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October 20th, 2019 Movie – Friday The 13th: A New Beginning

friday the 13th 5

We now come to the part of the series that tends to be the most controversial of all of the movies. The 5th movie has kind of been shat on for years, not just from the critics but from the fans as well. The main reason for the fan’s negativity was obviously due to the fact that for the first, and only time, since the original movie, the killer was not Jason Voorhees. That irritated a lot of the fans. However the movie is also known for the high number of on screen kills, it’s explicit nudity and sex scenes, and onscreen drug useWith all of these factors, can this movie possibly be any good? Well let’s see as I watch today’s movie, Friday The 13th: A New Beginning.

The plot: On a stormy night, 12 year old Tommy Jarvis makes his way to the cemetery where Jason Voorhees is buried, staring at the ground to ensure that Jason is still buried there. Hearing someone approach, Tommy hides and watches in horror as two grave robbers appear and begin digging up the grave. After the casket is opened, a suddenly revived Jason kills the two grave robbers and then heads over to where Tommy is hiding. As Jason moves to kill Tommy, 17 year old Tommy awakens from the nightmare he was having as the bus for the mental institute he has been a patient at arrives Pinehurst Halfway House, where Tommy will now be residing. After meeting with Dr. Matt Letter and Assist. Director Pam Roberts, Tommy heads to his room to get settled in, only to be startled by Reggie, the grandson of George (a worker there). As Tommy and Reggie talk, a police car pulls up, with Sheriff Tucker dropping off Tina and Eddie, who had been having sex in the woods on the neighbor’s property. As Tucker and Matt talk, Ethel Hubbard and her son Junior ride up, with Ethel warning Matt and Tucker to keep the kids off of her property. Later that day, good natured Joey tries to help Robin and Violet with the laundry, only to get chocolate all over the sheets. He then goes to talk with Vic, who was chopping wood, and Vic ends up killing Joey with the axe, so the authorities are called in to take Vic away, while paramedics Duke and Roy deal with Joey’s body. The next day, Tommy is struggling to deal with the violence from the day before, as he is hallucinating seeing Jason. The other kids (Robin, Violet, Jake, and Tina) are also having problems with it and when Eddie uses one of Tommy’s masks to try and scare him, Tommy flips out and starts attacking Eddie until Matt is able to separate them and calm Tommy down. Meanwhile, Sheriff Tucker is overseeing the scene where two teenagers were killed the night before, with his deputy commenting that they have a maniac on their hands. That night, Billy, one of the workers from the Unger Institute of Mental Health, shows up at a diner to pick up his girlfriend Lana. While she is closing up the diner, someone kills Billy with an axe, then kills Lana shortly afterwards. The next day, the mayor is yelling at Tucker to figure out who is killing people and Tucker says it is Jason Voorhees but the mayor chastises Tucker, saying Jason was cremated, and storms out of the station. Back at Pinehurst, Tommy is still having hallucinations about Jason and is keeping to himself. Meanwhile, Tina and Eddie sneak off into the woods to have sex again, where a drifter working for Ethel sees them but as he turns to leave, he is killed. After they finish, Eddie heads down to the nearby pond to wash up and while he is gone, Tina is killed. When Eddie returns, he sees the body and backs away in horror, only to end up being killed himself. That night, Matt is worried about Eddie and Tina but Pam says that they will be back when they get hungry, then leaves to take Reggie to see his older brother, taking Tommy with them but after they leave, Matt and George decide to go looking for the missing teens. Pam and the others arrive at the trailer park and as Pam and Reggie visit with Demon and his girlfriend Anita, Tommy encounters Junior and ends up getting in a fight with him. Hearing the commotion, Pam yells out for Tommy to keep him from killing Junior and Tommy runs off, so Pam and Reggie leave so they can find him but after they leave, Demon and Anita are killed. When Pam and Reggie get back to Pinehurst, they learn that Matt and George are gone so Pam tells Jake, Robin, and Violet to take Reggie inside while she goes to look for them. Meanwhile, Junior heads home and is riding his motorbike all around the yard while yelling to Ethel about what happened when he is beheaded, then Ethel is killed shortly later. Back at Pinehurst, Reggie falls asleep on the couch while Robin and Jake watch a movie. Jake tells Robin he likes her and wants to sleep with her but when she laughs at him, he gets upset and leaves. Jake goes to talk to Violet but she is to busy listening to her music to pay attention to him and as she leaves her room, he ends up being killed. When the movie is over, Robin covers up Reggie, then heads to her room to go to bed but when she sees Jake’s body in her bed, she starts to scream only to be killed as well. The killer then heads to Violet’s room and kills her while she is dancing. As a storm rages outside, Reggie is woken up be some thunder and goes to see if Tommy is back, only to discover Jake, Robin, and Violet’s bodies in his room. As he backs away in shock, he is grabbed by Pam, who had just returned, and indicates Tommy’s room. When Pam sees the bodies, she grabs Reggie and they go to leave when a man wearing a jumpsuit and hockey mask bursts through the door. They quickly rush out the back and through the woods, where they find the paramedics car on the side of the road. Pam goes up to the car and yells for help only to discover Duke lying dead in the drivers seat. As the killer appears on the passenger side of the car, Reggie screams and runs back into the woods, with Pam following and yelling out for him. As Pam runs through the woods, she comes across the body of Matt nailed to a tree and when she finally reaches Pinehurst, George’s body is thrown through a window. Pam goes screaming outside only to encounter the killer, who stalks after her but before he can kill her, Reggie drives a tractor through the barn door and rams it into the killer. Pam and Reggie embrace and go to make sure the killer is dead when the killer suddenly grabs Reggie’s leg. Pam is able to kick the killer off and they go running into the barn, with the killer following them. Inside the barn, Pam attacks the killer with a chainsaw, managing to slash his arm, but when it runs out of gas, she throws it at him and runs. Tommy suddenly appears in the doorway and when the killer turns to face him, Tommy thinks he is just hallucinating again. When the killer slashes Tommy across the chest, Tommy realizes that it is real and stabs the killer in the leg with his pocket knife. Pam and Reggie yell for Tommy to climb up to the hay loft where they are and the killer follows him, In the loft, the killer sees Tommy lying motionless on the ground and, believing he is dead, turns his attention to Reggie. Pam attacks the killer and as she leads him away, Reggie jumps at him and knocks him out the open doorway. Pam and Reggie go to see if the killer fell when he suddenly appears and grabs onto Reggie’s leg, attempting to drag him out of the barn. As Pam grabs Reggie to rescue him, Tommy recovers and used the machete to cut the killer’s hand, causing him to lose his grip on Reggie and fall onto some spiked beams below. As the three look down on the body, they discover that the killer was Roy, the paramedic, who had dressed as Jason in order to kill people. Later at the hospital, Tucker talks with Pam and tells her that Roy was Joey’s father and seeing him killed caused him to snap and kill Matt and the others, as he blamed them for Joey’s death. Meanwhile, in his hospital room, Tommy wakes from a nightmare in which he kills Pam and sees Jason standing over him but Tommy is finally able to deal with his fear of Jason and the hallucination vanishes. Climbing out of his bed, Tommy pulls open a nearby dresser drawer and finds a hockey mask inside. Pam is heading towards Tommy’s room to check on Tommy when she hears the sound of breaking glass. Rushing inside, Pam sees the window is broken and believes Tommy has fled the hospital, unaware that Tommy was behind the door and as he closes it, he is shown to be wearing the mask and wielding a knife.

Friday The 13th: A New Beginning was panned by the critics, holding a 16% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, the critics mostly felt that the gore and increased T&A do little to mask the unoriginal plot and lame reveal at the end. Initially, the plan was for this movie to be the start of a new trilogy of films featuring a new killer, but after the disappointing reception from fans, along with a decline in box office receipts compared to the previous two entries, the decided to bring Jason Voorhees back for the next installment. While it didn’t earn as much as previous movies, the movie was still a box office success, earning $22 million off of a $2.2 million budget.

At this point, the lack of originality in the series is definitely working against these movies. This isn’t that terrible of a movie, its just that it was nothing more than a copycat killer so it didn’t add much to the story. The acting was ok, with John Sheppard doing a good job as the traumatized and subdued Tommy. Melanie Kinnaman (Pam), Shavar Ross (Reggie), and Carol Locatell (Ethel) were also good in their roles, but everyone else didn’t really stand out. The story was ok, with the idea of someone using the story of Jason to try and explain his killing spree being a decent idea. The problem is, and I know this is going to sound a little twisted, but after a while, it gets boring seeing people killed the same way time after time again. Really the only original kill was when Roy shoved the flare in the kid’s mouth. I also didn’t care for the fact that they tried to make Roy the unstoppable machine that Jason was. I mean, he got hit by a tractor and was able to get back up and keep going with seemingly no effect? I’m sorry but that really is pushing the believability factor. The special effects with the deaths weren’t too bad but there wasn’t much else to rave about in that regard. Again, this isn’t a bad movie but it is somewhat of a disappointment compared to the others.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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Flashback Review: June 21st, 2014 Movie – Carnosaur 2

carnosaur 2

You can never have too many dinosaur movies. At least, that is what I like to believe. Whether it be my favorite giant radioactive dinosaur (Godzilla), or your mega blockbuster movies like Jurassic Park, if a dinosaur movie is on TV, I will sit down and watch it. Take this movie for instance. I first saw Carnosaur 2 years ago on HBO or Showtime (honestly can’t remember which on but it was one of the premium channels). I would later catch it several times on Sci-Fi/Syfy channel until I picked up the series on DVD.

The plot: At the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Depository, a worker is checking out the lower levels for the cause of some power fluctuations when he is attacked and killed by an unknown creature. A second worker, Joe Walker, heads down and finds several power cables have been chewed up, then finds his nephew Jesse Turner and his friend Davey Lewis, who had broken into a storage room and were grabbing some dynamite. Joe tells Davey to head back to the surface, saying he will call his father later, then takes Jesse back to the surface with him. When they get there, Joe talks with one of the computer technicians, who says a repair team will be out to repair the lines in a couple of hours. Jesse heads over to one of the workmen, who shows him how to operate one of the forklifts, warning him not to throw the switch that activates bay doors, as it would be a 150 foot drop straight down. Joe takes Jesse with him to the mess hall and chastises him for messing with the cables and Jesse asks what cables. Suddenly, they hear the cook scream outside and Joe gets up to investigate when the cook is thrown through the window. Jesse runs and hides as a creature makes it’s way into the mess hall and proceeds to kill everyone there. The next morning, Jack Reed, Monk Brody, Sarah Rawlins, and Ed Moses and called in by their boss, Ben Kahane, and told that they will be heading to Yucca Mountain and that Major Tom McQuade. McQuade tells them that Yucca Mountain is a uranium mine that is having electrical issues and they are the closest team available to be able to fix it, but is evasive on some of the details about the place. They head into a helicopter, piloted by Joanne Galloway, and fly to Yucca Mountain only to find the place deserted and their radio communications is broken up due to interference, meaning they can’t call out for help. When they can’t reach anyone inside the facility, McQuade tells Reed, Monk, and Sarah to search the area while he heads inside the control center with Moses, Ben, and Galloway. Reed and the others find the trashed mess hall, with blood splattered everywhere, and they go to leave when they spot Jesse, who is frozen in shock. They take him to the infirmary, where Ben, McQuade, and Galloway meet them, and Ben says they should get the kid and leave but McQuade tells them to stay there and finish the job, threatening Galloway if she flies them out of there. While Galloway watches over Jesse, McQuade has the others head back to the control room, where Moses is able to get the computers running. They start looking for the problem areas but when Moses and Monk try to get access to the 2 lowest areas, McQuade tells them to ignore them, but he notices that the radiation levels in those areas are registering unsafe. Jesse starts to come around and Galloway takes him into the control room, where Moses is guiding the others to where the problem sections are. When they get down to level C, they find the problem is that the wires are chewed up and Ben threatens to pull his team if McQuade doesn’t let them do their job Reed and Sarah head down to the lower levels and McQuade yells at them to get back but Ben tells him that if he wants them to fix the place, he has to let them do their jobs. Ben, Monk, and McQuade follow Reed and Sarah down to the lower level, where they find the radiation is increasing as well as a large tooth by one of the containers. Suddenly, something grabs Ben and drags him down the corridor and into a shaft to the lowest level, where he is killed, and Reed tells the others to run. In the control room, Jesse hears what happened to Ben and screams out before running off and Galloway chases after him, leaving Moses alone in the room. Moses is trying to get in touch with the others when he is confronted by a Velociraptor, which begins attacking him. Galloway returns but Moses tells her to run as the raptor knocks him into a panel, then drags him up into the ceiling, where it kills him. Jesse heads down into the tunnels and meets up with the others and tells them to follow him out of there. Galloway races back to her helicopter and gets it started, then yells at the others to hurry when she sees them exit the building. Suddenly, a raptor appears in the helicopter behind her and attacks her, causing Galloway to lose control of the helicopter and crash. With no way out of there, McQuade tells them to head back inside and Reed reluctantly agrees but once inside, he forces McQuade to tell them what is going on. McQuade tells them that 2 months ago, a research firm had somehow resurrected dinosaurs and while the army had contained the problem, they found a nest and brought the eggs to the facility for study. Reed decides to try and get the system running again and Jesse tells him to let him try to access the system, as he has been hacking into the system for the past 3 months. As he pulls up the floor plans, Jesse shows Reed a room in Section B and tells him that there is dynamite down there. Reed and Monk go to get the dynamite, despite McQuade protesting against it. When they find the dynamite, McQuade uses the computer to lock them in the room but Reed breaks the lock and continues down, and McQuade heads down to try and stop them. McQuade attacks Monk and knocks him out, then attacks Reed and the two fight. When a warning suddenly sounds saying that they have 2 hours till a meltdown, it distracts McQuade briefly, allowing a revived Monk to knock him out. Monk goes to leave when he is attacked by a raptor but Reed shoots it with a flare gun, killing it. Reed and Monk carry McQuade back to the infirmary and force him to explain what is going on and McQuade admits that the facility is not a mine, but a top secret storage disposal for nuclear material, primarily decommissioned nuclear warheads. Coming up with a way to get help to them, Jesse suggests crashing the system, as an evac team would have to show up at that point. Reed decides to use some dynamite to booby trap the shafts to keep the raptors away from them long enough to keep while Jesse crashes the system. Jesse manages to crash the system but the raptors are able to detonate the dynamite from a distance and make their way to the control room. Jesse leads everyone to the elevator, just as a raptor starts to enter the area but Reed and McQuade are able to hold it off long enough for Monk to get the elevator open and they all pile in. As the elevator starts to ascend, they hear something strike the top of the elevator, just as a raptor’s head burst through the ceiling, grabs Sarah, and drags her up onto the top of the elevator, where it kills her. AS the other stare in shock at what happened, the elevator cables snap and then end up crashing down to the lower levels. Finding  a way out of the elevator, Jesse goes to lead them out of their, saying they have to head to level E and then go up from there, but they encounter more raptors and are forced to avoid the explosives as the raptors chase them. Monk gets hurt when one of the explosives go off and McQuade tells Reed to leave with Jesse while he helps Monk but he is unable to get Monk out of there and as more raptors approach, they decide to kill themselves, taking out the raptors with them. The force of the explosion causes Reed to be knocked over the edge of a pit and Jesse tries to pull him up but Reed ends up falling back to the lower levels. Jesse decides to head to the surface to get some help from the evacuation team, which had just arrived. Jesse tries to get them to go back for Reed but the evac leader says that the place is going to be too hot (radioactively speaking) for them to stay and they should leave now so Jesse goes back on his own, using the freight elevator to reach Reed. Jesse grabs Reed, who says his ribs are broken, and they head back to the elevator but as they make their way through the central area, they are confronted by a Tyrannosaurus. They manage to make it into the elevator, only to see one last raptor on the roof trying to attack them but they manage to reach the roof unharmed. The evac team goes to help them onto the helicopter but Jesse heads back to the elevator to grab the bag with the remote detonator. As he starts to head back, the Tyrannosaurus bursts out of the building, killing one of the evac workers. Jesse gets into the forklift and uses it to battle the Tyrannosaurus, eventually pushing it through the open bay doors to the floor below. Jesse makes it onto the helicopter and as they fly off, Jesse detonates the explosives, destroying the complex and insuring that none of the dinosaurs survived.

So while the original movie might have had a better plot, I liked this movie better. The acting was good, with John Savage (Reed), Cliff De Young (McQuade) and Ryan Thomas Johnson (Jesse) all doing good jobs in their roles. The story was honestly a little weak; and while they did try and tie the movie in with it’s predecessor, they did a poor job of really explaining how the dinosaurs hatched, or survived considering they were stored with the nuclear material. The special effects were ok but I will say that the dinosaurs looked a little better in this movie. That being said, some of the interactions with the humans were somewhat laughably bad, as it really made them look like they were using models, but that was a lot of the fun in watching the movie. One of those movies that is fun to watch and laugh at, or with.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5

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January 8th, 2018 Movie – Leprechaun 4: In Space

leprechaun 4

Okay, I think we can safely say that this is where this series has jumped the shark. I remember hearing about this movie years ago, long after I thought the franchise had already ended, and thinking that it made absolutely no sense. I mean, what would a Leprechaun be doing in space, and how did he get there in the first place. Of course, I feel like this was the start of several other horror icons showing up in space; from Dracula to Jason Voorhees. Well, let’s see how good, or bad, this movie is as I watch today’s movie, Leprechaun 4: In Space.

The plot: A group of space marines are preparing to head down to a nearby planet and kill an alien that has been disrupting mining operations for the past 6 months. As Sgt. Metal Head Hooker begins briefing his men on the mission, he notices Dr. Tina Reeves in the room and questions why she is there. When she tells him she was assigned to the team as a medical/science officer, he contacts Dr. Mittenhand, the ship’s commanding officer to confirm what she said, then assigns Books Malloy to serve as her chaperone/bodyguard. Meanwhile, on the planet’s surface, the Leprechaun has captured the princess Zarina and attempts to seduce her in order to wed her and claim the throne for himself. Zarina is against the idea but the Leprechaun tempts her by offering her gold and jewels, appealing to the princess’ greed as her father had given most of his kingdom’s riches to the people, which Zarina is against as the lack of money has people calling her “common”. The marines enter the Leprechaun’s but when one of them kills an alien creature, the Leprechaun is alerted to their presence. Zarina says it is probably men sent by her father and the Leprechaun asks if she will leave with them but Zarina says she will choose to stay with the Leprechaun and his riches. When one of the marines enters the chamber and starts grabbing some of the various treasures, the Leprechaun sneaks up behind him and kills him. The rest of the marines were alerted to the dying man’s screams and rush into the chamber and begin attacking the Leprechaun, eventually killing him by blowing him up with a grenade. As Tina checks on the injured Zarina, who had lost her hand in the explosion, one of the marines, Kowalski, decides to pee on the Leprechaun’s corpse only to have the Leprechaun’s essence flow up the stream and enter his body. The marines head back to the ship and as Tina tends to Zarina’s injuries, she realizes who she is and says that helping her can improve relations with her people. Meanwhile, Metal Head is overseeing the storage of all the treasure they found in the cave when Dr. Mittenhand contacts him and says that they are to stay in orbit around the planet and act as security until a mining team arrives. Metal Head argues that their assignment ends at midnight but Mittenhand says that nobody is allowed to leave the ship before signing off. As the rest of the marines start drinking and unwinding in the ship’s cantina, Kowalski sneaks off with Delores, the only female marine, so they can have sex. As they start fooling around, Kowalski suddenly starts screaming in pain and collapses to the ground as the Leprechaun emerges from his groin. Delores checks on Kowalski but when she finds him dead, she attempts to shoot the Leprechaun but he shoots the gun out of her hand and attempts to attack her but she manages to get away. Back in the cantina, Books is talking to his friend Sticks about how he likes Tina when Delores enters the room and tells them about the Leprechaun. In the med bay, Mittenhand’s assistant Harold is examining Zarina’s body when he notices that her hand has regenerated and Mittenhand, who was observing from a viewscreen, tells him not to say anything about it to anyone. The marines and Tina head out to where Kowalski’s body is and begin searching for the Leprechaun. Metal Head has Books and Mooch check the waste disposal area and Tina warns against it, as the chamber contains flesh eating bacteria,  but when he insists, she has the men don protective suits and sends them in, keeping an eye on things from the control panel. The two split up to look for the Leprechaun but the Leprechaun slashes Mooch’s suit, exposing him to the bacteria, and Books drags him out of the chamber but is too late as Mooch is reduced to a skeleton. Metal Head and the others contact Mittenhand and tell him that since the Leprechaun just wants Zarina, they should give her to him in order to spare the rest of their lives. Mittenhand refuses and when Metal Head and the others threaten to leave, Mittenhand emerges from his hidden compartment, revealing himself to be a cyborg, with most of his body robotic parts, and manages to convince Metal Head to stay on board and kill the Leprechaun. As the Marines and Tina begin searching for the Leprechaun, Mittenhand and Harold are in Mittenhand’s secret lab, where they test some of Zarina’s blood on some of Mittenhand’s skin cells. When it grows a new finger, Mittenhand is excited and plans to use Zarina’s blood to help grow him a new body. Books and Tina locate the Leprechaun and contact Metal Head so they can help take him out but the Leprechaun attacks them, forcing them to retreat, where they meet up with Metal Head and Delores. Meanwhile, Sticks and Danny lost contact with the others and Danny decides to save himself but he encounters the Leprechaun and ends up getting killed. Back in the lab, Harold begins draining some of Zarina’s blood as Mittenhand rants about how he will be reborn and even more impressive than he is now. The marines continue searching for the Leprechaun when Delores gets cut off from the group and is confronted by the Leprechaun. She shoots the Leprechaun, seemingly blowing him up, but he quickly regenerates and knocks her off the railing, then smashes her hands until she falls to her death. The Leprechaun tracks down where Zarina is being held, then tricks Harold into opening the door so he can enter the biolab. Mittenhand confronts the Leprechaun and distracts him long enough for Harold to stab it in the back but the Leprechaun uses his magic to kill Harold, then prepares a punishment for Mittenhand. The Leprechaun rouses Zarina, who screams when she first sees him but then recognizes him and, commenting on how Mittenhand was draining her blood, asks the Leprechaun to kill him. The Leprechaun says he has something better planned and proceeds to mix up some items with Zarina’s blood, then injects it into Mittenhand’s head. The marines show up in the lab and begin shooting at the Leprechaun, who escapes with Zarina, but when they follow after them, the Leprechaun uses his magic to strap explosives to Metal Head and hold him hostage. He then takes control of Metal Head and has him escort him and Zarina to the shuttle. Books, Sticks, and Tina chase after them, not noticing that Mittenhand has disappeared. When they reach the cantina, they discover the Leprechaun has turned Metal Head into a woman and sends her to attack them, while the Leprechaun and Zarina head to the cargo hold to retrieve the Leprechaun’s gold. Meanwhile, Mittenhand is shown to have mutated and as he works on backing up his files, begins calling himself Mittenspider. The Leprechaun and Zarina reach the cargo bay and the Leprechaun places a force field around the shuttle to prevent anyone from taking it, then activates the ship’s self destruct before he starts searching for his gold. Hearing the alert for the self destruct, Books sends Sticks to cancel the self destruct but he gets trapped in Mittenspider’s web. The Leprechaun finds his gold and is upset that it has been shrunk down, then knocks out Zarina, as he has grown tired of her constant complaining. Books and Tina confront the Leprechaun and during the fight, Tina accidentally hits the Leprechaun with Mittenhand’s enlarging ray, causing him to become giant. Books tells Tina to go help Sticks while he deals with the Leprechaun and as she makes her way through the ventilation shaft, Mittenspider attacks her but she is able to get away. Tina eventually reaches the control room and sees Sticks suspended in the web but Mittenspider attacks her. She manages to kill it by freezing it with liquid nitrogen, then shooting it. Back in the cargo hold, Books finds Zarina and carries her to safety, then tells Tina to open the outer cargo bay door, causing the Leprechaun to be sucked out into space and explode. Books heads to the control room and when they try to figure out the password, Books suggest “wizard”, as Mttenhand had compared himself to the Wizard of Oz. The manage to cancel the self destruct at the last minute, and Tina and Books embrace and kiss before Sticks points their attention to the pieces of the Leprechaun, and they see one of it’s hands extend it’s middle finger towards them.

I have to admit, this wasn’t that bad of a movie as far as B-movies go. The acting was ok, with Warwick Davis doing his usual good job as the Leprechaun. The rest of the actors were ok but honestly, nobody really stood out. The story was interesting but kind of bounced around between several different themes, which made it feel sloppy at times. The biggest thing that I wished they would have explained is how the Leprechaun wound up on an alien planet in the first place. I did think the whole Mittenspider bit was a little much but got a kick out of the nod to The Fly when he starts saying “Help me!” before Tina shoots him. Unfortunately, the special effects were a little weak but they kind of added to the slight charm of the movie. It’s not the worst cheap B-movie out there but it can be a little entertaining to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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December 3rd, 2017 Movie – Street Fighter

street fighter

The early/mid 90’s was an interesting time in movies as Hollywood took notice of the renewed video game craze and decided to make movies based on popular video games. Today’s movie is one such movie, taking advantage of one of the most popular games to come out of the 90’s, Street Fighter. I will be honest, as soon as I saw the trailer for this movie, I had a feeling this was going to be terrible. Then a few years ago, I decided to buy this terrible movie; a) because I was in a video game movie buying mood and b) because I am a glutton for punishment. So let’s deal with the punishment of today’s movie, Street Fighter.

The plot: In the Asian nation of Shadaloo, a civil war has broken out between the forces of the Allied Nations, and General M. Bison. As Chun-Li Zang reports on Bison’s kidnapping several relief workers and the soldiers that guarded them, Bison, who is watching the broadcast, is having the soldiers brought to him and challenging them to fight him, quickly killing them when they attack him. When Colonel William Guile arrives at the newly captured capital city and Chun-Li attempts to interview him, Guile proceeds to taunt Bison, prompting Bison to break into the television signal and speak with Guile. Guile has Sergeant Cammy attempt to trace the signal using Chun-Li’s news van, Bison tells Guile that he has 3 days to come up with the $20 billion ransom for the hostages or else he will kill them all, then disconnects the signal as Guile tells the workers and his friend Charlie that he is coming to rescue them. Bison approaches the last soldier, Carlos “Charlie” Blanka, and orders him to be taken down to the laboratory, where he has his captive scientist Dhalsim work to turn Charlie into the first of his genetically modified super soldiers. Later that night, Ken Masters and Ryu Hoshi pose as arms dealers in an attempt to con Viktor Sagat by selling him toy weapons but Sagat reveals that he is onto their scam. As punishment, Sagat has Ryu face off against his unbeaten champion cage fighter, Vega, with Ken fighting next, but before the fight can start, the warehouse is raided by Guile and his men, who arrest everyone for violating curfew. As Guile holds a meeting to plan their attack on Bison to free the hostages, it is interrupted by a Shadaloo assassin attempting to kill him. Since their trace was only able to narrow down Bison’s base to a general area of the country, Guile tries to figure out a way to locate Bison’s base when he notices a fight break out in the prison yard between Ken and Ryu vs Vega and several of Sagat’s men. Guile has Ken and Ryu brought to him and convinces them to help him in exchange for their freedom. As Sagat, Vega, Ken, Ryu, and several other prisoners are being transported out of their, Ken and Ryu stage a fight in order to secretly grab the keys to their shackles. After freeing themselves, they toss the keys to Sagat when he offers to get them out of the city, then Ryu and Vega jump out and hijack the truck to escape. Guile attempts to stop them but Ken had grabbed a gun from one of the guards and shoots Guile as they make their escape. After finishing her report on Guile’s death, Chun-Li, her cameraman Balrog, and her driver E. Honda, are checking the signal on her tracer when they get interference from another tracer, with the signal coming back to A.N. HQ. Chun-Li sneaks in to figure out what is going on and discovers that Guile had faked his death in order to get Ken and Ryu into Sagat’s good graces so they could be taken to Bison’s headquarters. Guile orders Chun-Li to be detained, as he is aware her interest in Bison is due to a personal vendetta, but Chun-Li manages to escape and meets up with Balrog and Honda at the thieves market. There, they masquerade as performers doing an acrobatic act while Bison and Sagat are completing their arms deal. Knowing that Ken and Ryu are secretly working with Guile, Chun-Li lures Ken into her tent and when Ryu follows, Honda and Balrog grab him and tie them up. Chun-Li tells them she plans to kill Bison and Sagat and gives them an opportunity to escape. When Ken and Ryu reenter the main tent, they find themselves in the middle of a stand-off between Bison and Sagat’s men, as Bison had attempted to pay Sagat in “Bison dollars”, which are worthless. To save themselves, Ken and Ryu are forced to inform Bison of Chun-Li’s plans, just as a pre-recorded announcement occurs and Honda pushes a truck full of explosives down the hill towards Sagat’s weapons and ammo. Bison orders an evacuation and everyone is saved, while Chun-Li, Honda, and Balrog are captured. When they arrive at Bison’s headquarters, he orders Zangief to show Ken and Ryu around and get them some clean clothes, Honda and Balrog are taken to the interrogation room, and Chun-Li is taken to Bison’s quarters. Guile, finally learning where Bison’s base is, plans his assault but the Deputy Secretary of the A.N. orders him to stand down, as they want to pay off the ransom, but Guile and his troops disobey the orders and continue to head out to attack Bison. Meanwhile, Ryu and Ken go to free Balrog and Honda, only to find that they had already freed themselves, and convince them they are trying to help them escape. The 4 go to rescue Chun-Li, who had attacked Bison and almost defeated him but the distraction of their arrival allows Bison to escape and knock them out with sleeping gas. As Guile, Cammy, and T. Hawk make their way to the headquarters in their stealth craft, Bison detects them and manages to blow up their ship but the three escape and head towards the base. Meanwhile, Dahlsim had attempted to save Blanka’s mind by altering the programming and when he is discovered, the guard attempts to kill him but their struggle accidentally releases Blanka, who quickly kills the guard. Guile sneaks down into the temple through a sewer entrance and enters the lab, where he is confronted by Blanka but the two recognize each other and Blanks stops fighting. Blanka asks Guile to help him and Guile is prepared to shoot him to put him out of his misery but Dahlsim stops him, saying he doesn’t have the right to kill him and he should be going after Bison instead. When the deadline passes and the ransom isn’t paid, Bison orders Blanka’s cage brought up so he can kill the hostages but when the cage opens, Guile emerges and quickly attacks Bison and his men. As he holds off Bison’s men, Guile tells Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Balrog to go free the hostages while Honda begins fighting with Zangief. As Guile’s troops arrive to assist in the battle, Dee Jay, Bison’s computer technician, sneaks away while Sagat and Vega, seeking revenge, go after Ken and Ryu. Bison and Guile begin fighting each other, telling their respective troops to leave them. As the fighting continues, Ken decides to leave and save himself, saying he did the job that Guile wanted them to do but Ryu refuses to leave without helping the hostages. Dee Jay sneaks into Bison’s quarters and finds his emergency stash of money but quickly hides as Ken comes in, looking for the same thing. Ken grabs a statue but when he tries to find a way out on the monitors, he sees Ryu enter the gym, with Sagat and Vega entering behind him, and races off to help him. Ryu is double teamed by Vega and Sagat at first until Ken gets there, and Ryu faces off against Vega while Ken fights Sagat. The two friends are able to defeat their opponents and as they leave, Ken thanks Sagat, saying if he hadn’t of met him, he might have become just like him. Chun-Li, Balrog, Cammy, and T. Hawk free the prisoners and make their way out of the base, encountering Honda and Zangief on the way and tell him to leave as well. Zangief calls Honda a coward and sees Dee Jay attempting to flee only to learn that Zangief had been misled by Bison and that he is actually a bad guy so Zangief helps the others escape. Meanwhile, Bison and Guile continue to fight and Guile eventually manages to electrocute him, seemingly killing him. However the electricity activates Bison’s suit, which revives him and allows him to access conductive electro-magnetism, allowing him to fly across the room and attack Guile. As Bison prepares to administer the final blow, Guile kicks him and directs him into a monitor bank, causing it to crash to the ground while part of the roof falls on top of him due to the temple’s self destruct being activated. Guile heads down to the lab to get Blanka and Dahlsim out but they refuse to leave, with Blanka saying their is no place for him up there while Dahlsim wants to stay to atone for his part in what happened to Blanka. Dee Jay escapes with the money and is joined by Sagat, who breaks open the chest and laughs when he finds it is filled Bison dollars. Guile manages to make it out of the temple before it explodes, much to the relief of his friends, and the news reports about the fall of Bison’s army but unknown to everyone, a solar cell activates Bison’s suit and his hand is seen punching through the rubble, with a computer program loading up World Domination.

Street Fighter was highly panned by the critics, holding a 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Though it offers mild entertainment through campy one-liners and the overacting of the late Raul Julia, Street Fighter’s nonstop action sequences are not enough to make up for a predictable, uneven storyline.” The post credit scene of Bison’s hand emerging from the rubble was cut from the theaters, out of respect for Raul Julia (who died two months before the movie premiered) but was reinserted when it went to video. Despite the poor reviews, the movie was actually a success at the box office, earning $99.4 million off of a $33 million budget

Oh yeh, this was incredibly bad. Surprisingly, some of the acting wasn’t that bad, with Van Damme doing an ok job as Guile and Raul Julia, while not quite as intimidating as the character in the game, definitely made his last role memorable. The biggest problem was really how the characters differed from the video game version. The story was honestly a convoluted mess, with them trying to have too much going on to make this an effective movie. The fights and special effects were as weak as the story and really hurt the movie’s ability to be entertaining. Another movie to be added to the pile of disastrous video game movies.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5