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April 3rd, 2018 Movie – Underworld (2003)


So, there is probably no way to say this without sounding somewhat sexist but there are some people that look good in leather, and Kate Beckinsale is definitely one of them. I think Len Wiseman took full advantage of that fact when promoting his movie as most of the trailers had scenes with her in her leather outfit, which got a lot of the male audience, and probably some of the female audience, interested. When this movie came out in theaters, I wound up missing out on seeing it but would rent it shortly after it came out on video. After all, a good vampire or werewolf movie is always worth watching and even a bad one can be entertaining. So let’s see what we have on out hands with today’s movie, Underworld (2003).

The plot: 600 years ago, the war between vampires and Lycans (werewolves) reached it’s climax when the Lycans’ leader, Lucian, was killed. The Lycans scattered and the vampires worked to slaughter the last of them. In the present day, Selene, a vampire soldier known as a Death Dealer, observes two Lycans following a human named Michael Corvin down into the subway. Selene and her partner follow after them but one of the Lycans, Raze, senses the vampires and begins shooting at them. Selene’s partner is struck by the bullets and as Selene takes cover, she sees her partner start to smolder and burn to death as if he was caught in the sun. Another vampire arrives to help Selene and as the vampires and Lycans trade bullets, the innocent bystanders all work to take cover or flee. When a bystander is hit by a bullet, Michael rushes over to drag her to safety and starts tending to her wound. Raze’s partner grabs Michael but is forced to let him go when he is shot by Selene. The Lycan flees and Selene chases after him down the subway tunnel and into the sewers, where she eventually kills him. Meanwhile, Raze fights with the other vampire, eventually killing him when he transforms into his werewolf form, and goes after Selene but she is able to hold him at bay when she throws 4 silver shuriken disks into him. Grabbing the dead Lycan’s gun, which Selene noticed contained some strange, glowing bullets, Selene makes her way through the sewers to leave when she hears the sounds of a large, Lycan den somewhere further in the sewers but quickly leaves when she hears more Lycans approaching. Inside the den, two Lycans are fighting each other when Lucian appears and stops them. Selene returns to her coven and shows the head of the Death Dealers the Lycans’ weapon and he figures it is artificial ultra-violet radiation intended as some sort of military tracer round. Kraven, the vampire regent, shows up and Selene says they should send the Death Dealers in force down into the sewers to deal with the den and she wants to lead the team but Kraven refuses, saying that it is too close to the Awakening to risk it. Selene goes to look through the pictures and realizes that the Lycans were following Michael and she tries to tell Kraven but he tells her to let it go and get ready for the party that evening. Back in the Lycans’ den, a scientist named Singe is checking blood samples from the descendants of the Corvinus bloodline and when the most recent one failed, he tells Lucian that Michael is the last chance of finding a pure strain of the bloodline. Meanwhile, Selene leaves the coven and heads to Michael’s apartment and when he gets there, she questions him about why the Lycans are after him. Before Michael can answer, they are attacked by Lycans and as Selene deals with them, Michael runs for the elevator to get away. When Michael gets to the ground floor, he is confronted by Lucian and Selene, who had followed after Michael, shoots Lucian but Lucian falls onto Michael and bites him. Selene grabs Michael and drags him out of the elevator while Lucian spits Michael’s blood into a vial, then dislodges the silver bullets from his skin and gives chase. Lucian manages to leap onto Selene’s car and starts stabbing through the roof, eventually wounding Selene but she is able to dislodge him from the car, then strike him with it as she continues to escape. Michael wants to be let out and Selene refuses but ends up passing out and the car crashes into the river. Michael saves Selene and carries her to shelter before passing out himself, plagued by visions of Lycans being tortured by vampires. Meanwhile, Lucian returns to the den and gives Singe the vial with Michael’s blood and as Singe begins to test it, Lucian tells him that he bit Michael so soon he would be looking for them. When Selene comes too, she takes Michael back to the coven and when he learns of this, Kraven chastises her for her actions. Meanwhile, another vampire, Erika, is examining Michael when she discovers the bite just as Michael wakes up and escapes the coven. Kraven leaves the coven and meets up with Lucian, revealing that they were working together, and Lucian tells Kraven that Michael is no concern of his. Meanwhile, Selene is suspicious of Kraven’s story of killing Lucian, believing that Lucian is the Lycan that attacked her and Michael. Disobeying protocol, Selene wakes Viktor, one of the three vampire lords, using her blood to start the process so that he would have her memories. Meanwhile, Michael goes to the hospital he works at and has a friend look at his wounds but when his friend goes to get the police, who are actually Lycans in disguise, Michael quickly leaves and heads back to the coven. At the coven, Kraven is angered to find Michael outside the gates and yells at Selene, who tells him she woke up Viktor and then leaves to go see Michael. Driving up to the gate, Selene tells Michael to get in and they drive to a vampire safehouse, with Selene explaining to Michael about the war between vampires and Lycans. Back at the coven, Kraven and Erika go to see Viktor, who is still rejuvenating after being in hibernation and when Viktor learns that he was woken 100 years ahead of schedule, he tells Kraven to send Selene to him when she comes back. At the safehouse, Selene and Michael are getting closer and Michael wants to go with her when she says she has to return to the coven but Selene says they will kill him if he shows up. The two get closer and briefly kiss but Selene had used the kiss to put a shackle on Michael, telling him that he will change the next night and she couldn’t risk him getting loose and killing someone. Meanwhile, in the Lycans’ den, the Lycans are all gathering weapons and preparing to head out for an attack on the vampires, with Lucian leading the way. Back at the coven, Erika works on taking Kraven’s mind off his troubles when Selene returns, and Kraven goes looking for her. Kraven yells at her, saying she was ruining the plans he had for the two of them, and Selene says that there was never a “them” and shoves past him to go see Viktor. When she reaches Viktor, she tries to explain about Lucian and what she knows but Viktor says believes Kraven over her and says that Michael must die while she will be punished for breaking the order. Kraven has Selene placed under house arrest and then sends his assistant to go meet Amelia, One of the other vampire lords, and escort her to the coven. At the train station, Amelia’s train arrives but is attacked by Lycans, who kill all of Amelia’s attendants while leaving Amelia alive for Raze to drain her blood, while Kraven’s assistant watches from the platform before leaving. Back at the coven, Erika helps Selene escape, as she figures with Selene out of the way Kraven will turn his attentions to herself, and Selene heads back to the safehouse. When she gets there, she finds Lycans approaching the building and she tries to fight them off, freeing Michael and telling him to get to safety in the process, but Michael ends up being captured by the Lycan police officers, who sedate him when he starts to turn as they head back to the den. Back at the coven, Selene brings Singe, whom she had captured at the safehouse, and he tells Viktor Lucian’s plans and why they need the blood of a pure blood vampire. When Kahn tells Viktor that Amelia’s train had been attacked and Amelia drained of all her blood, Viktor kills Singe in anger, then apologizes to Selene for doubting her before ordering her to kill Michael when they find him. In the Lycans’ den, Lucian is preparing Michael for testing his blood and Michael has more visions, realizing that they are Lucian’s memories. When he asks Lucian about it, Lucian tells him that Lycans were once the slaves of the vampires and served as their protectors during the daytime. Lucian ended up falling in love with Viktor’s daughter Sonja and the two were secretly wed but when Viktor found out, he feared a blending of the species and had Sonja killed, along with their unborn child, and Lucian ended up fleeing, starting the war in the process. Kraven and his men arrive, as Kraven knows that Viktor is now aware of his treachery, and as Lucian speaks with Kraven, the other Lycans place Kraven’s men in a locked room. Suddenly, Selene and the other Death Dealers arrive in the den and begin attacking the Lycans and Kraven uses the opportunity to shoot Lucian with a bullet filled with silver nitrate. Kraven’s men manage to escape their room and go looking for another way out but Raze sees them and chases after them, battling with Kraven’s assistant. Selene manages to locate Michael and frees him, telling him she has to get him out of there and when Michael tells her that they will kill her too, she says she knows and the two kiss. Michael tells Selene that he knows what started the war and the two try to escape but the encounter Kraven, who shoots Michael. As Selene drops to Michael’s side, Kraven tries to get her to go with him and when she refuses, Kraven tells her that Viktor was the one who slaughtered her family, not the Lycans, all so he could have Selene replace the daughter he had killed. When Kraven goes to kill Selene, Lucian, who had survived, stops him and stabs Kraven in the leg. As Kraven reels in pain, Lucian tells Selene to bite Michael, saying that he would become a hybrid that has both species strengths but none of their weaknesses. Selene bites Michael as Kraven kills Lucian, then flees when Viktor shows up and throws Selene from Michael. Viktor grabs Michael and throws him through a wall, then speaks with Selene, who asks how he could do what he did. Viktor says he did it to preserve the species, then goes to finish off Michael only to find that Michael had transformed into a hybrid and begins attacking Viktor. As the two fight, some Death Dealers show up and begin shooting at Michael and Selene kills them but is then struck by Viktor, who starts to choke out Michael. Selene grabs Viktor’s sword and decapitates him, saving Michael’s life and as the stand together, the surviving Lycans all head back into the shadows, letting them leave. Meanwhile, back at the coven, Singe’s blood seeps down into the crypt where Marcus’ body is and wakens him, turning him into a hybrid as well as he is also of the Corvinus bloodline.

Underworld (2003) met with mostly negative reviews from the critics, holding a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Though stylish to look at, Underworld is tedious and derivative.” Underworld (2003) was the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit when it came out, as both White Wolf, Inc. (creators of the Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse games) and Nancy A. Collins (author of the Sonja Blue novels) claimed that the plot and elements of the movie were similar to their own properties. The lawsuit ended up being settled with a confidential settlement. Despite the poor reviews, the movie was a box office success, earning $95.7 million off of a $22 million budget and would spawn 3 sequels and a prequel.

I will admit that this is not the best movie ever but it is a pretty entertaining movie. The acting was hit or miss in some cases, with Kate Beckinsale (Selene) and Scott Speedman (Michael) doing good jobs in their roles. I also liked Michael Sheen (Lucian) and Kevin Grevioux (Raze) but thought Shane Brolly was too whiny as Kraven. The story was interesting and I liked the idea of the vampire/werewolf war (seriously, who hasn’t always enjoyed a throwdown between these two classic monsters) while the hybrid angle was a nice twist to make it a little more interesting. The special effects were pretty good and I liked the design of the Lycans, making them look sleeker and not as furry as the traditional werewolf. The lighting for the movie was really dark, which fit the tone of the movie and the whole “underworld” theme but could be a little trying at times. An entertaining movie to watch and definitely set itself up for more movies to follow.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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March 9th, 2018 Movie – Transformers: Age Of Extinction

transformers-age of extinction

When the news first broke about a live action Transformers movie, I think there was one question that most fans had on their minds; would the Dinobots be in it. When the sequels came out, that question kept popping up, especially after Devastator was seen in Revenge Of The Fallen. Finally, seven years after the series started, the trailer came out for the 4th movie and the fans were finally getting the Dinobots on the big screen; and I honestly had no desire to go see this in the theaters. Don’t get me wrong, I did want to see it, but I have been somewhat underwhelmed by the movies and just figured I would wait to see it when it came out on DVD. That is honestly a sad state of affairs when robotic dinosaurs aren’t enough to get me to see a movie in theaters. Oh well, Michael Bay got my money since I bought it on Blu-Ray so let’s sit back and enjoy today’s movie, Transformers: Age Of Extinction.

The plot: Millions of years ago, an alien race arrives on Earth and begins using their machines to terraform portions of the planet, killing off the dinosaurs as the planet is covered in molten metal. In the present day, geologist Darcy Tirrel arrives at a dig site in the Arctic Circle, where her workers have discovered the remains of a dinosaur that had been encased in metal frozen in the ice, prompting her to shut the site down so they can examine it further. Meanwhile, after the events of Chicago, Congress has formally abolished the partnership with the Autobots and a C.I.A. team known as Cemetery Wind has begun hunting both Autobots and Decepticons down, wanting to keep their technology in U.S. hands but their director, Harold Attinger, says that Japan and some other countries have some as well. In Texas, Cade Yaeger and his assistant Lucas Flannery arrive at a rundown theater and look around to see if there is anything worth salvaging when they come across an old semi cab in the main hall that piques his curiosity and he buys it from the theater landlord. At Cade’s house, his daughter is having a video chat with her boyfriend Shane when she sees her father pull up with the semi in tow. As Cade has the semi brought into his garage/workshop, she argues with him over his spending money on junk to try and fix up when they have bills that aren’t getting paid. When a realtor shows up with a couple to look at the property, claiming that he is 6 months behind on his rent, Cade chases them off but Tessa asks what will happen when she leaves for college. Elsewhere, a Cemetery Wind team tracks down and begins attacking Ratchet and bring him down, then he is approached by Lockdown, a Cybertronian bounty hunter that is working with Cemetery Wind to hunt down the Autobots. Lockdown asks Ratchet where Optimus is and when Ratchet refuses to answer, Lockdown stabs Ratchet through the chest and removes his spark. Back in Texas, Cade is examining the semi and tells Lucas and Tessa that he thinks it’s a transformer. Lucas and Tessa want to call the government, as there is a reward for information on any transformers, and Cade says he will but wants to examine it first so it can help him with his own inventions. When Cade removes a missile from the semi’s engine, it transforms into a badly damaged Optimus Prime, who draws his gun on the three humans. Cade convinces Optimus that they won’t hurt him and Optimus says that he was caught in an ambush by humans and something else and has to warn the rest of the Autobots. Cade offers to help repair him, sending Lucas into town to get some parts needed but Lucas secretly calls the government hotline when he is out. After meeting with Lockdown, Attinger returns to Langley and receives the intel about Optimus’ location and sends out a Cemetery Wind team, led by James Savoy, to capture/kill him. When Cemetery Wind arrives at Cade’s home, the search the premises but find no sign of Optimus and begin questioning Cade, threatening to shoot Tessa if he doesn’t answer. Not wanting innocent people to be hurt because of him, Optimus reveals himself from where he was hiding and begins attacking Cemetery Wind, yelling for Cade to run for it. Lockdown attacks Optimus, blowing up Cade’s home in the process and gives chase while cade and the others run and are picked up by Shane. Shane drives off, with Cemetery Wind in pursuit, and manages to avoid them but damages his car in the process. Optimus manages to get away from Lockdown and pulls up to help Cade and the others but Lockdown throws a grenade that transforms the ground into molten metal and Lucas is caught in the blast and turned into a statue. Cade, Tessa, and Shane get into Optimus and drive off and Optimus leaves them at a gas station while he makes sure they aren’t followed. After questioning Tessa and Shane about their relationship, Cade begins to hack the Cemetery Wind surveillance drone he grabbed when he was captured and sees video of Cemetery Wind killing some of the other Autobots. Realizing they are on their own, Optimus changes forms and meets up with Bumblebee, Hound, Drift, and Crosshairs; the only surviving Autobots left. As Optimus tries to figure out why they are being hunted, Cade shows the Autobots the footage from the drone and says that after the Autobots are killed, trucks from a robotics company called K.S.I. Industries arrive to pick up the remains. Since K.S.I. is located in Chicago, the Autobots head to the outskirts of the city while Cade, Tessa, and Shane get some supplies and try to find a way inside the building. Inside K.S.I., Darcy is talking with K.S.I. CEO Joshua Joyce about the find in the Arctic and Joyce explains that the metal she found is Transformium, the same metal that the Cybertronians are made from. He shows her how the metal can be made into anything then takes her to their military design room, where they are creating their own Transformers. Joyce shows her that they have Brains held captive so he can help translate the information from the head of Megatron but is upset when he finds that every time they try to create their own Transformer, Galvatron, in the shape of Optimus, it keeps turning out like Megatron. Cade manages to clone an employee badge and he, Shane, and Bumblebee sneak inside the company, where they find that K.S.I. has built another transformer, called Stinger, which is patterned after Bumblebee. As Cade goes looking for infomation, Joyce has a secret meeting with Attinger, revealing that they have a deal with Lockdown where when Lockdown gets Optimus, they will get something called “a Seed”. Cade activates a camera in his glasses to relay what he sees to the other Autobots and Optimus is upset to find that Ratchet’s head is being melted down for the Transformium and heads towards the building. Meanwhile, Cade starts talking with Darcy when Attinger sees him and orders security to detain him. Attinger starts to question Cade about Optimus’ location when the Autobots attack the building, rescuing Cade and Brains but Joyce confronts Optimus, saying that they can build their own Transformers now so they don’t need him anymore. The Autobots leave but Attinger has Joyce send out Galvatron and Stinger to capture them but Galvatron begins resisting his programming, attacking innocent cars and firing at random. During the course of the battle, Tessa ends up trapped by a car near where Optimus and Galvatron are fighting and is forced to take shelter inside to avoid being crushed. Suddenly, Lockdown appears and begins firing on Optimus and Attinger orders Galvatron and Stinger recalled. Lockdown captures Optimus, and inadvertently grabs the car with Tessa as well and Cade tries to help her get free but is unable to hold onto the net. As Optimus is taken to his cell, Lockdown brags about his ship belonging to the Knights, of which Optimus was a part of, but he commandeered it. Tessa is taken to the trash room and manages to escape the car before it is torn apart and goes looking for Optimus. Lockdown’s ship heads to Chicago, where he hands over a seed to Savoy but while his ship is stationary, Cade, Shane, and the Autobots manage to sneak onboard and start looking for Optimus and Tessa. As the engines prepare for takeoff, Crosshairs activates the anchors to give them some more time but Lockdown sends his hounds and minions to look for them. Cade and Shane find the Knight’s armory and grab some weapons and use them to fend off some of Lockdown’s minions, then finally find Tessa. Meanwhile, the Autobots locate Optimus, who tells them that the section they are in can separate from the main ship so Hound heads to the flight deck while Drift works on freeing Optimus. Cade, Tessa, and Shane attempt to climb down the anchors back to the city but come under attack from Lockdown’s hounds and are rescued by Bumblebee. Crosshairs grabs a flier to get them and bring them back to the ship but they come under fire and are forced to fight their way free, damaging the flier in the process. Meanwhile, Lockdown prepares to warp into space but Hound manages to separate their section before he leaves and flies off. In Chicago, Joyce orders all of the Transformium, as well as Galvatron and Stinger and any remaining Transformer bodies, to be transferred to K.S.I.’s China facility, telling Attinger to bring the Seed there. Bumblebee takes Cade and Shane to meet up with the rest of the Autobots and Optimus tells Cade that he sensed Megatron’s presence when he fought Galvatron. Brains then explains that While K.S.I. had him deciphering Megatron’s brain for their programming, Megatron was still active and hijacking their programming to make him a new body and once they got the Seed, he would use it to build a new army to conquer the world and Cade says they have to get the Seed before Galvatron does. Learning that Joyce had gone to China, Cade contacts him and warns him about Galvatron no longer being under his control and though he is skeptical of Cade’s credibility, Joyce orders Galvatron’s container not to be opened or activated. Back in the states, the authorities start to converge on the ship and Cade, Tessa, Shane, and the Autobots board it to get the Seed, but Optimus says that afterwards, they will be leaving the planet for good. In China, Joyce meets with Attinger and Savoy, who deliver the Seed and Attinger asks when his products will be available but Joyce tells him he wants to hold off on making more robots until he figures out why Galvatron malfunctioned. In the hangar, Galvatron suddenly activates and hacks into the other robots, taking control of Stinger and every other robot that K.S.I. has built and sends them to locate the Seed. When Joyce gets word of what happened, he as Darcy meet him and Li Bingbing (the owner of the Hong Kong facility) outside and they take off, leaving Attinger and Savoy, and the rest of the workers, to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, as the Autobots head towards Hong Kong, Cade talks with Optimus, trying to convince him to give humans another chance. Knowing that Attinger will be following them, Joyce and Li get out of the car and grab a motorcycle to try and escape out of the city with the Seed, while Darcy acts as a diversion, but the C.I.A. still manage to track them. Li sends Joyce up to the roof of a building to await extraction as Attinger, Savoy, Galvatron, and his army all converge on his location. The Autobots arrive and Cade calls out for Cade to get aboard the ship so they can get the Seed to safety but Stinger fires at the ship, knocking Cade, Tessa, Shane, Bumblebee, and Hound off the loading ramp and onto the roof, while the ship ends up crashing into the forest outside the city. Bumblebee and Hound begin fighting the Decepticons while Cade, Tessa, Shane, and Joyce get the Seed to safety. When Savoy starts shooting at them, Cade leads him away so the others can get to safety and after a chase along the rooftops and a fight in an apartment, Cade manages to throw Savoy out the window, where he falls to his death. Attinger sees Savoy die just as Lockdown contacts him, having made his way back to Earth after realizing that Optimus escaped, and Attinger tells him where they are so he can kill Optimus. Meanwhile, Optimus, Drift, and Crosshairs survived their crash and when they hear Hound calling for help, Optimus heads back inside the ship. Heading to the armory, he grabs one of the Knights of Iacon’s swords, then uses it to free the Dinobots, who were prisoners of Lockdown. After Prime leads them out of the ship, he says that they can either join them and fight together or resist and fight him. Grimlock, the leader of the Dinobots, begins attacking Optimus but Optimus manages to defeat him and forces them to help stop Galvatron, then climbs aboard Grimlock, as the other Dinobots (Slug, Strafe, and Scorn) transform and Corsshairs and Drift climb onto Slug and Scorn and the head to the city. Optimus and the others arrive just in time to prevent Hound, Bumblebee, Cade, and the others from being overrun and tell Cade and Joyce to get the Seed out of the city. Commandeering a car, they head out, with Optimus, the Autobots, and Dinobots providing an escort but as they are driving, the Seed suddenly begins beeping and Joyce realizes it is serving as a locator. Lockdown arrives in the city and uses a giant magnet in his ship to pick up dozens of boats and train cars, then drops them in the their path. As the magnet continues to attack them, Optimus manages to disable the magnet, then rushes off to face Lockdown, telling the others to get the Seed out of the city. Cade chooses to stay behind to help Optimus but as he approaches the fight, he is attacked by Attinger, who moves to kill him. Seeing Cade in trouble, Optimus kills Attinger but Lockdown uses his distraction to stab Optimus in the chest with his sword. As he moves to finish him off, Cade starts shooting at him while Bumblebee returns and, after dropping off Tessa and Shane, joins the fight. As Cade and Bumblebee battle Lockdown, Shane and Tessa use a tow truck to pull the sword out of Optimus’ chest, which he grabs and uses to kill Lockdown, then uses one of Lockdown’s grenades to finish off the rest of the drone army. As Optimus rejoins the other Autobots, Galvatron is seen in the hills outside the city, vowing to see Optimus again. Optimus tells the Dinobots that they are free now and the giant robots transform back to their Dinosaur forms and head off into the hills. Optimus then tells everyone that the Seed is still a danger and since he has a price on his head, he says he will take the Seed into space where it won’t be a danger, telling the other Autobots to watch over Cade and his family as they did the same for them. As Optimus blasts off into space, Cade hugs Tessa and Shane, approving their relationship, and Joyce approaches him and says he can help them with the rebuilding of their home, while out in space, Optimus sends a message out into space, warning his creators to leave the Earth alone, as he is coming to them.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction met with poor reviews from the critics, holding an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “With the fourth installment in Michael Bay’s blockbuster¬†Transformers¬†franchise, nothing is in disguise: Fans of loud, effects-driven action will find satisfaction, and all others need not apply.” While not being known for having great plots, the previous movies all were nominated for Academy Awards, mainly in the technical categories, but this movie did not earn any nominations. Despite the poor reviews, the movie was a box office success, earning $1.104 billion off of a $210 million, making it the highest grossing movie of 2014.

Good lord this was a long ass movie but at least it was entertaining. The acting was ok, with Mark Wahlberg (Cade) doing a good job as the lead, with a lot more character development shown than Shia LaBeouf ever did. I also liked Stanley Tucci (Joyce), Kelsey Grammer (Attinger), and Titus Welliver (Savoy) but thought that T.J. Miller (Lucas) was just annoying. The story was pretty good, taking some aspects from an old comic book storyline and tweaking it to add a little bit of uniqueness to it. I also liked how they worked in Megatron/Galvatron, really paying homage to the original animated movie in how Galvatron was essentially Megatron reborn. One thing that I found kind of funny, which I am sure that several other Transformers fans might have noticed, is how similar the 5 surviving Autobots were to the characters in Transformers: Beast Wars, especially in their mannerisms. The special effects were really good and I liked the designs of the new Autobots and especially the Dinobots, with the spiked exteriors making them seem more like real dinosaurs as opposed to the smoother designs from the original cartoon. It’s really too long and could have been condensed a little without losing any necessary story points but this is still a fun movie to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5