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March 17th, 2019 Movie – Deathsport




Continuing on with our trip through Shout Factory TV, I decided to take a stop on today’s movie. Now even though David Carradine had done some stuff before hand, pretty much everyone knows him from the TV show Kung-Fu. When the show ended, he had done Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000 to get back into the movie business. Following the cult success of that movie, a somewhat sequel was made and David Carradine would return to star in it. Now I will admit that I had never seen this movie until a few years ago, when I was watching movies Shout Factory TV during a bout of insomnia. Needless to say, I immediately recognized Corman’s style and absolutely enjoyed the ridiculous of it. So let’s strap in for today’s  movie, Deathsport.

The plot: A thousand years in the future, the Neutron Wars have decimated the Earth, leaving the planet with scattered city/states surrounded by vast desert wastelands. The few remaining machines are controlled by the people within the city/states, while the wastelands are home to cannibalistic mutants and Range Guides, nomadic warriors that hold no allegiance to any city/state. One day, a Range Guide, Kaz Oshay, is attacked by some soldiers led by Ankar Moor and after his capture, he is taken to Helix City. As Kaz is placed in a cell, Ankar Moor reports to Lord Ziporla, who chastises Ankar Moor for losing two of their valuable Death Machines, motorcycles armed with lasers, then tells him that he needs one more Range Guide, a female, to put into the Death Sport. Some time later, a caravan is being led through the wastelands by two female Range Guides, Denner and Adriann. When they hear the approaching Death Machines, Denner orders the caravan to dismount, telling her daughter Tara to stay with them. Denner and Adriann ride off to face the Death Machines but Adriann is killed and Denner is captured, while Tara, who had gone to help them, is captured by a group of mutants. Back in Helix City, Kay awakens in his cell and rages out at his unseen captors, receiving a shock from the door as punishment. Calming down, Kay sees Denner in her cell across the hall and after telepathically seeing Tara being captured, Kay says that he will help her find her once they escape. Denner thanks him and after saying that they have met before, she tells Kay that she was with his mother when she died. Meanwhile, Zirpola begins suffering from headaches and is told by Dr. Karl that he is suffering from a brain disease caused by radiation poisoning but Zirpola refuses to believe him and has Karl imprisoned in order to silence him. Karl is placed in the cell with Kay and Karl tells Kay why he is there and how Zirpola plans on going to war with Tritan, another city/state, for their fuel. At the same time, Karl’s son Marcus, who was part of the caravan Denner was leading, had been sent back to Helix by Ankar Moor’s men and when he learns of his father’s imprisonment, goes off to try and free him. Ankar Moor makes his way to the cells and questions Denner and Kay, who reveal that they know Ankar Moor as a disgraced Range Guide who lost his way and he taunts Kaz over the fact that he killed his mother. Sometime later, Marcus, disguised as a guard, attempts to free his father and is knocked out by Kaz, who kills the other guards and tries to escape with the other prisoners, only to be gassed by Ankar Moor. Kaz is taken away by Ankar Moor and tortured before being told he will die in the Deathsport in the morning, then thrown back into a cell with Denner, Karl, and Marcus. The next day, Kaz and Denner are sent out to face other prisoners, who are riding Death Machines, but they are able to kill most of their attackers, then grab to of the Death Machines to use in their escape. Zirpola orders more guards after them while he activates the mines on the battle field but an explosion ends up knocking out the force field around the arena, allowing Kaz and Denner to escape, with Karl and Marcus following them. Zirpola berates Ankar Moor for allowing them to escape and after Ankar Moor threatens him before agreeing to go after Kaz and the others for his own pleasure. After Ankar Moor leaves, Zirpola goes to torture one of his concubines but ends up being killed when she drags him into the stun rods he was using on her. When Ankar Moor learns of Zirpola’s death, he tells his men that he will assume control of Helix but they must first recapture Kaz and the others to show the rest of the citizens that there is no escaping from Deathsport. Kaz and the others manage to shake their pursuers and after discussing with Denner where Tara was taken, they tell Karl and Marcus that they will guide them to Tritan after they find the girl, then find a spot to take refuge for the night. The next day, they make their way to the cliffs where T was taken only to be ambushed by Ankar Moor and his men, who manage to kill Karl but Kaz and the others escape. Reaching the sand cliffs, Denner is able to sense what happened to Tara and leads the others to the mutants’ cave, unaware that Ankar Moor and his men have spotted them and are waiting for them to return. Inside the cave, Kaz and Denner are able to locate Tara and rescue her, fighting their way past the mutants as they make their escape. Outside, Kaz tells Denner to take Tara and Marcus, who was wounded by the mutants helping them escape, to Tritan while he deals with Ankar Moor and Denner tells him she will be waiting for him in Tritan. Kaz heads to a nearby fuel station, with Ankar Moor and his men following him, and once inside, Kaz uses the natural labyrinth to deal with Ankar Moor’s men, killing most of them. AS Denner and the others reach Tritan, Ankar Moor sends his remaining soldier back to Helix while he chooses to face Kaz on his own. The two men duel and Kaz wins by decapitating Ankar Moor, after which Denner and Tara ride up on horses, bringing one for Kaz, and say that they want to stay with him. Kaz agrees and after mounting his horse, the Range Guides ride off together.

This lacked a lot of the charm that Death Race 2000 had, which might be why this is not an official sequel, but it still had some entertaining moments to it. The acting was ok, with David Carradine doing a decent job as Kaz, while Claudia Jennings, who tragically died shortly after the movie was released, was just as good as Denner. I also like Richard Lynch (Ankar Moor), but honestly felt like he was nothing more than a poor man’s Rutger Hauer during the entire movie. The story was interesting but honestly felt somewhat incomplete, with a lot of plot lines thrown in to try and explain people’s motivations but half the time they didn’t seem necessary. Case in point, the whole aspect of Zirpola’s brain disease didn’t really seem necessary, as he could have simply had Karl thrown in prison just for disagreeing with him about the war with Tritan. The special effects were kind of laughable, which is what adds to the enjoyment of this type of movie. It’s not a great movie but is a fun watch for anyone that is a fan of B-movies.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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October 16th, 2017 Movie – Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama

sorority babes in the slimeball bowl-a-rama

Ahh, another 80’s B-movie is a good way to start the week. Today’s movie is a nice little collection of 80’s scream queens, which I had heard of but never got around to seeing. Heh, the term “scream queen” has always made me laugh. You know, I wonder if Fay Wray could be considered the first scream queen, as she is known for her role in King Kong, where she did an awful lot of screaming. Anyways, I wound up buying this movie during one of my numerous B-movie binges and watched it shortly after I got it. So let’s see how fun this movie is as I watch today’s movie, Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama.

The plot: Calvin, Jimmie, and Keith are hanging out in their dorm room and while Calvin is sitting there watching a horror movie, Jimmie and Keith are discussing going to watch the Tri-Delta sorority initiation ritual. They try to convince Calvin to go with them but when he is reluctant to do so, they decide to get him drunk and bring him with them. At the sorority, Babs Peterson, Rhonda, and Frankie are getting ready for the initiation, with Rhonda and Frankie complaining about the robes they are wearing but Babs tell them that it is tradition. Dowstairs, the two initiates, Taffy and Lisa, are discussing why they are joining the sorority when Babs and the others come downstairs and begin the initiation by spanking the girls for talking. Outside, Calvin, Jimmie, and Keith are watching this occur from a window and Keith decides that they should sneak inside the house to get a better view. Inside, Babs finishes spanking the two initiates and then Frankie and Rhonda spray the girls with whipped cream, then have the girls go get cleaned up before the final stage of the initiation commences. As Lisa and Taffy shower off the whipped cream, Calvin, Keith, and Jimmie sneak upstairs to spy on them but they are caught by Babs. Babs tries to figure out what to do with the three boys and eventually decides to have them help Lisa and Taffy with the final part of the initiation; breaking into the bowling alley at the mall and stealing a trophy. As they head to the mall, Babs, Frankie, and Rhonda get there ahead of them, intending to sneak into the security room and scaring them as the wander the bowling alley. As they break into the security room, the accidentally trap the janitor in a closet. Meanwhile, Calvin and the others reach the mall and as Keith tries to break in, a drunken Calvin simply grabs the door as he almost falls, revealing it is unlocked. The 5 head inside and split up to look for the trophies but Calvin ends up running into Spider, a female thief that was in the process of robbing the bowling alley. As the others go see what the commotion is, Spider starts insulting them all so they leave, but Calvin stays and continues talking to Spider. After Spider helps them get into the are where the trophies are, she heads to the arcade and Calvin follows her. Jimmie grabs a trophy and they start to leave but when the pick on Calvin for continuing to hang out with Spider, Spider hit’s Jimmie and causes him to drop the trophy. Suddenly, the trophy starts smoking and the bottom pops off, releasing a strange imp called Uncle Impy, who offers the group a wish for each of them. Jimmie takes the first wish, wishing for lots of gold, and is happy to see a pile of gold bricks appear behind them. Keith takes the next wish and asks that Lisa be attracted to him and she suddenly appears in just her bra and panties and they quickly run off to have sex. Taffy uses her wish to become the prom queen and finds herself in a nice dress and sash but Spider and Calvin decide to leave, unaware that Uncle Impy has locked and electrified all of the exits to the mall. Babs, Frankie, and Rhonda can’t believe what is going on but Uncle Impy senses them watching and uses his powers to attack them through the security monitors. Babs avoids the attack but Frankie and Rhonda are changed; with Frankie becoming the Bride of Frankenstein while Rhonda becomes a demonic minion. Babs runs out of the room, accidentally knocking the Janitor back into the closet, and tries to leave the mall but gets knocked unconscious when she is electrocuted by the doors. Calvin and Spider find the unconscious Babs and decide to warn the others, just as Jimmie and Taffy discover their wishes were fake. Frankie and Rhonda attack Jimmie, and end up placing his head in the bowling ball polisher before ripping it off, with Rhonda deciding to use it as a bowling ball. Calvin and Spider barricade themselves in a storage room, where they manage to find a gun and as Rhonda tries to come after them, Spider shoots her several times and they quickly run. Meanwhile Keith finds that his wish had made Lisa insatiable and after several attempts to get away from her, he finally does so by telling her he is getting ice for them. As he wanders through the concession area, Rhonda catches him and shoves his face in a fryer. Frankie starts chasing after Taffy and catches up to her but Taffy hits her repeatedly with a metal pole, then runs when she starts to get back up. She sees Keith sitting in a booth and approaches him only to discover he is dead and as she backs away from him, she is grabbed by Frankie and Rhonda, who proceed to pull her apart. Babs regains consciousness and tries to hide in the back of the bowling lanes, where she ends up meeting the Imp. After he talks with her for a bit, Rhonda shows up to kill Babs but Babs manages to shove Rhonda through one of the lanes, trapping her there. Calvin and Spider see Rhonda is stuck and Spider throws a bowling ball down the lane, which ends up killing Rhonda. As Babs laughs about Rhonda being dead, the Imp turns her into his next minion. Meanwhile, Calvin and Spider find the janitor, who had finally gotten out of the closet, asleep in the janitor’s office. After waking him up, they tell him what is happening and the janitor is upset that they let the Imp out, explaining how he had been trapped in the trophy for 30 years. The janitor tells them about how the Imp was trapped so Calvin and Spider decide to try and find the others and trap the Imp again. Meanwhile, Lisa is still in the bathroom waiting for Keith when Babs, now turned into a dominatrix, assaults her. Calvin and Spider go looking for the others but Calvin is attacked by Frankie but manages to get away, though Frankie grabs the knife that Spider was carrying, using it to kill the janitor. Calvin and Spider head to the restrooms, where they are attacked by Babs but they manage to burn her to death. After finding Lisa’s body, they head back to the janitor’s officer only to find Frankie standing over his body and they run, with an axe-wielding Frankie chasing after them. As they get close to the doors, Frankie and Spider begin fighting over the axe and Spider manages to get it and cuts off Frankie’s head, with the severed head flying into the doors and managing to open them. Spider tells Calvin to get the car but as he drives it towards the exit, he is attacked by Rhonda, who was in the back seat, and ends up crashing the car. As the Imp laughs over what is happening, Spider manages to trap it inside a large tobacco tin and then heads outside to check on Calvin, who had managed to survive the crash. As morning breaks, Spider tells Calvin that with the Imp trapped, all it’s power was broken, then tells Calvin that they had to leave before the authorities got there and tells Calvin to get on her motorcycle so she can take him back to her place. As they leave, the Imp can be heard asking to be let out of the tin, eventually asking the audience if they want a wish.

This is a pretty ridiculous and funny movie. The acting was about what you would expect, with the Linnea Quigley (Spider) and Andras Jones (Calvin) doing a good job and had some good chemistry in their on screen relationship. I also liked George “Buck” Flowers character, as he added a lot of comic relief in his constantly being knocked into the closet as well as his conversation with Calvin and Spider. The story was interesting and a the wish aspect kind of felt like a play off the “Monkey’s Paw” story, at least in the fact that the wishes ended up turning bad. As for the whole Imp story, I think that was added to try and boost the horror aspect but it came off as more of a joke. The special effects were on the cheap side, with the Imp basically being a claymation puppet that honestly didn’t look that good. This is everything you would expect out of a horror B-movie and definitely good for some laughs.

Rating: 3 out of 5