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May 18th, 2018 Movie – Weird Science

weird science

You know, was there anyone more powerful in Hollywood in the 80’s than John Hughes. I mean, this man made some of the most iconic movies to exist in pop culture in the span of a decade.I honestly don’t know anybody that hasn’t seen at least one of his movies over the years, or referenced one of them. Today’s movie has always been one of those movies that I found entertaining. I think the fact that it seemed to almost always be on TV at one point or another probably helped with that. So let’s have some laughs with today’s movie, Weird Science.

The plot: Nerdy social outcasts Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly are standing outside the gym watching the girls participating in their gymnastics class. As they fantasize about what they would like to do, including with Deb and Hilly, their boyfriends Ian and Max sneak up behind Gary and Wyatt and quickly pull down their gym shorts, then yell out to the girls, leaving Gary and Wyatt exposed in their underwear to them. Later, Gary goes to spend the night at Wyatt’s house and is upset to learn that while Wyatt’s parents are gone, his brother Chet is coming home from military school for the weekend to look after the house and Wyatt while they are gone. That night, as they are watching Frankenstein, Gary comes up with the idea to use Wyatt’s computer to make a female simulation so they can try and practice talking with girls. As they get more involved in their project, they end up hacking into a military computer to boost their simulation’s abilities, then hook the computer up to a doll as a body for the program. AS they are doing this, strange red strom clouds appear over the house and as lightning hits the house and cause complete chaos in the town, they end up creating a real woman from their experiment. After taking a shower with Gary and Wyatt, who both keep their pants on, the woman says she wants to go out and so they head out, with the woman magically changing their clothes as they exit the room. As they are driving downtown in her pink convertible, the woman says that since they created her, they should give her a name and Gary suggests Lisa. Arriving at a bar, Lisa produces ID’s for the boys so they can get in and they proceed to mingle. Gary and Wyatt are uncomfortable at first but soon loosen up, with Gary proceeding to get drunk during the night. On the way home, Wyatt ends up driving and Lisa asks him what he is going to tell Chet about her but Wyatt says he hasn’t thought of it. When they get back to Wyatt’s house, Wyatt runs into Chet, who proceeds to pick on Wyatt and Gary, and demand money to buy his silence, before he goes to bed. After putting Gary to bed, Wyatt heads back down to sneak Lisa inside and she talks to him for a little bit, and works on teaching him how to kiss, and though she doesn’t like it, she agrees to stay hidden from Chet. The next morning, Gary and Wyatt think that everything was a dream until they hear Lisa calling them down for breakfast and Wyatt is shown to be wearing Lisa’s clothes from when she first appeared. They head to the mall with Lisa and while they are waiting for her as she shops, Ian and Max dump an Icee on them. As the two bullies laugh at their prank, Deb and Hilly consider breaking up with them but decide to forgive them, as they didn’t want to be social pariahs. As they are leaving, Ian and Max see Lisa going up the escalator in the opposite direction and quickly leave their girlfriends behind to chase after her. When they catch up to her, they try talking to her but are shocked to find that she is with Gary and Wyatt. As they are leaving, Lisa says that there is a party at Wyatt’s house and she tells them to spread the word and they drive off, leaving a stunned Ian and Max staring after them. At Wyatt’s house, Wyatt is asking Lisa why she is throwing a party and she tells him that they wanted to be popular and have fun and they needed to loosen up. Lisa then goes to pick up Gary and meets his parents, who get upset and angry at what she tells them about Gary and threaten to call the cops but she uses her powers to make his dad forget about Gary and they leave. As Lisa finishes setting up, Gary and Wyatt admit that they have no friends but Lisa opens the door and they see the whole school there for the party. As the party goes on, Ian and Max show up with Deb and Hilly and as Ian and Max go to the bar, then try to hit on Lisa, Deb and Hilly wander around the house. The end up at the bathroom where Gary and Wyatt were hiding and they end up talking briefly before the girls leave. Deb and Hilly run into Lisa, who asks if they met Gary and Wyatt and tells them they should shower with them. Meanwhile, Ian and Max apologize to Gary and Wyatt in the hopes they will set them up with Lisa and Gary and Wyatt tell them about creating her. Ian and Max convince Gary and Wyatt to try and make them a woman of their own and they proceed to do it, causing chaos to occur at the party. When Lisa appears in the doorway, she chastises Gary and Wyatt, then reminds them that they didn’t hook up a doll to the computer, just as a ballistic missile comes up from the ground and into the house. Wyatt’s grandparents show up to pay a surprise visit to Wyatt and they start yelling at all of the kids to get out when Lisa confronts them and puts them in suspended animation. When Wyatt and Gary find out, they start freaking out and Lisa decides to cause a situation to give them a confidence boost. Suddenly, a gang of mutant bikers crash the party and begin terrorizing all of the guests. Ian and Max decide to run and hide, leaving Deb and Hilly to find for themselves. When the bikers grab Deb and Hilly and confront Gary and Wyatt, Gary and Wyatt stand up to the bikers and manage to make them leave. Afterwards, Deb and Hilly talk with Gary and Wyatt respectively and the girls end up falling for the two guys. The next morning, Chet returns from his hunting trip and when he sees the disaster the house has become, he confronts Gary and Wyatt over what happened. When he continually mocks Wyatt, Lisa stops him and tells the boys to take the girls home while she deals with Chet. Wyatt takes Hilly home and kisses her and as she walks to her door, he tells her he loves her, just as the lawn sprinklers come on. Meanwhile, Gary avoids getting a speeding ticket as he takes Deb home and when they get there, he tries explaining that the car, clothes, and everything isn’t really him but she tells him that she wants to know the real him and they kiss. When they return to Wyatt’s home, they find Chet had been turned into a talking piece of crap and Chet apologizes for how he treated Wyatt in the past. When Wyatt and Gary go see Lisa, she assures them that Chet will be back to normal in half an hour. They guys then tell Lisa that they have girlfriends now and don’t need her and she tells them she is happy for them and disappears in a cloud of smoke. Once she is gone, the house, and Chet, are returned back to normal, just as Wyatt’s parents return. The next day in school, Lisa is shown to be the new gym teacher and as all of the guys faint, she winks at the camera.

Weird Science met with mixed reviews from the critics, holding a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Hardly in the same league as John Hughes’ other teen movies, the resolutely goofy Weird Science nonetheless gets some laughs via its ridiculous premise and enjoyable performances.” During the movie, Gary, played by Anthony Michael Hall, mentions having a girlfriend in Canada, a line Hall used earlier in the year in another John Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club. The movie was a box office success, earning $38.9 million off of a $7.5 million budget, and has spawned a television series in the mid 90’s, while a remake has been in the works since 2013.

This is still a ridiculous movie that is pretty entertaining. The acting was pretty good, with Anthony Michael Hall (Gary) and Ilam Mitchell-Smith (Wyatt) doing good jobs in their roles. Kelly LeBrock was great as Lisa, but I honestly thought that Suzanne Snyder and Judie Aronson were kind of boring as Deb and Hilly. The story was a great mix of teenage drama with some science fiction added to it. I thought the nod to “Frankenstein” was a great way to introduce Lisa, who went from being their “ideal” woman to helping them actually gain the confidence to get a real girlfriend. The special effects were good but most of the story was carried by the drama and comedy aspects of the movie. It’s a fun movie to watch when you just want to have some laughs.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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May 16th, 2018 Movie – Wedding Crashers

wedding crashers

You ever wonder why some mixed genre’s have their own nicknames and others don’t. For instance, movies that are both dramas and comedies are called “dramedies” or romance/comedy movies are called “rom-coms”. However, there isn’t a cute nickname for a horror/comedy or a sci-fi/horror movie. I don’t know why but that thought honestly just popped into my head for some reason and it wouldn’t leave. Anyways, today’s movie is a fun little rom-com that I remember watching years ago and happily bought it on DVD when it came out. So let’s have some laughs with today’s movie, Wedding Crashers.

The plot: John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey work as divorce mediators in Washington D.C. but during the height of wedding season, they crash weddings to hook up with women. As the wedding season comes to a close, Jeremy brings up the upcoming wedding of Secretary of the Treasury William Cleary’s daughter and convinces John to go with him. At the wedding, John and Jeremy both set their sites on Cleary’s other daughters; with John taking a liking to Claire while Jeremy is attracted to Gloria. During the reception, Jeremy hits it off with Gloria and they end up having sex on the nearby beach. Meanwhile, John dances with Claire’s mother Kathleen, who subtly suggests he hook up with her, and then talks with Cleary all in an attempt to get closer to Claire only to find out that she has a boyfriend, Sack Lodge. When Gloria says that she was a virgin and is in love with Jeremy, he quickly finds John and says they need to leave as he has a “Stage 5 Clinger” but John says that he needs more time to seal the deal with Claire and when Gloria invites them to the family compound for the weekend, John quickly accepts. At the Cleary family home, John continues to get closer to Claire during a football game, though Jeremy ends up being injured by Sack. Gloria tends to Jeremy’s injuries and attempts to sleep with him again but he gently rebukes her, saying that he wants to get to know her better. As they leave, they run into Cleary, who warns Jeremy not to make Gloria just another notch in his belt. As they sit for dinner, John secretly puts eye drops in Sack’s drink to make him sick. as he leaves, there is some drama with Todd, Cleary’s son, and Grandma Mary. Claire goes outside to get some air and John offers to join her but as he is getting changed, Kathleen comes in and takes off her shirt and makes John feel her tits. As he is leaving, Todd asks if he felt her tits and warns him not to say anything to his dad. John finally gets outside to talk with Claire but she is quickly called away to help tend to Sack, who is overly rude to her. That night, Gloria sneaks into Jeremy’s room and ties his arms and legs to the bed, then proceeds to have sex with him. After she leaves, Todd enters, and professes his love for Jeremy, having painted a picture of him. The next day, Jeremy is upset with John and calls him selfish but he agrees to stick it out for the rest of the weekend to help John out. Meanwhile, Sack is getting suspicious of John and Jeremy and calls a friend of his and asks him to hire a P.I. to look into them. John and Jeremy go on a sailing trip with the Clearys and afterwards, Sack shows up to go quail hunting and John and Jeremy reluctantly agree to go. During the hunt, Sack decides to try and scare off John and Jeremy and ends up shooting Jeremy in the butt with his shotgun. As Gloria works on pulling out the pellets, Claire and John go for a bike ride to the beach and as they continue talking, Claire ends up kissing him. At lunch that day, Sack tells everyone that he and Claire are getting married and everyone reacts happily for them but Claire, confused over her feelings, leaves the room. Jeremy gets ready to leave when he is confronted by Gloria and when she reveals that she wasn’t a virgin like she claimed, he realizes that he was played and might have feelings for her. Meanwhile, John goes to talk with Claire and tries to tell her not to marry Sack and starts to tell her the truth about him and Jeremy when Jeremy comes running out of the house, being chased by Grandma Mary with a shotgun. As John asks what is going on, Sack confronts him about the truth about what they are and punches him when he doesn’t answer right away. When Claire asks John if it’s true, he says it’s complicated, as he has fallen in love with her but she walks away from him. As month’s pass, John keeps trying to contact Claire but she refuses to respond. John comes up with a plan to crash Claire and Sack’s engagement party, disguised as waiters but when Jeremy says he can’t go with him, John questions where he has been the last few months, saying he has been a ghost. John shows up at the party, helped by the Cleary’s butler Randolph to get inside, but before he can talk to Claire, Sack spots him and has his friends take him outside so they can beat him up. John goes to Jeremy’s house to find out why he didn’t show up and discovers that Jeremy had continued to see Gloria. John storms out and as the weeks go by, he crashes weddings on his own but is more sullen and suicidal. Meanwhile, Jeremy decides to propose to Gloria and when he goes to tell John and ask him to be his best man, John tells him to leave. John then goes to see Chazz Reinhold, Jeremy’s friend and the one who taught Jeremy the skill of being a wedding crasher. John learns that Chazz has moved from crashing weddings to attending funerals to pick up women. Chazz invites John to go with him to a funeral that Saturday and as John is there he has an epiphany and leaves the funeral. He shows up at Jeremy and Gloria’s wedding and apologizes to Jeremy for being late, who is happy that John showed up. As the ceremony continues, John tries whispering to Claire, who is Gloria’s maid of honor and she starts to walk away but he stops her. He comes clean about himself and tells her she can’t marry Sack. When Claire agrees with him, Sack gets angry, even more so when Cleary says that he stands behind his daughter’s decision. Sack goes to attack John but Jeremy steps in and punches him, then Gloria kisses him. John kisses Claire and as the ceremony ends, the two couples end up leaving together and as they decide on where to go, Jeremy mentions another wedding happening and Claire starts coming up with a back story for them to use.

Wedding Crashers met with mostly positive reviews, holding a certified fresh rating of 76% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Wedding Crashers is both raunchy and sweet, and features top-notch comic performances from Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.” The role of John Beckwith was originally offered to Will Ferrell but he turned it down for a smaller, and uncredited, role. The movie was a box office success, earning $285.2 million off of a $40 million budget and would become New Line Cinemas’ 6th highest grossing movie, 10th highest after New Line’s merger with Warner Bros.

This is one of those movies that is just fun to watch. The acting was good, with Owen Wilson (John) and Vince Vaughn (Jeremy) sharing great chemistry together, as their real life friendship as members of the “Frat Pack” really helped sell it. I also liked the chemistry they had with Rachel McAdams (Claire) and Isla Fisher (Gloria), as it made the pairings feel somewhat more natural. The story was honestly pretty ridiculous, playing on the stereotype that some women get “horny” at weddings, while playing up some of the usual rom-com tropes. The comedy was pretty good, with most of it being some witty banter and good writing and dialogue with a little bit of slap stick thrown in to keep things interesting. A lot of laughs that is definitely worth watching if you need some cheering up.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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May 15th, 2018 Movie – The Weather Man

the weather man

You know something? Looking back at it now, I really did have a bit of a self control problem when it came to buying movies while Blockbuster was going out of business. I say that because today’s movie is another Blockbuster purchase and one that I probably would not have bought had it not been on sale. Now I remember renting this when it came out on video one night over 10 years ago and thinking it was a decent movie but it honestly wasn’t something I would consider buying. But, I guess the first step in getting help is to admit you have a problem. Luckily, I have been able to overcome my Blockbuster addiction, but that still leaves me with the issue of owning today’s movie, The Weather Man.

The plot: David Spritz is a known weather man in the Chicago area but doesn’t get much respect from the people in the area. He is hoping to get a job at Hello America, a nationally syndicated show, to help get more respect. He picks up his daughter Shelly from dance recital but she doesn’t want him to take her home and instead, has him drop her off at a corner market and says she will walk the rest of the way, then heads inside to buy some cigarettes. David then goes to take his father, Pulitzer Prize winning author Robert Spritzel, to the doctor’s office and tries to impress him with the letter from Hello America but his father doesn’t notice and instead shows disappointment at how David’s children are turning out. David’s son Mike is at the mall with his friend when they run into one of David’s rehab counselors, Don Bowden. David picks Mike up from the mall and when he drops him off at home, he stops to talk with his estranged wife Noreen, telling her about the job offer in New York and his dad’s doctors visit. The next day, David is talking on the phone with the producers for Hello America and as he hangs up, someone in a passing van throws a frosty at him. As David is cursing at the situation, he runs into his father, who tells him that he has lymphoma. Some time later, David makes a surprise visit to pick up his kids but Mike isn’t there, having gone to the movies with Don. He takes Shelly with him to a winter festival, where they compete in a ice skating sack race and they end up falling. David pushes Shelly to finish the race, but she ends up tearing up her MCL and ACL as a result. When David brings her home, he ends up getting into an argument with Noreen and her boyfriend Russ and is shocked to see Robert is there. As he is leaving, Robert talks to him about Shelly, and what some of the kids at school are calling her, and he tells David that he thinks that might be what’s causing her problems. Later, David calls Noreen to apologize and suggests they go to counseling to deal with their issues. Noreen agrees and she joins David at a couples’ counseling session but as they talk about it afterwards, they end up arguing again. Some time later, David decides to take up archery himself as a way to help get closer to Shelly but he learns that Shelly only wanted to take up archery to go hunting. As he drops her off, he invites her to go to New York with him if he gets called in for an interview and she agrees to go before getting out of the car. David goes to leave but stops across the street to stare at the house and Mike, who is just coming home, stops to talk to him. As Mike heads inside, David thinks about what happened to his life and his family and the arguments with Noreen that lead to their separation. David gets the call from Hello America and he takes Robert and Shelly with him. When they arrive in the city, David takes Shelly shopping and talks with her about the kids teasing her and buys her a new wardrobe that better suits her. When they return to the hotel, Robert tells David that Mike had been arrested for fighting with Don when he tried to perform oral sex on him but Don says that Mike tried to rob him. David takes Robert to see a specialist in the area and while he is waiting, he calls Noreen to find out what is going on and gets upset when she tells him that Russ is handling the situation. After returning to the hotel, David and Robert talk for a little while before Robert goes to bed, and David ends up drinking all night and dreaming that the move to New York will bring his family together. The next morning, David goes to his interview with Hello America and then he heads back to Chicago with Robert and Shelly. When he drops Shelly off, he goes inside to try and speak to Mike and when Russ starts talking to him about it, he slaps Russ and asks what he is doing there. David’s mother decides to hold a living funeral for Robert and as David is on his way there, a passerby throws some pie on him and David chases the man down to smear the pie on him. He receives a call from Hello America offering him the job and when he arrives at the funeral, he tells Noreen and asks her and the kids to move with him but she tells him that she plans on marrying Russ. Upset at the news, David grabs his bow from the trunk of his car and starts shooting arrows at a tree when he notices Russ standing outside smoking a cigarette and points the bow at him briefly but puts it down when Russ points him out to Noreen, Robert, and David’s mother. As David goes to speak at the living funeral, the power goes out and when it comes back on, everyone has moved on and forgotten that he was talking. The next day, David goes to see Don and starts beating him up for making advances on Mike and later tells Mike that he isn’t going to be in any trouble but not to put himself in adult situations, as he is still a kid. As David returns to his apartment, Robert stops him and has him get in the car with him. Robert starts playing Bob Seger’s “Like A Rock”, as David had started his speech comparing Robert to the song and David tells him the part he had meant and Robert is moved by the comparison. David then tells him that he got the job in New York and Robert says he is proud of him, and is happy to hear that he took care of the situation with Mike. Robert dies a short time later and David moves to New York, but comes back to Chicago on the weekends to see Mike and Shelly. David says that people don’t throw things at him anymore and believes it might be because he carries a bow around with him, as he still continues with his archery.

The Weather Man met with mixed results from the critics, holding a 59% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “With fine performances and a dark, dry sense of humor, The Weather Man is mostly cloudy with occasional rays of sunshine.” All of the food that is thrown at Nicholas Cage throughout the movie was thrown at him by director Gore Verbinski. The plastic spoon stuck to his lapel was actually a metal spoon painted to look like plastic and held in place with a magnet. The movie ended up being a dud at the box office, earning only $19 million off of a $22 million budget.

This is honestly a very slow and somewhat depressing movie but it is pretty decent. Nicolas Cage did a good job in his role as David and he had some great chemistry with Michael Caine, who I really liked in his role of Robert. I also thought the relationship David had with his kids was pretty realistic, as his awkwardness with them matched the relationships that some parents have with their kids. The movie was well written, with some mild comedic moments scattered throughout the movie to keep it from being too depressing but not bogging it down with jokes so it doesn’t take away from the story. David’s mid-life crisis and his feeling that everything is out of his control was the main driving force in the movie and his finding a way to regain control of his life does it’s job in keeping you invested in the movie. It’s a slow movie, but worth giving a watch if you get the chance.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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May 12th, 2018 Movie – Waxwork


Ahh, another bonus gem I got when buying a set for a specific movie. This is one of those movies that I first saw years ago, but have never seen the whole movie. I would almost always miss the first part of the movie, and sometimes the middle, but have seen the last 30 minutes of this movie numerous times over the years. The portion that I did watch was always entertaining and I had often thought about renting this movie but never got around to it. Luckily for me, it wound up being on the Horror collection that I had bought so I can finally watch the entirety of today’s movie, Waxwork.

The plot: At an old mansion, the owner is attacked and shoved face first into the fireplace of his study, setting his head ablaze, and as he flails around briefly before dying, his assailant quickly smashes the display cases in his study and grabs the jewels contained in them. Some time later, Mark Loftmore is having breakfast with his mother but gets upset with her controlling nature and leaves for school. Meanwhile, China Webster and Sarah Brightman are walking to school when they notice a strange house of wax that they don’t remember seeing before. They are startled by the sudden appearance of the owner David Lincoln, who invites them to a midnight showing and says they can bring some friends but no more than 6 can attend. At school, Mark is upset to find out that China, whom he had been dating, had gone out with Jonathan, the school’s quarterback. As Mark, China, and Sarah are hanging out with their friends James, Gemma, and Tony, China mentions the invitation to the waxworks and the group agrees to go to it, though Mark and China continue to argue about their relationship. When they arrive at the mansion, Gemma gets scared and decides to leave and James goes with her. As Mark and the others approach the door, they are startled when it opens seemingly on it’s own, only to see a dwarven butler opening it and inviting them in. The butler escorts them into the waiting room and after a few minutes, another door opens and they head through it. As they begin wandering through the displays on their own, Tony stops at a display and goes to light a cigarette, only for his lighter to slip from his hands. As he steps over the rope barricade to look for his lighter, he suddenly finds himself trapped in the display, with his appearance changed to match the display. Finding a cabin in the middle of the woods, he approaches it and knocks on the door only to have the man inside yell at him to go away. As Tony tries to argue with the man, the man suddenly has a change of heart and tells him to get some firewood but as Tony does so, the man suddenly changes into a werewolf. When Tony returns to the cabin, he is attacked an bitten by a werewolf, just as an old farmer and his son arrive. The son tries to distract the werewolf, who brushes off his attack and then rips him in half, but it allows the farmer time to load the silver bullets into his rifle and shoot the werewolf. Tony starts to transform so the farmer shoots him too and as he dies, he becomes part of the display just as Mark walks by it. Meanwhile, China is intrigued by the display of Count Dracula and when the rope suddenly drops, she moves forward to get a closer look and finds herself transported into Dracula’s castle. Confused at first, China is invited to sit for dinner by Dracula and his companions and after eating, he has his servants escort her to her room. As she looks about the room, Dracula’s male companion enters and attempts to attack her but she manages to escape him and run. Heading down into the wine cellar, she finds a man chained to a table, with the flesh removed from his left leg, and he tells her about the vampires and how to kill them. When the male and female vampires arrive, China is able to kill them all and tries to run but is soon confronted by Dracula, who mesmerizes her and then proceeds to bite her and drain her blood. Back in the real world, Mark finds Sarah staring at the display for the Marquis de Sade and as he goes looking for the others, the rope falls and Sarah starts to enter the display only to stop when Mark says the others are gone. As they leave, Mark complains about Tony and China leaving together and Sarah, who likes Mark, asks why he is so bothered by it. Meanwhile, Jonathan calls China’s house looking for her and when he learns she hasn’t returned from the showing, he heads over to the house. As he is escorted inside, he comments about the display for The Phantom Of The Opera and Lincoln pushes him into the display, where he is soon killed. Later, Mark escorts Sarah back to her place and goes to kiss her but she stops him and he says it’s okay and heads home. The next day, Mark tries calling China and Tony only to learn that they never came home. He talks about it with Sarah, Gemma, and James and says if nobody has heard from them by the afternoon, he will go to the police. At the police station, Inspector Roberts says that there have been 13 missing people in the last two weeks and Mark convinces him to go check out the wax museum. When they get there, Lincoln answers the door and tells Roberts that there was no showing last night, as the museum hasn’t opened yet, but invites him to take a look inside. Roberts does so and as he is looking around, he comments about the mummy display but when Lincoln tries to get him to take a closer look, he refuses and says he has to leave. Mark is upset when Roberts says he can’t do anything yet, as he has no proof, and when he leaves, Mark suddenly realizes something and goes to school to get Sarah, saying he recognized Lincoln. Meanwhile, Roberts is going over all of the missing persons reports when he realizes that he recognized some of them as being part of the displays at the museum. He heads back there and sneaks into the museum, and steps over the rope into the display with Dracula and China, and is not transported into the castle. Approaching China, he uses his knife to peel off a portion of her face and places it into an evidence bag. Meanwhile, Mark takes Sarah up to the attic of his house and after looking around, he finds a newspaper article about his grandfather’s death, where the only suspect was his assistant, David Lincoln. When he shows her the picture of Lincoln, Sarah comments that it is the same man that invited her and China to the museum, and is surprised that he hasn’t aged. When Sarah asks Mark what is going on, he tells her he doesn’t know but knows where they can get some answers. Back at the museum, Roberts goes to leave but accidentally winds up in the mummy display, where he is transported into an Egyptian tomb. As he helps to open the crypt, the exploration party is attacked by a mummy and Roberts ends up being trapped in the crypt with the party leader’s daughter. Robert’s partner gets tired of waiting for him and goes inside the museum to find him but he is killed by Junior, a tall butler that works there. Lincoln sees what Junior did and berates him for killing the detective, saying they still needed two more. Mark and Sarah go to see Sir Wilfred, a wheelchair bound friend of Mark’s grandfather, who tells them that he and Mark’s grandfather had been collecting trinkets from 18 of the most evil people in history. However, Lincoln had stolen the trinkets and sold his soul to the devil as part of a deal to revive the 18 deadly souls. Lincoln fashioned the displays to serve as traps and when all 18 scenes have received a soul, then the dead shall walk again and it will bring about the end of the world. Sir Wilfred tells them that the only way to stop this is to burn the museum and all of it’s displays, especially the ones that have not received a victim yet, and convinces Mark and Sarah to go, as he would be more of a hindrance to them but after they leave, he makes a phone call to get some help. Mark and Sarah break into the museum and find themselves in the wax room, where they find a vat of boiling wax inside. Heading into the display area, Mark finds Sarah drawn back to the display of the Marquis de Sade and tries to snap her out of her trance when she suddenly disappears and as he goes to look for her, Junior shoves him into the zombie display. Mark finds himself in a cemetery and when a zombie breaks out of it’s grave and grabs him, he uses a rock to break off it’s hand, then impales the hand on the top of the gate posts as it tries to attack him. When he goes to leave he is confronted by a barrier but realizes that if he doesn’t believe the display is real, it won’t hurt him and he is able to break free. Returning to the real world, Mark quickly jumps into the Marquis de Sade’s display before Junior and the dwarf can stop him. Once there, he knocks out a guard and then goes to confront the Marquis, who had been whipping Sarah. When Mark frees her from her restraints, Sarah throws herself at the Marquis’ feet and begs him not to let Mark take her and the Marquis proceeds to taunt Mark over how he pleasured her with pain. Mark reasons with Sarah, saying that the displays only have as much power as they give them and proves it by having the Marquis try to attack him and Sarah lets Mark take her away from there. When they return to the real world, they are grabbed by Lincoln and Junior and taken away, just as Gemma and James sneak into the museum. The two enter the zombie and the Marquis’s displays and are soon killed off and made part of the displays, completing the ritual. As the displays all start to come to life and move towards Mark and Sarah, they are saved by Sir Wilfred and Jenkins, as well as a group of armed people. Sir Wilfred says that they can let any of the creatures escape the museum or else they will contaminate the world with their evil, then leads the charge against the creatures. As the fight breaks out, Billy is confronted by China, who attempts to bite him but he is saved by Jenkins, who explains that she wasn’t human anymore. Sarah helps to kill James and Jonathan and Mark then kills Junior, who had stabbed Jenkins. As the fight continues, Lincoln heads off into the cellar and Mark, briefly being confronted by the Marquis, heads after him as the museum ends up set on fire. In the cellar, Mark is confronted by the Marquis again and the two fight, with the Marquis continuously toying with Mark, but as he goes to finish him, the Marquis is killed by Sarah, who throws an axe into his back. Sarah and Mark embrace when Lincoln goes to shoot him but Sir Wilfred shoots Lincoln, causing him to fall into the boiling wax. As the flames continue to engulf the museum, Sir Wilfred tells them to run for it, just as the werewolf rips his head off before they are consumed by the flames. Mark and Sarah manage to make it out of the museum, as do some of the fighters, and they watch as the museum is burnt to cinders before walking away, not noticing the severed zombie hand crawling free from the rubble and escaping through the grass.

Waxwork met with mixed results from the critics, holding a 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, many of the critics felt it was an entertaining movie but didn’t have anything special to make it stand out. The missing persons posters that Roberts is staring at when he realized the people were at the museum, were actually a copy of one of the missing persons poster from the beginning of The Lost Boys. They picture of a single person in Waxwork is shown on the poster but the information is for two missing children and has the Santa Clara Police Dept. information on it. The movie was a box office bomb, only earning $808,114 off of a $1.5 million budget, but did manage to spawn a sequel 4 years later.

This is one of those ridiculous movies that you watch just to have some fun. The acting is ok, with Zach Galligan (Mark) and Deborah Foreman (Sarah) doing a good job in their roles while David Warner played Lincoln with the same style as almost every other villain he plays. Honestly, I think he doesn’t so much act out characters as just play himself because many of his characters just seem so similar to each other. The story was interesting, though I have to really wander about the “18 most evil characters” aspects and how Mark’s grandfather was able to collect trinkets from some of them. I mean, a space alien, a pod from Body Snatchers, and a talking plant (an obvious nod to Little Shop of Horrors), is a bit of a stretch on the believability scale. The special effects were decent and I liked the make up involved with a lot of the character designs. A fun bit of horro comedy that is worth giving a shot.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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April 30th, 2018 Movie – Still Waiting

still waiting

The problem with direct to video sequels is that they almost always fall short of the original. That is definitely the case with today’s movie. I mean, when you can’t get some of the bigger name stars to return, you are already at a disadvantage. I will be honest, I saw this on the video shelves as Blockbuster was going out of business and I didn’t consider renting it. Instead, I decided “What the hell” and just bought it. I am honestly not sure how big of a mistake this was but there is only one way to find out, and that is the go ahead and watch Still Waiting.

The plot: Dennis, the manager of a Shenaniganz restaurant, is hopeful that after 10 years on the job, he will be made district manager but knows it won’t be easy since the new restaurant, Ta-Ta’s, has opened up next door and stolen away most of his customers and some of his waitresses. However, his mother, who he still lives with, doesn’t share his enthusiasm and comments on his lack of a girlfriend as they eat breakfast. Meanwhile, Allison and her boyfriend Agnew are arguing about her quitting Shenaniganz and going to work at Ta-Ta’s. When Allison heads inside Ta-Ta’s, she is met by her friend Suzy and taken to pick out her uniform and then introduced to Raddimus, who is the head cook there. As Radimus is asked to show her around the kitchen area, he tries to tell her about this game he is starting up (a variation of the penis game he started at Shenaniganz) but Suzy tells him that none of the girls are interested in playing his game. Back at Shenaniganz, Dennis is going over his numbers when he is interrupted by Dan, a former manager of a Shenaniganz before he went Corporate, and Dan tells him that if he doesn’t have a $9000 night in order to make his numbers for the quarter, he won’t get the district manager’s position. Dennis decides to hold a staff meeting before the restaurant opens and tells the crew that if they don’t have a $9000 night then the store will be closed, attempting to get them motivated for fear of losing their jobs. After their normal lunch hour rush, featuring mainly senior citizens, Dennis checks to registers to find they only did just over $2000 worth of business. He heads over to Ta-Ta’s to speak with Calvin, the manager there and another former Shenaniganz employee. Aside from asking about the business, Dennis asks him about how he was able to change his attitude and Calvin tells him about some DVD’s he ordered that taught him how to be an asshole in order to pick up girls, which boosted his confidence. After a massive call in order boosts their sales numbers, Dennis works to keep them motivated during the dinner rush. Meanwhile, Nick is upset with Theo leaving Shenaniganz to work at Ta-Ta’s and Theo tells him that they needed to grow up, forcing Nick to examine himself and decide to try and change as well. Naomi attempts to help steer business away from Ta-Ta’s by lying to the customers before they get in but Calvin catches her and tells her to leave. As she does, she ends up stepping in dog crap and wipes it off on the side of the restaurant only to have a fly land in it. The fly then makes it’s way into the restaurant during the height of the dinner rush and lands in a bowl of soup as Amber delivers it, causing the customer to send it back and other customers to change their orders. As the cooks work on dealing with the order changes, Mason, the cook in charge of the frier and french onion soups, gets tired of being picked on all the time and quits. As the night ends, Allison shows up at the restaurant and tells Agnew that she is dumping him, revealing that she is hooking up with Raddimus. Meanwhile, Dennis is payed a visit by Dan and the general manager, Dean. Dean explains that he didn’t hit his numbers and he won’t be getting the district manager position but it could be worse as he could be like Dan. Dennis goes to tell the staff that they did a good job but they did not reach their mark. When the employees all worry about them closing the restaurant, he tells them not to worry, then lies and says that he paid the difference. One of the servers decides to invite him out to the bar to join them for drinks and he agrees. While the gang is all there, Amber hears Mason talking and is attracted to the way he speaks and hooks up with him. While this is going on, Calvin, who was supposed to meet up with one of his servers for the night, ends up losing his confidence and she blows him off. Meanwhile, Dennis ends up hitting on a drunken Naomi and she takes him back to his place to have sex. When she wakes up in the morning, she is horrified at first but decides to go ahead and have sex with him again.

Yeh, this was definitely a disappointing movie and a poor attempt to try and cash in on the original’s somewhat cult status. The acting was ok, with John Michael Higgins doing a good job as the good intentioned Dennis, while the returning characters were decent and did show some growth from the original movie but there really were too many characters to really give them all the attention they really deserved. The story was honestly a little weak and not very original, as the whole place trying to make a quota by the end of the day, has been done over and over in movies before. The comedy was some of the same coarse humor that was in the first movie, only it just came across as even more juvenile and rather lame. Yeh, direct to video sequels are always hit or miss on if they capture the magic of the original and in this case, they fell pretty flat.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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April 30th, 2018 Movie – Waiting


So as I start the letter “W” with today’s blog, we are getting close to the end of the line here folks. For a time line of events, in a little over 2 months, I will be finished up with the letter Z, then I have 3 months of movies to rewatch and review, as I had watched them before I started the blog. After that, I will be reviewing the new movies that have come into my possession since the year began. Now I know what some people might be thinking (which has also been brought up by my friends); “Why don’t you review them as you get them?” The reason I am not doing that right now, as opposed to how I have done it in the past, is because I have a couple of out of town trips this year and I am working on pre-writing those blogs before I leave and when I get a new movie, it throws things off and makes me have to watch even more movies before to pre-write. Now that I have the explanations out of the way, let’s get on to today’s movie, Waiting.

The plot: After hosting a house party at his place last night, Monty shows up for work at Shenaniganz the next morning and starts flirting with the hostess, Natasha, who reminds him that she will no longer be a minor next week. Monty is then met by Dan, the restaurant manager, who asks him to show Mitch, a new hire, the ropes around the place while it is slow. Once Dan leaves, Monty starts talking with Mitch, talking over him when Mitch tries to talk, and starts explaining that there is a game many of the guys in the restaurant play, where they attempt to get people to look at their crotch and then kick them in the ass while chastising them for looking. Meanwhile, Monty’s roommate and co-worker Dean has lunch with his mom, who comments about one of his high school classmates, Chett, finishing college and getting an electrical engineering degree, and Dean gets upset at her passive aggressive tactic of comparing him to Chet to show her disapproval in his life. Dean shows up at work at the same time as his girlfriend Amy and Monty’s ex Serena, who both work as waitresses with them and they enter the restaurant to change and encounter Monty messing with Mitch. Monty then introduces Mitch to some of the other workers; head dishwasher Bishop, stoner busboys T-Dog and Nick, and head cook Raddimus, who Monty leaves Mitch with so he can go over the finer points of the “game” while he attends a meeting with the other servers that Dan is having. After the meeting, Dan pulls Dean aside and offers to make him assistant manager, saying he will get more perks and a pay increase and asking him to think it over. Naomi, a surly waitress, overhears the conversation and tells the others about it and when Monty asks Dean what Dan wanted, Dean doesn’t say anything. The day starts and the servers head out to the various table but Dean is still distracted by Chett’s success and Monty asks him if he is going to take the assistant manager’s job, surprising Dean that he knows about it, and Dean admits he isn’t sure. When one of the women at Amy’s table is overly rude to her, then criticizes Monty and Amy when Monty brings out the food, which she claims was made wrong, Monty takes the plate back and signals Amy to come to the back with her. Presenting the plate to the cooks, he tells them the customer was a “beeyotch” and Amy agrees that she needs to be burnt, so the cooks proceed to mess with the food by spitting in it, rubbing some of it down their pants, and putting pubic hairs in it. After Monty serves it and the woman starts eating, he explains to Mitch that she had broken the cardinal rule; Don’t fuck with people that handle your food. When Dean receives the payment for his table from a redneck couple, and only receives a $1 and change off of an almost $60 check, he insults the customer by handing the tip back, claiming that he needed it more than he did. The customer gets angry and starts yelling for the manager and Dan works to placate the customer with some coupons for free dinner. Afterwards, Dan pulls Dean into his office to yell at him and Dean ignores him, then complains to Calvin, who is also in line for the position, about how his life seems to suck. Dean and Monty then try to give Calvin some advise on women, then call Amy and Serena over to give him the female perspective of what they want, which ends up turning into an argument between Serena and Monty as to what went wrong in their relationship. As the dinner rush starts up, Monty leaves Mitch to watch the training video, which he finds incredibly boring. During the rush, Dean is giving thought to taking up Dan’s offer of the job. As the dinner rush winds down, Dan flirts with Natasha and when she brings up the party after work, he says that the guys always seem to forget to invite him and she tells him she will get the directions for him. Monty and some of the other servers are comparing tips as they get ready to leave and as Calvin questions how Monty was able to earn so much in tips and Monty says he will tell him how, which ends up with him tricking Calvin and Mitch into looking at Raddimus’ crotch. After kicking both Calvin and Mitch, Monty jokes with Amy, Serena, and Naomi about joining in on the game and Naomi takes him up on it and flashes the guys, resulting in the girls kicking all three of them in the butt. As Monty and the others leave, leaving Dean and Amy to close down the front, one final customer walks in just before closing. Dean goes to wait on them and discovers that the customer is Chett, who taunts Dean with his new success. The cooks, upset with having to work past closing, purposefully drop the food on the ground before serving it then head out for the night, followed shortly by Bishop. Dean hands Chett the check and as he receives the payment, finds that Dean payed with $100. When he goes up to Chett and tells him he paid too much, Chett said that the rest was for him, as he obviously needed it more than he did. Natasha heads into Dan’s office and tells him she is leaving, handing him a slip of paper with the address for the party on it, and after she leaves, Dean walks in and Dan asks if he is taking the job. At the house party, Monty is talking to Mitch when Dean walks in and Monty quickly ignores Mitch and goes to speak with him. Dean says it’s ok about what happened with Chett, as it helped him put things in perspective, and he tells Monty that he quit his job at Shenaniganz and later, Dean works on repairing his relationship with Amy. Meanwhile, Monty and Natasha head into Monty’s room and start making out but when Natasha starts to take off her clothes, Monty stops her and says that they should wait until she turns 18 the following week. As the party continues, Mitch is still unable to say anything, as he is constantly interrupted or talked over, and he finally snaps. Turning off the music, he proceeds to yell at everyone there, calling out Naomi, Dean, Calvin and Monty in the process, then tells them he quits. Mitch starts to leave, the stops and points to Floyd, one of the cooks, and says he is the worst out of all of them. As everyone turns to look at Floyd, who wonders what he could have done to Mitch, they all turn back to Mitch and react in shock as he had pulled down his pants to show off his crotch as “the Goat”, which Raddimus had said would make him a god among men. Mitch leaves but Monty quickly runs out after him and apologizes to him and invites him back to the party and Mitch agrees to come back. As the party continues, Natasha tells Monty about inviting Dan but it’s revealed that she had actually given Dan the address to the redneck couple, who asks Dan for his gift certificates. Back at the party, Monty admits that she got him with the trick and comments on one more week before they can officially get together.

Waiting met with poor results from the critics, holding a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Waiting… is a gross-out comedy that is more gross than comic.” The Shenaniganz restaurant was actually a converted Bennigan’s, which many people noted the similarities, but has since been converted to a Verizon Wireless store. The movie was a box office success, earning $18.6 movie off of a $3 million budget and would produce a direct to video sequel a few years later.

This is admittedly a pretty a coarse movie but it does have some funny aspects to it. The acting was good for the most part, but it honestly seemed like Ryan Reynolds (Monty) and Justin Long (Dean) just played the same exact character types that they almost always play, which made their characters pretty boring. A lot of the other characters felt more interesting but due to their being so many characters in the movie, they didn’t get a lot of development. The story was interesting and, while definitely extreme in several instances, it did show an interesting side of the restaurant business. The comedy was very adult at times as well as childish, which is definitely not going to appeal to the majority of people. If you do like the style of humor, it will make you laugh, but it could have been a better movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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April 21st, 2018 Movie – Van Nuys Blvd

van nuys blvd

Ahh, another Saturday and I have a movie from the Drive-In Cult Classic box set on my plate today. Now I honestly have no idea what sort of movie I will be getting today, as it is simply named after a street. That is like the worst thing in the world to try and guess a plot. I mean, if it was a building, you could have some fun trying to guess the plot; like is it a hostage movie, a natural disaster, or some sort of crazy house party type situation. But a street? There are too many things to even think about what could happen. Well, let’s find out as I watch today’s movie, Van Nuys Blvd.

The plot: A young man named Bobby heads over to his girlfriend Jo’s house and while she wants to fool around, he is more interested in a program talking about the wild antics on Van Nuys Blvd. After Jo turns off the TV, Bobby complains about how bored he is with their town and decides to head out to Van Nuys Blvd to see how things if the stories are really true. After driving all day, he finally gets into town and stops at a burger joint, where the waitress flirts with him and when she brings him his food, says she will join him in the back of his van. Meanwhile, a local man named Chooch is riding along the boulevard but when a girl moons him, he ends up running the red light and getting pulled over. Officer Albert Zass gives him a ticket for running the red light and when he decides to give him a ticket for noise violations due to his hot rod’s engine, Chooch jokes about Zass’ mother, causing Zass to arrest him. Elsewhere, Greg and his friend, pull into a gas station and when another car pulls in, Greg says he had dreamed about the girl in the car, Camille, for the last three nights. Despite his friend warning him not to, Greg approaches the car and tells Camille about his dream. Camille’s boyfriend, Jason, punches Greg and as he starts arguing with Camille, Greg uses a wrench to smash the headlights of Jason’s car, then speeds off when Jason tries to get him. Jason wants to follow after him when Greg suddenly slams his car into Jason’s, then continues to taunt him. Jason gets out and he and Greg start smashing each other’s cars. Another car pulls up and they all cheer the action as Greg’s friend and the gas station attendant get in on the action, while Camille simply gets a ride out of there with her friend Moon. Later, after things cool down and both cars are towed away, Jason catches a ride with another female friend and Greg’s friend goes with them, leaving Greg to sit on the side of the road by himself. Meanwhile, Camille and Moon end up at the burger joint and park next to Bobby’s van, where they are amused by what they hear coming from the van. Back at the gas station, Greg is picked up by a girl on a motorcycle and they pass by Jason and his friend, who were stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, and she takes him to a house party, where they proceed to have sex and afterwards, she drops him back off at the gas station. Back at the burger joint, Bobby and the waitress finish having sex when Moon talks to him about his van, and challenges him to a drag race. Bobby agrees and they head to a nearby road for the race but as they are racing, Zass pulls them over. Inside the cell, Bobby, Moon, and Camille are placed in the same cell as Chooch and Bobby is telling Chooch his version of what happened when Greg is added to the cell. Once inside, he immediately tries talking to Camille and when he learns they will be released in the morning, he invites them all to the amusement park, telling Camille it was part of his dream. Moon and Bobby agree to go and Greg convinces Chooch to come with them. The next day, they all head to the amusement park and Greg wants to ride the Revolution, the massive roller coaster, right off the bat but Chooch and Camille are hesitant and convince him they should check out some of the other parts of the park first. The group heads out and has fun, with Greg and Camille and Moon and Bobby seemingly getting closer. The finally decide to ride the Revolution, though Chooch is still hesitant, and afterwards, he races to the bathroom to throw up. When he returns, Greg teases him and taunts him about going on an even larger roller coaster, causing Chooch to run off to puke again. As they head off and catch one of the dance numbers, Greg continues to joke about Chooch, causing Moon to get upset at him, and at Bobby for sticking up for him. When she storms off, Camille and Greg tell Bobby that Moon really likes him, then head out to go dancing. Bobby tries to patch things up with Moon, who asks if they are on a date or just hanging out. When another guy asks Moon to dance, Bobby tells him that she is with him, but then reveals that he can’t really dance. Moon says it is ok and leads him out onto the dance floor and the proceed to start dancing. while Camille and Greg are dancing and kissing nearby. Meanwhile, Zass is attempting to have sex with a girl named Wanda, who he picked up for hitchhiking, but she tricks him into getting out of the car and as he tries to get back in, she handcuffs him to the door frame, then leaves him there. Wanda starts walking down the road and eventually ends up being picked up by Chooch, who takes her back to his place. As Chooch is talking to her, she reveals they hooked up once at the drive-in, and Chooch is embarrassed for not recognizing her, and they soon end up kissing. Meanwhile, Camille and Greg are makign out in Moon’s van after Greg drives her home and she tells him to sneak into her room so they can have sex but Greg goes in the wrong window and ends up in bed with her parents, which makes her mom scream and her father chase him out of the house. On the beach, Bobby and Moon are drinking and talking about what they should do next and end up having sex in Bobby’s van. The next day, Chooch goes with Wanda to race go karts, where he gets attacked by an old woman for breaking her course record. Later, they are playing air hockey when Bobby and the others show up and as Chooch introduces Wanda to his friends, Bobby is shocked to see that Wanda is the waitress he hooked up with, but he, Moon, and Camille keep that from Chooch. As the group hangs out and play video games, Bobby and Moon continue competing against each other, which starts to annoy the others. Chooch suggests they drag race early in the morning and Camille says she knows just the spot so they agree to do that. Meanwhile, Zass is still cuffed to his car and a biker shows up and taunts him before stealing his gear, wallet, and radio. Some time later, a dog shows up and Zass tries to get it to bring him the keys but it buries them instead. The group hang out at the beach, where Greg accidentally lets a pig loose on the beach, and when he goes to get a sandwich, he ends up injuring his jaw when he opens it to take a bite. Bobby, Camille, and Moon accompany Greg to the doctor’s officeso he can get it fixed, where they have to deal with the nurse who refuses to let them talk and forces Greg to try and explain the situation. After Greg gets his jaw fixed, Camille puts him in a dress so she can sneak him into her house that night but as they are having sex, her father shows up in the room trying to seduce Greg (not realizing he is a guy) and he is caught by Camille’s mother, who is shocked at what she sees. Meanwhile, Chooch lets Bobby and Moon use the garage he works at to do some last minute tune ups on their vans for tomorrows race and Greg ends up working on his van all night, which annoys Moon. The next day, Zass’ mother finds him and worries over her son and he tells her that the keys are buried and she leaves him to go get some help looking for them. On an unfinished stretch of highway, Moon and Bobby proceed to drag race and Bobby ends up winning. When he heads over to Moon’s van, she congratulates him but says that she is disappointed, as he seems to love the van more than her. Taking offense to that, Bobby gets in his van and drives off, heading towards a cliff, then jumps out before the van topples over it. Moon and the others rush towards him but as Moon questions why Bobby did that, he tries to embrace her but she yells at him and drives off. Greg and the others follow after her, leaving Bobby at the end of the highway, but Moon quickly turns around and goes back to Bobby and embraces him. Chooch decides to sell his hot rod, as he plans on marrying Wanda and heading to Tennessee to start a new life together. He ends up selling his hot rod to Zass, who has quit the police force and ends up getting busted by the police on a regular basis now.

I have to admit, that wasn’t quite what I was expecting to get out of this movie but it did get a couple of laughs out of me. The acting was ok but honestly, nobody really stood out enough where the parts couldn’t have been played by someone else. The story was decent, basically a trip down memory lane of sorts to what some felt was the antics going on those days. All I can say personally was that it had some of the good and bad that I have come to expect from movies about the 70’s. The comedy was mostly situational and there were some good bits, such as the cutaways to Zass as he is cuffed to his police car and nobody helps him, to Greg having sex with Camille when her dad walks in and starts feeling up Greg, all while Greg is trying to be quiet and Camille keeps responding to her father’s questions and comments, as she seems amused to see how this turns out. So it has some laughs in it but this is just a time killer movie, not really worth going out of your way to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5