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Flashback Review: June 22nd, 2014 Movie – Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

carnosaur 3

More Roger Corman dinosaur fun is definitely what is needed after a long day at work. Now while I had seen the previous two Carnosaur movies before, this is the first movie in the series that I watched on Sci-Fi, way back in the day. When I watched it, it was about 500 shades of ridiculousness that I love with this series, and Corman films in general. Now let’s dive right into Carnosaur 3: Primal Species and allow me to have yet another entertaining evening watching a dinosaur movie.

The plot: An army convoy is driving along the California highway when they are attacked by a group of terrorists. After killing all of the soldiers in the convoy, the terrorists leave, taking the trucks the convoy was escorting with them, and head to a warehouse by the docks outside of L.A., killing a police officer that attempts to pull them over. Once inside the warehouse, they open the back of the truck expecting to find some uranium but instead find a refrigerated compartment with 2 Velociraptors in cryo-stasis. The leader of the terrorists is upset and yells at the man who told him about the convoy but as they argue about the contents, the raptors wake up and attack the terrorists, whose screams are heard by some cops investigating the dead officer. Meanwhile, Colonel Rance Higgins is leading his special forces anti-terrorism team in a training exercise when he is called back to base to see General Mercer. When he gets back to base, Mercer tells Rance about the attack on the convoy and tells him his mission is to find the missing cargo and retrieve it. When Rance asks what the cargo is, Mercer tells him that it is classified to the extent that only the President and the Joint Chiefs know what is in it. Back at the warehouse, the two officers find one of the terrorists stumbling out of the warerhouse, bleeding from his wounds, and call in some back up. When the back up arrives, they head inside the warehouse and find the terrorists have all been torn to shreds. Hearing noises coming from the second truck, the police open it only to be attacked by the Tyrannosaurus that was inside, with the raptors joining in the attack as well. Rance and his team (Polchek, Coolidge, Sanders, Furguson) arrive at the site and see the dead bodies everywhere. AS they head further into the warehouse, Coolidge sees movement on the scanner, they are startled when a dead body drops on them, just before the boxes in the warehouse fall down around them. Coolidge and Furguson are separated from the others and killed by the raptors while Rance, Polchek, and Sanders see the raptors and fire at them, missing them but scaring them off. The three soldiers find their dead teammates, then head back outside to find Mercer arriving with Dr. Hodges. Hodges explains that the cargo contains the last three specimens from the Carnosaur project and that they need to be captured alive, as they have value for medical science. After Hodges briefs them on the creatures, they head to a warehouse that is loaded with a beef shipment meant for Hawaii and start hunting the dinosaurs there. Inside, Polchek and Sanders go to check an open meat freezer when the raptor that was hiding behind the door closes it. Rance fires at the raptor and chases it away but when he goes to reload, the second raptor appears. Rance ducks into another room and braces the door as the raptor tries to get at him when he hears gunfire and the raptor runs off. Rance exits the room to find a marine special recon team (Rossi, Proudfoot, Johnson, & Garcia), whom Mercer had sent to provide back up for Rance’s team. After regrouping with Polchek and Sanders, Rance has the assembled team set a trap for the raptors, with Sanders and Johnson in a blind as back up with armor piercing rounds, much to Hodges’ displeasure. Hodges and Rance go to Mercer to voice their issues, leaving the others to set up the trap, and as they each argue their case, Mercer tells Rance that Hodges is right and the animals are not to be harmed if at all possible. Returning to the warehouse, Rance oversees the completion of the trap and after they place the bait in the room, they all get into position, with Polchek being given the sedatives to use. One of the raptors enters the room and heads towards the bait but before they can spring the trap, the other raptor grabs Polchek and starts dragging him away. As Rance chases after Polchek, the others manage to trap the raptor but it chews through the net and gets away, while Rance manages to kill the raptor dragging Polchek. Returning to the warehouse and discussing the raptor’s intelligence in being able to spot the trap, which worries both Rance and Hodges. Taking the dead animal to their tent, Hodges examines it and is amazed at the creatures regenerative powers, then theorizes that the raptor was taking Polchek to be food for the Tyrannosaur’s hatchlings. Suddenly, the raptor revives and starts to attack everyone and as they fend it off, the Tyrannosaurus appears and bites Garcia’s head off. The soldiers manage to chase off the Tyrannosaurus, with the raptor escaping as well, and when they learn the carnosaurs are hiding on a ship, they come up with a new plan; pilot the ship out to sea and lower the animals to the lower decks so that they can pump coolant through the area to render them unconscious. Rossi pilots the ship out to sea while the others make preparations, with Hodges looking over the schematics to see if there are any places the carnosaurs can hide. Rance, Polchek, Sanders, Proudfoot, and Johnson head down to the lower levels and separate to begin releasing the coolant into the area, but Sanders and Johnson are killed by the raptors. Rance, Proudfoot, and Polchek get back onto the freight elevator and start heading up but one of the raptors bites through the cable, sending the elevator crashing down into the hold. As they look for a way out, they discover the Tyrannosaur’s nest and Polchek and Proudfoot begin shooting the eggs, but the Tyrannosaurus appears and attacks and kills Polchek. Rance and Proudfoot make it back to the bridge and Rance decides to sink the ship, figuring the dinosaurs would drown. The group splits up, with Rance and Rossi going one way and Proudfoot and Hodges going another. After they set their charges, Rance and Rossi are heading back when the Tyrannosaurus lunges down from the ceiling and kills Rossi. Proudfoot and Hodges meet up with Rance, and they start to head back but are attacked by the raptors, with Proudfoot being killed but Rance and Hodges manage to kill the raptors. They continue to try to leave when the Tyrannosaurus attacks them, just as the first charges go off. Knowing they will die if they don’t get off the ship soon, Rance throws an explosive into the Tyrannosaur’s mouth, killing it, and they make a run to get off the ship, just as it explodes. AS the two tread water, Rance asks Hodges if she would like to take a vacation with them and Hodges responds positively. Meanwhile, back at the docks, the surviving terrorist is still sitting in the police car when he is attacked by a raptor.

Ok, I will admit that this movie is even more on the ridiculous side of things than the previous two, but that makes it that much more entertaining for me. The acting was ok, but nobody honestly stood out, though I did like Rick Dean returning in a new role (Polchek) but playing almost exactly the same character. The story was honestly a bit of a mess, trying to tie the dinosaurs in with the previous movies but then adding the regenerative abilities and the asexual reproduction just to try and make things a little more exciting but it also pushed the movie further into the silly aspect. Another thing that didn’t make sense was the end, with Rance and Hodges suddenly flirting with each other when there was absolutely no indication of anything being there, or even attempting to be set up, prior to that. The special effects were ok, with the models looking pretty decent but the dinosaurs movements still looked too stiff, with the raptors looking like they were not moving at all but simply being pulled along to simulate their running from the soldiers at times. Some silly, B-movie fun that is entertaining to watch if you love B-movies.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5