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Flashback Review: June 28th, 2014 Movie – Chase Step By Step

chase step by step

Well, this is the last movie from the Martial Arts box set. In fact, it is the last movie from any of my box sets. Man, I kind of need to go through all of the movies from the Mills Creek box sets and see how they all ranked. However, in order to do that I will need to review and rank this movie, Chase Step By Step. Now I remember a little bit of this movie from when I first watched it but the only thing I can say for sure is that it seemed to be the type of old school martial arts movie that I always enjoyed. Now lets see if my memory is correct.

The plot: As the performers of a circus are practicing their acts, the manager receives a message from a friend, saying he is sending 1000 gold pieces to be donated to the drought relief efforts in his home village and asks that he arrange an escort for it. In the drought stricken county, the governor and his cabinet are discussing the gold shipment and when they learn that there will only be 2 escorts, Yin Ling and Sao Wu, the captain of the guard recommends that they arrange an escort of their own. The governor agrees and tells the captain to assemble his best men but the captain says his men won’t be adequate for the job and suggests going to see his teacher, who should have some students that are more capable. The captain goes to his old teacher’s school and tells him the situation and the teacher assigns his two best students, Chin Wei and Gon Su(?), to the task. Meanwhile, Yin Ling and Sao Wustop to rest and eat when two bandits attempt to steal their cart but Yin Ling and Sao Wuuse their martial art skills to easily beat them, then continue on their way. The two bandits head back to report to their leader, who asks the direction that they were heading and if there are any inns near the area. Yin Ling and Sao Wu reach a town and stop at an inn, getting separate rooms for the night. As Sao Wu is preparing for bed, the inn’s hostess knocks on Sao Wu’s door and asks to come in. The hostess speaks with him briefly and, noting the suitcase of gold, offers to put it in the inn’s safe but Sao Wu refuses. As the hostess argues with him about it, Sao Wu accidentally rips her dress and offers to shield her as they head downstairs so she can change. As they leave his room, they pass Yin Ling and Sao Wu tells her to watch the suitcase but as he heads downstairs, he doesn’t see the look of jealousy that crosses her face. That night, the hostess tells the bandit leader about the suitcase and she says she can get the suitcase from Sao Wu , as he likes her. Later, the hostess goes to bring Sao Wu some tea and as they are talking, Yin Ling spies on them, then quickly ducks back to her room when Sao Wu notices someone outside and goes to investigate. While he is out, the hostess has an assassin enter the room, who attacks Sao Wu when he returns. Sao Wu is able to fend him off and Yin Ling, hearing the commotion, helps him kill the assassin. When they return to Sao Wu’s room, Yin Ling notices the suitcase is missing but Sao Wu says he knew they would try to take it and reveals that he had hidden the gold. At the bandit’s headquarters, the leader is upset to find the suitcase is full of rocks and kills the hostess. The next day, he attacks Sao Wu and Yin Ling himself but they are easily able to overpower him. The bandit leader goes to the school that the captain of the guard graduated from, revealing that the teacher is the real bandit leader, and the teacher decides on a new plan of action. Later that day, Sao Wu and Yin Ling see a young woman being attacked by 4 men and Sua rescues her, then offers to let her go with them until she gets home but once again, Yin Ling gets jealous. Later, the teacher meets with the woman and her father, revealing that they are some of his agents, and they come up with a plan to separate Sao Wu and Yin Ling. Sao Wu receives an offer to dinner from the woman and despite Yin Ling saying it is probably a trap, he goes anyways. Once there, the woman and her father continue to offer Sao Wu drinks until he gets drunk and passes out. Meanwhile, the bandit leader and some men enter the inn and the leader attacks Yin Ling. Back at the woman’s house, the woman kisses Sao Wu, who is pretending to be asleep, when a bandit whispers for her to get out. The woman goes to leave but Sao Wu grabs her and she ends up being killed by the knives the bandit threw, intended for Sao Wu. Sao Wu goes after the bandit and the two fight, with the bandit eventually being killed when he is impaled by his own sword. Back at the inn, Yin Ling manages to beat the leader but when she is attacked by two more bandits, the leader manages to snag her with some rope, threatening to kill her if she doesn’t tell him where the gold is. Sao Wu returns and rescues Yin Ling, then the two deal with the bandits but afterwards, Yin Ling slaps Sao Wu and leaves, saying he can continue without her. Meanwhile, the bandit leader heads back to the teacher’s school, where he is chastised and the teacher assigns another man to try and get the gold. The next day, Sao Wu takes the chest of gold to the river but the bandit, disguised as a ferryman, signals his men to attack him. Sao Wu manages to fend them off, killing the leader in the process, but three men manage to grab the chest and get it onto the ferry. Yin Ling is walking on the hill on the opposite side of the river and sees what is happening. She starts to walk away but, seeing the chest of gold being stolen, she jumps from the cliff and lands in the boat, killing two of the men and threatening to kill the third unless he pilots the boat where she wants. Sao Wu manages to kill the rest of the men on shore and calls out to Yin Ling but when she makes no move to bring the ferry to shore, he grabs a pole and uses it to pole vault to the ferry. Sao Wu tries to apologize to Yin Ling, telling her that she had saved the gold, but she is still mad and knocks him in the water but when Sao Wu pretends to be drowning, she goes back to rescue him only for him to drag her in the water as well. Later, as they are drying their clothes, Sao Wu and Yin Ling continue to argue but agree to put their differences aside for the sake of the mission. Continuing on their way, they are met by a stranger who wants to challenge them. Yin Ling attacks him first, with Sao Wu jumping in, but then Sao Wu decides to continue moving forward with the gold while Yin Ling distracts the man. When he reaches a chasm that has a vine stretched across to cross, Sao Wu takes the cart across, using his circus acrobatic skills to keep it balanced, and Yin Ling gets some distance from the attacker and jumps onto the cart. As they make their way across the vine, the attacker and a second man attempt to knock them off the vine by throwing rocks at them. When they reach the other side, the attacker and his accomplice renew their attack on the pair. The attacker uses a bladed disk to cut Sao Wu several times but Sao Wu is able to knock him down, then strangle him to death, while Yin Ling kills her attacker. As Sao Wu and Yin Ling continue on their way, they come across a militia, led by the captain and the teacher, who had been sent to meet them and are wary about it but the militia shows a letter from the governor, assuring them of their intentions. Sao Wu wants to continue to the city but Yin Ling says that they should leave the gold with the militia while they go about their own business and Sao Wu is persuaded to go along with her so he hands over the cart. Sao Wu tells them he will be by later to get a receipt for the delivery and the teacher tells him they will be having a dinner to celebrate the delivery that night. Sao Wu and Yin Ling head to the home of their teacher’s brother, who notices Sao Wu’s injuries and decides to tend to them so Yin Ling says that she will go get the receipt for the gold. At the teacher’s home, the captain says he needs to get the gold to the mayor’s house so it can be distributed but the teacher says he won’t allow the gold to leave his home. The teacher attacks the captain, then orders his men to kill him but the captain is able to fend them off, until Chin Wei and Gon Su get involved and kill him. The teacher opens the chest of gold and makes plans to move it but Yin Ling arrives and confronts them. The teacher has his men attack her and while she is distracted, Chin Wei and Gon Su leave with the chest. Yin Ling continues fighting, helped by the man who accompanied her, but the teacher attacks him and severly wounds him, forcing him to leave while the teacher then attacks Yin Ling. The injured man returns to the house, where his master leads him away to tend to his injuries, then asks what happened, trying to keep Sao Wu from hearing. The man tells him what happened and Sao Wu, who had overheard them, races off to help Yin Ling. Sao Wu arrives at the house and Yin Ling tells him to deal with the teacher while she goes after the gold.  After talking briefly, Sao Wu and the teacher head up to a nearby hilltop to begin their own battle, with Sao Wu winning when he is able to knock the teacher off the cliff. Meanwhile, Yin Ling races off and catches up to Chin Wei and Gon Su, where she begins fighting with Chin Wei. Gon Su takes the cart and tries to run Yin Ling over with it, with Chin Wei attacker her while she is distracted, but she is able to avoid the cart and Chin Wei tells Gon Su to leave with the gold. Yin Ling catches up to Gon Su and continues fighting Chin Wei, with Gon Su tossing a sword to Chin Wei for him to use. Chin Wei continues fighting with Yin Ling and when she knocks the sword from his hands, he begins throwing knives at her, eventually pinning her to the ground by her hair but Yin Ling Jerks her hair free, sending the knife flying into Chin Wei’s chest. Meanwhile, Sao Wu catches up to Gon Su and begins fighting him and, with Yin Ling helping, manages to kill him, then Sao Wu and Yin Ling take the cart of gold and head back into town to finish their mission.

Well, I was right in my memory that this was the type of old school movie I enjoyed. To top it off, this was actually a pretty enjoyable movie. The acting was pretty good as far as I can tell, while the dubbing made things pretty funny, primarily between Sao Wu and Yin Ling. The main story was pretty good, as I liked the idea of them being constantly harassed and hounded by bandits that were after the gold because it made for a more exciting movie. However, the whole unrequited love angle that seemed to be going on between Sao Wu and Yin Ling was a little odd since it didn’t seem to get resolved, but it did make for some interesting situations. The fight scenes were pretty good and I liked the choreography that they had between the various fighters. A good bit of mindless entertainment that is great viewing for a lazy afternoon.

Rating: 3 out of 5