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November 17th, 2017 Movie – Star Wars Holiday Special

star wars holiday special

Happy Life Day everyone and if you haven’t figured it out by now, today’s movie is the reason for my buying a ton of movies at the beginning of the year. So 39 years ago today, a television event occurred that has since become legendary for how absolutely terrible it was. CBS had approached George Lucas about doing a TV special featuring the characters from Star Wars, as the recent re-release of the movie in theaters showed that the movie’s popularity had not waned in the least. Well, George Lucas agreed and the end result ended up being a train wreck of such epic proportions, that it was never rebroadcast after the initial airing, nor did it receive an official release on home video,  so the only way you could obtain a copy was through a bootleg copy of an original recording or, in more recent times, off of the internet. George Lucas has never considered the special to be part of the Star wars canon and, in regards to the bootleg copies, has stated that “If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every bootleg copy of that program and smash it (with a couple of profanities thrown in there).”

Fast forward a few decades, and I managed to pick up a copy of the special at DragonCon. Some time later, my friends and I decided to watch it one night while watching a slew of “bad” movies and thought it was absolutely hysterical. Since then, some of my friends and I will wish each other a Happy Life Day on this day. Last year, I wished my friend Paula a Happy Life Day and she said I should review this special since it was “Life Day”. Well, at this point last year I was only in the “P’s” so that wasn’t going to happen but I looked at where it fell on the schedule and realized I could quite easily make it happen this year. Thus, 150 some odd movies later (mostly off of the two box sets I bought) I am able to watch today’s movie, The Star Wars Holiday Special, on the anniversary of when it first debuted.

The plot: Han Solo and Chewbacca are heading to Chewbacca’s home planet of Kashyyyk when they are attacked by two Imperial Star Destroyers. Han wants to turn back but Chewie convinces him to continue as the day is important so Han makes the jump to light speed. On Kashyyyk, Chewie’s son Lumpy is playing with a wooden X-wing while his grandfather, Itchy, sits in a chair carving a second one. When Lumpy gets on Itchy’s nerves, Chewie’s wife Malla has him take out the garbage, admonishing him when he tries to steal a cookie that she baked, though he quickly takes another one when her back is turned. Malla and Itchy are starting to get worried that Chewie isn’t there yet and Itchy lets Lumpy watch a holovid of some acrobats and jugglers in order to keep him entertained. Malla checks a scanner for approaching ships but finds nothing in the area. She then contacts the rebel base and reaches Luke Skywalker, who is working on his X-wing with R2-D2, and when Luke learns that Chewie and Han haven’t reached Kashyyyk yet, he tells them he doesn’t know where they are but is sure they will be there soon. Malla then contacts Saun Dann, a local trader, to ask if he has heard from Chewie but Suan’s shop is being searched by Imperial troops so he has to give Malla a coded message telling her that Han and Chewie are on their way while on board one of the Star Destroyers, Vader tells his officers to search every house on the planet for the Rebels. Malla works on cooking a meal when a message comes through the view screen announcing an Imperial blockade around the planet. Just as the message ends, someone knocks on the door and the wookies fear it is Imperial troops but it is only Saun, who had brought them all some Life Day gifts. Lumpy grabs his gift and quickly takes it up to his room while Saun gives Itchy a holotape, which he claims is “Wow”, and puts it in for Itchy, who uses the privacy viewer to watch it. Princess Leia and C-3P0 contact Malla and when they learn that Han and Chewie haven’t arrived yet, Leia worries that the Imperial blockade might be more of a problem for them and asks Saun to stay with Malla and the others until they get there. Han and Chewie arrive at Kashyyyk but when they notice they blockade, they decide to enter in the Northern area where they have less of a chance of being spotted. Malla, Lumpy, and the others hear the Millennium Falcon’s engines and they rush to the door to greet them only to find Imperial troops outside. As the Imperials begin searching the house for any signs of the Rebels or Rebellion contraband, Saun tries to distract them, showing one of the officers a holovid of a band singing but the officer in charge forces him to leave. As the Imperials continue searching the house, Lumpy starts watching an animated adventure of the Rebel Alliance. In the cartoon, Han Solo and Chewie had gone to fetch an ancient talisman but Han falls victim to a sleeping sickness attached to the talisman and they end up crashing on a planet close to the hidden Rebel base. Luke, R2, and 3P0 head to the planet but they end up stuck in the planet’s surface and a creature begins attacking their ship before they are rescued by a man named Boba Fett. Boba Fett offers to help them and takes them to the Millennium Falcon but as Luke enters, he falls victim to the sleeping sickness just as Chewie gets rid of the talisman. Boba Fett thinks Chewie did something to them but 3P0 translates that it was the talisman that caused them to fall asleep, though it only affects humans. Boba Fett says he recognizes the virus and offers to go into town to get the cure but Chewie demands to go with him. When they get to town, Boba Fett has Chewie wait while he gets the cure but as he does, he secretly contacts Darth Vader, who had hired Boba Fett to locate the Rebel base. After returning to the Falcon and administering the cure, Luke thanks Boba Fett but R2, who had intercepted Boba Fett’s transmission, informs Luke of Boba Fett’s deceit and Boba Fett uses his rocket pack to fly away. The Imperials finish searching Lumpy’s room and order him to clean it up but Lumpy uses the time to work on building a transmitter. Back downstairs, a live video, which is required viewing for all Imperial soldiers, tells of Tatooine having a curfew placed on it and watch as the bartender, Ackmena, tries to kick everyone out and eventually does so by singing a song and leading them in a dance. Lump gets his transmitter working and fakes an Imperial transmission telling the soldiers to return to base. The Imperial officer orders one stormtrooper to stay behind while the others leave but the stormtrooper hears the repeated message coming from Lumpy’s room. The stormtrooper smashes the device and chase Lumpy outside but Han and Chewie arrive and as Chewie moves to protect Lumpy, Han manages to trick the stormtrooper into falling off the deck and into the jungle below. Han and Chewie enter the house and after making sure everyone is ok, Han leaves, wishing them all a Happy Life Day. Saun returns to the house just as the Imperials try contacting the stormtrooper but Saun convinces the Imperials that the stormtrooper had deserted and they agree to send a search party to look for him. After Saun leaves, Chewie and his family each hold up a globe and they end up wearing red robes as they are transported into space, where they join a procession of other aliens walking into a star. They arrive at the Tree of Life, where they are joined by Han, Leia, Luke, R2, and 3P0. Leia greets everyone and sings a song to celebrate Life Day, as Chewie thinks back to how he met all of his new friends, before heading home with his family and having dinner.

Everything you heard about this special is true, but that actually makes it fun to watch because it is such a train wreck. The acting from the main Star Wars cast (Hamill, Ford, and Fisher) felt pretty stifled and nowhere near as crisp as it was in the original film. Art Carney did a good job as Saun while Bea Arthur (Ackmena) made for a funny twist as the bartender and Harvey Korman was hysterical as the alien chef and the instruction manual for the communicator. The base story was honestly a little weak and they tried too hard to stretch it out for a 2 hour special. Some of the side bits to help stretch things out were pretty good; such as the cartoon, which was the first appearance of Boba Fett, and the scenes with Harvey Korman were funny as hell. The scene with Itchy watching the holovid of the woman is a little disturbing, as it was more or less implied that he was essentially watching porn. Equally as disturbing was the scene with Jefferson Starship and I know that it was supposed to be a lightsaber but it honestly looked like Marty Balin looked like he was singing into a glowing dildo (my apologies if the description offends you). This is not good in any sense of the word, but it can entertaining in the whole “so bad, it’s good” style of enjoyment.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5 (but the entertainment value could bump this to a 2 1/2)

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September 9th, 2017 Movie – Silver Needle In The Sky

silver needle in the sky

Ugh. I hate it when my head is soo stopped up that I can’t breathe or even function right. Yet, that is what I am having to deal with today. Now as far as today’s movie goes, it seems I have some more adventures with Rocky Jones to look forward too. I think I might have to go through and see how many movies I have that are actually episodes of the old show, then see if I can find the episodes I haven’t see yet online. Until then, I’m going to try and focus on today’s movie, Silver Needle In The Sky, and then take some more medicine and declog my head.

The plot: At the Office of Space Affairs, Vena Ray speaks with Secretary Drake and asks to be assigned as the navigator for Rocky’s latest mission, carrying delegates to a peace summit. Drake tells her that Rocky is responsible for choosing his crew and he has no control over it, just as Rocky, Winky, and Bobby show up. Drake explains to everyone that the meeting will take place at a space station in the neutral zone, and when Vena asks Rocky if she can be his navigator, Rocky says he has already made his choice, which leaves Vena dejected until he tells her that he chose her. Meanwhile, Queen Cleolanta hears about the conference and is upset that she wasn’t invited to the conference. When she hears that Rocky Jones is flying the delegates to the space station, she orders her spy to sabotage the ship so it can’t reach the conference. Her spy goes to put a detonator on the rocket while it is still on the pad, but he is caught by Rocky before he can do so. Rocky and his crew blast off and make their way to the space station, where they drop off the delegates before heading to a nearby planet to rest and refuel before returning to take the delegates back to Earth. While they are gone, Cleolanta sends a ship to capture the delegates and bring them back to Ophecius, where she can use them as bargaining chips to get her captured men back. When Rocky and the others reach the refuel planet, they radio the space station and speak to Dr. Tyson, but when Dr. Tyson says he will see them in 24 hours, instead of the agreed upon 72 hours, Winky and Rocky get suspicious and try contacting the station again only to get no response. Rocky contacts Secretary Drake to see if he can raise the station and when he can’t, Drake orders Rocky to head back there with some more men to investigate. Rocky arrives to find the station deserted and when he contacts Drake about his findings, they both suspect Cleolanta and the Ophecians to be behind this. Drake questions the captured Ophecians, Darganto and Griff, but finds that they have no knowledge of Cleolanta’s plans so Rocky decides to head to Ophecius himself and find out. After getting off the phone with Drake, Rocky receives a call from Cleolanta, who gives him her terms for a prisoner exchange. Rocky contacts Drake, who says they will make the exchange but under their terms and Rocky contacts Cleolanta with their response. Cleolanta refuses at first but when Rocky says that her actions would start a war with the United Worlds, she reluctantly agrees to make the exchange at the space station. The Ophecian prisoners are sent to the space station and Atlasande arrives with the delegates. The exchange takes place but once it is concluded, Atlasande and his aide pull out hidden weapons and take Dr. Tyler back. As Rocky and Atlasande argue over his actions, Dr. Tyler secretly takes a pill without anyone seeing him. Atlasand and his men take Dr. Tyler and place a time lock on the door to the room, keeping Rocky and the others trapped there for three hours so they can make their escape. However, Darganto is angry over Atlasande not trying to finish off their enemies when they have the chance so he and Griff head to the maintenance room and cuts off the oxygen supply to the room. When Atlasande and the others catch up to Darganto and Griff, Dr. Tyler suddenly collapses and Atlasande pronounces him dead, causing Darganto to claim that Atlasande botched the mission and usurp his command. Back in the room, Rocky and the others realize that the oxygen has been cut off and have Bobby crawl through the ventilation ducts and makes his way to the control room, where he is able to turn the air back on. Bobby then heads back to the conference room and picks the time lock, allowing the others to leave. As they make their way to the control room, they find Dr. Tyler’s body and Rocky orders Winky and some men to take the body back to the ship while he continues to the control room. As Winky and the others carry the body, Dr. Tyler suddenly starts to move and Winky goes to get Rocky. When Rocky arrives, he finds Dr. Tyler has regained consciousness and explains that he took a suspended animation pill his lab had been developing but couldn’t tell anyone about it. They make contact with Earth and relay the good news about everyone being safe. Meanwhile, back on Ophecius, Cleolanta is upset at both Atlasande and Darganto’s failure to bring back Dr. Tyler when one of her underlings brings news that they cracked the Earth scrambler code. Cleolanta reads the decoded transmission and grows even angrier when she learns that Dr. Tyler is still alive and that someone had turned off the oxygen in an attempt to kill Rocky Jones and the others. Darganto and Atlasande quickly blame the other one and Cleolanta decides to throw both of them in a cell together until they can work together. Back at the space station, Rocky and the others leave and Dr. Tyler contacts Secretary Drake’s office to recommend special awards be given to Rocky and his crew, especially Bobby for saving them all.

I don’t know if it is the medicine but I just absolutely could not get into this movie. The acting was ok for the most part, though Richard Crane (Rocky) still feels as robotic as he has in the other movies/episodes. I honestly don’t know how they did casting in the 50’s but I really don’t get why they would cast someone in a lead role who seems to have no real charisma. The story was ok but definitely fit better as an episodic TV show as opposed to a full length movie. The special effects were decent for the time but I always find it funny that even though the characters had guns on them, they chose to fight hand to hand as opposed to using the guns, so that they didn’t have to use special effects for the blasts. A classic sci-fi show made into a movie but I don’t know if it is worth watching.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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June 12th, 2017 Movie – Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace From Outer Space

rocky jones menace from outer space

I hope this is the last one of these Rocky Jones movies in these box sets I own. I honestly don’t know If i can stand to see another movie made up from old TV episodes. Anyways, I got lucky in regards to this movie because it is on the same disk as yesterday’s movie, so I didn’t have to waste time hunting down which disk it is on. Now some of you may be wondering why these last two movies are titled “Rocky Jones, Space Ranger” while the previous movies from the series were not. Well, that is how they were listed on the box set so that is how they were listed in my list. But enough rambling, time to get on with today’s movie, Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Menace From Outer Space.

The plot: On Earth, Professor Newton is observing a meteor that is approaching Earth when Vena Ray and Bobby show up at the observatory. When they view it on the video screen, Newton grows suspicious as he hears a humming noise coming from the meteor and after taking a closer look with the telescope, he realizes it is a rocket. Newton contacts Secretary Drake and informs him of the rocket’s approach and when it crashes close to the observatory, Newton heads out to see if he can find any clues to the rocket’s origins and says he will report back. Drake contacts Rocky Jones, who is out on patrol, and has him return to Earth but as Rocky and Winky head back, they see another Rocket flying by. Meeting at Space Rangers Headquarters, Newton explains to everyone that the rocket was comprised of crystal and Vena says that tracking the rocket’s path indicated that it came from Fornax, one of Jupiter’s moons. Rocky and Winky plan to fly to Fornax to investigate. Secretary Drake gets a hold of the Tibet Observatory and tells them not to say anything about a rocket, only that a meteor had hit, but one of the Rangers, Griff, plans to find a way to make a profit off of what is on Fornax and knocks out his companion before leaving to deal with Rocky. Back At Headquarters, Rocky has his rocket prepared to make the trip to Fornax but as they blast off, the thrust causes them to black out and they almost crash but Rocky is able to regain consciousness and right the rocket. Continuing on their journey, Vena notices another rocket nearby but when they try to contact them, the other rocket doesn’t answer. Realizing that it is probably Griff, Rocky manages to maneuver behind him and fires a rocket into Griff’s rocket’s exhaust, crippling the rocket and allowing Rocky and his crew to continue on their journey but the move has cost them a lot of fuel. Explaining the fuel situation to everyone, Rocky lists their choices and everyone chooses to press on so they continue towards Fornax but as they attempt to land, the moon’s heavier gravitational pull causes them to use up the last of their fuel to prevent their crashing onto the surface. After making sure the atmosphere is ok to breathe, they head to a nearby pyramid, where they are greeted by Zoravak, the ruler of Fornax. As Rocky and the others greet him, they are surprised to find Professor Cardos there and he explains that he crashed there 8 years ago. As they all speak with Zoravak and Cardos, Rocky pulls Newton aside and questions him about Cardos and Newton admits that there were rumors of a murder before he disappeared. Newton, Vena, and Bobby head inside the pyramid while Rocky and Winky stay behind to check out the ship but secretly, they use their view screen to observe them all. Everything seems ok but when Zoravak and Cardos leave the group, Rocky and Winky overhear them arguing about another plan. Cardos has apparently been lying to Zoravak about the Earth and wants to attack and conquer it but Zoravak, having met with Rocky and the others, is doubting the truth of Cardos’ claims. When the two men enter a room that the viewscreen can’t penetrate properly, Rocky and Winky sneak in and learn what Cardos’ plans are. They try to sneak away and tell Zoravak the truth but they are captured. Bobby pleads with Zoravak that they are not enemies and Zoravak decides the only way to learn the truth is to travel to Earth with Rocky and Winky, while Newton, Vena, and Bobby will remain behind as hostages. Rocky agrees and working with the Fornax engineers, they are able to convert their fuel source to work with the rockets. Rocky takes the rocket for a test drive and the rocket takes off perfectly but due to equipment failure, he is unable to communicate with them until he lands. After the ship is repaired, Rocky, Winky, and Zoravak head to Earth but before they leave, Rocky warns Newton to keep an eye on Cardos. Meanwhile, Griff ends up close to Ophecius and contacts Darganto, who brings his ship down and allows Griff to meet with Cleolanta. After Griff explains the situation, Darganto believes they can lay a claim on Fornax before the United Worlds, then use their missiles to attack Earth and force their surrender. Back on Fornax, Cardos makes plans to overthrow Zoravak’s wife, Vonsoon, and continue attacking the Earth but he is overheard by Bobby and Zoroavak’s daughter Volaca, and they tell Vonsoon and the others. Vonsoon heads to the lab and has Cardos arrested but as they leave the lab, they see the Orphecian rocket land and demands that they surrender. When they arrive on the planet, Darganto and Griff work with Cardos and prepare to fire more missiles at the Earth, this time armed with warheads, and take the crystals to be used to improve the Orphecian rockets. On Earth, Rocky and the others get word of a rocket heading towards them and Rocky, Winky, and Zoravak head out and destroy the rocket, then head back to Fornax. Meanwhile, Bobby and Volaca manage to sneak out and make contact with Rocky and tell him what is going on. Rocky has Bobby try to learn what he can and report back to him but Bobby is captured so Volaca ends up telling him instead. Using what Volaca told him, Rocky is able to surprise Darganto, Griff, and Cardos and take them prisoner, where they will be subjected to the respective authorities for their crimes. As Rocky and the others prepare to leave Fornax, Bobby says goodbye to Volaca and Zoravak tells Bobby to let Rocky know that if they ever need help, he will be happy to help them.

Ok, this was probably the best “movie” out of the bunch regarding this series. The acting was ok for the most part and even though I thought he was annoying in every other movie, Bobby (played by Robert Lyden) was actually not that bad in this one and wound up being a rather integral part to the climax. The story was pretty good, adding a lot of drama into the mixture of the struggle over Fornax and it’s fate in the galaxy. The special effects were the same as all the others, which look pretty cheap and laughable now. I am still not a real fan of the series but at least this one was worth watching.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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June 11th, 2017 Movie – Rocky Jones Space Ranger: Crash Of The Moons

rocky jones crash of the moons

Once again, we have a couple of episodes from an old TV show that have been turned into a movie. I’m sorry, but there are times where I fell like Hollywood studios just try to do anything in order to make some money without having to do anything original. Now I have a couple of movies that were taken from episodes of the Rocky Jones, Space Ranger TV show from another box set and they have been laughable bad, but not necessarily in a good way. Let’s see how this one goes as I watch today’s movie, Rocky Jones, Space Ranger: Crash Of The Moons.

The plot: On the planet Ophecius, Secretary Drake from the Office of Space Affairs, Rocky Jones, and his co-pilot Winky are meeting with Queen Cleolanta to try and convince her to join the United Worlds but Cleolanta refuses to join and threatens to destroy their ships if they don’t leave her planet. As they head back to Space Station OW9, they receive a surprise call from their navigator Vena Ray, as well as their friends Professor Newton and Bobby, who are on the space station. Newton explains that the gypsy moons Negato and Posita,  a pair of free roaming satellites connected by an atmosphere chain, will be passing by the area, and since the space station will fall between the two moons as they pass, they plan to use the event to communicate with their friends on one of the moons. Rocky quickly signs off and heads into the navigation room with Secretary Drake, where he tells Drake that the space station will be destroyed when it passes through the atmosphere, as it was never designed to operate inside an atmosphere. Rocky contacts the space station and tells them to recall the transport rocket that had just left so they can evacuate but they have no luck. Meanwhile, on Posita, the leader Bavarro and his wife Potonda are concerned about their newborn son, as he seems to be frightened for some reason but they can’t figure out why. Meanwhile, Rocky and Winky pilot their ship towards the station, hoping to make it there in time to evacuate everyone. As the moons pass by, the space station is buffeted by the atmosphere, but Rocky arrives and, after having them drop the magnetic shields, docks his ship in one of the landing berths and then has Winky fire the rockets, pushing the station out of the atmosphere. Rejoining their friends on the station, Rocky and Winky meet with Professor Newton, who is working on trying to plot a course the gypsy moons will take, worrying that they might end up crashing into a planet or something and causing mass damage. As they head to the gypsy moons, Newton discovers that the moons course will cause Posita to collide with Ophecius. When they reach Posita, Rocky contacts their friends Bavarro and informs them of the bad news. Bavarro is upset over the news and declares that his moon will not be destroyed but Rocky says there is nothing to be done. They then make plans for Bavarro and Secretary Drake to head to Negato and arrange for the people of Posita to be evacuated to Negato, while Newton, Vena, and Bobby stay on Posita to try and help out. Rocky and Winky head off towards Ophecius in the hopes that Cleolanta will listen to their warnings and evacuate their people. Failing that, the hope to reach the Ophecian underground, who want to join the United Worlds. Trinka, the wife of Atlasan, one of Cleolanta’s soldiers, has a secret space phone and hears Rocky’s warning and tries to tell Atlasan to listen to Rocky but he refuses and arrests her as a traitor. Atlasan takes Trinka to Cleolanta, who questions her about the underground but Trinka says she is not a traitor and she must listen to Rocky Jones. When Cleolanta orders Atlasan to fire on Rocky’s ship as he attempts to land, Trinka grabs his gun and threatens to kill Cleolanta unless they allow Rocky to land. Rocky and Winky land safely and manage to surprise Cleolanta’s guards, then force them to lead them to Cleolanta. Rocky tries to explain to Cleolanta the danger her world faces and tells her the United Worlds will help her find a new world to evacuate to but instead, Cleolanta tricks Rocky and Winky and uses sleeping gas to render them unconscious. After Cleolanta’s lieutenants confirm what Rocky was saying, Atlasan says that they can fire missiles at Posita that, even if they don’t destroy the moon, should be able to knock it off course and spare Ophecius. Cleolanta agrees to the plan but instead of allowing Posita time to evacuate, she orders Atlasan to destroy the moon further away from Ophecius, citing self preservation as a reason. Atlasan heads to the prison room that Trinka is being kept and tells her what he is doing but after he leaves, she goes and frees Rocky and Winky. After dealing with the guards, Rocky and Winky take Trinka with them to intercept Atlasan and Cleolanta. As they head towards Posita, Rocky tries contacting the moon and warning them but as he speaks with Bobby, they are cut off as Atlasan begins firing missiles at the planet. Rocky fires a missile to cripple Atlasan’s ship then contact him and threaten to destroy the ship if he doesn’t stop. Trinka pleads with Atlasan to stop firing and Atlasan succeeds in subduing Cleolanta and radios Rocky and Trinka that no more missiles will be fired. Rocky and the others land on Posita and after making sure everyone is ok, they tow Atlasan’s ship to the surface. On Posita, Cleolanta argues with Secretary Drake about the fate of Ophecius and Rocky says that he will travel with Atlasan and Cleolanta and fire the missiles at Posita once it is fully evacuated to see if they can save Ophecius but ships should be on standby to evacuate Ophecius if it fails. Cleolanta agrees but when the missiles fail to deviate Posita’s course and they have to evacuate Ophecius, Cleolanta feels like this is a trick to get rid of the Ophecian people. Rocky and Atlasan pilot the ship to Ophecius and Cleolanta demands to exit the ship first in order to speak with her people. When she leaves the ship, a group of soldiers rush the ladder and try to commandeer the ship but Trinka is able to calm the group down. After they receive word from Vena and Secretary Drake, the evacuation proceeds but Cleolanta refuses to leave Ophecius, choosing to die with her planet, but Atlasan picks her up and carries her onto Rocky’s ship. As they watch Posita and Ophecius, Cleolanta is upset at the loss of her planet but after hearing Bavarro talk about the people being what makes a country, she apologizes to Rocky for her actions.

Nope, this movie has not changed my opinion of the TV show because this movie is so predictable and boring just like the others. The acting was ok, though incredible stiff and wooden most of the time. The only good thing is that there were not a lot of scenes involving Bobby, so I didn’t have to deal with his annoying little self. The story was actually decent and I feel like it is something that has been used in other sci-fi media, in some form or another. The special effects were a lot of the usual stock footage and cheap blue screen effort that you would expect to see. If you were a fan of the TV show, I could see wanting to watch this but otherwise, I would avoid it.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5