfortunately, today’s movie isn’t going to help my headache any as it is the sequel to yesterday’s movie. Yes, they made a sequel and now I find myself watching Return To The Lost World because the DVD I bought was a double feature DVD.

The plot: On the plateau containing the Lost World, Chief Palala and his daughter, Imana, are walking through the forest when they see an airplane in a clearing. Palala goes to investigate and he is captured by men led by Bertram Hammonds, a Belgium scientist, and Gomez. When Palala asks what they are doing here, Betram explains that he was given a lease to do scientific research on the island but in reality, he is setting up to drill for oil. After killing some Ankylosaurs with an explosion, Palala says that they are cursed and Bertram has him thrown off the cliff. Malu happened to be walking by the plateau and finds the injured chief and takes him back to the trading post for medical attention and, at Palala’s request, send word to Challenger and the others to make good on their promise to return and help his people. Edward Malone and Jenny Nielson are covering skirmishes in the desert when they receive word of what happened and make plans to head to London to convince Challenger and Summerlee to come as the two scientists are feuding. When they arrive at Summerlee’s place, they manage to convince him to go with them, but he says he will not go if Challenger goes. When Malone and Jenny go to see Challenger, they are surprised to see Jim there working as Challenger’s assistant. They manage to convince Challenger to go in secret and hide him in a crate on the ship but Summerlee sees Challenger as they get him out of the crate. The two men begin to fight until Jim yells at them to stop as they made a promise to help their friends when needed. Arriving at the outpost, Challenger and the others greet Palala and Malu, then make preparations to head back to the plateau. Back in the Lost World, Bertram’s men have captured some of Palala’s tribe and force them to work as slave labor. As they continue drilling, they find themselves coming under attack by dinosaurs and manage to fend them off but when a Tyrannosaurus attacks, it damages the cooling pipes for the drill and causes an explosion that triggers a volcanic eruption that threatens to destroy the whole plateau. Challenger and the others arrive at the plateau and, after observing the smoke coming from the top, begin making their way through the tunnels back to Palala’s village. On the plateau, with Bertram’s plane destroyed in the explosion, they find themselves trapped but decide that Palala’s tribe must know a way off the plateau. Bertram and Gomez see Imana tending to an injured baby Ankylosaur and capture her in order to persuade the tribe to show them the way off the plateau. When they threaten to kill Imana unless they are shown the way off the plateau, the tribe refuses and Bertram orders Gomez to kill Imana but he is shot and killed by Challenger before he can do it. When the tribe sees Palala and he tells them what Bertram did, the tribesmen begin to attack Bertram but Challenger stops them and orders them to tie him up instead. Later, Jim shows Challenger and Summerlee a mural the tribe has painted, showing the adventure they had the last time they were here. Malu explains that Palala’s people believe they are gods and that they will stop the volcano and restore peace to the land. The next day, Imana takes Jim to see the baby Ankylosaur and he starts to carry it back to the village but he is captured by Bertram’s men, who question him about the way off the plateau until Imana helps him escape by imitating dinosaur noises. At the village, Challenger believes that the only way to stop the volcano is the use explosives to cap it, much like an oil rig fire. Summerlee doesn’t believe it will work and says the only hope for Palala’s people is to evacuate the plateau. When no one will come with him, Challenger decides to go into the tunnels alone but he winds up stuck when one of the ropes on the bridge breaks. Malone goes into the tunnels and manages to save Challenger but a cave in results in the tunnel off the plateau being blocked, trapping them on the plateau. With Challenger’s explosives their only hope, Malone and Jim accompany Challenger so he can place the explosives and set a fuse to ignite it. As the prepare to detonate the explosives, they come under fire from Bertram’s men, who have gone mad in their desire to leave. Summerlee manages to reach the detonator but when he throws the switch, nothing happens and he believes there must be a break in the line. Jim goes back in the tunnels to find it, followed by Bertram. As Jim is repairing the line, he almost falls into a sinkhole but he is saved by Bertram. When Bertram sees a way out, he tries to convince Jim to leave with him, but Jim connects the two wires, causing the explosives to detonate and succeeding in stopping the volcano. The others congratulate Challenger on being correct but are sad, believing that Jim perished until he manages to make his way out of the collapsed tunnel. As the tribesmen carry Jim on their shoulders, they are all surprised to see a Pterodactyl flying overhead, which Jim, Malone, and Jenny believe to be Percival, the Pterodactyl that Jim had brought to London as a baby and set free. Overlooking the festivities, Challenger and Summerlee bury the hatchet and Summerlee remarks on how they saved the place, though Challenger asks “for how long?”

The problems I had from the first movie still exist in this one. The acting was pretty good and I still think John Rhys-Davies is my favorite Challenger. The story is pretty original and actually makes some bit of sense, which surprised me. However, they decided to delve further into a love triangle between Malone, Jenny, and Malu, which they briefly hinted at in the first movie, but made more prominenet in this one. The dinosaurs still look terrible, that’s about all I can say on those. Like the original, watch it if you are bored, but there are better movies out there.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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