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May 13th, 2018 Movie – Weapons Of Death

weapons of death

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. I hope every takes the time to thank their mother for everything she has done for you in your life, or if your mother has passed on, take the time to remember the times you shared with her. Today’s movie has a slight Mother’s Day theme to it, in that a mother is willing to go to any lengths to get her daughter back, or get revenge if she is dead. Of course, a movie like this is going to be found in the Martial Arts box set so there is no telling how good it will be. Guess we will find out soon enough as I watch Weapons Of Death.

The plot: At a bar in San Francisco, a fight breaks out between a man named Carter and a group of thugs. A second man, Bishop, enters the bar and helps fight off the thugs, then offers Carter a job, which he agrees to take. The two men, along with two others, head outside the city and meet up with a large group of Chinese warriors in the hills led by Foon, who tells Bishop to take one of his men, Chong, with them as they head into Chinatown, to look after their interests. As they head to Chinatown, Bishop points out a house as they drive by and when Carter sees it, he recognizes it and asks if that is the reason he took the job and Bishop says that 18 years is a long time to wait for revenge. In Chinatown, Eric is teaching weapons training to his students, warning them not to get sloppy or bored in their focus as they will be unable to master the training. After class, Eric’s sister Angela is getting ready to go out with Paul, one of Eric’s students, but her mother, Sue-Lin, stops them, as she feels they are moving too fast. When Eric taunts his brother, David, for lacking focus during his class, Paul, who is going to pick up an order for Angela’s mother, convinces David to go with him. While David and Paul are out, Bishop and his men arrive at the dojo and attack Eric and his students, grabbing Angela and Sue-Lin before knocking them out. Curt hands Sue-Lin a note explaining everything before locking her in a room while they leave with Angela. Josh, another student, sees them leave with Angela and tells David and Paul when they return. The three head inside the dojo to find Eric’s mother tending to an injury Eric received while fighting Chong. Paul wants to call the police but Eric’s mom tells them know, as she will just pay the ransom, saying that they are dangerous men. Eric agrees to take the money and David, Paul, and Josh say they will go with him but his mother says that they will have a fifth member go as well, her husband. She calls her husband Curt and tells him about Angela being kidnapped and Bishop’s involvement, just as some men attack Curt. Curt is able to defeat them and after learning that Bishop had sent them, he tells Sue-Lin that he will meet her at Eric’s place. Meanwhile, Bishop and his men get a flat tire and while they are changing it, Angela grabs a sword from the van and attempts to escape and one of the men go after her, only for Angela to stab him with a sword and continue running. Back at the dojo, Curt arrives and briefly speaks with Eric, who is not happy to see him as Curt had walked out on them years ago. Curt then goes to see Sue-Lin and after they talk, she tells them that if Angela is dead, she expects Curt to kill everyone responsible, as Angela is his daughter. Back in the woods, Angela is still running when she is grabbed by a gang of bikers. Carter sees Angela with the bikers and, grabbing a heavy branch to use as a club, he approaches the gang and attempts to get her back peacefully, offering to buy her from them. When the bikers attack him instead, Carter starts fighting back and, when he grabs Angela’s sword, begins killing all of them. After grabbing Angela, he takes her to an abandoned mine to rest for a minute and Angela convinces him to help her escape. As they go to leave, they run into some of Foon’s men, who were looking for them, and Carter refuses to turn Angela over to them, saying he only answers to Bishop. Some of Foon’s men go to find Bishop so they can all go to Foon together and Carter goes with them but once they are out of sight from the group, he shoots them. Pretending to be wounded, he staggers back to the group and tells them someone is out there and shouts to head into the mine for cover but once there, he begins killing them all. With all of the men dead, Carter tells Angela that the gunshots will attract people so she should head for the road, where someone will help get her out of there. Carter heads back to where the bikers were and finds Bishop, Chong, and the other member of the gang there wondering what happened. Suddenly, they are met by Foon’s female fighters, who had been sent to look for them, and they say that they will find the girl and intercept the ransom while Bishop and his crew are free to leave. Back at the dojo, Curt, Eric, and Paul are finishing getting ready while David talks with Josh, who admits he saw everything happen but was too scared to act. The 5 men head out and soon come to where the van had stopped but as they investigate, they are attacked by Foon’s female fighters. Josh freezes up again while Curt and the others fight and kill the women while Paul takes the leader hostage. After the fight is over, Curt berates Josh for not fighting, yelling at him that he won’t be going with them, when the female leader manages to get away from Paul. Curt chases after her and as he makes his way through the woods, he sees Angela and calls out to her. Suddenly, Curt is struck from behind while the female leader grabs Angela and takes her to Foon. Josh manages to rescue Curt but as the two argue and begin fighting as Eric and the others arrive and Eric is forced to break them up. When David finds a picture of Sue-Lin in Curt’s wallet, Eric questions him about it and Curt tells him that when he was on a job out of town, Bishop and his men attacked and raped Sue-Lin and got her pregnant, with Bishop being the father. When she was born, he couldn’t deal with the thought and so that was why he left but now he wants to try and make amends. When they get close to the area, Curt and Eric continue to the meeting, sending David, Paul, and Josh to circle around to attack from behind. When they get there, the start talking with Foon and hand him the money but when Foon prepares to have Angela injured or killed to send back to Sue-Lin as a message, Curt kills the man holding her and then he and Eric begin fighting Foon’s men. David, Paul, and Josh join in and they start killing off Foon’s men, while helping to get Angela to safety. Angela eventually runs to where Bishop and his men are watching the fight and while his man grabs Angela, Bishop goes to kill her only to be stopped by Carter. Carter and Bishop begin fighting and as they do, Paul rescues Angela and the run off, with Carter eventually getting thrown off the cliff and Bishop chasing after them. Meanwhile, Eric eventually is confronted by Chong and the two continue their fight from the dojo but this time, Eric gets the upper hand and kills Chong. Angela is grabbed by Foon and when Curt goes to confront him, Bishop intercepts him and as Foon leaves with Angela, Bishop taunts Curt into fighting him. Curt kills Bishop and goes after Foon with Paul and when they catch up with them, Foon threatens to kill Angela but David, who sees them from a nearby hilltop, shoots Foon with several arrows. As David and Eric meet up with Curt, Angela, and Paul, they wonder what happened to Josh. Suddenly, the last of Bishop’s men comes staggering up before dropping dead, with a sword stuck in his back, and Josh drives up in the jeep and holds up the bag of money.

Honestly, this is kind of a boring movie. The acting was ok, with the characters doing pretty good in their roles. I especially liked Louis Bailey, as he had some great character development during the movie in struggling with his conscience over kidnapping Angela and attempting to help her escape. The story was kind of straight forward, with the various revenge aspects merging into one big storyline. The random gathering of bikers was honestly pretty odd and seemed to serve no real purpose except to help push Carter towards helping Angela instead of helping Bishop. The fight scenes were honestly pretty boring and not at all what I was hoping for. I did like the final fight between Eric Lee (Eric) and Gerald Okamura (Chong), mainly because of all the various weapons Chong was using. I especially liked the use of the twin hooks by Chong, as they were always an interesting weapon in real life and in the movies. A generic movie that is a time killer but that is about it.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5