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March 17th, 2019 Movie – Deathsport




Continuing on with our trip through Shout Factory TV, I decided to take a stop on today’s movie. Now even though David Carradine had done some stuff before hand, pretty much everyone knows him from the TV show Kung-Fu. When the show ended, he had done Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000 to get back into the movie business. Following the cult success of that movie, a somewhat sequel was made and David Carradine would return to star in it. Now I will admit that I had never seen this movie until a few years ago, when I was watching movies Shout Factory TV during a bout of insomnia. Needless to say, I immediately recognized Corman’s style and absolutely enjoyed the ridiculous of it. So let’s strap in for today’s  movie, Deathsport.

The plot: A thousand years in the future, the Neutron Wars have decimated the Earth, leaving the planet with scattered city/states surrounded by vast desert wastelands. The few remaining machines are controlled by the people within the city/states, while the wastelands are home to cannibalistic mutants and Range Guides, nomadic warriors that hold no allegiance to any city/state. One day, a Range Guide, Kaz Oshay, is attacked by some soldiers led by Ankar Moor and after his capture, he is taken to Helix City. As Kaz is placed in a cell, Ankar Moor reports to Lord Ziporla, who chastises Ankar Moor for losing two of their valuable Death Machines, motorcycles armed with lasers, then tells him that he needs one more Range Guide, a female, to put into the Death Sport. Some time later, a caravan is being led through the wastelands by two female Range Guides, Denner and Adriann. When they hear the approaching Death Machines, Denner orders the caravan to dismount, telling her daughter Tara to stay with them. Denner and Adriann ride off to face the Death Machines but Adriann is killed and Denner is captured, while Tara, who had gone to help them, is captured by a group of mutants. Back in Helix City, Kay awakens in his cell and rages out at his unseen captors, receiving a shock from the door as punishment. Calming down, Kay sees Denner in her cell across the hall and after telepathically seeing Tara being captured, Kay says that he will help her find her once they escape. Denner thanks him and after saying that they have met before, she tells Kay that she was with his mother when she died. Meanwhile, Zirpola begins suffering from headaches and is told by Dr. Karl that he is suffering from a brain disease caused by radiation poisoning but Zirpola refuses to believe him and has Karl imprisoned in order to silence him. Karl is placed in the cell with Kay and Karl tells Kay why he is there and how Zirpola plans on going to war with Tritan, another city/state, for their fuel. At the same time, Karl’s son Marcus, who was part of the caravan Denner was leading, had been sent back to Helix by Ankar Moor’s men and when he learns of his father’s imprisonment, goes off to try and free him. Ankar Moor makes his way to the cells and questions Denner and Kay, who reveal that they know Ankar Moor as a disgraced Range Guide who lost his way and he taunts Kaz over the fact that he killed his mother. Sometime later, Marcus, disguised as a guard, attempts to free his father and is knocked out by Kaz, who kills the other guards and tries to escape with the other prisoners, only to be gassed by Ankar Moor. Kaz is taken away by Ankar Moor and tortured before being told he will die in the Deathsport in the morning, then thrown back into a cell with Denner, Karl, and Marcus. The next day, Kaz and Denner are sent out to face other prisoners, who are riding Death Machines, but they are able to kill most of their attackers, then grab to of the Death Machines to use in their escape. Zirpola orders more guards after them while he activates the mines on the battle field but an explosion ends up knocking out the force field around the arena, allowing Kaz and Denner to escape, with Karl and Marcus following them. Zirpola berates Ankar Moor for allowing them to escape and after Ankar Moor threatens him before agreeing to go after Kaz and the others for his own pleasure. After Ankar Moor leaves, Zirpola goes to torture one of his concubines but ends up being killed when she drags him into the stun rods he was using on her. When Ankar Moor learns of Zirpola’s death, he tells his men that he will assume control of Helix but they must first recapture Kaz and the others to show the rest of the citizens that there is no escaping from Deathsport. Kaz and the others manage to shake their pursuers and after discussing with Denner where Tara was taken, they tell Karl and Marcus that they will guide them to Tritan after they find the girl, then find a spot to take refuge for the night. The next day, they make their way to the cliffs where T was taken only to be ambushed by Ankar Moor and his men, who manage to kill Karl but Kaz and the others escape. Reaching the sand cliffs, Denner is able to sense what happened to Tara and leads the others to the mutants’ cave, unaware that Ankar Moor and his men have spotted them and are waiting for them to return. Inside the cave, Kaz and Denner are able to locate Tara and rescue her, fighting their way past the mutants as they make their escape. Outside, Kaz tells Denner to take Tara and Marcus, who was wounded by the mutants helping them escape, to Tritan while he deals with Ankar Moor and Denner tells him she will be waiting for him in Tritan. Kaz heads to a nearby fuel station, with Ankar Moor and his men following him, and once inside, Kaz uses the natural labyrinth to deal with Ankar Moor’s men, killing most of them. AS Denner and the others reach Tritan, Ankar Moor sends his remaining soldier back to Helix while he chooses to face Kaz on his own. The two men duel and Kaz wins by decapitating Ankar Moor, after which Denner and Tara ride up on horses, bringing one for Kaz, and say that they want to stay with him. Kaz agrees and after mounting his horse, the Range Guides ride off together.

This lacked a lot of the charm that Death Race 2000 had, which might be why this is not an official sequel, but it still had some entertaining moments to it. The acting was ok, with David Carradine doing a decent job as Kaz, while Claudia Jennings, who tragically died shortly after the movie was released, was just as good as Denner. I also like Richard Lynch (Ankar Moor), but honestly felt like he was nothing more than a poor man’s Rutger Hauer during the entire movie. The story was interesting but honestly felt somewhat incomplete, with a lot of plot lines thrown in to try and explain people’s motivations but half the time they didn’t seem necessary. Case in point, the whole aspect of Zirpola’s brain disease didn’t really seem necessary, as he could have simply had Karl thrown in prison just for disagreeing with him about the war with Tritan. The special effects were kind of laughable, which is what adds to the enjoyment of this type of movie. It’s not a great movie but is a fun watch for anyone that is a fan of B-movies.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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April 7th, 2018 Movie – Unholy Rollers

unholy rollers

Here is a movie that brings about some fun memories, while having some relevance to the present day. When I was a kid, I remember watching RollerGames, which was a pretty theatrical version of Roller Derby; essentially what would happen if you take Roller Derby and let Vince McMahon come up with story lines for it. It only lasted one season but it always stuck in my head and years later, when I heard that a Roller Derby league was starting in Atlanta, I would go see them every now and then, as I wanted to watch the actual sport the theatrics was based on. That brings us to the present day, as my roommate is on one of Atlanta teams so it’s even more fun to go with my friends and cheer for her. Anyways, a few years ago a friend of mine had brought this movie to my attention and suggested I get it so, gullible me did just that. Now let’s see what kind of movie I have on my hand as I watch Unholy Rollers.

The plot: Karen Walker is attending a roller derby bout between the L.A. Avengers and the San Diego Demons, where the Avengers manage to come back for the win thanks to their star player Mickey. The next day, she is talking to her coworker about the bout when her manager yells at her for going over his head and speaking to the owner about getting a raise. When he says that she should sleep with him if she wants a raise, Karen starts throwing empty cans at him before speeding up the machine, causing a mess, then quitting. Returning back to her home, Karen tells her roommates about quitting and after trying to figure out possible job prospects, decides to try out for the Roller Derby. Karen manages to make the cut and join the Avengers, where she proceeds to learn the ins and outs on what to do; not just hot to skate and hit the opponent, but also how to sell the action to the crowd in order to keep them entertained. As she goes to the team doctor for her physical, where he proceeds to feel her up, they are interrupted by Mickey, who is there to get some more pills from the doctor. On her first bout, Karen is frustrated to be sitting on the bench, where Mickey skates by and mocks her, and she asks the team’s coach/manager Angie Striker when she will be able to go in and is told only when one of the regulars gets injured. Suddenly, the Avenger’s star blocker gets knocked into the guard rail and has to be stretchered out and Karen ends up being sent in. As she skates in the bout, Karen rips off the mask that one of the Demons are wearing, bringing cheers to the fans and the owner, Mr. Stern, tells his son in law Marshall that she knows how to sell to the audience. After the bout, Angie is chastising the women on both teams for not being able to skate or hit properly. After she leaves, one of the skaters, Jennifer, congratulates Karen on the idea of pulling off the mask but says she shouldn’t have done it, as it wasn’t in the script and someone could have gotten hurt. Mickey comes over and begins teasing Karen, who doesn’t take kindly to it, and after she walks away, Jennifer invites Karen to come have drinks with all of the other girls so she can start being a part of the team. Karen decides to head out to the bar but when she gets there, Mickey and some of the other girls start hazing her and ripping off her clothes. Karen yells at them and Nick, the male captain of the team, hands her his jacket and escorts her outside, then heads back inside to get her clothes. After shielding her so she can get dressed, Nick offers to take her home but she doesn’t want to go home just yet and they decide to head back to the track to skate around. The next day, Karen and Nick start dating, going on a double date with Donna and Greg to play mini golf. The Avengers head to the Demons’ home track in San Diego and during the course of the bout, Mickey takes a hard hit and passes off the jammer helmet to Karen, then goes after one of the Demons only to take another hard hit and end up taken out of the bout. Karen wins the bout and on the bus ride back, Mickey is talking with Jennifer and says that Karen is simply the new flashy thing but after a few months, things will go back to normal and she will be back on top. Meanwhile, Nick introduces Karen to his wife Tina and Karen doesn’t appear happy about it but keeps her mouth shut and is polite to her. During the next bout, Mickey suddenly turns and “attacks” Karen, and it is revealed that she has been traded to the Demons. Stern is talking with Marshall about who should be their new #2 on the team now that Karen is the #1 and Stern tells Marshall to get Beverly Brayton from Fresno to come in. Afterwards, Karen is starting to let the fact that she is the new star go to her head and she ends up arguing with Nick over being just his side piece. At her home, Donna and Greg decide to move out to start their own business though Karen tries to convince them to stay, giving Greg some money to help them get started when they insist on leaving. During the next bout, Karen is still giving Nick the cold shoulder and is put out that Beverly seems to be stealing most of her spotlight. When Karen and Mickey end up on the track together, the two constantly seem to fight and a grudge race is ordered between the two after the bout. As the race commences, Karen and Mickey continue fighting as they skate around the track but during the brawling, Mickey gets knocked through the guard rail and falls onto the concrete, seriously injuring herself. Afterwards, Stern and Marshall give Karen a trophy and when Karen asks if they gave it to her for putting Mickey in the hospital, they tell her it was for helping promote the sport but asks that she stick to the move script more. When Karen heads outside, she is confronted by Jennifer and some of the other girls, who proceed to beat her up and scratch her car in retaliation for what happened to Mickey. Enraged at the attack, Karen gets into her car and goes smashes into the girls’ car, then goes on a rampage throughout the city, smashing into anything she wants. The next day, Karen goes to visit her mother, who asks if anything is wrong, and Karen assures her she is fine. Before the next bout, Stern heads into the locker room as Karen is getting ready and berates her for being late and warns her that she can just as easily be replaced. During the bought, Karen and Beverly trade barbs and as things get tense, Karen is hit by one of the Demons and gets knocked into the Avenger’s bench, knocking down Jennifer. Jennifer thinks she did it on purpose and as Karen skates close by the track, she knocks her down, and Beverly pushes Karen as she tries to get up. Karen gets knocked down into the Demon’s area again and the Demons all attack her but none of the Avengers go to help Karen until Nick finally helps her out. Feeling frustrated with what all happened, Karen slams her helmet into Beverly’s arm, then proceeds to attack everyone, starting a riot among the fans. As Karen skates out of the arena, officials try to restore order while Marshall and Stern argue over how they should handle Karen. Outside, Karen continues skating around and causing havoc until she is struck by a car. As the people outside look on, Karen gets back up and shakily shows off her tattoo in salute, slowly skating around in a circle as if she is still performing for a crowd.

I have to say, this about as text book an example of a low budget, early 70’s movie that you could expect to find, and it is pretty decent as a result. The acting was ok, with Claudia Jennings doing a good job as Karen, while Betty Anne Rees was equally good as her rival Mickey. The story was interesting with the main part being Karen striving to do something more with her life, and the subsequent fall when she reaches that top as fame is always fleeting. I do wish they had done a little more character development with some of the people, while some of the half explained subplots could have been fleshed out better. For instance, Donna and Greg moving out seemed to come out of nowhere and I feel like they could have done a better job saying why they suddenly felt the need to do so. The action scenes honestly looked terrible and I know some of them were supposed to be look fake but they looked really bad for being fake. It’s not a great movie, but it can be entertaining to watch.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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November 27th, 2017 Movie – The Stepmother (1972)

the stepmother 1972

Ok, there is a better than average chance that today’s movie is nothing more than a poor man’s porno. I mean, I think the stepmother seducing the stepson, or vice versa, is one of the more infamous porn plots to come about. Now, added that to the fact that this was made in the early 70’s, and is part of the Drive-In collection, and this adds up to being one of those skin flicks that the drive-ins were known for. So let’s see what I am getting out of this with today’s movie, The Stepmother (1972).

The plot: Margo Delgado is lying in bed when her lover Alan Richmond starts trying to have sex with her and despite her initial protests, she eventually just lies there and lets him have his way with her. After they finish, Alan gets dressed to leave while Margo takes a shower but unknown to them, Margo’s husband Frank arrived home and saw their silhouettes in the window. When Alan walks outside, he is surprised to see Frank there and goes to greet him but Frank attacks him and strangles him to death. Realizing what he has done, Frank grabs Alan’s body, places it in his car and drives him out to the beach to bury him. As he finishes burying him, Frank hears a couple ride up on a motorcycle and quickly leaves, ignoring the woman’s screams when the man gets violent with her. The next day, Frank and Margo are woken up by 4 of their friends, including Frank’s business partner Dick Hill, and they head to Alan’s beach house, though Frank is reluctant to go. While Frank sits by himself at first and talks some business with Dick, Everyone wonders what happened to Alan and where he is. Meanwhile, Inspector Darnezi is going over the autopsy of Alan and a young Mexican girl, who were both strangled at around the same time last night. Darnezi decides to go check out Alan’s townhouse in the city and after finding nothing there, he calls the Alan’s beach house pretending to look for Alan but one of the guys at the house says he isn’t there. Darnezi heads back to the police station to tell his boss that he found nothing at the townhouse and plans to head to beach house to question the people there. At the beach, Sonya, Dick’s wife, is sketching Frank and they are reminiscing about past times when she asks him why he is being so pensive all day and Frank decides to leave and runs down the beach, where he keeps having visions of Alan approaching him. He goes back to the beach house as Darnezi arrives and questions everyone about when they last saw Alan. After returning to the station, Darnezi voices his suspicions of Frank to the Chief Inspector, as Frank has 3 hours unaccounted for in his story, but the Chief says that they don’t have enough facts to rule anyone out so to watch the whole group. The next day, Margo and Sonya are talking and Mrago admits about what happened with Alan the last night he was alive and worries that Frank somehow found out about it as he hasn’t made love to her since. As Frank and Dick arrive at the house to eat, Margo tells Frank that he received a letter from his son Steve and he reads it, learning that Steve will be coming home in a few weeks. The next day, Frank and Dick are at the site of the home they were building for Alan when Darnezi arrives and asks them to come to the station, as they have a suspect for the woman’s murder and wonder if they recognize him. They do so but though Frank recognizes him, he says he doesn’t and Darnezi apologizes for wasting their time. Dick drops Frank off at the work site while he says he is going to the office and after he leaves, Sonya shows up and convinces Frank to go to lunch with her. They head to a steakhouse they are used to going to and are surprised to find Dick there with Margo. Frank initially wants to get another table but is too uncomfortable being in the same restaurant with Margo and leaves, telling Sonya that he can’t trust Margo anymore. Meanwhile, Margo is talking with Dick and trying to get him to help talk to Frank about what happened and convince him she wasn’t at fault. Sonya drops Frank off at the building site and he starts hallucinating that Darnezi is staring at him and judging him. Dick arrives and tells Frank he got the bank loan they needed but Frank questions him about where he was before that and says he knows he was with Margo. Dick says he was talking to her and he knows what Alan did to her but she loves Frank and didn’t do it willingly and as the two continue to argue, Franks shoves Dick away, causing Dick to accidentally fall off the roof of the building. Some time later, Frank is in church confessing to the priest about what he has done and how he can’t bring himself to forgive Margo. Meanwhile, Frank’s son Steve returns home and Margo speaks with him, as there is tension between the two of them, and says she didn’t want Frank to send him away but Steve tells her that he wants to keep going to school in Mexico City as that is where all his friends are. Meanwhile, Frank goes to see Sonya, who tells him that she is getting the money from Dick’s insurance policy and plans on investing it back into the company, despite Frank’s protests, and she is considering selling her half of the company. Darnezi shows up to speak with her and arranges to meet with Frank later. Darnezi speaks with Sonya about Frank and Dick’s relationship and if there were any problems with it. Later, Frank speaks with Darnezi, who asks him some questions about Sonya and Dick’s insurance, and as Frank goes to leave, Darnezi says he is close to solving Alan’s murder. Frank goes to see Sonya to ask her what Darnezi talked to her about and she tells him Darnezi thought that she and Frank were having an affair and Dick’s death was not an accident. Sonya then says that she wants to go with Frank to Acapulco tomorrow but Frank says that she shouldn’t as it would just make Darnezi believe his suspicions are right. That night, Frank tries talking with Steve and convince him to stay with them but Steve says he wants to go back to Mexico. As Frank packs for his trip, Margo kisses him and Frank kisses her back but pushes her away before the go any further. The next day, Frank boards his flight for Acapulco and is surprised to find that Sonya is on the plane with him. Meanwhile, Margo attempts to call Sonya but when she learns that she is going to Mexico, she gets upset and jealous. Margo continues to drink and, hearing Steve playing pool downstairs, heads downstairs and begins flirting with him. Steve resists at first and tries to help her get to bed but they end up tripping and falling to the ground and as a drunken Margo begins laughing and kissing his face, he gives in and they start kissing. The next morning, in Acapulco, Frank is woken up by Sonya and she asks him for a drink before they start talking. Meanwhile, back in the states, Steve is attempting to leave to go to the cabin in the woods but Margo asks him to come with her to the cabin so they can get it ready for the next weekend with Frank and she wants to talk with Steve about what happened but Steve just leaves. Margo then heads up to the cabin, telling Lupe and Jose where she is going and Lupe calls Frank in Mexico to tell him. Frank tells her that he will try to be home that night and goes back to his meeting, asking if they can have the contracts signed that afternoon. The client agrees and invites them to a party but Frank refuses and Sonya decides to head back as well. Meanwhile, Darnezi arrives at the Delgado house and speaks with Jose and Lupe, showing them a shovel that he discovered in Alan’s submerged car and Jose identifies it as his. Heading back to the station, Darnezi tells the Chief his theory and they argue over some of the specifics of it. Back in the mountains, Steve and Margo are both surprised to find the other person there, and they end up getting closer and wind up sleeping together. That night, Frank returns home and after Lupe tells him about Darnezi’s visit, he decides to head to the Cabin but is stopped by Darnezi, who says they have the shovel and are close to finding the murderer. Darnezi and the Chief question the man that killed the girl, who says he saw a car but couldn’t say that it was Frank inside. At the cabin, Frank arrives only to find Steve and Margo in bed together and as they stare in shock, he turns and heads back out to his car. Frank grabs a pistol from the glove compartment and he approaches Steve, who had gone to talk to him, and asks Steve how he could do this to him. Steve begs his father’s forgiveness and Frank says he can’t judge him as he killed a man and plans on going to the police to turn himself in. Frank tells Steve to put the gun away for him but just then, Darnezi and another officer arrive at the cabin and when Frank turns to face them, the officer sees the gun and shoots Frank. As Frank collapses to the ground, Steve goes to check on him while Margo watches in horror.

I have to admit, this was not what I expected. The acting was ok but nobody really stood out in the movie. The story was odd, as the majority of the story was focused on the murder of Alan and Frank’s guilt surrounding it. The stepmother portion of the movie only showed up in the last half hour, and honestly only accounted for maybe 15 minutes at best. They could have titled this something else and it might have come across better. The drama was ok, with it being a halfway decent murder drama, but again the misleading title made it feel like something else. A truly boring movie that is really not worth watching.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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September 15th, 2017 Movie – Sisters Of Death

sisters of death

Another movie from the Chilling Classics collection. Oh Joy. Funny thing is, I had actually watched this movie a couple of years; not on any of the normal streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu, but on YouTube. I was bored one day and looking for some ways to kill time and while browsing along on YouTube, saw that the had a section for movies and saw several movies on there and decided “Why not?” Now I never got around to finish watching this movie so I don’t know how it ended but that could make it all the more exciting to watch now. Guess I will find out as I watch today’s movie, Sisters Of Death.

The plot: Two pledges, Judy and Liz, are undertaking the final test to enter an all girl secret society known as The Sisters, the Test of Courage. The “Initiator” steps behind them and loads a blank into a small pistol, then points it at the first girl and pulls the trigger. When she doesn’t scream or move, she places a locket around her neck, indicating that she passed. When the “Initiator” repeats the process for the second girl, something goes wrong and the girls ends up being shot in the head, causing everyone there to scream. 7 years later, Judy receives an envelope inviting her to a reunion of The Sisters and $500 to pay for travel. Judy calls Sylvia, another Sister, to see if she had sent out the invitations but Sylvia thought that Judy had sent them, as she is the only one of the group with enough money to afford to do something like that, so Judy asks Sylvia to meet with her to discuss this. Elsewhere, Penny is talking to her spiritual guru and questioning whether she should go and revisit her past while Diana is hitchhiking to where the reunion is supposed to take place, while trying to keep the driver’s hands off of her. The final member of the group, Francie, is pulled over for speeding while trying to reach Paso Robles, where the reunion is supposed to take place, but manages to talk the cop out of giving her a ticket. Judy and Sylvia arrive at the the Paso Robles Inn and are soon joined by by the others, unaware that the group were being observed by two men. When all 5 girls are there, the two men get out of their car and introduce themselves to the girls as Joe and Mark and say they are there to drive them to their destination. The girls are confused but agree to go with them, although Penny is reluctant to do so and has to be coaxed into going by the others. After an hour of driving, they arrive at their destination and Joe and Mark help the girls get their bags out of their car and then leave. The girls head inside, with Penny still being reluctant to do so, and they find a table with food and drinks by a pool and go have a drink, unaware of the gate they drove through automatically closing and locking them inside the grounds. Meanwhile, Joe and Mark had pulled over and Joe convinces Mark that they should crash the reunion in order to try and hook up with some of the girls. They see the fence and Mark thinks they should turn back but Joe shows that it is not electrified and they climb over it and head towards the house. Meanwhile, Sylvia decides to rest by the pool while the other girls start exploring the house and figuring out where they will stay. During the course of their explorations, they find the upper levels of the house have been sealed off but there are plenty of rooms on the lower floor for them to sleep in. Judy goes to change into a bikini but she is unaware that she is being watched by someone, who is moving around inside the walls of the house. Back outside, Joe and Mark approach Sylvia, who is upset that they are there, but they manage to convince her to let them have one drink and as they are about to leave, the other girls return and allow them to stay. The mysterious man sees that the men have returned and arms the electrical fence. As night falls, Joe and Mark are too drunk to drive and end up falling asleep on the deck chairs by the pool, with Diane bringing them some blankets and telling them to be quiet or Sylvia will call the cops on them. The next morning, the girls wake up and all find pictures of Liz in their bedrooms, which upsets Sylvia and, as the five girls gather around a table, she accuses them of messing with her and plans on leaving. When she turns around, she finds the man there and he introduces himself as Liz’s father, Edmond Clybourn. Edmond says that one of them murdered Liz and they all try to tell him that it was an accident and was ruled as such but Edmond insist that one of them hated Liz and had her murdered with a live round. Hearing this, Penny freaks out and runs screaming from the house, waking Joe and Mark, who try to stop her but she pushes them aside. When Mark sees that the electric fence is on, he quickly rushes out and throws Penny back, then throws a piece of metal to show that it is electrified, causing Penny to faint. As the girls all start screaming and crying, Mark heads inside to try and call for help but is stopped by Edmond, who tells him the phone is dead. Edmond says he should kill Mark and Joe for not following his instructions, but he won’t because Liz wouldn’t like that. When Mark asks who Liz is, Judy, who had followed him in the house, tells him and explains that Edmond believes one of them murdered her but her death was an accident. When Edmond says that he has a witness, as one of the girls had seen someone switch out the bullets, Judy asks why that person didn’t come forward and then asks who the witness was but Edmond says everyone will know everything tomorrow. When Judy tries to force him to tell her, he shoves her down, then shoots a nearby bust, telling her that is his last warning. Joe and the other girls run inside and Mark explains to Joe what is going on and they decide to try and turn off the power to the fence. Convincing the girls to work together with them, they split up, with Joe taking Diana and Francie while Mark goes with Judy, Sylvia, and Penny. As they all leave to look for a cellar door, hoping a fuse box is down there, Penny ends up staying in the living room and staring at the picture of Liz. As Judy, Mark, and Sylvia search the rooms, Sylvia sees a tarantula in one room and screams, then says she is too shaken up by what happened to be of much use so Sylvia says she should go check on Penny. Judy heads back to the living room only to find Penny gone but hears her chanting and praying outside and looks outside but doesn’t see her as she is on the other side of a wall. Edmond sees Penny from his window upstairs but after closing the window, someone approaches Penny and chokes her with her own necklace. Meanwhile, Joe finds a hidden staircase to the cellar and after finding a fuse panel, starts flicking all the switches and then runs back up the stairs. Joe and the others race outside only to find the fence is still live when Judy screams and they find her kneeling over Penny’s body. As Mark and Joe carry off Penny’s body, Judy cries that she looked for Judy and didn’t find her and Sylvia comforts her and helps her join the others. After Mark and Joe return, Mark tells the others about what Edmond had said and says that there is a possibility that one of them is working with Edmond. Joe speaks with Mark privately and says that they better figure out a way out of there before it gets dark, as he feels that Edmond will have an easier time of picking the girls off one by one. That night, Mark and Joe decide to stand guard in the hallway outside the girls’ rooms while the girls themselves all fret about whether Edmond might try something that night. Diana is scared and goes into Francie’s room and as they talk, Francie decides to take a shower, though Diana thinks that is a bad idea. Sylvia goes to sleep but when she feels something crawling on her, wakes up to find a tarantula on her stomach and starts screaming. Mark and Joe race into her room and Joe is able to swat the tarantula off her and squash it. They head out into the living room, where they are joined by Diana, and Mark decides to get the others but when Diana and Joe go to get Francie, they find she has been stabbed with a pair of scissors. They 5 survivors head outside and try coming up with ideas on how to get out of there. Seeing some water from a drainage pipe running under the fence, Mark thinks they might be able to dig under the fence and escape and goes to find a shovel. Meanwhile, Joe had come up with an idea to make an S.O.S. sign to signal an aircraft that might fly overhead and Diana has an idea on how to make it so they head back to the house. Mark enters the cellar to try and get a shovel but finds a rattlesnake in there and is forced to leave. Returning to Judy and Sylvia, Mark asks them to help him but when Sylvia starts walking, she falls and twists her ankle so Judy has her sit down while she helps Mark dig by hand. Meanwhile, Diana and Joe cut up the welcome banner from the party to make their sign, then head out to the yard to find a spot to lay it out. As Joe sends Diana to find some rocks to weigh the sign down with, he finds the hidden power source for the fence and tells Diana to go get Mark. Mark and Judy discover a concrete base underneath the fence and are forced to stop digging but when they turn around, they find that Sylvia is gone. Judy runs up to the house to look for her and Mark is about to follow her but Diana stops him and tells him that Joe needs him so he tells Diana to go get Judy while he goes to Mark. Meanwhile, Edmond had seen Joe discover the power source and sends his German Shepherd to attack him and as Joe runs from the dog, he ends up running into the fence and electrocuting himself. Diana goes looking for Judy and Sylvia and, seeing the cellar door open, she heads down there but someone locks her in and as she tries to get out, she is bitten by the rattlesnake and killed. Inside the house, Edmond confronts Judy, grabbing her when she faints, and when Mark tries to stop him, he shoots at him before sending his dog to attack him. Edmond takes Judy upstairs and dresses her in her pledge robe before tying her to a chair. He then slaps her awake and Sylvia enters in her Initiator dress, revealing that she had been working with Edmond. Mark manages to lock the dog in a room and then goes to save Judy but he is knocked unconscious by Edmond. When Judy asks why, Sylvia explains that she was racked with guilt over Liz’s death, as she was the one who pulled the trigger, and had contemplated suicide when Edmond found her and convinced her that someone else was responsible. Sylvia then says that she knew that Judy hated Liz because she was prettier and better than Judy so Judy asked Sylvia about the ritual and learned of the bullets. Sylvia explains that she did that because Liz wanted to know and wanted to commit suicide. Sylvia says she is lying and then Edmond reveals a gatling gun and Sylvia explains that Edmond had made bullets, with some being fake and some being real. They begin firing around Judy but Mark comes too and manages to knock out Edmond. Sylvia goes to shoot Judy with Edmond’s pistol but Mark stops her, frees Judy, and then grabs a barrel of explosives as he and Judy run. Sylvia tries to stop them but she is shot by Edmond by accident and Edmond then attempts to shoot Judy and Mark as they head for the fence. Mark hands Judy the pistol and she uses it to shoot Edmond while Mark throws the explosive at the fence, blowing open the gate. Judy and Mark leave and head to the car and Mark says that they made it but Judy tells him that she made it, then points the gun at Mark and shoots him, indicating that she was the one that killed the other girls as well as Liz.

There were times that this felt like a poor imitation of an Agatha Christie movie but on the whole, this wasn’t that bad of a thriller. The acting was ok, with Claudia Jennings (Judy) and Arthur Franz (Edmond) putting on really good performances. The basic plot, centering on Liz’s death and Edmond’s twisted desire for revenge, was pretty good but the way that it would keep jumping around between the characters throughout the movie made things a little more confusing than it needed to be. I also felt like they could have done a better job in setting up the ending and laying out Judy’s motivation, though I did think how they explained Sylvia’s helping Edmond was great. The way the film was set up felt weird at times, with it felling like some scenes were cut out that could have explained what was going on a bit better, but otherwise, this is a decent movie and worth giving a chance.

Rating: 3 out of 5