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Flashback Review: June 25th, 2014 Movie – Cathy’s Curse

cathys curse

Well, it really is time to start getting ready for Halloween and nothing says the Halloween season more than going to a haunted house. That is what I am doing tonight which means that this review won’t be finished and posted until tomorrow, as I just got home from work an hour ago. Nothing much I can do about that so let’s get into what this movie is about. I honestly don’t remember much about this movie from the first time I watched it but after reading the brief synopsis, I do seem to recall a couple of scenes that might be from it. Now let’s see if the scenes I am picturing are really from Cathy’s Curse, or if I am just going crazier than normal.

The plot: Mr. Gimble comes home to find his daughter Laura crying, saying that her mother Joanne had left and taken her brother George with her.  Mr. Gimble grabs Laura and takes her back to his car and the drive off to find Joanne and George but when an animal darts out in the road in front of them, Mr. Gimble swerves to avoid it and ends up crashing his car. The car catches fire and Laura yells for her dad to open the door but they both end up dying in the fire. Years later, an adult George arrives at his family’s old home with his wife Vivian and his daughter Cathy, where they are greeted by Mary, the old house keeper. Vivian doesn’t seem too happy about being there but George says that it will be good for Cathy. As they work on moving in, Cathy finds an old doll that once belonged to Laura and begins acting strangely. A few days later, Cathy is playing with some other children and has then reenact the crash and death of Laura and her father, then attacks the girl playing Laura. At the same time, Vivian is talking with the kids mother and a medium, who has visions of the crash when she touches an old photo of George’s father. That night, George and Vivian are trying to fool around when they hear the dog outside barking constantly, then Cathy begins banging her head against her bed, demanding the doll that Vivian had taken after Cathy had fallen asleep. The next day, Cathy begins displaying strange psychokinetic abilities, destroying a statue with her mind and causing Mary to commit suicide by jumping out a window. The authorities are called in and Vivian is in a state of shock, as she had witnessed Mary fall to her death. Meanwhile, the inspector seems curious over what had happened, noting the dog’s reaction to Cathy. The next day, George heads to work, telling Cathy not to bother her mother and let her rest. A short while later, Vivian is heading downstairs when she sees Cathy and asks her if she had seen Mary fall, as Vivian saw Cathy at the window when it happened. When Cathy doesn’t answer, Vivvan gets upset but finds that Cathy has left, just as the house starts shaking. Vivian is taken to the asylum, as the doctor fears she has had a nervous breakdown from witnessing Mary’s death, and George arranges for Paul, the groundskeeper, to look after Cathy while he is at work. That night, the medium stops by to see Vivian only to find Paul drunk and laughing with Cathy. When the medium asks about Vivian, Cathy yells at her and Paul repeats every insult Cathy yells, chasing the medium from the house. After she leaves, Paul has another drink and as he falls asleep, Cathy pours him another drink, then uses her powers to have snakes and spiders appear around him, with Paul unable to move, and when they disappear, he finally goes to drink the glass Cathy had pulled. The next day, Paul’s dog is found dead and the doctor wants to do an autopsy on it as he has never seen anything produce lesions that are on the dog. Meanwhile, Cathy is playing with her doll when Paul sees them and tells Cathy to give him the doll so he can burn it. Cathy taunts him as he chases after her and Cathy ends up stabbing Paul in the hand when he gets close to them. Later, the medium calls and asks to see Vivian and is told to come over. When she gets there, she hears Vivian telling her to come up to the attic but when she heads up there, she is confronted by Cathy, who uses her powers to torture the medium and force her not to tell anyone what she had witnessed. George brings Vivian home and when they can’t find Cathy, George figures she is at Paul’s house and leaves to go get her. After he leaves, Vivian finds herself locked out of the house and every door or window she tries is slammed shut in her face. George returns to find Vivian on the ground and she warns him that Cathy is in danger and they need to leave but he passes it off as her delusion again.The next day, George, Vivian, and Cathy are at the park and as Cathy starts playing with the other kids, she suddenly  jumps into the lake and George is forced to save her. When they return home, Vivian tries to convince George that something is wrong with Cathy ever since the moved into the house, and her as well, but George refuses to hear it and leave. Later, Vivian goes to take a bath when she suddenly finds blood coming out of the faucet and is covered by leeches and she starts screaming, forcing George to give her some sedatives. The next day, George heads to work, leaving Paul to look after Cathy and Vivian. AS Paul checks in on Vivian, he hears her telling someone to stay away from Cathy and that she must burn the doll. Realizing what Vivian is talking about, Paul goes looking for Cathy but when he finds her, she uses her powers to kill him. Vivivan sees this happen and goes to confront Cathy, whose face appears burned and she tells Vivian that her name is Laura. Vivian grabs for the doll and Cathy struggles with her but Vivian manages to get it, just as George arrives home and sees Cathy’s appearance. Vivian rips the doll’s eye out, causing Cathy to scream out and cover her face, while all of the glass in the room suddenly shatters but when Cathy lowers her hands, her face is back to normal and she calls out for her mommy, indicating that she has been freed from Laura’s possession.

This was an interesting movie and probably could have been a lot better if it had a better budget. As it is, it’s premise couldn’t really help make this movie more enjoyable. The acting was kind of stiff all around, with Roy Witham (Paul) being about the only one to offer some more realistic emotions in his performance. The basic premise of the story was pretty good, with  the idea of Cathy being possessed by the spirit of her dead aunt so she can be reunited with her brother being a decent idea. However, they didn’t really explain what was going on and you basically had to guess as to what was happening. The special effects were ok and while they would have been decent back in the 70’s when this was made, they look incredibly dated watching this now. Another horror movie that doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5