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June 24th, 2017 Movie – Sabotage (1936) (a.k.a. The Woman Alone)

sabotage 1936

Well, well, well. It’s my old friend The Legends Of Horror box set or, as I like to consider it, “The mass collection of movies Hitchcock made before he came to Hollywood”. So once again, I get to watch a Hitchcock movie that I have never seen before, but I have heard of this one. This movie came up during a conversation I had with a co-worker, who is a big fan of classic movies, and when we got on the subject of Hitchcock movies, he recommended I watch this one if I ever got the chance. So I let’s see if the recommendation pans out as I watch today’s movie, Sabotage (1936).

The plot: In 1930’s London, the power suddenly goes out and panic grips the city, When workers at the power plant find sand in one of the boilers, they realize that it was deliberately sabotaged and wonder who did it, as a man is shown walking away from the power plant. At a downtown cinema, the customers are upset and demanding their money back and Mrs. Verloc, who is working in the ticket booth, wishes her husband was there to deal with them. Meanwhile, Karl Verloc, who was the man leaving the power plant, sneaks upstairs into the living quarters of the cinema and after cleaning up, lays down in bed and pretends to be asleep. When his wife comes upstairs, she is surprised to see him there, having thought he was gone, and asks what to do about the customers. Verloc tells her to go ahead and give them their money back, saying he has some money coming in to cover the loss. When Mrs. Verloc returns downstairs, she sees Ted Spencer, a helper at the greengrocer next to the cinema, telling the crowd that due to the power loss being outside the cinema’s control, the cinema did not have to refund their money. Mrs. Verloc argues with Ted about what he is doing and tells the crowd that she will refund their money but as the crowd heads to the ticket booth, the power suddenly comes back on and the crowd heads inside, with Mrs. Verloc thanking Ted for his help before returning to the ticket booth. Later that night, Mrs. Verloc is working on getting dinner ready and sends her younger brother Stevie to the grocer to get some lettuce. Ted comes back with Stevie and warmly greets Mrs. Verloc, then comments to Verloc about seeing him return during the bloackout but Verloc tells Ted he was mistaken and that he never left. After his shift is over, Ted takes a cab to Scotland Yard, where it is revealed that he is an undercover officer investigating Verloc, as they believe he is somehow involved in a plot of attacks against the city. His supervisor wonders if Mrs. Verloc is working with Verloc or merely unaware of his actions and recommends Ted get closer to her to find out. The next day, Ted talks with Verloc for a little bit as he leaves the cinema and then watches as Verloc catches a bus and Ted signals his assistant, Hollingshead, to follow him. Verloc heads to the zoo and meets his contact, who is disappointed that the papers are mocking the power loss and wants Verloc to place some “fireworks” at the Piccadilly London Underground station, though Verloc is uncomfortable doing something that can result in a loss of life. Meanwhile, Mrs. Verloc and Stevie are in town and Ted “runs into” them and invites them to join him for lunch, during which he speaks with Mrs. Verloc but she has no clue that her husband might be up to something. Later, Ted returns to Scotland Yard and yells his superior that he believes Mrs. Verloc is innocent and his superior tells him what Hollingshead discovered. Meanwhile, Verloc heads to a pet store and meets with the owner, who works as a bomb maker for the terrorist group, and is given a time bomb disguised as a bird cage and told to make sure to place at the station at noon on Saturday. As he is getting ready to leave the store, he sees a police officer walking by and worries about them investigating him or raiding the store and the store owner comments that it would be a bad idea if they did. The next day, Ted notices several men going to meet with Verloc and he buys a ticket into the cinema to see if he can learn what they are meeting about. Running into Stevie, Ted is shown a window behind the movie screen that opens into their living room and Ted climbs up and starts listening into the meeting. As the meeting goes on, one of the terrorists notices Ted’s hand propping open the window and he quickly grabs it and drags Ted inside the room. Ted and Stevie quickly apologize for the intrusion and leaves but one of the terrorists recognizes Ted as working for Scotland Yard and after Ted leaves, he informs Verloc and the others. The terrorists decide to cancel the planned attack and scatter and after they all leave, Verloc heads to the ticket booth to speak with his wife. He asks her if Ted had asked questions about him and when she asks why, he says that Ted was spying on the building. Verloc heads to the grocers and asks the owner about Ted and the owner confirms that Ted works for Scotland Yard but he figured that they thought the cinema was showing “funny pictures.” The next day, Verloc tries calling the pet store owner to take back the bomb but learns that he had left for the day. When Ted shows up with Stevie, Mrs. Verloc is cold towards him and he apologizes for doing his job, then tells her what they suspect about Verloc. Verloc has taken the bomb out of the cage and wraps it but when he sees Ted talking to Mrs. Verloc, he asks Stevie to take the package to the station for him, saying it is some film canisters that need to be delivered to Piccadilly Circus before 1:45. Stevie makes his way to Piccadilly Circus but ends up delayed by a salesman, who uses him for a demonstration, and The Lord Mayor’s procession. When  the parade is over, Stevie manages to convince a bus operator to let him onto the bus, even though it is illegal to carry film canisters on a public vehicle as they are flammable. As the bus makes it’s way through the city, Stevie keeps track of the time and when it is 1:45, the bomb goes off, killing everyone in the bus. Ted receives word of the explosion as he is finishing talking with the Verlocs and heads to the crime scene. As he looks around, he notices a film tin and realizes it is the one that Stevie was carrying. As the papers report on the explosion, Mrs. Verloc is worried about Stevie but when she grabs a paper and sees the article about the film tin, she faints in front of the cinema, and when she is revived, she goes to see Verloc. Verloc says he didn’t mean for Stevie to be harmed and says that if anyone is to blame, it is Ted, as he would have delivered the bomb himself if Ted hadn’t of been there questioning him. Mrs. Verloc is silent as Verloc tells her to pull herself together and later that day, as they are eating, she ends up stabbing him with a knife then, in a state of shock over Stevie’s death and her killing Verloc, she sits down motionless in a chair. Ted shows up and offers his condolences for Stevie’s death and says he has to arrest Verloc. When he discovers his body, he asks what happened and Mrs. Verloc tells him that he killed Stevie so she stabbed him. She plans on going to the police to turn herself in and Ted follows after her to try and stop her, saying he will do anything to protect her. Meanwhile, the bomb maker’s wife chastises him for using the bird cage to deliver the bomb to Verloc and she has him go get the cage back so they aren’t incriminated. As he heads to the cinema, he is followed by Hollingshead, who radios in his report and is told to head to the cinema and the chief inspector is on his way to meet them. Mrs. Verloc get’s upset and Ted comforts her and they end up kissing, then heading back to the cinema. As they near the cinema, they see the police arriving and Mrs. Verloc heads towards the Chief Inspector to tell him that she killed her husband but before she can, he is called away to oversee the raid. Meanwhile, the bomb maker makes it inside the residence but sees Verloc’s body and the police closing in. When the police knock on the door, he tells them he has a bomb and they, believing it is Verloc talking, quickly rush to clear the audience out of the theater before he can detonate it. The Chief Inspector returns to talk with Mrs. Verloc and ask if she can talk with her husband but she tells him that he is dead, just as the bomb goes off, obscuring all evidence that Verloc was stabbed. The Chief Inspector tells Ted to help Mrs. Verloc and take her away from there but as they leave, he tries to remember if Mrs. Verloc had said her husband was dead before or after the explosion occurred.

Sabotage (1936) met with unanimous praise from modern critics, holding a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, the critics all seemed to feel like this was one of Hitchcock’s best thrillers before he came to Hollywood. While the hostile powers behind the bombings was never actually named, many people feel like it was Nazi Germany, due to the time that the film was made. While the movie was based on the novel “The Secret Agent” by Joseph Conrad, Hitchcock changed the title for his film, as he already had another movie coming out that same year titled The Secret Agent, though it was based on stories by W. Somerset Maugham.

While I don’t think it was as good as I was led to believe, this is still an incredibly good movie and really showcased Hitchcock’s talent for bringing out the tension in films. The acting was pretty good, with Sylvia Sidney (Mrs. Verloc), Oskar Holmaka (Verloc), and John Loder (Ted) doing great jobs in their roles. The story was pretty good, with my only real problem being that they didn’t really seem to explain the purpose behind the bombs. Yes, I know it was supposed to scare the British people but I meant the meaning besides the obvious one; the actual plan of which the bombs were only one step. Of course, they could have actually explained it and I just missed it but I honestly don’t recall them doing so. Hitchcock did a great job of using the tension in this movie to set the tone, especially in the final scenes of the movie. The scene with Stevie getting on the bus, and it driving by the various clocks as the time got closer to 1:45 was incredibly suspenseful, as you know what is going to happen but you keep hoping that something happens that keeps Stevie from being killed on that bus. The same kind of holds true when Mrs. Verloc kills her husband, as you feel like she is going to just snap but when she finally does, there isn’t a frantic reaction or anything as she actually seems pretty calm, though sudden, when she actually stabs Verloc. Definitely a movie worth watching, regardless on if you are a Hitchcock fan or not.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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June 14th, 2017 Movie – John Wick: Chapter 2

john wick 2

Ahhh, the pre-order gift. You know, when you pre-order a movie and forget when it is going to be released. Then you come home to find a package in the mail that contains your movie, but you never receive the email that it was delivered so it comes as a complete surprise. That is pretty much what happened regarding today’s movie, which I immediately went ahead and pre-ordered after seeing it in theaters. So let’s see how bad of a day our favorite assassin is having as I watch John Wick: Chapter 2.

The plot: A few days after the events of the first movie, John Wick is chasing down a man on a motorcycle and eventually catches him when the man crashes into the car John is driving. Searching the body, John retrieves a card with a distinct emblem on it, then leaves the body in the road and heads towards the Russian chop shop that has his car, which happens to be owned by Viggo Tarasov’s brother Abram. After taking out some of the guards, John finds his car and attempts to drive out of there but the remaining guards proceed to crash into his car. John manages to kill or cripple the guards, then heads up to Abram’s office and declare a truce, which Abram accepts, and John drives his wrecked car home. The next day, John’s friend Aurelio shows up and takes John’s car to his shop to be repaired while John heads down to his basement and reburies the weapons and clothing he used as an assassin. Hearing his doorbell ring, John answers it to find Santino D’Antonio outside, who asks if he can come in. John invites him in and as the two men talk, it is revealed that Santino had helped John with his impossible task that allowed him to stop being an assassin. Showing the blood oath marker that John swore to, Santino tells John he needs his help but John refuses to accept the marker, saying he can’t help as he is retired. Santino leaves but grabs a grenade launcher from his car and proceeds to use it to blow up John’s house, but John and his new dog survive. The two head to The Continental in New York City, where John meets with Winston and Winston explains that there are two rules that cannot be broken; no business can be conducted on Continental ground and all markers must be honored. Realizing he has no choice, John asks if they can board his dog and the concierge, Charon, says they don’t but he would be willing to take care of him so John leaves his dog with him. John heads to a museum to meet with Santino and Santino explains that he wants John to kill his sister Gianna, as he wants her seat on the High Table. John heads to Rome and checks into the Continental there, then heads out to get weapons, plans, and a new suit made, not noticing Santino’s bodyguard Ares watching him from a distance. After he is ready, John heads to the party that Gianna is hosting and manages to make it to her private room. Confronting her, John tells her that he is only there because of the marker that Santino holds on him and she chooses to slit her wrist and kill herself. John holds her hand as she dies, then shoots her in the head before leaving the room. As he heads towards his escape route, John runs into Cassian, another hitman that serves as Gianna’s head bodyguard, and after John confirms that he just finished a job, Cassian attempts to shoot John, then orders his men after him while he checks on Gianna. John manages to fight his way through the guards and make it to his escape route in the catacombs, where he encounters Ares and some of Santino’s men, who are there to kill John and tie up loose ends. John manages to kill most of the men and makes it back onto the streets, where Cassian catches up to him and the two renew their fight until the eventually crash through a skylight of the Continental. Unable to continue with the fight, John and Cassian head to the bar for a drink and John explains that he was only there because of the marker Santino had on him. Cassian says he understands but still plans to avenge Gianna’s death before he leaves and as John heads to his room, he sees Ares, who signs that she will be the one to kill John. Under the pretense of avenging his sister’s death, Santino puts a $7 million bounty on John’s head and has it sent out to every hitman in New York. Meanwhile, Winston approaches Santino and demands he list John’s marker as being fulfilled, then warns him that John will be coming after him for dragging him back into this world. When John arrives back in New York, he is attacked by several assassins and manages to kill them all but ends up shot in the gut. As he continues making his way towards the Continental, he encounters Cassian and the two begin shooting at each other. They eventually make it onto a subway car, where they begin fighting with knives in the car, and John finally stabs Cassian in the chest, telling him if he pulls the blade out he will bleed out, then leaves him alive as a professional courtesy. As he heads out of the subway, he sees two more hitmen approaching him and makes a run for it until he sees a homeless man panhandling. John approaches the man, drops a gold coin in his cup, and tells the man to take him to “Him”, then he hides beneath the junk the man has. The homeless man covers John some more, then kills the two hitmen before he and some of his associates take the bodies and John away. John wakes up to find his wounds tended too and is taken to the rooftop to meet with the Bowery King, a man that John had encountered once and had given a choice on if he wanted to live or die. John convinces the Bowery King to help him by saying Santino will end up starting a war and if the Bowery King kills him, the other members of the High Table will come after him and his people but if John kills him, they will only come after him. The Bowery King gives him a gun and 7 rounds, 1 round for each million of the bounty, and has one of his men guide him through the underground to the museum where Santino is. When John gets there, he attempts to kill Santino but his men manage to get him out of the room while other bodyguards try to stop John. As John begins killing Santino’s guards, Ares shows up with some more men and helps get Santino away, then stays to try and kill John but John manages to kill the rest of the guards and finally Ares. Santino makes his way to the Continental and demands that Winston revoke John’s membership but Winston tells Santino that he has no authority to make that decision. When John arrives at the hotel, Winston tries to appeal to John to walk away but Santino taunts John and John ends up shooting him. After collecting his dog from Charon, John returns to the burnt out remains of his home for the night but the next day, Charon is there to escort him to see Winston. Winston meets with John and tells him that the High Table has now doubled the bounty on his head and sent the order out globally. When John asks about the Continental, Winston tells him that since John killed Santino there, he has no choice but to render John excommunicado and says that the services and amenities will no longer be open to him. Winston tells John that he will delay the order one hour, then hands him a marker for a possible future use. John tells Winston to tell them that whoever comes for him, he will kill them all, then leaves, with his dog running alongside.

John Wick: Chapter 2 met with mostly praise from the critics, holding a certified fresh rating of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is “John Wick: Chapter 2 does what a sequel should — which in this case means doubling down on the non-stop, thrillingly choreographed action that made its predecessor so much fun.” This movie is the first time that Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne worked together since The Matrix trilogy and there were several references to the series within the movie. The movie was a box office success, earning $166.8 million off of a $40 million budget and a third movie to finish the trilogy was announced.

This is such an awesome movie. The acting was really good, with Keanu Reeves (John) doing a great job in their roles while Ian McShane (Winston), Laurence Fishburne (Bowery King), and Common (Cassian) doing a good job in their supporting roles. The story was really good, picking up where the first movie ended and then showing the repercussions for John’s actions against Viggo and Iosef Tarasov. The fight scenes were very well done and did a great job of continuing the whole “gun fu” technique that John would use during his fights. A great movie that continues telling a great story and gets you totally geared up for the final movie.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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June 10th, 2017 Movie – Rocket Attack U.S.A.

rocket attack usa

Once again, Cold War tensions find themselves manifesting into a movie. I understand that this was a pretty big concern in the 50’s but to be honest, that overall theme got to be very boring real fast. Today’s movie is no exception and if it wasn’t for the fact that it is part of the Sci-Fi Invasion box set, I probably would never consider buying it. So let’s see how good or bad of a movie I have her as I watch Rocket Attack U.S.A.

The plot: In 1957, the Soviet Union successfully placed a man-made satellite into orbit above the Earth, changing the course of modern warfare. Concerned that the satellite could be used to gather intelligence on the US in order to plan an ICBM attack, the CIA sends John Manston to Moscow to confirm if the satellites are being used for espionage purposes or if it is simply propaganda material. Manston boards a civilian plane to fly into Russia and the pilot lands as close to Moscow as he is comfortable with and Manston is forced to make his own way to Moscow, a journey which will take several weeks. In Moscow, things seem peaceful but there is concern that the military might stage a coup and take over the government, which worries the citizens. Manston finally makes it to Moscow and heads towards a cafe to meet with his contact, a woman named Tanya. While watching the entertainment at the cafe, consisting of a belly dancer and a fire swallower, Manston is able to pass notes to Tanya, who is working as a waitress at the cafe. Later that night, Manston heads to Tanya’s apartment and after they verify both of their identities, Manston says he will have to stay at her place while he gathers his intel and Tanya is worried but agrees to let him stay. Back in the US, the military and aircraft industry are hard at work to develop their own ICBM as a means to discourage a possible attack from the Soviets but their progress is hindered as they try to develop a nosecone that can withstand the heat of reentry. Back in Moscow, Tanya relays to Manston that the military plans on forcing a vote to go ahead and attack the US as soon as their missile is ready and before the US is able to retaliate. During the meeting, the marshall tells the assembled group his plan to attack New York City, as it’s destruction would make the US easier to control for themselves. They get word of this to the US, who continues to try and complete work on their own rocket. That night, after Tanya “entertains” a Russian minister, she lets Manston out of the closet he was hiding in and tells him that the minister is going to look at missile sites and invited her to accompany him. As they look at the passed out general, Manston comments on how he wishes that she didn’t have to do what she does and after admitting his feelings for her, the two embrace and kiss. In the US, their latest missile test ends up exploding mid flight and though the engineer says that they have a successful rocket and it was just bad luck, the general in charge says that the failure has made it harder to secure more funding for additional tests. Meanwhile, Manston is waiting in Tanya’s apartment when someone knocks on the door and slips a note underneath it. Manston quickly grabs the man and asks what he is doing there and the man says he is a friend of Tanya. He claims that Tanya has run away from the minister and is hiding in Lenningrad and will take him to her. Manston doesn’t trust him at first but the man produces his ID, saying he is part of British Intelligence, and Manston agrees to go with him. Meanwhile, the Soviet Marshall tells the assembled parliament members that with the US test failure, they now have the perfect time to strike against the US. The British Intelligence operative takes Tanya to meet with Manston, then hands her a package to give him before going his separate way, as Manston wants to finish the mission on his own. Tanya meets Manston and hands him the package but refuses to leave, telling Manston he will need her help in locating the base. Meanwhile, the British Intelligence agent is captured and taken to the base, where the base commander doesn’t believe he is alone and increases the guards’ patrols. As Manston and Tanya reach the base, they try to sneak around to the back but are spotted by a guard, who fires at them. Tanya is hit and tells Manston to go on, then shoots the guards as he tries to go after Manston before she dies. Manston reaches the base and sets the bomb he was carrying onto the rocket but is spotted by the guards and is forced to shoot his way out. Meanwhile, the bomb is discovered and removed from the rocket, with a soldier carrying it off to detonate harmlessly away from the base. As Manston heads back to Tanya, he hears the explosion and thinks they have won but he ends up being gunned down by a soldier. In the US, a radio newscaster is going over the news stories and talks about how the Kremlin is planning to negotiate over the issues that they disagree with the US on. However, the Kremlin actually orders their missile to be fired at New York and though the US tries to destroy it, and retaliate against Moscow, both efforts fail and New York is destroyed. As the news reports comments on the death toll and wreckage, the story ends with the news caster saying that this can’t be how things end.

I don’t think I have ever watched a more boring movie before. I mean, I actually fell asleep while I was watching this. The acting was boring and unemotional that it felt like a bunch or robots were reading the script. The story was basically a giant “what if” on the biggest fear that was occurring during this time period after the U.S.S.R. launched Sputnik into space. There weren’t really any special effects as they used a lot of stock footage and commenting on things off screen to try and move this movie through it’s sluggish pace. Honestly, the only reason you should watch this movie is to watch it spoofed on MST3K.

Rating: 1/2 out of 5

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May 30th, 2017 Movie – Road House (1989)

road house

For all of you reading today’s blog, I have a bit of a story to tell you regarding today’s movie. Plus, there are pictures to go with this story so it might be a little lengthy but bear with me. First off, allow me to introduce you to two of my friends, Charles and Emilycharles roadhouse 0They have been friends since high school and are very close, to the point that Emily would be invited to Charles’ house for Christmas Eve dinner. Now, at some point in time, the subject of Roadhouse came up and Charles said that he had never seen it. Well, Emily, who loves how ridiculous that movie is, felt like this was a travesty and decided to get Charles a copy of it for Christmas one year. The next year, Emily learns that he still has not watched it so she warns him that he has one year to watch it or else she will force him to watch it. Well, another year passes and he still has not seen it so Emily begins planning to make good on her threat. Fast forward several months, and we come to my birthday weekend, and as part of the festivities, I decide to hold an impromptu campy movie night. Charles plans on showing up later that night so Emily tells everyone her plan and we all agree to help her. When Charles shows up, the only chair available to sit in happens to be a rolling office chair. As soon as he sits down, our friend Chad, who had gotten up under the pretense of making himself a drink, immediately plops down in Charles’ lap.charles roadhouse 1We then proceed to tie Charles to the chair, using pieces of a broken jump rope we found at the playground where we had a Nerf war earlier that day. charles roadhouse 2
Now, Emily tells Charles that he has to guess the movie we are about to watch, to which Charles replies, “Emily, I’m tied to a chair. I know what movie we are watching. ” So Charles was finally forced to watch Roadhouse, and as much as he hated to admit it, he actually enjoyed it.charles roadhouse 3Now while you all might think that story is pretty funny, or mean, that really isn’t the funny part of this story. The funny part is something that happened inadvertently when we tied Charles to the chair. If you look at the picture above, you might notice that his right arm is tied to his right leg. Well, it turns out that when Charles would go to take a drink, which we were nice enough to provide for him, he would lift up his leg, which caused all of us to laugh about that every time he did it. (The picture below was him exaggerating what had happened)charles roadhouse 4So whenever I think of Roadhouse, this memory will always pop into my head.

The plot: At a New York club called Band Stand, a man named Frank Tilghman walks in and watches as Dalton, the lead cooler (bouncer) manages to handle two drunks and get them outside without any unnecessary violence, even after one of them cuts Dalton’s arm. As Dalton is stitching up his arm, Frank speaks with him and tells Dalton that he owns a bar in Jasper, Mo called the Double Deuce and he would like Dalton to help him clean the place up. Dalton suggests his mentor, Wade Garrett, but Frank says Wade is getting old and he wants Dalton. When Dalton names his price, Frank agrees to it and offers Dalton a plane ticket there but Dalton says he refuses to fly and will get there his way. After leaving the club, Dalton drives to a nearby garage and, after handing the keys to the car he was driving to a man sitting outside, Dalton gets into his real car, a 1986 Mercedes 560SEC and heads to Jasper. When Dalton gets there, he heads to the Double Deuce to see exactly what type of situation he is getting into. Standing by the bar, Dalton watches and notices what all is happening and as a fight breaks out, he stands there and watches, then notices Frank up in his office motioning for him to come up so he heads up to talk to him. When the bar closes, Dalton goes to leave and one of the bouncers, hearing who he is from one of the bartenders (Carrie), mocks him for not helping but Dalton ignores him and says goodbye to Cody, the lead singer for the house band and an old friend of Dalton’s. The next day, Dalton goes out and buys a 1965 Buick Rivera to drive around in and also buys some extra tires. He then heads over to the home of Emmet, who has a room for rent in the loft of his barn. As Dalton looks over the room, they see a helicopter flying taking off from the house across the lake, scaring Emmet’s horses, before landing back at the house. Emmet explains that the owner is a local business man named Brad Wesley, then offers Dalton the room and he accepts. Back at the Double Deuce, Frank is holding a staff meeting to explain his plans for the bar and why he hired Dalton to help ans says that he is in charge of all aspects of the bar. Dalton’s first order of business is to fire the head bouncer Morgan and one of the waitresses who had been selling drugs in the bathroom. Dalton then explains his rules for bouncing at his bar, telling the bouncers to be nice to the customers and try to take it outside unless it is absolutely necessary. That night, Dalton watches as one of the bouncers tries to calmly get a girl to stop dancing on one of the tables but when the guy she is with punches the bouncer and pulls out a knife, Dalton quickly steps in and smashes the guy’s face into the table before telling two bouncers to take him outside. Dalton then fires another bouncer, Steve, for having sex with a girl on the premises who isn’t 21, and after the bar closes, fires the bartender Pat for skimming money off of the sales. When Pat questions Frank about it, Franks backs up Dalton and tells Pat to leave. When Dalton leaves for the night, he laughs as he finds his windshield smashed, antennae broken, and two flat tires, knowing that the people he fired would get back at him. That night, as he is relaxing in his room, Dalton sees a huge party going on at Wesley’s house and several of the men he fired are attending. The next day, Dalton goes to get a new windshield and meets Red Webster, who owns an auto shop next to the bar. As they are talking, Wesley walks in with another man and introduces himself to Dalton and as Dalton leaves, Wesley speaks with Red. That night, Dalton heads up to Frank’s office to find Pat there with two other men, O’Connor and Tinker. When Dalton asks what is going on, O’Connor tells him that Frank changed his mind and gave Pat his job back, explaining that Pat actually worked for Wesley, who is his uncle and happens to supply the liquor for the Double Deuce. When Pat pulls out a knife and tries to start a fight with Dalton, Dalton breaks his nose and then throws him through a window. O’Connor and Tinker attack Dalton, with Tinker managing to cut Dalton with a knife, but Dalton, with the help of some of the other bouncers, manages to beat them and kick them all out. Dalton heads to the emergency room, where Dr. Elizabeth “Doc” Clay, tends to his wound and as they are talking, Dalton invites her to stop by the Double Deuce for some coffee one night. The next morning, Wesley sees what happened to Pat and chastises Tinker and O’Connor, repeatedly punching O’Connor for letting Pat get hurt, then telling his men to get rid of him. Later, Dalton stops by Red’s store and sees two of Wesley’s men leaving and when he goes in, the place is smashed and Red admits that Frank shakes down all of the businesses. Dalton calls Wade to ask if he ever heard of Wesley and when Wade asks if Dalton needs help, Dalton declines it. That night, some of Wesley’s men show up looking to cause trouble but Dalton and the bouncers quickly take them outside and proceed to beat them. As the men leave and the bar patrons head back inside, Dalton notices Doc and the two head to a nearby diner for coffee. The talk there for a while and Doc takes Dalton back to the Double Deuce to get his car, and he kisses her good night, then proceeds to fix his car after finding it damaged again. The next day, Tinker and O’Connor show up at the barn and tell Dalton that Wesley wants to see him and they escort him to Wesley’s house. Inside, Dalton sees Denise, a girl that had hit on him the night before, exercising and when she sees Dalton, she tries to hide her bruised face from him. Dalton is taken to see Wesley, who tries to hire Dalton to work for him and tells him he knows Dalton killed a man in Memphis but Dalton refuses to work for him. That night, the Double Deuce opens with it’s new look and Frank is happy to see it how he visioned it but informs Dalton that they are running out of liquor and nobody will deliver to him. Dalton says it is due to Wesley and makes a phone call, saying he will handle it. As Dalton goes to leave, he sees Doc waiting for him but they are spotted by Jimmy, who knows that Wesley won’t be happy. Doc takes Dalton back to his place, where they end up having sex, and afterwards, Doc asks if Dalton would be interested in staying before they end up having sex again, unaware that Wesley is observing them. The next day, Dalton heads to the bar and learns from Cody that Wesley was obsessed with Doc when she first lived in town and went crazy when she left. When a truck arrives with some liquor for the bar, Dalton heads out back to check on it but Tinker, O’Connor, Morgan, and Mountain show up and start smashing the crates. Dalton stops them but when they gang up and get the upper hand on Dalton, he is helped out by Wade, who had just come into town. After getting cleaned up, Dalton takes Wade and introduces him to Doc and the three go out for drinks. When they get a minute alone, Wade chastises Dalton for living in the past and that he should forget about what happened in Memphis as it wasn’t his fault. That night, Red’s place is set on fire and everyone rushes out of the bar to see just as the place explodes and falls to pieces. When Dalton heads back inside, he finds Wesley and his men there and after Wesley has Denise do a strip tease, he has Jimmy start a fight with the bouncers but as Dalton starts to get the upper hand, Wesley orders his men to leave. At Red’s house the next day, some of the other business owners are trying to talk Red out of leaving but Red says he is tired of watching Wesley get rich at the expense of the town. Frank says that Wesley was scared of Dalton last night but Dalton tells him he wasn’t. Later, Dalton, Doc, and Cody are driving through town when they see a commotion at Stroudenmire’s car dealership, where Wesley has one of his men drive a monster truck through the display window and crush the cars in the show room. As Wesley laughs about it, Doc approaches him and asks what is wrong with him and Wesley tells her to send Dalton out of town or else he will kill him. Dalton is upset over what is happening, as he is starting to become attached to the town, and ends up getting into an argument with Wade, who says they should just leave. That night, Doc shows up to try and talk Dalton into leaving but as they are talking, Emmet’s house explodes. Dalton races to the house and manages to save Emmet but as Doc is tending to him, Dalton sees Jimmy leaving and chases after him. Dalton catches up to Jimmy and after brutal fight, Jimmy tries to shoot Dalton but Dalton ends up killing Jimmy by ripping out his throat. Doc sees what Dalton did and leaves without saying a word, while Dalton yells out at Wesley, who is watching from his house. The next day, Dalton heads to the bar and as he walks inside, the phone rings and he answers it, only to hear Wesley say that either Wade or Doc will die that day. When Wade stumbles in saying he was jumped by some of Wesley’s men, Dalton says he has to go get Doc, telling Wade to stay there and they will leave when he gets back. When Dalton gets to the hospital, he tries to convince Doc to leave with him but she refuses to leave with him due to his violent nature. Dalton returns to the bar only to find Wade lying dead on the bar, a knife stuck in his chest, and Dalton grabs the knife and leaves. At Wesley’s place, Pat, Morgan, Tinker, O’Connor, and Gary are waiting outside Wesley’s house and see Dalton’s car speeding towards them. They begin shooting at it manage to blow it up but realize that Dalton isn’t inside. Spreading out to try and find him, Dalton takes them out one by one, killing most of them but just knocking out Tinker by pushing a stuffed polar bear on him. Wesley enters the trophy room and ends up fighting with Dalton, who gets the upper hand and is about to rip out his throat but decides against it. When Doc shows up, Dalton heads for her but when Wesley goes to shoot Dalton, Doc screams out. Suddenly, Wesley is shot by Red, Stroudenmire, Emmet, and finally Frank. As police sirens are heard, Red quickly gathers the shotguns and hides them and when the sheriff and his deputies ask what happened, everybody feigns innocence while Tinker simply says a polar bear fell on him. As the Double Deuce reopens, it is shown that Dalton ends up staying in town and continuing his relationship with Doc.

Roadhouse (1989) didn’t get much love from the critics, holding a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, most of the critics felt that the violence in it mix well with the movie’s setting. The movie was a modest success at the box office, earning $30.1 million off of a $15 million budget but achieved greater success on home video, where it wound up garnering a cult following. A direct to DVD sequel came out in 2006, with the main character being Dalton’s adult son and a remake was announced with Ronda Rousey starring as the lead but after her loss to Holly Holm, the movie was taken out of production.

This is one of those great “so bad it’s good” movies to watch. The acting is decent, with Sam Eliot (Wade) probably giving the best performance. The story started off pretty simple but wound up getting rather ridiculous towards the end. I know that at one point,  it was mentioned that Wesley controls the sheriff, but when there is that much public destruction, even that goes a little too far to think the sheriff wouldn’t do anything. The mass fight scenes were a lot of chaotic fun but the one on one fights between Dalton and Jimmy, then Dalton and Wesley were a little over the top. Very few people will consider this a good movie, but it really is an entertaining movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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May 21st, 2017 Movie – Rich And Strange

rich and strange

Ahh, I do love starting the day with a Hitchcock movie. Once more I find myself watching an early Hitchcock movie from the Legends Of Horror box set and am reminded of just how much I have been enjoying this collection. The only bad thing about all of this, if you can call it that, is that it has really made me want to buy several of his more well known movies. Well, maybe I can work on that at another time but for now, I’m going to focus on today’s movie, Rich And Strange.

The plot: After a rough day where nothing seems to go right for him, Fred Hill returns home to his wife Emily. As the two start to argue over finances, they receive a telegram from Fred’s uncle, who has decided to give them an advance of their inheritance so that they may, in Fred’s words, enjoy life a little more. Fred quits his job and the two decide to go on a cruise but as they are crossing the English Channel to Paris, Fred ends up getting sea sick. While in Paris, they decide to attend a show at the Folies Bergère but Emily wants to leave when somebody pinches her on the butt so the end up at a bar, where they proceed to get drunk and when they finally make it back to their hotel, they end up falling asleep on the floor with their heads on the beds. The next day, they board the ship to head to the Orient but Fred once again feels sea sick and heads down to their cabin, leaving Emily alone on the deck. While on the deck, she ends up meeting Commander Gordon and starts a friendship with him but as they spend more time together, they end up getting closer and Gordon kisses Emily on the deck before she heads back to her cabin. When Fred starts feeling better and is able to move about the ship, he goes for a walk on the deck and meets a German princess, who apologizes to him when she accidentally hits him in the eye with a rope ring from one of the deck games. As the voyage continues, Fred and Emily end up spending more time with their new partners and less time with each other. As the boat makes a stop in Columbo, they all head ashore, and Fred and Emily both tell their new lovers that they intend to dissolve their marriage and start new lives with the princess and Gordon respectively. When the boat arrives in Singapore, Emily leaves with Gordon and heads to his house. Along the way, Gordon tells Emily that the princess is really a con artist who is merely after Fred’s money and Emily, feeling bad about the way things became with her husband, leaves Gordon and heads off to warn Fred. Emily heads to Fred’s hotel and tries to warn him about the princess but Fred doesn’t believe her. As the two start to argue over everything that has happened between them during the trip, Fred leaves Emily crying in his room while he goes to locate the princess. As she is sitting there, a telegram from Gordon is delivered to her, stating that he understands her reasoning to stay with her husband. Fred returns, saying that the princess had run off onto a train for Rangoon and he finds a note stating that she was a simple street walker whose father owned a laundry in Berlin. Realizing that the fake princess took most of Fred’s money, they use what little they have left to pay the hotel bill and then book passage on a tramp steamer in order to return home. During the journey, the ship strikes something in the middle of the night and as everyone aboard begins to abandon ship, Fred and Emily find themselves trapped in their cabin as they see the water rushing up over the porthole. As they await their watery end, Fred and Emily apologize for how they have acted. In the morning, Fred and Emily discover that they are still alive and Emily opens the porthole so that they can climb up onto the deck and see where they are. They head into a nearby cabin to find some clothes, unaware that water has now started seeping into their cabin through the open porthole. When a Chinese junk appears and the crew begin looting the steamer, Fred and Emily manage to board the junk and the crew feeds them and tends to leave them alone. Fred and Emily eventually manages to make it back to London but as they get reacquainted to being home, they start arguing in the same fashion that they were before the telegram had arrived some months earlier.

Rich And Strange met with mostly positive results from the critics, holding a 70% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, most people felt that while it wasn’t one of his better films, it did provide a mature exploration of wandering affections and romantic betrayal. The movie was not a commercial success and most of this is attributed to the lack of dialogue, as the dialogue only occurs for about a quarter of the movie, and that there were several hold overs from the silent film style, such as scene captions and exaggerated acting styles.

Not exactly what I would prefer in a Hitchcock movie but it wasn’t that bad. The acting was decent, with Henry Kendall (Fred) and Joan Barry (Emily) doing good jobs in their roles for the most part. The story was interesting, pointing out something that can happen to every married couple if they stop paying attention to each other and work on strengthening their relationship, but the the mix between periods of dialogue and non speaking scenes and events made it a little difficult to fully grasp what all was going on. There wasn’t really any special effects as the movie used dialogue and situations to help carry the plot. An interesting take on relationships as only Hitchcock could tell.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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May 11th, 2017 Movie – The Return (2006)

the return 2006

Take note people. I am back to watching my regularly scheduled movies. This means that all of the movies that I bought over Christmas, plus the ones that I got from my friends, lasted 4 1/2 months. I have to admit, that is a little bit insane. And while I had a lot of fun watching all of these movies, I am glad to get back on track with getting through my DVD collection. So today’s movie is a horror/thriller that pretty much came and went in theaters back in the mid 2000’s. The only reason I have my copy is because it was a random purchase during the Blockbuster out of business sales. So let’s see what I am in for with today’s movie, The Return (2006).

The plot: 11 year old Joanna Mills is at the fair with her father Ed, though Joanna says she wants to go home. As Ed is getting them some hot dogs, Joanna wanders over to a nearby claw machine when she hears a voice whispering to her and sees a strange man staring at her. Joanna yells for her dad and then hides under a table as the stranger approaches her and continues whispering to her. Joanna breaks the soda bottle she had and uses it to slash at the man’s hands when her dad suddenly grabs her and asks her what happened, with no sign of the stranger anywhere. 15 years later, Joanna works as a travelling rep for a trucking company and has just finished her last assignment. Heading back to the office, she sees her boss talking with her coworker Kurt about Marlin, a possible client, and Joanna says she wants to take a shot at it. When her boss asks if she is sure, as Marlin is based in Texas and Joanna has avoided going there, Joanna says she is so her boss agrees to send her, which upsets Kurt. As Joanna drives to Texas, she calls her father and leaves a message saying she will be close by and wants to try and visit if they can manage it. As she continues driving, her radio suddenly starts playing Patsy Cline’s “Sweet Dreams”, even though she switches the stations, puts in a CD, and mutes it. Freaked out, Joanna pulls over and gets out of her car, and stumbles upon the scene of a car wreck, though nobody is there. The next morning, Joanna finds herself waking up in a field on the side of the road, with no sign of a wreck ever being there. Joanna heads to her meeting, where she says hello to her friend and then makes her pitch to the Marlin’s owner. After her meeting, she is washing her hands in the restroom when she notices her eyes appearing to change colors and has a flashback to riding in the car with her dad. Later that night, Joanna is on the phone with her friend when she hears a whispered voice over their conversation, then notices a strange car in the rearview of her car. As she is out with her friend, Joanna has a strange vision of being in another bar and using a switchblade to cut her arm. Joanna’s friend finds her in the bathroom with a fresh cut on her arm and helps her out of there, thinking that Joanna was just burnt out. Feeling like she has seen the bar somewhere, Joanna goes through all of her files and finally sees it in the catalog for one of the possible clients. Noting that the bar is near the town she grew up in, Joanna heads to her father’s house and stays the night there. The next morning, she asks her father about what happened in La Salle and he tells her that after the accident, she was a different girl and that she started cutting herself. Joanna heads to La Salle and when she sees that the bar is real, gets a room at a nearby motel. That night, she heads to the bar and sees that the inside is exactly as she saw it in her vision. When she goes to sat the bar, she notices a man at the far end of the bar and when their eyes meet, Joanna accidentally knocks over a beer that was next to her. Kurt suddenly shows up and when Joanna tries to leave, he grabs her arm but some of the bar patrons force Kurt to let her go. Joanna quickly heads to her room but Kurt follows her and forces himself in and starts to force himself on her. Joanna is saved by the man from the bar, who follows Kurt outside and proceeds to beat him until some other men pull him off of Kurt but after Kurt runs for it, the other men say that Joanna’s rescuer should have been locked up years ago. The next day, Joanna asks the motel owner about her rescuer and learns that his name is Terry Stahl but she warns Joanna not to get involved with him. Joanna drives to Terry’s house but when she doesn’t get an answer, she heads inside, only to feel like she has been there before and when she hears “Sweet Dreams”, she quickly leaves, only to run into Terry. Terry asks what she is doing there and Joanna said she stopped by to thank him and Terry is harsh about her breaking into his house but tells her that if Kurt bothers her again, to let him know. As she is leaving, Joanna suddenly stares at Terry’s barn and when Terry asks her what is wrong, she says that she thought she heard wind chimes but then quickly leaves. That night, as Joanna is in her motel room, she sees the strange car outside the motel and someone enters the room but when she runs out of her room and alerts the owner, the owner doesn’t see anyone upstairs. The next day, Joanna goes to see Terry at the stockyards that he works at and the two talk for a while before Joanna says she should head back to St. Louis. As Joanna heads for her car, she hears the whispered voice again and the man from her visions suddenly jumps out in front of her. Joanna runs through the stock yards and tries to hide but the man finds her and tries to grab her. Joanna manages to push the man and he gets caught in some gears, allowing Joanna to escape. Quickly heading back to her motel, Joanna packs her bags but freaks when she sees another woman’s face staring at her in the mirror. Joanna heads over to Terry’s house to see him but as she looks around, she notices his bedroom has similar decorations to her own bedroom, including a glass seahorse. When she sees a figure head to the barn, Joanna heads there and looks around before rushing out to her car. Pulling out some pictures she drew as a child, which she grabbed while staying at her father’s house, Joanna takes them into the barn and lays them out, seeing that they match what is painted on the inside of the barn’s wall. Suddenly, Joanna is overcome by a vision of a man attacking a woman, inflicting the same wounds on herself, and sees the man running to his car, dropping a knife into his gas tank before she passes out. When Terry comes home that night and sees Joanna’s truck, he goes looking for her and finds her in the barn. Terry takes her inside and asks who did this to her and she says she did it herself. The next day, Joanna tells Terry that something has drawn her to this town but she had never been there before. She asks Terry about what happened to his wife Annie and he tells her that he found her lying in the barn, just as he found her, and that someone had left her to die. When Joanna tells him that she drew the same mural in the barn when she was a kid and some of the other things that are just like his house, Terry gets upset with her bringing up memories of the past and tells her to leave. Joanna heads out of town, stopping at a garage to get some snacks, when she notices a picture of the man she has been having visions of and the mechanic/owner says that picture was of him from a long time ago. Joanna starts to leave when she notices the car she saw in her vision, now an old rusted heap, and when she checks the gas tank, she sees a hole in it and reaches inside to find the knife from her vision. The mechanic asks what she is doing, calling her “Sunshine”, and Joanna quickly makes an excuse and leaves but as she is driving down the road, the mechanic pulls out in front of her, causing her to wreck. As Joanna lies unconscious in the wreck, she has a vision and sees how Annie was stalked by the mechanic and attacked in her house and barn. The mechanic goes to get the knife back from Joanna but notices that she has recovered and started running so he chases after her. Joanna heads for Terry’s house, only to see that he has boarded it up and with the mechanic following after her, she goes to hide in the barn. The mechanic enters the barn and locks the door to prevent her escape, then tells Joanna he will let her leave if she gives him back the knife. Meanwhile, Terry had been planning on leaving but as he gets outside his property, he heard Joanna yelling for him and heads back to find her. When he enters the barn, the mechanic starts attacking him but Joanna stabs the man in the side with the knife and as he stumbles in pain, he sees Annie instead of Joanna and falls on her, causing the knife Joanna is holding to plunge into his neck. As Terry and Joanna head to town for some medical attention, he stops at an intersection and it is shown that when Terry was driving Annie to the hospital, he crashed into Ed’s car, when he had pulled over to tend to a sleeping Joanna on their way back from the fair. After the cars settled, Ed cried out to Joanna, who was unconscious while Annie ended up dying and part of her spirit went into Joanna’s body, explaining all of the memories and personality change when she was a kid. As Terry and Joanna sit at the intersection, they both seem to come to some inner resolution and continue to head off together.

The Return (2006) met with poor reviews from the critics, holding a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is that, “Unoriginality may be an acceptable risk in the Horror genre, but boredom is never okay.” The movie was originally going to be called Revolver, but the title was changed when another movie with that title came out in 2005. The movie flopped at the box office, making between $11 and $14 million worldwide off of a $15 million budget, which was blamed on the lack of publicity for the movie.

This was an incredibly slow, and rather boring movie. The acting was ok, with Sarah Michelle Geller (Joanna) and Peter O’Brien (Terry) doing decent jobs in their roles. The story was interesting though not entirely original, as the idea of someone gaining memories in order to solve a past crime has been done before in one form or another. The pacing in this movie was pretty bad, with things moving too slow to really keep people invested in the movie. The editing was also pretty bad, with sometimes you are unable to hear what some of the people are saying, particularly Joanna. It had a lot of potential to be good but the end result was just disappointing.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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April 28th, 2017 Movie – Point Break (1991)

point break 1991

So this is an interesting movie for me to watch today. See, back in the days of VHS, I had this movie on VHS but I never got around to upgrading it to DVD. Then my friend Emily, who loves buying me movies she thinks I should own, such as Center Stage and Clueless, decided to buy this for me. Now I have no problem accepting this gift because I did enjoy this movie so let’s have some fun in the surf with today’s movie, Point Break (1991).

The plot: Rookie FBI Agent Johnny Utah has just been assigned to the L.A. branch’s Bank Robbery Division and partnered with Angelo Pappas, a 22 year veteran of the force. Angelo is trying to arrest a gang known as The Ex-Presidents, four men that rob banks wearing masks of Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Jimmy Carter, only rob the cash drawers, and are in and out in 90 seconds. After checking out the scene of their latest robbery and drop car, Johnny convinces Angelo to tell him his theory on the gang and Angelo tells him he thinks they are surfers. After explaining his reasoning and the gang’s pattern, and with only one month left before they disappear until next summer, Johnny goes with Angelo and buys a surfboard to use as an undercover ploy. When Johnny wants to just walk around with it and asks questions, Angelo tells him that the surfers in the area are like their own tribe, with their own lingo and culture, so he has to get out there and interact with them. When Johnny tries to surf for the first time, he wipes out and almost drowns but he is saved by a female surfer, who helps him to the beach before yelling at him for being out there. Johnny gets the woman’s license plate and uses the FBI computers to learn her name, Tyler Endicott, and her background in order to figure out a way to approach her, figuring she would be his best bet to get accepted among the local surfers. Heading to where Tyler works, he manages to convince her to teach him how to surf, playing off the fact that her parents had died in a plane crash by saying his had died in a car crash. Tyler begins teaching Johnny how to surf and after several attempts, Johnny finally learns how to surf and makes it out on the waves. As they are walking back, Johnny sees another surfer out in the water and Tyler says that it is Bodhi. As Johnny and Tyler continue hanging out on the beach, they join in on a football game with Bodhi and his friends, Roach, Grommet and Nathaniel. When Johnny chases down and tackles Bodhi into the surf, the other guys get upset but Bodhi tells them to relax, as he recognizes Johnny as a former Ohio State quarterback. Johnny and Angelo’s superior, Ben Harp, is upset over the lack of progress they have shown, as the Ex-President’s have managed to rob another bank. One of the security guards had managed to grab some hairs from the pony tail of one of the robbers and Johnny tells Angelo that surfers are territorial. The two go out to some of the different beaches and get some hair samples from different people and manage to narrow down the beach that they robbers were last at. Johnny heads out there to surf and runs into a neo-nazo surfer named Bunker, who punches Johnny and later attacks him with 3 of his friends. Bodhi helps Johnny deal with them and as they are leaving, he invites Johnny to a party at his house. Angelo and Johnny follow Bunker and his gang back to their house, getting their criminal history in the process and stake them out all night, waiting for a warrant so they can raid the place in the morning. When they are relieved for the night, Johnny heads to Bodhi’s house with Tyler and as the party progresses, they end up at a bonfire talking about where the biggest waves are and Bodhi says it will be at Bells Beach in Australia next year, as he believes that the 50 year storm will hit that year. After the group go surfing at night, Johnny and Tyler end up having sex on the beach. The next morning, Johnny wakes up late and has to rush to make it to the raid on Bunker’s house. Johnny is told to stay in the back so he doesn’t blow his cover but while he is looking in through the back window, he sees Bunker’s crew grabbing several weapons. Johnny tries to warn the team not to pull their badges but nobody can hear him over a neighbor running his lawn mower. The raid commences and Bunker and another member of his gang are killed, a third member is injured, and the last member and another man are arrested while one of the FBI agents is injured when a woman stabs him. As Johnny and Angelo discuss the raid, they are interrupted by one of the suspects, who reveals himself to be a deep cover DEA agent that was after the Bunker’s group for drug smuggling and could vouch for the fact that they were not near the scene of the last bank robbery. After getting chewed out by Harp, Johnny heads home but he and Tyler are woken up early by Bodhi for some early morning surfing. As Johnny and Tyler are walking the beach, Johnny notices some of the antics of Bodhi and his gang and realize they are the same as the Ex-Presidents and tells Tyler he has to leave. Johnny ends up following Bodhi during the day and then tells Angelo that he thinks they are going to hit another bank the next day and Angelo agrees to stake it out with him the next day. The two watch the bank with no sign of the crooks at first but when Johnny goes to get some food from a nearby shop, the gang pulls up and heads in the bank. Johnny returns just as they are leaving and Angelo and Johnny chase after the robbers but they end up crashing and Johnny continues on foot. The Ex-President’s car is also damaged and they ditch it and grab another one but while Bodhi is using a gas pump to torch their first car, Johnny tackles him and they begin fighting. The others are forced to drive off when Angelo starts shooting at them and Bodhi makes a run for it with Johnny in pursuit. As they race through the neighborhood, Bodhi hops a fence and slides down a hill, then jumps down into an aquaduct but when Johnny jumps down after him, he aggravates his old football injury and is unable to continue pursuing him. Johnny pulls his gun to shoot Bodhi but after they stare at each other, Johnny fires his gun into the air while Bodhi continues to run away. Back at FBI Headquarters, Angelo chastises Johnny for getting to close to Bodhi and his gang, then sends him home to get cleaned up. Johnny heads home and Tyler tends to his wounds but later that night, she discovers he is an FBI agent and yells at him for lying to her about everything and storms out. Meanwhile, Roach and the others are arguing about how they should kill Johnny but Bodhi tells them he knows how to handle Johnny. The next morning, Bodhi and his gang show up at Johnny’s house and have him come with them as they go skydiving. After their jump, Bodhi takes Johnny to the back of a van and turns on a TV and VCR, playing a tape of their friend Rosie holding Tyler hostage and Bodhi explains that it is his insurance policy against Johnny. Bodhi and his gang take Johnny with them as they rob one more bank but Bodhi decides to rob the vault as well. One of the hostages is an off duty cop, who convinces one of the security guards to help him take out the robbers. Bodhi and Johnny are shot in the chest but survive due to their wearing bullet proof vests but the cop and security guard end up getting killed, as is Grommet. Upset at Grommet’s death, Bodhi pistol whips Johnny and leaves him at the scene, where he ends up being arrested as an accessory by Harp. Angelo arrives at the scene and talks Harp into letting him book Johnny, decking Harp as they leave, and when Johnny says he knows where they are going, Angelo says he figured as he unlocks the cuffs. They head to the airport and Johnny continues alone while Angelo goes to cover him. Johnny speaks with Bodhi and Nathaniel and tries to convince him to let Tyler go but when Roach catches Angelo by surprise and shoots him, a shoot out occurs and Angelo and Nathaniel are killed while Roach is seriously injured. Bodhi gets Roach onto the plane and then tells Johnny to get on as well and they take off before the police arrive and fly to Mexico. Helping Roach into his parachute and contacting Rosie, Bodhi prepares to make the jump and Johnny begs him to let Tyler go. Bodhi refuses and jumps out of the plane and Johnny, feeling like he has not other choice, jumps out of the plane after Bodhi, though he doesn’t have a chute. Johnny manages to grab onto Bodhi and tries to get him to pull the ripcord but with the ground getting closer, Johnny is forced to pull the cord before they hit the ground but he injures his knee again in the process. Bodhi manages to walk off as Rosie pulls up and he yells at Rosie to let Tyler go, who races to Johnny as Bodhi and Rosie collect Roach’s body and the money and drive off. One year later, Johnny makes his way to Bells Beach in Australia and confronts Bodhi there, saying he knew he wouldn’t miss the storm. Bodhi prepares to go out onto the waves but Johnny stops him and the two start fighting until Johnny manages to handcuff himself to Bodhi. As a helicopter with more officers approach, Bodhi begs Johnny to let him go out on one wave, as he knows there is no other place to go. Johnny lets Bodhi go and Bodhi heads out into the ocean and the authorities yell at Johnny and wait for Bodhi to come back ashore but Johnny says that Bodhi isn’t coming back and as the authorities watch Bodhi get wiped out, Johnny takes his badge and tosses it onto the beach.

Point Break (1991) met with mixed results from the critics, holding a 68% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, the critics were mostly torn as several of them praised the action scenes but the ones that didn’t like it were mainly critical of the “surf-speak” and a poor script. The scene with Johnny jumping out of the plane without a chute was listed as one of the 10 Craziest Action Sequences and the premise was tested on Mythbusters, with them proving that Johnny could have caught Bodhi but they would not be able to free-fall for 90 seconds or have a conversation. Point Break (1991) was a box office hit, earning $83.5 million off of a $24 million budget and a remake was made in 2015.

As cheesy as it may be, this is one of those movies that if I happen to catch it on, I will sit down and watch it. The acting is good, with Patrick Swayze (Bodhi) and Gary Busey (Angelo) both doing pretty good jobs, as did Lori Petty (Tyler). Keanu Reeves (Johnny) was doing his best to try and not be “Ted” here but there were too many times where it was hard not to think of him as that character. The story was decent and I liked the idea that the Ex-Presidents were basically a bunch of thrill seekers looking for an adrenaline rush and taking to far in the end but a lot of the dialogue was pretty cheesy. The surfing and skydiving scenes were definitely some of the best parts of the movie, as far as the action goes, as was the chase between Johnny and Bodhi but the gun fights themselves just felt too slow and staged to be really effective. Still, this is a fun bit of early 90’s nostalgia that is always entertaining to watch.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5