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Flashback Review: June 25th, 2014 Movie – Cathy’s Curse

cathys curse

Well, it really is time to start getting ready for Halloween and nothing says the Halloween season more than going to a haunted house. That is what I am doing tonight which means that this review won’t be finished and posted until tomorrow, as I just got home from work an hour ago. Nothing much I can do about that so let’s get into what this movie is about. I honestly don’t remember much about this movie from the first time I watched it but after reading the brief synopsis, I do seem to recall a couple of scenes that might be from it. Now let’s see if the scenes I am picturing are really from Cathy’s Curse, or if I am just going crazier than normal.

The plot: Mr. Gimble comes home to find his daughter Laura crying, saying that her mother Joanne had left and taken her brother George with her.  Mr. Gimble grabs Laura and takes her back to his car and the drive off to find Joanne and George but when an animal darts out in the road in front of them, Mr. Gimble swerves to avoid it and ends up crashing his car. The car catches fire and Laura yells for her dad to open the door but they both end up dying in the fire. Years later, an adult George arrives at his family’s old home with his wife Vivian and his daughter Cathy, where they are greeted by Mary, the old house keeper. Vivian doesn’t seem too happy about being there but George says that it will be good for Cathy. As they work on moving in, Cathy finds an old doll that once belonged to Laura and begins acting strangely. A few days later, Cathy is playing with some other children and has then reenact the crash and death of Laura and her father, then attacks the girl playing Laura. At the same time, Vivian is talking with the kids mother and a medium, who has visions of the crash when she touches an old photo of George’s father. That night, George and Vivian are trying to fool around when they hear the dog outside barking constantly, then Cathy begins banging her head against her bed, demanding the doll that Vivian had taken after Cathy had fallen asleep. The next day, Cathy begins displaying strange psychokinetic abilities, destroying a statue with her mind and causing Mary to commit suicide by jumping out a window. The authorities are called in and Vivian is in a state of shock, as she had witnessed Mary fall to her death. Meanwhile, the inspector seems curious over what had happened, noting the dog’s reaction to Cathy. The next day, George heads to work, telling Cathy not to bother her mother and let her rest. A short while later, Vivian is heading downstairs when she sees Cathy and asks her if she had seen Mary fall, as Vivian saw Cathy at the window when it happened. When Cathy doesn’t answer, Vivvan gets upset but finds that Cathy has left, just as the house starts shaking. Vivian is taken to the asylum, as the doctor fears she has had a nervous breakdown from witnessing Mary’s death, and George arranges for Paul, the groundskeeper, to look after Cathy while he is at work. That night, the medium stops by to see Vivian only to find Paul drunk and laughing with Cathy. When the medium asks about Vivian, Cathy yells at her and Paul repeats every insult Cathy yells, chasing the medium from the house. After she leaves, Paul has another drink and as he falls asleep, Cathy pours him another drink, then uses her powers to have snakes and spiders appear around him, with Paul unable to move, and when they disappear, he finally goes to drink the glass Cathy had pulled. The next day, Paul’s dog is found dead and the doctor wants to do an autopsy on it as he has never seen anything produce lesions that are on the dog. Meanwhile, Cathy is playing with her doll when Paul sees them and tells Cathy to give him the doll so he can burn it. Cathy taunts him as he chases after her and Cathy ends up stabbing Paul in the hand when he gets close to them. Later, the medium calls and asks to see Vivian and is told to come over. When she gets there, she hears Vivian telling her to come up to the attic but when she heads up there, she is confronted by Cathy, who uses her powers to torture the medium and force her not to tell anyone what she had witnessed. George brings Vivian home and when they can’t find Cathy, George figures she is at Paul’s house and leaves to go get her. After he leaves, Vivian finds herself locked out of the house and every door or window she tries is slammed shut in her face. George returns to find Vivian on the ground and she warns him that Cathy is in danger and they need to leave but he passes it off as her delusion again.The next day, George, Vivian, and Cathy are at the park and as Cathy starts playing with the other kids, she suddenly  jumps into the lake and George is forced to save her. When they return home, Vivian tries to convince George that something is wrong with Cathy ever since the moved into the house, and her as well, but George refuses to hear it and leave. Later, Vivian goes to take a bath when she suddenly finds blood coming out of the faucet and is covered by leeches and she starts screaming, forcing George to give her some sedatives. The next day, George heads to work, leaving Paul to look after Cathy and Vivian. AS Paul checks in on Vivian, he hears her telling someone to stay away from Cathy and that she must burn the doll. Realizing what Vivian is talking about, Paul goes looking for Cathy but when he finds her, she uses her powers to kill him. Vivivan sees this happen and goes to confront Cathy, whose face appears burned and she tells Vivian that her name is Laura. Vivian grabs for the doll and Cathy struggles with her but Vivian manages to get it, just as George arrives home and sees Cathy’s appearance. Vivian rips the doll’s eye out, causing Cathy to scream out and cover her face, while all of the glass in the room suddenly shatters but when Cathy lowers her hands, her face is back to normal and she calls out for her mommy, indicating that she has been freed from Laura’s possession.

This was an interesting movie and probably could have been a lot better if it had a better budget. As it is, it’s premise couldn’t really help make this movie more enjoyable. The acting was kind of stiff all around, with Roy Witham (Paul) being about the only one to offer some more realistic emotions in his performance. The basic premise of the story was pretty good, with  the idea of Cathy being possessed by the spirit of her dead aunt so she can be reunited with her brother being a decent idea. However, they didn’t really explain what was going on and you basically had to guess as to what was happening. The special effects were ok and while they would have been decent back in the 70’s when this was made, they look incredibly dated watching this now. Another horror movie that doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 24th, 2014 Movie – Carny (2009)

carny 2009

I have one more week of the flashback reviews, then it is on to the movies I received this year. Today, will be my last time watching one of the Maneater series of movies for this blog, at least until I buy The Hollow (2015). Anyways, the legend of the Jersey Devil, much like any other cryptid, always fascinated me when I was a kid. True, it doesn’t get the love that Sasquatch or Nessie has received over the years but it was always an interesting story to read. I had often thought that this would be a neat idea for a movie, as most other cryptids have had their shots at fame, so I was glad to learn that the Maneater series had done just that, releasing Carny in 2009 which I watched as soon as I was able, then bought on DVD shortly afterwards.

The plot: Late one night, a man meets up with Cap, the owner of a traveling carnival, in the small town of Reliance and sells him the legendary Jersey Devil, which the man had captured. Cap pays the man but as he goes to walk away, Cap quickly stabs him in the back, then tells his assistant Quinn to get rid of the body. When Quinn returns, Cap goes to the truck the Jersey Devil is in and shoots it with a tranquilizer, then tells Quinn to move it into a cage but the Jersey Devil regains consciousness and attacks Quinn, ripping his face and eye before Cap can shoot it with more tranquilizers and knock it out. The next day, Sheriff Atlas is approached by Luke, the local tow truck driver, who had brought in an abandoned vehicle (the truck of the man who had captured the Jersey Devil). As Atlas looks around the truck, he notices a piece of bloody cloth in the back and, noting the New Jersey plates, tells Luke to take it around back and he will look into it. When he enters the station, he finds his deputy Rogers on the phone with Pastor Owens, who is upset about the carnival being in town and wants the sheriff to run them off. Atlas heads over to the carnival, as he needs to make sure they have the proper permits, but he is unnerved by the people/exhibits that work there. He eventually finds Cap, who offers to show him around and has Samara, the carnival’s fortune teller, read Atlas’ fortune but when she touches his hand, she sees blood and death but lies to atlas, saying the visions are unclear. As Cap continues showing Atlas around, Atlas notices the posters/tent advertising the Jersey Devil and heads inside to see, shocked to find the caged creature is real, and he decides to leave the carnival, promising to be that night for the opening. Meanwhile, Pastor Owens is getting ready to head into town to “save the town’s soul”, and tells his son Taylor to go door to door to get more people to show up. After Owens leaves, Taylor heads to an abandoned barn and drinks with his friend Jesse before heading to the carnival that night. In the town square, Owens is preaching about the carnival promoting the devil’s work and Atlas notes this to his deputy before he heads over to the carnival. As the carnival starts, Cap is in the tent preparing to display the Jersey Devil to the crowd and when he does, Taylor and Jesse mock it and Taylor throws peanuts at it. The Jersey Devil gets enraged and manages to break free of it’s cage, injuring several people before flying off into the sky, crashing into the Ferris wheel as it leaves. As Atlas helps get the wounded tended too, he is confronted by Owens, who blames Atlas for what happened because he didn’t shut down the carnival and threatens to take matters into his own hands if he doesn’t do something. Atlas goes to see Cap and tells him that the carnival is shut down until further notice and he plans to hunt down the Jersey Devil in the morning but after he leaves, Cap and Quinn make plans to bring the Jersey Devil back to the carnival alive. Cap goes to see Samara, to see her packing her things, saying that she knows this won’t end well and wants no part of it. Cap gives her a guilt trip about giving her a home when nobody else would and she agrees to stay long enough for him to recapture the Jersey Devil, then asks Cap to bring her something it touched. Elsewhere, Taylor and Jesse had fallen asleep in the abandoned barn when they are woken by a dog. As Jesse pets the dog, he notices that it has blood on it’s fur, just as Taylor sees a foot nearby. Suddenly, the Jersey Devil attacks the barn and chases after Taylor and Jesse as they try to run. As Jesse hides in the wrecked car on the property, Taylor runs into the woods and hides under a bridge but the Jersey Devil finds and kills him. Back at the carnival, Cap hands Samara a piece of skin from the Jersey Devil from when it crashed into the Ferris wheel and she uses it to see the future but the vision she has offers no help for Cap. The next morning, Jesse stumbles into the road and is almost hit by Luke, who calls in Atlas. Atlas heads out there to talk with Jesse, then heads into the woods and finds Taylor’s body, as well as the body of the man that captured the Jersey Devil. As the ambulance arrives to collect the bodies, Owens shows up and demands to see his son’s body, causing him to break down in tears before recovering and telling Atlas that it is his fault that Taylor is dead, then vows to make sure the “freaks” know the meaning of suffering. Atlas and Rogers head back into the woods where they are collecting the body parts from the second victim and Atlas says that the Jersey Devil didn’t do this, and believes the dead man is the owner of the truck. Meanwhile, Cap and Quinn are hunting the Jersey Devil when they come across Atlas and Rogers collecting the body parts and Quinn says he believes that they found where he dumped the body, causing Cap to chastise him. Meanwhile, Jesse and his mother are driving out of town, with his mother chastising him for being with Taylor, when the Jersey Devil grabs Jesse from the car and flies him up to the air. Jesse’s mom gets out of the car and screams out for Jesse, only to have his dead body fall back onto the car and she starts crying over her dead son when the Jersey Devil suddenly swoops down and grabs her, carrying her off to kill her. Atlas stops by the carnival to see Samara, where she shows him some books about the Jersey Devil that her family had, and then heads back to town, where he organizes hunting parties to kill the Jersey Devil. As Atlas and Rogers are searching the woods, Rogers is accidentally shot by Quinn, and Atlas grabs his weapon and chastises Cap and Quinn for being out there. Hearing the Jersey Devil flying in the sky nearby, Atlas asks Cap and Quinn to take Rogers back to town for help while he keeps hunting him. Cap and Quinn carry Rogers close to the carnival but then Cap decides to use Rogers as bait to capture the Jersey Devil. He shoots Rogers with a tranquilizer dart but Rogers yells out for help so Quinn stabs him. When the devil shows up, Rogers shoots at it before Cap can take his shot and the Jersey Devil kills him before flying off. Atlas shows up at the scene just as screaming is heard, as the Jersey Devil is attacking the carnival. Atlas manages to chase the Jersey Devil off and Samara yells at Cap for what he has done. Later, Cap makes a new batch of tranquilizers to use against the Jersey Devil, then heads out to the woods with Quinn, whom he kills in order to use as bait. Meanwhile, Atlas is examining Rogers’ body when he finds the tip of the tranquilizer dart in Rogers’ back and realizes what had happened. Back in the woods, Cap is lying in wait for the Jersey Devil when it appears behind him and attacks him but he manages to shoot it with his new tranquilizers and knock it out. Cap heads back to the carnival, yelling for someone to get some chains to recapture the Jersey Devil but Atlas is there waiting for him and after punching him, he arrests Cap for murder. Atlas takes Cap to the station and locks him in a cell but Owens appears behind him and knocks him out. Owens then locks Atlas in the armory, then moves towards Cap and, using Cap’s knife, slices up his tongue. As Cap writhes in pain, Owens grabs a revolver and opens the cell, intending to kill Cap but the Jersey Devil had recovered and crashes through the window, knocking Owens down before moving towards Cap and killing him. Owens locks the Jersey Devil in the cell, then shoots at it but when he runs out of bullets, he grabs two of Cap’s tranquilizers and jabs them into the Jersey Devil, knocking it out. Thinking he had killed the Jersey Devil, he leaves the station, where he encounters Luke and a few other men, and tells them he had killed the Jersey Devil, then tells them that they need to deal with the carnival freaks, as they are the ones responsible for bringing the Jersey Devil to their town. Luke and the others grab the Jersey Devil and bring it to the carnival, where they intend to burn it as well as the carnival and the townsfolk race into the carnival, setting everything ablaze and attacking the freaks. As Owens stands by and watches the carnage he started, the Jersey Devil regains consciousness and attacks Owens. Meanwhile, Atlas regains consciousness and uses a shotgun to shoot the lock off the door, then heads to the carnival, seeing Owen’s dead body at the front of the carnival. Racing inside, he sees everything on fire and calls out for Samara when he sees the Jersey Devil and shoots at it but it flies off. Seeing Samara, Atlas goes to her and asks if she is ok, just as the Jersey Devil lands on a nearby trailer. Atlas goes to shoot it but the propane tank from the trailer behind him explodes, knocking him and Samara down and scaring off the Jersey Devil. Atlas recovers but finds that his gun is by some fire and too hot to grab. The Jersey Devil returns and Atlas tries to lure it away from Samara but it chases after her. Samara runs for the Ferris wheel and when the Jersey Devil tries to kill her, the “Gentle Giant” yells out to it and it attacks him instead. Suddenly, Atlas drives up in a truck and slams into the Jersey Devil, pinning it to the Ferris wheel. Samara tries to get him out of the truck but Atlas tells her that if he lets off the gas, it will get free and that she needs to get out of there, just before the Ferris wheel falls on both of them. When the dust settles, Samara races to the truck to find Atlas mortally wounded and he tells her he did what he had to before he dies, and Samara lays her head down on his chest.

This was honestly a bit darker of a movie than I was expecting, which made it pretty good. The acting was good, with Lou Diamond Phillips doing a good job as Atlas, but I have to say that Vlasta Vrana kind of stole the show as Pastor Owens. The story was pretty good, with a great way of explaining the appearance of the Jersey Devil, though I wish they would have done a better job of explaining how it was caught in the first place. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with this next bit but there is one thing I would like to point out concerning one of the plot points in the movie. If I am to be totally honest, Pastor Owens showcased every bad stereotype when it comes to religion. His fire and brimstone approach, and labeling the carnival freaks as minions of the Devil and evil, just because they were different, and needed to be destroyed was a little to real for my taste, as there are plenty of people who act like this in the real world. The special effects regarding the Devil’s appearance were decent, though they made him look too much like a dragon than he should have. Still, it was a good design and the interactions between it and the human cast were pretty good. A pretty good entry into the series and one worth giving a try.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 23rd, 2014 Movie – Raptor


This right here is probably my favorite movie in the Carnosaur series, but not for the reasons you may think. You see, several years ago, I was watching Sci-fi channel one weekend when I caught the tail end of this movie. I was absolutely floored, not because of how good it was, but because I recognized some of the scenes and knew that they were from different movies. Well, this obviously piqued my interest so I had to look up this movie and then immediately pick up a copy (this was also when I bought the other Carnosaur movies). So let me re-watch Raptor, then explain why I like it so much.

The plot: Three kids are joyriding in the desert and after stopping near a cliff, they are attacked and killed by a Velociraptor. Later that day, Sheriff Jim Tanner heads out to the site of the deaths and meets up with his deputy, Ben Glover. As the look over the bodies and the scene, they are joined by Barbara Phillips, the local animal control officer that Jim has dated. Barbara, who was called there by Jim’s daughter Lola, examines the scene and says that it looks like an animal attack but can’t determine what caused it. Suddenly, they all hear a roaring sound but none of them can identify it. Meanwhile, at the UNIS Corporation, Dr. Hyde is chastising his head of security Josh McCoy, his chief technician Lyle Schell, and his assistant Karen over the premature hatchling that escaped and killed the kids. Karen tells him that the hatchling will die in 3-5 days and when McCoy asks about the other embryos, Karen tells him that they can ship them to their Utah facility. The embryo-chickens are shipped out as part of a poultry shipment and sent to Utah but shortly after leaving the facility, something bursts out of one of the chickens, destroying the cage it is in and when the driver pulls over to investigate, he is killed by the raptor that had just hatched. Later that night, a deputy discovers the truck and calls it in to Jim, who tells him to wait there and he will join him, but as the deputy calls in to run the truck’s plate, he is killed by the raptor as well. Back at the police station, Ben hands Jim a notice that Carl Joseph had broken out of prison and he suspects he is coming back there for revenge. Jim tells Lola to leave when her shift is over and not to go out with her boyfriend Tommy, saying he is too old for her, and Lola teases him that she had told Barbara the same thing about him. Later that night, Lola meets up with Tommy and they have sex in the back of his truck but as they are leaving, Tommy is killed by the freshly hatched raptor and Lola drives off. The raptor manages to get onto the hood of the truck and tries breaking in but Lola jumps free while the truck crashes off a bridge, exploding and killing the raptor. Jim arrives at the truck and calls Barbara to have her take a look while he tries to figure out where his deputy has gone. They check the log and discover where the truck picked up the chickens when Jim is contacted about his daughter and he rushes off to the hospital. When he gets there, the doctor tells him that Lola is suffering from severe shock, rendering her practically catatonic, and Jim discusses what they should do when Ben tells him about finding Tommy’s truck and a severed hand close by it. The next day at Unis, Lyle is talking with Hyde and Karen about the deaths, saying he doesn’t want to go to jail for them, and Hyde tells him that he is free to transfer but before he leaves, he asks that Lyle check out the laser barrier around the T-rex. When Lyle heads down the corridor, Hyde speaks with him and assures him he is safe but Lyle panics and tries to run back, just as Hyde drops the barrier and allows the T-rex to kill him. Outside the facility, Jim and Barbara have shown up to question the person in charge but are told by McCoy that Hyde isn’t there. Suddenly, they hear the T-rex’s roar and McCoy tries to pass it off as steam venting but as they leave, both Jim and Barbara recognize the sound as being similar to what they heard in the desert. Barbara has an idea and they head back to the hospital, where Barbara plays back the roar she had recorded on her tape recorder to Lola, snapping her out of her catatonic state. Lola screams out and tells her father that a giant lizard had killed Tommy and Jim leaves her with the doctor to look after her while he continues investigating. Jim drops Barbara off at her house, where she kisses him and invites him in for a nightcap but Jim tells her he can’t, as he plans on staking out UNIS over night. Meanwhile, Ben has received calls about someone smashing windows downtown and he goes off to investigate, believing it to be Carl Joseph. When he gets there, he yells out for whoever is out there to show themselves and is attacked by the raptor, which he shoots with his shotgun, but as he moves in to finish it off, the raptor impales him with it’s sickle claw. The next day, Jim picks up Barbara and they head to the morgue to examine Ben’s body and when Barbara finds a large tooth in Ben’s thorax, Jim realizes that they will need more than just the local cops to deal with this. Jim contacts the FBI and speaks with Agent Wiley, who tells him that he has no information on the UNIS corporation but asks to be kept in the loop. After he hangs up the phone, Jim prepares to go back to UNIS with Barbara and asks her to get a search warrant from his deputy while he calls the power company and arranges for them to turn off the power to UNIS if they don’t hear back from him by 3. Meanwhile, Agent Wiley contacts Colonel Vandamar and asks him about UNIS but Vandamar tells him they sold it to the private sector years ago. Vandamar then calls Hyde and asks him to confirm that they had cancelled his research project 12 years ago and Hyde tells him that they did, causing Vandamar to question as to whether he has received funding from other sources. Hyde assures him that he hasn’t and Vandamar hangs up, just as Jim and Barbara show up at UNIS. Hyde goes to meet them and shows them around, with McCoy and some of his men following at a distance, and as Barbara and Jim ask him about his past experiments and research, Hyde pulls a gun on them, as does McCoy and his men, and they proceed to lock up Jim and Barbara. After Jim hasn’t been heard from in over an hour, his deputy contacts Agent Wiley, who then contacts Vandamar. Vandamar orders a special forces team to investigate and deal with the problem. The two marine special forces teams arrive and split up once they reach UNIS. Meanwhile, the power company representative remembers about Jim and has the power shut off, allowing Jim and Barbara to escape from the room they are locked in. As Hyde tries to figure out what happened, Karen is concerned about the animals being able to escape from their enclosures but Hyde is not concerned about the soldiers’ lives. The soldiers encounter the raptors, and though the soldiers manage to kill some of the raptors, some soldiers are killed as other raptors escape. After getting the back up generators on, the marines decide to simply blow up the building, killing all of the dinosaurs inside. Meanwhile, Jim and Barbara make their way to the elevator so they can leave but the T-rex has escaped from it’s pen and smashes the side of the elevator shaft, causing the elevator to crash to the bottom. Meanwhile, Karen accuses Hyde of purposefully allowing the dinosaurs to kill the men and decides to quit but as she gets on the elevator to leave, a raptor lunges down from the ceiling and drags her on top of the elevator, where it kills her. As the soldiers plant charges, they warn the helicopter pilots to keep any civilians from leaving but as the helicopter takes off, the pilot is attacked by a raptor that had snuck on board, causing her to crash on top of a fleeing McCoy. As more soldiers are killed by the raptors, Jim and Barbara run into a group of soldiers and are escorted out of there, just as an evac team shows up to help evacuate everyone. Hyde disguises himself as one of the evac workers to try and escape but the T-rex breaks through the side of the building and attacks and kills him. As the soldiers fire at the T-rex, Jim races out to a forklift and gets inside. Telling Barbara to open some nearby bay doors, Jim pilots the forklift to attack the T-rex and force it to bay doors, where he knocks it down the shaft that lay beyond them. Jim and Barbara stare at the body briefly before racing to safety just before the buildig explodes, killing all of the dinosaurs inside.

This movie is fantastic because of the simple premise it employs; reusing stock footage to make another movie. The acting was pretty decent, with Eric Roberts (Jim), Melissa Brasselle (Barbara), and Corbin Bernsen (Hyde) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was weak but that was due to the fact that they were trying to write a movie, with half of it’s scenes used in other movies. I’m serious, I think that out of the 80+ minutes in this movie, only half, (or maybe 50 minutes at most) was original footage. This made for some very funny issues, such as one of the marine teams wearing a grey and white checkerboard style uniforms, except for one member who was dressed in black. This was to match up with the footage of the soldiers from Carnosaur 3. However, my favorite was when Jim was fighting the T-rex in a forklift, and the footage kept switching from the forklift used in Carnosaur 2, and the bulldozers used in Carnosaur. The back and forth between the two vehicles during the same fight was incredibly funny to watch. The special effects were the same as the original movies, so rather low budget and somewhat cheap looking at times but still entertaining. A lot of fun, both for the silliness of the movie and the efforts in trying to work around the reused footage.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 22nd, 2014 Movie – Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

carnosaur 3

More Roger Corman dinosaur fun is definitely what is needed after a long day at work. Now while I had seen the previous two Carnosaur movies before, this is the first movie in the series that I watched on Sci-Fi, way back in the day. When I watched it, it was about 500 shades of ridiculousness that I love with this series, and Corman films in general. Now let’s dive right into Carnosaur 3: Primal Species and allow me to have yet another entertaining evening watching a dinosaur movie.

The plot: An army convoy is driving along the California highway when they are attacked by a group of terrorists. After killing all of the soldiers in the convoy, the terrorists leave, taking the trucks the convoy was escorting with them, and head to a warehouse by the docks outside of L.A., killing a police officer that attempts to pull them over. Once inside the warehouse, they open the back of the truck expecting to find some uranium but instead find a refrigerated compartment with 2 Velociraptors in cryo-stasis. The leader of the terrorists is upset and yells at the man who told him about the convoy but as they argue about the contents, the raptors wake up and attack the terrorists, whose screams are heard by some cops investigating the dead officer. Meanwhile, Colonel Rance Higgins is leading his special forces anti-terrorism team in a training exercise when he is called back to base to see General Mercer. When he gets back to base, Mercer tells Rance about the attack on the convoy and tells him his mission is to find the missing cargo and retrieve it. When Rance asks what the cargo is, Mercer tells him that it is classified to the extent that only the President and the Joint Chiefs know what is in it. Back at the warehouse, the two officers find one of the terrorists stumbling out of the warerhouse, bleeding from his wounds, and call in some back up. When the back up arrives, they head inside the warehouse and find the terrorists have all been torn to shreds. Hearing noises coming from the second truck, the police open it only to be attacked by the Tyrannosaurus that was inside, with the raptors joining in the attack as well. Rance and his team (Polchek, Coolidge, Sanders, Furguson) arrive at the site and see the dead bodies everywhere. AS they head further into the warehouse, Coolidge sees movement on the scanner, they are startled when a dead body drops on them, just before the boxes in the warehouse fall down around them. Coolidge and Furguson are separated from the others and killed by the raptors while Rance, Polchek, and Sanders see the raptors and fire at them, missing them but scaring them off. The three soldiers find their dead teammates, then head back outside to find Mercer arriving with Dr. Hodges. Hodges explains that the cargo contains the last three specimens from the Carnosaur project and that they need to be captured alive, as they have value for medical science. After Hodges briefs them on the creatures, they head to a warehouse that is loaded with a beef shipment meant for Hawaii and start hunting the dinosaurs there. Inside, Polchek and Sanders go to check an open meat freezer when the raptor that was hiding behind the door closes it. Rance fires at the raptor and chases it away but when he goes to reload, the second raptor appears. Rance ducks into another room and braces the door as the raptor tries to get at him when he hears gunfire and the raptor runs off. Rance exits the room to find a marine special recon team (Rossi, Proudfoot, Johnson, & Garcia), whom Mercer had sent to provide back up for Rance’s team. After regrouping with Polchek and Sanders, Rance has the assembled team set a trap for the raptors, with Sanders and Johnson in a blind as back up with armor piercing rounds, much to Hodges’ displeasure. Hodges and Rance go to Mercer to voice their issues, leaving the others to set up the trap, and as they each argue their case, Mercer tells Rance that Hodges is right and the animals are not to be harmed if at all possible. Returning to the warehouse, Rance oversees the completion of the trap and after they place the bait in the room, they all get into position, with Polchek being given the sedatives to use. One of the raptors enters the room and heads towards the bait but before they can spring the trap, the other raptor grabs Polchek and starts dragging him away. As Rance chases after Polchek, the others manage to trap the raptor but it chews through the net and gets away, while Rance manages to kill the raptor dragging Polchek. Returning to the warehouse and discussing the raptor’s intelligence in being able to spot the trap, which worries both Rance and Hodges. Taking the dead animal to their tent, Hodges examines it and is amazed at the creatures regenerative powers, then theorizes that the raptor was taking Polchek to be food for the Tyrannosaur’s hatchlings. Suddenly, the raptor revives and starts to attack everyone and as they fend it off, the Tyrannosaurus appears and bites Garcia’s head off. The soldiers manage to chase off the Tyrannosaurus, with the raptor escaping as well, and when they learn the carnosaurs are hiding on a ship, they come up with a new plan; pilot the ship out to sea and lower the animals to the lower decks so that they can pump coolant through the area to render them unconscious. Rossi pilots the ship out to sea while the others make preparations, with Hodges looking over the schematics to see if there are any places the carnosaurs can hide. Rance, Polchek, Sanders, Proudfoot, and Johnson head down to the lower levels and separate to begin releasing the coolant into the area, but Sanders and Johnson are killed by the raptors. Rance, Proudfoot, and Polchek get back onto the freight elevator and start heading up but one of the raptors bites through the cable, sending the elevator crashing down into the hold. As they look for a way out, they discover the Tyrannosaur’s nest and Polchek and Proudfoot begin shooting the eggs, but the Tyrannosaurus appears and attacks and kills Polchek. Rance and Proudfoot make it back to the bridge and Rance decides to sink the ship, figuring the dinosaurs would drown. The group splits up, with Rance and Rossi going one way and Proudfoot and Hodges going another. After they set their charges, Rance and Rossi are heading back when the Tyrannosaurus lunges down from the ceiling and kills Rossi. Proudfoot and Hodges meet up with Rance, and they start to head back but are attacked by the raptors, with Proudfoot being killed but Rance and Hodges manage to kill the raptors. They continue to try to leave when the Tyrannosaurus attacks them, just as the first charges go off. Knowing they will die if they don’t get off the ship soon, Rance throws an explosive into the Tyrannosaur’s mouth, killing it, and they make a run to get off the ship, just as it explodes. AS the two tread water, Rance asks Hodges if she would like to take a vacation with them and Hodges responds positively. Meanwhile, back at the docks, the surviving terrorist is still sitting in the police car when he is attacked by a raptor.

Ok, I will admit that this movie is even more on the ridiculous side of things than the previous two, but that makes it that much more entertaining for me. The acting was ok, but nobody honestly stood out, though I did like Rick Dean returning in a new role (Polchek) but playing almost exactly the same character. The story was honestly a bit of a mess, trying to tie the dinosaurs in with the previous movies but then adding the regenerative abilities and the asexual reproduction just to try and make things a little more exciting but it also pushed the movie further into the silly aspect. Another thing that didn’t make sense was the end, with Rance and Hodges suddenly flirting with each other when there was absolutely no indication of anything being there, or even attempting to be set up, prior to that. The special effects were ok, with the models looking pretty decent but the dinosaurs movements still looked too stiff, with the raptors looking like they were not moving at all but simply being pulled along to simulate their running from the soldiers at times. Some silly, B-movie fun that is entertaining to watch if you love B-movies.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 21st, 2014 Movie – Carnosaur 2

carnosaur 2

You can never have too many dinosaur movies. At least, that is what I like to believe. Whether it be my favorite giant radioactive dinosaur (Godzilla), or your mega blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park, if a dinosaur movie is on TV, I will sit down and watch it. Take this movie for instance. I first saw Carnosaur 2 years ago on HBO or Showtime (honestly can’t remember which on but it was one of the premium channels). I would later catch it several times on Sci-Fi/Syfy channel until I picked up the series on DVD.

The plot: At the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Depository, a worker is checking out the lower levels for the cause of some power fluctuations when he is attacked and killed by an unknown creature. A second worker, Joe Walker, heads down and finds several power cables have been chewed up, then finds his nephew Jesse Turner and his friend Davey Lewis, who had broken into a storage room and were grabbing some dynamite. Joe tells Davey to head back to the surface, saying he will call his father later, then takes Jesse back to the surface with him. When they get there, Joe talks with one of the computer technicians, who says a repair team will be out to repair the lines in a couple of hours. Jesse heads over to one of the workmen, who shows him how to operate one of the forklifts, warning him not to throw the switch that activates bay doors, as it would be a 150 foot drop straight down. Joe takes Jesse with him to the mess hall and chastises him for messing with the cables and Jesse asks what cables. Suddenly, they hear the cook scream outside and Joe gets up to investigate when the cook is thrown through the window. Jesse runs and hides as a creature makes it’s way into the mess hall and proceeds to kill everyone there. The next morning, Jack Reed, Monk Brody, Sarah Rawlins, and Ed Moses and called in by their boss, Ben Kahane, and told that they will be heading to Yucca Mountain and that Major Tom McQuade. McQuade tells them that Yucca Mountain is a uranium mine that is having electrical issues and they are the closest team available to be able to fix it, but is evasive on some of the details about the place. They head into a helicopter, piloted by Joanne Galloway, and fly to Yucca Mountain only to find the place deserted and their radio communications is broken up due to interference, meaning they can’t call out for help. When they can’t reach anyone inside the facility, McQuade tells Reed, Monk, and Sarah to search the area while he heads inside the control center with Moses, Ben, and Galloway. Reed and the others find the trashed mess hall, with blood splattered everywhere, and they go to leave when they spot Jesse, who is frozen in shock. They take him to the infirmary, where Ben, McQuade, and Galloway meet them, and Ben says they should get the kid and leave but McQuade tells them to stay there and finish the job, threatening Galloway if she flies them out of there. While Galloway watches over Jesse, McQuade has the others head back to the control room, where Moses is able to get the computers running. They start looking for the problem areas but when Moses and Monk try to get access to the 2 lowest areas, McQuade tells them to ignore them, but he notices that the radiation levels in those areas are registering unsafe. Jesse starts to come around and Galloway takes him into the control room, where Moses is guiding the others to where the problem sections are. When they get down to level C, they find the problem is that the wires are chewed up and Ben threatens to pull his team if McQuade doesn’t let them do their job Reed and Sarah head down to the lower levels and McQuade yells at them to get back but Ben tells him that if he wants them to fix the place, he has to let them do their jobs. Ben, Monk, and McQuade follow Reed and Sarah down to the lower level, where they find the radiation is increasing as well as a large tooth by one of the containers. Suddenly, something grabs Ben and drags him down the corridor and into a shaft to the lowest level, where he is killed, and Reed tells the others to run. In the control room, Jesse hears what happened to Ben and screams out before running off and Galloway chases after him, leaving Moses alone in the room. Moses is trying to get in touch with the others when he is confronted by a Velociraptor, which begins attacking him. Galloway returns but Moses tells her to run as the raptor knocks him into a panel, then drags him up into the ceiling, where it kills him. Jesse heads down into the tunnels and meets up with the others and tells them to follow him out of there. Galloway races back to her helicopter and gets it started, then yells at the others to hurry when she sees them exit the building. Suddenly, a raptor appears in the helicopter behind her and attacks her, causing Galloway to lose control of the helicopter and crash. With no way out of there, McQuade tells them to head back inside and Reed reluctantly agrees but once inside, he forces McQuade to tell them what is going on. McQuade tells them that 2 months ago, a research firm had somehow resurrected dinosaurs and while the army had contained the problem, they found a nest and brought the eggs to the facility for study. Reed decides to try and get the system running again and Jesse tells him to let him try to access the system, as he has been hacking into the system for the past 3 months. As he pulls up the floor plans, Jesse shows Reed a room in Section B and tells him that there is dynamite down there. Reed and Monk go to get the dynamite, despite McQuade protesting against it. When they find the dynamite, McQuade uses the computer to lock them in the room but Reed breaks the lock and continues down, and McQuade heads down to try and stop them. McQuade attacks Monk and knocks him out, then attacks Reed and the two fight. When a warning suddenly sounds saying that they have 2 hours till a meltdown, it distracts McQuade briefly, allowing a revived Monk to knock him out. Monk goes to leave when he is attacked by a raptor but Reed shoots it with a flare gun, killing it. Reed and Monk carry McQuade back to the infirmary and force him to explain what is going on and McQuade admits that the facility is not a mine, but a top secret storage disposal for nuclear material, primarily decommissioned nuclear warheads. Coming up with a way to get help to them, Jesse suggests crashing the system, as an evac team would have to show up at that point. Reed decides to use some dynamite to booby trap the shafts to keep the raptors away from them long enough to keep while Jesse crashes the system. Jesse manages to crash the system but the raptors are able to detonate the dynamite from a distance and make their way to the control room. Jesse leads everyone to the elevator, just as a raptor starts to enter the area but Reed and McQuade are able to hold it off long enough for Monk to get the elevator open and they all pile in. As the elevator starts to ascend, they hear something strike the top of the elevator, just as a raptor’s head burst through the ceiling, grabs Sarah, and drags her up onto the top of the elevator, where it kills her. AS the other stare in shock at what happened, the elevator cables snap and then end up crashing down to the lower levels. Finding  a way out of the elevator, Jesse goes to lead them out of their, saying they have to head to level E and then go up from there, but they encounter more raptors and are forced to avoid the explosives as the raptors chase them. Monk gets hurt when one of the explosives go off and McQuade tells Reed to leave with Jesse while he helps Monk but he is unable to get Monk out of there and as more raptors approach, they decide to kill themselves, taking out the raptors with them. The force of the explosion causes Reed to be knocked over the edge of a pit and Jesse tries to pull him up but Reed ends up falling back to the lower levels. Jesse decides to head to the surface to get some help from the evacuation team, which had just arrived. Jesse tries to get them to go back for Reed but the evac leader says that the place is going to be too hot (radioactively speaking) for them to stay and they should leave now so Jesse goes back on his own, using the freight elevator to reach Reed. Jesse grabs Reed, who says his ribs are broken, and they head back to the elevator but as they make their way through the central area, they are confronted by a Tyrannosaurus. They manage to make it into the elevator, only to see one last raptor on the roof trying to attack them but they manage to reach the roof unharmed. The evac team goes to help them onto the helicopter but Jesse heads back to the elevator to grab the bag with the remote detonator. As he starts to head back, the Tyrannosaurus bursts out of the building, killing one of the evac workers. Jesse gets into the forklift and uses it to battle the Tyrannosaurus, eventually pushing it through the open bay doors to the floor below. Jesse makes it onto the helicopter and as they fly off, Jesse detonates the explosives, destroying the complex and insuring that none of the dinosaurs survived.

So while the original movie might have had a better plot, I liked this movie better. The acting was good, with John Savage (Reed), Cliff De Young (McQuade) and Ryan Thomas Johnson (Jesse) all doing good jobs in their roles. The story was honestly a little weak; and while they did try and tie the movie in with it’s predecessor, they did a poor job of really explaining how the dinosaurs hatched, or survived considering they were stored with the nuclear material. The special effects were ok but I will say that the dinosaurs looked a little better in this movie. That being said, some of the interactions with the humans were somewhat laughably bad, as it really made them look like they were using models, but that was a lot of the fun in watching the movie. One of those movies that is fun to watch and laugh at, or with.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 20th, 2014 Movie – Carnosaur


Back in 1991, I read a book from arguably one of my favorite authors, Michael Crichton, called “Jurassic Park”. Being the dinosaur nut that I was as a kid, this book was right up my alley. A year later, I heard about the major motion picture being made based on the book and I, like millions of other people, got excited about the news. However, what most people didn’t know at the time is that there was another dinosaur movie, based on a different book, that came out a month before Jurassic Park. Now I did not see this movie in theaters when it was out but I did hear about it as it came out on video and since it was made by Roger Corman, I knew I had to watch it. Over the years, I would catch Carnosaur on TV every now and then and after a coupe more years, I decided to go ahead and by the series on DVD and have yet to be disappointed in the decision.

The plot: In Washington D.C., a meeting is held at the Advanced Research Projects Administration concerning Dr. Jane Tiptree, a brilliant genetic scientist who has disappeared from the public eye. The head of the Eunice Corporation says she is working for them but they can’t legally interfere with her research due to the way her contract is structured or else they will lose their patents. At the Eunice Corporation testing facility in Nevada, disguised as a poultry plant, some men are checking on the chickens that Tiptree had been experimenting on when they notice one of the chickens had died laying a giant egg. As they stare at the egg, it suddenly hatches and the creature inside slashes one of the guard’s face before disappearing. The head of security, Jesse Paloma, tells the front gate not to let anyone in or out until the creature is found but the guard lets a delivery driver, carrying a load of chickens out. As the driver heads down the highway, something attacks some of the chickens inside the back of the truck and as the driver pulls over to investigate, he is killed by the creature, a small Deinonychus. Elsewhere, a drunken security guard named Doc Smith chases some environmental activists from the construction site he is guarding, but finds that they had disabled some of the equipment. As he goes to check the other machines, he finds another activist named Thrush (formerly Ann) hiding in the machine and takes her back to her trailer while he calls the sheriff. Sheriff Fowler tells Doc that he will send a car over when he can, as he is busy dealing with the dead delivery driver, though neither he nor the doctor can figure out what killed him. The body is taken to the nearby morgue and the coroner sends a wound sample to a friend to get his opinion. The next day, Fowler and Doc head to a local commune, as Doc fell asleep and let Thrush escape, but when they get there, Doc tells Fowler that the woman he saw is not there, even as he looks right at Thrush. Later that day, Thrush heads to the dig site to thank Doc but gets annoyed by his overly sarcastic and uncaring attitude. Meanwhile, Paloma is telling his men to find the creature, while his daughter sneaks out of the house to go joyriding with her boyfriend and another friend. As they drive off into the desert, they stop as they get close to a cliff but the Deinonychus attacks and kills Paloma’s daughter and her boyfriend, while severely wounding the third teenager. As a security team continues looking for the Deinonychus, they eventually see it and try to recapture it but it attacks and kills them, all of which is seen by Tiptree. At the same time, Thrush is walking back to the commune when Doc pulls up and offers her a lift, blackmailing her into getting into the car. As they are driving, they come up on the injured teenager and stop to try and help him. Paloma learns about his daughter’s death and blames Tiptree for her death. Tiptree tells him she had brought his daughter’s body to the facility and lets him go see her but she actually lured him into a trap, where Paloma comes face to face with a Tyrannosaurus that is being held behind a laser fence, which Tiptree lowers so that the Tyrannosaurus can kill him. Back at the dig site, Doc finds Thrush and other members of her group chained to the vehicles and he tries to get them to leave but decides to let them be while he goes to get some food. While he is gone, the Deinonychus, having grown bigger since it killed the kids, shows up at the dig site and attacks and kills everyone but Thrush, who was inside the cab of one of the vehicles. When Doc returns, he sees all of the dead bodies and Thrush, who had passed out from shock, and calls Fowler, who takes the bodies to the coroner and he tells Fowler that the creature that did this is either growing or there are more than one of them. Meanwhile, Doc discovers the Eunice Corp. truck and when he hears Tiptree calling for a status report, he pretends to be the driver and breaks into the corporation, where he confronts Tiptree. At the dig site, Thrush regains consciousness only for the Deinonychus to attack Doc’s trailer but she grabs Doc’s rifle and fires at it, chasing it away. The next day, Fowler is talking with his wife, who tells him that both herself and their kids have the flu that is going around town, and Fowler tells her to let him handle the cooking but when he goes to cook some eggs, he finds them all discolored and a Deinonychus embryo is in one of them, which he takes to the coroner to examine. Back at Eunice, Tiptree’s assistant says she isn’t feeling good and Tiptree tells her to come downstairs to her lab. When she gets there, it is revealed that she is pregnant and she dies giving birth but instead of a baby, she produces a giant egg. Doc is shocked at what he saw and discovers that Tiptree has even more eggs in an incubator by her lab and threatens to destroy the eggs unless Tiptree answers his questions. Meanwhile, the head of the A.R.P.A. has learned about what is going on in Nevada and orders the military to quarantine the area, killing everybody in the area, as they discovered that Tiptree had made a virus that infected women and made them give birth to dinosaurs, while dying in the process. At Eunice, Tiptree is explaining why she did what she did, convinced that human would kill the world so it was better to return it to a purer time. In town, Fowler investigates a break-in at the pet store and is confronted by the Deinonychus and shoots it but it stabs him with it’s claw as it dies, killing him. Back at the lab, Doc says that Tiptree must have made an anti virus, shooting the eggs until she gives it to him. Doc leaves, making his way through the laser fence and past the Tyrannosaurus but it chases after him, breaking free of it’s enclosure in the facility. Meanwhile, Tiptree lays down and gives birth to a dinosaur, that bursts out of her stomach. Doc heads back to his trailer and gives Thrush the anti-virus but as he tries calling for help, he hears about the military roadblock and the Tyrannosaurus on the loose and realizes that it is heading towards them, as the site was part of the dinosaur migration route. When the Tyrannosaurus arrives, Doc helps Thrush into a mini bulldozer, then gets into one of his own and they proceed to fight off the Tyrannosaurus, eventually killing it. Doc helps Thrush back into the trailer and when he hears someone calling out over the CB if anyone is alive, he responds and asks for a doctor but the military shows up and shoots both Doc and Thrush, then sets fire to them and the trailer.

Carnosaur met with poor results from the critics, holding an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, the critics all felt that while the movie may have been more provocative, it was hampered by the ridiculous and cheap feel of it. Despite being competing franchises, there is a funny tie in to the Jurassic Park franchise within the movie. Diane Ladd’s daughter Laura Dern, would play Dr. Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III while Clint Howard’s niece, Bryce Dallas Howard, would play Clair Dearing in Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The movie was a mild hit at the box office, earning $1.8 million off of a $850,000 budget and would go on to spawn 2 sequels and 2 spin-offs.

Ahh, this entire franchise is one of my favorite so bad it’s good movies and it all started with this one. This movie is not a good movie but it is a lot of fun to watch. The acting was ok, with Diane Ladd (Tiptree) and Raphael Sbarge (Doc) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was interesting and I liked the dual plot of the virus rewriting the human females’ DNA to both kill them off and give birth to dinosaurs, as well as the dinosaurs killing people themselves. While the story was good, the pacing of the movie was odd, as some of the scenes didn’t seem to sync up right or it would be daylight, then nighttime, then daylight again but it would still all be the same day. The special effects were incredibly cheap looking, especially the Tyrannosaurus, but that is honestly part of the charm to this movie, as they are rather laughably bad. It is not a major blockbuster source of entertainment, but it has it’s own charm that can be fun to watch.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 19th, 2014 Movie – Carnivore (2000)


Yet another movie that I picked up during my horror movie binge days. Man, that time period was kind of a messed up bit of movie buying for me because there are several movies that I am just like, “What the hell was I thinking?” Well, I actually know what I was thinking with this movie; I was thinking it was a different movie and I basically goofed. Yes, even when the internet was readily available for me to double check and make sure I was getting the right movie, I chose to just buy it at random and poof, wrong movie has entered my collection. Of well, might as well rewatch Carnivore (2000) and get it over with.

The plot: In Dekalb County, Illinois, a secret DOD lab is established to research the “Carnivore” Project, an experimental project to create a hybrid species to use for warfare. On September 15th, 1989, Doctor Westmont, the lone scientist working on the project, is attempting to give the Carnivore an injection but it lashes out and Westmont ends up having the syringe plunged into his heart, killing him. The next day, DIA Director John Burroughs holds a meeting about the various projects and General Stalwart voices his concerns over Carnivore project but Burroughs dismisses him and has Dana Anderson take charge of the project. Later that day, Dana learns that Westmont is dead and she contacts Burroughs to let him know that the creature is loose in the house. Burroughs orders the security videos of Westmont’s death classified and has Dana lead a security team to recapture the creature. Meanwhile, 4 teenagers (Scott, Marc, Dee, and Bobbi) are heading to the house to party, unaware of what is in there. At the house, the creature manages to escape the lab and an automated alert contacts the local police. Scott and the others arrive and park their car down the hill, then walk up to the house, carrying some sleeping bags and a cooler. The creature reaches the door of the house and starts to open it but a stray beam from the kids’ flashlights startles it and it quickly slams the door, scaring the kids. Writing it off as just the wind, the kids continue into the house and start to explore it some before sitting down to drink and hang out. Elsewhere, two cops at a speed trap are called in about the alert and argue over heading over there before finally heading out. Back at the house, Marc suggests they look around the whole house but as they leave the room, the creature sneaks out of it’s hiding place and grabs one of their beers. Meanwhile, Dana, along with Agents North and Liddy, are driving to the house but are forced to stop due to a flat tire. Dana heads into the bushes to relieve herself while the agents change the tire but as the stand outside the car, the police pass by and offer assistance but the agents turn them down. The police drive off and when Dana returns, the agents admit they don’t know how to change the tire so Dana is forced to show them how. Back at the house, Marc and Dee split off from Scott and Bobbi so that they can have sex leaving Scott and Bobbi to uncomfortably find something to do. Scott goes to offer Bobbi a beer but finds they are all gone and the one bottle on the ground is covered in a strange, slimy substance. Meanwhile, the creature attacks Marc, ripping him to shreds and Dee screams and rushes from the room. Scott and Bobbi hear the scream and find Dee cowering in the hallway, saying they have to get out of there. Scott thinks Marc is playing a joke and sends the girls downstairs while he looks for Marc but when he sees Marc’s body, he yells out for them to get out of there, just as he is confronted by the creature. Dee and Bobbi hear Scott cry out as the creature attempts to attack him and they run for the door, only to encounter the police. Hearing the commotion coming upstairs, one officer goes upstairs to investigate while the other stays with the girls. Scott is wounded by the creature but he manages to hit it in the head with a nail covered board, wounding it and allowing him to escape. He runs into the cop, he stops him to try and figure out what is going on and Scott tries to explain before he is attacked by the creature. Outside, the other officer is placing Dee and Bobbi in the patrol car when he hears shots being fired and he heads inside, just as Dana and the agents arrive. The cop encounters Scott as he is trying to leave and tries to stop him but Scott gets away only yo be stopped by Agent Liddy. Dana walks up and tells the officer that the area is under their jurisdiction and when he argues about getting more cops, Dana has Agent North keep an eye on him and the kids while she heads into the house with Liddy. Dana and Liddy make their way down into the lab and as Dana goes over the computer records, Liddy checks out the room and examines the body. They head back upstairs, where they locate the body of the police officer, and continue looking for the creature so they can recapture it. The two split up and Dana encounters the creature but manages to get it to let her go. Dana backs away some, then tries to keep the creature calm but Liddy, having heard Dana’s scream, enters the room and shoots it with his uzi. Dana chastises Liddy for killing the creature telling him that she had the situation under control, and sends him and North back in to collect a sample from the creature, while she calls in to tell Burroughs that there is a problem, as she feels the creature will not stay dead.

Honestly, this movie could have been so much better but instead, it comes off as looking incredibly cheap and boring. The acting was stilted and boring, with nobody really seeming to put any actual emotion into their performances. The cops especially felt like they were just reading their lines from cue cards that were behind the camera. The story actually sounded interesting; with a hybrid creature designed as a biological weapon being the sort of thing that makes for a good sci-fi/horror movie. Unfortunately, the pacing of this movie killed off any real scary atmosphere that the had built up, making it almost like a painfully bad parody of a horror movie. The special effects were honestly on the cheap side, and somewhat cliched, using a sort of infrared mode to serve as the creature’s view point while the creature design itself honestly looked like one of the Crites from Critters, just with longer arms and legs. This is one of those movies that used to come on late at night back in the day and you absolutely hated yourself for staying up to watch.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5