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April 10th, 2018 Movie – The Undertaker And His Pals

the undertaker and his pals

So, how many people are ready to skin Punxsutawney Phil for his prediction yet? I mean, I don’t know of that many people that were wanting to deal with snow in April. While we didn’t get any snow in Georgia, we did get a lot more cold spells than we are used to for this time of year. One good thing about cold spells like that is the tendency to get some rather dreary weather, which is perfect for watching some horror movies. Now today’s movie is one that I have never heard of but the plot outline on IMDB sounds interesting. The only thing that worries me is that it is also listed as a comedy, and horror/comedies can always be hit or miss. So let’s see how well today’s movie does as I watch The Undertaker And His Pals.

The plot: Three men go riding around on motorcycles before stopping at an apartment building. One of the men heads inside and attempts to break into the apartment of a young woman, Sally Lamb, while the other two men climb up the fire escape and enter through the window. Sally tries to get away but the men kill her and then chop off her legs. A few days later, the woman’s parents attend the wake for their daughter and are upset at the bill Morton the Undertaker presents them but he argues the work needed to prepare the woman’s body for viewing and that they signed a contract. Meanwhile, Harry Glass, a private detective, is going over his bills while his girlfriend/secretary Ann tries to get his attention and asks why he won’t marry her. The two head out to a local diner owned by Mike and Doc and they order the special, leg of lamb, but when their order arrives, Harry says that it isn’t lamb and they leave. Harry drops Ann off at her house and heads home but as Ann gets ready for bed, she goes to bring her cat inside and encounters the three bikers. Ann struggles as the men grab her but she screams out as she ends up impaled on her fence. The next day, the police have Harry come over for questioning and tell him they found a patch that had been ripped off of one of the men. The police tell him what they know and warn Harry not to get involved and take matters into his own hands. As the police leave, Harry is approached by Morton, who offers his services in dealing with the body. Harry agrees to the price of $144.98 but when he goes to sign the contract, he notices that there are no prices listed. Morton explains that there could be some slight, additional charges but Harry fills in the price he had quoted onto the contract before he signs it, angering Morton. Later, Harry heads to the diner and Mike offers his condolences for his loss and tells Harry to let him know if he hears anything about it. Meanwhile, Doc is reading one of his medical books in the back when the delivery man shows up with their order. The delivery man asks why they never order any meat from the store, then starts nosing around and discovers Sally’s legs hanging in the freezer so Doc kills him. Meanwhile, Harry goes to pay his last respects to Ann and when he enters the viewing room, he discovers that Morton had simply put Ann’s body inside a wooden crate. Morton says he warned Harry what would happen if he didn’t let him do anything extra but Harry gets angry and hits the man. Harry returns to his office and encounters a woman named Friday, who says she is there to be his new secretary. Friday flirts with Harry some and he tells her to go get something to eat and they will discuss her new job. Friday heads down to the diner and tries to order some food, saying she has pains from not eating. When he hears this, Doc quickly puts the closed sign on the door and he and Mike render Friday unconscious and take her in back. Laying her down on the prep table, Doc proceeds to cut open her stomach and starts poking around in her organs. Friday wakes up and starts screaming from the pain and Mike quickly covers her mouth, smothering her to death. Discussing what they should do with her, they decide to grind her up and use her to make hamburgers for the diner to sell. Morton shows up and is upset that they used the whole body, as he is supposed to get half of the body for use so he can add his “extra” charges to help pay the bills. The three decide to go out and kill someone else and head to a nearby spa, killing a woman who is alone in the sauna. As they are leaving, they are spotted by two women who had been changing and were about to leave. The men quickly duck out the window and try to escape but one of the women grabs a gun from a desk and starts shooting at them. The police contact Harry and tell them they got a break in the case as the license plate from of the motorcycles came off during their escape. They said it’s registered to Morton and ask Harry if he knows who he associates with and Harry says he will find out. Meanwhile, Mike, Doc, and Morton return to the diner and when Mike and Doc learn that Morton lost his license plate, they fear that the police will trace him there. They move to get rid of him but Morton turns the tables on Mike and convinces Doc they should use the acid in the back to kill him, dropping him into the vat. Meanwhile, Harry contacts one of his snitches and learns that Morton hangs out with Mike and Doc. That night, Harry sneaks into the diner to look around when he is confronted by a woman, who reveals that she is Thursday, Friday’s twin sister. Thursday asks Harry if he knows what happened to Friday and he tells her he does and she won’t like it, then offers to let her stay at his place for the night. The two leave, with Harry stopping to call the police and tell them about the diner and the evidence he found inside. After finishing his call, Harry continues back to his place, unaware that Doc and Morton are following him on their motorcycles. The next day, Harry is heading back into town when he runs out of gas and, leaving Thursday in the car, he flags down a passing car to take him to a gas station to get some gas. As Thursday is waiting, Doc and Morton show up and start chasing her on their motorcycles but Doc is struck by a passing truck and killed, and Morton escapes. Heading back to his office, Harry tries to comfort Thursday but as he goes to get her something to eat, Morton lights an explosive he built and blows up Harry. Thursday goes to see what happened and is confronted by Morton, who chases her up to the roof. As he moves to kill her, Thursday ducks and Morton ends up falling over the edge of the roof, seemingly to his death. Thursday heads back to Harry’s office and speaks with the police there, not realizing that Morton had managed to grab onto part of the building and climb back inside the back room of Harry’s office. As Morton goes to stab the detective from behind the curtain, the detective, exaggerating his motions on wiping out evil, accidentally stabs Morton in the head, finally ending the reign of terror.

This was a short, ridiculous, but surprisingly funny movie to watch. The acting was ok, with James Westmoreland doing a good job as Harry, while Ray Dennis was appropriately creepy as Morton, the Undertaker. The story was interesting and the fact that it was short actually worked in it’s favor. The comedy was kind of all over the place, sometimes slapping you right in the face, like the special being leg of lamb the day after they killed Sally Lamb and chopped off her legs, and other times being more a play on words. One thing that really cracked me up was when Morton was chasing Thursday. They had a real fast paced, almost cartoonish sounding music playing while her movements were exaggeratedly fast, while Morton had a slow dirge playing as he slowly stalked her. It is the stereotypical slasher killer chasing his victim motif at it’s most blatant right there and I absolutely loved it. This is a great way to kill some time and worth giving a watch for the sheer ridiculousness.

Rating: 3 out of 5