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Flashback Review: April 26th, 2014 Movie – Bigfoot (2012)

bigfoot 2012

Ahh, an Asylum movie that involves Bigfoot. This sounds like it should be a lot of fun, so let’s see what exactly we have here. Two rival musicians as the main characters, who are at odds with each other in the film. A giant monster that terrorizes the region. A third musician that gets killed by the title monster. You know something, this honestly sounds pretty familiar to me. Wait a minute….I got it. This is just a reboot of Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid. Ok, I know it really isn’t but you have to admit that on some levels, Bigfoot (2012) does kind of seem that way. Well, let’s see how similar, or different, they are.

The plot: Outside of Deadwood, SD, a hunter lines up his shot and shoots a bear but before he can approach his trophy, he is attacked and killed by a large Bigfoot. Meanwhile, radio DJ Harley Anderson is using his show to complain about the freak snow storm the area is getting in April, as well as promote his 80’s flashback festival next week. When his show is finished, Harley heads out to the site of the festival and tells the foreman setting up the stages to clear out some trees. Harley’s former band mate, Simon Quint, has become an environmentalist and, along with some teenage followers, attempt to stop them by chaining themselves to the bulldozers but one of the drivers proceeds to start moving anyways, dragging the kids behind him. Sheriffs Becky Alvarez and Walt Henderson show up and stop the bulldozer and after listening to Harley and Simon arguing over who should be arrested, they end up taking Simon into custody. Harley’s crews get back to work but as one man heads into the woods to start cutting down some trees, he is attacked by Bigfoot. Bigfoot then heads after the rest of Harley’s crew, killing several of them and destroying the vehicles, causing a fire to break out. The fire is eventually put out and the fire chief shows him the footprints left in the snow but Harley says the festival is still on. As the festival draws closer, a couple in an RV are driving towards town when they accidentally hit Bigfoot, who throws the RV off the road. With the festival one day away, Mayor Tommy Gillis wants to pull the plug on the festival, but Harley tells him he can work out a deal with Simon to get him to stop trying to ruin the festival. Harley meets with Simon and offers to let him perform at the festival as a way to get his message out and Simon agrees to the deal. On the day of the festival, the snow has finally stopped but many of the acts, as well as the fans, have not shown up. Simon heads out to perform to a lackluster crowd while back stage, Alice Cooper, Harley’s special guest, complains about the event and threatens to quit. Harley sabotages Simon’s performance, causing feedback that wakes up Bigfoot from his cave and sends him heading towards the festival. When Alice Cooper starts performing, Bigfoot attacks the festival, killing several of the attendees and kicking Alice Cooper off the stage, killing him. As the news reports on the catastrophe, the National Guard is brought in to try and locate and kill Bigfoot but Simon tries to organize a movement to save him. Harley calls Al Hunter, a hunter friend of his, and hires him to come down and kill Bigfoot for him. As Bigfoot continues to terrorize the town, killing anyone that ventures into the forest, Simon tries to come up with a way to tranquilize it instead of killing it so it can be taken to a preserve. Harley joins Al and his team and they head out to try and kill Bigfoot but are unable to do so and Al loses two of his team members. Harley then talks with Mayor Gillis and convinces him to let him try and capture or kill Bigfoot and turn it into a tourist attraction. He then sends someone in to steal Simon’s tranquilizers so that he can use them for his plan. Simon and some of his group head out to try and track Bigfoot and run into Becky, who is searching for it as well. They find some tracks and Becky notices a cave nearby and goes to investigate it, with Simon and one of his group following her. The two team members left outside are attacked and killed by Bigfoot and when Becky, Simon, and the others go try to help, Simon realizes that his tranquilizer darts are missing. Harley and Al show up in a helicopter and try luring Bigfoot out to the open so Harley can get a clear shot at it. As Simon and Beth try to get away from Bigfoot, it continues to chase them as a National Guard tank fires at Bigfoot, burning it with it’s explosive shells and finally chasing it away. As new plans are made to deal with Bigfoot, Becky and Walt realize it is using the cave systems to travel around and try to figure out where it will show up next. Bigfoot ends up in Rapid City and begins a rampage there. Harley and Al hire some local hunters to help them try to stop Bigfoot but several of the men end up heading off early and get killed. As the rest of the hunters try to trap and kill it, Harley notices Simon flying by on his glider and shoots him down, refusing to let him stop his plans but Bigfoot still gets away. Simon and Priya, the only member of his team still there, head out to the caves to try and tranquilize Bigfoot. Meanwhile, Becky and Walt try their own way to stop him but Walt ends up getting killed in the process. Harley and Al make their way past a National Guard blockade and enter the caves looking for Bigfoot, with Al accidentally shooting Priya and wounding her when Simon and Priya surprise them. Hearing Bigfoot approaching, Al panics and runs out of the cave, followed by Harley, Simon, and Priya and Al ends up being killed by the National Guard by accident while Priya is killed by Bigfoot. Bigfoot makes it’s way to Mount Rushmore and Becky leads the National Guard to try and kill it. When the helicopter she is in is brought down, she sees Bigfoot climbing to the top of Mount Rushmore and calls in an airstrike. Simon and Harley both head to Mount Rushmore, with Simon still intending to try and tranquilize Bigfoot while Harley wants to kill it. The two end up fighting on the top of Lincoln’s head and Harley falls off the edge, Simon reaches down to try and save Harley as Bigfoot approaches them, and Simon reaches out to him for help. Seeing them on the monument, Becky tries to call off the air strike but is too late and as the missiles hit the monument, Harley, Simon, and Bigfoot are knocked off the monument and fall to the ground, where they are buried underneath the rubble. One year later, Mayor Gillis is on hand to dedicate a statue to the memory of Harley and Clint, celebrating them as heroes, while Mount Rushmore is also being rebuilt.

Yeh, it’s hard not to think that they took the plot of Mega Python vs Gatoroid and tweaked it a little because there really are a lot of similarities to it. That being said, this was a pretty decent movie, although it was a little slow to start. The acting was ok, with Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce doing decent jobs as Simon and Harley respectively. I honestly thought that Bruce Davison (Walt), Sherilyn Fenn (Becky), and Howard Hesseman (Mayor Gillis) gave better performances while Alice Cooper’s brief appearance was just hilarious. The story honestly felt a little disjointed, as the starting point of Simon trying to save the forest from Harley was then transferred to trying to save Bigfoot, but it just felt odd with everything else going on in the movie. I liked the design of Bigfoot and how they showed it’s face taking the damage from when it was burned throughout the movie. That being said, the CGI looked a little weak and there were times where the scale felt off with the Bigfoot, as it’s size kept seeming to change somewhat in scale with the people when it was attacking them. I mean, it would always be bigger/taller than them but sometimes the size difference was a lot bigger than others. Still, it is another enjoyable movie, at least for me, from The Asylum and if you like their movies, it is worth watching.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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June 7th, 2018 Movie – X-Men


A new century is upon us and with it came the rise of something we never thought we would see; Marvel Comics exploding onto the big screen. Yes, technically the Marvel Movie phenomenon really started with Blade back in 1998 (or you could even say with Men In Black in ’97)  but it was today’s movie that really made everyone take notice. Now I have been a fan of the X-Men ever since I first saw them guest star in some episodes of Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends as a kid. They would soon become a staple of my comic buying days and when I first heard that a live action movie was being made, I hoped that it would not be a complete debacle. Well, I know it has been a while since it first came out but let’s see just how good today’s movie is as I watch X-Men.

The plot: In 1944 Poland, young Erik Lehnsherr is separated from his parents when the enter a concentration camp. As he tries to get to his parents, the guards try to stop him and Erik’s mutant powers begin to manifest, allowing him to bend the metal gate until a guard knocks him unconscious. In present day Meridian, MS, a young girl named Marie is at her boyfriend’s house, discussing her plans to run away and travel the country. When the two kiss, Marie suddenly starts to absorb his life force and her boyfriend starts seizing. She screams out, alerting his parents, and as they rush to tend to him and calm Marie, she yells at them not to touch her. Some time later, in Washington D.C., Jean Grey is speaking in front of the senate and trying to discourage them from passing Senator Kelly’s Mutant Registration Bill but Kelly, posing extreme hypotheticals and using fear tactics, gets the audience on his side. Charles Xavier is in attendance and as he sadly watches the audience applaud Kelly’s speech, he notices Erik is also in attendance. When Erik leaves the assembly, Xavier heads out to talk with him and Erik tells him that he heard all of this before and asks Xavier not to get in his way, saying that mutants are the future. Meanwhile, Marie has hitchhiked up to a small town in Alberta, Canada and as she enters the bar, she watches a man called the Wolverine gets beat down in a cage fight before coming back and winning the fight. As the bar closes down for the night, Rogue is drinking some water at the bar when Wolverine sits down and orders a beer. When the loser of the fight goes up to Wolverine and complains about him cheating, then tries to stab him in the back, Rogue shouts out a warning to Wolverine, who dodges the attack, then pins the man against a post with his claws. When the bartender points a shotgun at Wolverine, he uses the claws on his other hand to cut the gun in half and after staring down the two men, leaves the bar. After driving down the road a little ways, Wolverine discovers Rogue hiding in his trailer and he leaves her on the side of the road at first but has a change of heart and lets her into his camper. As the two talk for a bit, where Wolverine introduces himself as Logan, a tree suddenly falls in front of them, causing the truck to crash and Logan to go flying out of the truck. Rogue finds herself stuck as the camper catches on fire and Logan recovers and moves to help her when he is attacked by Sabertooth, who knocks him unconscious. As Sabertooth approaches the camper, he is suddenly attacked by Storm and Cyclops, who quickly rescue Rogue and drag Wolverine to safety before the camper explodes. When Wolverine regains consciousness, he finds himself being attended to by Jean and quickly grabs her but then releases her as he leaves the room. Finding himself in a strange corridor, he finds a hoodie he can wear and tries to find his way out of there when he hears a voice in his head. He eventually ends up in a room with Xavier, who is teaching a couple of children physics, and after the students leave, he introduces himself. Xavier explains to Logan that this is a school for mutants to train them in how to use their powers so they can reenter society without being a threat. He then tells him about Magneto and asks Logan to give him 48 hours to figure out what Magneto wants with him and then he is free to go wherever he wants. Meanwhile, Sabertooth returns to Magneto’s lair and informs him about the X-Men stopping him and Magento says that they have to prepare for the UN summit on Ellis Island. When Senator Kelly boards a helicopter and flies off, his aide Henry Gyrich reveals himself to actually be the shape-shifting mutant Mystique, who knocks him out then joins the pilot, Toad. When Kelly regains consciousness, he finds himself in Magneto’s lair and Magneto talks with him briefly before stepping into a machine and activating it, bathing Kelly in a radiation which Magneto feels will induce mutation in him, but weakening Magneto at the same time. Back in New York, Jean runs tests on Logan and discovers his skeleton and claws are infused with adamantium and the only reason he survived is due to his mutant healing factor. As Jean shows him to a room he can stay in for the night, Logan starts flirting with her but she tells him she is with Cyclops. That night, Logan has a nightmare about his forgotten past, brought on when Jean attempted to read his mind and saw the process where he got his adamantium. Hearing his cries, Rogue goes to check on him but when she moves to wake him, Logan lashes out and accidentally impales Rogue with his claws. Logan calls out for help but before anyone can get there, Rogue teaches him and steals his powers, allowing herself to heal, then apologizes to Storm, Jean, and Cyclops before leaving the room, with the other students quickly stepping out of her way. Back at Magneto’s lair, Kelly has been imprisoned so that Magneto can see if his machine works but Kelly has gained the ability to make his body elastic and is able to escape. Back at the mansion, Rogue is approached by one of the students, Bobby Drake, who tells her that Xavier is upset with her and she should probably go ahead and leave the school but when Rogue leaves, Bobby is revealed to be Mystique in disguise. Logan comes too and asks about Rogue, whom Xavier says is fine, but when he goes looking for her, he discovers that she is gone. Xavier uses Cerebro to locate her at a train station and Logan wants to go get her but Xavier says it is too dangerous. He sends Cyclops and Storm out there but Logan steals Cyclops’s motorcycle and rides off ahead of them. Back at the mansion, Mystique makes her way to Cerebro and sabotages it, then leaves the mansion. At the train station, Logan finds Rogue on one of the trains and after talking with her for a bit, tells her that he thinks Xavier really wants to help her and it would be best if she goes back there. Meanwhile, Storm is asking the ticket agent if she has seen Rogue when she is attacked by Sabertooth. Cyclops goes to help her but Toad manages to grab his visor, causing Cyclops beams to go out of control until he is able to close his eyes. Meanwhile, Magneto stops the train that Rogue and Logan are on and as Logan faces off against him, Magneto easily is able to overpower him. When Logan asks what Magneto wants with him, Magneto tells him that he never wanted him and Logan realizes they were after Rogue, just before Magneto knocks him out, then captures Rogue. Sabertooth and Toad join Magneto and they start to leave with Rogue when the police show up and try to stop them. Magneto disarms the police and points there guns back at him when Sabertooth suddenly grabs him by the throat and Toad starts to leave with Rogue. Realizing that Xavier is there, Magneto speaks out to him, then threatens to kill the police and the only way to stop him is to kill him and Xavier reluctantly releases his hold on Sabertooth and Toad, allowing Magneto to leave. Back at the mansion, Logan is upset about Rogue being kidnapped and wants to go find her but as he opens the door to leave, he finds Senator Kelly there. Kelly is brought to the infirmary and as they try to help him, Xavier reads his mind to discover what happened. As Xavier explains what happened to Logan, Cyclops, and Jean, they realize that Magneto plans to transfer his powers to Rogue to power the machine, sacrificing her life instead of his own. In the infirmary, Kelly asks if someone is there and when Storm says she is, he talks briefly with her before his body dissolves. When Storm tells the others that Kelly is dead, Xavier goes to use Cerebro to find Magneto and Rogue but is incapacitated by Mystique’s sabotage. As Cyclops sits with Xavier in the infirmary, Jean repairs Cerebro and then uses it to locate where Rogue is and they figure out that Magneto plans to use the device to mutate the members of the summit. Cyclops, Jean, Storm, and Logan head out to Liberty Island to try and stop Magneto and when they enter the base of the statue, Logan says someone is there. He goes looking for the other person, motioning Cyclops and the others to stay there. When he returns, he moves to stab Cyclops but another Logan stops him, as the Logan that was about to attack Cyclops is revealed to be Mystique, then quickly locks them in another part of the building to prevent Cyclops from accidentally blasting the wrong one. Before the can react, Toad appears and attacks Cyclops, Jean, and Storm, locking Cyclops into a display, knocking Storm down an elevator shaft, and spitting some gunk onto Jean’s face, suffocating her. Cyclops is able to free himself and then save Jean while Storm emerges from the elevator shaft and uses her hurricane winds to knock Toad away. He manages to save himself by using his tongue to grab onto the railing but Storm summons a lightning bolt to electrocute him, sending him flying out into the water. Meanwhile, Logan and Mystique continue fighting and when he starts to get the upper hand, she manages to get away. As Logan goes looking for her, Storm joins him and says that they should regroup with the team but Wolverine stabs her, revealing that Storm was actually Mystique. After they all regroup, they head up to the torch when Wolverine suddenly warns them to run, as he is unable to move. The X-Men are suddenly trapped by Magneto’s power and after making sure they can’t move, he heads up to the torch to use Rogue to activate the machine, leaving Sabertooth to guard the X-Men. Logan stabs himself in order to get free and begins fighting with Sabertooth on the top of the Statue of Liberty. Sabertooth gets the upper hand and throws him off the statue, then goes inside to kill the rest of the X-Men but Logan returns and, with Jean’s help, gets Cyclops to blast Sabertooth out of the statue and send him crashing onto a harbor patrol boat below. Seeing that Magneto has activated the device, Logan has Storm and Jean send him up to the machine, where he works to free Rogue. Magneto tries to stop him but Cyclops is able to blast Magneto, allowing Logan to destroy the machine before the radiation reaches Ellis island. After freeing Rogue and finding her unresponsive, he places her bare skin against his, using her power to siphon off his healing factor to save her life. Magneto is captured by the authorities but Mystique, who survived being stabbed, changes to a security guard and is taken to a hospital for treatment. Some time later, both Xavier and Logan recover from their injuries and Logan asks how Rogue is doing and Jean tells him she is fine. Xavier tells Logan about an abandoned military base at Alkali Lake in Canada and says that it might be the best chance for finding out more about his past and Logan thanks him. Later, Xavier, Storm, Cyclops, and Jean are watching TV when they notice that Senator Kelly is on TV, reversing his position on the Mutant Registration Act, and they realize that Kelly is actually Mystique. As Logan goes to leave, Marie stops him at the door and says she doesn’t want him to leave and Logan hands her his dog tags, telling her that he will be back to get them from her. As Logan rides off, having stolen Cyclop’s motorcycle again, Xavier pays a visit to Magneto in his special plastic cell and Magneto says that he will escape one day to continue the fight and Xavier says he will be waiting for his old friend when he does.

X-Men met with mostly praise from the critics, holding a certified fresh rating of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Faithful to the comics and filled with action, X-Men brings a crowded slate of classic Marvel characters to the screen with a talented ensemble cast and surprisingly sharp narrative focus.” Shortly after accepting the role of Magneto, Ian McKellen was offered the role of Gandalf in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. He originally was forced to turn down the role but after talking with director Bryan Singer about his desire to be in The Lord Of The Rings, Singer agreed to alter the shooting schedule so that McKellen filmed all of his scenes by the end of 1999 so he could head to New Zealand to start working on The Lord Of The Rings. The movie was a box office success, earning $296.3 million off of a $75 million budget and would go on to spawn 2 sequels, 3 prequels, and 5 spin-offs, with 2 more films in the series set to be released.

Luckily for everyone that this movie turned out pretty good cause otherwise, who knows what superhero movies would have looked like in the future. The acting was good, with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen doing great jobs as Xavier and Magneto respectively. I also thought that Hugh Jackman, James Marsden, and Famke Janssen did good jobs with Logan, Cyclops, and Jean respectively and did a great job bringing the tension among the three in the comics onto the big screen. The story was interesting, mainly because the idea of forcing mutations like that felt a little out of character from the way Magneto usually is in the comics. This actually felt more like something that Mr. Sinister or Apocalypse would do, not Magneto. The special effects were pretty good and definitely some of the best around at the time. I do think that they went overboard with some of the slow motion action scenes during Wolverine’s fights but other wise, it was highly enjoyable. Super hero movies have come a long way since this movie but this is still a great movie to watch on it’s own merits and definitely worth watching.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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February 25th, 2018 Movie – Titanic II

titanic 2

As has become a recurring theme over the years, I have some of my friends to thank for today’s movie. I know it may come as a shock to most of you, but I really do enjoy the cheesy low budget B-movies, primarily of the sci-fi variety. To try and get my friends to enjoy them as much as I do, I have movie nights where I show numerous of these movies during the night. One such night several years ago, as we were about to watch one such movie, one of the trailers before the movie featured today’s movie. My three friends who were there at the time, Charles, Emily, and Kathy, asked me if I had it, then begin pressuring me to buy it when they learned that I didn’t own it. Needless to say, I ended up succumbing to the pressure and buying it on Amazon (it was only $9) but said that they had to watch it with me when it came in, which they agreed to. So the movie arrived, they came over to watch it, and fun was had by all. So now let’s see if history can repeat itself as I watch today’s movie, Titanic II.

The plot: Off the coast of the Helheim Glacier in Greenland, a man is surfing along the waves caused by pieces of the glacier falling into the ocean. Suddenly, a massive piece of the glacier breaks off, creating a massive wave to form that quickly knocks him off his board and drowns him. United States Coast Guard Captain James Maine receives a call from N.O.A.A. about the situation at the glacier and he contacts his regular pilot, Elliot Snipes, and has him fly him out there to investigate. Meanwhile, James’ daughter Amy and her friend Kelly Wade are in New York City waiting on James to see them off as they get ready to board the SS Titanic II, a new luxury cruise liner built by wealthy businessman Hayden Walsh. As they watch Hayden arrive, escorted by several models, Kelly questions Amy over her feelings for him, as they used to date, but Amy swears she is over him. As Kelly goes ahead and boards, Amy receives a call from James, telling her he can’t be there and telling her he doesn’t want her on the ship but she tells him everything will be fine. Amy boards the ship and runs into Hayden, where they have a brief and somewhat awkward conversation, before she heads to the infirmary where she and Kelly are working. On deck, Hayden is giving a speech to the assembled crowd and introduces Captain Howard before the ship begins it’s maiden voyage, sailing the same route the original RMS Titanic took, only in reverse. In Greenland, James reaches N.O.A.A.’s research site and is met by Dr. Kim Patterson. Kim explains that she requested his presence because of his reputation and she knew he would give her the benefit of the doubt when she explains what is happening. She tells him that the wave from the iceberg that broke off the glacier the day before had reached all the way to Canada and says that their is a chance an even bigger piece would break off soon, which could send a tsunami across the entire Atlantic Ocean. To illustrate her point, Kim takes James out to show him where the iceberg broke off and explains that global warming is making the ice melt at a faster pace than normal. Back on the ship, Hayden and Amy meet up on the deck and discuss the 6 months since the last spoke and what led to their breakup. Meanwhile, Captain Howard is overseeing the ship’s progress and one of his officers worries about being able to maneuver quick enough should they encounter ice as they near Greenland but Howard assures him that the ship is more capable than it’s predecessor. Back on the glacier, a sudden tremor occurs and cracks begin forming along the glacier. James and Kim manage to get on James’ helicopter but Kim’s team ends up falling in the cracks as the glacier breaks apart and falls into the ocean. James radios his base and speaks with Admiral Hadley and warns him of the approaching tsunami caused by the iceberg falling into the ocean. When Kim warns him about ice being a danger to ships at sea, James contacts Hadley again and has him place a warning out to ships at sea and alert the Navy to send someone to the Titanic II, as he feels it will be in danger. On board the ship, the radio operator receives the tsunami alert and tells Howard about it, who orders all passengers to be escorted to the lower decks as a precaution. After the infirmary is contacted about the situation, Amy heads to a ballroom to help just as Hayden is being informed of the situation. Hayden heads to the bridge, arguing with James over the radio that the ship can handle any ice that comes their way but James tells him that the tsunami is traveling at 800 mph and any ice moving with it will tear the ship apart. James tells Howard to move the ship south as quickly as he can but warns that the wave will reach them in 15 minutes or less. A Navy sub is traveling towards the Titanic II but encounters some icebergs under the water and ends up being destroyed when an iceberg collides with it. Back on the Titanic II, Hayden tells Howard to push the engines to 50 knots and Hayden’s second in command tells him that the engines haven’t been tested and might seize up but Howard says to go ahead and push them. James attempts to contact Amy but when she doesn’t answer, he leaves her a message telling her not to go to the lower decks and to stay in the center of the ship but if it starts taking on water, to get to the lifeboats. Snipes tells James that they are running low on fuel and they head to a Canadian Coast Guard Station to refuel. Back on the ship, one of the engines seize up as the wave approaches, sending a massive iceberg heading towards them. Captain Howard sounds the alarm as the iceberg and wave strike the ship, tearing a hole in the starboard side. As they assess the damage, they learn that all of the life boats on the starboard side were crushed by the wave’s pressure and the ship, having never been designed to withstand an impact from the side, is taking on too much water and will sink in 2-3 hours. Howard orders an evacuation and Hayden’s bodyguard ushers Hayden towards his private helicopter, rushing past Amy, who is on the deck tending to an injured passenger. When he reaches the helipad, Hayden tells his bodyguard to forget protocol and get as many injured people onto the helicopter and get them to safety first, then heads back towards the ship. Meanwhile, Kim tells James that according to the data she is receiving from N.O.A.A., tremors are still rocking the glacier and it has the chance of sending another tsunami that will dwarf the previous one. Hayden contacts Admiral Hadley and relays the information saying they need to get as many planes and helicopters into the air to get the people on the Titanic II off of the ship. However Kim receives an report that the entire front part of the glacier has fallen into the ocean and the wave is heading outward. Back on the Titanic II, evacuation procedures are commencing and after helping the injured passenger to the elevator, Amy goes to find Kelly and Hayden, who shows up to help get a fallen passenger off of her, goes with her. They find her in the infirmary pinned under a medical cabinet and bleeding from a laceration and Amy quickly makes a makeshift bandage to keep the wound sealed and they make their way to the life boats. Choosing to arrange for a mid-air refueling, James contacts the Titanic II and tells Howard not to put the lifeboats in the water as they will be deathtraps when this second wave hits. Before Howard can respond, the turbine room explodes, killing him and trapping Amy, Hayden, and Kelly in the elevator. In the helicopter, the refueling is commencing but Snipes sees the wave approaching and they disconnect and quickly fly over the wave but the refueling plane is struck by the wave and destroyed. James manages to get in touch with Amy, who tells him where they are, and he warns them about the second wave and says not to get in the lifeboat. James asks Hayden if he has any dive gear on the ship and when Hayden says they do, James says to head there and get the diving gear on so they have a better chance of staying alive. Hayden, Amy, and Kelly manage to get out of the elevator and climb up the shaft to the next floor. Making their way to the dive chamber, they find the door jammed and Hayden uses a fire axe to pry the door open and Amy tries to squeeze through but she gets stuck and as Kelly goes to push her free, the door slams closed as she does, crushing Kelly. Hayden makes it through the door and tells Amy they have to keep moving and they make their way to the dive chamber. Before they enter, they hear someone calling for help and attempt to rescue him but are unable to get the door open and the man suffocates to death from the smoke in the room. Amy and Hayden return to the dive chamber to find that there is only one tank and wet suit left so Hayden has Amy put it on. Seeing debris falling around them in the room, Hayden and Amy get into the dive locker just as the wave hits the ship, flipping it upside down while destroying all of the life rafts that had launched. Amy and Hayden find themselves trapped in the locker and with the water rising fast, Hayden makes sure that Amy has the tank on, turning on the emergency signal on the harness as he does, and tells her if they are rescued soon enough, he can be revived and Amy kisses him before they are completely submerged, then cries as Hayden drowns in front of her. James, Kim, and Snipes arrive at the site and, getting the signal from Kim’s vest, James dons some scuba gear and, after handing Kim some rope for him to use as a guide rope back, jumps into the water and makes his way to the ship. After he jumps, Snipes realizes they are almost out of fuel and has Kim throw a life raft into the water and jump for it, then crashes the helicopter away from the raft so it won’t be damaged. James makes his way to the dive chamber and frees Amy, who grabs Hayden’s body and they make their way to the surface. Kim helps them aboard the raft and Amy attempts to revive Hayden but to no avail as rescue helicopters arrive to pick them up, making Amy and the people that left in Hayden’s helicopter the only survivors.

Just to clarify, I can respect Titanic for the film it is but personally, I hate it. That being said, this wasn’t that bad of a movie but it also wasn’t something that had me on the edge of my seat in suspense. Sadly, this was kind of an average film at best. The acting was decent, with Bruce Davison (James), Brooke Burns (Kim) and Shane Van Dyke (Hayden) doing decent jobs in their roles but I felt like Marie Westbrook (Amy) couldn’t quite get her character down right. The story was interesting and based on a bit of truth, as an Australian billionaire named Clive Palmer had plans to build a Titanic 2 but financial difficulties and other issues have currently put the project on hold. A second replica Titanic 2 is being built in China but that ship is not intended for travel but rather to serve as a docked museum. The special effects weren’t too bad, though some of the shots with the waves destroying the sub, plane, and life boats were a little on the cheesy side. It’s a good movie to watch and laugh at with friends, but that is about the only redeeming feature.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5