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Flashback Review: May 22nd, 2014 Movie – Blood Surf

blood surf

Every now and then, you will come across one of those movies that seems to be your go-to movie on TV, as it seems to be on all the time. I’m not talking about Beastmaster levels of replay here, as that really was on ALL THE TIME (and it was awesome). However, there seemed to be a time in the early 2000’s where everytime I turned on the Sci-Fi channel over the weekend, this movie would be playing. Now before that had happened, I had actually rented Blood Surf from the video store and found it to be a fairly entertaining movie so I had no problem watching it whenever it came on, which of course would lead to my buying the movie on DVD as you can obviously tell.

The plot: Surfers Bog Hall and Jeremy, along with documentary filmer Cecily Herrold and her producer/boyfriend Zack Jardine, have arrived on the Pacific Isle called Palm Island in order to film Bog and Jeremy surfing with sharks. When their seaplane lands, Zack and Cecily take the canoe onto the island but Bog and Jeremy choose not to wait and surf out to shore but as they get close to shore, Cecily sees a shadow passing underneath Bog but dismisses it. When they all arrive on the dock, they are greeted by Sonny LoFranco and his wife Melba, the owners of the boat that they hired but when Sonny learns of the island they wish to go to, he tells Zack that he doesn’t know the safe route through the reefs to get there. That night, Zack tries to talk to John Dirks, a former tour boat captain and the only man to know how to get to Leelo Kai, but while Zack is willing to pay a lot of cash for the information, Dirks refuses. After Zack heads back to his table, Arti, Dirks girlfriend, tells him they could have used the money but Dirks tells her to sit down and forget about them. Ignoring Dirks, Arti heads over to the bar’s radio and turns it on, then proceeds to seductively dance in front of the table that Bog, Jeremy, Cecily, and Zack are sitting at. Annoyed with her antics, Dirks turns off the music and tells Zack that he has reconsidered his offer, telling Zack to follow him and he will tell him how to get there. As Cecily follows after Zack, Arti heads over to the table and talks with Bog, who tries flirting with him but she laughingly turns him down. Jeremy jokes with Bog about his failure and later, as the two drunkenly stumble to the boat, they fall on the dock and Bog sees Arti and Dirks having sex on their boat before he passes out. The next morning, Jeremy is woken up by Sonny and Melba’s daughter Lemmya, who flirts with him, and as Bog, Cecily, and Zack show up, they head off to Leelo Kai. When they arrive on Leelo Kai, Melba has them link hands while she says a quick prayer, then Bog starts chumming the waters to attract some sharks while Cecily puts on a protective suit so she can head into the water to film them. Lemmya gives Jeremy her medallion, saying nothing can hurt him now but as they move to kiss, Sonny comments “Not quite nothing”, causing them to move back some. When the sharks start to appear, Bog tells Cecily that it would be safer for her to be on shore and use a telephoto lens but Cecily refuses and argues with him to let her do her job. Bog and Jeremy cut their feet so that they can get more blood to attract the sharks near them, then head out into the water. Bog and Jeremy begin surfing as the sharks swim all around them, with Cecily filming from the water while Zack and Lemmya cheer them on. As Bog and Jeremy reach the shore, cheering their successful run, Cecily gets bumped by the sharks and starts to panic when she sees herself surrounded by them. Bog heads back out to rescue her while Zack has Sonny steer the boat to a nearby dock so he can make sure she is ok. When Bog and Cecily get back to shore, Cecily is berating herself for panicking but Bog tries to calm her down and says he needs her and the footage she took and wants to make sure they are both ok. When Zack and Lemmya arrive and make sure everyone is ok, Zack wants them to head back out but Bog senses something isn’t right out on the water, just as they see an eruption and a geyser of blood burst out of the water, as something large just killed one of the sharks. Deciding it’s best for them all to take a break and resume their efforts in the morning, Jeremy and Lemmya head off to some nearby ruins, where they proceed to fool around and have sex. Bog heads back out onto the water to surf and Cecily and Zack take the opportunity to fool around themselves but are forced to stop when Bog returns. Meanwhile, Melba goes for a swim while Sonny takes a nap on the boat but when something attacks the boat, they both end up being killed and the boat destroyed, while Dirks can be heard trying to contact them over the radio. As night falls, Lemmya goes to rinse off her top but ends up being killed by a giant crocodile and when Jeremy goes looking for her, he finds her dress and a giant foot print in the ground near the water. Jeremy goes to show the others and as he yells out for Lemmya, they head back to the dock to discover it sunk and Sonny’s bloody clothes floating in the water. Cecily and Jeremy want to leave but when Zack asks about the film they shot, Cecily admits it was on the boat and Bog reluctantly dives in to retrieve it. As he finds the bag, he also sees Melba’s partially eaten corpse and quickly gets out of the water. Tossing the camera bag to Zack and Cecily, Bog spends a minute to recover when the crocodile attacks the dock, knocking him and Jeremy into the water. Zack runs off with the camera while Cecily helps Bog and Jeremy, then they all run as the crocodile destroys the dock and chases after them. The eventually reach a clearing and catch their breaths but as they start to move out, they are captured by some pirates, who reveal that they almost set off one of their punji stick traps they have on the island. The pirates take them to their boat, where the captain’s brother tries to rape Cecily but the crocodile leaps out of the water and grabs him in it’s jaws, dragging him into the water. As the pirates look on in shock, Bog, Jeremy, and Zack use the opportunity to push their captives into the water, then they all try to escape as the boat catches fire in the commotion and explodes. As Zack treads water and calls out for the others, he is surprised to see Dirks show up, as he had been concerned when they didn’t respond and decided to head out to see if they needed help. Getting them all safely aboard his boat, Dirks has Arti take them below so they can rest and find a change of clothes but Bog stays behind. Bog thanks Dirks for saving them and, noticing his reaction when they were talking about what happened, correctly guesses that Dirks has encountered the crocodile before and wants to make sure Dirks isn’t looking for revenge but Dirks tells him he never wants to see that crocodile again. Down in the bunks, Zack is celebrating their good fortune in surviving and toats themselves but the others shame him by toasting Lemmya, Sonny, and Melba. Later that night, Zack wakes up and wanders around the cabin, where Arti catches him trying to open a barrel. Handing him a knife to use, Zack is shocked to see it contains goat heads and Arti motions for him to look out the window, where Zack sees Dirks baiting a hook with a goat’s head before tossing it off the side of the boat. Art explains that Dirks has been seeking revenge on the crocodile since it destroyed his tour boat and ate all his passengers and now he has the perfect chance to do it, and Arti convinces Zack that it would make for a great TV special to see the capture and death of the largest saltwater crocodile alive. The next morning, Bog, Jeremy, and Cecily are shocked to see that they are still on Leelo Kai and Bog goes to confront Dirks about the matter. As Zack talks about filming this, Dirks’ hooks suddenly go taut as the crocodile takes the bait and he has Bog and Jeremy help him with the winch while Arti mans the boat’s controls. Dirks shoots a harpoon into the crocodile and goes to help Bog and Jeremy while Zack convinces Cecily to get in the water to get some footage. The crocodile manages to shake the harpoon free and Bog spears a life preserver and shoots it towards Cecily so they can pull her back on board. As they get her on board, the crocodile attacks the boat and Jeremy ends up falling next to it. Dirks hands him a knife to defend himself and Jeremy starts stabbing at it, shouting that it is for Lemmya, but the crocodile flips him into the air and grabs him in it’s jaws, killing him. Dirks goes to pilot the boat away from the island but when his engine starts to fail, he instead turns and runs the boat up onto the nearby reef. After they all recover from the crash, Dirks tells Bogs to take the others over the reef and make for the ruins, as they are surrounded by alkaline filled fresh water, which saltwater crocodiles hate, while he is going to rig the boat to explode and hopefully take the crocodile with it. As Bog and the others head over the reef, Zack sees Bog’s surfboard and decides to grab it and surf to shore but ends up being killed by the crocodile. Meanwhile, Dirk is working on rigging up the explosives when the crocodile bursts through the side of the boat and attacks him, eventually ripping him in half as he tries to avoid it. Bog, Cecily, and Arti reach the shore and, having not heard the explosion, Bog tells them to go to the ruins while he goes back to check on Dirks and grab the explosives if he didn’t make it. As Arti and Cecily make their way to the ruins, Arti is attacked by the pirate captain, who had managed to survive, but Cecily manages to lure him into the path of one of his own punji stick traps, killing him. Arti and Cecily make it to the ruins, just as the crocodile appears, but Dirks was right and it doesn’t appear to want to cross the river to come after them so they taunt it some before sitting down to wait. Bog eventually shows up with the explosives, telling Arti that Dirks is dead, and they proceed to set a trap to kill the crocodile. Bog knocks down a pillar to form a bridge across the water and then taunts the crocodile into chasing him, where they use the explosives to blow up some of the ruins and bury the crocodile under the debris. Believing the crocodile is dead, Arti goes over and starts kicking it, venting her anger over it killing Dirks, but the crocodile was simply unconscious and it wakes up and immediately grabs her in it’s jaws and kills her. Bog and Cecily run, with the crocodile chasing after them, and as they use a vine to swing out into the river below, the crocodile leaps after them and ends up impaling itself on the rocks below. With the crocodile finally dead, Bog heads to shore and collapses in exhaustion and as Cecily rushes over to tend to him, Bog kisses her and as they make out, they wonder about how they are going to get off the island.

This is just what you want out of a B-movie; some mindless entertainment that is accented by some ridiculous plot points and sub par special effects. The acting was ok in this movie, with Duncan Regher doing a decent job playing the Quint-type character Dirks, while Dax Miller (Bog), Kate Fischer (Cecily), and Matt Borlenghi (Zack) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was pretty typical of these types of movies; a larger than normal animal is killing people and an obsessed hunter with previous experience against the creature tries to kill it no matter what. The addition of the pirates was a humorous bit of a subplot but honestly wasn’t really needed. The special effects with the crocodile were a mixture between good at times and really cheap looking. The scene where the crocodile was chasing after Bog towards the ruins was one of the cheaper, and funnier scenes, as you could tell it was a model but it’s legs weren’t even moving as it chased after him. It is some a bit of ridiculous fun and makes for some mindless entertainment if you want to just sit back and veg in front of the TV.

Rating: 3 out of 5