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November 12th, 2018 Movie – Valentine’s Day (2010)

valentine's day

I am going to be 100% honest right now. I really am not in the right mind set to review this movie. Stan Lee died today and that really hit me as his creations have been a large part of my childhood and adult years. That coupled with long hours at work and dealing with a couple of crazy kids this evening honestly has me mentally exhausted. To top it off, this movie is a rom-com which is not exactly my preferred genre of movies. This movie is the last of the free movies that I received after signing up for my ultraviolet account so let’s get right into Valentine’s Day.

The plot: (too tired to focus on writing while watching so this is the plot outline from wikipedia) The film follows a group of related characters and their struggles with love on Valentine’s Day.

Florist Reed Bennett wakes up and proposes to his girlfriend Morley Clarkson, who accepts. However, Reed’s closest friends, Alfonso Rodriguez and Julia Fitzpatrick, aren’t surprised when Morley suddenly changes her mind and leaves Reed a few hours later. On a flight to Los Angeles, Kate Hazeltine, a captain in the U.S. Army on a one-day leave, befriends Holden Wilson. Kate is travelling a long distance to get back home only for a short time, and Holden states that she must really be in love to do so. When the plane lands and Kate has to wait hours for the taxi, Holden offers his limousine to allow her to be there on time. Julia, an elementary school teacher, has fallen in love with Dr. Harrison Copeland, but does not know that he is married to Pamela. Harrison tells her that he needs to go to San Francisco for a business trip: on his way, he stops by at Reed’s flower shop and orders two flower bouquets – asking for discretion. Wanting to surprise him and despite Reed’s warnings, Julia flies to San Francisco, convinced that Reed was wrong. Julia finds out that he is married and finds him at a local restaurant. Dressed as a waitress, Julia makes a scene at the restaurant, making Pamela suspicious. One of Julia’s students, Edison (Bryce Robinson), orders flowers from Reed, to be sent to his teacher. Julia suggests to Edison to give the flowers to a girl named Rani in his class who has a crush on him after telling Edison the meaning of love. Edison’s babysitter Grace Smart is planning to lose her virginity to her boyfriend Alex Franklin. The planned encounter goes awry when Grace’s mother discovers a naked Alex in Grace’s room, rehearsing a song he wrote for Grace. Edison’s grandparents, Edgar and Estelle Paddington are facing the troubles of a long marriage. Estelle admits to Edgar about an affair she had with one of his business partners long ago. Although she is deeply sorry, Edgar is very upset. Grace’s high school friends, Willy Harrington and Felicia Miller, are experiencing the freshness of new love, and have agreed to wait to have sex. Sean Jackson, a closeted gay professional football player, is contemplating the end of his career with his publicist Kara Monahan and his agent Paula Thomas. Kara is organizing her annual “I Hate Valentine’s Day” party, but soon becomes interested in sports reporter Kelvin Moore, who was ordered to do a Valentine’s Day report by his boss Susan Moralez, and who shares Kara’s hatred of the holiday. Substituting for Paula’s absent secretary is one of the firm’s receptionists, Liz Curran, who dates mail-room clerk Jason Morris. Jason is shocked when Liz turns out to be moonlighting as a phone sex operator. Liz explains that she is only doing this because she has a $100,000 student loan to pay off. Jason is upset, but eventually reconciles with her after seeing Edgar forgive Estelle. Sean finally comes out on national television, and Holden, Sean’s lover, goes back to him. Kate arrives home late at night to greet not her supposed boyfriend but her son Edison. Willy drops Felicia off at home after a date and they kiss. Kelvin and Kara hang out at Kelvin’s news station where they later kiss. Alfonso dines with his wife, and Grace and Alex agree to wait to have sex. Edgar and Estelle reconcile and redo their marriage vows, Harrison’s wife has left him because of his infidelity and Morley tries to call Reed, who is instead starting a new relationship with Julia. Paula receives a call from one of Liz’s masochistic clients and takes delight in expressing her dominance and sadism.

Valentine’s Day met with poor results from the critics, holding an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Eager to please and stuffed with stars, Valentine’s Day squanders its promise with a frantic, episodic plot and an abundance of rom-com cliches.” Julia Roberts turned down The Blind Side (2009), in order to appear in this movie. Ironically, Sandra Bullock turned down Roberts’ role in this film, and went ahead to star in The Blind Side (2009). Despite the poor reviews, the movie was a success, earning $216.5 million off of a $52 million budget.

I have to admit, as disjointed as this movie was, it wasn’t that bad of a movie. There were too many stars to really single anyone out but they all did good jobs in their roles, even Topher Grace. The different stories were all pretty good but the bouncing around that they did to try and fit all of them into the movie made it hard to focus on them at times and I ended up just zoning out on some of the stories. That being said, there were a couple of parts that really did have me laughing, such as Paula’s (Queen Latifah) reaction when she starts talking to one of Liz’s (Anne Hathaway) clients. However, the whole romance aspects really were about as cliched as you could expect and honestly didn’t really give me much of the loving feels that you would expect form a rom-com. So it is a decent movie and does offer some laughs but there are better movies to watch for a date night type outing.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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Flashback Review: May 11th, 2014 Movie – Blade: Trinity

blade trinity

Ahh, the end of franchise and was it a good ending or tragic. Well, for the Blade series, I honestly feel like it was tragic. When I first saw commercials for this movie, I was not the least bit interested in seeing it. At the time, I was kind of surprised with myself as it seemed like this movie might be a lead up to having more of the Midnight Sons characters showing up in the movies, which would mean a Ghost Rider movie could soon happen. But I honestly had no interest in seeing this movie in theaters, though I did get the novelization of it, and only got Blade: Trinity on DVD just so I could complete the set of movies. One of these days, I really have to stop doing that.

The plot: In the Syrian desert, a team of vampires led by Danica Talos investigate an ancient tomb that had recently been uncovered, as she believes it to be the resting place of Dracula, the first vampire. Breaking through the floor into a previously unexplored chamber, one of the team members locates a body buried beneath them, just as the ground suddenly begins to open up at their feet. Suddenly, a gauntleted hand reaches out of the opening and grabs one of the team members and drags him into the opening and as Jarko Grimwood and the other man pull him back up, they find his head has been removed and he quickly turns to ash. When an armored figure emerges from the ground, he causes the vampires to drop their lights in surprise and as the darkness flickers around them, Danica screams out in fear. Some time later, Blade and Whistler take out a den of vampires in New York but when Blade shoots the last vampire with a silver stake, he is surprised to see he doesn’t turn to ash. When Blade approaches the dying man, the man taunts him by saying he was human and had helped set Blade up, as Danica is filming the interaction unbeknownst to Blade. As the authorities show up, Blade quickly leaves while Danica returns to her hideout to start editing the footage she shot and sends it to the FBI, who begin to hunt down Blade. Finishing her work, Danica heads down to see Dracula, who had been feeding nonstop since arriving in New York. Dracula tells Danica that she shouldn’t have woken him but she says that his people need him, to which Dracula scoffs at her and calls her  shadows of their former selves. Meanwhile, Whistler goes to pick up some newspapers, unaware that he is being followed by the FBI, and when he gets back to their hideout, he tells Blade that his recklessness has caused them to have to worry about the rest of the world, not just vampires. He then tells him he worries about Blade being on his own, as he is getting older and won’t be around much longer, and tells him that they can’t keep doing things on their own and will need to have friends to help them out. In another part of the city, a young mother is waiting for the subway when she is attacked by 4 young vampires but when they take the baby from her, it is revealed to be a doll, and the woman quickly attacks and kills the vampires. Back at their hideout, Blade asks Whistler what he is worried about when they are suddenly raided by the FBI. Whistler shoots some of the agents while initiating a data protection program on their computers, causing their contents to be transferred to another location before exploding, ensuring the data can’t be traced. Whistler ends up being killed as he initiates the last program, warning Blade to get out, before activating the self destruct of the hideout but as Blade recovers from the blast, he finds himself surrounded and reluctantly surrenders, as Whistler’s death fully hits him. At FBI headquarters, Blade is placed in an interrogation room and questioned by the FBI when they are interrupted by Dr. Edgar Vance, who is there to examine Blade. Vance argues that Blade should be taken to a mental facility while the FBI and New York Police are arguing over jurisdiction. Vance injects Blade with a drug to make him weak, revealing that he is a familiar, and tells Blade he won’t be there long. As Blade falls under the effects of the drugs, Danica and her men show up to take Blade with them when suddenly, a vampire’s disintegrating body smashes through the observation room window. A man named Hannibal King appears, killing another vampire and giving Blade an inhaler based version of his serum to counteract the drugs effects, telling him he is there to rescue him. Danica and another vampire escape while Grimwood fights with King before Blade recovers and kicks him through a wall. Telling King to leave, Blade grabs his gear and follows after him, taking out officers on the way. Reaching an intersection, they encounter Abigail Whistler (the woman that killed the vampires earlier), and she helps them deal with the cops as well as Grimwood and his men but Blade suddenly disappears through an air duct, leaving King and Abigail to fend for themselves. They manage to make it outside and as the police surround them, Blade jumps out a window, having gone back to get his sword. Suddenly, an SUV shows up, with he driver telling them to get in, and they make their escape, with Abigail shooting Grimwood in the eye to keep him from following them. Blade is taken to their headquarters and they explain that they are the Nightstalkers, (King, Abigail, Sommerfield, her daughter Zoe, Hedges, and Dex) a sleeper cell of vampire hunters meant to serve as Blade’s reinforcements should he need them. After King introduces them all, Blade says they are kids acting like this is a joke and asks what makes them think they are qualified and King tells him that he used to be a vampire. In her office, Danica is angry about their losing Blade when Dracula shows up and decides to go into town and see things for himself. Wandering the town, he enters a sex shop, where they sell Dracula merchandise and, feeling like the clerks are mocking him, he throws the make through the store window before biting the female. Meanwhile, King infroms Blade about the vampires that tried to capture him (Danica, her brother Asher, and Grimwood) and informs him that they had resurrected Dracula, as they feel he can help them with a “final solution”. However, King explains that they have their own final solution that could destroy all vampires on the planet but they need Dracula’s blood to finish it as they need his pure blood to finalize the serum but warn that it might also kill him as well. The next day, Blade, King, and Abigail go hunting after vampire familiars in an attempt to get a lead on Dracula, who they have started referring to as Drake. When one of the familiars receives a call from Dr. Vance, they head to his office to confront him only to find Drake there, having killed Vance and chosen to impersonate him to see Blade for himself. Grabbing King to use as a shield, Drake taunts Blade before stabbing King in the shoulder, then jumping out a window. Blade chases after him and eventually catches up to him on a roof, where Drake is holding a baby he grabbed earlier. Drake then speaks to Blade, saying that neither vampire nor human deserves to live and when Blade says he will stop him, Drake challenges that notion before throwing the baby in the air, forcing Blade to catch it while he escapes. AS King recuperates at the headquarters, Abigail finds out part of what Danica’s “final solution” is, a series of farms that house comatose patients whose blood is siphoned off for vampire consumption. When they head there, they find that Chief Martin Vreede knows about the place and agrees with what they are doing, and Blade kills him, then forces the scientist overseeing the farm to shut it down, as the people are already brain dead and unable to be revived. Meanwhile, Drake infiltrates the Nightstalker’s base, killing Hedges, Sommerfield, and Dex while taking King and Zoe captive. When Blade and Abigail return, they search the place and find the bodies of Dex, Hedges, and Sommerfield and as Abigail cries out on grief, Blade tells her to use the pain. In Danica’s office, Danica, Asher, and Grimwood are interrogating King and trying to get the information on the Nightstalker’s secret weapon against the vampires, with Danica saying that she will turn King and force him to feed from Zoe if he doesn’t tell them. Back at the hideout, another member of the Nightstalkers arrives and takes them to his hideout, where a video message from Sommerfield is loaded up. Sommerfield says that she has a working version of their Daystar virus but it isn’t tested so she doesn’t know what effect it will have on Blade and, armed with the virus, Blade and Abigail head out to rescue their friends. Back at the office, Danica, Asher, and Grimwood continue to interrogate King but he tells them that his friends are coming, as revealed by the atomized silver that has suddenly started being pumped into the air conditioning system, affecting all of the vampires. Blade appears and when Grimwood challenges him, Blade kicks him through the door, allowing Danica and Asher to escape. Abigail enters the room and frees King, then hands him his weapons while she goes off to rescue Zoe. Blade begins killing several vampires before finally coming face to face with Drake, who challenges him to a sword fight. Meanwhile, King encounters Grimwood’s Pomeranian Pac-Man and two Rotweilers, all of which have been vampirized, and manages to lure them into falling out a window but when he falls back into the room he escaped from, he ends up having to fight and kill Grimwood, only to have Danica attack him. Elsewhere, Abigail manages to rescue Zoe, then goes to help Blade, killing Asher and some other vampires before trying to get a shot on Drake with the Daystar arrow. When Drake bests Blade and moves in for the killing blow, Abigail shoots the arrow but Drake is able to catch it and drops it to the ground. Drake turns his attention back to Blade but Blade grabs the arrow and jams it into Drake’s chest. With Drake infected, the virus becomes airborne and infects and kills every vampire, including Danica. Drake begins to succumb to his wounds and tells Blade that the vmpires kept trying to create a new vampire when one already existed in Blade. He tells Blade he will leave him a parting gift and warns that the future of their race lies with him but sooner or later, the thirst will win. Drake and Blade both collapse and Abigail and King leave as the FBI show up, finding the ashed remains of several vampires and Blade’s body lying dead on the floor and declare the case closed. Some time later, the doctors go to perform an autopsy on Blade only to have it change into Drake’s body as they watch while Blade, having survived the virus, continues the fight against vampires.

Blade: Trinity was panned by the critics, holding a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Louder, campier, and more incoherent than its predecessors, Blade: Trinity seems content to emphasize style over substance and rehash familiar themes.” Though it was the last movie in the series, Blade: Trinity was the first movie in the series to have Marvel Studios logo appear at the beginning of the movie. This would also be the last movie made using Blade, as the live action film rights would revert back to Marvel in 2011. While having the biggest budget of the trilogy, B was the lowest performing movie at the box office, earning $128.9 million off of a $65 million budget, and would also be the shortest movie in the series.

Man, what a let down this movie was. The acting was ok, and I do mean ok as even Wesley Snipes didn’t seem too thrilled to be in this movie. I liked Jessica Biel as Abigail but thought Ryan Reynolds was too annoying as King ( glad he finally got cast as the comic hero he seems to have been born to play) and Dominic Purcell was kind of bland as Drake/Dracula. The story honestly felt weak and sloppy. Having Dracula be revived to defeat Blade should have been a bigger deal but it honestly felt like a side plot, as the main focus seemed to be placed on the Daystar virus, and Drake was simply an essential ingredient. This is tragic because Dracula should always have a bigger impact in any movie he is in, and even though he and Blade only tangled a couple of times in the comics, I feel like the movie should have done a better job with it. The special effects were honestly a little better than the previous movie but I feel like even though the technology advanced, they misused it and didn’t do as good of a job as they did in the first movie. It isn’t the complete train wreck that I thought it would be but it is still not that good of a movie all in all.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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February 11th, 2018 Movie – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

the texas chainsaw massacre (2003)

Much like the original movie was the first of the slasher movies, today’s movie was the first of the slasher remakes in the 2000’s. When I first heard that they were remaking this movie, I will admit that I was extremely nervous about what they would do with it. I mean, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was such a groundbreaking horror movie, that I felt like anything the did would not come close to matching it. Still, I was willing to give it a chance, but didn’t get around to seeing it in theaters and had to wait for it to come out on DVD. I ended up just buying it as I was buying the original movie on DVD and the sequel on DVD when the remake came out. Now let’s see if this impulse buy was worth it as I watch today’s movie, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003).

The plot: On August 18th, 1973, Erin, her boyfriend Kemper, and their friends Andy, and Morgan are driving up to Dallas for a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert after spending several days in Mexico. Andy is making out with Pepper, a hitchhiker they picked up in El Paso, and Morgan and Kemper are sharing a joint and when Erin throws it out the window, Morgan accidentally lets slip that they had smuggled 2 pounds of marijuana back from Mexico. Suddenly, they see a strange girl walking in the middle of the road and Kemper swerves to avoid hitting her and Erin and Pepper get out of the car to see if she is ok. The girl says she wants to go home so they bring her back to the van but as they are driving along, the girl starts saying that they are all dead. When they pass by the Blair Meat plant, the girl freaks out and says they are going the wrong way, then tries to get Kemper to turn around. When Kemper stops the van, the girl says she can’t go back to the bad man and pulls out a pistol from underneath her dress, puts it in her mouth, and shoots herself. Everyone freaks out and gets out of the car and as they try to figure out what they should do, Kemper says they should call the police, then grabs the pinata full of marijuana and throws it into a field so that they won’t get busted for it. Driving down the road, they come to a gas station and Kemper, Morgan, and Andy head inside and ask the woman behind the counter to call the sheriff. The woman makes the call and tells them that Sheriff Hoyt asked them to meet him at an old mill down the road, or else wait there for 2 hours. The group reluctantly heads to the mill but when they get there, they see no sign of Hoyt. Morgan and Andy want to just leave the body there and leave and Kemper is inclined to go along with them but Erin convinces him to wait for the sheriff. Suddenly, Pepper sees something moving in the building behind them and they head inside to investigate, finding a little boy named Jedidiah hiding in there. Jedidiah tells them that the sheriff is getting drunk at his home but it is only a short walk away so Kemper and Erin head out to find him. When they reach the house, they knock on the door and an old amputee named Monty answers the door and tells them that the sheriff isn’t there but lets Erin in to use the phone. Back at the mill, Andy runs Jedidiah off after he was messing with the body and a short while later, Sheriff Hoyt arrives at the mill. Back at the house, Erin finishes her call and goes to leave when Monty asks for her help getting up off the floor where he fell, keeping her distracted as someone moves around behind her. Meanwhile, Kemper gets worried and heads inside the house to check on Erin but as he investigates, Leatherhead comes up behind him and strikes him over the head, then drags him into another room and slams the door. Erin hears the sound and leaves the old man on the floor, worried that something might have happened to Kemper but when she finds no sign of him, decides to head back to the van. Meanwhile, Hoyt is examining the scene and when he asks about the gun the girl used to kill herself, Andy and the others tell him she had it with her and Hoyt places it in his ankle holster, which happened to be empty. Hoyt then has Andy help him wrap the body in saran wrap, then tells Andy and Morgan to place the body in the trunk of his car before he drives off. Erin arrives shortly after he leaves and is surprised to hear that the sheriff was already there and that there is no sign of Kember. Suddenly, the hear a car horn going off among some wrecked cars nearby and when they investigate them, find a picture of the girl and her family in one of the cars. Worried about Kember, Erin heads back to the house and Andy joins her, arming himself with a tire iron. Erin distracts Monty outside, allowing Andy to make his way inside the house to try and find Kember. When Andy knocks over something in the kitchen, Erin rushes in to see if he needs help but Monty confronts them about being in his house and summons Leatherface to deal with them. Andy manages to fend off Leatherface’s chainsaw with the tire iron, yelling at Erin to run, and he runs out after her but as Leatherface chases him through the rows of sheets drying in the back yard, Leatherface chops off his leg with the chainsaw, then drags him down in the basement of the house, where he hangs him on a meat hook. Erin runs back to the van and as she tries to start it, she asks where the Morgan and Pepper where the gun is and they tell her that Hoyt took it. Suddenly, Hoyt appears outside the van and as she tries to tell him about what happened to Andy, but Hoyt sees a joint on the dashboard and has them all get out of the car. and lay down on the ground. While Erin and Pepper continue to lay on the ground, Hoyt has Morgan head into the van and reenact how the girl killed herself, handing Morgan the gun to show him and forcing him to put it in his mouth. When Erin asks what is going on, Hoyt turns to yell at her and Morgan uses the distraction to point the gun at Hoyt. Erin yells at him not to do it, though Pepper says to go ahead and kill him, and as Hoyt taunts him, Morgan pulls the trigger only to find the gun wasn’t loaded. Hoyt then handcuffs Morgan and places him in his car and drives off, taking the keys to the van with him. As they are driving off, Hoyt asks Morgan where they were headed and Morgan tells him to the Skynyrd concert and offers him the tickets, prompting Hoyt to pistol whip him and knock his teeth out. Hoyt then gets on the radio and radios someone to head to the mill and take care of Erin and Pepper before pulling up to the house and forcing Morgan inside. Back at the mill, Erin works on hot-wiring the van and they start to leave only to have the front tires fall off the van. Suddenly, Leatherface starts attacking the van, killing Pepper when she runs away, and as he turns to deal with Erin, she is horrified to see that he is wearing Kimber’s face as a mask. Erin climbs out the back window and makes her way through the woods, coming across a trailer parked out in the woods. She starts pounding on the door and asking for help and when it opens, she ducks inside and asks the people inside, an old woman and a young woman named Henrietta, to use the phone but Henrietta says they don’t have one. Henrietta offers Erin some tea and as she drinks it, tells her that Leatherface won’t come around there as they are family, then goes to tend to a baby that starts crying. Erin notices a picture of the girl and her family just as a phone rings and Erin realizes that they stole the baby from the girl’s family before she passes out from the drugged tea. Erin wakes up to find herself at the Hewitt’s house where Hoyt, Monthy, and Hoyt’s mother, Luda Mae, are surrounding her. Jedidiah calls out to be allowed inside but Luda Mae tells him to stay out there until he can play by the rules. Luda Mae then tells Erin the same story that Henrietta did, about her son being tormented because of a skin disease disfiguring his face, and then yells out for Thomas (Leatherface) to take Erin to the basement. In the basement, Erin sees the various dismembered and decayed body parts of the Hewitt’s previous victims before she sees Andy hanging from the meat hook. Seeing that he is still alive, she tries to help him get free but when she can’t, he begs her to put him out of his misery and she reluctantly does so, then cries out in anguish over it. Hearing a noise, Erin heads further into the basement to find Morgan in a bath tub and she helps him get out. Jedidiah appears and tells her to follow him and Erin grabs Morgan and helps him move but Leatherface was watching them and races down after them with his chainsaw. Erin and Morgan make it to the basement stairs and she yells at Jedidiah to come with them but he tells her to run and he will be fine. They make their way to an abandoned house and they work to barricade it to keep Leatherface out but he cuts his way inside and they are forced to hide. Leatherface finds Erin and goes to kill her but Morgan jumps out of his hiding space and attacks him. Leatherface grabs Morgan and suspends him from a chandelier, then proceeds to saw him up through his groin to kill him. Erin runs out of the house, with Leatherface chasing after her but as she ducks through a barbed wire fence, Leatherface gets hung up and ends up cutting his leg. Reaching the road, Erin tries flagging down a passing car but it drives away so she heads to the meat plant. Leatherface continues to chase after her and she grabs a meat cleaver and hides in a locker. Getting Leatherfaces attention, he starts searching the lockers for her but when he discovers the pig that she had placed in one as a distraction, Erin leaps out of her locker and starts hacking at his arm, cutting Leatherface’s right arm off. As Leatherface collapses to the ground in pain, Erin heads out to the road and manages to flag down a passing semi. The driver brings him into his truck and starts asking her what’s wrong but when she sees him heading back to the gas station where Hoyt’s car is, she yells at him not to stop. The driver stops the car and yells at her, then heads in to the gas station to get some help and Erin ducks out of the truck and looks in the window to see Hoyt, Luda Mae, and Henrietta inside with the baby. As they all head outside to see what the driver is talking about, Erin grabs the baby and heads to Hoyt’s patrol car. As Hoyt approaches the semi and checks it for Erin, Erin hotwires the patrol car and uses it to run over Hoyt, then drives off. As she comforts the baby sitting next to her, Leatherface slashes at the car but doesn’t do much damage and then stares at it as Erin drives away. 2 days later, the police head to the Hewitt house and as an investigator is recording the crime scene, both he and his cameraman are killed by Leatherface.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) met with poor results from the critics, holding a 37% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “An unnecessary remake that’s more gory and less scary than the original.” Though they tried to get Gunnar Hansen to play the role of the trucker at the end of the movie, but he declined so the only person from the original movie to return for the remake was John Larroquette, who played the narrator in both the original and the remake. The scene with Leatherface taking off his mask to show his real face was originally supposed to occur in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, but the scene was cut in order to keep an R rating, making this movie the only time Leatherface’s “real” face is seen. Despite the poor reviews, the movie was a box office success, earning $108 million off of a $9.5 million budget.

This is a decent horror movie but compared to the original movie, this really did feel like nothing but a bunch of cheap scares. The acting was ok, with Jessica Biel doing a good job as Erin while R. Lee Emery played the role of the sadistic Hoyt to perfection. I also liked Andrew Bryniarski’s portrayal of Leatherface, playing keeping the somewhat beaten down side of his character but losing the mental handicap that the original had. The story was interesting, changing the motivation from a family of cannibals to a family taking retribution for the bullying of Thomas/Leatherface as a child on anyone that stopped in their town. The special effects were pretty good, with some scenes having to be cut in order to keep the movie at an R-rating, but I felt that in some cases, they tended to be overly graphic when it wasn’t really necessary; as there are times where less is more works a lot better in horror movies. It’s not a bad horror movie but definitely is a pale imitation to the original.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5