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October 20th, 2018 Movie – Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver

gingerdead man 3

Oh God no. Not a disco pun. Please don’t let this movie involve disco. The last movie in the trilogy and I have a feeling I am not going to like it. Actually, I am merely projecting that disco is involved with the movie and don’t really know that for sure. So lets just have a look and see what exactly I am in for with today’s movie, Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver.

The plot: FBI Agent Clarissa Darling heads to the Scientific Research Institute for the study of Homicidal Baked Goods and is escorted to the cell of the Gingerdead Man. AS Clarissa talks to the Gingerdead Man, a group of animal rights activists break into the center and begin freeing the baked goods from their cages. Clarissa attempts to kill the Gingerdead Man, telling him that the homeless man he possessed and drove to suicide was her brother, but one of the activists knocks her down and frees the Gingerdead Man, who bites off her nose before escaping. The Gingerdead Man runs from security and enters the Time Travel Studies lab, where two scientist have been working on a time travel remote. The Gingerdead Man kills the two scientists and uses the remote to travel back in time but ends up in a roller disco rink in 1976. As the Gingerdead Man quickly gets out of the way of the way of the skaters, the club’s owner, Trixie, thanks the crowd for showing up to the Roller Boogie Queen competition but tells them that this will be the last night as the club is being shut down due to back taxes. The crowd offers suggestions on raising money to keep the club open but Trixie tells them not to worry and just have fun tonight, then introduces her niece Cherry, who has telekinetic powers. The Gingerdead Man tries to use the remote to leave but when it doesn’t work, he decides to start killing people. Meanwhile, Trixie asks Randy, one of her employees, to show Cherry around while she works on packing her office but forbids Cherry to roller skate. After she leaves, Cherry sees the Gingerdead Man run past and points him out to Randy but when he doesn’t see anything, she says she must have been mistaken. Randy convinces Cherry to try roller skating with him and they head out on the roller rink, just as two kids, Pickles and Tina, find the remote and end up getting  blasted through time. Outside the roller rink, three girls are doing a bikini car wash to try and raise money for the club but the Gingerdead Man attaches their hose to hydrochloric acid and they end up melting away after they spray each other with the hose. Back inside, Randy goes to get some drinks for him and Cherry and she is approached by two girls, Coco and Yoko. who compliment her skating and decide to give her a make over to boost her confidence but as they head to the restroom, Tammy, the reigning Roller Boogie Queen, recognizes Cherry as potential competition and decides to do something about it. The Gingerdead Man heads back inside and ends up in a glory hole by the women’s restroom. He sees Ingrid, Harshman, the judge for the Roller Boogie Queen, and attempts to get her to give him a blow job through the glory hole but she ends up ripping it off instead, then eating it. Back on the rink, Cherry rejoins Randy, who is amazed by her new appearance, and they begin skating but Trixie sees them and after reminding everyone to vote for Roller Boogie Queen, she calls out for Cherry to come to her office. Meanwhile, two stoned teenagers are having sex in a supply closet when the janitor walks in and joins them. As the three are having sex, the Gingerdead Man kills them with a nail gun. In her office, Trixie and Cherry are arguing over Cherry’s skating and after a brief fight, Cherry asks her why Trixie owns a skating rink when she hates skating so much. Trixie explains that she loved skating as a kid and was great at it but when she was skating for the troops at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. Trixie had injured herself as the attack happened and blames herself for all of the sailors that died that day. Cherry tells Trixie that she is sorry that she got hurt but she intends to keep skating, using her powers to keep Trixie from arguing any further. As Cherry leaves the office, she sees some small bloody footprints and follows them to the kitchen area, where the Gingerdead Man leaps out at her and runs off. Before Cherry can follow him, Paige approaches her and tells her to head to the rink as they are announcing the contestants for the Roller Boogie Queen. Cherry ends up being on the court, as well as Tammy and two others, and as Cherry is talking with Coco and Yoko, Tammy tells her boyfriend Wheels to find out who is going to win the contest and when he tells her that Cherry is going to win, she tells him they have to do something. When Randy congratulates Cherry on being selected as a finalist, Cherry takes him to where she saw the Gingerdead Man and tries to convince Randy he is real and Randy says he believes she saw something and tells her he will keep an eye out. Meanwhile, the Gingerdead Man proceeds to lock the rink’s doors and then kills another employee and the DJ. Tammy then approaches Cherry and talks to her, making Cherry start doubting herself and wanting quit. Randy tries to convince her to stay and Trixie does as well, apologizing to Cherry and telling her she put her frustrations of not being able to skate onto her and tells her to go skate and have fun, just as Ingrid tells her about the deaths in the janitor’s closet. The announcement is made that Cherry wins and as Randy cheers for her, he notices a bucket on a beam over her head and sees Wheels and Paige arguing over pulling it. Randy goes to stop them but Trixie stops him, thinking he is going to cause problems. Meanwhile, the Gingerdead Man had seen the bucket and moves it over so that it lands on Tammy, then jumps down and kills her. As the Gingerdead Man proceeds to kill Wheels, Coco, and Yoko, then shoots Trixie in the shoulder. Trixie tells Cherry to use her powers and Cherry attempts to stop the Gingerdead Man but ends up electrocuting everyone but herself, Randy, Trixie, and Ingrid. The Gingerdead Man holds a gun on Cherry and threatens to kill her when Tina and Pickles return and manage to tie up the Gingerdead Man. They then summon Hitler, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dhamer, and Lizzie Borden, as well as Clarissa and the security guard from the institute, and they proceed to stuff the Gingerdead Man into a cookie jar. Tina then tells Trixie that they had gone back and stopped the Gingerdead Man from escaping, so he never came back in time to kill anyone. All of the people that died are returned to life and as they celebrate, Tina hands Trixie a lottery ticket, saying she checked the numbers for the next day and Trixie will be a millionaire and be able to keep the rink open. Everyone starts celebrating and as Tina goes to take everyone back home, Trixie gives Cherry the club, then heads back to 1941 to try and stop the attack on Pearl Harbor from occurring.

Ok, this was utterly ridiculous but actually pretty funny at times. The acting was ok for the most part but there wasn’t anybody that really stood out. The story was actually pretty entertaining, especially since it parodied so many movies. I mean, you have Silence Of The Lambs, Carrie, Porky’s and of course Saturday Night Fever all parodied in this movie, though I will admit that it has been a long time since I watched Saturday Night Fever so I can’t really say for sure how much of that was involved outside of the title’s pun. The special effects were honestly pretty laughable but that actually made the movie funnier, and definitely better to watch. You could say that the series went out with a joke but it did end on a better note than the previous movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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October 19th, 2018 Movie – Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion Of The Crust

gingerdead man 2

Right now I am really having a sweet tooth craving and today’s movie doesn’t help matters any. Unlike the first movie, I never saw this particular movie so I have no idea what I am getting into. I mean, based on the subtitle, I don’t know if this is going to be some sort of religious parody, or it’s simply a fancy title to get people’s attention. Well, only way to find out is to get to watching it so let’s dig right in to today’s movie, Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion Of The Crust.

The plot: Following the events of the first movie, the box of gingerbread men that was left at the hospital for the bake sale is bought and shipped off to California. Meanwhile, the latest film in the Tiny Terrors franchise from Cheatum Studios is being filmed when one of the puppets malfunctions, covering one of the actors in brown sludge. As the director yells cut and tries to get the cast to keep working, despite the fact that they had been there for over 12 hours already, some of the other crew are getting fed up, as the only reason they agreed to make the picture was because Rupert Cheatum was the man that gave them their first jobs. As Kelvin Cheatum, the son of the studio’s owner, tries to keep things together, Polly Bunderhoof brings the box of cookies she received from her sister, which contains the Gingerdead Man, into the studio to try and cheer people up. When a fight breaks out among all of the crew members, the Gingerdead Man comes out of the box and prepares to cause even more chaos. Kelvin manages to get away from the fight, and works on keeping his assistant from leaving the studio after she received a broken nose, when he is approached by Heather Crocker and Thomas Hines. Heather works with The Rainbow’s End Foundation and Thomas, who is terminally ill, said his last wish is to tour Cheatum Studios, as he is a huge fan of the movies. Kelvin agrees to give him a tour but during the tour, Kelvin’s banker warns him that they didn’t get the wire transfer they were expecting and says they should scale back and just do one movie instead of the three that they are currently filming. Kelvin says they should keep going, as people love their movies, but the banker tells him that the script for Tiny Terrors 9 was leaked on the internet and a petition led by a blogger called Demon Warrior 19, is calling for a boycott of their movies, with several rental stores already cancelling their orders. As Kelvin continues showing Thomas and Heather around, and Kelving getting yelled at and accosted by several employees and actors, the Gingerdead Man decides that he needs to get a new body and, after hearing some stage hands talk about some satanic spell books that are being used as props, he finds a spell that will give him a new body. The Gingerdead Man begins killing people, as he needs the blood from 5 different people at the points of a pentagram, then sacrifice a virgin in the middle as he chants the incantation. Elsewhere, Kelvin is continuing with the tour and as he talks with Heather, the two start getting closer and end up kissing and fooling around but are forced to stop when Kelvin has to deal with more problems on the set. Meanwhile, the Gingerdead Man has killed 4 victims and is about to kill the 5th when Kelvin and Heather spot him and manage to stop him. As Heather tends to the injured man, Kelvin uses the walkie-talkie to tell everyone to evacuate the set, then he and Heather go looking for Thomas, who has disappeared. AS they look for him, the run into the Gingerdead Man, who has taken control of a robot prop that has been repaired, and it uses the robot’s functioning lasers to disintegrate a crew member. As the Gingerdead Man attempts to kill them, they are saved by Thomas, who is actually Demon Warrior 13, when he cuts the robot’s power supply with an axe. Thomas explains that he had pretended to be terminally ill in order to get into Cheatum Studios and blow it up as revenge for their constantly rejecting his movie scripts. Kelvin tells Thomas that he is right and offers him a 3 movie deal and as he distracts him, Heather attempts to knock Thomas out but the prop she uses breaks harmlessly on his head. When Thomas turns to face her, Kelvin is able to defuse the bomb but Thomas knocks him out. When Kelvin comes too, he finds himself chained to the altar on the set of Tiny Terrors. Thomas is preparing to use the spell book to summon demonic torture on Kelvin and Heather but the Gingerdead Man stabs him, as Thomas is the virgin that he needs to complete his spell. As the Gingerdead Man taunts Kelvin and Heather, Thomas’s blood drips into the pentagram and ends up bringing the Tiny Terrors puppets to life. The puppets grab the Gingerdead Man and crucify him, then set him on fire, burning him to a crisp. As the puppets turn their attentions towards Kelvin and Heather, Sir Ian Cavanaugh, the star of the movie, bursts in and proceeds to kill all of the puppets with an AK-47. Kelvin and Heather kiss, with Heather asking Kelvin to forgive her for trying to bargain with Thomas into killing Kelvin and sparing her. Some time later, Tiny Terrors 9 ends up winning an award for Best Horror Hand Puppet Motion Picture. Meanwhile, a homeless man digs through the trash by the studio and finds the burn remains of the Gingerdead Man and when he takes a bite of it, he ends up being possessed by it.

Well, this is a sequel and unfortunately, it has fallen prey to the sequel curse. This movie is a decent B-movie but is kind of a disappointment to be honest. The acting was ok at best but most of the actors felt like they were just going through the motions of their characters. Granted. the story did feature a bunch of people that were dissatisfied with their work on a movie but they could have put a bit more effort into their roles. The story was pretty weak and while they did try and keep it tied into the original, by having the box of cookies being shipped from Texas to California, even that changed somewhat as there were 5 little gingerbread men in the box at the end of the original movie and at the beginning of this one, there was just the one big one. I mean, did the cookies somehow merge into the giant cookie while shipping? The special effects were about the same as the original movie, but while they were pretty disgusting, the “Tiny Terrors” were pretty decent. So it’s an ok movie if you like B-movies but it is not something you will want to hunt down and watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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October 18th, 2018 Movie – The Gingerdead Man

the gingerdead man

Ahhh, my friends really do love me…..and keep adding to my collection of Campy movies. Take today’s movie for instance. Now this is one of those movies that I had heard about, and seen online a few times, but never thought to buy. Luckily, my friends decided that I needed the trilogy of movies for my birthday and bought them for me. Well who am I to turn down such a thoughtful gift so let’s dive right in and watch The Gingerdead Man.

The plot: At the Cadillac Jack’s diner in Waco, Texas, a man named Millard Findlemeyer kills several people inside, including Jeremy and James Leigh. Willard sees Sarah Leigh cowering on the floor behind a booth and tells her to come out, then taunts her some before the police show up and arrest him. Two years later, Sarah is tending to her family’s bakery, Belly’s Bakery, and thinking about how the day should of been her brother’s 21st birthday. Suddenly, she hears a knock on the back door and when she goes there, she sees a box labeled “Grandma’s Gingerbread Seasoning”, and a cloaked figure turning the corner of the alley. Sarah brings it in as Brick Fields, an employee, brings in some other supplies that were delivered and he excitedly tells her about Wrestlepalooza, where he hopes to compete as an amateur wrestler called “The Butcher Baker”. Sarah goes to try the gingerbread seasoning but as Brick cuts his arm opening some more boxes and when Sarah goes to tend to it, some of his blood gets in the seasoning. Brick says he is fine when Sarah hears a scream coming from the front of the store and goes to check it out. She finds Julia, another employee, reading a news article saying that Findlemeyer had been executed, then cremated and his ashes sent to his mother, and Julia says this should be good news for Sarah. As Sarah watches Julia make a birthday cake when they hear shooting coming from outside. They find Sarah’s alcoholic mother, Betty, shooting at a banner for Jimmy Dean’s new store, as he had been trying to buy out the bakery and Sarah asks Julia to take Betty home. Meanwhile, Brick mixes in some of the seasoning into the dough, and as he turns away, he doesn’t notice the dough moving around and forming a hand. Outside, Sarah goes to head back inside when Jimmy Dean, and his daughter Lorna, show up and Jimmy Dean is upset about his banner being shot down. He then tells Sarah that his place is still opening and he doesn’t want his customers seeing the “eyesore” that is their bakery so he wants her to consider his offer to buy them out but Sarah refuses to sell. After they leave, Sarah heads inside and confides to Brick that Jimmy’s offer is tempting, as she feels like everything has fallen apart since her dad and brother died. Brick tries to cheer him up and she thanks him, then tells him he can leave early to go to Wrestlepalooza while she tries the new gingerbread mixture. Sarah grabs some of the dough and makes a gingerbread man, then places it in the oven to bake. Hearing something up front, she finds Lorna placing a rat among the baked goods, as she is hoping to get them shut down by the Health Department as she feels the $50,000 her father offered them was too good for them. Sarah and Lorna start fighting and during the course of the fight, they cause a power surge to head into the oven, bringing the gingerbread man to life. Amos, Lorna’s boyfriend enters the shop and asks what is taking Lorna so long, and when Sarah tells him what happened, he tells her he had no idea she was going to do that. Suddenly, a noise is heard in the oven and as Sarah and Amos try to turn it off, Lorna sees the Gingerdead Man’s face appear in the window and screams out. When the oven is finally open, the Gingerdead Man runs out and as it insults them, Sarah says the voice is familiar but can’t place it. Amos thinks that it’s a prank that Brick is pulling on them but Lorna says it is black magic and that the Gingerdead Man is bad news. They go looking for it and attempt to capture it in the freezer but it gets away. Sarah goes to call the police only to find that the phone is dead and Lorna calls her dad but her cell phone dies as well. Meanwhile, Betty returns to the store and encounters the Gingerdead Man, and as she gets closer to it, the Gingerdead Man cuts her finger off. Betty faints from shock and when she recovers, the Gingerdead Man taunts her and she recognizes his voice as belonging to Findlemeyer. Julia enters the back area, having gone looking for Betty, and Betty tries to warn her about the Gingerdead Man but Julia thinks she is just drunk and the Gingerdead Man is able to knock Julia out with a frying pan. Meanwhile, Lorna continues making snide remarks to Sarah while Amos goes to get his phone from his car, grabbing his gun while he is out there. When he returns to the store, he shows that his phone is dead as well, just as the Gingerdead Man shuts off the power. While Sarah shows Amos where the generator is, Jimmy Dean pulls up outside and wonders what Lorna is doing there but the Gingerdead Man gets into his car and uses it to kill Jimmy Dean, pinning him between the store and the car. Inside, Sarah and Amos talk as Amos tries to get the generator started but he is unable to get it running. As they leave the generator room, Lorna complains about their staying there and when Sarah defends Amos, Lorna accuses them of trying to hook up when Amos notices a blood trail on the ground. While Sarah and Amos follow it, Lorna decides to wait outside for her dad and finds his body still pinned to the store. Inside, Sarah and Amos find Julia in the freezer, decorated like a dessert, and drag her out of there. As they do, Sarah tells Amos she thinks the Gingerdead Man is Findlemeyer, somehow come back from the dead, and Amos thinks she is crazy. Lorna comes back into the shop and is attacked by the Gingerdead Man, who slashes her face. She heads to the back and Amos and Sarah try to calm her down but she gets upset again and goes to leave but ends up setting off a trap the Gingerdead Man had set and is killed when a knife is launched into her head. As Sarah yells out at the Gingerdead Man to leave the others alone, she sees her mother’s finger on a scale and cries out, then demands to know where she is. When Amos says the finger seems to be pointing, Sarah realizes it is pointing at the oven and they rush to open it and save Betty. As Amos drags Betty out of the oven, the Gingerdead Man pushes Sarah in and locks the door, then knocks Amos out. The Gingerdead Man taunts Sarah but Amos comes to an is able to shoot at the Gingerdead Man, chasing him away from the door. Sarah manages to get out of the oven just as Brick shows up and as the Gingerdead Man taunts him, Julia, having recovered from being nearly frozen, hits him with a frying pan and Brick proceeds to bite the Gingerdead Man’s head off. Thinking the ordeal is over, Sarah checks on Betty, then has Julia and Amos take her outside but when Sarah goes to check on Brick, she finds that he has been possessed by Findlemeyer. Findlemeyer grabs Sarah and attempts to finish what he started at the diner but Amos, having heard Sarah scream, pulls him away from her. Amos tries shooting Findlemeyer but the magic manages to keep him alive but when he taunts Sarah, Julia rushes forward and shoves him into the oven that Sarah had secretly opened and they proceed to lock it, cooking Findlemeyer alive. Some time later, Sarah, Amos (her boyfriend now), and Betty are hosting a bake sale outside the bakery to raise money for the hospital. When two kids come up and ask if they have any gingerbread men, Sarah says no but one of the nurses helping with the event says that an old lady brought a box of gingerbread men by the hospital. The nurse opens the box to show 5 gingerbread men, which suddenly open their eyes.

This is a short, but silly movie that is pretty fun to watch if you love B-movies. The acting was ok, with Gary Busey (Findlemeyer/Gingerdead Man) actually seeming somewhat more subdued than I expected him to be. Robin Sydney (Sarah) and Ryan Locke (Amos) were also good, while Alexia Aleman had the “bitch” character down pat in this movie but her acting could have been better. The story was interesting but it really didn’t have any originality to it. I mean, a dead killer comes back as an inanimate object due to black magic. That is basically what Child’s Play was about, not to mention any movie that featured a golem. Making him a cookie was an interesting twist but that didn’t make up for the lack of originality. The special effects were on the cheap side but that made the movie more entertaining for me. It’s some stupid, mindless entertainment that is perfect if you in the mood for such a movie.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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October 14th, 2018 Movie – Deep Blue Sea 2

deep blue sea 2

I know, I know. I missed another day. Well, it is kind of a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is that my new job is not your normal 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week job and there will be times that I am working 10, 12, or more hours a day, as well as working one or both days on the weekend. Unfortunately, yesterday was one of those days and after work, I got cleaned up and hang out with some friends because I have been somewhat cooped in the house the past few weeks. The good news is that this weekend was my last weekend that I will be working for the foreseeable future so I should be able to get these last couple of movies taken care of. Now today’s movie is honestly a sequel that is somewhat unnecessary but is also a long time over due. See, if they were going to make a sequel to Deep Blue Sea, they should have done it years ago, not almost 20 years later. Well, I heard about this movie coming out a while ago and immediately made plans to pick it up once it was released. So let’s see what trouble awaits us with today’s movie, Deep Blue Sea 2.

The plot: 8 miles off the South African coast, a pair of men that are illegally hunting sharks for their fins when they hear a broadcast from Trent Slater warning them to clear the area. One of the men wants to go back but his partner convinces them to stay, just as their boat is bumped by a large shark. The two men get ready to catch the shark when they notice 4 more sharks swim next to it, then all 5 sharks swim in formation towards the boat and strike it, knocking the men into the water, where they are both killed. Trent arrives at the scene too late to save the men and as the sharks approach him, he uses a device to get them to break off their attack and follow him back to their floating lab Akhelios. Once there, he tells his coworker, Mike Shutello, about the sharks getting out and that hey have to figure out how they did it. Meanwhile, Dr. Misty Calhoun, a shark conservationalist working for 5 Oceans, is finishing up a class when she is approached by Craig Burns, who works for Durant Pharmaceuticals. Burns is there on behalf of Carl Durant, the company’s owner/CEO, to consult on a project, with Burns offering her $50,000 up front with the promise of more funding for 5 Oceans if she agrees to come out. Back at Akhelios, Trent goes to see Aaron Ellroy, the sites’ computer technician, and asks him about how the sharks could have escaped the enclosure and as they look at the video feed, they discover a tunnel that was dug underneath the electric fence. Aaron asks if they should tell Durant but Trent says not yet, as he has an idea on how to deter the sharks. The next day, Misty meets Burns at the docks, where he introduces her to married couple Daniel and Leslie Kim, a neuroscientist and neurobiologist respectively. Misty is curious about what is going on and discusses it with Daniel and Leslie but they aren’t too concerned. Burns takes them out to Akhelios on a motorboat and as they head inside, Trent is working on creating a barrier by the tunnel to keep the sharks from getting in. He returns to the lab just as Misty and the others enter and Misty asks him about the rings and after Trent answers, she notices that they are keeping bull sharks in the enclosure. Durant chooses that moment to enter and Misty questions him about the sharks, warning him that they are a disaster waiting to happen. Durant tells her he will explain everything and invites everyone to head up to the surface and as they do, Trent tells Misty that they need some more people like her telling the truth around there. On the surface, Durant throws Aaron into the water with the sharks and as Misty dives in to save him, Durant waits to the last possible second before telling Trent to call them off. As Misty and Aaron reach the platform, Misty is shocked at what she witnessed and asks Durant how he did that and Durant says he will explain everything inside after she changes into some dry clothes, while Aaron complains to Trent that the sharks were toying with him. Inside, Durant slips into his quarters and drinks from a vial of liquid when Burns enters and tells him about the sharks escaping. Burns is worried about the liability if the public learns that their sharks got out and killed someone but Durant is more excited that the sharks were able to solve a problem, meaning that their formula is working, and says that when he is done with his research he will kill them. When everyone assembles in the wet lab, where Durant explains that he has created a compound that can boost intelligence, testing them on the sharks. Wanting to show them an example, Durant has Trent sedate Bella, the alpha female of the group, and he and Mike bring it up into the wet lab. As Josh Hooper, the 4th crew member monitors Bella’s vital signs, Durant explains that what he is hoping to accomplish is save the human race but Misty thinks he has a God complex. As Durant speaks with the Kims, as he had used some of their research in his project, Misty talks with Hooper and learns that Durant had been taking the serum himself. Meanwhile, on the surface, the other 4 sharks manage to snag the boat that is tied up in the enclosure and push it towards the generator, causing it to short out and spill the fuel drums next to it. Back in the wet lab, Durant approaches Misty and Hooper and Misty asks why she was brought there. Durant explains that Bella has been showing some unexplained traits and Misty tells him that she is pregnant. Hooper and Durant don’t believe it and ask why it wouldn’t show up on their blood tests and Misty says that since they are altering the animals DNA, it might not have picked it up, to which Durant admits she might be right. Meanwhile, Trent is alerted to what is happening on the surface and after examining the situation, tries to signal the sharks but they don’t respond. He heads back inside just as the sharks begin attacking Akhelios and tells Aaron the situation. Hooper is getting a saliva test from Bella to confirm if she is pregnant but as he reaches in her mouth, she regains consciousness and attempts to bite him but he manages to get to safety and drop her back into the enclosure. On the surface, the generator finally explodes and causes power to go out on some of the fences. Meanwhile, Burns is writing an email describing Durant’s behavior since taking the drugs when the explosion occurs and as he wanders the corridors, the hull breaches and he is knocked off his feet by the influx of water. As the others access what happened in the wet lab, they see Burns body float by and are shocked. When they check the computers, they notice that all of the sharks are in the lagoon and Durant wants to know what killed Burns. Misty sees Bella swim by and notices that she is no longer pregnant and says that the drop into the wet pool must have triggered labor and her pups killed Burns. Realizing that they have no way of calling for help down there, Mike decides to try and swim to the surface to use the sat phone there but as he is swimming, one of the sharks bangs into him and knocks him unconscious. Trent swims out to rescue him and Misty gives him CPR to revive him but as Mike then leans over the wet pool to taunt the sharks, one of the sharks leaps out and bites his head off. As everyone reacts in shock over his death, the pressure in the complex begins to buckle, causing the wet pool to explode outward, filling the lab with water and separating everyone. Misty and Trent end up together and as they try to figure out a way out, Misty asks him how he ended up working with Durant and why he stayed. Durant ends up on his own and heads towards his quarters, where he drinks the last of the formula he had on him. As he leaves, he encounters Misty and Trent and as they tell him there is no way to the surface now that everything is flooded, he tells them that there is an access that is used for maintenance work that they can get to, but then gets into an argument with Misty when she says they need to destroy the sharks before they reach the open ocean, as he wants to save his research. Elsewhere, Aaron and Hooper ended up together and make their way to the crews quarters but when the swarm of shark pups approaches them, Aaron manages to get onto a mattress that is above water while Hooper ends up being killed. Daniel ends up on his own and after avoiding the pup swarm, he starts looking for Leslie. Misty, Trent, and Durant reach the pump room where the maintenance hatch is but as Trent heads inside, Misty hears Daniel calling out for Leslie and goes to try and find him. While she is looking for him, Trent closes the door and breaks the lock, trapping her on the other side. Trent notices what he has done and punches Durant, then goes to the door as Misty gets there. He tells her what Durant did and she tells him to go to the surface and call for help. He tells her to try and find another way out and promises to come back for her, then argues with Durant over his actions. Leslie had been knocked unconscious by the wave surge but when she comes too, she goes looking for Daniel and finds him but ends up being killed by the pup swarm. Trent and Durant reach the surface and Trent calls for help while back in the complex, Aaron manages to avoid the swarm briefly by floating on the mattress but when they attack the mattress, he makes a break for it and encounters Daniel, snapping him out of his shock. The two men make theor way through the complex and find Misty, who had used a blow torch to cut away the lock the air duct. As they all hug, Misty asks about the others and they tell her that they didn’t make it. Misty tells them about the way out and they open the door but when Misty hears the swarm approaching, she tells them to go, then uses the blow torch to try and keep the swarm at bay. When the swarm goes around her and enters the duct room, she warns the others, then makes her own way to the surface. Aaron and Daniel climb the ladder but when the water starts rising, Daniel ends up being bit in half by the swarm. Aaron makes it to the surface, followed by Misty, who had swam up through the wet lab. When a Coast Guard drone flies towards them to confirm Trent’s call, but as the wave to show they need help, Bella leaps out of the water and grabs the drone, dragging it underwater. As the structure starts to sink underwater, Trent spots the boat and says that they need to swim for it and they reluctantly get into the water and swim for it. Suddenly, Aaron is dragged underwater and Bella appears between Misty, Trent, and the boat but it ignores them and swims straight for Durant. Durant dives underwater and screams at Bella, seemingly chasing her off but as he surfaces and gloats, Bella swims underneath him and kills him. Misty and Trent reach the boat and as they try to get it started, one of the sharks approaches them and moves to attack them but they both fire flare guns at it, setting it on fire and it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. As Trent works on getting the boat started, Aaron surfaces and while Misty helps him on board, he explains how he avoided being killed. Trent gets the boat started and they go to leave but Misty stops him, saying that they can’t allow the swarm or the other sharks to escape to the open ocean. Trent then pulls out a key he grabbed from Durant, and reveals that Durant’s paranoia over anyone stealing his secrets would help them as he pulls out a second key, then pulls out a box that contained a self destruct panel. Using both keys, Trent activates it and they all watch as Akhelios blows up. Misty, Trent, and Aaron believe the explosion killed all of the sharks but three weeks later, an injured Bella and the swarm are seen swimming near a populated beach.

As far as sequels go, this wasn’t bad, but I expected a bit more from it. The acting was good, with Danielle Savre (Misty), Rob Mayes (Trent), and Michael Beach (Durant) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was almost exactly like the original movie, with a corporation using sharks for scientific research, only the research was different; with the original being for a cure for Alzheimer’s while in the sequel, it was simply for a way to make people smarter. One thing I was disappointed with is that this is pretty much a sequel in name only, as there is no reference to the original movie whatsoever. This was a let down as there was plenty of ways they could have worked some sort of reference to the original movie into this sequel, and even with it being an almost exact copy, it would have helped with some set up. The special effects were not as good as the original movie, and we don’t really get such a great death scene like Samuel L. Jackson’s from the first movie, but they were still good enough to make the movie entertaining instead of hurting it. It isn’t as good as the first but this is still an entertaining movie and worth watching if you are up for some sharky good entertainment.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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October 8th, 2018 Movie – Bad Milo!

bad milo

Another day, another gift. This was the second DVD I received for my birthday from my friends Emily and Mark (pretty sure Mark was the one picking out the movies). Anyways, this is a movie that I had actually seen recommended to me several times on Amazon based on my shopping choices but never got around to buying. I have also seen it on several streaming sites but never thought of watching it there, as I would usually be looking for something else specific to watch instead. Well, this movie always interested me, even though it was never enough to watch it the time I had the opportunity, so let’s see exactly what I am getting with today’s movie, Bad Milo!.

The plot: Duncan is racing back towards his mother’s house and when he gets there, he slams the door shut and braces himself against it. His wife Sarah asks what is going on and he tells her to get down to the basement, just as something repeatedly slams against the door, eventually breaking it open. 123 hours earlier, Duncan is at the doctor’s office, where they detect a large polyp in his intestine. The doctor says it isn’t serious and that it is most likely caused by stress and recommends it be removed but when Duncan refuses, the doctor tells him to avoid any stress for a few days and see if it clears up. The next day, Duncan arrives at work to find that he is being moved from accounting to human resources. His boss, Phil, explains that this is temporary but he wants Duncan in HR to handle some company lay-offs, as he is a nice guy. Duncan is then shown his new office, which is a men’s room that he will be sharing with Allistair. Later, Duncan tries going to see Roger, a therapist that Sarah recommended, but he doesn’t feel comfortable being there and decides to leave. That night, Duncan and Sarah are having dinner with Duncan’s mother Beatrice and her new boyfriend Bobbi, who is Duncan’s age, which makes Duncan uncomfortable when he sees them kissing at the table. Beatrice also invited Dr. Yip, a fertility doctor, to join them for dinner and they proceed to question Duncan and make comments about him being unable to conceive a child and Sarah tries to defend Duncan but Dr. Yip, Beatrice, and Bobbi continue to comment like it is Duncan’s problem. Duncan receives a call from Allistair and after excusing himself from the table, he learns that Allistair had used the toilets in their new office but also used Duncan’s computer and deleted a presentation for the Board of Directors that Duncan had been working on all year. Duncan makes plans to go in to try and fix Allistairs mistake but after getting off the phone, he suffers from some severe gastronomical issues. When he gets home, he and his wife talk briefly before he is forced to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, he suffers incredible pain and ends up passing out on the floor but while he is unconscious, something leaves the bathroom. The unseen creature heads to Duncan’s job and kills Allistair, then returns back to Duncan’s bathroom. The next morning, Duncan wakes up and as he is drinking some coffee, he sees the news report on Allistair’s death, which is being blamed on a rabid raccoon. Duncan heads into work and Phil tells him that he is still going to have to let some people go, which Duncan reluctantly does. That night, Duncan has a dream where he is getting the surgery to remove the polyp but the polyp turns out to be alive and kills the doctor. Duncan goes to see Roger and tells him about the dream and Roger wants to know ore about it. Roger suggests hypno therapy but while Duncan is asleep, he suddenly starts screaming in pain. As Roger watches, a small, 2 foot goblin emerges from Duncan’s rectum and as Roger reacts in shock, it moves to attack him. Ducan grabs a spear to defend himself and wakes up Duncan and when Duncan sees the creature, he screams out in fear, causing the creature to scream and jump out the window. As Duncan tries to make sense of what happened, Roger explains that the goblin is essentially a physical manifestation of all the stress he has undergone and when he is pushed too far, the creature will emerge and attack the one giving him stress. Duncan feels guilty for being responsible for Allistair’s death and says they have to kill the creature but Roger tells him that it is a part of him and if the mythology he read is correct, the best way to eliminate it is to bond with it, as that will keep it from lashing out irrationally. Meanwhile, the goblin has tracked down and killed Dr. Yip, as he has constantly called Duncan and offered to help him conceive a child with Sarah. When the goblin returns to Roger’s office, Roger convinces Duncan to try and bond with it and Duncan approaches the creature, calling it Milo and seems to calm it down before it heads back into his rectum. The next day, Duncan is told that his largest client’s holding’s have somehow been zeroed out. Duncan goes to check for himself, then goes to see Phil, telling him he hasn’t spoken to the client in 2 weeks and everything was fine when he checked the accounts a few days ago. Phil wants him to transfer the account, and when Duncan tells him that is highly illegal, Phil tells him that he was responsible for the client and what happened under his watch so he best figure out a way to make it right. Duncan leave’s Phil’s office and receives a call from Roger, who tells him about Milo’s latest kill and he tells him to come back to his office so they can figure out what they should do. In Roger’s office, Roger offers some suggestions and when he suggests some role playing, he uncovers some deep resentment that Duncan has for his father and suggests he go see him. Duncan goes to see his dad and talks with him but as they argue, Ducan feels Milo trying to come out and quickly rushes to his dad’s outhouse. Inside, Duncan releases Milo and Milo attempts to leave to kill Duncan’s dad but Duncan stops him and convinces him not to kill his father, calming Milo down by promising it some food when he returns to the office. Duncan heads back to the office and finds federal agents inside the building, seizing all of the company’s computers and records. Duncan goes to find Phil and learns that he had basically embezzled all of the company’s accounts, including the employee’s retirement funds. Realizing that Phil was attempting to get away with his scheme, Duncan willingly lets Milo out to kill him, then reports it as another raccoon attack. Duncan returns home and tells Sarah what happened and as he tries not to stress over it, Sarah tells him that she is pregnant. Duncan gets upset at the news at first, thinking she had somehow tricked him but when she tells him it just happened, he gets stressed out and decides to leave the house in order to keep her safe. Duncan checks into a hotel outside the city and begins to bond even further with Milo but they still have their issues. When he receives a call from Sarah, telling him that she is going to a party at Beatrice’s house and hopes he will join them, Duncan calls his dad and convinces him to meet at Roger’s office. At Roger’s office, Duncan hopes to find out why his father left him but the stress of the answer causes Milo to appear, as well as Ralph, the stress demon of Duncan’s father. Milo begins attacking Ralph and kills it, causing Duncan’s father to suffer severe injuries of his own and when his father tells Duncan that Sarah being pregnant is a good thing, Milo gets angry and rushes from the office. Realizing that Milo is going after Sarah, to prevent another stress demon from being born, Duncan races after Milo, trying to call Sarah and warn her as he runs to his mother’s house, bringing us to the events at the beginning of the movie. After Milo breaks in, Duncan tries to calm him down and tell him that Sarah isn’t there anymore but when Sarah calls out from the basement, Milo gets more enraged. Duncan brandishes a knife and threatens to use it on Milo, as he refuses to let him kill Sarah, but Milo jumps into the drain of the sink, despite Duncan trying to stop him, and emerges from a wash sink in the basement. As Sarah tries to fend off Milo, Duncan uses an axe to smash open the door so he can get in, tackling Milo before he can rip open Sarah’s stomach. Sarah runs outside to where Beatrice and the other party guests are brandishing tiki torches and when Milo manages to slip away from Duncan, they fend it off. Duncan heads outside with the axe and uses it to chop off one of Milo’s arms and both his legs, injuring himself in the process. Sarah goes to check on Duncan and he kisses her, then approaches Milo. Duncan apologizes for wounding him and promises to take him back home. As he picks Milo up and asks Sarah to help him, Beatrice approaches them and apologizes to Duncan for not telling him about his father. Duncan is upset that she knew but says it is ok, but he isn’t going to clean up her bathroom when they are done with it. As Beatrice tends to her shocked guests, Duncan and Sarah take Milo into the bathroom and after Duncan explains everything and why he didn’t kill him, Sarah helps push Milo back into Duncan’s rectum. Month’s later, things seem to be going better in Duncan’s life, as he is doesn’t seem to be under as much stress as he used to be but at a baby shower at Beatrice’s house, Duncan is feeding his father some cake but as Duncan turns to smile at Sarah, his father glares angrily at her, as it is revealed that their unborn son has a demon inside him as well.

This was a pretty entertaining little B-movie but I was honestly expecting a little more from it. The acting was good, with Ken Marino (Duncan) and Gillian Jacobs (Sarah) doing good jobs in their roles. I also loved Patrick Warburton, as his character of Phil was particularly funny to me as it was so different from the roles I normally see him in. The story was interesting, albeit a little bit gross in one aspect of it. I did think the idea of a stress demon was pretty neat, as everyone suffers from stress and the though that someone suffering from soo much stress can actually have that stress become a demon that tries to relieve the host of it’s stress was a good set up for the movie. What I didn’t particularly care for was the way it would enter and exit Duncan, as it basically ended up being a setup for a poop joke with no real punchline. The special effects were decent but nothing real special, though I will say that Milo looked a little bit like a Ghoulie. A fun little movie to watch, poop jokes aside.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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October 7th, 2018 Movie – The Babadook

the babadook

Now we come to one of the movies that was an actual gift from a friend. Now I will admit that I had not seen this movie before it was given to me but I had heard of it. Well…that’s not entirely true. I have seen a scene from this movie on the internet several times over the years. See, one of the more famous memes on the internet, which tends to get edited to match any situation that it can fit, is from this movie. So anytime you see the meme of the mother turning around in the car and yelling at her kid to be normal, and the kid is sitting there screaming, that is from today’s movie, The Babadook. Now, let’s see if the rest of the movie is as memorable.

The plot: Amelia Vanek is woken from a nightmare by her son Samuel coming into her room, worried about a monster. After searching his room and finding nothing there, she reads to him in her bed and he promises to kill the monster when he sees it. In the morning, Amelia is woken by a loud noise and she heads downstairs to find Samuel practicing with the weapon he had made. Amelia gets Samuel dressed and takes him to school while she goes to work but she is soon called back to his school, as he brought one of his weapons to school with him. After leaving the school, the go to the market before heading to the park, where they meet up with Amelia’s sister Claire and her daughter Ruby. While the kids play, Claire tells Amelia that Ruby changed her mind about what sort of birthday party she wants, as she doesn’t want Samuel there and Amelia takes offence but tries to not show it. After Samuel gives them a scare by climbing to the top of the swing set, Amelia takes him home, speaking with their neighbor Mrs. Roach when they get there. That night, Samuel wants Amelia to read him a book called Mister Babadook and as she reads the story, Samuel becomes convinced that the Babadook is the monster he keeps seeing. Amelia over sleeps the next morning and after sending Samuel to stay with Claire, she heads off to work, where a coworker named Robbie starts flirting with her. When Amelia’s shift ends, she finds that she has 10 missed calls from Claire and rushes there to find Samuel sitting in the driveway. Claire says that Samuel has been scaring Ruby with all of his talk about the Babadook and when Amelia goes to admonish him, he throws a firecracker at her feet. When they get home, Amelia begins cooking dinner but gets upset when she finds that Samuel had grabbed the key to the basement and gone down there, as that is where she is keeping her late husband’s things. During dinner, Amelia finds a shard of glass in her soup and when she check’s Samuel’s and finds nothing, he tells her the Babadook did it. Later that night, Samuel sees something in his wardrobe and pulls it down, scaring Amelia when it hits the floor. When Amelia goes to check on him, she finds him hiding under his bed, repeatedly saying “Don’t let it in”, and after calming him down, she takes the book and rips the pages up before throwing it away. Amelia goes to bed but she starts hearing strange sounds like the door opening. The next day, they head to Ruby’s birthday party and as Claire and some of the other mothers are talking, Amelia mocks their rough lives compared to those of a single mother. Later, Claire and Amelia are talking alone and when Amelia comments about how Claire never comes around their home, Claire tells her that it’s because she can’t stand Samuel. Meanwhile, Samuel is sitting in Ruby’s tree house while all of the other girls are watching the clown. Ruby confronts him and teases him about not having a dad and Samuel pushes her out of the tree house, causing her to fall and break her nose. Amelia takes Samuel home and as they are driving, he is constantly screaming for her attention, then starts yelling at something next to him to get out, before suddenly he starts having seizures. Amelia takes him to the doctor and as she speaks with him, she begs him for some sedatives to help Samuel sleep at night. The next day, Amelia is woken up by a knocking on the door and when she looks outside, she finds the Babadook book sitting on the doorstep. Amelia takes it inside and finds all of the ripped pages have been repaired, but some of the pictures have changed, showing herself being infected by the Babadook and killing their dog, Samuel, and herself. Amelia burns the book, thinking that will be the end of it, but she receives a phone call, with the voice on the other end saying “Ba-ba-dook-Dook-DOOK!”. Amelia goes to talk to the police and report a stalker but while they don’t seem inclined to believe her, she notices the Babadook’s hat, coat, and gloves hanging from a coat hook behind the desk and she quickly leaves. Amelia begins having more hallucinations, just as some people from the Department of Community Services show up to check on her pulling Samuel from his school. That night, Amelia is in bed when she hears a scratching at the bedroom door, just before it opens and something shuffles inside. Amelia hides under the covers but when she peaks out, she sees the Babadook on the ceiling and it lunges towards her. Amelia begins having more and more hallucinations and finds herself becoming withdrawn and isolated, taking her frustrations out on Samuel by yelling at him for disobeying her. After going out for lunch one day, Amelia sees bugs crawling all over her before hearing the Babadook clawing at the car and calling out, causing her to get in a wreck. As Amelia’s mood continues to deteriorate, she begins getting angrier at Samuel, using a knife to cut the phone line when he tried calling their neighbor and then brandishing it at him moments later. That night, Amelia has a hallucination of her husband oskar and as she embraces him, he asks her to give him the boy, revealing it is really the Babadook. Amelia attempts to flee from it but the it ends up catching up to her and possessing her. Later that night, Amelia is sitting in the chair watching TV, with a frightened Samuel watching her from the top of the steps when their dog Bugsy races down the steps and begins barking at her. Amelia grabs Bugsy, killing him by breaking it’s neck, then proceeds to pull out one of her own teeth. Amelia then heads upstairs after Samuel. Banging on the door to her bedroom, Amelia manages to break the door down, causing Samuel to wet himself. As Amelia begins taunting Samuel, he realizes that it isn’t his mom and runs for his room, using his weapons to try and knock her unconscious. He is unsuccessful at first and manages to hide while the possessed Amelia goes to the door to alleviate Mrs. Roach’s concerns, as she had knocked on the door after hearing all of the screaming. Samuel finds Bugsy’s body and as Amelia approaches him, he apologizes to his mom before stabbing her in the leg with the kitchen knife. Amelia pulls the knife from her leg and chases after him into the basement but Samuel uses his traps to knock her out. When Amelia regains consciousness, she finds herself tied to the floor, with Samuel saying he won’t leave her and telling her she has to get the Babadook out of her. Amelia gets free and manages to grab Samuel and start choking him but she lets him go, then begins puking out a black goo, indicating she is getting rid of the Babadook. Samuel unties her and they head back upstairs but Samuel says that they can’t get rid of the Babadook. Suddenly, an unseen force grabs Samuel and drags him upstairs to Amelia’s bedroom and Amelia chases after him and rescues him. The Babadook taunts Amelia with the death of her husband again but this enrages Amelia and she begins screaming out at the Babadook, eventually causing it to shrink down and flee into the basement. Amelia then locks the door and embraces Samuel before taking him over to the couch, where they finally get some sleep. Some time later, Samuel and Amelia are both doing better, as Amelia is more attentive to Samuel and supportive of his weapons and magic tricks. Amelia and Samuel collect earthworms from the garden and feed them to the Babadook, which the keep in the basement as they won’t be able to get rid of it.

The Babadook was highly praised by the critics, holding a certified fresh rating of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “The Babadook relies on real horror rather than cheap jump scares — and boasts a heartfelt, genuinely moving story to boot.” The movie had a campaign where you could buy a limited edition version of the pop-up book, signed by Director Jennifer Kent, and containing additional pages not seen in the movie. The movie wasn’t a big success in Australia at first but after a strong reception at the Sundance Festival, it garnered more interest in other markets, earning $7.5 million off of a $2 million budget.

When the director of The Exorcist says, “”I’ve never seen a more terrifying film than The Babadook”, you know that you have some high expectations to fill. Now, I don’t know if I can quite say it met those expectations but this did do a great job trying to do so. This is an incredible movie and one that deserves the hype it received. The acting was good, with Essie Davis and Noah Wiseman doing great jobs as Amelia and Samuel respectively. The story was fantastic, playing on the age old fear that little kids have about monsters hiding in their rooms or in the dark. The aspect of Amelia trying to deal with Samuel’s trauma really ramped up the drama and that, coupled with the subdued color scheme, made the actual scares that much more impressive. The special effects were pretty decent and the design and animation for the Babadook worked well with the movie. A great horror movie that shows the audience that you can produce the scares without the blood and gore.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 27th, 2014 Movie – Centipede!


Sometimes, I think I should go back to my old way of buying movies. The times when I would pick a theme, then go through Amazon and basically pick the first 2-3 (or 5-10) movies that fit that theme and I didn’t already own. That is how I came to own this particular movie. I love natural horror films (meaning movies where the killer is an animal of some sort) and I was going through a massive binge of movie buying/watching. I had already bought several shark, dinosaur, and reptile movies so I decided to switch things up and go with the creepy crawlies. I picked up several movies at that point, many of which I had seen before on Syfy, but when it came to Centipede!, this was a brand new movie for me and I was excited to watch it.

The plot: In Andhra Pradesh, India, two geology students, Rekha and Ravi, explore a cave in the area to try and find the site of some illegal dumping for their professor. As the explore the caves, Rekha finds the evidence she was looking for and Ravi decides they should take the opportunity to fool around when they are attacked by a large centipede. In New Hampshire, David Stone greets his friend Jake, who teases him about his upcoming marriage into high society and how he has not been spending any time with his friends. Jake then tells David that he has an idea on what to do for his bachelor party, saying that he has arranged for a caving expedition in India with his old friends and David agrees to go. When they arrive in India, David is shocked to see that his ex-girlfriend Sara is there with her boyfriend Dirk and he comments to Jake about it but Jake feigns innocence in not telling David about her. When they get outside, they meet the rest of their group, (Owen, Zoe, and Matt) and they head to their hotel, as they plan on getting an early start in the morning. The next day, they head out towards the cave, unknowingly passing by the jeep that Rekha and Ravi used on their way. The eventually meet with their guide, Kafi, outside the cave and as they camp out for the night, Kafi tells them the legend about the cave, then admits that it is something from the tourist bureau to make it more interesting. As they prepare to get some sleep, Jake goes to talk with Sara, who was sitting by herself staring at the sky, and Sara tells him she knows that Jake is trying to get her and David back together but says it won’t work but Jake says he isn’t too sure. The next day, the group hikes up to the cave entrance and head inside, and as they prepare to descend into the cave, Jake says David should go first but Sara rushes over the edge, forcing David to race her. As David waits for the others to join them, Sara decides to look around the cavern and is shocked by the appearance of Kafi, who tells her that he took the steps down as he is afraid of heights. The group then proceeds to explore the caverns and have fun until they reach the bottom of the cave, which Kafi says is over 3 miles below the surface and the group then breaks open some champagne and begin to have a party for David. As they begin drinking and telling stories, Jake and the others convince Sara to do a dance for David and she eventually does so but after a while, Dirk gets jealous and starts dancing with her. Meanwhile, Matt leaves the group to go use the restroom but when he hears a strange noise, he decides to investigate. He eventually finds Rehka’s equipment and as he continues looking around, he is attacked by the centipede. Trying to fend it off, Matt grabs a flare from the ground and lights it but when the centipede continues it’s attack, he accidentally sets off some explosives that were close by. Back with the others, David thinks he hears Matt screaming over the sound of the music but before he can say anything, the explosion occurs and they are forced to try and avoid being caught under the falling rocks. As they make sure everyone is ok, they discover that the entrance way to the chamber has been closed off by the cave in. When they ask Kafi if there is another way out, Kafi admits that he doesn’t know as he had never explored the area they were in. David spots an opening and says that they might be able to climb down it and make their way to an opening they saw earlier. As they argue about what to do, Zoe asks about Matt and they go looking for him, eventually finding him when David finds the detector that Matt had brought. As they pull his body from the debris, they notice the wounds on him and Owen says that they were not caused by the rock slide, but looked more like bite marks. David, Dirk, and Sara head over to the opening, where David and Dirk hold the rope while Sara rappels down. Meanwhile, Owen finds Rehka’s PDA and after looking through it, tells Jake and Zoe about what she had listed, saying the area showed signs of high amounts of centipede venom. Outside the cave, Rehka and Ravi’s teacher, Professor Jones, arrives at the area with a police squad and when they notice that the area had suffered a cave in, the man in charge orders a digging team to the area. Back in the cave, the group reaches the bottom and separate to try and find a way out; with Sara, Dirk, and Owen going one way while David, Jake, and Zoe go another direction. Kafi stays in the center area with the tracker when he hears something and decides to investigate. Sara finds an opening that looks like it might be a way out and she decides to climb up it, while David, Jake, and Zoe also find a possible way out and Zoe begins climbing out. Sara and the others head back to get Kafi and the others but when they find Kafi is gone, they start looking for him. AS Owen goes looking for Kafi, he encounters some freshly hatched centipede larva and is attacked by them but Kafi saves him. David and Jake heard Owen’s screams and go to try and help him but when they leave, Zoe is killed by the centipede. Kafi and Owen run into David and Jake, who are joined by Sara and Dirk, when they hear Zoe scream and David and Jake go looking for her, telling the others to start up the opening Sara had found. Using the tracker, David and Jake search for Zoe and go to where she is supposed to be, only to find the centipede there. They quickly run back to the others and head up the opening but as they are climbing, they hear the sound of a radio, as outside, one of the officers is trying to call out on the radio to see if anyone in the cave can hear them. AS the sound of the radio gets louder, Owen thinks that help is coming when the rope suddenly starts pulling him back and he is attacked and killed by the centipede. As the centipede continues pulling on the rope, dragging them all down, Kafi hands David his knife, which David uses to cut the rope. They manage to get out of the cavern and quickly cause a cave in to keep the centipede at bay. As they catch their breaths, Dirk argues with Jake about Owen’s death, as he was Dirk’s brother, Seeing a pool of water, David decides to see if there is another way out but as he is gone, the centipede starts to break through the barricade. When he tells them that there is another passage, they start making there way there, with Dirk telling them to go while he tries holding the barricade. After they all swim through the passage, Dirk lets the barricade collapse and uses a stalactite to cut the centipede in half but both of the halves continue to live so he quickly swims after the others. When he reaches the other side, he tells them about what he did, just as one of the halves moves through the water towards them. They attempt to avoid it at first but when they fall into the water and it attempts to attack them, Kafi stabs it with his knife while Sara shoots it with a flare gun, killing it. As the body floats to the surface, they hear the radio static and realize that the centipede had swallowed a radio. Sara uses Kafi’s knife to cut it open and they make contact with the rescue team outside, who tell them where they should go. As they make they way towards the exit, the other half of the centipede attacks them and kills Kafi. David tries to help him but when the centipede comes back for them, he yells at the others to get out while he heads through an another opening. Sara, Jake, and Dirk reach the bunker that they were directed too and find it is filled with barrels of toxic waste. As Jake radios to the people outside about what they found, Sara, believing David is still alive, heads down a hole in the floor to go look for him. As Sara is looking, David suddenly grabs her but he motions for her to be quiet, as the centipede is close by. Jake and Dirk go looking for them, alerting the centipede to their presence, and David uses a flare to hold it at bay so they can get back up the hole. Dirk starts trying to move barrels to form a barricade but when the police tells them they are about to blast the bunker door open, the centipede moves up the hole and kills Dirk. David and the others move to the door and take cover, with David luring the centipede by the door so that it can be killed in the explosion. As David, Sara, and Jake exit the cave, Jake thanks Inspector Chief Kumar for saving them, while David tells Sara that his wedding is off, and they embrace. They move to kiss each other but the centipede appears, killing the geologist that had helped them escape. As the police open fire on it, David and Sara head to the explosives truck and hook up a detonator to some dynamite. David then lures the centipede to the truck but it squirts some venom at him and he falls back into the truck to avoid it. The centipede rears up to attack him and David tells Sara to blow it up with him in it but she refuses. Jake begins shooting the centipede, giving David enough time to get out of the truck, and Sara blows it up, finally killing the centipede. As the police move forward to examine the dead centipede, David and Sara embrace and kiss while Jake collapses in exhaustion and swears off adventures.

Considering that I had no opinion going into this movie, I actually was pleasantly surprised by it. The acting was decent for the most part, though I will admit that, while it might not have been intentional, it did feel like the police and workers were kind of stereotyped in their speech. The story was honestly not that original, with a batch of toxic waste mutating an animal into a giant killer but the somewhat unique location, an underground cavern, did add a bit more suspense to the plot. The whole high schoolish love triangle between David, Sara, and Dirk was honestly so transparent that there was no way that anyone could avoid seeing that they would end up together, which was incredibly disappointing as it really didn’t add anything to the movie. The special effects, while on the weak side, were still fairly decent and about what you would expect from a B-movie. A decent movie that was a nice change of pace from my usual B-movie choices.

Rating: 3 out of 5