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May 26th, 2019 Movie – Godzilla: The Planet Eater

godzilla the planet eater

A holiday weekend, which is a good thing because I theoretically could catch up on some sleep. Unfortunately, that has never been the case for me as I am usually fairly busy during this particular 3-day weekend. Anyways, today we are finishing up our jaunt through the Netflix Godzilla trilogy. Now I was eagerly awaiting this movie to come out, as they had pretty much set up a fight between Godzilla and his biggest nemesis, Ghidorah. However, before it debuted on Netflix, I started hearing some reviews from people that had seen it in Japan and were disappointed in it. That had me a little nervous about what I was going to be getting, but then I decided to ignore what they said and simply enjoy a brand new Godzilla movie like I always do. So let’s relax this weekend with today’s movie, Godzilla: The Planet Eater.

The plot: As the remainder of Haruo’s team recovers from Godzilla’s assault on Mechagodzilla City, Metphies muses to himself on the Exif’s having observed and influenced humanity for centuries, and how he had been waiting for someone like Haruo in order to fulfill his own plans. Meanwhile, Haruo and Martin are observing Godzilla, who has gone to sleep in order to rest and recharge his own powers. On board the Aratrum, Dolu-Do, the Bilusaludo member of the committee, argues that Haruo should be put to death for his actions in destroying Mechagodzilla but the humans argue about Haruo revealing the Bilusaludo’s real endgame towards humanity and feels that Haruo should be commended for his actions. Back on Earth, Martin tells Haruo that Yuko is completely brain-dead, with only the nanometals in her body keeping her alive. When Metphies arrives and tells him about the discussion going on in the Aratrum, some of the crew believe Haruo was spared from the nanometals by an act of God, saying it is proof that his decisions were right. As other crew members start telling their own stories of how they survived against the nanometal, more of them begin joining Metphies religion. Martin tells Haruo that all of the people that survived the nanometal had been treated for injuries by the Houtua, including Haruo, and that some antibody in the treatment is what saved them, not a miracle. Haruo confronts Metphies about his misleading people, but Metphies says that he needed to as he planned to get Haruo and the others to help him summon his god, Ghidorah, to destroy Godzilla, but he needs Haruo to help him with that. Back on the Aratrum, the Bilusaludo mutiny and take over the engine room, shutting off power to the station unless Haruo is held accountable for the destruction of Mechagodzilla City. Back on Earth, Adam leads some of the other newly converted members of the Exif religion to build a temple where they can worship. Meanwhile, Martin tells Haruo what is going on on board the Aratrum and suggest the best thing for Haruo to do is to disappear for a while until everyone has a chance to calm down. Martin had convinced Miana to hide Haruo and she takes him back to the hut that he had woken up in. The two talk, with Miana telling him that to the Houtua, winning is to survive and losing is to die and Haruo, with their help, will win. Miana then removes her clothes and attempts to sleep with Haruo but he asks that he just be allowed to rest in peace. As he is resting, he realizes that since Miana didn’t know how to remove his suit, she couldn’t have been the one to treat his injuries. He realizes that Maina was the one to save him, just as Maina shows up in the room and the two end up sleeping together. Meanwhile, Metphies communicates with his father, Endurph, on the Aratrum and they say that their plan is almost ready to commence. When he finishes, he telepathically speaks with Miana, who had eavesdropped on his plans, and the two argue over his actions before he grabs her and prepares to use her as part of his ritual. Haruo wakens from a nightmare, just as Maina shudders as she heard her sister call out to her. Metphies and Endurph preach to the humans in their respective locations and convince them to pray out to their god in order to destroy Godzilla. On Earth, a shadowy image of Ghidorah emerges and begins killing all of the worshipers except for Metphies. In space, a singularity opens up near the Aratrum, and one of Ghidorah’s heads emerges on an impossibly long neck, which it wraps around the Aratrum, crushing it out of existence. On Earth, Godzilla begins to awaken just as 3 singularities begin to emerge from the clouds. Haruo and Maina meet up with Martin, who is trying to make sense of what is happening, and when Maina hears a voice from a hilltop on the other side of the valley, Haruo heads there to stop Metphies. Ghidorah’s heads emerge from the singularities and Godzilla fires his heat ray at them but the beams curve, while Martin’s instruments are unable to get a reading on Ghidorah. Ghidorah’s heads bite onto Godzilla, and Martin is amazed to see that Godzilla is losing energy, even though his machines can get no reading on Ghidorah. Haruo confronts Metphies, and learns that Exif’s had willingly sacrificed themselves to Ghidorah, allowing only a few priests to survive to spread the word of Ghidorah and offer him more planets to destroy. Metphies begins telepathically manipulating Haruo into accepting his way of thinking, using the images of those that had died to help influence him. Meanwhile, Martin continues watching what is happening with Godzilla’s fight and realizes that Ghidorah must be coming from a different universe and since his attacks are from a different dimension, Godzilla won’t be able to affect it. Since Ghidorah is able to attack Godzilla, someone from their universe must be guiding it and he realizes it must be Metphies, just as Maina grabs him and tells him they have to help Haruo. Maina takes Martin to the egg chamber, where they use the power of Mothra’s egg to reach out to Haruo and try to tell him what is going on. Metphies blocks them and continues trying to influence Haruo but Haruo is able to see into Metphies memories and realizes he is the one that sabotaged the shuttle his grandfather was on. Remembering a memory of his parents, where he is told that his name means hope, Haruo is able to break Metphies’ hold on him and attacks him, causing the medallion in Metphies eye to break and Ghidorah to suddenly gain form in their universe. Godzilla is now able to attack Ghidorah and quickly defeats him, blowing up the singularities to ensure that he can not return. When the dust settles, Haruo recovers and sees a dying Metphies, who tells him that due to his rage and anger, Ghidorah will be watching him. The surviving humans begin to integrate themselves into the Houtua tribe, with Maina becoming pregnant with Haruo’s child. Later, Martin shows Haruo that he has managed to get the last Vulture working again, using a sample of nanometal from Yuko’s body. As Martin talks about being able to control the nanometal to rebuild past civilizations, Haruo’s eye hurts and he hears Metphies voice in his head, saying that Ghidorah can wait. Haruo takes Yuko’s body with him and enters the Vulture, piloting it towards Godzilla so that Godzilla can destroy all traces of the nanometal, as well as the hatred that Haruo carries with him. In a post credits scene, years have passed and one of the twins watches over a ceremony where Houtua children make effigies, symbolizing the things they are scared of, so that they can burn them in front of a giant effigy of the Vulture, symbolizing Haruo.

I have to admit that I see why some people complained about this movie but I honestly thought it was really good and a great way to end the trilogy. The voice acting was good, with all of the people doing good jobs voicing their respective roles. The story was pretty interesting, as I liked the concept of the Exif’s using people’s belief to bring Ghidorah to Earth. The concept of it being in a different dimension actually added some credibility to why the Exif’s believed it to be a god, and why faith was the only way to bring it about.  The ending of the movie seemed to be cause for a lot of criticism but I actually thought it was rather fitting. Haruo’s anger and hatred for Godzilla was what drove him for so much of his life that it had become a part of him. The Houtua didn’t have any concept of hatred and, aside from not wanting to give Ghidorah a pathway to return to Earth, he didn’t want to allow his hatred to begin to influence the Houtua so he decided to sacrifice himself for their sake. Miana, who only understood part of what Haruo was talking about when he was talking with her before he left, interpreted it as facing his fear so his fear wouldn’t win, even if he himself lost. She then incorporated it into a new ritual with the Houtua by havig their children burn what scares them so they won’t be afraid of it anymore, as a way to honor his sacrifice. The animation was really good in this movie, as it was in the others. I did like how Ghidorah arrived through singularities, but I will admit that I was a bit disappointed in Ghidorah itself, as he didn’t have the usual lightening-like gravity beams that he usually wielded, merely biting down on Godzilla and seemingly electrocuting him (sort of) in doing so. So it was a good way to end the series and a good movie in it’s own way, but all it did was really get me geared up for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters.

Rating: 4 out of 5


May 19th, 2019 Movie – Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle

godzilla city on the edge of battle

Hah, I just noticed that I am reviewing today’s movie almost exactly 1 year after it came out in theaters in Japan. Well, anyways, we are drawing closer to the release of the new Godzilla movie so lets continue with my reviews of the recent animated trilogy. Now when Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters came out, there were some mixed thoughts coming from the Godzilla fans. Me personally, I enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for the next movie to come out and as soon as it did, I had Netflix on and was watching Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle as soon as I got home from work.

The plot: In orbit above the Earth, the captain of the Aratrum listens to the communications from the ground crew as they encounter the original Godzilla. When their data says that Godzilla is over 300 meters tall and his heat ray can reach their ship, some of the crew want to retreat to the moon’s orbit but the captain refuses to simply abandon Haruo and the others, ordering drones to search for survivors for the next 48 hours before they do so. Back on Earth, Haruo regains consciousness and and finds that his wounds have been healed by some strange powder. As he looks around his surroundings, a girl appears bringing a bowl of fruit but when she sees Haruo is on his feet, she drops the bowl and runs out of the hut. Haruo chases after her, discovering the hut he is on is on a cliff, beneath a dense layer of fog. Haruo climbs up the ladder built into the side of the cliff but loses sight of the girl. Haruo tries to see if anyone else from his crew survived but when he is unable to contact them, he heads off in the direction his locator points him towards. The strange girl follows after him and when he starts to walk through a pit, she yells out to him causing him to turn back. Haruo tries talking with the girl, teaching her how to say his name, but when he tries to learn her name, the girl runs off and he follows after her, making contact with Yuko as he does. Yuko, Adam, Belu-Be, and another crew member are being attacked by a girl that looks like the one that healed Haruo. When Haruo arrives, they find themselves surrounded by more members of the girls tribe and are taken prisoner. The group is taken to the tribes village, which is built inside a mountain, and placed in a room, where they find Martin, Galu-Gu, and several other members of their team are being held, but Haruo is saddened to learn that Metphies is not among them. As the group discuss their captors, and whether or not they are descendants of humans, Haruo says that they need to figure out how to escape and locate the landing ship his scanner picked up, then find what weapons they can. When guards escort them from the room, they discover that the girl that healed Haruo and the one that attacked Yuko and the others are twins. Haruo and the others learn that the tribe is called the Houtua and worship the egg of their fallen god. The twins, utilizing the egg’s powers, are able to speak telepathically to Haruo and the others, asking them why they burned their lands and attacked them. Haruo apologizes for the misunderstanding and says that they were there to kill Godzilla. This shocks the tribal elders, as their god had fallen in battle to Godzilla, and the girls say they will not be held captive. The group is taken to another room, where one of the stressed crew members blames Haruo for what has befallen them. Back on the Aratrum , the captain and his crew notice that Godzilla is moving around, seemingly to reclaim his territory. Back on Earth, Haruo and the others are escorted outside and they make plans to rendezvous with the landing ship, with the twins coming with them. As they make their way through the jungle, they learn that the girl that saved Haruo is called Miana, and the one that attacked Yuko and the others is called Maian. Yuko, feeling jealous of the attention Miana is giving Haruo, goes ahead and discovers the pit that Haruo had seen earlier. Going inside, Yuko is attacked by some strange vines and when she screams, the others try to save her but their bullets have no effect on the vines. Miana and Maina shoot the vines with their arrows, which kill them, and Galu-Gu asks to see the arrows but when he goes to touch one, they warn him that it is poisoned. Suddenly, the flying creatures attack the vines and group but they are saved by Metphies, who has arrived with some armored units. Regrouping at the landing ship, they make contact with the Aratrum , who sends a landing ship down to retrieve the survivors. Metphies tells Haruo that the committee has voted to leave the solar system again and asks him what he wants to do but before he responds, Galu-Gu and Belu-Be ask to speak with Haruo, telling him that they can beat Godzilla. When the landing ship arrives, Haruo assembles everyone to tell them the situation. Galu-Gu then tells everyone that the Houtua weapons are made from nanometal, which could only have come from the armor of the Mechagodzilla that they had been building to combat Godzilla, and that they must be harvesting it from somewhere. Haruo gives everyone a choice on whether they want to stay or leave, and the majority of people choose to stay and fight, with only 3 men going back to the Aratrum. As the twins lead Haruo and the others through a tunnel to where the nanometal lies, Martin talks with Haruo and tells him his theory about how the planet seemed to have adapted itself to serve Godzilla’s interests. When they exit the tunnel, they are attacked by some of the flying creatures and they begin defending themselves when spikes suddenly appear out of the ground and kill the creatures, then begin transforming them into nanometal. The group suddenly see a massive city and discover that the city is completely made of nanometal and Galu-Gu says that Mechagodzilla was still alive and had been growing and adapting for the last 20,000 years to continue it’s order to kill Godzilla. The twins warn Haruo that the city is poison, then head back to their village while Haruo and the others move down to explore the city. As they do, they discover that the city had been producing the strange fog/cloud cover, which served as an active camoflauge, and that the atmosphere inside was breathable for them. Inside the main building, they are horrified to see that the nanometal had absorbed human bodies but Galu-Gu says that it could only have happened if the bodies were already dead, as nanometal is not supposed to absorb living humans. They eventually find that half of Mechagodzilla’s AI had survived and Galu-Gu powers it up, then uses it to rebuild a control center inside the room where Mechagodzilla’ head lie. Haruo makes contact with the Aratrum , who are upset that he is disobeying orders by continuing to fight. After reviewing the data they received from the mothership, they see that Godzilla’ pattern of movement has him circling the area, as if he senses something is happening. Galu-Gu and Haruo come up with a plan to kill Godzilla but Martin voices some concerns about the Bilusaludo’s plan to work without rest on the fortifications and new attack mechs, the Vultures. Back in the Houtua village, the elders give the twins a cryptic warning about what is happening in Mechagodzilla City, saying a snake is waiting to strike inside. Back in Mechagodzilla City, Yujo test flies the first of the new Vultures and Galu-Gu says that as long as she stays within 5km of the city, she will have an endless supply of power. That night, Yuko confesses her feelings to Haruo and moves to kiss him but he pulls back as his wounds begin aggravating him. Later, Martin talks with Haruo and says that some of the crew, particularly those that the Houtua had treated for injuries, were feeling sick since they entered the city but when he took them out of the city, they felt better. Haruo goes to talk with Metphies, who is leading a sermon among some of the people that are beginning to follow the Exif faith, The two end up in a philosphical discussion concerning the Bilusaludo’s reliance on technology and Metphies tells Haruo there are worse monsters than Godzilla in the universe, telling him the name of the creature that destroyed his planet. Back on the Aratrum , the Bilusaludo on board refuse to leave the solar system and want to join with Mechagodzilla City to fight, while the Exif are converting more followers to the idea to join them and stay as well. Meanwhile, Godzilla’a movements suddenly change and Haruo alters his plans in order to try and make them fit the new timetable. Adam and some other crew members discover some of the Bilusaludo being absorbed by the nanometal and tell Haruo but Galu-Gu and Belu-Be say that the Bilusaludo are voluntarily joining with the nanometal to become one with Mechagodzilla. As Haruo, Martin, and Adam argue with Galu-Gu and Belu-Be over the issue, Yuko sides with the Bilusaludo, saying that they are doing it to help them fight Godzilla. Suddenly, the gas cloud covering the city begins to disperse and Godzilla, sensing the city, fires his heat ray at it but Galu-Gu manages to get the defenses up in time to deflect most of it. With Godzilla heading towards them and the fortifications needing more time to be completed, Belu-Be volunteers to pilot one of the Vultures with Yuko, and Haruo says he will pilot the third, telling Galu-Gu quietly that they need to show a united front in spite of their earlier argument. The three Vultures begin attacking Godzilla, luring it into position for their trap and they begin acting as bait but when Godzilla fires it’s heat ray at Haruo, he is able to dodge at the last minute thanks to a telepathic warning from the twins, who are watching the battle from a nearby mountain. When Godzilla reaches the capture point, the seal off the area and pour liquid nanometal into the area, trapping Godzilla in the space, then begin firing their weapons at him. Their assault seems to succeed and they manage to shoot 2 EMP harpoons into Godzilla in order to kill him but instead of exploding, Godzilla suddenly begins heating up. As the temperature continues to rise, Martin says it is getting to dangerous and orders an evacuation but Galu-Gu says that they need to calm down and merge with Mechagodzilla in order to finish off Godzilla. Outside, Haruo, Belu-Be, and Yuko attempt to attack Godzilla and get it to fire it’s heat ray so they can finish it off but their attacks have no effect. Galu-Gu says they should head up to the troposphere and use a suicide bomb attack to finish off Godzilla. Galu-Gu then initiates the nanometal in the Vultures to take over Yuko and the others but Haruo is somehow immune to the nanometal, due to the healing effects of the Houtua. Metphies contacts Haruo and tells him he needs to take out Galu-Gu’s control center, as it would stop the nanometal from spreading and save Yuko. As Galu-Gu and Metphies argue over what Haruo should do, Godzilla begins to recover from the assault and Haruo, not willing to sacrifice his humanity in order to defeat Godzilla, destroys the command center. Godzilla recovers and begins to destroy the city while Haruo, carrying Yuko’s Vulture, lands and helps her from the cockpit only to find that she has become comatose due to the nanometal’s infiltration into her body. In a post credit scene, it is learned that the monster who destroyed the Exif planet is Ghidorah.

Once again, it was different and while it did seem like nothing more than a placeholder for the last movie, it wasn’t a bad movie overall. The voice acting was pretty good all around, with the addition of the Houtua voices adding a new dynamic in the tone of the movie. The story was very interesting on two fronts; the main focus with the battle against Godzilla and the subplot one on how much of one’s humanity should be sacrificed in the conflict. The fact that they made that struggle such an integral part of the final battle gave it a lot more emphasis. While the monsters were referenced. both directly and indirectly, I liked that they weren’t really introduced into the movie, as it honestly would have taken away from the whole man/monster struggle that they built up in the first movie. Mechagodzilla being nothing more than a semi-living city was actually a rather unique idea and I thought they did a pretty good job explaining how the AI had evolved over 20 centuries to reach that point. I also liked how they handled Mothra by saying that she had fought Godzilla and died, leaving an egg behind. I also liked the introduction of the Houtuas, who are essentially there to represent the inhabitants of Infant Island and the Cosmos, who were the worshipers/mouthpiece for Mothra. I also thought the idea that they are some sort of human/insect hybrid helped them fit with their worshiping of Mothra. The end credit scene mentioning Ghidorah was honestly a pretty cheap set up for the final movie, as it is obvious that the two monsters will end up fighting. The animation was great, with some muted colors at some points mixing well with the bright, vibrant colors, especially during the fight against Godzilla. I will say that the Vultures looked too much like some of the mechs from the Gundam anime series, which kind of took away a little of the awe from me. It’s a good movie but I wished that it was able to stand on it’s own a little more.

Rating: 4 out of 5


May 12th, 2019 Movie – Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters

godzilla planet of monsters

I am sure a couple of my friends have been wondering why I haven’t reviewed these movies at the beginning of the year. Well the answer is that I was purposefully saving them for right now, so I could watch and review them in the weeks leading up to Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (2019). Now When I first heard that there was going to be an animated Godzilla movie, I was all for it. I mean, Shin Godzilla had occurred the year before, and it would be another 2 years before the next Godzilla movie would come out from Legendary. The fact that it was going to be an anime style move didn’t bother me because most anime movies, at the very least, are visually entertaining and the stories are usually well written. So I waited patiently for the movie to come out on Netflix and once it did, I immediately sat back and enjoyed watching Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters.

The plot: Some time in the future, the Atrium is approaching the planet Tau-e. Inside the ship, Haruo Sakaki has locked himself into a landing shuttle and refuses to leave, threatening to detonate it unless the ruling council changes their mind about sending a volunteer group consisting of the elderly, including Sakaki’s grandfather, to the surface. Sakaki says they are sending the elderly because the ship is running out of resources and it would be less mouths to feed but Sakaki’s grandfather talks to him, saying that the group want to go to the planet as they can’t endure being in space any longer. Sakaki is taken into custody and as he is being led away, he watches the volunteers’ shuttle breaking apart as it enters Tau-e’s atmosphere. In flashback, we learn that at the end of the 20th century, kaiju suddenly begin appearing and destroying the Earth, with the most powerful of them being Godzilla. As the military fails to stop them, two different groups of aliens, the Exif ( a race of religious observers and predictors) and the Bilusaludo (a technologically advanced race from the third planet of a nearby system that was swallowed a black hole) arrive on Earth and offer their help to the humans. Despite the aliens help, there was no stopping Godzilla, who had begun destroying the other kaiju as well as humanity, so all three races were forced to flee the Earth. Young Sakaki is being taken to a shuttle to reach the space ship Atrium when Godzilla attacks the launch facility, destroying two nearby shuttles and killing Sakaki’s parents who were approaching on some busses. Back in the present, the Exif Metphies is in Sakaki’s cell to take his confession but secretly gives him data on Godzilla. Sakaki, who has a burning hatred of Godzilla for killing his parents, feels that humanity, and the other aliens, gave up simply because they didn’t understand Godzilla or how to fight him. Later, the council is discussing their situation, and the demoralizing effect that the exploding landing shuttle had on the crew, when Metphies brings up a research paper posted on the net regarding how to beat Godzilla and argues it might be a sign to try and go back to Earth. As the crew discuss the rumors about going back to Earth and fighting Godzilla, Metphies pays a visit to the Bilusaludo Mulu-Elu Galu-Gu, who knows that Metphies has been secretly helping Sakaki and posting the stuff on the net. As the two discuss the situation, both comment on how each races’ plans for Earth didn’t work, forcing them to flee with the humans. The Atrium initiates a space warp so they can reach the Earth quicker, but when they check their data, they discover that 10,000 have passed since they left Earth. Recon drones are sent out to investigate if the Earth is habitable and when one of them is destroyed, the audio reveals that Godzilla is still alive. The council discusses the situation and Metphies says their only option is to destroy Godzilla, revealing that Sakaki is the one who wrote the thesis on how to do it. Sakaki is released from the brig and discusses his plan to the council, who balk at the number of people he would need for his mission but reluctantly agree to do so. The strike force is assembled and the shuttles are launched for the Earth’s surface, splitting off after entering the atmosphere so they can reach their assigned landing spots, with one of the ships seemingly attacked by something in the air. Sakaki asks to be part of the scouting team and Yuko Tani, a former member of his squad, is assigned as his handler. As they head out, Yuko talks to Sakaki and asks if he thinks the council deliberately sabotaged the landing shuttle that killed his grandfather and Sakaki says he doesn’t want to think that the council is that corrupt. The scouting team eventually reaches the remains of a city and they are surprised to see the shape of the structures remained for this long, unaware that they are being observed. Meanwhile, the base camp is attacked by a group of flying and land based creatures, killing 12 and injuring 35 people. Later, Martin Lazzari, the science officer, is studying the animals and determines that they are similar in their make up to Godzilla. He also says that their initial time frame was off and that carbon dating shows that 20,000 years have passed on Earth, not 10,000. Commander Leland says that they should retreat back to the Atrium and set up a colony on the moon, then send shuttles to Earth for resources. Sakaki calls Leland a coward but as they argue, Metphies says that retreat is moot since the creatures had disabled all of their landing shuttles. Their only choice was to meet up with one of the other groups, but that would take them through the pass that they had planned to trap Godzilla in. The group manage to restore one shuttle, then they head off to the other groups, only to encounter Godzilla along the way. The group take evasive actions but the shuttle can’t take the strain and ends up crashing. Metphies releases Sakaki from his shackles and Sakaki grabs a scout flier and takes off to face Godzilla, hoping to get the necessary data on Godzilla’s shield. Sakaki’s attacks have no effect and so he prepares a kamikaze run againts Godzilla, telling Martin to record the attack, but before he can strike, Leland, in a heavier armed vehicle, attacks Godzilla. Sakaki is able to get the data he needs thanks to Leland’s attack but Godzilla kills Leland in the process. Later, Sakaki, Martin, and Belu-be (another Bilusaludo) study the data and discover that Godzilla’s dorsal fins are what power his shield, and once they damage them enough to lower his shield, they will be able to plant an EMP probe that will kill Godzilla. Meanwhile, Metphies has been given command of the ground forces by the council but he turns around and gives it to Sakaki, saying he is the one that can defeat Godzilla. Belu-Be leads the scout fliers and they begin attacking Godzilla, diverting him into the pass so they can spring their trap. When the flying creatures begin attacking them, Sakaki orders some me to grab the landing shuttles and use them to bomb the area, forcing Godzilla to move even quicker into their trap. The plan works and they spring the trap, trapping Godzilla in a landslide. Artillery begin attacking Godzilla and when they disable the shield, Sakaki leads a special forces team in power suits to attack him, using EMP probes to permanently disable his shield. Godzilla frees himself and goes to attack again but the probes disrupt his ability, causing it to turn inwards and he ends up exploding. As Sakaki and the others celebrate, Martin tells him that the creature fought was likely not the original Godzilla, but an offspring. Sakaki realizes that there might be more creatures but says that since they know how to beat them, they can do a better job if they encounter another one. Suddenly, the ground begins trembling as the original Godzilla emerges from a nearby mountain. Sakaki orders everyone to clear the area as Godzilla attacks, destroying several ships and scattering the camp. As Sakaki lies pinned beneath some debris, he sees Godzilla and swears to kill him before he loses consciousness. When Sakaki regains consciousness, he finds himself in a strange dwelling, with a human-like figure watching him.

Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters was well received by the critics, holding an 80% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, the critics all thought the animation was great but some felt that the story lacked some with character development. During the flashback scene in the movie, two monsters that had never appeared in a Godzilla movie before, Dogora and Dagahra, were briefly shown, Dogora had appeared in his own movie, while Dagahra appeared in Rebirth Of Mothra II. The movie was released in theaters in Japan on November 17, 2017, where it made $3.3 million in the East Asian market, then would debut on Netflix 2 months later on January 17, 2018.

I won’t go so far and say that it was a perfect Godzilla movie, but this was still pretty good. The voice acting was pretty good, with the actors doing good jobs with their inflections when they are voicing the different aliens; such as Lucien Dodge giving Metphies a more lofty, scholarly air to his voice while Jamieson Price and Rich Brown (Galu-Gu and Belu-Be respectively) were more gruff and militaristic with their deliveries, which fit the more war-minded Bilusaludo. The story was pretty good, as I liked the idea of humanity having to leave Earth to escape Godzilla and the other monsters, and when they come back, they discover that not only did Godzilla survive, but had actually become an influencing aspect of the planets evolution, as the plants and animals began developing Godzilla-like characteristics. I also liked that they incorporated some of the aliens that were in the Godzilla movies, primarily the aliens from the 3rd planet of the black hole. I only wish that they had made them more simian looking, like they looked in Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla (1974). I will admit that aside from Sakaki, who had some obvious motivation in his wanting revenge against Godzilla and his anger at having run from the Earth, the other characters in the movie really felt pretty bland. The animation was great, with the designs for Godzilla and the other creatures being a nice take off of the original design, with Godzilla himself looking a lot more menacing with the sharper edges to his scales. The one thing that was a little disappointing was that there wasn’t the collateral property damage that is typical of a kaiju movie, since there were no city’s really left on Earth. Aside from that, this was a fun movie and one that Godzilla fans will enjoy.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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May 5th, 2019 Movie – A*P*E

ape 1976

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. So there is a particular movie coming out at the end of the month, and I decided to review some appropriate movies to get myself even more in the mood for it than I already am. So today I decided to start with a quaint little King Kong knock off. So today’s movie was basically an attempt to cash in on all the publicity surrounding Dino DeLaurentis’ remake of King Kong, but would actually come out 2 months earlier than that movie. I have watched this movie several years ago and wasn’t overly impressed by it but it is always a good idea to give B-movies a second chance, as they might surprise you by being laughably bad. So let’s see what we have in store as I re-watch A*P*E.

The plot: As an oil tanker is sailing close to South Korea, two men are talking on deck when a massive, 36 foot gorilla breaks free from the tanks it was in, destroying the ship in the process. As the gorilla heads towards shore, a large shark attacks it but the gorilla easily kills it, then continues towards shore, where it destroys several buildings before disappearing into the jungle. The next day, American actress Marilyn Baker arrives in South Korea to shoot her first picture outside of the U.S. and is surprised to find her lover, journalist Tom Rose, is outside the airport waiting for her. AS Tom offers to escort Marilyn to her hotel, he tries to talk to her about wanting a more serious relationship with her but Marilyn tells him she is focused on her career and doesn’t want anything more than to be casual lovers as they are now. Meanwhile, the giant gorilla appears outside a small village in the jungle, causing the villagers to flee in terror. Captain Kim of the South Korea police receives a phone call, where he is told about giant footprints, but he dismisses the story as someone’s imagination gone wild. When a U.S. soldier comes across the wreckage of a military checkpoint, he calls in to his superior but Colonel Davis thinks it is nothing more than publicity for the movie being shot. As more people report seeing the giant gorilla, Kim begins to believe the stories but when he talks about the matter with Davis, Davis is still skeptical, jokingly asking someone if they think the gorilla is King Kong. When the gorilla shows up where a martial arts movie is filming an outdoor scene, the actors manage to chase it away by shooting flaming arrows at it. Hearing this, Davis reluctantly believes the gorilla is real but attempts to keep it from the public during an impromptu press conference, causing Tom to get suspicious about the matter. Tom then heads to the set where Marilyn is filming and warns her about the gorilla, telling her she should go back to Seoul, but Marilyn tells him she can’t go back until Friday, which is when they will finish shooting, and the two kiss before she goes back to work. As the gorilla continues making its way through the countryside, villages are evacuated ahead of time, while Tom and Kim attempt to figure out where it is going. The gorilla happens across where Marilyn’s movie is shooting and grabs her, carrying her away into hills. When Tom and Kim hear about this, they chase after the gorilla just as the military shows up to try and kill him. The gorilla begins fighting with the military and Tom uses the opportunity to rescue Marilyn and drive back to Seoul, while the gorilla gives the military the finger at their failed attempt. As Davis discusses the situation with his superiors, he says that the gorilla is heading to Seoul, apparently to reclaim Marilyn, and he is upset to learn that he is to capture the gorilla, not kill it. Tom takes Marilyn to Kim’s house, leaving her with Kim’s wife and children, then he meets back up with Kim to discuss what to do about the gorilla. The gorilla reaches Seoul and begins trashing the city as it searches for Marilyn, eventually finding and recapturing her. The gorilla heads back to the hills, with the military going after it again, only Davis disobeys orders and orders his men to kill it, not capture it. The military eventually manages to kill the gorilla, and Tom manages to locate Marilyn in the cave the gorilla had hidden her in and the two lovers embrace.

Ok, this is just as bad as I remember it being and that is not exactly a good thing. This movie really is terrible. In fact, it seems like the director decided to try and make a terrible movie, hoping people would think it would fall into that “so bad it’s good” laughably bad style. The acting wasn’t really that good, as it seemed like several of the people just didn’t put much effort into their roles. The funny thing about this movie is how much it did kind of point out that it was a spoof of King Kong. I mean, you had the obvious aspect about the giant gorilla going ga-ga over a blond and chasing after her, but you actually had Davis mocking calling the gorilla King Kong. My favorite part though was the fact that the director of the movie that Marilyn was working on was called Dino, which was a nod to Dino DeLaurentis, who was directing the Kong remake.  Another thing I thought was interesting was the fight the gorilla had with the shark, which was a total shot at Jaws, which had come out the year before. The special effects were incredibly cheap, as in they only gave $1200 of the movies $23,000 budget towards special effects. To put it in perspective, the model buildings in this movie made the models from the old Gamera movies look like Oscar winning effects in comparison. This is one of those movies that might be worth watching once just to say you watched it, but not for much other reason.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5