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April 30th, 2018 Movie – Still Waiting

still waiting

The problem with direct to video sequels is that they almost always fall short of the original. That is definitely the case with today’s movie. I mean, when you can’t get some of the bigger name stars to return, you are already at a disadvantage. I will be honest, I saw this on the video shelves as Blockbuster was going out of business and I didn’t consider renting it. Instead, I decided “What the hell” and just bought it. I am honestly not sure how big of a mistake this was but there is only one way to find out, and that is the go ahead and watch Still Waiting.

The plot: Dennis, the manager of a Shenaniganz restaurant, is hopeful that after 10 years on the job, he will be made district manager but knows it won’t be easy since the new restaurant, Ta-Ta’s, has opened up next door and stolen away most of his customers and some of his waitresses. However, his mother, who he still lives with, doesn’t share his enthusiasm and comments on his lack of a girlfriend as they eat breakfast. Meanwhile, Allison and her boyfriend Agnew are arguing about her quitting Shenaniganz and going to work at Ta-Ta’s. When Allison heads inside Ta-Ta’s, she is met by her friend Suzy and taken to pick out her uniform and then introduced to Raddimus, who is the head cook there. As Radimus is asked to show her around the kitchen area, he tries to tell her about this game he is starting up (a variation of the penis game he started at Shenaniganz) but Suzy tells him that none of the girls are interested in playing his game. Back at Shenaniganz, Dennis is going over his numbers when he is interrupted by Dan, a former manager of a Shenaniganz before he went Corporate, and Dan tells him that if he doesn’t have a $9000 night in order to make his numbers for the quarter, he won’t get the district manager’s position. Dennis decides to hold a staff meeting before the restaurant opens and tells the crew that if they don’t have a $9000 night then the store will be closed, attempting to get them motivated for fear of losing their jobs. After their normal lunch hour rush, featuring mainly senior citizens, Dennis checks to registers to find they only did just over $2000 worth of business. He heads over to Ta-Ta’s to speak with Calvin, the manager there and another former Shenaniganz employee. Aside from asking about the business, Dennis asks him about how he was able to change his attitude and Calvin tells him about some DVD’s he ordered that taught him how to be an asshole in order to pick up girls, which boosted his confidence. After a massive call in order boosts their sales numbers, Dennis works to keep them motivated during the dinner rush. Meanwhile, Nick is upset with Theo leaving Shenaniganz to work at Ta-Ta’s and Theo tells him that they needed to grow up, forcing Nick to examine himself and decide to try and change as well. Naomi attempts to help steer business away from Ta-Ta’s by lying to the customers before they get in but Calvin catches her and tells her to leave. As she does, she ends up stepping in dog crap and wipes it off on the side of the restaurant only to have a fly land in it. The fly then makes it’s way into the restaurant during the height of the dinner rush and lands in a bowl of soup as Amber delivers it, causing the customer to send it back and other customers to change their orders. As the cooks work on dealing with the order changes, Mason, the cook in charge of the frier and french onion soups, gets tired of being picked on all the time and quits. As the night ends, Allison shows up at the restaurant and tells Agnew that she is dumping him, revealing that she is hooking up with Raddimus. Meanwhile, Dennis is payed a visit by Dan and the general manager, Dean. Dean explains that he didn’t hit his numbers and he won’t be getting the district manager position but it could be worse as he could be like Dan. Dennis goes to tell the staff that they did a good job but they did not reach their mark. When the employees all worry about them closing the restaurant, he tells them not to worry, then lies and says that he paid the difference. One of the servers decides to invite him out to the bar to join them for drinks and he agrees. While the gang is all there, Amber hears Mason talking and is attracted to the way he speaks and hooks up with him. While this is going on, Calvin, who was supposed to meet up with one of his servers for the night, ends up losing his confidence and she blows him off. Meanwhile, Dennis ends up hitting on a drunken Naomi and she takes him back to his place to have sex. When she wakes up in the morning, she is horrified at first but decides to go ahead and have sex with him again.

Yeh, this was definitely a disappointing movie and a poor attempt to try and cash in on the original’s somewhat cult status. The acting was ok, with John Michael Higgins doing a good job as the good intentioned Dennis, while the returning characters were decent and did show some growth from the original movie but there really were too many characters to really give them all the attention they really deserved. The story was honestly a little weak and not very original, as the whole place trying to make a quota by the end of the day, has been done over and over in movies before. The comedy was some of the same coarse humor that was in the first movie, only it just came across as even more juvenile and rather lame. Yeh, direct to video sequels are always hit or miss on if they capture the magic of the original and in this case, they fell pretty flat.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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April 30th, 2018 Movie – Waiting


So as I start the letter “W” with today’s blog, we are getting close to the end of the line here folks. For a time line of events, in a little over 2 months, I will be finished up with the letter Z, then I have 3 months of movies to rewatch and review, as I had watched them before I started the blog. After that, I will be reviewing the new movies that have come into my possession since the year began. Now I know what some people might be thinking (which has also been brought up by my friends); “Why don’t you review them as you get them?” The reason I am not doing that right now, as opposed to how I have done it in the past, is because I have a couple of out of town trips this year and I am working on pre-writing those blogs before I leave and when I get a new movie, it throws things off and makes me have to watch even more movies before to pre-write. Now that I have the explanations out of the way, let’s get on to today’s movie, Waiting.

The plot: After hosting a house party at his place last night, Monty shows up for work at Shenaniganz the next morning and starts flirting with the hostess, Natasha, who reminds him that she will no longer be a minor next week. Monty is then met by Dan, the restaurant manager, who asks him to show Mitch, a new hire, the ropes around the place while it is slow. Once Dan leaves, Monty starts talking with Mitch, talking over him when Mitch tries to talk, and starts explaining that there is a game many of the guys in the restaurant play, where they attempt to get people to look at their crotch and then kick them in the ass while chastising them for looking. Meanwhile, Monty’s roommate and co-worker Dean has lunch with his mom, who comments about one of his high school classmates, Chett, finishing college and getting an electrical engineering degree, and Dean gets upset at her passive aggressive tactic of comparing him to Chet to show her disapproval in his life. Dean shows up at work at the same time as his girlfriend Amy and Monty’s ex Serena, who both work as waitresses with them and they enter the restaurant to change and encounter Monty messing with Mitch. Monty then introduces Mitch to some of the other workers; head dishwasher Bishop, stoner busboys T-Dog and Nick, and head cook Raddimus, who Monty leaves Mitch with so he can go over the finer points of the “game” while he attends a meeting with the other servers that Dan is having. After the meeting, Dan pulls Dean aside and offers to make him assistant manager, saying he will get more perks and a pay increase and asking him to think it over. Naomi, a surly waitress, overhears the conversation and tells the others about it and when Monty asks Dean what Dan wanted, Dean doesn’t say anything. The day starts and the servers head out to the various table but Dean is still distracted by Chett’s success and Monty asks him if he is going to take the assistant manager’s job, surprising Dean that he knows about it, and Dean admits he isn’t sure. When one of the women at Amy’s table is overly rude to her, then criticizes Monty and Amy when Monty brings out the food, which she claims was made wrong, Monty takes the plate back and signals Amy to come to the back with her. Presenting the plate to the cooks, he tells them the customer was a “beeyotch” and Amy agrees that she needs to be burnt, so the cooks proceed to mess with the food by spitting in it, rubbing some of it down their pants, and putting pubic hairs in it. After Monty serves it and the woman starts eating, he explains to Mitch that she had broken the cardinal rule; Don’t fuck with people that handle your food. When Dean receives the payment for his table from a redneck couple, and only receives a $1 and change off of an almost $60 check, he insults the customer by handing the tip back, claiming that he needed it more than he did. The customer gets angry and starts yelling for the manager and Dan works to placate the customer with some coupons for free dinner. Afterwards, Dan pulls Dean into his office to yell at him and Dean ignores him, then complains to Calvin, who is also in line for the position, about how his life seems to suck. Dean and Monty then try to give Calvin some advise on women, then call Amy and Serena over to give him the female perspective of what they want, which ends up turning into an argument between Serena and Monty as to what went wrong in their relationship. As the dinner rush starts up, Monty leaves Mitch to watch the training video, which he finds incredibly boring. During the rush, Dean is giving thought to taking up Dan’s offer of the job. As the dinner rush winds down, Dan flirts with Natasha and when she brings up the party after work, he says that the guys always seem to forget to invite him and she tells him she will get the directions for him. Monty and some of the other servers are comparing tips as they get ready to leave and as Calvin questions how Monty was able to earn so much in tips and Monty says he will tell him how, which ends up with him tricking Calvin and Mitch into looking at Raddimus’ crotch. After kicking both Calvin and Mitch, Monty jokes with Amy, Serena, and Naomi about joining in on the game and Naomi takes him up on it and flashes the guys, resulting in the girls kicking all three of them in the butt. As Monty and the others leave, leaving Dean and Amy to close down the front, one final customer walks in just before closing. Dean goes to wait on them and discovers that the customer is Chett, who taunts Dean with his new success. The cooks, upset with having to work past closing, purposefully drop the food on the ground before serving it then head out for the night, followed shortly by Bishop. Dean hands Chett the check and as he receives the payment, finds that Dean payed with $100. When he goes up to Chett and tells him he paid too much, Chett said that the rest was for him, as he obviously needed it more than he did. Natasha heads into Dan’s office and tells him she is leaving, handing him a slip of paper with the address for the party on it, and after she leaves, Dean walks in and Dan asks if he is taking the job. At the house party, Monty is talking to Mitch when Dean walks in and Monty quickly ignores Mitch and goes to speak with him. Dean says it’s ok about what happened with Chett, as it helped him put things in perspective, and he tells Monty that he quit his job at Shenaniganz and later, Dean works on repairing his relationship with Amy. Meanwhile, Monty and Natasha head into Monty’s room and start making out but when Natasha starts to take off her clothes, Monty stops her and says that they should wait until she turns 18 the following week. As the party continues, Mitch is still unable to say anything, as he is constantly interrupted or talked over, and he finally snaps. Turning off the music, he proceeds to yell at everyone there, calling out Naomi, Dean, Calvin and Monty in the process, then tells them he quits. Mitch starts to leave, the stops and points to Floyd, one of the cooks, and says he is the worst out of all of them. As everyone turns to look at Floyd, who wonders what he could have done to Mitch, they all turn back to Mitch and react in shock as he had pulled down his pants to show off his crotch as “the Goat”, which Raddimus had said would make him a god among men. Mitch leaves but Monty quickly runs out after him and apologizes to him and invites him back to the party and Mitch agrees to come back. As the party continues, Natasha tells Monty about inviting Dan but it’s revealed that she had actually given Dan the address to the redneck couple, who asks Dan for his gift certificates. Back at the party, Monty admits that she got him with the trick and comments on one more week before they can officially get together.

Waiting met with poor results from the critics, holding a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Waiting… is a gross-out comedy that is more gross than comic.” The Shenaniganz restaurant was actually a converted Bennigan’s, which many people noted the similarities, but has since been converted to a Verizon Wireless store. The movie was a box office success, earning $18.6 movie off of a $3 million budget and would produce a direct to video sequel a few years later.

This is admittedly a pretty a coarse movie but it does have some funny aspects to it. The acting was good for the most part, but it honestly seemed like Ryan Reynolds (Monty) and Justin Long (Dean) just played the same exact character types that they almost always play, which made their characters pretty boring. A lot of the other characters felt more interesting but due to their being so many characters in the movie, they didn’t get a lot of development. The story was interesting and, while definitely extreme in several instances, it did show an interesting side of the restaurant business. The comedy was very adult at times as well as childish, which is definitely not going to appeal to the majority of people. If you do like the style of humor, it will make you laugh, but it could have been a better movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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April 28th, 2018 Movie – Voyage To The Planet Of The Prehistoric Women

voyage to the planet of prehistoric women

First things first, I am an idiot and once again messed up the order of movies. In my defense, I kind of have a lot of movies and when I put them in my spreadsheet, I sometimes goof on where I place them, then don’t notice my mistake until it’s too late, as it could be years from the time I first got the movie and placed it in the spreadsheet to when I watch it for this blog. The worst part about this mistake, is that yesterday’s movie and today’s movie are on the SAME SIDE OF THE SAME DISK in the Classic Sci-Fi box set; which makes me an even bigger moron for not even noticing it. Ok. Now that I got all that off my chest, let’s continue on with today’s movie, Voyage To The Planet Of The Prehistoric Women.

The plot: In 1998, the Earth’s first manned mission to explore Venus was launched but a meteor struck the ship, destroying it. 6 months later, a second expedition was sent out, containing Captain Alfred Kern and Astronaut Howard Sherman, as well as Kern’s robot, John. In case anything went wrong, a second team, consisting of Commander William Lockhart, Astronaut Hans Walker, and Astronaut Andre Freneau, was made ready on the refueling station. Kern and Sherman reach the planet Venus but as they make their descent, they miss their intended landing target and end up in a swamp. As Kern works on repairing some damage to Robot John, they come under attack by some lizard-men and Sherman works on repelling them long enough for the repairs to be finished and Robot John to lead them away. Afterwards, they attach some cables to Robot John and have him head to shore so they can use the cables to cross the swamp and find shelter until the other team arrives to rescue them. Lockhart’s team blasts off and after stopping at the refueling station, they head on to Venus to find the others. When they land, Andre heads out to explore the area but comes under attack by a tentacled plant and is rescued by Lockhart and Hans. Lockhart and Hans tell Andre he is lucky they heard him call out but Andre swears that he didn’t call out. Contacting Marsha at Mission Control, they are unable to make contact with Kern or Sherman and set out in their hovercar to find them. Meanwhile, Kern and Sherman continue moving across the planet, both beginning to suffer from a lack of oxygen, and have Robot John find them some shelter, then tell Robot John to help the others locate them. Meanwhile, as their hover car heads towards the ocean, Andre hears the voice calling out and has Lockhart stop the car so they can investigate but they don’t find anything. Elsewhere on the beach, a group of women, native Venusians clad are sunning themselves on the rocks when their leader sits up and telepathically tells the others to wake up and that it is time to return to the sea. As they swim in the ocean, they see a pterodactyl flying over head, calling it their god, and their leader says their god is angry and they swim to the far shore. Meanwhile, Lockhart, Andre, and Hans continue head back to their hovercar, with Andre swearing he heard a girl and Hans teasing him about it. Once in the car, they head out over the sea and make contact with Robot John, who tells them about Kern and Sherman’s condition. Lockhart gives Robot John instructions on how to uses part of the first aid kit to revive the two men, and they quickly head off in their direction. Suddenly, the pterodactyl appears and when it attempts to attack the hovercar, they manage to kill it, then submerge the hovercar in order to avoid any more attacks. As they make their way underwater, Andre notices that some of the nearby cliffs are evened out, resembling streets, and decides to take a look. Elsewhere, one of the women sees the prerodactly’s body floating in the water and when the leader sees it, she tells the women that they must carry it to the sacred place to pray for guidance. Underwater, Andre and Lockhart discover a statue of the pterodactyl, with ruby eyes, and Hans admits that there is proof that a civilization did live there once, and Andre says they still exist, they just haven’t found them yet. Andre decides to continue exploring but has the feeling like something is watching him, unaware that two of the women are underwater and watching him, then quickly leave the area. At the sacred site, the leader swears to avenge the death of their god, Terra, and she has the pterodactyl’s body taken back to the sea to be laid to rest. As they say their goodbyes to their god, the two girls swim up to the surface and tell their leader about the men walking in their ancient holy site and the leader says that they are the ones to kill Terra and must be destroyed. Lockhart and the others reach the shore and work on drying off their gear and discuss what they saw under the sea. Andre swears that the civilization exists, believing it to be filled with beautiful women, and he says he will see them before he leaves. They hear the strange cry again and decide to head out to find Kern and Sherman. Meanwhile, the women head to the base of the volcano and begin praying to the fire god of the mountain, asking that it kill the invaders that killed their god, causing the volcano to start to erupt. Elsewhere, Kern and Sherman have recovered and notice the ash cloud from the volcano. They quickly try to take some samples from the area only to find themselves trapped by the lava and are forced to climb on top of Robot John to try and make it across the lava. As Robot John makes it’s way through the lava stream, he suddenly starts talking, radioing his location to Lockhart and the others. When Robot John’s self preservation mechanism kicks in and he starts to grab Kern to remove the excess weight, Sherman smashes the panel in Robot John’s back, shutting down the robot and saving Kern. Lockhart and the others arrive and are able to rescue Kern and Sherman before the immobilized Robot John falls into the lava and is swept away. Returning to the sea, the astronauts take stock of their situation and realize that they will have to return to Earth sooner than intended, due to the loss of some of their supplies and the additional weight of Kern and Sherman on their rocket. They also discuss the idea that intelligent life does exist on the planet and Andre wishes they could find further proof that it existed. Meanwhile, the Venusian women wake up the next day and find the body of Robot John, covered in solidified lava, and the leader says it is a symbol of the strength of the fire god. When she learns that the astronauts didn’t die in the eruption, the leader prays to Terra to take it’s vengeance, causing it to start raining. As the astronauts return to their ship and prepare to leave, the rain starts falling on them and when they water coming down the hills and a crack in the ground underneath the rocket, Lockhart quickly orders them to light the rocket’s load so they can make an emergency blast off. As they work to ready the rocket, Andre cracks the outer shell of the strange rock he found under the sea and discovers it is a small sculpture with a human face. Excitedly, he goes to show the others and says they have to stay but Lockhart drags him inside and they blast off before the water seeps into the crack and causes the ground to open up where they had been. As the rocket leaves, the Venusian’s leader says that the demons are stronger that Terra, declaring Terra to be a false god. She then leads the other women into throwing rocks at the nearby idol of Terra, destroying it, then has Robot John’s body placed in it’s stead, declaring it as their new god. Meanwhile, Andre says that other missions took precedence over a return trip to Venus but Andre claims that he will return one day and locate the girl that called out to him.

So if you think about it, this is almost the exact same movie as yesterday’s just focusing on a somewhat different perspective. The acting was ok I guess, with the dubbing and voice overs making up all of the dialogue. The story actually felt a little more focused than in Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, with the rescue mission aspect playing out well with the sub story of the Venusians using their abilities to try and destroy the invading astronauts. I will say that the idea of the Venusians speaking telepathically was a pretty neat way to get around any dubbing issue with the actresses voices. The special effects were the same as in Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, making them laughably bad at times. Yet another movie to watch and laugh at if it’s on, but not necessarily something to hunt down to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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April 27th, 2018 Movie – Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet

voyage to the prehistoric planet

You know what I always enjoy, watching a Roger Corman movie, especially when it is one you didn’t know was a Roger Corman movie. Now I watched this movie a few years ago when I first bought the Classic Sci-Fi box set and thought it was your typical low budget 60’s movie. Turns out, it was originally a Soviet sci-fi movie that was reedited and dubbed for the purpose of making it a new movie for American audiences. So now the question is, does this new knowledge make this movie any more enjoyable? Only one way to find out and that is to go ahead and watch today’s movie, Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet.

The plot: In the year 2020, mankind has colonized the moon and now seeks to start exploration of the planet Venus. An international team sends three rockets, Capella, Sirius, and Vega, to Venus but the Capella is destroyed by a meteorite during the journey. The crews of the other ships radio back to Lunar 7, the space station they left from, and are told to maintain an orbit around Venus until a new spaceship arrives to assist them. Some of the astronauts are impatient to explore Venus and don’t want to wait for the new ship to arrive. They come up with a plan to send Allen Sherman, Dr. Kern, and John, Kern’s robot, to Venus in the Vega’s shuttle, leaving Dr. Marsha Evans on board to monitor the situation. Marsha contacts Professor Hartman on Lunar 7 and he gives the go ahead for their plan. The shuttle make’s it’s descent, with John piloting it when the situation got too rough, but they soon lose contact with the shuttle. Marsha gets concerned and Commander Brendan Lockhart, Andre Ferneau, and Hans Walters from the Sirius decide to take their own shuttle down to locate them., with Hartman giving them permission to carry on. The three men land on the surface and Andre goes off to explore the nearby terrain while Lockhart and Hans try to figure out where they are in relation to the other shuttle. As they prepare to take their hovercar out to look for the others, Andre is attacked by a tentacled plant. Lockhart and Hans hear a voice telling leading them to Ande and they think it was Andre calling for help at first but he swears he never was able to cry out for help. Meanwhile, Sherman and Kern had landed in a swamp and are attacked by some lizardmen but are able to fend them off. Kern sends John to shore with a cable, and they are able to make it through the swamp but due to tears in Sherman’s suit, he starts feeling sick and they send John to find shelter for them. Meanwhile, Lockhart and the others continue on their way when they spot a dinosaur and take a blood sample from it. As they continue searching for the others, they hear that strange voice again and Lockhart says it sounds like a woman’s voice calling out. Elsewhere, John finds a cave for Sherman and Kern to take shelter in and as they both start to faint, Kern tells John to help the others find them. Lockhart and the others are making their way across a large body of water, maintaining contact with Marsha to keep her appraised of their progress when they are attacked by a pterodactyl. When their blaster has no effect on it, they decide to submerge the hovercar in order to escape it, losing contact with Marsha in the process. Marsha contacts Hartman and asks permission to land the Vega on planet’s surface to help them but Hartman refuses, telling her to remain in orbit. Under water, Andre chooses to explore the area some and finds a cave that appears to be carved into the rock, finding a strange stone which he brings back with him. The eventually push the hovercar up to shore and as they work to drain the water from it, they check to make sure the batteries are dry. Meanwhile, Sherman and Kern have recovered and, with John’s help, they begin exploring the area near them. As they take readings from the area, a volcano starts to erupt and they find themselves trapped with no choice but to get onto John and have him carry them across the lava. As they make their way across, John suddenly starts speaking out their position and they realize that Lockhart and the others must be close and trying to locate them. Suddenly, John says the weight is too much and starts to grab Kern and remove him from him but Sherman is able to disconnect the power source, freezing John in it’s place. Lockhart and the others arrive and Hans and Andre get out of the hovercar so Lockhart can save Kern and Sherman, reaching them before John falls over and is carried off by the lava. As the group rest by the beach, they discuss whether there is intelligent life on the planet and several of them believe there is evidence of it, but they just haven’t found it yet. The group decide to continue making surveys and taking samples of the area. As they head back to the ship, they hear a recorded message from Marsha, saying that due to losing contact with them and not hearing further instructions from Hartman, she decided to bring her own ship down to the planet to try and help them. Lockhart, Sherman, and Andre work on removing some of the supplies from the ship so they can mount a rescue mission but Kern has Hans try contacting Marsha, believing she might still be in orbit. They are able to reach her and Marsha explains that Hartman had contacted her before she started her descent and told her to remain in orbit. Kern relays the news to the others, who are happy to hear that she is safe and get ready to leave and rejoin her in orbit. As he is about to leave, Andre discovers something that he says is proof that there are people similar to them on the planet and tries to convince the others to stay but they drag him aboard the ship so they can leave. After they blast off back into space, the reflection of a nearby puddle shows a figure approaching where their rocket was and bowing down.

This is honestly one of those movies that is best watched for the sole purpose of laughing at it. Since this was dubbed, it’s hard to really determine the acting but the voice overs were ok. The story was confusing, as it was kind of hard to tell what all they were trying to do (of course it could be that I’m not 100% awake yet). The special effects were kind of on the cheap side and a didn’t do much to help move the story along. The good news is that this is a relatively short movie so you won’t have to suffer too much. This is more or less a time killer of a movie but it could have been better with a better plot.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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April 26th, 2018 Movie – Voltron: Fleet Of Doom

voltron fleet of doom

Ahh, the memories that this brings up. I know that every generation of kids will say that the cartoons from when they grew up were the best but honestly, I loved the 80’s cartoons. One of my favorites of that batch was Voltron, as I remember my dad setting the VCR to record it so my brother and I could watch it on the weekends when we were with him. I remember when this special first aired, I was super excited as it would be a chance to see both Voltrons at the same time. So let’s relive some childhood memories with today’s movie, Voltron: Fleet Of Doom.

The plot: In the far reaches of the galaxy, King Zarkon forms an alliance with Viceroy Throk of the Drule Empire. The two rulers create a massive armada, known as the Fleet of Doom, which they plan to use to conquer the galaxy. When one of Zarkon’s scouting parties locates the secret base that supplies all of the power for the Galaxy Alliance, Zarkon and Throk send out the fleet to destroy the base, though each ruler plans to turn on his ally once the defeat the Galaxy Alliance. The Galaxy Alliance contacts Coran on Planet Arus and Commander James Hawkins of the Exploration Fleet to explain the situation and both men agree to send their respective Voltron’s to assist in defending the base. The Castle of Lions takes off from Planet Arus on it’s way to meet with Commander Hawkins’ ship and as they are flying through space, Keith and the others remember some of the fun times they had with their friends during the academy before Coran suggests they sleep in shifts, telling Keith and Princess Allura to get some rest first. On Planet Doom, Zarkon’s witch Haggar offers her help in dealing with the Voltron Force but when Zarkon refuses, she changes his lead scientist into a monster, then disappears. Haggar heads to a land beyond space and time, which is the source of her magic powers, and calls upon the spirits to increase her magic powers. Haggar then makes her way to the Castle of Lions, and uses her powers to look in on Keith and Allura’s dreams. However, Haggar’s presence is detected by the space mice, who alert Pidge, Hunk, and Lance and they rush off to stop her. They reach Haggar as she enters Allura’s room but Haggar uses her magic to immobolize them, and Keith after he is woken by the commotion and enters the room, then steals Allura’s spirit and disappears. When Coran enters the room, Keith explains what happens and as they try to figure out how to save Allura, the ghost of her father, King Alfor, appears. Keith asks Alfor what they can do to save Allura and when he says it involves a dangerous journey, Keith agrees to undertake it for Allura. Alfor transports Keith to the lad beyond time and space, warning him that in this land dreams become real, and Keith heads out to rescue Allura. Elsewhere, Haggar transfers Allura’s spirit to a spherical prison and Allura tries to plead with her ti turn against Zarkon and stop being evil but Haggar refuses. Back in the real world, Some of Zarkon’s ships attack the castle to try and delay their reaching the secret base and Lance, Hunk, and Pidge take their lions out to stop them, destroying several of the ships before they end up caught in a force field. Back in the dream world, Keith is confronted by creatures from his childhood nightmares and runs from them but when he finds himself surrounded, Alfor speaks to him and reminds him that they are created from his dreams and Keith is able to defeat them. Back in the real world, Commander Cossak attempts to capture the lions but once they are removed from the force field, the lions are able to break free from their bonds and renew their attack, destroying some more ships and damaging Cossak’s flagship, causing him to flee. Lance wants to go after him to finish the job but Coran calls him back, saying that the Fleet of Doom has reached the base and they must stop them from destroying it. Meanwhile, Hawkins pilots his ship through an asteroid field, as it is the only way to reach the base in time, and tells Jeff and the others to get their vehicles ready to launch in case they can’t make it through. Back in the dream world, Keith reaches Haggar, who tries to trick him with multiple copies of Allura but when he is able to pick out the right one, Haggar grabs Allura and flees. Allura continues trying to reach Haggar’s goodness and eventually does so, causing Haggar’s goodness to split from her evil self and fight for control. The fight results in the destruction of the evil world Haggar had created and as Keith rejoins Allura, the two Haggars say that they are free to go. Allura asks Haggar to come with them but she refuses, using her magic to send them back to their bodies. Back in the real world, Lotor and Throk have destroyed most of the base and are preparing to finish it off when the Castle of Lions appears. Coran tries making contact with Hawkins but when he receives no answer, he fears that they have been destroyed by the asteroid field. Lance and the others head out and Lotor decides to send a rhino ro-beast to stop them. Keith and Allura return and head out to help their friends, just as Coran receives word from Hawkins that they made it through the asteroid field. With Keith and Allura joining them, the lions quickly form Voltron and work to beat the ro-beast. Throk sends out two more ro-beasts, a scorpion beast and a beetle beast, and the three ro-beasts are able to knock down Voltron. Lotor launches a 4th ro-beast, the armor beast, but the Vehicle Voltron appears and is able to help free the Lion Voltron. As the two Voltrons prepare to face off against the ro-beasts, Lotor reveals that the ro-beasts are able to combine into a giant robot, with Lotor piloting a special skull ship that forms the head. Lotor begins attacking the two Voltrons, but the Voltrons are able to combine their powers and destroy to robot, while Coran and Hawkins use the Castle of Lions’ defenses and the Exploration Fleets’ forces to defeat the Fleet of Doom. Seeing Zarkon’s defeat, Haggar reabsorbs her good self, using it to change her appearance, then appears before Zarkon as he is yelling at Cossak and Lotor for failing. Meanwhile, the two Voltron Forces, as well as the Castle security and the Exploration Force, congratulate each other on defeating the Fleet of Doom, renewing their vows to defeat Zarkon and the Drule Empire and bring peace to the galaxy.

This is such a dose of nostalgic goodness to watch, you can almost forget about some of the silly plot lines. The voice acting was good, with all of the acotrs doing a good job reprising their various characters, though I think Peter Cullen made Hawkins sound too much like Optimus Prime. The story was a fun way to try and bring the two different shows together, but I felt like it really focused more on the Lion Voltron, which was the more popular of the two shows in the U.S. I would have much rather had it where the various vehicle teams would have partnered with some of the lions to do separate missions, then have them unite at the end for the final battle. I have to admit, the whole side quest bit with Haggar stealing Allura’s spirit was a bit much and really felt stupid. The animation was pretty good, though some scenes were basically just some of the animated cells reused from the show. Some aspects didn’t exactly age well but it is still fun to watch, especially if you are an 80’s kid or a fan of the show.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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April 25th, 2018 Movie – Vipers


Another snake movie starting with the letter V? It seems to be some sort of trend going on here. Man, I am a little sad about today’s movie as it means I am almost done with the Maneater series of films. These were always fun to watch when they would show up on Syfy and I am glad I picked them up on DVD, especially the triple feature packs. I had actually bought today’s movie as a single movie but bought the triple pack that had it so I could get the other two movies. So is this movie that good that it was worth buying twice? Let’s find out as I watch today’s movie, Vipers.

The plot: At a Universal Bio Tech research facility, John Staffen enters the specimen lab and is shown the genetically modified horned vipers that they have been using for their experiments. The vipers were slated to be destroyed after an incident where they attacked and killed their handlers and some guards but Staffen and his security detail shoot the doctor and the security guards. As the security detail move to switch the lethal gas with knockout gas so they can transport the vipers to a new facility, one of the security guards, who was just wounded, shoots the glass cage the snakes are in. The escaping vipers begin attacking everyone and Staffen manages to escape and close the door, watching the snakes feed on the victims before he leaves. At Universal Bio Tech’s main facility, Dr. Collins is giving a lecture on how horned viper venom has been used to treat breast cancer. After her lecture, she is approached by Universal Bio Tech’s owner, Mr. Burton, who tells her that there was an incident in their lab and the genetically modified vipers escaped. Collins is upset about Burton’s messing with the snakes, calling it unethical and how everything assigned to the project reflects on her but Burton says that he needs her help to before the snakes reach a populated area. Meanwhile, the vipers are shown to have eaten all of the bodies in the lab and escape out the ventilation system, heading out into the water. On the nearby island of Eden Cove, a honeymooning couple is fooling around in their tent by the lake when they are attacked by the vipers. The next day, former Marine medic Cal  Taylor arrives in town and is met at the dock by Hank Brownie, who gives him a ride into town. As they are driving, they spot the wrecked campsite and investigate it but find no sign of the owner so Hank uses his CB to contact Sheriff Hendricks. Hendricks heads to the rental agency, catching Georgie, the owner, fooling around with Jack Martin and as Georgie goes to get the couple’s information, Jack tells him that he and his wife Ellie are separated so there is no need to go blabbing about what he is doing to her. When Cal and Hank arrive, Hank hands Hendricks the ring they found and Jack, who owns the local inn, takes Cal there to check in. They get there just as Jack’s daughter Maggie goes storming off, yelling at her parents for their separation and Ellie tells Jack they need to talk. Cal goes to see Dr. Silverton, revealing that he was there at Silverton’s request due to his being friends with his sone Joey, who died in the service. Cal hands Silverton Joey’s personal effects just as they are called away to Nicky Swift’s flower shop, where Maggie had broken in and smoked some of the marijuana Nicky grows. Cal joins Silverton and they find Jack and Ellie there with Maggie and Nicky and as they wonder who Cal is and why he is there, Silverton explains that he is planning on turning over his practice to Cal. Nicky realizes that Cal knew Joey and when Ellie comments that Nicky is the reason Joey enlisted and was kileld, Nicky punches her. Suddenly, they hear screaming coming from outside and Cal rushes out to find a young boy was bitten by a snake. Cal grabs the boy and Nicky drives him over to Silverton’s office, where they give him some anti-venom to stabilize him. Silverton decides to fly into the city with the boy, asking Cal to take care of things for him till he gets back. Meanwhile, Burton tells Collins that they got a report of the snake bite and asks what contingencies she has to offer and Collins tells him she has a gas that can stun the snakes but isn’t sure if she has enough to handle a large quantity of snakes and any other poisons that would be useful on the snakes would also be lethal to humans. On the island, Hendricks has Nicky arrested for assault then goes to the sheriff’s office, where Cal is tending to Ellie’s jaw, and tries to get her to drop the charges. When Ellie says he always defends Nicky ever since they were kids, Hendricks tells her that he wants to be with her, not Nicky. Silverton calls and tells Cal that the boy took a turn for the worse and he is staying overnight to ensure he is ok. After he gets off the phone, he is approached by Collins and Staffen. Back on the island, Georgie meets up with Jack and says she can step back if need be but Jack insists that he wants to be with her. The two head to the inn and have sex and afterwards, Jack goes to take a shower when the vipers enter the room and kill Georgie. As Hendricks takes Cal to tend to Nicky’s hand, they are met by Hank, who wants Hendricks to check out something on the dock. Cal checks Nicky’s hand and as he examines it, they talk about Joey and Cal explains that he and Joey talked about her a lot. Cal says it isn’t broken, then leaves to get some ice and Nicky uses his scalpel to pick the lock of the cell, only to find Cal waiting outside for her and he chooses to accompany her as she runs some errands, mainly delivering pot to some residents that are suffering from cancer. Suddenly the hear Jack screaming out and find him coming out of the room with blood on his hands. As Jack checks on him, Nicky looks inside and sees the vipers swarming over Georgie and Cal kills one that approaches her, then quickly shuts the door. At the docks, Maggie runs off after another argument with Ellie just as Hendricks and Hank show up when all of a sudden, vipers start attacking people on the docks. Hendricks tells everyone to head up to the hotel and has Hank get Ellie into his truck and leave, and Ellie cries out as Maggie is unable to reach the truck and runs off with some snakes chasing her. Everyone makes it to the hotel and they start barricading it to keep the snakes out but Ellie and Jack rush out to try and find Maggie. Ellie finds Maggie as she tries to cross a bridge to reach the hotel but when the vipers cut her off, Hendricks grabs her and takes her to the sheriff’s office, locking her in the cell but the vipers kill him. Ellie and Jack enter the station but are unable to reach Maggie and Jack drags Ellie out of there, where they are met by Cal and Nicky, using a fire extinguisher to ward off the snakes, and they take shelter in a nearby food truck. Nicky hotwires the truck and they pull up close to the door, then Cal heads into the station to get Maggie and takes her to the truck. When the truck won’t start, they decide to make a run for the diner but Ellie is killed before she can escape the truck. As night falls, Silverton, Collins, Staffen, and two security agents arrive on the island, using gas grenades to stun the snakes. One of the agents is killed by the snakes but the others manage to reach the hotel, as well as Cal and the others. Once inside, Collins tries to keep everyone calm but Jack and several of the residents want to use the cover of the gas to escape to the boats. Jack is shot by the security agent but several of the islanders leave and Collins wants to use the last of the gas to give them a chance but Staffen refuses to let the agent use it, dooming the islanders to being killed. Inside, Cal and Silverton try to save Jack’s life but are unable to and as Silverton consoles Maggie, Cal gets upset at being unable to save Jack’s life. When he sees Collins crying, he accuses her of what happened and Collins said she had nothing to do with what happened, as Burton was the one to create the snakes. When the security agent reveals that a rescue isn’t happening and the island will be bombarded with C-12 gas, Cal comes up with a plan to lure the snakes away from the docks so that Silverton and the other islanders can get to safety, as Silverton is the only person able to call off the air strike. Rigging up some heaters to Jack’s truck and making some homemade flamethrowers, Cal, Nicky, Collins, Hank, Staffen, and the security agent head out and start luring the vipers away from the hotel and boat, and Silverton leads the surviving islanders out of the hotel but as they reach the boat, Maggie runs off to help Cal. Cal and the others reach the greenhouse and are joined by Maggie but the security agent is killed by the vipers. Inside, Nicky starts up her generator to start producing heat while Cal and the other’s work on gathering the ingredients necessary to make an IED. When the snakes start breaking in, Staffen is killed by the snakes and they discover that he had a satellite phone and another way off the island. When Burton tries contacting Staffen, Cal grabs the phone and pushes a few buttons before handing it to Collins, where she responds and argues with Burton over his actions. As more snakes appear, Hank shoots at one but ends up hitting the greenhouse roof, weakening it to the point that it breaks and he is killed by the falling shards of glass. As snakes start pouring in from the ceiling, Cal has everyone head out as he lights a flare and runs, blowing up the greenhouse and killing all of the vipers. As they recover from the explosion, they see the planes for the air strike approaching but then they veer off and they realize that Silverton got through to the authorities. Some time later, Burton is speaking at a shareholders’ meeting when his recorded conversation he had with Collins is played over the loud speakers, just as Collins arrives with the police to arrest him. On Eden Cove, Silverton and Maggie listen to the news of the arrest on the radio then head off, leaving Cal and Nicky to get better acquainted, as they had grown close during the night. Back on the mainland, Burton gets in his limo after leaving the police station but as he is on the phone, he discovers a viper in the back with him which attacks and kills him.

This is an ok movie but I was a little disappointed in it. The acting was ok, with Tara Reid doing a surprisingly decent job as Nicky, while Jonathan Scarfe (Cal) Corbin Bernsen (Burton) and Don S. Davis (Silverton) doing good jobs as well. The story was interesting, although did feel a bit similar to Venomous in some regards, mainly the whole destroying the town to cover up the secret experiment aspect. The special effects with the snakes were honestly a little disappointing, looking a lot more fake than some other movies that came out in the series. It’s a good way to kill some time but I wish it could have been better.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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April 24th, 2018 Movie – Venomous


I think that at the turn of the century, we had all sorts of straight to video B-Movies coming out. The good news with this is that many of these were quick to wind up on TV, particularly on Sci-Fi Channel, and I was always entertained by these gems. Of course, this also meant I would tend to get these movies on DVD. Today’s movie is honestly one that I mistook for a different movie, however both movies involved rattlesnakes so I wasn’t too disappointed by the mishap. Now it’s time to see if today’s movie, Venomous, is as good as the one I was thinking of

The plot: In 1990 at a U.S. Department of Defense R&D Center in the Mojave Desert, Dr. Dutton sneaks two foreign agents, disguised as journalists, into the lab. Taking them into the genetics lab, he explains that they are doing some gene splicing with rattlesnakes at the moment. The two journalists take a look at the snakes, commenting that this is what the Americans have planned for their people, then quickly leave the room. Dutton is confused at their actions and follows them as they take a service elevator to the basement. Once there, the male agent knocks out a custodian, then proceeds to open his briefcase and start setting up a bomb and as Dutton tries to help the custodian to his feet, the female agent shoots the custodian, then Dutton. The two agents leave but another custodian enters the basement and, seeing the two bodies, hits the alarm button. Guards show up and a shoot out occurs, killing the two agents, but the bomb detonates and destroys the building. However, some of the snakes were not killed in the blast and manage to slither out into the desert. In present day Santa Mira Springs, CA, an earthquake occurs disturbing a large nest of rattlers that was living in an underground chamber. As the rattlers start making their way above ground, one of them bites a dog that gets too close to it. The dog runs off back to it’s owner Bob Jenkins, licking his face as Bob pets it, then Bob gets in his truck and drives off while the dog lays down on the front porch of the man’s store. As he is driving, he begins coughing and driving erratically, causing Sheriff Jack Crowley to pull him over. When Bob’s truck finally stops, Jack finds him having seizures in the truck and quickly calls for an ambulance. He is taken to the local hospital, where Dr. David Henning and Dr. Eric Foreman examine him but have no idea what he is suffering from. When Bob dies, David calls his estranged wife, Dr. Christine Edmonton, and explains what happens and asks if she could do a more detailed examination on a sample. A few days later, a young man named Billy Sanderson is bitten by a rattler outside his home. He goes to the hospital, where David gives him some anti-venom and insists that he wait a few hours before leaving. As David leaves to answer a call from Christine, Billy drinks a glass of lemonade and hands it to Nurse Josie Randall but it drops out of his hand and breaks and as Josie picks up the pieces, she ends up getting cut by some of the shards. As she leaves to tend to her injury, Billy leaves the hospital, coughing up blood as he gets in his car and leaves for work. David speaks with Christine, who tells him that the sample contained some sort of unknown virus and tells him she will bring it to her superiors’ attention. Billy goes to his job at a diner, where he continues coughing as he cooks the orders for various people, unknowingly contaminating their food. As his shift ends, Billy collapses to the ground outside the diner and his boss calls 911. David and Eric start treatment on Billy and as David talks with Billy’s wife Cindy and asks if Billy had any contact with Bob Jenkins, one of the diner’s customers shows up complaining of food poisoning. As David quickly puts a face mask on the woman and orders an isolation room made ready, Josie also collapses onto the floor and David calls out for help with her. In D.C., Christine goes over the case with General Arthur Manchek and explains that aside from Billy, Bob, and Josie, 4 customers also were admitted into the hospital with the same symptoms and asks that they be allowed to investigate the matter and Manchek agrees. After she leaves, Manchek takes the file and meets with Major General Thomas Sparks, saying that it is similar to the project they worked on 10 years ago but appears to be mutated. Sparks tells him that they can’t afford to have anyone investigating the matter, not even the White House, so Manchek intercepts the latest blood samples sent to Christine and switches them for some different samples. Back in Santa Mira Springs, Eric goes to the diner to speak to the owner about Billy while David goes to the sheriff’s office and gets the keys to Bob’s place, wanting to look around for signs of whatever might have killed him, eventually locating Bob’s dog’s body and he quickly calls Eric to get someone to pick it up. Back in D.C., Christine examines the samples and finds they contain E. Coli, but no trace of the virus that killed Bob, and Manchek tells her she should be happy and after she leaves, he makes arrangements to leave for Santa Mira Springs. Christine calls David and tells her what she found and he says there has to be a mistake but she informs him that she is coming to town and they can talk then. When the reports come in on Bob’s dog showing that it was bit by a rattler, David theorizes that the snakes are the common cause and has Eric put together an advisory with Animal Control. Suddenly, Manchek and some soldiers arrive, telling David they are there to help with the epidemic. When he learns that David is issuing an advisory on the snakes, he orders a media black out of the area, then heads to the sheriff’s office and tells him that the city is under quarantine. As another earthquake hits the area, Christine calls her sister Sue and asks to stay there while she is in town but later, after watching the news saying the town is in a media blackout, Christine tries calling again and finds she can’t get through. Meanwhile, Sparks goes to see the Presidents Chief of Staff and lies about what is happening in Santa Mira Springs, telling him it is an Ebola outbreak that has already killed 1000 people and possibly infected the whole town. Sparks wants to use an emergency directive to kill everyone in town to contain the virus but the Chief of Staff refuses to bring that option to the President. Meanwhile, the army is still maintaining a strict presence in the city, which is making many of the town’s residents nervous. As a doomsday prepper, Larry Kizinsky, and his family work on securing their home, the man is bitten by a rattler and his wife attempts to suck out the poison. When they both start felling sick, Larry’s brother Frank drives them to the hospital, where Eric admits them both while Frank claims he is fine. Christine uses her D.O.D. credentials to make it into town and heads to the hospital. She meets with David just as Eric tells them of the new snakebite victim and David invites her to see the virus first hand. Later, Christine heads to her sister’s house and warns her about the snakes just as her nephew Jimmy shows up with a baby kitten that he found. When Christine returns to the hospital, David tells her that there have been 4 more snakebite victims and Christine is shocked to find Manchek there. She accuses him of leaving her out of the loop on this and he tells her that since she was a civilian there were certain things that were deemed need to know, but since she is there now she won’t be permitted to leave until the virus is contained. That night, Manchek heads back to the base camp outside of town and receives a call from Sparks, saying to prepare for Directive 7-12, as he has the head of the Science Advisory Board agreeing with him and plans to speak with the Chief of Staff again in the morning. The next day, Frank shows up with a gun, demanding they release his brother so he can take him to a hospital in another town. Eric is shot as he tries to stop them and David tries to reason with them as Frank points his gun at him but Frank makes it outside with Larry and drives off. David tells the MP’s that Larry is contaminated and follows after them as the MP’s call it in. As Frank attempts to drive out of town, a helicopter flies overhead and starts shooting at them, causing the car to crash. Frank gets out of the car and grabs a bazooka from the trunk and shoots down the helicopter but a second helicopter appears and kills him. David witnesses the events and argues with Manchek over what happened, then questions why the medical supplies aren’t being delivered like they were promised. Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff contacts Sparks and says that if the whole town is dead like he says, then the President will authorize the air strike to eradicate any trace of the virus and Sparks simply smiles as he hangs up the phone. Back in Santa Mira Springs, Christine is testing some more samples when another earthquake hits and she ends up getting a piece of a broken test tube in her hand. Realizing what has happened, she removes the glass and attempts to treat the injury just as David shows up to see if she is ok and she lies about being injured. David checks in with Eric, then heads to a place where he figures the rattlers might be hiding, as he believes that they can get use the snakes to fashion antibodies to counteract the virus, since the snakes are apparently immune. Heading into the water maintenance tunnel, he finds some snakes and catches one, only to discover that more snakes have appeared in the tunnel and he carefully makes his way out of there. Returning to the hospital, David finds Christine passed out and he yells out for Eric to help her, then works on milking the rattler so he can get the antibodies needed to save her. Meanwhile, Sparks calls Manchek and tells him they received the authorization for Directive 7-12 and he will arrive there soon. That night, a family decides to try and break out of the quarantine zone and make a run for it. Sparks orders helicopters to pursue them and as they family makes it’s way along the mountain roads, the wife loses control of her car and ends up crashing down a ravine and dying in an explosion. The husband and son get out of their car and surrender but Sparks orders them to be killed as well. David tries out the anti-virus on Christine and when she flat lines, he believes he failed but her heart beat suddenly starts up again and she is shown to make a full recovery. With Christine’s help, David and Eric are able to create the formula for a synthetic antibody they can use to cure or vaccinate people and Christine heads out to see Manchek to get his help with the supplies but when she gets there, Sparks says he can’t help her, then orders the plane to launch. Outside the city, the reporter says that the army is evacuating the town, as the residents are all dead, and a fire bomb attack is being used to level the town and destroy the virus. Meanwhile, Sue discovers that the last earthquake damaged a water pipe and she goes out to fix it, not knowing that a rattler had managed to crawl into the pipe. When she turns the water back on and takes a shower, the rattler makes it’s way out of the toilet and bites her as she is drying off. Back at the hospital, David wonders what’s taking Christine so long and goes looking for her, only to be captured by Sparks and Manchek. Christine realizes that Sparks is responsible for the virus and he says it was developed for use against Iraqi forces during Desert Storm but a security breach caused the project to be suspended and some of the test subjects escaped and apparently bred. Manchek wants to abort the mission, as they have a cure to help the people, but Sparks shoots him, then gets onto a helicopter and flies out of there, only to find some rattlers had gotten into the helicopter while it was picking him up and as he tries killing them, he accidentally shoots the pilot and control panel, causing the helicopter to explode. David manages to free himself and Christine and as she heads to the barricade to explain to the media that there are still people in the town and beg that they stop the bombing, David heads to the sheriff’s office and grabs a flare gun to use to try and call off the bombing. Their plans work and the bombing is called off and the army starts helping capture some snakes to use for the vaccine. After the town is saved, Christine decides to stay in town and patch things up with David, while the army detonate the snake’s den, believing they have killed all of the snakes but unknown to them, some more snakes have survived deep underground.

This was a pretty good movie altogether. The acting was ok, with Treat Williams and Mary Page Keller doing good jobs in their respective roles of David and Christine respectively. I also liked Tony Denison, who seemed to go all in with his portraying Sparks as a completely amoral person that will do whatever is in his best interests, regardless on who gets hurt in the process. The story was interesting, mixing a lot of different themes to try and tell a full story. While the whole terrorist bit at the beginning was a weak way to set up the rest of the film, the military cover-up aspect was actually pretty well done. The special effects involving the snakes were pretty good, as they didn’t try making them bigger or faster, simply more aggressive, which made them seem more natural than some other snake movies. It’s not going to be for everyone, as plenty of people are scared of snakes, but it is a decent movie to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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April 23rd, 2018 Movie – Venom

venom (1981)

Ahh, another bit of nostalgia hitting me right here. Back when I was a kid, I saw this movie one of the days while at day care (I already explained my experiences with day care). I don’t know why this had such an impact on me but I vividly remembered this movie years later and would often decide to go look for it. After several instances of it popping into my head and my wanting to watch it again, I decided to buy a copy of it on DVD. There was just one problem, for some reason, I remembered this title as being Black Mamba, which it apparently wasn’t it’s title. I eventually learned the real title just as a Blu-Ray release came out. So I immediately pre-ordered it and have enjoyed watching Venom (1981) ever since.

The plot: Ruth Hopkins picks up her son Philip from the American Academy in London and when they arrive home, says that she would like to spend some time with him before she leaves on her trip but Philip rushes up to his “zoo” to feed all of his animals. Ruth asks her maid Louise if her father, Howard, is there and she tells him he is downstairs so Ruth heads down to see him, asking Louise to bring them some tea but after she leaves, Dave, their chauffeur, gets Louise’s attention and motions upstairs. Ruth enters her father’s room and asks how he is doing and Howard says he should be out of their hair in 4 weeks. Ruth then talks about her trip, wondering if she should cancel it as she is overly worried about Philip’s health but Howard tells her he will be fine taking care of Philip and she needs to go, as she hasn’t seen her husband in a month. Meanwhile, meets Louise in her room as she is cleaning some of Ruth’s jewelry for her trip and he worries that she might cancel her trip at the last minute but Louise assures him that she is leaving. He then asks if she is sure about Jacmel’s plan and she tells him everything will be ok, then starts taking off her clothes as she says she plans on showing him what they will be doing once things are finished. That night, Ruth says goodbye to Philip and Howard and Dave drives her to the airport for her trip, but after she heads inside and disappears from view, Dave heads inside as well and asks if a flight from Madrid arrived. He is told it has and when he turns around, he is confronted by Jacmel, who says he is late and they head off, with Dave handing him a gun as they drive. Dave drives Jacmel to a secluded house in the country, telling him it is paid for 3 months in advance like he asked, then hands him the keys to the house and the car and drives off. Jacmel enters the house and checks it out and is met soon by Louise, who reveals that her and Jacmel are lovers and worked together on their plan. The next day, Howard calls a cab and helps Philip get inside and head off, despite Louise’s protest that he can’t leave on his own. After heading back inside, Howard receives a phone call from Jacmel, who tells Howard he is organizing a safari and would like to meet with him to discuss his leading it and Howard agrees to the meet. After Howard hangs up, Louise attempts to call Jacmel to tell him that Philip left but he is one the phone arranging to have Howard told he is delayed so that he can ensure Howard is kept out of the house. Philip arrives at a exotic pet store and when the owner’s wife asks what he is there for, he tells her that he is picking up his order. She tells him where his crate is and he grabs it and thanks her, then gets back in the cab to head home. Meanwhile, at the Institute of Toxicology, Dr. Marion Stowe is told by her assistant that the snake they received doesn’t appear to be the black mamba they ordered and when she looks for herself, she agrees and says it is a harmless rat snake. Realizing the store must have mixed up their orders, she calls and speaks to the owners wife, who tells her about Philip, and then calls the police. She tells them the situation and tells them that they need to send someone to get the snake quickly before it bites Philip or someone else. Philip arrives at the house and Louise greets him as he gets outside, then tries to get him into Jacmel’s car, saying Howard sent it for him, but Philips insists on putting his new snake in it’s cage, slipping away while she is distracted by the cab driver. Racing up to his room, Philip passes by Dave, with Louise close behind him, and convinces her to help him put the snake in it’s cage. As Louise opens the box, she screams as the snake rears up and starts biting her, then slithers off under the bed. Howard, who had just arrived back home, hears the scream and races inside, followed by Jacmel, and asks what happened. When Dave explains what happened, Howard says it was a rat snake and Louise is probably in shock but leaves to call for an ambulance, only for Dave to rip out the phone and attack him. Jacmel chastises Dave for his actions, telling him not to do anything unless he says so, and then goes to get Louise and Philip and take them out of there. Dave goes and loads a shotgun and meets them downstairs, where Jacmel yells at him for getting the gun, when a policeman shows up at the house about the snake. Philip yells out for help and when the officer opens the door to see what is going on, Dave shoots him in the chest. As Jacmel quickly closes the door and yells at Dave for panicking, the officer manages to crawl to his car and radio for help before dying. Philip manages to get away and Dave and Jacmel go after him and when they finally catch him, they see Louise violently reacting from the venom before dying. Dave weeps over her body and Jacmel says they should leave when they hear sirens getting closer as the police seal off the street and surround the house. Commander William Bulloch assumes command of the situation and speaks with Jacmel, who yells out through the window for them to stay back. Jacmel has Howard examine Louise’s body and he tells them she was bit by a mamba, having seen their bites before while in Africa. Jacmel escorts him upstairs to try and locate the snake, but unknown to them, they snake has made it’s way into the ventilation system. Outside, Bulloch has sharpshooters stationed across the street and makes all of his preparations before having Jacmel’s car towed. Dave, seeing them tow the car, yells at them and threatens to shoot but Jacmel drags him inside and slaps him, telling him to get a grip. Bulloch then calls out to Jacmel and asks for his demands and after Jacmel lists them, Bullock heads back to the control van. One of his assistants tells him they received a call from Marion who told them about the snake and Bulloch asks that she be brought there. Inside the house, Philip starts having an asthma attack and Howard asks to be allowed to get his medicine but Jacmel refuses to let him leave. When Marion arrives, she explains the situation to Bulloch and he has her go with him to tell Jacmel. Jacmel tells them that Louise has been bitten and asks that Marion come in and treat her but when Bulloch refuses to let her inside the house, Jacmel says they will bring her to the steps for Marion to treat. When Louise’s body is placed on the steps, Marion goes to treat only to discover that it was really Jacmel, who quickly takes her hostage and brings her inside the house. Angered by the deception, Bulloch goes over the building’s blueprints and old maps to make sure there is no other way in or out and discovers that a shop close buy was built on an old stable house that was connected to the main building and sends some men to see if there is a servant’s entrance that might have been covered up. Inside the house, Howard makes another plea to get Philip’s medicine and Jacmel takes him upstairs to get it, leaving Dave to watch Philip and Marion. When Dave decides to get a drink from the liquor cabinet, he is shocked to find the mamba inside and quickly leaps back before it can bite him. Jacmel and Howard return and Jacmel quickly closes the door and moves the cabinet from the wall just as the mamba is making it’s way back into the ducts so he covers it with a pillow. Deciding to try and force the cops into giving in to their demands, he has Dave hold her up to window as she starts screaming in pain, then Jacmel tosses a box out to Bulloch, which contains a female finger inside. Bulloch has the car brought back outside the house and as Dave rejoices in seeing it, Jacmel orders him to check all over the house to make sure it is locked up. Dave takes Howard with him and they check the house, making their way to the basement, not knowing that the mamba had made it’s way down there as well. Meanwhile, Bulloch heads to the shop and prepares to head through the service entrance to reach the basement, accompanied by a member of the herpetology department from the London Zoo in case the mamba appears. He burst through the wall just as Dave and Howard enter the basement and Bulloch shoots Dave in the shoulder but the mamba appears, forcing Bulloch back through the shop door while Howard quickly heads upstairs, leaving Dave to be killed by the mamba. Ruth arrives at the scene, frantic with worry for Philip, and the money arrives so Bulloch heads out to speak with Jacmel. Jacmel has Marion go onto the balcony and tell Bulloch that everything is fine but as Jacmel keeps an eye on her, Howard notices the mamba entering the room and making it’s way towards Jacmel. The mamba strikes Jacmel, who thrashes about and struggles with the snake, ending up smashing through the window on the other balcony. As he attempts to shoot the snake, the sharpshooters begin shooting at him and Jacmel manages to kill the snake before falling off the balcony to his death. As Bulloch and his men advance on the house and make sure everyone is ok, they are unaware that the mamba had been pregnant and laid it’s eggs in the ducts, one of which had already hatched.

This is one of those movies that is not exactly a good movie, but can be entertaining. The acting was ok, though a bit stoic and somewhat slow at times, which could bore some people. The story was interesting, basically a simple kidnapping/ransom story line that gets messed up with the inclusion of the mamba. I will say that Susan George’s (Louise) death scene, as well as Klaus Kinski (Jacmel) end scene with the snake was a bit overly dramatic but they didn’t exactly diminish the movie and could be laughed at to a degree. The special effects regarding the snake were interesting, but the odd camera lens they used for the snake’s POV was a bit annoying. I am sure a part of my enjoyment of this movie is due to some nostalgia but it is still a decent movie that is worth giving a shot.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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April 22nd, 2018 Movie – Varan The Unbelievable

The other day I had commented on it being a long time since I had watched a Ray Harryhausen movie for this blog. Well, the same thing can be said for watching a Toho Studios kaiju film. Don’t get me wrong, Godzilla movies are pretty much my go to when I want something to watch or I am feeling down. When I started collecting the movies in the unedited Japanese, today’s movie was one of the first ones I bought off of eBay. However, the seller never sent it, or the other movies I ordered from him. A few weeks later, I found the English version at a video store and quickly snatched it up, but I knew that I still wanted the original Japanese version. Almost a year later, the seller finally responded to my emails, and negative feedback and reporting on eBay, and sent the movies I had bought from him. Flash forward several years later and the original Japanese version was released on DVD and I bought that, then had a friend record my English version VHS to DVD so that I could have both movies in an updated format. Now, let’s enjoy this Sunday morning with today’s movie, Varan The Unbelievable.

The plot: When a rare species of butterfly, thought to only exist in Siberia, is found by a vacationing student in Northern Japan, the university sends two members to the region called The Japanese Tibet to see if more can be found. The two men make their way through the mountain road and eventually reach a village but when they ask if it is Iwaya Village, the villagers all walk away. Thinking the villagers are simply scared of outsiders, the two men continue on and attempt to locate the lake the butterflies were found at. AS some strange tremors occur, they are forced to stop the car and notice a butterfly nearby but as they go to catch it, they hear a strange roar and a sudden gust of wind knocks them to the ground, just as a landslide crushes them. As the newspaper reports on the mysterious landslide, the villagers say that the men were killed by their god. Back at the university, Yuriko, the sister of one of the men that died, arrives to collect her brother’s things and questions Dr. Sugimoto about what happened to her brother. When he tells her they aren’t sure but a second expedition is being prepared to journey there, Yuriko says that she is a reporter and is planning on going there to discover the truth about what happened to her brother. When he learns she is going to be accompanied by another reporter, Motohiko, Kenji, one of Sugimoto’s assistants, asks permission to accompany her as well. The three head out towards Iwaya Village and as they get close, they are met by Gen, the son of the village priest, who tells them not to go any further or else their god, Baradagi. Hearing a roar coming from the lake, the boy warns them not to be seen or else Baradagi will eat them, then heads towards the village, with the three adults following behind him. When they reach the village, they find the priest leading the villagers in a prayer towards a statue that represents Baradagi, begging forgiveness for the people that invaded it’s privacy. When the priest spots the intruders, he tells them to leave or Baradagi will kill them like the other intruders. Kenji tries to reason with him, saying there is no way Baradagi really exists. Hearing another roar coming from the lake, Gen goes rushing off to locate his dog, who had run off, and the priest refuses to let his wife go after him. Kenji, Yuriko, and Motohiko decide to go looking for Gen but as a fog starts coming in off the lake, they get separated and Yuriko ends up getting lost. Kenji and Motohiko return to the village and try to convince the villagers to help search when Gen’s dog returns, carrying a note from Yuriko that Gen is safe. When the dog heads back into the fog, Kenji and Motohiko go after it, followed by several of the villagers. They eventually locate Yuriko and Gen and as Gen’s mother embraces him, they are shocked to see a giant, lizard-like monster emerge from the lake. Everyone heads back towards the village and orders an evacuation, getting everyone out of there but the priest refuses to leave, choosing to stay and pray for forgiveness and mercy but he ends up being killed by the monster as it proceeds to destroy the village. As the observe the creature destroy the village, Kenji says it is Varan and is surprised to see that it could still exist. Some time later, Dr. Sugimoto discusses Varan with members of the Self Defense Force, who are prepared to lead a military expedition to the lake and destroy Varan. As the military begins setting up, Motohiko and some other photojournalists make their preparations to take pictures of the encounter. After all of the preparations are made, the Defense Force begins firing chemicals into the lake, in the hopes that it will lure Varan out from the bottom of the lake. After 25 minutes pass, dead fish begin floating to the surface, followed shortly after by Varan, who makes his way to shore. The Defense Force begins their attack but their weapons have no effect on the monster and they are force to order a withdraw. As Varan gets closer, Kenji tells Yuriko to leave but as she makes her way through the jungle, a tree falls and traps her underneath it. When Kenji returns to the base camp and finds she hasn’t returned, he heads back out and eventually finds her. Managing to pull her from underneath the tree, they attempt to make their way back to the base camp but since Varan is close behind them, they are forced to take shelter in a cave. Motohiko, Sugimoto, and some members of the Defense Force go looking for them and see Varan clawing at the hillside, attempting to open the cave wide enough for him to reach Kenji and Yuriko. Realizing they have to distract Varan in order to save them, Sugimoto has the Defense Force fire some flares away from the cave to lure Varan away. The plan works and Kenji and Yuriko are able to escape the cave but as they rejoin the others, they look on in horror as Varan climbs up the mountain, then spreads out it’s arms, revealing a membrane connecting his limbs, and flies away from the lake and out towards the sea. As the Defense Force begins searching the ocean for any sign of Varan, a meeting is held and Sugimoto says there may be know way for them to kill Varan. After Varan sinks a fishing boat, the Defense Force attempts another attack, using jets to fire missiles at it but Varan manages to grab one of the planes as it flies too low and drags it into the water with it, destroying it. When Varan submerges under the water, the Defense Force use destroyers to locate it and renew the attack, reporting that Varan is making it’s way towards Tokyo. They then try to use a fleet of mine sweepers to try and seal off Tokyo Bay but Varan is easily able to make his way through them. Ordering an evacuation of Tokyo, the Defense Force prepares to engage Varan outside Haneda Airport, where it is most likely to make land. Dr. Fujimara, an associate of Sugimoto’s, says that he has some special explosives that he uses to clear rocks for dam construction which might be effective against Varan and he is asked to go get it. As Varan heads towards shore, the trucks with the explosives arrive and they are asked to drive the trucks towards the shore, but the drivers refuse. Kenji gets in one of the trucks and drives it towards Varan, getting out right before Varan reaches the truck, and quickly runs back to the others. Fujimara detonates the truck just as Varan is right above it and they believe it worked only for Varan to get back up and continue towards the city. As the Defense Force attempts to stop it, some jets flying over head drop some flares to try and lure it back out to sea. Seeing Varan swallow one of the flares, they come up with a plan to load the special explosives in bomb casings and drop them from a helicopter. The helicopter takes off and Varan swallows two of the bombs and one of them detonates inside it, severely injuring the monster. Varan crawls back into the sea and disappears from sight and shortly afterwards, the second explosion occurs and when no sign of Varan is spotted, they all believe they have finally destroyed him.

Almost any time that a Japanese kaiju film was distributed in America, the American studios would always make some changes to it; usually substituting some of the original music for some stock music from other movies or editing/cutting some scenes. However, when Varan was shown in the US, almost 20 minutes of footage had been cut, including all of the scenes where Varan is shown to fly away from the lake. Tt had been heavily edited to the point it was given a completely different plot. In the new plot, Commander James Bradley is sent to Japan to work on a desalinization project to convert salt water to fresh water. Setting up his experiments on one of the outlying islands, he asks for help evacuating the islanders but the military goes overboard in their eagerness, making for some bad PR for Bradley. As the experiments commence, they end up waking a giant monster that had been on the bottom of the lake. The monster goes on a rampage, destroying the village on the island and killing several of the villagers and soldiers, then making it’s way to the ocean. As the military works on trying to kill the creature, nothing seems to work. Bradley comes up with the idea of using his desalinization chemicals to attack the creature, Using flares to distract the monster, the chemicals are loaded onto a truck and driven out to where the monster is and detonated, causing a poisonous cloud to surround the monster, which roars out in agony before diving back into the sea and disappearing.

As much as I love kaiju movies, this one was honestly kind of generic. The acting was ok in the Japanese version but just weird in the English version. I liked the plot in the Japanese version of the movie much better than the English version. Not the bit about butterflies being the start of all this, but rather the whole focus on some of the rural, mountain villages in Japans held fast to their ancient beliefs and being challenged by more modern thinking and skepticism, which was a generational issue in Japan back then. As for the English version, that whole plot felt like a convoluted mess, as the English scenes honestly didn’t seem to mesh well with the original Japanese scenes. The special effects were ok and I did like the rather basic look for Varan, which actually made him appear as a more sinister monster than the earlier monsters of Godzilla, Anguirus, and Rodan. The one thing I honestly thought was weird about this movie is that it was shot in black & white, when Rodan, which was released 2 years earlier, was shot in color. Still, it’s a fun movie to watch, even though there isn’t as much mass city destruction to be seen.

Rating: (Japanese version ) 3 out of 5
(U.S. Version) 2 out of 5


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April 21st, 2018 Movie – Van Nuys Blvd

van nuys blvd

Ahh, another Saturday and I have a movie from the Drive-In Cult Classic box set on my plate today. Now I honestly have no idea what sort of movie I will be getting today, as it is simply named after a street. That is like the worst thing in the world to try and guess a plot. I mean, if it was a building, you could have some fun trying to guess the plot; like is it a hostage movie, a natural disaster, or some sort of crazy house party type situation. But a street? There are too many things to even think about what could happen. Well, let’s find out as I watch today’s movie, Van Nuys Blvd.

The plot: A young man named Bobby heads over to his girlfriend Jo’s house and while she wants to fool around, he is more interested in a program talking about the wild antics on Van Nuys Blvd. After Jo turns off the TV, Bobby complains about how bored he is with their town and decides to head out to Van Nuys Blvd to see how things if the stories are really true. After driving all day, he finally gets into town and stops at a burger joint, where the waitress flirts with him and when she brings him his food, says she will join him in the back of his van. Meanwhile, a local man named Chooch is riding along the boulevard but when a girl moons him, he ends up running the red light and getting pulled over. Officer Albert Zass gives him a ticket for running the red light and when he decides to give him a ticket for noise violations due to his hot rod’s engine, Chooch jokes about Zass’ mother, causing Zass to arrest him. Elsewhere, Greg and his friend, pull into a gas station and when another car pulls in, Greg says he had dreamed about the girl in the car, Camille, for the last three nights. Despite his friend warning him not to, Greg approaches the car and tells Camille about his dream. Camille’s boyfriend, Jason, punches Greg and as he starts arguing with Camille, Greg uses a wrench to smash the headlights of Jason’s car, then speeds off when Jason tries to get him. Jason wants to follow after him when Greg suddenly slams his car into Jason’s, then continues to taunt him. Jason gets out and he and Greg start smashing each other’s cars. Another car pulls up and they all cheer the action as Greg’s friend and the gas station attendant get in on the action, while Camille simply gets a ride out of there with her friend Moon. Later, after things cool down and both cars are towed away, Jason catches a ride with another female friend and Greg’s friend goes with them, leaving Greg to sit on the side of the road by himself. Meanwhile, Camille and Moon end up at the burger joint and park next to Bobby’s van, where they are amused by what they hear coming from the van. Back at the gas station, Greg is picked up by a girl on a motorcycle and they pass by Jason and his friend, who were stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, and she takes him to a house party, where they proceed to have sex and afterwards, she drops him back off at the gas station. Back at the burger joint, Bobby and the waitress finish having sex when Moon talks to him about his van, and challenges him to a drag race. Bobby agrees and they head to a nearby road for the race but as they are racing, Zass pulls them over. Inside the cell, Bobby, Moon, and Camille are placed in the same cell as Chooch and Bobby is telling Chooch his version of what happened when Greg is added to the cell. Once inside, he immediately tries talking to Camille and when he learns they will be released in the morning, he invites them all to the amusement park, telling Camille it was part of his dream. Moon and Bobby agree to go and Greg convinces Chooch to come with them. The next day, they all head to the amusement park and Greg wants to ride the Revolution, the massive roller coaster, right off the bat but Chooch and Camille are hesitant and convince him they should check out some of the other parts of the park first. The group heads out and has fun, with Greg and Camille and Moon and Bobby seemingly getting closer. The finally decide to ride the Revolution, though Chooch is still hesitant, and afterwards, he races to the bathroom to throw up. When he returns, Greg teases him and taunts him about going on an even larger roller coaster, causing Chooch to run off to puke again. As they head off and catch one of the dance numbers, Greg continues to joke about Chooch, causing Moon to get upset at him, and at Bobby for sticking up for him. When she storms off, Camille and Greg tell Bobby that Moon really likes him, then head out to go dancing. Bobby tries to patch things up with Moon, who asks if they are on a date or just hanging out. When another guy asks Moon to dance, Bobby tells him that she is with him, but then reveals that he can’t really dance. Moon says it is ok and leads him out onto the dance floor and the proceed to start dancing. while Camille and Greg are dancing and kissing nearby. Meanwhile, Zass is attempting to have sex with a girl named Wanda, who he picked up for hitchhiking, but she tricks him into getting out of the car and as he tries to get back in, she handcuffs him to the door frame, then leaves him there. Wanda starts walking down the road and eventually ends up being picked up by Chooch, who takes her back to his place. As Chooch is talking to her, she reveals they hooked up once at the drive-in, and Chooch is embarrassed for not recognizing her, and they soon end up kissing. Meanwhile, Camille and Greg are makign out in Moon’s van after Greg drives her home and she tells him to sneak into her room so they can have sex but Greg goes in the wrong window and ends up in bed with her parents, which makes her mom scream and her father chase him out of the house. On the beach, Bobby and Moon are drinking and talking about what they should do next and end up having sex in Bobby’s van. The next day, Chooch goes with Wanda to race go karts, where he gets attacked by an old woman for breaking her course record. Later, they are playing air hockey when Bobby and the others show up and as Chooch introduces Wanda to his friends, Bobby is shocked to see that Wanda is the waitress he hooked up with, but he, Moon, and Camille keep that from Chooch. As the group hangs out and play video games, Bobby and Moon continue competing against each other, which starts to annoy the others. Chooch suggests they drag race early in the morning and Camille says she knows just the spot so they agree to do that. Meanwhile, Zass is still cuffed to his car and a biker shows up and taunts him before stealing his gear, wallet, and radio. Some time later, a dog shows up and Zass tries to get it to bring him the keys but it buries them instead. The group hang out at the beach, where Greg accidentally lets a pig loose on the beach, and when he goes to get a sandwich, he ends up injuring his jaw when he opens it to take a bite. Bobby, Camille, and Moon accompany Greg to the doctor’s officeso he can get it fixed, where they have to deal with the nurse who refuses to let them talk and forces Greg to try and explain the situation. After Greg gets his jaw fixed, Camille puts him in a dress so she can sneak him into her house that night but as they are having sex, her father shows up in the room trying to seduce Greg (not realizing he is a guy) and he is caught by Camille’s mother, who is shocked at what she sees. Meanwhile, Chooch lets Bobby and Moon use the garage he works at to do some last minute tune ups on their vans for tomorrows race and Greg ends up working on his van all night, which annoys Moon. The next day, Zass’ mother finds him and worries over her son and he tells her that the keys are buried and she leaves him to go get some help looking for them. On an unfinished stretch of highway, Moon and Bobby proceed to drag race and Bobby ends up winning. When he heads over to Moon’s van, she congratulates him but says that she is disappointed, as he seems to love the van more than her. Taking offense to that, Bobby gets in his van and drives off, heading towards a cliff, then jumps out before the van topples over it. Moon and the others rush towards him but as Moon questions why Bobby did that, he tries to embrace her but she yells at him and drives off. Greg and the others follow after her, leaving Bobby at the end of the highway, but Moon quickly turns around and goes back to Bobby and embraces him. Chooch decides to sell his hot rod, as he plans on marrying Wanda and heading to Tennessee to start a new life together. He ends up selling his hot rod to Zass, who has quit the police force and ends up getting busted by the police on a regular basis now.

I have to admit, that wasn’t quite what I was expecting to get out of this movie but it did get a couple of laughs out of me. The acting was ok but honestly, nobody really stood out enough where the parts couldn’t have been played by someone else. The story was decent, basically a trip down memory lane of sorts to what some felt was the antics going on those days. All I can say personally was that it had some of the good and bad that I have come to expect from movies about the 70’s. The comedy was mostly situational and there were some good bits, such as the cutaways to Zass as he is cuffed to his police car and nobody helps him, to Greg having sex with Camille when her dad walks in and starts feeling up Greg, all while Greg is trying to be quiet and Camille keeps responding to her father’s questions and comments, as she seems amused to see how this turns out. So it has some laughs in it but this is just a time killer movie, not really worth going out of your way to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5