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July 31st, 2015 Movie – Gila!


So a few years ago, I heard talk about two classic B-movies getting remade. One movie was actually going to be a sequel to the original movie while the other would be a straight up remake. Well, I put off buying them for a while, and then put it off again, and again, but finally decided to go ahead and get them. Today’s movie is a remake of the cult classic movie, The Giant Gila Monster. Now, aside from all of the singing, I always thought the original movie was entertaining so that, plus the fact that Jim Wynorski directed it, makes me wonder why I didn’t pick up today’s movie, Gila!, a lot sooner.

The plot: A teenage couple are making out in the guy’s car when they are attacked by a giant gila monster. Some time later, a group of kids are drag racing, with Chase Winstead winning the race, when another car pulls up. The driver, Waco Bob, is an old acquaintance of Chase and challenges him to a race but Chase easily beats him. Meanwhile, two workers are illegally storing some drums of chemicals in an old cave when the gila monster appears and smashes one of the drums, splashing the two workers with the chemicals and causing their skin to melt. The next day, the mayor calls Sheriff Parker and orders him to find his missing daughter, Betty (the girl that was attacked at the beginning of the movie). At the repair shop that Chase works at, Carla (Waco Bob’s “girl”) shows up to flirt with Chase but Waco Bob shows up and starts to fight with Chase. Sheriff Parker shows up and makes Waco leave, then asks Chase and Lisa (Chase’s girlfriend) to help him look for Betty and Don. They find Don’s car and a blood covered purse belonging to Betty. Wilma, the sheriff’s deputy, arrives and tells the sheriff about all the phone calls she has received about missing live stock and shots fired at a farm. Sheriff Parker leaves Wilma to process the scene while Chase gets the tow truck to tow the car and he goes to the farm. When the sheriff gets there, he finds the farmer, Karl Swenson, outside his barn, talking about something big attacking him. Sheriff Parker radios his deputy to meet him at the farm but on her way, a car crashes right in front of her and as she is calling it in, the gila monster attacks and kills her. Meanwhile, Chase is getting ready to tow Don’s car when he finds Betty hiding in some bushes and takes her to the hospital. Chase and Sheriff Parker head back to the crash site but find no sign of Wilma. Chase tells Sheriff Parker about seeing something strange which, given the strange events recently, makes the sheriff anxious to get out of there. The next day, the gila monster derails a train while the sheriff ends up getting confirmation that a giant gila monster is somewhere in the town. Sheriff Parker and Chase figure out that the monster might be hiding in a nearby cave and when they go to investigate, the discover the chemical drums as well as giant crickets. When they accidentally wake the monster, the head back outside and use some nitro glycerin to blow up the cave entrance. Thinking they trapped the monster, Chase heads back to town to attend the town dance but after Carla serenade’s Chase, Lisa and Carla begin fighting until Chase and Waco manage to separate them. The next morning, the gila monster is spotted traveling along a gully so the sheriff, along with Chase, Lisa, the mayor, Mr. Compton, and several of Chase’s friends get all of the guns from Compton’s storage closet and try killing the creature before it reaches town. However, all the do is make it change direction towards Chase’s house. Chase and Lisa head back to Compton’s shop to get the rest of the nitro and then head to his house to rescue his mom and sister. When the family’s car won’t start, Chase is at a loss as to what to do but suddenly, Waco shows up and offers to get the girls out of there. Chase then places the nitro on the front of his car and drives it straight at the lizard, jumping out at the last minute while the car explodes, killing the monster. That night, Chase and the other’s celebrate with a Christmas party at his place, unaware that another lizard is walking through the yard.

While I did enjoy this movie, I think my general stance on remakes still holds true. The acting was decent at times but there were some times where people were more over the top than they needed to be. The plot was pretty much the same as the original movie. I did like the fact that instead of doing a modern take on the movie, they basically set it in the same time period as the original. Yes, there were some differences and that is to be expected but they didn’t really take away from the story much, although the Carla flirting angle seemed weak to me. One thing that I did find odd was the fact that for a Jim Wynorski film, there was surprisingly no female nudity. The effects were not the greatest but they were decent, although the lizard’s walk looked a little weird. I honestly expected a little more but it was still entertaining to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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July 30th, 2015 Movie – Bait (2012)

Bait 2012Guess who people. It’s your old pal Sharktoplushie. So funny story. See, Joey is planning a shark movie marathon for next month and while he has a bunch of shark movies, he decided to get some more because, obviously, you can never have enough shark movies. Anyways, he ordered them about a month ago and they all arrived but since most of the movies start with the letter S, with a couple of M movies thrown in, there was no review for them. Then he noticed that he had accidentally set this movie to buy later. Now he wasn’t going to just buy one movie so he let it sit in his cart for a while. Then, on Monday, Joey got some early Christmas shopping done and thus we have me reviewing today’s movie, Bait.

The plot: A hungover lifeguard named Josh is woken up by his friend Rory, who teases Josh about proposing to his (Rory’s) sister the night before. Rory heads out to set a buoy while Josh meets up with Rory’s sister, Tina, on the beach. When a shark attacks a swimmer, Josh uses a jet ski to try and save Rory but Josh is unable to prevent Rory from being eaten. One year later, Josh, now working at a grocery store, is heading to work when he notices a huge flock of birds, all different species, flying overhead. At the store, Josh runs into Tina, who is there with her friend Steven from Singapore. As the day unfolds, Tina winds up being held hostage as two men try to rob the store when a sudden tsunami ends up flooding the store. Josh, Tina, and Steven manage to climb up onto the top of the shelves along with the other survivors; Naomi (another employee), Jessup (the store manager), Colins (the store security guard), Jamie (a young shoplifter), Todd (Jamie’s dad and a cop), Doyle (one of the robbers), and Kirby(a customer). Meanwhile, in the store’s car park, Jamie’s boyfriend Ryan wakes up to find his van had been flipped over in the tsunami. and breaks a window so he can escape the van. He notices Kyle and Heather are trapped in their car but they are unable to leave because a great white shark is in the car park with them. Back in the store, Colins, Tina, and Steven try looking for a way out but a second great white attacks Colins and forces the other two to back onto the shelves. When an aftershock knocks a live cable loose, they realize that they have to shut off the power before they are all electrocuted. Steven uses a homemade set of shark armor to go shut off the power, but when the air hose isn’t long enough to reach, he ditches the hose in order to shut off the power, but ends up drowning. Back in the car park, Ryan uses a bloody hand to lure the shark towards him, allowing Kyle and Heather to swim to the top of his van. Ryan uses a pipe to make his way to them but he loses his grip and falls into the water. Ryan manages to swim and climb up onto his van but when the shark hits it, Kyle is knocked into the water and killed. Meanwhile, Josh and Doyle use a rope to hoist Jessup up to the ventilation shaft, hoping he will be able to climb up it and get help. When dozens of crabs come falling out of the shaft, Jessup loses his grip and the shark winds up killing him. Doyle then decides to use a hook to trap the shark, allowing them to swim to safety. When her dad volunteers to swim for a hook and bait, Jamie jumps into the water instead, and manages to get the hook and bait back safely. When the shark doesn’t go for the bait, Kirby, revealing himself to be Doyle’s partner, hooks Naomi’s shirt and uses her as bait. Doye uses a makeshift harpoon to stab Kirby while Josh and Tina rescue Naomi, then uses the hook on Kirby and throws him to the shark. The shark eats Kirby, causing the hook to become caught in it’s mouth, and the survivors use this to make their way out. In the car park, Ryan uses a metal bar to try and signal for help, which Jamie hears. She heads towards the car park and Josh goes to follow but before he goes, Tina grabs him and kisses him. Josh and Jamie make it to the car park, but Kyle and Heather warn them about the shark so they climb on top of a car. Realizing that they are on her dad’s car, she tells Josh that there is a gun in it so Josh manages to grab a taser and shotgun and kills the shark with the shotgun. Heading back to the store, they find Doyle rigging a wire to blow a hole in the rubble. When a second aftershock causes the hooked shark to come loose, Josh uses the taser to kill it while Doyle succeeds in blowing a hole in the rubble. The survivors make their way outside and into the wreckage of the city.

Bait met with mixed reviews from the critics, earning a 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While some criticized the movie for not making the audience invested into the characters, others said that it was “enjoyable on the basis of being an awful film.” The movie was a success, earning $29 million off of a $20 million budget. A sequel was proposed with the plot being passengers in a plane crashing into the Pacific, but the idea was scrapped due to similarities to the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 crash.

This was a surprisingly decent movie. The acting was better than I expected and I was actually surprised by the number of people in this movie that I recognized from other movies/television shows. The plot was somewhat unique and original. I liked the idea of the sharks being in an enclosed place and killing people. The effects were decent and, while I do not have the 3D version, I can see where the effects could have made it better, but it was mainly just used for cheap scares. A decent shark movie that is worth a watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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July 29th, 2015 Movie – In The Spider’s Web

in the spider's web

Wasn’t feeling good so I called out of work. One good thing about that is that it gives me an early jump on today’s movie. Today I am watching one of the first movies from the Maneater series. Once again a movie catered to the arachnaphobic among us. I have to admit, as much as I am a fan of these movies, I probably would not have watched that many from this series if this was the first movie that I watched. I am glad that they managed to improve the quality of movies in their later endeavors. Ok, on to today’s movie, In The Spider’s Web.

The plot: Five friends (Geraldine, Gina, John, Phil, and Stacy) are backpacking with their guide, Brian, through the Indian jungle. After seeing some strange webs and an offering table dedicated to spiders, Geraldine winds up being bitten by a spider. Due to her severe reaction, Brian suggest they go to a village, where an American doctor has been staying, to get Geraldine treatment. When they arrive at the village, they meet Dr. Lecorpus, who begins to treat Geraldine for spider venom. When a strange man with a sack on his head arrives in the village, Gina is freaked out and convinces John and Phill to go back to town with her while Brian and Stacy stay in the village. Hearing about a nearby temple, Brian and Stacy decide to go explore it but soon become lost. Suddenly Brian goes missing and Stacy ends up attacked and webbed by a horde of spiders. Meanwhile, Gina, John and Phil arrive in town and while Phil finds a hotel, Gina and John go talk to the local sheriff and explain what happened. The sheriff  heads to the village but sees a helicopter arrive and some villagers carrying crates to the helicopter but he finds himself captured by the man in the sack and the villagers. He is taken to the village, where Dr. Lecorpus explains that the man in the sack is his brother and he is “distrustful” of civilization. The sheriff goes to explore the temple but he is attacked by Lecorpus’ brother. Gina and John head back to the village but when they get there, they witness some bizarre ritual and Stacy being injected by the doctor before being carried off by his brother. John is captured by the villagers but Gina runs off after Stacy. When she finds Stacy, Gina tries to wake her up but Dr. Lecorpus explains that she is paralyzed. Gina and John run off into the temple but get separated and eventually both fall into a giant web but manage to crawl out. Meanwhile, Phil has made it to another town and while trying to get help, learns that Dr. Lecorpus was wanted for the illegal harvesting of human organs. Back at the temple, Gina and John find Brian but just as they free him from the webs, he dies. The sheriff finds them and the three people decide to try following the spiders to see if they lead them to a way out. They eventually come to the doctor’s lab where he harvests and stores organs for transport. They are able to rescue Stacy before the doctor can start cutting her up and Gina uses a torch to burn some nearby webs to help cover their escape. The sheriff and Stacy manage to use a web to cross over a chasm but when Gina tries crossing, the webbing begins to break and she falls. She manages to climb along the wall but Dr. Lecorpus arrives and steps on her hand. Gina manages to grab Lecorpus by the leg and they both fall into the chasm but while Lecorpus falls into a web and is killed by the spiders, Gina is saved when her necklace catches onto a rock and she uses a web to climb up to the sheriff and Gina, but John is unable to cross. Promising to come back for him, the three head out of the temple but Lecorpus’ brother chases after them. As he is about to kill the sheriff, Lecorpus’ brother is shot by a squad of police, accompanied by Phil. The survivors are taken back to town and though the police continue searching for him, they are unable to find any sign of John, who is last seen being suspended in a web cocoon.

This was not that good of a movie to watch. The acting was ok at best but nobody really stood out and even Lance Henriksen seemed to just be going through the motions. The plot was actually pretty good. I liked the whole “spider venom to paralyze victims for organ harvesting” bit. It turned this from just another killer animal movie into a different style of horror movie. The special effects were pretty weak regarding the spiders. I have to admit that I have seen better spider swarms in movies form the 70’s and 80’s than in this one. Sadly, a good plot can not make up for the deficiencies in this film, so watch it if you really want to but there are better spider movies out there.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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July 28th, 2015 Movie – The Impossible Kid

the impossible kid

Ok, this movie is either going to be ridiculously funny, or incredibly bad…possibly both. Yet another movie from the Martial Arts box set that I have to suffer through. When I get through with this project of mine, I honestly wonder which of the 5 box sets that I have will end up with the worst overall rating. Hard to say right now but based on the plot premise for this movie, this one might push the Martial Arts set into the lead. Oh well, let’s see what kind of a trainwreck I have in store today as I watch today’s movie, The Impossible Kid.

The plot: Interpol Agent 00 is walking down the street when he is shot at by a sniper. Seeing the sniper go into an apartment complex, Agent 00 calls for back-up and, with his two partners, manages to capture the sniper. Sometime later, Agent 00 rescues a captured businessman. At Interpol headquarters, Agent 00’s boss informs him that the kidnapping was part of a plot to capture many industrialists and hold them for ransom. Agent 00 is sent to a meeting of the PCI (Philippine  Chamber of Industrialists) where the head of the PCI, Senyor Manolo, shows him a video featuring a hooded man called Mister X, who demands a ransom of $1 billion or Mister X’s organization will kill them. After reports come out that one industrialist was killed in Paris as proof that Mister X’s group means business, one industrialist, Simeon, agrees to pay his portion of the ransom. Agent 00 and his partner stake out the location for the ransom and Agent 00 manages to hide with the bag of money and capture the group trying to take it, but Mister X manages to escape. The next day, Simeon and Manolo blames Agent 00 for the fact that Simeon’s life is now in danger, even though Agent 00 foiled an assassination attempt right outside Interpol Headquarters. Mister X orders his gang to kill Agent 00 and one woman agrees, planning an ambush at the dojo where Agent 00 practices karate, but Agent 00 defeats her goons and capture the female assassin. During an interrogation of the suspect, they plan to use sodium pentothal on the girl but the vials are switched and she is killed by the poison. Agent 00 suspects Manolo, who had shown up at the interrogation, but when he is caught breaking into Manolo’s place, Manolo uses his influence to have Agent 00 pulled from the case. Acting in an unofficial capacity, Agent 00 continues to investigate the actions of Mister X’s gang. Manolo and Simeon convince the rest of the PCI to pay off the ransom, but Mister X was just a ruse for the two men to get all of the money. Agent 00 follows them to their boat but he is captured. However, one of the girls on the boat is actually a bartender that Agent 00 is friendly with and she helps him escape the trap. As Agent 00 deals with Manolo’s men, the boat winds up catching fire and exploding. Manolo and Simeon are arrested and Agent 00 and the bartender go off together.

This is definitely one of those “so bad it’s good” movies. This was one of the most laughably ridiculous movies I have seen in quite a while. First, this is sequel to another movie but both movies are spoofs of the James Bond series. Second, you really need to have a serious ability to suspend disbelief because the main character, Agent 00, is only 2’9″. Yes, 2 feet, 9 inches. So you have to believe that he is capable of beating up average sized men. However, that makes for the humor in watching this. Then you have the other things like the ridiculous dubbing…and do I mean ridiculous. Then there is the fact that Agent 00 rides around on a little mini bike, and is irresistible to women. In the opening scene, he sneaks into a hotel room to sneak up on the sniper and when the female occupant steps out of the bathroom, he shh’s her, then randomly kisses her before leaving the room. This is by no means a good movie but it is entertaining to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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July 27th, 2015 Movie – The Image Of Bruce Lee

image of bruce lee

Hey look. It’s a Bruce Lee movie starring Bruce Lee. Actually, it stars Bruce Li, with an I, but this was a common occurrence in the 70’s. Around the time of Bruce Lee’s death, martial arts films were the big craze and several studios banked on Bruce Lee’s marketability and would advertise Bruce Lee, but the actor would have a different last name (Le, Li, Lei, etc.) These movies fell into a group of films themed “Bruceploitation”, for obvious reasons. Bruce Li was one of the better known actors to fall victim to that but he actually did play Bruce Lee in a movie so I guess it worked in his favor. Anyways, even though it is from the Martial Arts box set, I am looking forward to today’s movie, The Image Of Bruce Lee.

The plot: When a businessman, who was swindled out of millions of dollars worth of diamonds, tries to kill himself, the head of the police’s Special Squad, Dragon, tries to rescue him but fails. When counterfeit bills turn up in the tourist sector, Dragon is paired up with the Hong Kong police in order to take down this counterfeit ring. Dragon stakes out Han Tin Lung, the leader of the Hong Kong gang and follows one of his men but he winds up being attacked. As Dragon fights with his attackers, Kimura, the leader of the Japanese branch, sabotages Dragon’s car so that he is unable to follow them when they get away. Meanwhile, Dragon’s partner in the Hong Kong police, Inspector Wang, follows another Han’s son Steven when he picks up the leaders niece Donna from the airport. However, the niece spots the police tailing them and arranges for a diversion so they can get away. The various members of the counterfeit ring meet up to discuss their endeavor, but Kimura claims that while they will do well in Hong Kong, he claims it is more difficult to do so in Japan and wants to renogotiate the deal. Kimura winds up stealing the plates from Han Tin Lung and tries working out a deal with Donna. Dragon catches up with Kimura at a dojo but the dojo’s owner is a friend of Kimura and has his students fight with Dragon, allowing Kimura time to escape. Han and Steven find Kimura and end up killing him in order to get the plates back. Dragon and Wang continue working the case but eventually, they are both captured and Han tries to kill them. However, Donna is actually an Interpol agent named Agent Seven and manages to rescue them. As Han and Steven try to escape, the three officers give chase, with Wang and Agent Seven chasing Steven while Dragon goes after Han. Wang and Agent Seven catch up with Steven but Steven has his men distract them, allowing him to escape. Meanwhile, Dragon catches up with Han and is getting the upper hand in their fight before Steven shows up. As the two men gang up on Dragon, it looks like they might beat him, but Wang and Agent Seven show up to help. Dragon chooses to fight Steven while Wang and Agent Seven deal with Han. The police officers manage to beat the two men and recover the stolen plates.

This is pretty much what you want from a 70’s martial arts movie; a lot of fighting and very little plot. This was a fun movie to watch. The acting was ok but the dubbing was the usual bad that tends to happen. The plot was good but there seemed to be too many sub-plots going around so it made the movie a bit confusing to watch. The fight scenes were not the greatest but they were entertaining and there was a lot of them, which helped take the focus off of the confusing plot lines. The main drawback for me was the filming. It might just be the copy I have but the filming seemed a little choppy and rough in some of the earlier scenes but did improve as the film progressed. It won’t win any awards, but if you like martial arts films, this movie will keep you entertained for 90 minutes.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: February 25th, 2014 – An American Werewolf In London

an american werewolf in london

Boy, are you guys in for a treat. This movie is arguably one of the best horror movies to come out of the 80’s and, in my opinion, one of the best werewolf based movies of all time. I remember seeing this when I was a kid and thinking it was great, although the zombie Nazi scene did scare the crap out of me. The best thing is that this movie still stands up today, which is a testament to how well it was made almost 35 years ago. So let’s go ahead and sink our teeth into today’s movie, An American Werewolf In London.

The plot: American college students David Kessler and Jack Goodman are backpacking through the English moors when they decide to stop for the night at a pub called The Slaughtered Lamb. Although the locals seemed to be somewhat friendly towards the two men, they soon turn hostile when Jack asks about a five-pointed star on the wall. The pubgoers tell the kids that it is best they leave and to stick to the road. David and Jack leave but soon wander off the road when they begin to hear some strange howls. David and Jack find themselves attacked by a large creature and Jack is killed but before the creature can kill David, the creature is killed by the pubgoers, though David notices that a man’s body fell, not a creature’s. Three weeks later, David wakes up in a London hospital with little memory of what happened. He is interviewed by Inspector Villers, who tells him that they were attacked by an escaped lunatic but David insists that it was a huge wolf. That night, Jack appears as an undead corpse and warns David that they were attacked by a werewolf and David needs to kill himself or he will change at the next full moon and hurt innocent people. Dr. Hirsch, David’s physician, is curious about the story and makes his way to The Slaughtered Lamb to question the people there. They keep silent about everything but as he is about to leave, one troubled man talks to Dr. Hirsch and warns him about what will happen when David changes. Meanwhile, David is discharged from the hospital and ends up staying with Alex Price, a nurse whom David had started a relationship with. Jack appears to David again, looking more decayed, and warns David about the upcoming moon and begs him to kill himself to end the curse. David winds up changing into a werewolf and killing several people in London. The next morning, David wakes up in the wolf cage at the London Zoo but the wolves don’t attack him. David sees Jack and follows him into an adult theater, where David sees that Jack is joined by all of the victims that David killed the night before. While in the theater, David transforms and begins going on another killing spree. When the police manage to corner David in an alley, Alex shows up and tries to calm David down. It seems to be working but when David lunges towards Alex Dr. Hirsch shoots and kills David, ending the horror.

An American Werewolf In London was met with critical acclaim among the critics, earning an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics praised the story’s mixture of humor and horror, but the primary source of praise was the special effects, which would wind up winning an Academy Award. The movie was a box office hit, earning almost $62 million off of a $10 million budget. The movie would wind up becoming a cult classic and 16 years later, would spawn a sequel that was directly linked to the original, though none of the original characters were in the sequel. Based on the success of this movie, director John Landis was asked to direct the video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which wound up becoming one of the most influential music videos of all time and actually wound up inducted into the National Film Registry in 2009.

This is one of my favorite horror movies to watch. The acting was great, especially the relationship between David and Alex, and the friendship between David and Jack. I really liked David’s horrifed reaction to first seeing Jack after the attack, and then his gradual accepting of things the following times he sees him. The plot was your basic werewolf movie but the writing was great and definitely made the movie into a more unique story. The special effects really were incredible for the time and helped make the horror aspects of this movie really stand out. A great movie to watch, regardless on what stage the moon is in.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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July 26th, 2015 Movie – Idle Hands

idle hands

Heh. Every time I watch this movie, I have to laugh. Not because the movie is funny, which it is, but for some funny memories regarding this movie. See, the first time I saw this movie was not in theaters, but when it came out on video. Two of my friends, both of whom are not particularly fans of horror movies, told me that I should rent it because I would like it. Of course, the only reason they watched it was because they both liked Seth Green. Still, I was glad I rented it because I thought it was pretty funny. So on to today’s movie, Idle Hands.

The plot: Just before Halloween, Anton, a lazy stoner, wakes up to find his parent’s missing, but his concern about their whereabouts is put aside as he focuses on his more immediate problem, getting some more pot. He heads over to see his friends Mike and Pnub in order to get some more pot and sees his crush Molly drive by. Anton notices that Molly’s song notebook has fallen out of her bag so he picks it up and takes it to her but when he gets to her house, he is to scared to say anything so he just hands Molly the notebook and leaves. That night, Anton discovers the bodies of his parents hidden inside his Halloween decorations. He has Mike and Pnub come over but when they decide to call the police, Anton’s right hand acts on it’s own and kills them. Anton freaks out and sits down to watch TV while he figures out what to do but his hand grabs his cat and throws it out the window. Anton goes looking for it and winds up at Molly’s house and, as they are talking, Anton is trying to keep his hand from attacking her but she mistakes his actions as him being “kinky” and the two have sex, with Anton making plans to go to the school dance with Molly. Anton returns home and buries his friends and parents but Mike and Pnub decided not to go to heaven and come back as zombies. The next day, Anton asks his neighbor Randy for advise, thinking that his listening to heavy metal would make him an expert on the Devil. Randy tells him about idle hands being the devil’s plaything but Anton takes it literally and decides to keep his hands occupied so his possessed hand won’t kill anyone. When two police officers see Anton sitting in his house with the undead bodies of Mike and Pnub, they try to arrest him but Anton winds up killing them. Anton is fed up and cuts his hand off and sticks it in the microwave to get rid of it. However, Mike and Pnub accidentally let it out and the hand goes after Molly. Anton, Mike, and Pnub head to the dance to try and rescue Molly but Anton is attacked by Debi, a druid priestess that has been hunting the spirit that possesses the hand of the laziest person on Earth in order to open a portal to hell. Anton tries to warn the students but he is laughed at until the hand scalps the lead singer of the performing band. Molly and her friend try to escape but her friend is killed and Molly is captured by the hand. Anton, Mike, and Pnub find the hand in the auto shop trying to kill Molly with a hydraulic press. Anton manages to use pot to get the hand high, allowing Debi to stab it with her ritual knife, ending the threat. Anton is accidentally crushed by the press after he rescues Molly and he refuses to go to heaven, choosing to stay with Molly, while Mike and Pnub finally go to heaven and become Anton’s guardian angels.

Idle Hands was panned by the critics, earning only a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics felt that it had neither the humor or scares needed to satisfy audiences. Apparently, the audiences agreed with the critics as it would only make over $4 million of of a $25 million budget. Still, the movie would become a cult classic when it was released on video and has gotten more positive reviews in later years.

I think the critics were too harsh with this movie. This was a horror comedy and it really lived up to what I expected. The acting was pretty good all around, even Jessica Alba. The plot was a little weak but the writing was actually good and did have a good amount of humor mixed in with the scares. I will agree with Seth Green’s character that the climax was really weak. The murders were a bit bloodier than I expected for this movie but there was nothing worse than your average horror movie and the effects were actually pretty good. Definitely one of those guilty pleasure movies that is fun to watch.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5