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October 21st, 2017 Movie – Spaceballs


There is no better way to start a Saturday than with some laughs. Ok, there might be one or two better ways but starting with a laugh does make the rest of the day seem better. Now this right here happens to be one of, if not my absolute favorite, Mel Brooks movie. I think part of that is because it was the first one of his movies I ever saw in theaters. The other part is the subject that it parodies, Star Wars. Either way, it took quite a while before I ended up buying this movie on DVD. Not entirely sure why but I did decide to rectify that decision as soon as I could. So let’s have some laughs with today’s movie, Spaceballs.

The plot: The evil Spaceballs have squandered all of the clean air on their planet and come up with a plan to steal all of the air from the nearby planet Druidia. Dark Helmet, on board the massive starship Spaceball One, arrives at Druidia with the intention of kidnapping the Princess Vespa when she leaves for her honeymoon and ransoming her for the combination to Druidia’s air shield. On Druidia, Vespa doesn’t want to marry Prince Valium but King Roland says she has too; as he is the last prince and she must marry someone of noble blood. After walking down the aisle, Vespa races past the altar and heads to her car and leaves Druidia, taking Dot Matrix, her droid-of-honor, with her. On planet Spaceball, President Skroob denies reports about that planet’s limited air supply when he gets word that Helmet has spotted Princess Vespa. Skroob heads to the control room, choosing to walk after a transporter accident put his head on backwards, and after seeing Vespa’s position on the radar, orders Helmet to continue with the plan. Spaceball One begins firing on Vespa’s Mercedes and Vespa calls her father for help, while Helmet chastises the gunner and learns that he is surrounded by assholes. Roland contacts a mercenary called Lone Starr and his sidekick Barf, a Mog (half-man, half-dog), and begs them to save Vespa, offering them anything. Lone Starr asks for $1 million space bucks, which he needs to payback the notorious gangster Pizza the Hutt, and Roland agrees. Lone Starr and Barf locate Vespa, who has been caught in Spaceball One’s magna-beam, and they jam Spaceball One’s radar so they can approach the Mercedes undetected. Barf then climbs down a ladder to get Vespa and Dot but Vespa refuses to leave her matched luggage and so Barf is forced to carry it onto their Winnebago and they fly off just as the Mercedes is brought aboard Spaceball One. In the hangar, Helmet approaches the Mercedes only to find it empty and when the radar technician says the radar is repaired and they picked up a Winnebago, Helmet realizes that Lone Starr had saved her. The Spaceballs give chase and when Lone Starr tries to get away by going to light speed, Helmet orders Colonel Sandurz to go to “ludicrous speed”, which causes them to overshoot Lone Starr and when Sandurz pulls the emergency brake, Helmet goes flying into a control panel. Meanwhile, Lone Starr and Barf drop their Winnebago out of light speed only to find that the used up all of their fuel and are forced to crash onto the desert moon of Vega. Lone Starr and Vespa, who had been arguing over the intercom during their escape, finally come face to face and, after a brief hesitation, begin arguing again until Barf reminds them that Helmet will be coming back to look for them. Lone Starr says they should take only what they need to survive but Vespa insists they take all of her luggage. As Lone Starr and Barf carry the bulk of her bags, they stop and open up the giant trunk they are carrying to find a giant hair dryer inside and after arguing with Vespa about it, leaves it in the sand, as he and Barf pick up the now lighter trunk and continue carrying it. Back on Spaceball One, Dark Helmet and Sandurz can’t find any sign of Lone Starr or the others on their scanners so Sandurz tells a crew member to get a copy of Spaceballs. Helmet voices his confusion to Sandurz, as they are in the middle of filming it, but Sanderz tells him it is the latest in home video marketing. They watch the tape fast forwarding through everything that has already happened and, after a confusing moment where they are watching what is being filmed right that second, they soon find out where Lone Starr and Vespa are. On Vega, the group is camping for the night and Lone Starr and Vespa are talking about why Vespa ran from her wedding and the mystery surrounding Lone Starr’s parents, as his only clue is the medallion around his neck. As they get closer, the two are about to kiss when Dot Matrix’s “Virgin Alarm” goes off and she quickly breaks them apart. The next day, the group continues moving through the desert and end up passing out from dehydration (or lack of oil in Dot’s case) but they are rescued by the Dinks, a race of hooded desert dwellers, and taken to their home, the Temple of Yogurt, the Everlasting Know-It-All. Yogurt explains that he is the guardian of the Schwartz, while he and the Dinks sell Spacsballs merchandise from his temple. Later, Yogurt takes a look at Lone Starr’s medallion and is able to read the inscription but tells Lone Starr he can’t reveal what it says until the proper time. He then trains Lone Starr in using the Schwartz, having him lift up the giant statue, which Lone Starr succeeds in doing but then accidentally drops it on Barf’s foot. Outside, Helmet and Sandurz have their men combing the desert, literally, when Helmet senses the presence of the Schwartz. Sandurz locates the temple doorway and Helmet is upset to see the sign of Yogurt on the door, telling Sandurz that Yogurt has the upside of the Schwartz while he has the down side. Unable to go inside, Helmet disguises himself as King Roland and calls out to Vespa. Vespa runs out to her father only to find that it is really Helmet and both Vespa and Dot are captured. Yogurt gives Lone Starr some gas so he and Barf can go after them and as they say goodbye, he gives Lone Starr the Ring of the Schwartz and a fortune cookie, telling him to open it before he eats it. Meanwhile, Helmet takes Vespa to Spaceball City, where he contacts King Roland and threatens to have plastic surgery performed on Vespa to give her back her old nose unless Roland gives them the combination to the air shield. When Vespa faints, Roland agrees to give them the combination and once he does, Helmet comments on how “1,2,3,4,5” is the combination an idiot would use for his luggage. Skroob shows up and after hearing the combination, which he says is the same as his luggage, he orders Spaceball One prepped to leave and tells them to change the combination on his luggage. Lone Starr and Barf arrive at Spaceball City and knock out some guards so they can steal their uniforms and sneak inside. Once inside, they locate the Vespa and Dot but run into some more guards and are forced to fight their way out. As they run for it, the Spaceballs believe they have them captured but ended up capturing their stunt doubles instead. Outside, the group heads for the Winnebago only to have one of the Spaceballs fuse the lock with an errant blast. Lone Starr gives Vespa the gun while he works with Barf on getting the door open and Vespa quickly shoots the remaining guards after they singe her hair with a laser blast. They head to Druidia to find that Spaceball One has transformed into a giant robot maid and is using a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the air from Druidia. Lone Starr uses the Schwartz to flip the vacuum’s switch to reverse the air flow, restoring the air to Druidia, then flies inside the robot’s head to search for a self destruct button. After locating it, he heads outside to activate it, knocking out the guards along the way, but before he can press the button, he is confronted by Helmet. The two use their Schwartz rings to fashion lightsabers and begin fighting, with Helmet killing a cameraman and the two of them getting their Schwartz’s twisted, Helmet manages to trick Lone Starr and steal the ring then throw it down the drain. As Lone Starr dodges the blasts from Helmet’s ring, he is contacted telepathically by Yogurt, who tells him the ring was a fake and the Schwartz is within him. Lone Starr uses the Schwartz to grab a  mirror and uses it to reflect Helmet’s blast into Helmet’s groin, causing him to stumble back in pain and accidentally press the self destruct button. As the self destruct countsdown, Lone Starr races back to the Winnebago and they race out of there just before it explodes, while Helmet, Skroob, and Sandurz end up trapped on the robot after everyone else uses all of the escape pods and they are blasted into space inside the head. The group cheers over the robot’s destruction and head down towards Druidia and as they are landing, Lone Starr and Barf see a news report that Pizza the Hutt is dead and Barf gets excited at the thought of keeping all of the money. Landing at the palace, Roland is happy to see his daughter back and shows her that Valium is there waiting for her as well, which upsets Lone Starr and he quickly leaves with Barf. The two head to a Space fueling station and as they refuel, head into the diner to get some food but when a xenomorph bursts out of the chest of a nearby space traveler, then starts singing “Hello, My Baby” (ala Michigan J. Frog), they quickly leave. Barf complains about being hungry so Lone Starr gives him the fortune cookie Yogurt gave him but when Barf opens it, the image of Yogurt appears. Yogurt tells Lone Starr that the medallion is a royal birth certificate, making him a prince, then tells him to use the special fuel in the glove compartment in order to make it back to Druidia in time to stop Vespa from marrying Valium. Meanwhile, Vespa is upset that Lone Starr took the money and left but when Roland tells her he only took $248 dollars for “lunch, gas, and tolls”, she realizes that Lone Starr loved her. Just as the minister asks her if she takes Valium as her husband, Lone Starr and Barf appears and when she learns that Lone Starr is a prince, she shoves Valium aside and agrees to marry Lone Starr. The two are wed and fly off in the Winnebago while on a distant planet, the robot maid’s head and arm land on a remote beach, where two Chimpanzees from the Planet Of The Apes witness the three Spaceballs climbing out of her nose and one of them remarks, “Oh, shit. There goes the planet.”

Spaceballs met with mixed reviews from the critics, holding a 57% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, several critics enjoyed the movie but felt it was a far cry from some of Brook’s earlier works. Mel Brooks got George Lucas’ permission to parody any and all things Star Wars related on the condition that no merchandise be produced for the movie. George Lucas did love the script and had his special effects company, Industrial Light and Magic, help with making the film, had the Millennium Falcon appear in a cameo at the diner, and also allowed Brooks to use an unused escape pod clip from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. The movie was a modest success at the box office, earning $38.1 million off of a $22.7 million budget but received even more success when it hit home video, becoming one of Mel Brooks most popular movies.

This is such a funny, and quotable, movie to watch. The acting was really good, with Rick Moranis (Helmet), Bill Pullman (Lone Starr), John Candy (Barf), and Mel Brooks (Skroob/Yogurt) all doing great jobs in their roles. The story was well written and did a good job of parodying Star Wars, while also ripping briefly on Star Trek, Transformers, and Planet Of The Apes as well. I have to admit that, after learning about the deal Brooks and Lucas made about no merchandising from the film being produced, it makes that whole merchandising scene with Yogurt that much funnier (side note, I loved how the “Spaceballs coloring book and lunch box” were actually a Transformers coloring book and lunch box with a Spaceballs sticker slapped on them (also, I totally had that Transformers lunch box as a kid)). I will admit, some of the comedic timing and pacing didn’t seem as good as his previous movies but there were still a lot of laughs to be had, with the pairing of Candy and Pullman, as well as Moranis with George Wyner (Sandurz) and Brooks (Skroob) making for most of the laughs involved. A really funny movie that has me geared up for some movies coming down the road.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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October 19th, 2017 Movie – South Beach Academy

south beach academy

This right here is what you would call an unwanted bonus movie. I say that because I had no intention of buying this movie, it just happened to be the second movie in a double feature disc that I bought. Now I bought this disc because I wanted Rock ‘N’ Roll High School Forever and this was the only way I could get it. I have my ideas on what this movie is about so let’s see if this movie matches them as I watch South Beach Academy.

The plot: Harry Spencer is sneaking onto a yacht to rescue his girlfriend from Johnny Staccato, a minor mob boss. As he confronts Johnny, Harry monologues about how he wound up in this predicament. One week ago, his brother Billy came to town and met a girl named Harley, who he managed to get a date with. Harry teaches volleyball at South Beach Academy, which is owned by his uncle Gene. Gene has placed a bet with Johnny on the volleyball match that is going on and keeps telling Johnny’s muscle, Pigiron, to increase the bet. During the match, Harry sees Shannon McSorely running on the beach and is amazed when she hits an errant volleyball back into the match. Shannon stays to watch the match, which Harry’s team is winning, until all of the bets are in. Johnny’s muscle signals the girls on his team and they immediately start beating Harry’s team, eventually winning the match. Afterwards, Harry goes to talk with Shannon, who tells him he was set up to lose that match and reveals that she used to be on the US volleyball team. Billy shows up and interrupts them but quickly leaves as Harry arranges to meet with Shannon later. As they walk along the pier, she tells them about how she got conned into a scam which resulted in her not being able to compete in the Olympics. Later that night, Billy and Harry go to a bar, where Harley works as a singer, and while Billy goes closer to the stage to watch Harley, Harry sees Shannon and goes to talk with her. The next day, Johnny shows up at the academy to collect his money and offers Gene a rematch, saying if Gene’s team wins, he will forgive his initial bet and give him 2 million dollars, but if Johnny’s team wins, he gets the deed to the academy. Harry tells Gene not to do it, and Gene says he will just pay Johnny the money in the morning but when Johnny continues to taunt Gene, Gene ends up making the bet. As Harry talks with Gene later about the bet, Gene says he knows Shannon used to be an Olympic volleyball player and was hoping Harry could get her and her former teammates to play for his team. Harry reluctantly agrees to talk to Shannon about it and she is angry that he wants to use her like that but finally agrees, as Johnny was the one that ran the scam on her and she wants to get payback. As Harry and Shannon go try to recruit the other members of the team to help, they are attacked on the beach by some of Johnny’s men but are helped out by Shannon’s former teammate Dominique. After meeting the last member of the team and getting her to join, the girls start practicing for the match. The night before the match, Shannon invites Harry to her house for dinner and they start to make out but Shannon stops before it goes too far, wanting to wait till after the match. After Harry leaves, Shannon finds Johnny in her house and when Harry calls Shannon later that night, Johnny ends up talking with Harry and revealing that Shannon has been working with him. The next day, the match commences and Harry’s team tries their best without Shannon but are losing. When Pigiron goes to taunt Gene, Shannon uses that time to try and explain herself to Harry, saying that Johnny had promised the information to free her brother from jail if she went along with his scheme. However, because of her feelings for Harry, she decides to go against Johnny’s wishes and play for Harry’s team. Harry’s team mounts a comeback and starts to win but Pigiron returns and grabs Shannon and takes her away and Harry goes after her, which brings us to the start of the movie. As Johnny brags to Harry about how he has been manipulating Shannon, Shannon manages to kick Johnny in the face and knock him out. Harry and Shannon return to the match and Harry’s team wins. At the celebration party, Harry reveals that he had taped Johnny’s confession which they can use to free Shannon’s brother and Harry and Shannon end up walking along the beach and having sex, as well as Billy and Harley.

Yup, this is exactly what I thought it would be; a cheap, boring T&A movie. There really isn’t much going for this movie. The acting was pretty bland and honestly did nothing to get me interested in the movie. The story was poorly written, and the pacing was kind of a messed, bouncing between the main story and Billy’s constant showing up in a strip club. Harry’s narrating the movie at times was pretty annoying, while Corey Feldman was honestly annoying all the time. His “calling” the volleyball match was absolutely ridiculous. Another thing that was kind of annoying but also funny at times was the random scenes involving a “drill sergeant” who was teaching girls various beach activities throughout the movie. This is the kind of movie that you would expect to watch late at night when you were teenager but not exactly worth watching now.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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October 16th, 2017 Movie – Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama

sorority babes in the slimeball bowl-a-rama

Ahh, another 80’s B-movie is a good way to start the week. Today’s movie is a nice little collection of 80’s scream queens, which I had heard of but never got around to seeing. Heh, the term “scream queen” has always made me laugh. You know, I wonder if Fay Wray could be considered the first scream queen, as she is known for her role in King Kong, where she did an awful lot of screaming. Anyways, I wound up buying this movie during one of my numerous B-movie binges and watched it shortly after I got it. So let’s see how fun this movie is as I watch today’s movie, Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-A-Rama.

The plot: Calvin, Jimmie, and Keith are hanging out in their dorm room and while Calvin is sitting there watching a horror movie, Jimmie and Keith are discussing going to watch the Tri-Delta sorority initiation ritual. They try to convince Calvin to go with them but when he is reluctant to do so, they decide to get him drunk and bring him with them. At the sorority, Babs Peterson, Rhonda, and Frankie are getting ready for the initiation, with Rhonda and Frankie complaining about the robes they are wearing but Babs tell them that it is tradition. Dowstairs, the two initiates, Taffy and Lisa, are discussing why they are joining the sorority when Babs and the others come downstairs and begin the initiation by spanking the girls for talking. Outside, Calvin, Jimmie, and Keith are watching this occur from a window and Keith decides that they should sneak inside the house to get a better view. Inside, Babs finishes spanking the two initiates and then Frankie and Rhonda spray the girls with whipped cream, then have the girls go get cleaned up before the final stage of the initiation commences. As Lisa and Taffy shower off the whipped cream, Calvin, Keith, and Jimmie sneak upstairs to spy on them but they are caught by Babs. Babs tries to figure out what to do with the three boys and eventually decides to have them help Lisa and Taffy with the final part of the initiation; breaking into the bowling alley at the mall and stealing a trophy. As they head to the mall, Babs, Frankie, and Rhonda get there ahead of them, intending to sneak into the security room and scaring them as the wander the bowling alley. As they break into the security room, the accidentally trap the janitor in a closet. Meanwhile, Calvin and the others reach the mall and as Keith tries to break in, a drunken Calvin simply grabs the door as he almost falls, revealing it is unlocked. The 5 head inside and split up to look for the trophies but Calvin ends up running into Spider, a female thief that was in the process of robbing the bowling alley. As the others go see what the commotion is, Spider starts insulting them all so they leave, but Calvin stays and continues talking to Spider. After Spider helps them get into the are where the trophies are, she heads to the arcade and Calvin follows her. Jimmie grabs a trophy and they start to leave but when the pick on Calvin for continuing to hang out with Spider, Spider hit’s Jimmie and causes him to drop the trophy. Suddenly, the trophy starts smoking and the bottom pops off, releasing a strange imp called Uncle Impy, who offers the group a wish for each of them. Jimmie takes the first wish, wishing for lots of gold, and is happy to see a pile of gold bricks appear behind them. Keith takes the next wish and asks that Lisa be attracted to him and she suddenly appears in just her bra and panties and they quickly run off to have sex. Taffy uses her wish to become the prom queen and finds herself in a nice dress and sash but Spider and Calvin decide to leave, unaware that Uncle Impy has locked and electrified all of the exits to the mall. Babs, Frankie, and Rhonda can’t believe what is going on but Uncle Impy senses them watching and uses his powers to attack them through the security monitors. Babs avoids the attack but Frankie and Rhonda are changed; with Frankie becoming the Bride of Frankenstein while Rhonda becomes a demonic minion. Babs runs out of the room, accidentally knocking the Janitor back into the closet, and tries to leave the mall but gets knocked unconscious when she is electrocuted by the doors. Calvin and Spider find the unconscious Babs and decide to warn the others, just as Jimmie and Taffy discover their wishes were fake. Frankie and Rhonda attack Jimmie, and end up placing his head in the bowling ball polisher before ripping it off, with Rhonda deciding to use it as a bowling ball. Calvin and Spider barricade themselves in a storage room, where they manage to find a gun and as Rhonda tries to come after them, Spider shoots her several times and they quickly run. Meanwhile Keith finds that his wish had made Lisa insatiable and after several attempts to get away from her, he finally does so by telling her he is getting ice for them. As he wanders through the concession area, Rhonda catches him and shoves his face in a fryer. Frankie starts chasing after Taffy and catches up to her but Taffy hits her repeatedly with a metal pole, then runs when she starts to get back up. She sees Keith sitting in a booth and approaches him only to discover he is dead and as she backs away from him, she is grabbed by Frankie and Rhonda, who proceed to pull her apart. Babs regains consciousness and tries to hide in the back of the bowling lanes, where she ends up meeting the Imp. After he talks with her for a bit, Rhonda shows up to kill Babs but Babs manages to shove Rhonda through one of the lanes, trapping her there. Calvin and Spider see Rhonda is stuck and Spider throws a bowling ball down the lane, which ends up killing Rhonda. As Babs laughs about Rhonda being dead, the Imp turns her into his next minion. Meanwhile, Calvin and Spider find the janitor, who had finally gotten out of the closet, asleep in the janitor’s office. After waking him up, they tell him what is happening and the janitor is upset that they let the Imp out, explaining how he had been trapped in the trophy for 30 years. The janitor tells them about how the Imp was trapped so Calvin and Spider decide to try and find the others and trap the Imp again. Meanwhile, Lisa is still in the bathroom waiting for Keith when Babs, now turned into a dominatrix, assaults her. Calvin and Spider go looking for the others but Calvin is attacked by Frankie but manages to get away, though Frankie grabs the knife that Spider was carrying, using it to kill the janitor. Calvin and Spider head to the restrooms, where they are attacked by Babs but they manage to burn her to death. After finding Lisa’s body, they head back to the janitor’s officer only to find Frankie standing over his body and they run, with an axe-wielding Frankie chasing after them. As they get close to the doors, Frankie and Spider begin fighting over the axe and Spider manages to get it and cuts off Frankie’s head, with the severed head flying into the doors and managing to open them. Spider tells Calvin to get the car but as he drives it towards the exit, he is attacked by Rhonda, who was in the back seat, and ends up crashing the car. As the Imp laughs over what is happening, Spider manages to trap it inside a large tobacco tin and then heads outside to check on Calvin, who had managed to survive the crash. As morning breaks, Spider tells Calvin that with the Imp trapped, all it’s power was broken, then tells Calvin that they had to leave before the authorities got there and tells Calvin to get on her motorcycle so she can take him back to her place. As they leave, the Imp can be heard asking to be let out of the tin, eventually asking the audience if they want a wish.

This is a pretty ridiculous and funny movie. The acting was about what you would expect, with the Linnea Quigley (Spider) and Andras Jones (Calvin) doing a good job and had some good chemistry in their on screen relationship. I also liked George “Buck” Flowers character, as he added a lot of comic relief in his constantly being knocked into the closet as well as his conversation with Calvin and Spider. The story was interesting and a the wish aspect kind of felt like a play off the “Monkey’s Paw” story, at least in the fact that the wishes ended up turning bad. As for the whole Imp story, I think that was added to try and boost the horror aspect but it came off as more of a joke. The special effects were on the cheap side, with the Imp basically being a claymation puppet that honestly didn’t look that good. This is everything you would expect out of a horror B-movie and definitely good for some laughs.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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October 9th, 2017 Movie – Snatch


When it comes to today’s movie, the one thing that really stands out in my mind was Madonna’s way to advertise for it. Back when this movie had come out, Madonna had recently married the director, Guy Ritchie. I don’t know remember when it happened exactly (and I am honestly too lazy to try and look it up) but at some point Madonna was photographed wearing a t-shirt that just said “Snatch” on it. Now, with this being Madonna, a lot of people, myself included, thought this meant something dirtier than what it really was but that was not the case. She was simply helping to promote her husband’s latest movie, which happened to be titled Snatch.

The plot: 4 men, led by Franky Four Fingers, rob a diamond exchange in Antwerp, stealing an 86 karat diamond from the vault. Franky heads to London to fence the diamond and before he leaves, one of his men tells him to look up an ex KGB agent named Boris the Blade in order to get a weapon. Meanwhile, Turkish, an amateur boxing promoter, is trying to organize a fight for his boxer, Gorgeous George, and is forced to work with Brick Top, a known gangster, who agrees to the fight so long as George throws the fight. Franky lands in London and calls Cousin Avi, an American gangster that he works for, who tells Franky to go see Doug the Head to get a price on the diamond and warns him to stay out of the casinos. At the same time, one of Franky’s men calls Boris and tells him that he is sending Franky to him to get a gun and he should steal the diamond, but not to do it himself so it doesn’t get traced back to him and Boris says he knows some people that he can use. When Franky goes to see Boris, Boris gives him a gun in exchange for placing a bet at a particular bookie’s place. Meanwhile, Turkish sends his partner Tommy and George to go get a new Caravan trailer from a group of Pikeys (gypsies). When the Pikeys trick Tommy into buying a worthless Caravan, George gets upset and ends up getting into a fight with the Pikey’s leader, Mickey O’Neil, who is a bare knuckles boxing champion and knocks out George with one punch. Boris goes to see Sol, a local pawnshop owner/fence and hires him to rob Franky and Sol has his friends Vinny and Tyrone help him. Meanwhile, Turkish is upset about George being hurt and decides to hire Mickey to take his place in the fight. When he tells Brick Top about the change, Brick Top is upset and tells Turkish to make sure Mickey throws the fight in the 4th round. Sol, Vinny, and Tyrone head over to stake out the site of the match and wait for Franky but Tyrone accidentally backs their car into the van that Franky is changing in, knocking him unconscious. Avi learns from Doug that Franky is going to an illegal boxing match so he flies to London and heads to the fight with Doug to stop Franky and get his diamond. Sol and Vinny go try to rob the bookie only to find that all the bets were called off and they end up trapped when the clerk activates the security room features but Tyrone simply opens the door from the outside and they all leave. As they go to leave, Tyrone pulls away from the van but when he sees Franky emerge from it, he knocks him out and throws him in the car. Inside the arena, Turkish explains to Mickey that he needs to throw the fight but Mickey ends up knocking out the fighter as soon as the fight starts. Later that night, Boris goes to see Sol and the others to get the case but they tell him they want half of the diamond’s worth, refusing the money he offered them. Boris ends up shooting Franky and when he learns they put the diamond back in the briefcase, he chops of Franky’s hand and walks away with the briefcase. Brick Top confronts Turkish about the money he lost and tells him he wants to use Mickey in another fight but this time, Mickey has to throw the fight. Turkish and Tommy go to see Mickey and try to convince him to take the fight and Mickey agrees to fight in exchange for a new Caravan for his mother, which Turkish and Tommy are forced to buy after they lose a bet with Mickey. Meanwhile, Brick Top asks his men if they recognize the men that tried to rob his bookie office and when they recognize Tyrone, they capture him and force him to tell him about the others. Brick Top and his men head to Sol’s shop and plan on killing them but Sol says he can get him a giant diamond so Brick Top says they have 48 hours to deliver it. At Doug’s suggestion, Avi hires Bullet-Tooth Tony to help him find Franky and they manage to track the diamond to Boris. Meanwhile, Turkish tells Bricktop Mickey’s demands and how he can’t meet them since Brick Top took all of Turkish’s money and Brick Top proceeds to smash up Turkish and Tommy’s arcade and burns Mickey’s mother’s trailer with her inside. When they hear what happened, Turkish and Tommy head over to the campsite to pay their respects and Mickey says he will do the fight. Avi, Tony, and Avi’s bodyguard Rosebud confront Boris and capture him, though Rosebud is injured in the process, and as they leave Boris’ house, they are followed by Sol, Vinny, and Tyrone. At the same time, Turkish and Tommy are returning from the campsite when Tommy throws Turkish’s drink out the window, which splashes onto Tony’s car and causes them to wreck, killing Rosebud. Boris manages to get out of the trunk but he is struck by Sol, Vinny and Tyrone, who end up wrecking. Avi and Tony head to a nearby bar to get cleaned up and Sol, Vinny, and Tyrone follow them and confront Tony but he notices they are using replica guns and he chases them off when he pulls out his Desert Eagle. As Sol and the others leave, they run into Avi and try to grab the case from him when Boris, who had survived being hit by their car, shows up with an assault rifle and demands the case. Tony hears the commotion and begins firing his gun through the wall, hitting Boris and Tyrone but Sol and Vinny escape with the case. Sol and Vinny plan on selling the diamond but Avi and Tony track them down and force them to give it back but Vinny’s dog swallows the diamond and as Avi starts shooting wildly at the dog, the dog jumps out a window and Avi accidentally kills Tony so Avi decides to call the job a loss and flies back to New York. Meanwhile, Mickey enters the fight and knocks out Brick Top’s fighter so Brick Top orders his men to kill the rest of the Pikeys but finds out that the Pikeys killed all of his men. As he goes to kill Mickey, Turkish, and Tommy himself, Brick Top ends up being killed and Mickey leaves with the rest of the Pikeys. When they go to the camp site the next day, Turkish and Tommy find it deserted. The police show up and question why they are there and Turkish spots Vinny’s dog, which had been bought from the Pikeys and had returned to the camp site, and says they were walking the dog, then the two leave with the dog, passing Sol and Vinny who are being arrested for having Franky’s body in their trunk. Tommy convinces Turkish to let him keep the dog and they take it to the vet, where they find the diamond in it’s stomach, so they take the diamond to Doug, who calls Avi, who flies back out to London to retrieve the diamond.

Snatch met with mostly praise from the critics, holding a 73% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Though perhaps a case of style over substance, Guy Ritchie’s second crime caper is full of snappy dialogue, dark comedy, and interesting characters.” Brad Pitt’s role and character were written specifically for him, as Pitt had called Guy Ritchie and wanted to be a part of his movie but after Ritchie agreed, he realized he didn’t have a part for him so he rewrote the script to include Mickey. The indecipherable speech of Mickey was brought about by Pitt’s having a hard time mastering a London accent, but also as a counter to some critics’ complaints about the accents in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. The movie was a box office hit, earning $83.6 million off of a $10 million budget.

This is such a funny movie and definitely one that should be watched, even if you don’t like British movies. The acting was really good all around, with Jason Statham (Turkish) and Brad Pitt (Mickey) were great in their roles, while Vinnie Jones (Tony), Dennis Farina (Avi), Rade Serbedzija (Boris), Benicio Del Toro (Franky), Alan Ford (Brick Top), and Lennie James (Sol) were also good in the smaller roles they had. The story was very well written, having two fairly intricate plot lines going on at the same time, and occasionally mixing together, without really losing any focus on either one. It’s honestly hard for me to decide on which aspect of the comedy I liked better, the verbal comedy or the physical. The dialogue made for some really funny moments, especially when people were trying to figure out what Mickey was saying. As for the physical aspect, I think Lock, Stock had more physical comedy but there was plenty of physical comedy, such as when the bookie’s office was being robbed or when Tony shoots at Sol, Vinny, Tyrone, and Boris through the wall, then keeps warning Boris to stay down and shooting him before heading over and physically killing him. A lot of fun and well worth watching.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

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September 30th, 2017 Movie – Slumber Party Massacre III

slumber party massacre 3

Well, today marks the end of the slumber party horror series. I will be completely honest, I am at a loss for words on what to say about this movie. I never saw it in theaters during it’s limited theatrical run, and never got around to renting it when it hit video stores. When I bought this collection on DVD. it was my first time watching it and, due to the countless other movies I have watched over the years, I recognized some of the people in it from other things. Now let me give it another watch and see how good of a movie I have here in Slumber Party Massacre III.

The plot: A group of teenagers are having fun on the beach, with several of them playing volley ball while others are laying out on towels. As Jackie and Diane are laying down talking about Jackie’s parents moving (and Jackie as well), a weirdo dressed in black walks down to the beach and sits down, staring at all of the girls. After a while, Duncan notices the weirdo and yells at him to look elsewhere and when the weirdo averts his gaze, Duncan tries to use that to get invited to the girls’ party that night but Diane tells him that it is a girls only slumber party. Meanwhile, Juliette goes to get the volleyball when it rolls down the beach and runs into Ken, a former student of their school and after flirting with him for a bit, she invites him to call her that night. After a while, the group leaves but as Jackie goes to get some cans that they left on the beach, she accidentally drops her address book on the sand. Sarah separates from the group and heads to her car but after she gets in, someone in the backseat grabs her arms to hold her in place, then kills her by drilling into the seat and through her stomach. Frank gives Jackie a ride home and before she heads inside, he starts talking to her about pursuing more of a relationship and the two kiss. After he leaves, Jackie notices her front door is open and as she heads inside, she is startled by her neighbor Morgan, who saw the for sale sign and open door and thought they were giving an open house. Jackie says he can look around the house while she checks the messages on the answering machine but he tells her he already looked around and leaves. Later that night, Diane, Juliette, Janine, and Maria show up at the house, with Susie showing up later and when Jackie asks about Sarah, Susie says that she thinks she bailed on the party. As the girls start having fun, Morgan, who is watching the girls through his telescope, asks if he can see the house again but Jackie tells him no. Meanwhile, Frank, Michael, and Tom are nearby and Michael and Tom want to sneak in and spy on the girls but Frank is reluctant to do so but finally agrees to go. At the house, the girls are playing truth or dare and Juliette is dared to do a strip tease and Maria agrees to do one with her but as they are in the midst of their striptease, the guys show up wearing masks and scare the girls. Jackie gets mad and yells at the guys to leave. As the girls get changed, the weirdo in black shows up at the house, having found Jackie’s address book at the beach. Meanwhile, Frank and Tom convince Michael to go back to the house and beg for forgiveness while they go get flowers. Michael goes to the house and knocks on the door but the girls refuse to answer the door. When he hears a noise, he goes to investigate and sees a masked man and runs back to the house and bangs on the door again but he is impaled by the masked man with a For Sale sign and dragged away by the killer. Meanwhile, Duncan shows up at the house just as the pizza delivery girl does and pays her to switch shirts with him and let him deliver the pizzas. As the delivery girl is walking back to her car, the killer comes up behind her with a drill and kills her by drilling her repeatedly in the stomach. Back at the house, Jackie and Diane are talking about Frank when they hear something at the window and, thinking it is Frank and the boys, go to try and scare them but they see the weirdo outside. When they scream, the guy runs and drops the address book, which Jackie picks up. Jackie decides to call the cops while Frank and Tom show up and the girls decide to let them in in case the weirdo is dangerous. Ken shows up at the same time and they let him in as well. Officer O’Reilly thinks the girls are imagining things but tells them to call if they see the weird again, then he hangs up and points out a newspaper story about a former cop that committed suicide to another cop that is walking by. Back at the house, Frank apologizes to Jackie and the two make out while Tom goes down to the basement with Susie to see Jackie’s dad’s mounted swordfish and they start kissing, unaware that the weirdo had snuck into the basement. Juliette takes Ken upstairs to have sex but as Juliette touches his crotch, he stops and says he had too much beer but Juliette says there are other things they can do. As people continue to have fun downstairs, Tom and Susie rejoin the group but Tom accidentally drops some pizza on the carpet so Susie goes to the kitchen, interrupting Frank and Jackie, and Jackie and Susie get some bleach to try and clean it with. Meanwhile, Julliette goes to take a shower, telling Ken to head downstairs and join the others, and while she is getting undressed, she finds a vibrator and laughs as she plugs it in. While she is in the shower, someone turns off the light, then turns on the vibrator and throws it in the tub, electrocuting her. As the others offer advise on cleaning the stain, Maria and Janine give Ken a hard time when he shows up and Maria decides to head upstairs. When she searches the bathroom for Juliette, she sees the water on the floor and goes to clean it up only to discover Juliette’s body stuffed in a garment bag. Her screams alert the others and they head upstairs, where Ken and Jackie see the body. Figuring the weirdo must have killed her, they consider calling the police but O’Reilly thinks they are just playing a prank on him. Ken offers to run to his uncle’s house, who is an ex cop, and Tom says he will go with him so Franks hands them a fireplace poker and shovel to use as weapons and the two head off. As they head towards the house, Ken suddenly complains about a knee injury and convinces Tom to head into a construction yard so they can find some tools to better arm themselves with. They find a sledgehammer and Tom hands it to Ken but Ken uses it to hit Tom and the two begin fighting. Ken gets the upper hand and then grabs a chainsaw and uses it to sever both of Tom’s Achilles tendons and leaves him for dead but Tom is still alive and starts crawling away. Back at the house, the others want to make sure that the house is locked up and Jackie remembers the basement window so she goes down there with Frank to check it. While they are down there, Jackie notices that the swordfish is missing the point of it’s spear. Jackie sees that the window is partially open so she has Frank help her move a chest to try and close it but the chest is too heavy and when they open the chest, they find the body of the weirdo inside, with the swordfish’s spear stuck through his mouth. They race upstairs and tell everyone that the weirdo is dead just as Ken calls and tells them to stay in the house and he will be there soon with his uncle and tells them Tom went to go to the police. Ken then heads into a nearby van, where he has kept the bodies of his victims as well as pictures of his uncle and the news article about his suicide, and grabs the drill before heading back outside. At the house, Duncan answers the door, thinking it is Ken and his uncle but Ken slashes him in the stomach with the drill, killing him. As the girls run, Frank begins struggling with Ken and Morgan, who is watching all this with his telescope, calls the police to report a disturbance. Jackie hits Ken over the head with a lamp but Ken recovers as Frank moves over him and knocks him in the head with the drill. As he goes to lock the door, Jackie says that he killed him and then runs for it. She finds the other girls unable to open the back door, as Ken has wedged something in it. The girls try running but Ken injures Diane with the drill and then corners Maria, who screams when she sees Tom’s body at the window. Janine smashes Ken in the head with a glass bowl and tries to escape with Maria but when Ken corners her, she smashes through the glass of the back door, killing herself with the shards. Ken then begins hunting the other girls and soon finds Susie hiding in a closet He smashes through the door and grabs her, throwing her to the bed,  and is about to kill her but Maria hits him in the head and then runs out of the room, where she runs into Diane and Jackie, and they lure him away. They head to the basement and try to escape through the window but when Ken shows up, Jackie shoots him in the leg with her father’s spear gun and they run back upstairs. They start to go out the back when they see Janine’s body and Ken shows up and throws them back away from the door. As they all struggle to get the drill away from him, Susie shows up and throws a bucket full of bleach water into his face, blinding him. Ken starts swinging the drill wildly and manages to injure Maria again and she starts pleading with him to not kill her but as he puts the drill down to start fondling her, Maria tries to grab the drill but Ken senses her movement and grabs the drill and kills her. Ken then starts trying to hunt down the other girls and starts getting close to Susie but Diane leads him away from her and after distracting her by turning on the TV, they trap him in the volleyball net and Diane knocks him out. As they try to figure out what to do next, Ken comes too and attacks Diane, stabbing her in the chest. Susie jumps on his back while Jackie grabs the drill and uses it to kill Ken by stabbing him in the chest. As Susie pulls Jackie away from Ken’s body, the police show up and Susie goes to let them in while Jackie kneels next to Diane’s body before seeing a picture of Ken and his uncle that he dropped and she picks it up and stares at it before letting it fall to the floor.

Not the best horror movie but it was better than the previous movie. The acting was ok, with Keely Christian (Jackie), Brandi Burkett (Diane), and Maria Ford (Maria) doing good jobs in their roles, while Brittain Fyre did a great job playing a deranged Ken. The story was ok, but it did a poor job of explaining why Ken went crazy, though there were some instances where it seemed to allude to him being molested my his uncle. The special effects were ok, and since this had a slightly larger cast, that meant more bodies but several of the deaths didn’t make much sense. For instance, Frank was killed just by getting hit in the face by the drill while Janine died when she smashed through the glass door and it had just seemed like she had bled out but when the girls try to escape later, you see her guts on the ground, though there was no indication that her wounds were that massive. Still, I will take a bad horror movie with a definitive, albeit confusing, plot over a story where you never know if things are real or not any day.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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September 29th, 2017 Movie – Slumber Party Massacre II

slumber party massacre 2

I might have said it before on here, and if I have then I apologize, but kids today have no idea of the magic of going to a video store and looking at all the cases for movies on the shelves. Back before the internet was widespread, and Netflix and streaming services were everywhere, studios relied on the video packaging to entice people to wanting to rent their movies. Now I guarantee that there were plenty of kids, teenagers, and even some adults who probably never saw this movie but they at least remember the case for the video, due to the giant guitar drill on it. I don’t know if it worked for anyone else but my interest was piqued enough to rent it back in the day. Now let’s see if this movie is as ridiculous as I vaguely remember it being as I watch Slumber Party Massacre II.

The plot: Courtney, one of the survivors of Russ Thorn’s massacre in the original movie, has grown up but suffers from nightmares of the events. As she talks with her mother the next morning, it is revealed that Valerie had been committed in a mental institution as she couldn’t cope with what happened. As she is walking to meet her friend Amy to get a ride to school, she sees a dead bird that looked like something from her dream and stops to stare at it. While they are driving to school, they see Matt Abicost, a boy that Courtney has a crush on, and at Amy’s urging, Courtney invites him to come listen to her band practice at their friend’s garage. Later that day, Courtney, Amy, Shelia Barrington, and Sally Burns are practicing and during a break in practice, Courtney and Matt go off alone to talk. Courtney tells Matt that Shelia’s parents bought a new condo and the band is heading up their that weekend and invites him to go, which he accepts and the two kiss. That night, Courtney’s mom talks about going to see Valerie that weekend but Courtney says she doesn’t want to go to a mental institution on her birthday and she convinces her mom to let her go with her friends. That night, Courtney has nightmares about Valerie warning her not to go all the way, while an evil rocker appears to haunt her. The next day, the girls leave for the trip but Courtney is still haunted by the nightmare and starts suffering some hallucinations during the day. The girls arrive at the condo and begin having fun, unaware that TJ and Jeff, two of the girls’ boyfriends, show up a day early and play a prank on the girls. That night, she has another nightmare of the rocker, who has killed Valerie and says he is coming for her. The next day, Courtney is nursing a hangover and tells Amy about the nightmares she has been having recently but Amy thinks that it was probably brought on by all of the alcohol. As Shelia and the others wake up and join them by the pool, Courtney complains about her head hurting and TJ jokingly says he will help her and ends up throwing her in the pool, forcing Jeff to dive in and save her before she drowns. As the day commences, everyone is having fun but Courtney is still having hallucinations; at one point imagining she is eating a severed hand while later she believes a dead chicken attacks her when she opens the fridge. After another hallucination where she thinks that the tub is filling with blood, Courtney goes to get Sally to check it out and Sally finds the tub about to overflow and asks Courtney what is going on. As the two talk, Sally complains about a zit on her face and Courtney hallucinates that it is growing until it covers half of Sally’s face before exploding. Courtney runs from the bathroom and runs into Matt, telling him that Sally is dead. Matt, TJ, and Jeff go into the bathroom but find no sign of Sally and as they all gather in the kitchen, they hear the trash compactor running and Courtney faints, thinking Sally might be in there. They call the police but as Officers Kreuger and Voorhies question Courtney, Sally appears, having gone to the store, and the officers warn the kids not to waste their time again. Amy, Jeff, Sally, Shelia, and TJ head out to get some food while Matt stays with Courtney and he brings her a birthday cake he brought for her. As the two start making out, Courtney has another hallucination about the killer and leaps off the bed, only for the Driller Killer to appear and kill Matt with his giant guitar-shaped drill. Courtney thinks it is still a dream but when the Driller Killer rips off Matt’s arm and throws it onto the cake, she runs from the room. Amy and the others have come back to the house and are fooling around downstairs when a blood covered Courtney appears at the bottom of the stairs, followed by the Driller Killer. The Driller Killer attacks TJ, injuring his leg, then goes after Sally while Shelia helps TJ up and they run out the front door. Meanwhile, Courtney, Amy, and Jeff head into the kitchen to try and call the police but when the Driller Killer kills Sally, he also drills through the phone and they run out the back door. They decide to leave in Jeff’s car but his keys are in the house so they sneak back in to get them, finding Sally’s dead body, and quickly leave. The get in the car and start to drive away, hoping to find Shelia and TJ along the way but the Driller Killer appears in the back seat and kills Jeff while Courtney and Amy run back to the condo when the car stops. Meanwhile, Shelia and TJ head to a neighbor’s house to try and get help but when they get no response, they go to leave only for the Driller Killer to appear and injure Shelia while killing TJ. Back at the condo, Courtney and Amy barricade themselves in one of the bedrooms and then try calling the police but Officer Kreuger thinks they are pulling another prank on him and hangs up on them. Shelia returns to the condo and makes her way up the stairs but the Driller Killer follows her and kills her, then starts drilling through the door to get to Courtney and Amy. The two make their way out onto the balcony and down the house but the Driller Killer follows them, injuring Amy, and they are forced to hide in an unfinished building. As the Driller Killer follows and attacks them, Amy ends up falling off of the building and landing on the ground below, seemingly dead. The Driller Killer continues to chase after Courtney, who heads to the roof and finds a blowtorch, which she uses to set the Driller Killer on fire and he falls off of the roof. The next morning, as the police and paramedics arrive, Amy is seen to be still alive and being carried off on a stretcher but when Courtney goes to check on her, Amy begins laughing like the killer. Courtney wakes up in bed with Matt and thinks that the whole thing was a dream but as she snuggles up to him, Matt suddenly transforms into the killer and hugs her. Courtney starts screaming and is shown to be in a mental institution and as a drill emerges from the floor, you are left wondering if Courtney had been stuck in the institution ever since the incident and she hallucinated the whole things.

This movie is honestly kind of a mess. The acting was ok, with Crystal Bernard doing a good job playing Courtney but several of the other characters just came off as overly annoying, especially TJ (who I honestly wanted to reach through the TV and strangle myself). The story was pretty confusing, as the open ending left you unsure about what all had happened. The actual horror aspects themselves didn’t really start until the latter half of the movie, and it honestly didn’t really start getting, arguably, scary until maybe 25 minutes where left in the movie. The special effects were honestly a little weak and didn’t help make the movie any scarier, while the hallucinations (not to mention the bizare “stage lights” for when the Driller Killer is singing) simply make things more confusing. A pretty poor sequel to be honest but memorable for the props at the very least.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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September 28th, 2017 Movie – The Slumber Party Massacre

the slumber party massacre

If you were to take a look at the poster for today’s movie, you would be absolutely correct in assuming that this is another 80’s horror movie featuring a collection of half-naked girls. This is one of those movies that some people remember but usually gets lost in the 80’s shuffle among the more popular franchises such as Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street. I remember watching this movie years ago but when I decided to try and watch it again years later, I got it confused with another movie, Driller Killer. Anyways, I decided to pick this up, along with the sequels, a few years ago and learned that these movies were produced by Roger Corman. So let’s see how today’s movie has aged as I watch The Slumber Party Massacre.

The plot: Trish Devereaux-Craven wakes up and begins placing some of her stuffed animals and dolls in a bag before her mom yells down that they are leaving and she heads outside, not hearing a news report on the radio about an escaped serial killer. Trish heads outside to see her parents off and they tell her that their neighbor, David Contant will be checking up on her while they are gone for the weekend. After they leave, Trish places the bag of dolls in the garbage can and heads for school but someone grabs one of the dolls from the bag after she leaves. At the high school, Jeff is flirting with a telephone repairwoman when his friend Neil pulls him away and as they leave, they don’t see the woman dragged into her van and killed by Russ Thorn, the escaped killer. After basketball practice, Trish invites some of her friends over for a slumber party and goes to invite Valerie, the new girl that just transferred there, but Valerie had hear Diane talking bad about her and she quickly says she can’t go and leaves. As the girls leave school, accompanied by Jeff and Neil, Linda heads back inside to get a book out of her locker but finds that they have locked the school doors already. As she tries to open a door, Thorn sneaks up behind her and slashes her arm with the power drill. Linda manages to run away and hides in the supply room in the girl’s locker room but the blood from her wound drips out under the door and Thorn sees it and uses the drill to break into the room and kill her, then runs from the school. As Trish waits for her friends to show up, she is scared by David, who had seen her door was open and gone to check on her and says he will keep her company until they show up. When Jackie and Kim show up, Kim shows Trish the weed and beer she managed to score from her brother and David tells Trish that he won’t tell her parents but to go easy on the stuff. Meanwhile, Valerie’s younger sister Courtney sees the girls entering Trish’s house and asks Valerie wasn’t invited and she tells her that she was but turned them down to watch her that night. Back at Trish’s house, Diane shows up and the girls start changing into their sleepwear, unaware that they are being watched by Jeff and Neil. When Diane goes to get some fire wood, she runs into David, who is hunting snail, but after she goes in, David is killed by Thorn. Later, Trish sees her doll, covered in blood, placed near the window and gets scared and Diane goes with her to ensure the garage door was locked. Later, Trish, Kim, and Jackie listen in on Diane as she talks on the phone with her boyfriend John when the lights go out and they all head to the garage to check the fuse box, only to find Jeff and Neil, who had taken the fuses as a joke. John shows up and Diane has him pull into the garage and they make out in his car for a bit and he tries to convince her to come to his house so they can have sex. Diane heads back inside and tells Trish and the others that her and John are going on a beer run and she heads back to the garage but finds that John has been decapitated. She tries honking the horn to get the other girl’s attention but they are using the blender and don’t hear her and Thorn appears and kills her. Across the street, Courtney thinks she heard something but Valerie dismisses it as the girls fooling around. Back at Trish’s house, the pizza arrives just as Kim and Jackie call Coach Jana but when they open the door, they all scream as the delivery guy’s body falls to the ground. They try to call for help but find the phone lines have been cut. Meanwhile, Coach Jana calls Valerie and asks her to check on things there but Valerie is reluctant to do so so Jana says she will go there herself. Back at the house, Trish arms everyone with knives and then Jeff and Neil head off to try David or Valerie’s house to get help. As Jeff sneaks through the garage to get to David’s house, he finds Diane’s body and ends up getting stabbed through the shoulder with the drill. Meanwhile, Neil makes it to Valerie’s house and starts knocking on the door but Valerie can’t hear him due to the movie she is watching and Thorn kills him, then takes the body back to Trish’s house. As he goes to get rid of it, he notices Jeff’s body is missing and finds that Jeff had managed to crawl back to the house and is trying to get the girls to help him but Thorn kills him before they can open the door. Back at her house, Valerie sees Courtney heading over to check on Trish’s house so she goes after her and tells her to wait while she knocks on the door. When she knocks, she doesn’t get an answer so she heads to the kitchen door but while she is gone, Jackie goes to warn Valerie and opens the door only to be killed by Thorn. Kim and Trish run upstairs and barricade themselves in Trish’s room and wonder if maybe Valerie is working with Thorn. Thorn sneaks in through the open window and goes to attack them but Trish hits him with a bat and they work to move the furniture away from the door but Thorn grabs one of their knives and kills Kim. Meanwhile, Valerie tries the front door again and finds it open and heads inside but doesn’t see signs that anyone is there. She goes to get Courtney and they go to lock up the place and head back home but they find Kim’s body in the fridge. Seeing the shadow of Thorn coming down the stairs, Valerie tells Courtney to run while she goes to hide in the basement. Thorn doesn’t see them so he grabs the pizza delivery guy’s body, which the girls had covered with a blanket earlier, and throws it down the basement steps, then hides under the blanket. Jana arrives at the house and discovers Thorn and grabs a fireplace poker to defend herself and as Thorn approaches her, Courtney, who was hiding the couch, trips him and Jana hits him repeatedley with the poker. Trish then runs down and stabs him in the back but as Jana pulls Trish off of him, Thorn uses the drill to kill Jana. Thorn approaches Trish, declaring his love for her, but Valerie shows up wielding a machete and chases him out to the back. Forcing him towards the edge of the pool, Valerie uses the machete to break the drill, then cuts off his hand and slash him in the stomach, knocking him into the pool. As Courtney goes over to hug Valerie, Thorn emerges from the pool and tries to strangle Valerie. Courtney and Trish try to stop him and Valerie finally impales him with the machete when he leaps at her.

The Slumber Party Massacre met with negative reviews from the critics, holding a 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, several critics liked director Amy Holden Jones’s approach but others felt it didn’t do much to stand out from other movies. The movie was originally intended to be a parody of slasher films but Corman decided to have it shot as straight up horror movie. The movie is distinctive as it, and it’s two sequels, marked the first time that a horror film series was directed exclusively by women. The movie was a modest hit at the box office, earning $3.589 million off of a $250k budget.

This was a decent horror movie to watch. The acting was good, with Robin Stille (Valerie), Michelle Michaels (Trish) and Jennifer Meyers (Courtney) doing good jobs in their roles. Michael Villella was particularly creepy in his portrayal as Thorn while Brinke Stevens was given her first speaking role in this movie and would go on to become one of the more famous scream queens in B-movies. The story was pretty straight forward but you could see some evidence that this had originally been intended as a comedy, such as Jeff asking the delivery guy what the damage was and Thorn, answering from behind the door, saying “6, so far”, indicating the number of people he had killed that day. There special effects with some of the death scenes was pretty good and had a little more gore than some people might have expected. All in all, it is what you would expect from an 80’s slasher film and perfect for watching during a horror movie binge fest, but not necessarily something you will go back to multiple times.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5