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June 28th, 2018 Movie – Zarkorr! The Invader

zarkorr the invader

The one problem with being a Godzilla fan is that when you own all of the movies, you start looking for other giant monster movies to watch/own. For me, it was pretty east at first as there were all of the King Kong and Gamera movies to go through, as well as all of the other Toho kaiju movies. But once I had all of them, it started to get a little more difficult in finding more movies to obtain. That brings us to today’s movie. Now I had heard about this movie before when it had suddenly popped up on my recommended list on Amazon. I didn’t buy it at first but when it came up again as part of a set, and for relatively cheap, then I decided to go ahead and pick it up. So let’s see how bad of a movie I have on my hands with today’s movie, Zarkorr! The Invader.

The plot: In MT. Aurora, California, some men are sharing some beers as they walk down the street when they hear sounds coming from the nearby mountain, just as a giant monster, Zarkorr, emerges from within the mountain and begins destroying the town. In Newark, New Jersey, Tommy Ward is eating some breakfast when he is surprised to see a 6 inch pixie suddenly appear. The pixie, Proctor, tells him that she is the representative of an advanced race and it is up to him to save the planet from invaders. When David asks why him, as he feels that there must be people better suited to help than him, Proctor agrees with him and says that half of the people on the planet are better and half are worse, making him exactly in the center which is why he was chosen. David asks her some more questions before she tells him to change the channel, where he sees the news reports about Zarkorr’s destruction. As he looks on in shock, Proctor tells him that Zarkorr can’t be destroyed by any man-made weapon on Earth, not even nuclear weapons, but tells him that the means to defeat Zarkorr do exist on Earth. She also tells him that Zarkorr is homing in on him so if he attempts to run and hide, it would only be a temporary solution as Zarkorr would eventually find and kill him. Telling him that the sooner he starts making positive progress towards stopping Zarkorr, the faster he will be able to defeat him, Proctor then disappears, leaving Tommy to wander how he is supposed to stop a 180 foot monster. Tommy heads to the local TV station and attempts to speak with Dr. Stephanie Martin and explain what he knows but she thinks he is crazy and calls out for help. When security shows up, Tommy manages to get one of their guns and forces the other guard to give him his gun too, then takes Stephanie hostage and holes up in the bathroom. Two police officers show up and, after clearing out the building, they attempt to talk to Tommy. Tommy explains the situation and one of the cops, George, believes him and ends up helping him out of the station by restraining his partner, much to Stephanie’s shock. As they leave in the patrol car, Tommy turns on the radio and they hear reports about Zarkorr destroying the national guard and being unaffected by a bombing run, causing Stephanie to start thinking some of what Tommy says might be true. When they are forced to hide the patrol car, Tommy tries again to convince Stephanie to help him and tries to figure out what Proctor meant when she said Zarkorr contained the key to defeating him. Stephanie says it is just a saying but Tommy insists it means something, as Proctor had emphasized it, so Stephanie takes them to see a hacker named Arthur she knows. After they tell Arthur what they are trying to do, he agrees to help them and begins gathering all the data he can find about Zarkorr. As she goes through it, Stephanie notices that Zarkorr doesn’t seem to breathe, eat, or sleep and Tommy says that it must have been activated somehow and if there’s a way to turn it on, then there must be a way to turn it off. Checking satellite data, Arthur determines that there was activity in Aurora 2 hours before Zarkorr appeared and Tommy says that must have been it was activated and it took time to charge to full power. Arthur then finds that radar activity detected something in Yuma, Arizona and Tommy feels that that must be where Zarkorr’s off switch can be found. Arthur books them a flight to Yuma and, after Stephanie gets them some clothes, they arrive in Yuma and the local sheriff mistakes them for the government agents he called. The sheriff leads them to a restaurant, where a saucer like object had crashed through the roof. The sheriff and local geologist explain that they have tried everything they could think of to open the saucer but had no luck. Tommy says they have to take it with them and as they place it in the trunk of their car, the sheriff gets suspicious but George is able to deal with him. As they leave town, Tommy says to head towards Zarkorr but they come to a police roadblock. When the police ask them to step out of the car, George and Stephanie comply but Tommy thanks them for their help, then drives off into the city. He drives up to where Zarkorr is and confronts him, then grabs the saucer and uses it as a shield, reflecting Zarkorr’s laser beams back at him. When the beams hit Zarkorr, he is reduced to a glowing sphere that rockets back out into space, while Tommy is rendered unconscious. When he wakes up in the hospital, he finds Stephanie and George there and they tell him he did it. A news reporter then goes to interview him and asks his thoughts about a grassroots movement that is trying to get him to run for President and Tommy looks at Stephanie and George before saying he could give it a shot.

Yeh, this was pretty much what I expected this movie to be; a somewhat cheap movie but also kind of entertaining. The acting wasn’t the greatest and in some cases it was kind of over-the-top bad, but it didn’t completely suck. The story was actually kind of interesting, as I liked the idea of an advanced race testing humanity by having one person being the key to stopping a giant monster. The special effects were on the cheap side and while the suit design for Zarkorr actually wasn’t that bad, the models were incredibly cheap looking and kind of hurt his destruction scenes. It is definitely not the best giant monster movie out there but it can be a little entertaining as far as a change of pace movie goes.

Rating: 2 out of 5