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Flashback Review: May 26th, 2014 Movie – Blue Money

blue money

Well, the Drive-In Cult Classics box set was pretty much set up to be nothing but some low budget T&A movies. So it only makes since that one of these movies would be a movie about porn. However, that is not the thing that I remember about this movie. No, what I remember is that on the outside of the box, this movie is listed as Blue Monday, while it is listed as Blue Money on the DVD. This led to a slight bit of confusion as I tried to look it up but I basically went by the actors to find the right movie. So let’s see how a movie about the hardships of the 70’s porn business turns out.

The plot:┬áJim DeSalle is putting some film equipment into his car, unaware that he is being watched by the Los Angeles Vice Squad for suspicion of making pornographic films. After kissing his wife Lisa and their baby goodbye, Jim heads to the studio to start filming their latest picture, and after shooting some scenes, they call a lunch. Later that day, Jim and his partner meet with the Fatman, who was buying their films, but the Fatman shorts them $1000, claiming that the economy is tough on him. The next day, Jim and Lisa are cleaning their boat and Lisa gets upset at his attitude, feeling like he isn’t being completely honest with her about his work. Later, Jim heads back into the studio to film some more and Lisa decides to surprise him with lunch but is uncomfortable watching him work and after a tense exchange, she quickly leaves. When one of the “models” is unable to continue filming, Jim’s producer friend Mike calls a model that has worked for them before and she agrees to come in, saying she has a friend as well. Jim and Mike interview a couple of women for the part when Mike’s friend Michelle comes in with her friend Ingrid. As Mike and Michelle talk, Jim starts interviewing Ingrid and ends up feeling a connection with her and tells her that he will call her if they have something for her and after they leave, Mike teases Jim about his wanting to sleep with her. The next day, Ingrid ends up calling Jim at his house, much to Lisa’s displeasure, and after begging him for some work, Jim tells her to come by the studio and he will find something for her. The next day, Jim films a scene with Ingrid having sex and afterwards, they end up heading to a motel together, where they fool around in the shower. Jim sneaks back home and gets into bed with Lisa, who comments about his wet neck and he tells her he took a shower at Mike’s place after they finished up late at the studio. The next day, Jim, Lisa, and their baby are riding bicycles and find Mike waiting for them at their house. He tells them there was a big announcement from the President that seemed to indicate that he was on their side in the issue, but almost gives away that Jim wasn’t with him the night before. Mike tells them that he is throwing a party and invites them there but Lisa ends up getting drunk and so they leave early. Returning home, Jim talks with Lisa some before she heads up to bed and as he starts watching TV, he sees a news report about the police making some more raids on some theaters. As more theater owners are getting scared off from buying their movies, Jim ends up leaving the studio early and heading down to the boat, where Ingrid shows up. Meanwhile, Mike calls the house looking for Jim and Lisa answers the phone and figures he is on the boat and heads there to deliver the message. When she gets there, she sees Jim with Ingrid and quickly heads back to the home unseen. When Jim comes home, Lisa confronts him about Ingrid but Jim swears that he didn’t sleep with her. Suddenly, Mike bursts in and says that the police busted another owner and Ingrid gets scared and decides to leave with the baby. Mike says that they need to close the studio and Jim agrees so they rush to the studio that night and clean it out of all of their films and equipment. Mike decides to skip town but Jim can’t, as he owes too much money. He decides to try and sell some of their last films to the Fatman, who cheats him another $1000, saying that pretty soon, the theater owners will be making their own movies and won’t need them anymore. As the creditors close in on Jim and he he receives a notice at the house, he decides to movie his boat, with plans on sailing it out to sea with Lisa and the baby, leaving all of the troubles behind them. After having the boat moved, Jim heads home and receives a call from Lisa that night, saying she has sorted her own problems out and misses him. Jim tells her to meet him the next day and they will sail out on their boat and leave town. Jim works on filming one last movie but ends up being busted by the police in a raid. The Vice Cops tell him they have plenty of film on him and warn him to stay in the area to make his arraignment hearing but Jim walks out of the station, where Lisa and their baby are waiting for him, and they quickly get onto their boat and sail away, just like they planned on doing.

This was an interesting subject but a pretty boring movie to be honest. The acting was ok but nobody really stood out in their performance. The story was interesting and while I can’t say how much of it was based on real events/situations, they way they played it up gave it a sense of realism. The drama in the movie was ok but felt overly scripted and too fake to really suck you in. Let’s face it, sometimes the movies that used to be shown in drive-ins are not exactly worth going back to re-watch.

Rating: 1 out of 5