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April 21st, 2018 Movie – Van Nuys Blvd

van nuys blvd

Ahh, another Saturday and I have a movie from the Drive-In Cult Classic box set on my plate today. Now I honestly have no idea what sort of movie I will be getting today, as it is simply named after a street. That is like the worst thing in the world to try and guess a plot. I mean, if it was a building, you could have some fun trying to guess the plot; like is it a hostage movie, a natural disaster, or some sort of crazy house party type situation. But a street? There are too many things to even think about what could happen. Well, let’s find out as I watch today’s movie, Van Nuys Blvd.

The plot: A young man named Bobby heads over to his girlfriend Jo’s house and while she wants to fool around, he is more interested in a program talking about the wild antics on Van Nuys Blvd. After Jo turns off the TV, Bobby complains about how bored he is with their town and decides to head out to Van Nuys Blvd to see how things if the stories are really true. After driving all day, he finally gets into town and stops at a burger joint, where the waitress flirts with him and when she brings him his food, says she will join him in the back of his van. Meanwhile, a local man named Chooch is riding along the boulevard but when a girl moons him, he ends up running the red light and getting pulled over. Officer Albert Zass gives him a ticket for running the red light and when he decides to give him a ticket for noise violations due to his hot rod’s engine, Chooch jokes about Zass’ mother, causing Zass to arrest him. Elsewhere, Greg and his friend, pull into a gas station and when another car pulls in, Greg says he had dreamed about the girl in the car, Camille, for the last three nights. Despite his friend warning him not to, Greg approaches the car and tells Camille about his dream. Camille’s boyfriend, Jason, punches Greg and as he starts arguing with Camille, Greg uses a wrench to smash the headlights of Jason’s car, then speeds off when Jason tries to get him. Jason wants to follow after him when Greg suddenly slams his car into Jason’s, then continues to taunt him. Jason gets out and he and Greg start smashing each other’s cars. Another car pulls up and they all cheer the action as Greg’s friend and the gas station attendant get in on the action, while Camille simply gets a ride out of there with her friend Moon. Later, after things cool down and both cars are towed away, Jason catches a ride with another female friend and Greg’s friend goes with them, leaving Greg to sit on the side of the road by himself. Meanwhile, Camille and Moon end up at the burger joint and park next to Bobby’s van, where they are amused by what they hear coming from the van. Back at the gas station, Greg is picked up by a girl on a motorcycle and they pass by Jason and his friend, who were stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, and she takes him to a house party, where they proceed to have sex and afterwards, she drops him back off at the gas station. Back at the burger joint, Bobby and the waitress finish having sex when Moon talks to him about his van, and challenges him to a drag race. Bobby agrees and they head to a nearby road for the race but as they are racing, Zass pulls them over. Inside the cell, Bobby, Moon, and Camille are placed in the same cell as Chooch and Bobby is telling Chooch his version of what happened when Greg is added to the cell. Once inside, he immediately tries talking to Camille and when he learns they will be released in the morning, he invites them all to the amusement park, telling Camille it was part of his dream. Moon and Bobby agree to go and Greg convinces Chooch to come with them. The next day, they all head to the amusement park and Greg wants to ride the Revolution, the massive roller coaster, right off the bat but Chooch and Camille are hesitant and convince him they should check out some of the other parts of the park first. The group heads out and has fun, with Greg and Camille and Moon and Bobby seemingly getting closer. The finally decide to ride the Revolution, though Chooch is still hesitant, and afterwards, he races to the bathroom to throw up. When he returns, Greg teases him and taunts him about going on an even larger roller coaster, causing Chooch to run off to puke again. As they head off and catch one of the dance numbers, Greg continues to joke about Chooch, causing Moon to get upset at him, and at Bobby for sticking up for him. When she storms off, Camille and Greg tell Bobby that Moon really likes him, then head out to go dancing. Bobby tries to patch things up with Moon, who asks if they are on a date or just hanging out. When another guy asks Moon to dance, Bobby tells him that she is with him, but then reveals that he can’t really dance. Moon says it is ok and leads him out onto the dance floor and the proceed to start dancing. while Camille and Greg are dancing and kissing nearby. Meanwhile, Zass is attempting to have sex with a girl named Wanda, who he picked up for hitchhiking, but she tricks him into getting out of the car and as he tries to get back in, she handcuffs him to the door frame, then leaves him there. Wanda starts walking down the road and eventually ends up being picked up by Chooch, who takes her back to his place. As Chooch is talking to her, she reveals they hooked up once at the drive-in, and Chooch is embarrassed for not recognizing her, and they soon end up kissing. Meanwhile, Camille and Greg are makign out in Moon’s van after Greg drives her home and she tells him to sneak into her room so they can have sex but Greg goes in the wrong window and ends up in bed with her parents, which makes her mom scream and her father chase him out of the house. On the beach, Bobby and Moon are drinking and talking about what they should do next and end up having sex in Bobby’s van. The next day, Chooch goes with Wanda to race go karts, where he gets attacked by an old woman for breaking her course record. Later, they are playing air hockey when Bobby and the others show up and as Chooch introduces Wanda to his friends, Bobby is shocked to see that Wanda is the waitress he hooked up with, but he, Moon, and Camille keep that from Chooch. As the group hangs out and play video games, Bobby and Moon continue competing against each other, which starts to annoy the others. Chooch suggests they drag race early in the morning and Camille says she knows just the spot so they agree to do that. Meanwhile, Zass is still cuffed to his car and a biker shows up and taunts him before stealing his gear, wallet, and radio. Some time later, a dog shows up and Zass tries to get it to bring him the keys but it buries them instead. The group hang out at the beach, where Greg accidentally lets a pig loose on the beach, and when he goes to get a sandwich, he ends up injuring his jaw when he opens it to take a bite. Bobby, Camille, and Moon accompany Greg to the doctor’s officeso he can get it fixed, where they have to deal with the nurse who refuses to let them talk and forces Greg to try and explain the situation. After Greg gets his jaw fixed, Camille puts him in a dress so she can sneak him into her house that night but as they are having sex, her father shows up in the room trying to seduce Greg (not realizing he is a guy) and he is caught by Camille’s mother, who is shocked at what she sees. Meanwhile, Chooch lets Bobby and Moon use the garage he works at to do some last minute tune ups on their vans for tomorrows race and Greg ends up working on his van all night, which annoys Moon. The next day, Zass’ mother finds him and worries over her son and he tells her that the keys are buried and she leaves him to go get some help looking for them. On an unfinished stretch of highway, Moon and Bobby proceed to drag race and Bobby ends up winning. When he heads over to Moon’s van, she congratulates him but says that she is disappointed, as he seems to love the van more than her. Taking offense to that, Bobby gets in his van and drives off, heading towards a cliff, then jumps out before the van topples over it. Moon and the others rush towards him but as Moon questions why Bobby did that, he tries to embrace her but she yells at him and drives off. Greg and the others follow after her, leaving Bobby at the end of the highway, but Moon quickly turns around and goes back to Bobby and embraces him. Chooch decides to sell his hot rod, as he plans on marrying Wanda and heading to Tennessee to start a new life together. He ends up selling his hot rod to Zass, who has quit the police force and ends up getting busted by the police on a regular basis now.

I have to admit, that wasn’t quite what I was expecting to get out of this movie but it did get a couple of laughs out of me. The acting was ok but honestly, nobody really stood out enough where the parts couldn’t have been played by someone else. The story was decent, basically a trip down memory lane of sorts to what some felt was the antics going on those days. All I can say personally was that it had some of the good and bad that I have come to expect from movies about the 70’s. The comedy was mostly situational and there were some good bits, such as the cutaways to Zass as he is cuffed to his police car and nobody helps him, to Greg having sex with Camille when her dad walks in and starts feeling up Greg, all while Greg is trying to be quiet and Camille keeps responding to her father’s questions and comments, as she seems amused to see how this turns out. So it has some laughs in it but this is just a time killer movie, not really worth going out of your way to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5