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Flashback Review: May 9th, 2014 Movie – Blade


Before the X-Men and Spider-Man movies hit the big screen, and years before the MCU was even an idea in a producer’s mind, this movie was Marvel’s first real foray back onto the big screen. Yes, I know that technically Men In Black would be first but they were part of an offshoot that had been bought and not necessarily part of Marvel proper. Anyways, I was a fan of Blade and the rest of the supernaturally inclined anti-heroes that were part of Marvel in the mid 90’s so when I heard that they were doing a movie based on Blade, with Wesley Snipes starring in it, I was absolutely on board. Opening night me and several of my friends went and saw Blade in theaters. We then had a late dinner afterwards where we got some absolutely terrible service but that did nothing to take away from how much fun we had watching Blade.

The plot: In 1967, a pregnant woman is brought into the hospital, bleeding out from a bite wound to the neck. As the doctors work on saving her, she goes into labor and she delivers a baby but ends up dying from her wound. In the present, a woman brings a date to a secret rave in a meat packing plant but as the party commences, the sprinklers suddenly begin releasing blood onto the people dancing around. As the young man freaks out from all of the blood everywhere, he realizes that everyone in attendance is a vampire and starts freaking out even more. As he tries to escape, he is pummeled by the crowd until he runs into Blade, a vampire hunter that the vampires refer to as “The Daywalker” due to his half-breed nature. As some of the vampires begin fleeing the club, Blade begins killing the vampires that fight against him, until he is down to just a vampire named Quinn. Pinning Quinn to a wall with silver stakes, Blade sets him on fire, then checks the young man when he tries to run away, ensuring that he wasn’t bitten, but Blade is forced to run himself when the police and fire department arrive. Quinn’s body is taken to the hospital morgue and Dr. Curtis Webb sends a blood sample up to Dr. Karen Jenson, a hematologist, as the blood has some weird aspects to it. Karen agrees to examine the body and goes down there with Curtis, but as they discuss their former relationship, Quinn suddenly comes back to life and proceeds to bite Curtis, then attack Karen. As he starts to drink Karen’s blood, Blade shows up and stops him, cutting off his hand as the two begin fighting, but when security shows up and shoots at Blade, Quinn uses the opportunity to escape. Blade starts to leave Karen but when he suddenly thinks about his dying mother, he instead decides to take her with him. When the police show up in force, Blade rushes off with Karen and heads to the broken window Quinn escaped from. He throws Karen out the window to the building on the other side, then jumps over there himself, before grabbing her and escaping the police. Blade takes Karen to his hideout, where his mentor Whistler is working on making some more weapons. Whistler chastises Blade for not killing Karen but agrees to help her, injecting her with liquid garlic to try and stop the infection but tells Blade that he gives her a 50/50 chance of surviving the night. Meanwhile, a council of vampire Elders is discussing Deacon Frost’s nightclubs and the danger they create. After having Frost enter the chamber, they chastise him for the clubs and attempting to break the treaty they have with the humans but Frost, who leads a faction of younger, and non-pure blood vampires like the Elders, says that they should break the treaty as the humans are their food, not their partners. Later, Gitano Dragonetti, the head of the House of Eberus, confronts Frost in the archive room, where he is attempting to crack the dead language on some of the ancient pages from the records, and asks him what his game is but Frost refuses to answer and dares him to retaliate against him. Back at Blade’s hideout, Karen wakes up and after exploring a little bit, she sees Whistler injecting Blade with a serum that keeps his vampire hunger in check when they spot her. After preventing her initial escape attempt, Whistler explains about their war with the vampires and warns her that she should leave town so as to avoid being targeted, as she has been marked. Blade takes Karen back to her apartment but as she begins packing a bag to leave, a police officer appears in her apartment. Karen is suspicious of the officer, especially when he begins asking questions about Blade, and when he tries to attack her, she sprays him with a special mace that Whistler gave her to defend against vampires. Karen is surprised to find it doesn’t work but Blade appears and tells her the officer is a familiar, a servant to a vampire that hopes to one day become a vampire himself. Revealing that the officer works for Frost, whom Blade has been tracking for years, Blade tries to interrogate him to learn Frost’s location but Karen ends up stopping him from hurting him and the officer gets away. Knowing he will be back for his car, as he was delivering blood to Frost, Blade stakes it out and Karen joins him, as she figures the best way to find a cure for herself is to stay with him. Blade and Karen follow the officer to a vampire safehouse, and Blade arms Karen with some weapons before they head inside. After making his way past the guards, Blade confronts the officer again in the club’s kitchen before noticing a refrigerator marked do not open and tells the officer to give Frost a message for him, then lets the officer go while he heads inside the fridge, which houses the vampire archives. At his penthouse, Frost has finally finished translating the ancient texts, which contains the ritual on how to summon the vampire blood god La Magra. When the officer shows up Frost’s penthouse and tells him what happened, Frost kills the officer, to the delight of everyone there. Back at the archives, Blade and Karen encounter Pearl, the obese vampire historian, who was having a video call with Frost and begs him for help. Frost dismisses Pearl and taunts Blade before Blade destroys the monitor. Blade and Karen then question Pearl about the text she had translated for Frost, using a UV lamp on her when she refuses to answer. Blade takes the hard drive from the computer, then opens the vault to find the actual ancient scrolls but Quinn, Mercury, and some other vampires arrive and capture them. Quinn goes to torture Blade but Blade had secretly been in contact with Whistler, who shows up to rescue them. Blade, Karen, and Whistler make their way to the subway, but when a bomb that Blade had left in the archives explodes, Whistler appears to be thrown onto the tracks but Blade tells Karen he can take care of himself. Blade and Karen jump across the tracks before a train comes but Quinn follows them and begins attacking Blade. Karen helps Blade beat Quinn, resulting in his losing another hand, but when he sees Mercury and some more vampires coming, he grabs onto a passing train to help them escape. In Frost’s penthouse, Quinn and Mercury are arguing about whose fault Blade’s escape is when Frost says not to worry as they will deal with him later, telling them they have work to do. Frost, Mercury, and Quinn kidnap Dragonetti and take him out to the beach, where Frost proceeds to pull out his fangs before leaving him to burn to death as the sun rises. Frost then heads to the council of elders and informs them of Dragonetti’s death and tells them that he needs 12 volunteers, and has them taken away. At the hideout, Blade is preparing to go get some more serum when he sees Whistler and Karen bringing in some lab equipment, with Karen saying it was to help her find a cure. Karen shows Blade an anticoagulant called EDTA and places a drop on a sample of vampire blood, which causes it to violently explode. Blade asks if that is her cure and she says no but says that he could use it to explode some vampires. Karen then takes a sample of his blood while Whistler gets to work on the hard drive they took from Pearl. As Blade goes to buy some serum, he encounters Frost in a park, who is using sunblock to be out in the sun and is holding a child hostage. Frost tries to convince Blade to join him but Blade refuses and is forced to let Frost escape in order to rescue the child. Back at the hideout, Karen figures out a way to cure a vampire bite and uses it on herself but tells Whistler it won’t work on Blade, as it is part of his DNA, when Frost and his men show up and capture Karen while torturing Whistler. When Blade returns, he finds a badly injured and bitten Whistler, who tells him about the prophesy and Frost taking Karen, then asks Blade to give him a gun so he can kill himself. Blade does so and walks away while Whistler pulls the trigger, then he watches the video that Frost left for him, telling him where to go to save Karen. Arming himself for battle, including filling some syringe stakes with EDTA, Blade heads out to find Frost and kill him. At Frost’s penthouse, Frost and Mercury are taunting Karen but she counters back with the fact that she discovered a cure and she could cure Frost, as he isn’t pure blood. When Blade shows up and begins fighting the guards, he makes his way to Frost’s room only to discover that his mother is still alive and as she talks to him, Frost uses the distraction to capture him, revealing that he was the one that bit Blade’s mother and created him. Blade and Karen are taken to the Temple of the Eternal Night, so that they can enact the ritual and Frost taunts Blade some more before having him taken away. As Mercury takes the Elders to where they need to be for the ritual, Frost and Quinn take Karen to a room that has openings for a pit. Telling her about how sometimes people don’t become vampires when bitten, but become zombies instead, then shove her into a pit where she comes face to face with a zombiefied Curtis. As Curtis approaches her, Karen is able to knock him back, then uses a bone fragment to climb out of the pit. Blade is placed into a sarcophagus and restrained with special restraints intended to bleed him dry. As his blood drips from the sarcophagus into special drains in the floor, Mercury begins placing the elders into position underneath openings, where Blade’s blood proceeds to drip onto them. Meanwhile, Karen frees Blade from the sarcophagus, but, without his serum to help him, she tells Blade to feed from her in order to save himself. In the lower level of the temple, the ritual commences as the blood drips on the elders before merging on the ceiling into one drop that falls onto Frost’s head. A bolt of lightning then strikes the temple and electrocutes the elders before causing their skeletons to emerge from their bodies and fly around before entering Frost’s body, empowering him and completing the ritual. Upstairs, Blade feeds on Karen before letting her go, then kills his mother when she tries to stop him, before heading down to deal with Blade. Quinn goes to attack Blade but he quickly decapitates him, then proceeds to fight with the other vampires and kills them while Karen ends up killing Mercury. Frost then pulls out a sword of his own and challenges Blade and the two start fighting, with Blade seemingly winning when he cuts off Frost’s hand and slices him in half. However, Frost’s newfound powers allow him to heal those injuries and he easily is able to overpower him. Seeing the EDTA on a ledge above him, Blade throws his sword in a crack in the ledge, allowing the trick handle in the sword to split the shelf and drop the syringes into his hand. Blade then proceeds to throw all of the syringes into Frost, causing a severe reaction that makes him explode, killing him for good. Blade and Karen leave the temple and Karen says she needs to get back to the lab to cure herself and Blade says that there is still a war going on and if she wants to help, make him a stronger serum. Some time later, in Moscow, a vampire goes to attack a young woman when Blade appears and rescues her.

Blade met with mixed reviews from the critics, holding a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Though some may find the plot a bit lacking, Blade‘s action is fierce, plentiful, and appropriately stylish for a comic book adaptation.” Much like Harley Quinn in the Batman universe, Whistler’s character was originally created for Blade’s limited appearances in the Spider-Man (1994) animated series, but Marvel liked the character so much they decided to write him into the Marvel Universe. Despite the mixed reviews, the movie was a box office hit, earning $131.2 million off of a $45 million budget, and would spawn two sequels as well as a TV series based on the character.

You know what, this is still a fun and entertaining movie to watch. The acting was good for the most part, with Wesley Snipes doing a great job as Blade. Kris Kristofferson (Whistler) and N’Bushe Wright (Karen) were also good in their roles and while Stephen Dorff was ok as Frost, I liked Donal Logue and Arly Jover, Quinn and Mercury respectively, a lot better. The story was good, but there were several parts that had comic me just yelling internally at the screen. In the comics, Blade was affected by his mother’s death but that only made him immune to a vampire’s bite and gave him an affinity for the supernatural, it did not make him a half-breed. Later on, he wound up getting the vampire powers but that happened after the movie came out. I also didn’t like how they portrayed Frost, as in the comics he was an older man who had become a vampire while trying to find the secret to immortality, which gave him some unique abilities on top of the normal vampire powers. I personally would have loved to have seen his doppleganger making powers make an appearance in the movie. The special effects were pretty good, though I will admit they do seem a bit dated at this point in time. A good Marvel movie and definitely a sign of what things would soon follow for Marvel Studios.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Flashback Review: May 7th, 2014 Movie Black Water (2007)

black water 2007

2007 was a good year for Australian crocodile movies, at least in my opinion. I had happened to rent Rogue from Blockbuster at some point in 2008 and thought it was a great movie. I then decided to buy a copy and, since I was on a croc movie phase at the time, went ahead and bout a couple of other similar movies. This particular movie caught my eye as I was reading the description because it sounded like it could be interesting. So lets dip our toes in the water of the natural horror genre and have some fun with Black Water (2007).

The plot: Grace, her husband Adam, and her younger sister Lee have just left Grace & Lee’s mother’s house after a visit and as they are driving home, Lee convinces them to go to a crocodile exhibit. Later that night, the three are having drinks at a bar and when they have a moment alone, Lee questions Grace’s not drinking alcohol but Grace passes it off as her gaining weight after Christmas. When Adam returns from buying some more drinks for him and Lee, Lee asks what they should do tomorrow. Adam shows them a river/fishing tour that he would like to go on and the others agree. The next morning, they drive out to where the tour starts only to find that they just missed it. Another worker for the company, Jim, offers to take them out on a smaller boat and Adam agrees and heads inside to work out the details, Lee confronts Grace about her suspicions of her being pregnant and Grace admits that she confirmed it the night before but hasn’t told Adam yet. Inside the office Jim hands Adam some fishing poles and has him take them outside while he gets the rest of the gear, pulling out a revolver and putting it in his pocket, which Lee happens to see. The group head out on the water and as Jim starts talking about the tides in the swamp, Lee asks him about the gun he brought and he tells them it is for insurance in case a saltwater crocodile messes with them. Suddenly, something bumps into the bottom of the boat and Grace starts getting nervous but Jim uses a net to fish out an old fuel can, which had hit the boat. When they don’t have any luck fishing at the first spot, Jim heads deeper into the swamp and after a little while, Adam manages to hook a fish. As Jim is encouraging him, Lee is taking pictures and notices something in the distance but when she goes to show Grace, it is gone. Suddenly, something violently bumps into the boat several times before turning it upside down. As Grace and Adam surface, Adam says it was a crocodile and tells Grace to get in a tree while he looks for Lee. As Adam calls out for Lee, Grace climbs a nearby tree and sees Jim’s body floating next to some trees and the crocodile briefly surfacing and she yells for Adam to get out of the water. Lee is tangled in the ropes under the boat but manages to free herself and surface. Adam and Grace yell at her to get on top of the boat and out of the water and as the see ripples in the water of something moving towards her, Lee manages to get onto the boat. The crocodile starts rocking the boat trying to knock her off but Adam and Grace manage to make enough noise to lure it away. As they try to figure out how to get Lee to safety, Grace notices that Jim’s body is gone and tells Adam. Seeing the boat’s rope close to Lee, they tell Lee to grab the rope and throw it to them and they will pull her to safety. Lee grabs the rope and throws it but when they try pulling her, they find the boat is stuck on something and won’t move. They tie off the boat to the tree and convince Lee that she has to use the rope to walk across the water and make it to the tree and Lee slowly starts walking but when she hears some splashing in the water, she quickly swims over and they help her up but Lee’s foot is injured during her rushed flight. As they discuss what they should do, Grace and Lee suggest waiting for help but Adam tells them that nobody saw them leave so nobody would come looking for them. Adam wants to try flipping the boat and escaping but Grace is worried that the crocodile would return and attack them again. Grace decides to try and use the trees to get out of the swamp and Adam and Lee try to argue against her going but Grace says that Adam won’t be able to see since he lost his glasses in the attack and Lee’s foot is injured. Grace makes her way across the trees to see if they can make it to dry land without getting back in the water only to find they are completely surrounded. As she makes her way back to them, she sees a disturbance in the water and, grabbing a branch, moves some leaves out of the way only to find a severed ear. Grace rushes back to the others and tells them it is about a 50-100 meter swim to dry land but doesn’t tell them about the ear. As they discuss their options again, Adam says their best chance is with the boat and Grace and Lee reluctantly agree. Adam heads into the water and attempts to flip the boat over. When he can’t do it from the side, he dives underneath the boat and Grace and Lee grow worried when they see the boat start rocking violently. Suddenly, the boat is flipped back over and Adam surfaces but as the girls breathe a sigh of relief, Adam is suddenly dragged underwater and after a struggle, the crocodile breaks the surface of the water, clutching Adam’s body in it’s jaws, before sinking back into the water. Trying to figure out what they should do next, they decide to pull the boat closer to them but as Grace starts pulling the rope, Lee thinks she sees the crocodile, startling Grace into dropping the rope. She attempts to reach it with a branch but the crocodile lunges up out of the water towards her and she is barely able to escape being bitten. As they catch their breaths, they see Adam’s body floating nearby, causing Grace to start crying as she never got to tell him that she is pregnant and as night falls, they hear the crocodile eating Adam, causing them to cry even more. The next morning, they see that the boat has drifted further away and decide to try Grace’s plan of walking through the trees and swimming to shore. As they start walking along the trees, they find that the tide has risen some and covered up some of the branches and roots that Grace had traveled on the day before. Carefully getting into the water, they start moving forward only to have the crocodile surface right in front of them. When it sinks back underwater, they try to rush back to the tree but the crocodile grabs Grace’s leg and drags her underwater. As Lee screams out for her sister, Grace surfaces and Lee helps her into a tree but Grace’s leg is severely wounded and bleeding. Lee ties a makeshift bandage/tourniquet around Grace’s leg to stop the bleeding and tries to comfort her sister when she hears a boat engine close by. Leaving Grace in the tree, Lee moves through the trees to try and flag down the boat, screaming for them to help, but the people in the boat doesn’t hear them and continues down the river. Lee then sees the crocodile surface and starts yelling at it before it ducks underwater and moves towards Grace, whose blood from her wound is attracting the crocodile towards her. Lee rushes through the trees to get Grace’s leg up so it isn’t dripping blood, then decides to risk heading into the water to retrieve the boat herself. As she slowly makes her way to the boat, she climbs inside and starts bailing out some of the water, then tries to start the motor when the crocodile leaps out of the water and into the boat. Lee quickly gets out of the water and tries to get back to the tree but the crocodile chases after, eventually biting her around the stomach and dragging her underwater. Lee comes too some time later and finds herself on a small island next to the remains of Jim’s body. Noticing she has a broken finger and is bleeding from some wounds on her stomach, she tears her shirt to tie her finger to the one next it, then grabs Jim’s gun from it’s holster. firing a round off to make sure it works, she then grabs Jim’s severed arm and tries to use it as bait to lure the crocodile to her so she can shoot it. When the crocodile appears behind her, she turns and tries to shoot it but the gun misfires several times and she is forced to try and run. Making her way through the water, she turns and looks for the crocodile when it surfaces and bites down on her hand holding the gun. Lee repeatedly pulls the trigger and the gun eventually fires, shooting the crocodile in the head and killing it. As Lee frees her hand and takes a breath to celebrate an end to her ordeal, she sees the tree with Grace in it and quickly makes her way over there. Climbing the tree, she attempts to wake Grace only to realize that she has died from blood loss and Lee begins crying for the loss of her sister. Lee then places Grace’s body in the boat and begins paddling back to civilization, stopping briefly when she hears a sound behind her but when she doesn’t see anything, she resumes her journey.

This was a pretty good movie and definitely one of those B-movies that are worth giving a shot. The acting was decent, with Diana Glenn (Grace), Maeve Dermody (Lee) and Andy Rodoreda (Adam) doing a good job in their roles. I also liked that they had the main focus being on the women being the heroes in the story, which isn’t often in movies in general, let alone a B-movie. The story was pretty good for the most part, with a lot of suspense to help draw you into the movie and keep you invested. However, one thing that bothered me is the fact that after the boat had been flipped and they were climbing into the tree, all of them somehow lost their shoes and socks. I mean, did they decide to take them off after they got in the boat or what. It just bugs the hell out of me. The special effects were great in the sense that there was hardly any CGI used, instead focusing on practical effects and footage of real crocodiles for the movie, which worked really well. The scene at night where the crocodile was eating Adam and you hear the bones crunching but don’t really see anything except for glimpses during the lightning strikes was fantastic. Honestly, this is a good movie and one that is well worth giving a shot.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Flashback Review: May 6th, 2014 Movie – Black Swarm

black swarm

Why if it isn’t my old friend, the Maneater series of movies. It’s been a while since I have watched one of you guys, a little over a month in fact. Anyways, I know I am falling behind on getting these blog posts out. To start with, I moved recently so my schedule at work changed this past week. On top of that, I have a pair of hyper active kids whose favorite past time is to come into their uncle’s room and make him spend time playing with them, so that kind of pushes me back even more. Well, that is not the worst thing to have happen and it isn’t as bad as it sounds to be honest. Now, let’s get to watching some movies and enjoy Black Swarm once again.

The plot: In Black Stone, New York, local exterminator Dan Hall is called out to deal with a wasp nest and, noting the weird wasps coming out of the nest, he moves his blowtorch up to ignite the nest only for it to explode in a freak accident, killing him. Some time later, Jane Kozik is moving with her 9 year old daughter Kelsey back to Black Stone from Manhatten, though Kelsey is not to thrilled at the prospect and wonders asks her mom why she had moved away if it is such a good place to live. In Black Stone, Devin Hall, Dan’s brother, is checking out the basement of Beverly Rowe, a blind woman that used to babysit the neighborhood kids such as him when he was young. As he finishes up, she comments about Jane moving back to town and how funny it is that she is moving back just as he is leaving. Devin heads to his shop at the center of town and is approached by Mayor Blatz, who is desperately trying to convince Devin to stay, but Devin says that the town is dying because all of the work has left and he has nothing keeping him in town. As they continue arguing, they don’t notice a strange man with welts on his head walking around, emitting a strange buzzing sound. When Jane and Kelsey get to town, Jane goes to get the keys to their house, leaving Kelsey to wander around the town. Kelsey runs into a man blowing a whistle, though she doesn’t hear anything, and as she questions the man, he tells her that his name is Eli and offers her a peach if she can keep it a secret that she saw him. When Kelsey’s attentions is distracted by an ice cream truck, Eli disappears and Kelsey asks her mom for some money to get some ice cream but the driver, who is making a strange buzzing sound and acting erratically, drops the ice cream he hands her, then drives off. Later that night, a busker sneaks into Beverly’s basement to sleep for the night but as he lays down, he hears some buzzing coming from a hole in the wall and as he peers inside, a swarm of wasps bursts out, slamming him into a wall before swarming all over him while the queen flies into his mouth. The next day, Jane arrives on the scene at Beverly’s house and is shocked to see what happened to the busker, asking the doctor to let her know what he finds out. Jane then heads inside to see Beverly, who tells her about Devin leaving town and admonishes Jane for not letting Kelsey meet her uncle but Jane says it would be difficult to see Devin since she would just be reminded of his brother, who was her husband when he died. At the town morgue, Devin is called in by the doctor and finds a woman, Katherine Randall, examining the body instead. Katherine explains that she is an entomologist that was called in for a consult and shows him an ovipositor that she had found in the victim’s body. Devin asks of it could have been anaphylactic shock that killed him but she says she didn’t see signs of asphyxiation, and is puzzled by the death. After they leave, the coroner enters the morgue only to find the body has disappeared and when he tries looking for it, he is suddenly grabbed by the busker’s body, which has somehow reanimated, and killed, before the busker walks off. Devin is leaving town when something slams into his windshield, cracking it. After calling his friend at the garage to see if he can fix it, Devin examines the windshield and finds the body of a large wasp, which is what hit the glass, and grabs a sample jar to collect the remains. Devin takes the jar back to the morgue to show Katherine, only to find Jane there examining the coroner’s murder. After an awkward conversation with Jane, Devin shows Katherine the remains and when she looks at them, she thinks it would be a good idea to check out where the busker died and Devin agrees to take her there. When they get there, they talk with Beverly briefly, who says that Kelsey would be coming by in a little bit and suggests he meet her but Devin says he would need permission from Jane to do that. Devin and Katherine search Beverly’s basement tool shed for any sign of the nest or swarm but can’t find anything. As they leave, Katherine asks Devin what he is going to do and Devin admits that he wants to go back to grad school but doesn’t want to abandon the town when there might be a killer wasp infestation. Some time later, Kelsey is dropped off at Beverly’s house and after they talk for a while, she sneaks out into the back yard and finds Eli next door. She talks with him for a little while, asking him where his bees are, before he heads inside his trailer. Inside, Eli opens a hidden hatch in his floor and heads down to a secret lab, where he has a giant swarm of wasps locked in a glass cage. Eli takes some peaches he collected from outside and as he injects them with some syringes, the wasps appear to get agitated. When Eli leaves, Kelsey sneaks into his trailer and finds his hidden lab, where she bites one of the peaches but throws it away, as it tastes bad, and when the wasps become super agitated, she quickly leaves. In town, Mayor Blatz is at the church when he sees Father Francis acting erratically and when he asks if he is ok, Francis calls out Blatz’s name before a swarm of wasps issue out of his mouth and attack Blatz, killing him. In town, more and more people are acting strange, with the people showing welts from being stung and a buzzing sound coming from them. Devin is trying to make his way through town, which is jammed due to a police officer’s erratic behavior, when he receives a call from Katherine who is in a nearby alley. When Devin meets with her, she tells him that the wasps were bio-engineered and apparently meant to be used as a weapon and she asks him to come with her to help figure this out but Devin says he has to get Jane and Kelsey to safety. As he drives off, a car pulls up next to Katherine and she comments about him being a boy scout before she gets in the car and tells the men inside to drive. As Beverly calls Kelsey to come inside, having heard the swarm overhead, the wasps begin attacking the house and Beverly and Kelsey decide to leave, cutting through a corn field as a short cut into town. Devin sees them and chases after them and when they get separated, the wasps attack and kill Beverly. Kelsey runs off screaming when Devin catches up to her and as she asks why he looks like her dad, he explains that her dad was his twin brother. Devin says they need to get away from the wasps and Kelsey suggests he talk to Eli and takes him to his lab. Meanwhile, Jane goes to Beverly’s house to look for Beverly and Kelsey and when she can’t find them in the house, she ends up looking for them outside and eventually discovers Eli’s lab. Entering the lab, she holds Eli at gunpoint and starts asking him question when Kelsey and Devin show up. Eli explains what he had done with the wasps and Devin says that he will help Eli kill them while Jane and Kelsey get to safety but Jane says the town’s safety is her responsibility and she asks Eli to take Kelsey to the church. Elsewhere, Katherine uses a computer to contact her HQ and they tell her to locate Eli, as he must be in town and as they continue driving, they spot Eli with Kelsey heading to the church. When Eli and Kelsey enter the church, Eli confronts Kelsey about the peach and when she admits she ate part of one, he tells her the wasps now think that she is their queen. Suddenly, Father Francis appears and Eli tells Kelsey to hide but when Francis spots her and tries to grab her, he suddenly falls apart, revealing a swarm of wasps emerging from his remains. Blatz shows up and moves to grab Kelsey when Katherine shoots him. Eli thanks Katherine’s arrival but Katherine shoot Eli and while her men grab Kelsey, Katherine approaches Eli and forces a wasp into his mouth. Elsewhere, Jane and Devin are driving and as they discuss Dan, Jane admits that she missed Devin more than her husband. When the swarm suddenly begins attacking Devin’s van, they head to a bridge and Devin rigs his van to explode as a means to kill them but it doesn’t work and they are forced to run. They eventually coe to a sewer opening and make their way through the sewers into the old cement factory, where they find several of the townsfolk acting as wasp drones while Kelsey is entombed in a giant wasp’s nest. Katherine appears and tells them that she killed Eli and plans on killing them in order to finish her job but Jane pulls out her gun and kills her. The human drones begin moving towards them in order to defend the nest and they are forced to fight them as they back away. They are surprised to see Eli show up and he tells them that the military is there to destroy the nest and kill him. Eli helps them rescue Kelsey, who Jane reveals is actually Devin’s daughter, and they manage to make their way outside just as the helicopters begin firing on the building. The 4 make it to the woods outside the building and Eli gives Kelsey his whistle and tells them to leave, just as he is shot by a sniper and Kelsey cries out for him as Jane and Devin carry her away. 4 months later, Devin, Jane, and Kelsey are shown to still be living in Black Rock and as Kelsey plays in the back and watches some ants, Jane, who appears to be in the early stages of pregnancy, and Devin comment about her becoming a scientist and playfully argue if she is being like Eli or her father. Unknown to them, a wasp emerges from a nest nearby and Kelsey, seemingly reacting to it, smashes the ant nest.

Have to admit, this was a bit of a let down on several fronts. The acting was ok, with Robert Englund doing a good job as Eli and his interactions with Rebecca Windheim (Kelsey) were just great. I also liked Sheena Larkin (Beverly) but felt that the main stars of this movie were honestly pretty boring. The story sounded interesting, with the idea of bio-engineering wasps to attack enemy forces being straight out of science fiction. However, the end result in this movie kind of felt a little disjointed, with the various scene cuts not exactly blending together and making it seem almost haphazardly shot. The special effects with the wasps and the victims were pretty good, with the scene of Father Francis dissolving into the wasps being better than I would have thought it would be. However, the scene where Katherine and Jane shoot at each other was completely stupid and looked even worse. It’s some fun movie watching but is not the greatest thing out there.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: May 1st, 2014 Movie – Black Fist

black fist

As you can guess from the title, I have yet another example of blaxploitation to watch today. This is yet another movie that didn’t make much of an impact on me when I first watched it so I don’t really remember if I liked it or not. That is the problem with have a bunch of movies like I do, it can be hard to keep track of them all. I guess that is one good thing about this blog; I am able to write down my opinion so if I forget a certain movie, I can look back and see what I thought and if it is worth giving a second chance. Now, let’s get to watching Black Fist.

The plot: In Los Angeles, a street fighter named Leroy Fisk is brought before a man called Logan and told that he can fight for him. When Leroy starts to argue with Logan’s bodyguards, Logan arranges an exhibition match with one of his fighters called Moose. Leroy is able to knock Moose down and bloody him up some but Moose is able to grab him and start hammering on his ribs and kidneys until Leroy is unable to fight back. Later, Logan tells Leroy that he has some skill but needs to learn how to really street fight if he wants to work for him and sets him up with a trainer, Ira, to teach him how to properly street fight. Meanwhile, a crooked cop named Heineken approaches a man named Fleichman, who owes money to Heineken and his boss. Fleichman is short but says he can get the rest after his man’s next fight. Fleichman is speaking with Logan, who is interested in trimming his stable of fighters, and Fleichman offers a trade for Leroy against his fighter but Leroy ends up winning the match. Later, Fleichman tries to plead his case to Heineken’s boss but when he gets upset and refuses to pay the rest of the money he owes, Heineken’s boss orders Fleichman to be killed. Meanwhile, Leroy is using his newfound money to make life better for his wife Bea and their son but he is approached by Heineken, who tells him he can either start paying him off or he will arrest him for illegal street fights. After a couple of fights and having to pay Heineken part of his take, Leroy approaches Logan, upset about the situation, and Logan tells him he will take care of Heineken but it will take time. Later, Ira tells Leroy that Logan and Heineken are in on the scam together, which upsets Leroy. As Leroy mopes about the situation, his friend Fletch shows up, having heard about his troubles with Heineken, and gives Leory Heineken’s notebook, which he had stolen. Inside the notebook are all of the details about the money Heineken receives from Leroy and the other street fighters, as well as from prostitutes and what Logan receives as well. Leroy confronts Heineken with the book, who goes to Logan to discuss the situation and Logan says not to worry about Leroy. Some time later, Leroy calls Heineken and tells him to come to his place and when he gets there, Leroy shows him Fletch’s body, which was left there as a message for him. Leroy tells Heineken that he is done with the fights and has Heineken deal with the body, then goes to speak with Logan himself. Logan arranges a fight between Leroy and Moose but Leroy insists he increase his pay to $25,000, then he tells Bea that if he wins this fight he is done with Logan and his men and they can take the winnings and open the club that they want. Logan is betting heavily on Moose to win and, at his assurance of Moose’s victory, Logan’s boss bets $50,000 on Moose. Meanwhile, Leroy goes to see Big Henry and bets all the money he has saved up on himself to win but is warned that if he doesn’t win, he had better hope that Moose kills him during the fight. Leroy ends up winning his fight against Moose and buys the club and as he celebrates with Bea, her brother shows up. Leroy decides they should celebrate and they start to head out but Leroy is called back to deal with an issue with the club so he hands Bea’s brother his keys but when they get in the car, it explodes. Logan and his men are celebrating Leroy’s death but Heineken shows up and tells them that they didn’t kill Leroy, but his pregnant wife and her brother. Leroy secretly attends Bea’s funeral, then sends his son off with his aunt for safety. He then returns to town in disguise and begins beating up people to find out who killed Bea and when he finds out that Logan did it, he kills one of his bodyguards and then works on a plan to get to Logan. Heineken is told about the girl helping Leroy and he pays her a visit and when she refuses to tell him where Leroy is, he attempts to rape her but Leroy shows up and stops him. Leroy takes Heineken to a meat locker and ties him up on one of the hooks and leaves him there to freeze to death. Avon, Logan’s other bodyguard shows up at the home of Logan’s boss, Mr. Ingo, and tells him that he killed Logan and Ingo congratulates him and says he is promoted to Logan’s position, but then has him killed. Ingo then contacts Leroy and invites him to his place and when Leroy gets there, he shows Leroy Avon’s body. Ingo then says that he took care of Logan as well and that now they can be partners but Leroy realizes that he was the one that had Fletch killed. Ingo goes to shoot Leroy but Leroy struggles with him and ends up shooting Ingo be accident. As Leroy stares at the body, he is haunted by Bea’s voice warning him about associating with gangsters and as he stares at his reflection in the bathroom, he begins lashing out and punching the glass as he realizes he brought all this on himself.

This wasn’t too bad of a movie but it did get a little confusing at times. The acting was decent, with Richard Lawson (Leroy), Dabney Coleman (Heineken), and Robert Burr (Logan) doing good jobs in their roles. The story could have been told better, as they didn’t really get into Leroy’s motivation for fighting until almost halfway into the movie; you were basically left to think that it was a typical “grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and fighting was the only way he could make a living” plot. After his wife dies, the revenge aspect was ok but they kind of jumped around to different scenes so it was a little difficult to really keep track of what all was happening. The fight scenes were pretty good all around but there wasn’t really enough action to keep you interested and the pacing of the story honestly left you bored. It wasn’t bad but it’s not exactly something worth hunting after to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: April 30th, 2014 Movie – Black Cobra 3: The Manila Connection

black cobra 3

So here is something that I got my curiosity going. This whole Black Cobra series had four movies in it. Mills Creek used three of them to fill out their Martial Arts box set, but why not use the 4th movie? I mean, I would have had no problem getting rid of one of the TV episodes of The Master that was in this set for another actual movie. Alas, that was not to be as I learned, later on, that the 4th movie never received a US release, hence why it was not included in this collection. So let me go ahead and re-watch Black Cobra 3: The Manila Connection, and see if it is worth hunting down the final movie in the series to watch.

The plot: In the Philippine jungle, Charlie Hopkins, an American special forces agent, breaks into a guarded compound searching for some stolen U.S. weapons but he is spotted and forced to retreat, fighting his way out of the compound and through the jungle. Charlie manages to get away by jumping off a waterfall and swimming to safety, but is wounded in the process. He makes it to the home of a local girl he knows but ends up dying in her place so she quickly strips him of all his ID and dumps the body by the river so it can’t be traced back to her. Some time later, Lt. Gregory Duncan attends a meeting with his superior officer at Interpol as well as an officer from the State Department and a CIA agent. The explain that Hopkins was working on a mission for the State Department to help tracking a missing shipment of CIA arms, including some LAN missiles, that were being shipped to various regions. The thieves were blackmailing the State Department on releasing the evidence of the CIA’s actions and Duncan has 15 days to find and retrieve the weapons. The CIA will loan him a tech officer but since this mission is technically off the books, any back up he needs will have to be among people he trusts and Duncan says he has just the man for the job. In Chicago, Lt. Robert “Bob” Malone stops am armed robbery at a grocery store and when he gets home, he plays a tape that was sent to him from Duncan asking for his help. Malone goes to the commissioner to get some time off but is refused at first until the governor calls and says Malone is being requested for a special assignment. Malone travels to the Philippines and checks into his hotel, having a run in with a somewhat picky woman at the front desk and elevator. After getting up to his room, Duncan meets him and takes him to his room to introduce him to their CIA tech expert Tracy Rogers, who happens to be the woman he had met downstairs. Malone asks some questions about the details of the case and then he and Tracy decide to go check out Hopkins’ place to see if they can find something that the police or CIA missed. Finding evidence that Hopkins frequented a particular club, they head there and ask the bartender and one of the dancers if they know Charlie but they get no response. After they leave, a woman comes up to the dancer they were talking to and asks her what she told them. Outside, Malone feels like they are walking into a trap and when their cab driver pulls a gun on them, he attacks him and his two friends but is forced to let them go when Tracy is attacked and needs help. Returning to their hotel rooms, Malone finds that the adjoining door between his and Tracy’s room has been broken and Tracy, upset that he had just walked in, puts a device on the door that will alert her if someone is on the other side. The next day, Tracy says that she is heading to the airport to pick up some equipment the CIA is sending her and Malone and Duncan head to the port to follow up on a lead about a witness. At the port, they speak to speak to the witness, who said he saw some men taking the crates to a nearby warehouse and they head over to question the manager. As they look around, Malone finds a heavy caliber bullet on the floor and shows it to Duncan, causing the manager to call for his men to get them. Malone and Duncan are able to deal with the men, then go to question the manager but before he can talk, he is killed by Jackson, the CIA agent that assigned Duncan to the case. Jackson explains that the manager was going to shoot them, showing them the gun he had on him, and Duncan decides to let Jackson handle the police that are approaching, as he and Malone are on “vacation”. Returning to their hotel room, Malone receives a call from the dancer that knew Charlie, saying she has some papers and pictures marked top secret and Malone agrees to meet with her and pay her for them when she gets off of work. When they arrive at the church where they are to meet her, they find a show behind a gate and, cautiously begin searching for her, only to find her body and no sign of the papers. They decide to check her place to see if the papers are there and find that it has been ransacked and the taxi driver and the other two men are waiting for them. Malone and Duncan manage to avoid getting killed and deal with the two men but the taxi driver gets away. Duncan is suspicious of Tracy, as she was the only other person that knew about the meeting, but Malone tells him not to jump to conclusions just yet. As he goes to leave, Malone notices something strange about a Jesus display case and opens it to find a package containing the photographs and documents. Meanwhile, back at her hotel room, Tracy receives a coded message saying that something will occur tomorrow. The next day, Malone, Duncan, and Tracy are going over the pictures, trying to figure out which specific area Hopkins was searching when Tracy notices a strange idol that Hopkins had drawn. Malone pulls out the idol he had found in Hopkins place, which looks just like the one Hopkins drew, and Duncan says he knows an antique dealer that might be able to give them some information. Heading to the bazaar, they speak to the dealer and learn the area where that tribe once lived in but as they leave, Malone notices they are being followed and are forced to deal with their attackers. Returning to their hotel room, they find Jackson waiting for them, who wants to know what progress they have made but they are reluctant to say anything definitive and Jackson leaves, then makes a call from the payphone downstairs. As Duncan and Malone go over the map and figure out the best place for where the camp Hopkins had found is, Duncan notices Tracy using her coded transmitter and questions her about it and she says she is making her nightly reports. Duncan says that someone is letting people know where they are going to be and Tracy says her reports are coded so it can’t be her and Malone keeps the peace, saying that everyone is tired and could use a break. The next day, the three drive into the jungle and find the waterfall from Hopkins’ pictures and search for a way up it. Continuing through the jungle, they find the camp and make their way inside. As they start searching the buildings, Tracy splits off from them and heads inside the communications center, where she begins working on the computers to try and crack the access code. Meanwhile, Malone and Duncan keep searching for the weapons and, noticing some odd looking wells, head down one of them to investigate. They eventually find the weapons and starting setting up explosives to deal with them when Malone finds the missiles and sets the timer on one of them, then they fight their way past the guards and back onto the surface. Once back on the surface, they make their way towards a nearby helicopter, fighting off the guards along the way, then wait for Tracy, who has finished her own mission and destroyed the computer room. Once Tracy is on board, they fly off as the missile explodes, destroying the weapons and camp as well. Tracy tells them that she traced the computer terminal that was linked to the thieves network and Duncan says he knows where it is. Landing the helicopter outside a compound, the three make their way onto the grounds, taking out the guards along the way. They confront Sir Malcolm, who was behind the blackmail scheme, and when he says it is too late and the information will be sent out to the world, Tracy reveals that she deleted the information from the system before she destroyed it. Jackson appears, thanking them for their work and says that he will deal with Sir Malcolm now and dismisses them but Malone gets suspicious of how Jackson knew they were there. Seeing Jackson picking up an uzi, Malone quickly shoots him, as it is revealed that Jackson was the mole. As soldiers come in to secure the compound, Duncan and Tracy talk to Malone about teaming up again but Malone is quick to say no and is ready to head back to Chicago, doing his best to ignore their attempts to persuade him.

Holy cow, this movie was so laughably bad that it hurt to watch, and I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing. The acting was pretty stiff all around and a lot of times the characters didn’t seem to have any real emotions, even when they were supposed to be angry. The story was ok but I feel like they kind of lost sight of what they were trying to do and decide to change things without telling the audience, making for a bit of confusion towards the end. And I know that there is a bit of suspension of disbelief when you go to the movies but I honestly have to call out the ridiculousness of the first scene of the movie. When Hopkins was first sneaking into the camp, my first issue is that it was broad daylight and he was trying to enter at a point where he had no cover whatsoever. Then, he took his time to slowly attach all of these panels to the fence so that he could then slowly cut a hole in the fence without breaking the circuit or tripping an alarm. How in the hell he wasn’t spotted and shot within a minute of his trying to do that put the whole movie in a tailspin for me because it honestly felt like they weren’t even trying from the get go. The action scenes were pretty ridiculous at times, such as Fred Williamson (Malone) walking along upright seemingly without a care in the world while Forry Smith (Duncan) was ducking and covering during the final firefight as they are leaving the jungle camp. It is bad and I honestly kind of want to find the 4th movie just to see if it is possibly any worse than this one.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: April 29th, 2014 Movie – Black Cobra 2

black cobra 2

Ok, why is this series in the Martial Arts box set? There was hardly any sort of martial arts to be seen in the first movie, mainly a lot of shooting and some knife throwing. I honestly don’t remember when I first watched it but maybe there will be some actual semblance of martial arts in this movie. If not, then I will definitely feel even more gypped about this collection than I already am. Well, let’s just see what Black Cobra 2 has to offer.

The plot: In Chicago, Lt. Robert “Bob” Malone takes part in a sting operation to capture some drug dealers but when one of the suspects drives off on a motorcycle, Bob gives chase. When the suspect is hit by a car, the driver gets out to check on him and the suspect grabs her and holds her hostage, telling Malone to back off but when he briefly loses his footing, Malone shoots him in the head. The next day, Captain Marton chastises Malone for his reckless actions and as punishment, decides to send him to Manila as part of a law enforcement exchange program. When Malone arrives in Manila, a stranger strikes up a conversation with him as he eyes a man with a briefcase handcuffed to his hands. After taking his leave of Malone, the man uses the distraction provided by a couple of kids to quickly steal the briefcase and, after taking it to baggage claim, he places the claim ticket into an envelope and mails it before leaving the airport. As Malone gets his bags and goes through customs, he realizes that the thief had stolen his wallet and goes to chase after him but ends up stopped by airport security. Malone is turned over to Lt. Kevin McCall of Interpol, who escorts him to his hotel and warns him that he doesn’t want any trouble while Malone is here. The next day, Malone is going through mugshots of various criminals and picks out the man that pickpocketed him. McCall takes him to where the crook, Eddie Mallory. lives but when they go to confront him, they find him dead. As they search the room, Malone finds his wallet and when the cleaning lady spies the body, she starts screaming. Malone and McCall quiet her and ask her if she saw anything and when Malone finds a picture of Eddie with his daughter, the lady tells them where she lives. The two officers head to speak with the daughter, Peggy, to see if she has any information and afterwards, McCall invites Malone to his house for dinner. After dinner, Malone leaves McCall’s house but when he gets to his hotel, he asks the doorman about the bar the pickpocket’s daughter works at and heads over there. Malone sits at the bar and watches Peggy sing and after her set, she approaches Malone and tells him that she received an envelope from her father. The two go for a walk , where they talk about her father and as Malone escorts Peggy to her car, they are attacked by some men. Malone is able to fend them off and the attackers run when McCall and some police arrive. As some of the police chase after the attackers, McCall checks on Malone and Peggy, revealing that they had been following Malone when he went to the bar. The next day, McCall chastises Malone for trying to start an investigation while he is a guest in the country but agrees to follow up on the leads they have on the attackers. They head to a warehouse and question the owner, Asad Cabuli, as the car used in the attack was rented in his company’s name but he claims to have no knowledge of the events. As they are leaving, Malone tells McCall that he doesn’t trust Asad but McCall says they don’t have enough evidence to proceed further at the time. Meanwhile, Asad watches them leave and then makes a phone call, saying that Peggy has the briefcase. Fearing that Peggy was the target of the attack, Malone goes to speak with her and ends up taking her out to dinner. When they return to her place, Malone checks on the Interpol agent that is keeping watch on her place and then leaves but after he leaves, someone kills the agent and kidnaps Peggy. Malone is upset with McCall over Peggy’s kidnapping and heads back to the warehouse, beating up on some of Asad’s men to try and find out information about Peggy. McCall stops him and escorts him out of the building and into the car, before informing him that he had bugged the building’s phone. One of Asad’s men calls Asad to tell him about Malone being there and then grabs a shotgun and starts shooting at Malone and McCall. McCall is wounded but Malone manages to sneak up on the guy and after a brief fight, kills him. After making sure McCall is ok, the two head to the dock, where Peggy was being taken, and see her being carried by the men that attacked Malone the night before. Before they can rescue her, they are shot at by some men and are forced to take cover. Malone and McCall then make their way towards the warehouse that Peggy was taken too, killing their attackers along the way. Malone is able to reach the warehouse but finds that Peggy has been killed, and he kills the remaining attackers, while McCall manages to wound one of them, who Malone then knocks into the water before he can shoot them. After getting the wounded man and Malone out of the water, McCall has a search warrant issued for Asad’s business and they find the briefcase there but it is empty. Later that night, they decide to head to the hospital to question the surviving attacker and, finding the guard outside his room dead, McCall bursts in the room and stops Asad from killing the injured attacker. As they are interrogating Asad, news breaks out that the terrorists plan on blowing up a building and Asad attempts to use the distraction to try and escape, but McCall kills him. Heading to the building Malone and McCall come up with a plan to climb up the elevator shaft and break into the building, killing the terrorists and stopping them from blowing up the building. Some time later, Malone is heading back to Chicago and McCall and his family are there to see him off, with McCall and Malone shaking hands and admitting they made a good team.

Well, at least there was some martial arts action involved with this movie, albeit somewhat slow and uncoordinated. Still, this was a decent time suck of an action movie for the most part. The acting was ok, with Fred Williamson and Nicholas Hammond doing decent jobs as Malone and McCall respectively. The story was kind of confusing and honestly seemed to be dragged out for way longer than was necessary just basically fill the required time limit for the movie. I will say that I did laugh at the little goof in the movie where they had the same sequence of McCall and his family waving goodbye to Malone and his turning to wave back at them play twice. It was like a weird skip/repeat on the DVD. The action scenes were incredibly slow paced when it came to the fighting. Even some of the gun fights felt kind of slow. Like I said, it is a decent time suck of a movie but that is about all it is good for.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: April 28th, 2014 Movie – Black Cobra

black cobra

Now this should be interesting; an Italian Blaxploitation movie. Those were my first thoughts when I went to watch this movie the first time. I mean, I honestly had no idea what to expect out of this movie. Since it was in the Martial Arts box set, would I be getting something like The Last Dragon or would it be something completely different. To be honest, I am fairly certain I found this movie to be utterly forgettable, due to the fact that I honestly can’t remember anything about it. So let’s see if watching Black Cobra again will let me form a different opinion.

The plot: Detective Robert Malone arrives at a hostage situation and is told by Chief Max Walker to go in and negotiate with the criminals. Malone heads inside but after one of the criminals makes his demands, Malone shoots him, then kills the other two criminals, causing Walker to berate him when he enters the building. Elsewhere, a motorcycle gang meets up at an abandoned warehouse before heading out and riding along the coast. They eventually come across a couple on the beach and while his men proceeds to rape the woman, the leader kills the boyfriend when he tries to stop them. Later that night, photographer Elys Trumbo is finishing up a photo shoot and headed home but as she gets to her apartment, she hears a strange noise. Heading towards the sound, she sees a woman with her throat slit gasping out before collapsing to the ground. As Elys goes to check on her, the bandit leader approaches her, wielding the knife he had just used, but before he can attack her, Elys uses her camera to take pictures of him, the flash blinding him enough to let her get away. The bandit leader calls out to his gang and they all pile into a pick-up truck and head off after Elys but when she sees a policeman and stops to tell him what happened, they back away, with the leader swearing to find and kill Elys, as she had taken a picture of him. Elys is taken to a hospital to be treated for shock and Malone is called in by Walker and sent to protect her in case the bandits try to kill her. The bandits find out which hospital Elys is in and, after killing a man, they smear his blood on one of the bandits and take him to the hospital, claiming that he had been hit by a car. Making their way to Elys’s room, they shoot the police officer standing guard at the door and start to head towards her room but Malone, who had arrived at the hospital, heard the shot and manages to shoot one of the bandits in the back. The leader and the other bandit take cover and Malone shoots the other bandit when he heads for Elys’s room, then engages in a shootout with the bandit’s leader but is forced to let him go when he hears Elys screaming and quickly heads to her room and kills the bandit, who had crawled into the room to kill her. Malone takes Elys to his place for safe keeping but one of the bandits manages to find them and attempts to kill them both but Malone is able to kill him. Upset at the failure of his men, the bandit leader takes his two remaining men and they beat up Walker and kidnap his daughter, saying that they will make an exchange for Elys. The bandits then gather up some more men to help them set a trap for Malone when he shows up to the exchange. Walker tells Malone what happened, upset over being unable to protect his daughter and Malone tells him not to worry and that he will get his daughter back safely. Malone heads back to his house and starts grabbing some weapons from his gun cabinet and his partner asks for some guns as well, as he plans to help. Malone and his partner show up and the dock where the exchange is to take place and begin taking out the bandits trying to kill them. After killing most of the men, they find one of the bandits threatening to kill Walker’s daughter but Malone is able to bluff to get the man to drop his knife before knocking him out. Seeing his plan ruined, the bandit leader tries to escape but Malone spots him and throws a knife into his back, causing the leader to fall into the water. Malone and his partner leave with Walker’s daughter but the bandit leader had survived and dyes his hair and changes clothes to make himself look respectable so he can take another shot at Elys. Elys takes Malone out for a nice dinner as thanks for saving her but as Malone scans the crowd at the restaurant, he notices the bandit leader and recognizes him from Elys’s picture due to his gold tooth when he smiles. Moving slowly so as not to attract attention, Malone goes to grab his gun and moves his foot between Elys’s legs and onto her chair. Elys misinterprets his actions and smiles at him but when the bandit leader pulls out a gun and goes to shoot Elys, Malone shoves her chair with his foot and causes her to fall backwards, causing the bandit leader to miss his shot. Malone fires back at him but the bandit leader dodges it and then grabs a hostage to serve as a shield while he exits the building. Malone follows after him and after a car chase through the abandoned warehouse, they end up fighting some more and Malone is finally able to kill him. Some time later, Malone is getting ready to leave when Elys thanks him for saving her life and convinces him to let her take a picture of him.

Well, I am going to stand by my assessment that this was a pretty forgettable movie. The acting was ok I guess, though the dubbing was a little off at times which didn’t help matters at times. The story was ok but it wasn’t very original. In fact, the plot was almost ecatly the same as Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra, which had come out the year before and is reportedly where the movie’s title came from. The action scenes honestly looked pretty cheap and really didn’t incite a whole lot of excitement when I was watching it. So yeh, you can watch it if you want to kill some time but it won’t really be a satisfying waste of time.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5