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Flashback Review: April 28th, 2014 Movie – Black Cobra

black cobra

Now this should be interesting; an Italian Blaxploitation movie. Those were my first thoughts when I went to watch this movie the first time. I mean, I honestly had no idea what to expect out of this movie. Since it was in the Martial Arts box set, would I be getting something like The Last Dragon or would it be something completely different. To be honest, I am fairly certain I found this movie to be utterly forgettable, due to the fact that I honestly can’t remember anything about it. So let’s see if watching Black Cobra again will let me form a different opinion.

The plot: Detective Robert Malone arrives at a hostage situation and is told by Chief Max Walker to go in and negotiate with the criminals. Malone heads inside but after one of the criminals makes his demands, Malone shoots him, then kills the other two criminals, causing Walker to berate him when he enters the building. Elsewhere, a motorcycle gang meets up at an abandoned warehouse before heading out and riding along the coast. They eventually come across a couple on the beach and while his men proceeds to rape the woman, the leader kills the boyfriend when he tries to stop them. Later that night, photographer Elys Trumbo is finishing up a photo shoot and headed home but as she gets to her apartment, she hears a strange noise. Heading towards the sound, she sees a woman with her throat slit gasping out before collapsing to the ground. As Elys goes to check on her, the bandit leader approaches her, wielding the knife he had just used, but before he can attack her, Elys uses her camera to take pictures of him, the flash blinding him enough to let her get away. The bandit leader calls out to his gang and they all pile into a pick-up truck and head off after Elys but when she sees a policeman and stops to tell him what happened, they back away, with the leader swearing to find and kill Elys, as she had taken a picture of him. Elys is taken to a hospital to be treated for shock and Malone is called in by Walker and sent to protect her in case the bandits try to kill her. The bandits find out which hospital Elys is in and, after killing a man, they smear his blood on one of the bandits and take him to the hospital, claiming that he had been hit by a car. Making their way to Elys’s room, they shoot the police officer standing guard at the door and start to head towards her room but Malone, who had arrived at the hospital, heard the shot and manages to shoot one of the bandits in the back. The leader and the other bandit take cover and Malone shoots the other bandit when he heads for Elys’s room, then engages in a shootout with the bandit’s leader but is forced to let him go when he hears Elys screaming and quickly heads to her room and kills the bandit, who had crawled into the room to kill her. Malone takes Elys to his place for safe keeping but one of the bandits manages to find them and attempts to kill them both but Malone is able to kill him. Upset at the failure of his men, the bandit leader takes his two remaining men and they beat up Walker and kidnap his daughter, saying that they will make an exchange for Elys. The bandits then gather up some more men to help them set a trap for Malone when he shows up to the exchange. Walker tells Malone what happened, upset over being unable to protect his daughter and Malone tells him not to worry and that he will get his daughter back safely. Malone heads back to his house and starts grabbing some weapons from his gun cabinet and his partner asks for some guns as well, as he plans to help. Malone and his partner show up and the dock where the exchange is to take place and begin taking out the bandits trying to kill them. After killing most of the men, they find one of the bandits threatening to kill Walker’s daughter but Malone is able to bluff to get the man to drop his knife before knocking him out. Seeing his plan ruined, the bandit leader tries to escape but Malone spots him and throws a knife into his back, causing the leader to fall into the water. Malone and his partner leave with Walker’s daughter but the bandit leader had survived and dyes his hair and changes clothes to make himself look respectable so he can take another shot at Elys. Elys takes Malone out for a nice dinner as thanks for saving her but as Malone scans the crowd at the restaurant, he notices the bandit leader and recognizes him from Elys’s picture due to his gold tooth when he smiles. Moving slowly so as not to attract attention, Malone goes to grab his gun and moves his foot between Elys’s legs and onto her chair. Elys misinterprets his actions and smiles at him but when the bandit leader pulls out a gun and goes to shoot Elys, Malone shoves her chair with his foot and causes her to fall backwards, causing the bandit leader to miss his shot. Malone fires back at him but the bandit leader dodges it and then grabs a hostage to serve as a shield while he exits the building. Malone follows after him and after a car chase through the abandoned warehouse, they end up fighting some more and Malone is finally able to kill him. Some time later, Malone is getting ready to leave when Elys thanks him for saving her life and convinces him to let her take a picture of him.

Well, I am going to stand by my assessment that this was a pretty forgettable movie. The acting was ok I guess, though the dubbing was a little off at times which didn’t help matters at times. The story was ok but it wasn’t very original. In fact, the plot was almost ecatly the same as Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra, which had come out the year before and is reportedly where the movie’s title came from. The action scenes honestly looked pretty cheap and really didn’t incite a whole lot of excitement when I was watching it. So yeh, you can watch it if you want to kill some time but it won’t really be a satisfying waste of time.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5