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November 1st, 2018 Movie – The Producers (2005)

the producers 2005

You know, I never saw the original version of this movie. That is kind of a shame as I love Mel Brooks films but then again, if it is a musical, I might not have enjoyed it as much. Anyways, the 2000’s brought a bunch of Hollywood remakes to the big screen. This movie was one of those remakes but I honestly had no interest in seeing it. Unfortunately, Vudu decided that I needed to own this movie so let’s see if The Producers (2005) is any good.

The plot: [Long and exhausting day at work really has me drained so I am just copying the plot summary from Wikipedia. My apologies for the laziness]
Following the flop of theater musical Funny Boy (based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet) (“Opening Night”), the show’s washed-up producer, Max Bialystock, hires the neurotic Leo Bloom as his accountant. While studying Max’s books, Leo notes that as a flop is expected to lose money, the IRS will not investigate the finances of failed productions. Leo jests that by selling an excess of shares and embezzling the funds, a flop could generate up to $2 million. Max asks for Leo’s help with the scheme, only for the latter to refuse (“We Can Do It”). Returning to his old accounting firm, Leo starts fantasizing about being a Broadway producer (“I Wanna Be a Producer”). Leo quits his job and forms “Bialystock & Bloom” with Max. Searching for the worst play ever written, the duo finds Springtime for Hitler, a musical written by an ex-Nazi named Franz Liebkind. Max and Leo, in order to acquire Franz’s rights to the musical, perform Hitler’s favorite song and swear the sacred “Siegfried Oath” to him (“Der Guten Tag Hop-Clop”). In order to ensure the play’s failure, Max and Leo meet failing, flamboyant director Roger De Bris and his assistant Carmen Ghia. Roger is reluctant to direct, but when Max and Leo suggest he could win a Tony Award, he agrees on the condition that the play be more “gay” (“Keep It Gay”). Back at their office, a Swedish woman named Ulla appears to audition. Although Leo points out that they have not started casting, Max hires her as their secretary until they audition her later (“When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It”). To gain backers to fund the musical, Max has dalliances with several elderly women (“Along Came Bialy”), allowing him to raise the $2 million. Leo laments about the dangers of sex distracting him from his work, and shares a kiss with Ulla (“That Face”). At auditions for the role of Hitler, Franz, angered at a performer’s rendition of a German song, storms the stage and performs it himself (“Haben Sie gehört das Deutsche Band?”). Based on the performance, Max hires Franz to play Hitler. On opening night, as the cast and crew prepare to go on stage, Leo wishes everyone good luck, to which everyone warns it is bad luck to say “good luck” on opening night, and that the correct phrase is to say “break a leg” (“You Never Say Good Luck on Opening Night”). Franz leaves to prepare and literally breaks his leg in a fall. Max enlists Roger to perform the role in his place, and Roger accepts. As the show opens, the audience is horrified at the first song (“Springtime for Hitler”), and people begin leaving out of disgust until Roger enters as Hitler. Roger, playing Hitler very flamboyantly, causes the audience to misinterpret the play as satire, resulting in the show becoming a smash. Terrified the IRS will learn of their crimes, a dispute breaks out between Max and Leo, but stops when Roger and Carmen come into the office to congratulate them. Furious at Roger for making the play successful, Max angrily confronts Roger for his actions, and even goes as far to physically torture Carmen when he tries to defend Roger. Franz then appears and attempts to shoot all four of them for breaking the Siegfried Oath by mocking Hitler, only to attract the police. As Max and Franz attempt to evade the police, Franz breaks his other leg. Arrested for his tax fraud, Max is imprisoned while Leo elopes with Ulla to Rio de Janeiro (“Betrayed”). About to be sentenced, Max is saved by Leo, who returns to defend him (“Til Him”). The judge, realizing Max and Leo are inseparable, sentences them both to five years at Sing Sing Prison with Franz. Writing and producing a new musical in prison (“Prisoners of Love”), Leo, Max, and Franz are pardoned by the governor for their work, allowing them to collaborate with Roger and Ulla and release Prisoners of Love. The play’s success means Max and Leo go on to become successful Broadway producers. In a post-credits scene, the cast sings “Goodbye!”, telling the audience to leave the theater.

The Producers (2005) met with mixed reviews from the critics, holding a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Despite the rich source material, The Producers has a stale, stagy feel more suited to the theater than the big screen.” The phrase “It was shocking, outrageous, insulting… and I loved every minute of it!” from a supposed review of “Springtime for Hitler”, was a rewording of a review by Peter Sellers written about The Producers (1967).The movie was a box office flop, earning $38.1 million off of a $45 million budget.

Still not really a fan of musicals but I have to admit that this was pretty funny. The acting was good, with Nathan Lane (Max) and Matthew Broderick (Leo) had some fantastic chemistry together as well as some great comedic timing. Uma Thurman (Ulla), Will Ferrell (Franz), and Gary Beach (Roger) were also great in their roles. The story was interesting as it is basically an embezzlement scheme using theater as the way to earn the money. The singing and dancing numbers were well coordinated and I will admit that some of them were kind of catchy. I can’t say how it compares to the original but I do have more of a desire to watch it now. On it’s own, it is a funny movie but there are better musicals to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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November 18th, 2017 Movie – Stargate


Oh look. It’s a movie from my least favorite duo; Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. I know that at some point, I should let go of my hatred towards them (I mean, it has been almost 20 years), but I think I am going to keep holding onto it until they redeem themselves for Fraudzilla. Now before that travesty, the two had actually made a decent name for themselves in the sci-fi realm and had a number of box office hits (yes, I know that THAT movie was also a box office hit). Today’s movie was not the first time the two paired up but it is an early collaboration and one that I did not see in theaters. I ended up getting it on DVD years ago when I was bored one day so let’s see how this impule purchase holds up as I watch Stargate.

The plot: In 8000 B.C. Egypt, a bright light appears in the night sky above a small village and massive winds begin blowing away their tents and supplies. Most of the villagers run in terror but one man approaches the light to see a pyramid-shaped structure just as a ball of light flies from the top and strikes him. In 1928, archaeologist Professor Langford, along with his young daughter Catherine, is at a dig site in Giza when his foreman shows him a large cover stones that form a circle, which seem to fit inside a large disk they found close by. As they lift the disk up, they discover a strange fossil had been buried underneath it. In 1994, Dr. Daniel Jackson, an Egyptologist and linguist, is approached by an elderly Catherine for help in translating some artifacts, as she knows he is poor and has been evicted from his home, but Jackson doesn’t like the secretive nature of the assignment and refuses at first but reluctantly agrees to go. When Jackson arrives at converted Air Force bunker in Colorado, where he is introduced to Dr. Gary Meyers and Dr. Barbara Shore, who Catherine had also recruited to help her with the artifact. As Jackson examines cornerstones and the hieroglyph that are written on them, he corrects Meyer’s initial translation and says they refer to something called a “Stargate”. When he asks why the Air Force is concerned with it, Colonel Jonathan “Jack” O’Neil, who had been  reassigned to manage and provide security for the installation, tells him that the matter is classified. After two weeks of studying them, Jackson realizes that hieroglyphs actually refer to star clusters and constellations and during a meeting, explains that the symbols are used by the Stargate to travel from one planet to another. Meyers doesn’t believe Jackson, saying that they haven’t located the 7th symbol that Jackson says is necessary for travel, and General West, the man in charge of the project, tells them to show Jackson the Stargate. When Jackson locates the missing symbol, they activate the Stargate, which opens a wormhole and they send a probe through to find out where it leads. The probe heads to a planet in another galaxy, sending back data that the air is breathable as well as images of a Stargate on that planet but the symbols don’t match the ones on their Stargate. West says that they might have to scrap their plan to send a recon team through the wormhole but Jackson says he can translate them and, despite O’Neil’s reluctance, West orders Jackson placed on the team. Catherine gives Jackson an amulet that she had found when her father discovered the Stargate and he joins O’Neil and his team as they make their way through the wormhole. Arriving on the distant planet, the team find themselves inside a pyramid and walk outside to find themselves in a desert environment. O’Neil orders Jackson to start translating the Stargate while they work on setting up a base camp but Jackson tells him that he can translate the symbols but without knowing the order that they need to go in, he won’t be able to send them home. Jackson says they need to look around for a tablet or something that would have the symbols on it but the other soldiers get upset that they are stuck on the alien world. O’Neil heads back inside the temple and begins setting up a nuclear device, which they brought as a means of last resort to destroy the Stargate so that nothing can get back to Earth if they fail. Meanwhile, some of the other soldiers yell at Jackson and throw his gear down a sand dune and as Jackson goes to pick it up, he notices tracks leading across the sand. Following the tracks, Jackson discovers a strange creature that appears to be domesticated, as it has a harness attached to it. When O’Neil and two other soldiers, Brown and Kawalsky, arrive to check on Jackson, the creature gets startled and starts running away, with Jackson being dragged behind it as his feet had gotten tangled in the rope harness. O’Neil, Brown, and Kawalsky follow after him and eventually catch up to the creature only to discover a settlement, with people mining some strange material. Jackson, O’Neil, and the others approach the settlement and when Jackson goes forward to try and speak with them, one of the men notices the amulet and cries out, causing everyone to suddenly bow to the strangers. O’Neil has one young boy stand up and attempts to shake his hand but the boy runs off and gets the settlement’s chieftain, Kasuf, who greets them and offers them some water. Jackson offers Kasuf a candy bar in return and says they have a chance in finding what he needs to activate the Stargate in their city so O’Neil radios the base camp to secure the site while they are lead towards the city. Inside one of the buildings, Kasuf shows them a disk with the symbol of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, and Jackson says they people believe the 4 of them are emissaries of Ra that were sent to them. When an alarm sounds and the people bar the gate, O’Neil, Brown, and Kawalsky make their way to the gate and fire warning shots at the people when they try to stop them from opening it but the boy, Skaara, motions for O’Neil to follow him and shows that a sand storm is approaching and O’Neil and the soldiers apologize. During dinner, Jackson attempts to speak with Kasuf and tries drawing out the symbols but Kasuf quickly erases the symbol, causing Jackson to theorize that writing is forbidden to them, and them hastily drags Jackson away. Jackson is taken to a tent and cleaned before Kasuf’s daughter Sha’uri is presented to him as a gift. Jackson stops her from disrobing and starts to leave but, not wanting to insult Kasuf, stays in the tent and begins talking with her. When Sha’uri indicates she has seen the symbols before, Jackson takes her hand and asks that she show him where. Meanwhile, the other soldiers head inside the pyramid in order to take refuge from the storm when the alien spaceship lands on top of the pyramid, merging with it. The soldiers attempt to defend themselves but they are quickly captured or killed by the aliens. Back in the city, O’Neil starts to befriend Skaara, who reminds him of his son, who died years ago. When O’Neil asks Skaara and some other children about where Jackson is, Skaara uses Jackson’s scarf to allow one of their animals to track him. They find Jackson and Sha’uri inside a temple, and Jackson explains to them that the people’s dialect is Ancient Egyptian, and tells them how Ra had come from an alien planet to escape dying and ended up taking over the body of the boy who had approached their ship in Ancient Egypt. Ra then became ruler of the land and began transporting people to the alien planet to mine the minerals needed for their weapons and technology. However, a rebellion occurred back on Earth so Ra forbade the people on the planet from being able to learn how to read or write. Jackson discovers a slab that shows 6 of the symbols needed to operate the Stargate on this planet but the last symbol is too faded for him to make out. O’Neil decides they should head back to the temple but when they get there, they see no sign of the other soldiers. When they head inside, Brown is killed Kawalsky is captured by the aliens, as Skaara watches from a window, and O’Neil has Jackson follow him down to the Stargate, as he wants to arm the bomb but finds it missing. The two are captured and taken aboard the ship and brought before Ra, who accuses them of wanting to destroy him. When the guards remove their armor, O’Neil attacks one of them and grabs his weapon, killing a second guard but when Jackson tries to get them to stop fighting, he is killed and O’Neil is knocked unconscious and dropped into a dungeon cell, where he finds the rest of his captured men. Outside the pyramid, Skaara and some of the other children are going through the supplies from O’Neil’s camp but take cover when they see two craft fly away from the pyramid towards their city. The two craft begin firing at the city, killing many of the people inside and when Skaara returns, Sha’uri says Ra is punishing them and Kasuf says they shouldn’t have helped the strangers. Back on the ship, Jackson finds himself brought back to life and is brought to Ra’s chamber, where Ra speaks with him. Ra tells him he plans on sending the nuke, made even more powerful by mixing it with the elements from the planet, back through the Stargate so that he can wipe out Earth’s civilization. Ra then offers Jackson a chance to live by executing his teammates but if he refuses, then he can join them in death, as Ra wants to show his slaves that he is the only person they should worship. Back in the city, Sha’uri is in the temple when Skaara and some others tell her that Ra has summoned the city to witness an execution and Sha’uri tells them they have to stop it, explaining what Jackson told her about their history. When the people arrive at the pyramid. They see O’Neil and three of his soldiers lined up as Ra approaches and sits in his throne. Jackson appears and is handed a weapon, then motioned towards O’Neil and the others but as he approaches them, Skaara signals him and shows that he has one of their weapons with him. Jackson turns the weapon on Ra and blasts the throne area, while Skaara and the other kids begin firing the weapons in the air, creating a diversion that allows Jackson, O’Neil, Kawalsky, and the others to escape. They head towards some caves and O’Neil angrily grabs some of the weapons from the kids and Jackson accuses him of not telling his men the truth about his mission and the bomb. The next day, Jackson sees Skaara drawing a symbol for their victory and realizes it is the last symbol and says he can get them home. When one of Ra’s guards shows up at the mine to get the people to work harder, O’Neil kills him, which upsets Kasuf until Jackson removes the armor to show him that his gods are just normal people. Disguising themselves as part of the caravan, O’Neil, Jackson, and the other soldiers join Skaara, Sha’uri, and their friends in approaching the pyramid and begin attacking the guards. Jackson, Sha’uri, and O’Neil head down to the Stargate, where Ra’s guards had taken the bomb for deployment, but Sha’uri is killed by one of the guards and O’Neil activates the bomb, telling Jackson he has 7 minutes to activate the gate and get himself and the rest of his men back to Earth. Outside, two flying craft begin attacking the rest of the soldiers and Ra orders his head guard to send the bomb to Earth. Seeing the teleporter activating, Jackson grabs Sha’uri’s body and jumps onto the platform, telling O’Neil to wait for him, and he teleports onto the ship while Ra’s guard arrives in the pyramid and begins attacking O’Neil. Onboard the ship, Jackson activates the regeneration chamber and uses it on Sha’uri, then heads back to the portal but Ra sees him and attacks him. Back in the pyramid, O’Neil manages to overpower the guard and activates the teleporter, sending the guards head back to Ra’s ship while inadvertently rescuing Jackson and Sha’uri at the same time. Outside, Kawalsky and the others run out of ammo and are forced to surrender but as the two guards approach them on foot to finish them off, Kasuf and the rest of the tribe appears and attacks the guards, killing them. Seeing his men are defeated, Ra decides to leave the planet but Jackson and O’Neil, realizing they can’t turn off the bomb, use the teleporter to send it onto Ra’s ship, causing it to explode in outer space. Seeing the explosion, everyone cheers as Jackson, Sha’uri, and O’Neil emerge from the pyramid and later, Jackson activates the Stargate to send O’Neil and the others back to Earth but he chooses to stay behind with Sha’uri.

Stargate met with mixed reactions from the critics, holding a 48% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, most of the critics felt that over-abundance of special effects in the movie was to try and make up for the weak plot. The early pre-release screenings were disastrous and the executive producer realized the main problem was that the plot made no sense so he had Ra’s dialogue subtitled and made it so it presented a clearer story line, which helped later test audiences. The movie was a box office hit, earning $196.6 million off of a $55 million budget, and spawned 3 TV spin offs.

Long and boring. That’s about the best way to describe this movie. The acting was ok, but James Spader (Jackson) and Kurt Russell (O’Neil) both seemed completely uninspired in their performances. Alexis Cruz (Skaara), Mili Avital (Sha’uri), and Erick Avari (Kasuf) were much better with their performances, while I was kind of indifferent towards Jaye Davidson (Ra). The story was really weak, and felt like it was stretched out even thinner in order to fill the length of the movie. The special effects were pretty good but I honestly thought that they would have been better considering the money spent on the movie. I remember there being a lot of hype surrounding this movie when it came out in theaters but I honestly can’t see it being worth it but it’s worth a watch, at the very least if you want to see what the TV show was based on.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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August 16th, 2017 Movie – Sharknado 2: The Second One

sharknado 2

When word of mouth causes a made for TV movie to get more viewers each time it aired, the idea for a sequel made perfect sense. After the success of Sharknado, I could hardly wait for it to occur. Then they announced the title and tag line for the movie, and it honestly felt like they were going to do a good job of keeping the advertising simple and letting word of mouth generate the buzz, which worked because I knew a lot of people were going to be tuning in to watch it. As for me, I did what has since become a tradition and went to my friend Emily and Mark’s house to watch this movie when it debuted and I was not disappointed in the least and quickly went online and pre-ordered it as soon as it became available to do so. So let’s get down to business with today’s movie, Sharknado 2: The Second One.

The plot: Fin Shepard and April Wexler, who are attempting to work things out after the events of the previous movie, are flying to New York for a book signing of April’s book that she wrote about the sharknado. As the plane starts to hit some rough weather, Fin sees some sharks flying through the sky and thinks he is seeing things at first. After a shark takes out one of the engines, the pilots start descending to a lower altitude only to have more sharks attack the plane. Several passengers are killed as sharks make it inside the plane and both of the pilots are sucked out of the cockpit when a shark breaks through and attacks one of them. Fin heads to the cockpit to try and land the plane and April follows after him but when the plane door is blown off it’s hinges, she is forced to grab onto to a nearby strap to keep from being blown out of the plane. The sky marshal goes to help her but ends up trapped by a food cart and, seeing a shark approaching April, throws her his gun to defend herself but the shark bites off her hand. The sky marshal is eventually able to pull April back in the plane while Fin manages to land the plane in New York. Downtown, Fin’s sister Ellen Brody and her husband Martin are there with their kids and arrange to meet at April and Fin’s hotel that night before they split up; with Ellen going to Liberty Island with their daughter Mora while Martin is going to a Mets game with their son Vaughn. Meanwhile, Fin is interviewed after the plane lands and he tries to warn the city about the coming storm but the police don’t seem to believe him. After accompanying April to the hospital, Fin is told by her doctor that she is stable and should make a full recovery. Fin heads to her room and they talk for a while before seeing a news report about the storm approaching New York. At Liberty Island, Ellen and Mora meet up with Ellen’s friends Polly and Chrissie, who ask Ellen about Fin and tell her about the plane crash. Ellen calls Fin and he tells her that she has to get off the island and when Mora can’t reach Martin, Ellen asks Fin to go get him and Vaughn, saying she had sent April a ticket for him. Fin agrees to go and kisses April before he leaves and hails a cab, where the driver, Ben, recognizes Fin and asks him some questions about being swallowed by a shark. Back at Liberty Island, Ellen, Mora, Polly, and Chrissie notice hundreds of sharks swimming in the waters around the island and when the ferry gets there, they quickly board it. Fin arrives at the ball park, with Ben giving him his card in case he needs another ride, and he heads up to find Martin and Vaughn when he runs into Skye, his old girlfriend who was at the game with Martin, Vaughn, and their friend Brian. Skye kisses Fin but he pulls back and tells her he is back with April and she apologizes. Fin heads to their seats and tells Martin and the others that they need to leave before the storm hits but Brian refuses to leave, believing that this is a simple rain delay. When an announcement comes over the loudspeaker that the game is cancelled, the crowd boos in disappointment but when a sharknado appears heading towards the stadium, they all quickly flee the stadium and head to the subway station. AS the train leaves the station, two subway workers are heading into the sewer tunnels to shut off the valves so the tunnels don’t flood but one is killed by an alligator and the second is killed when the tunnel floods, with a shark killing the alligator. The flood hits the subway and sharks begin attacking the cars, with one killing Brian, but Vaughn hits the emergency brake and they are able to get everyone off the train before the flood waters push it down the tunnel. Heading back to the surface, they manage to get a ride from Ben, and Fin asks him to take him to a hardware store but the one Ben knew was closed so he takes them to Times Square, where they split up to find weapons and supplies for Fin to make bombs. Meanwhile, Chrissie is killed by a shark on the ferry and as Ellen, Mora, and Polly disembark and start heading to the hotel to meet the others, they are forced to run as the head of the Statue of Liberty is broken off by the storm and comes rolling down after them. After managing to avoid the rolling head, they keep making their way to the hotel, eventually grabbing some bikes so they can move faster. Back at the hospital, the patients are being evacuated to the basement as a sharknado heads towards them but April, after helping a scared girl to the basement, leaves the hospital to go find Fin and the others. Back at Times Square, the group meet back at Ben’s cab and head for the hotel but before they get there, the streets end up flooded. Using Ben’s tow rope, they throw it over a traffic light so they can use it to swing across to the hotel. Martin, Vaughn, and Sky make it safely across but Ben is killed as he tries to swing across, dragging the rope into the water with him. Martin says he will try to find some more rope but Fin says there is no time, and proceeds to jump on the sharks’ backs to make it across (prompting Martin to joke about him jumping the shark). Heading inside the hotel, Fin tells Martin and Vaughn to wait in the lobby for Ellen and the others while he and Skye head up to the roof and try to destroy the sharknadoes. Ellen and Mora reach the hotel but Polly, who had lagged behind them, is killed when a whale shark falls on her. Fin and Skye reach the roof and use a slingshot to try and destroy the sharknadoes before they merge but the sharknadoes are too cold. He decides to make a bigger bomb but all that does is cause the sharks to catch fire and he and Skye are forced to leave the roof and head back downstairs. Meanwhile, the lobby becomes flooded and Martin, Ellen, Vaughn, and Mora head up the stairs to escape the rising water. They meet Fin and Skye partway up and are forced to use the fire escape to get away from the danger on both fronts. They leave the hotel, where they are surprised to see April in a fire truck there to pick them up. The group heads to the empire state building, where the Mayor and Fire Chief have a command center made ready and hand him a chainsaw to use. Seeing that the merged sharknado is about to converge with a third sharknado, Fin decides to blow the Freon tanks atop the Empire State building to try and freeze out the sharknados and Skye goes with him to help. When they reach the observation deck, Skye goes to make the connection as Fin prepares to use the lightning to trigger the explosion. As a shark starts to fall towards him, Fin can’t get the chainsaw started but he is saved by April, who had Vaughn make her a make-shift handsaw gauntlet for her injured arm. When Skye is finished, Fin tells her to get April out of there while he triggers the explosion but the cable becomes disconnected and Skye is forced to hold the cable in place. The explosion occurs and Fin and Skye are thrown into the air, with Skye being killed by sharks, but the massive Sharknado is broken up, with the crowd below grabbing any weapons they can find to deal with the falling sharks. Fin uses his chainsaw to kill some of the sharks near him as he falls but when it is knocked from his hand, he grabs a chain and usesit to snare aThe popularity  shark and ride it down to the observation deck. As more sharks fall towards him and April, he looks for a weapon and notices the dead shark by April is the same one that bit off her hand. Reaching inside it’s mouth, he grabs her severed hand and uses the gun it is still holding to kill the falling sharks. Afterwards, he takes the ring off the severed hand and asks April to marry him again, which she happily accepts as the crowd below celebrates their victory.

Sharknado 2: The Second One met with mixed to positive review from the critics, holding a 61% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “The schlock factor for Sharknado 2: The Second One is not as entertaining as its predecessor’s, though fans of the brand will likely enjoy it.” There were numerous nods to other movies throughout the film, primarily Jaws, Airplane, and Star Wars, while the original film’s popularity allowed The Asylum to use numerous people in cameo appearances as well. In it’s initial airing, it garnered 3.9 million viewers and prompted Syfy and The Asylum to almost immediately make plans for another sequel.

All the craziness from the first movie was amped up in the sequel and it paid off in a fun way. The acting was great, with Ian Ziering doing a great job as Fin, while Mark McGrath (Martin), Vivica A. Fox (Skye), and Kari Wuhrer (Ellen) doing good jobs in their roles as well. Tara Reid (April) didn’t seem as bad in this one as she was in the first movie but I have to admit that her screaming was just awful. The story was great, basically using the same concept from the first movie but doing a good job of trying to show how the tornadoes were forming with the different weather and pressure systems converging on New York City, while doing nothing to explain all the sharks (because where would the fun be in that). I also liked all the nods to the various movies that were used, as well as the cameos, but some of the funniest cameos were the ones that hinted at the actor’s previous roles; such as Robert Hays being the pilot (a nod to Airplane) and Judd Hirsch driving a cab (a nod to his character in Taxi). Even the short bit with Jared Fogle sitting underneath a sign for Subway while eating a Subway sandwich was pretty funny. The special effects were a little better than the original movie in regards to the sharknadoes, though I didn’t honestly see much improvement in the sharks themselves. Still, this movie was a lot of laughs and definitely something worth watching.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5