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August 11th, 2017 Movie – Shark Swarm

shark swarm

You know what is better than one shark movie in the Maneater series? Obviously, the answer is two shark movies in the series. So the other day I watched a newer entry into the series but today’s movie was Maneater’s first go at a shark movie. Now I never saw this when it debuted on Syfy but I probably would have been as shocked then as I was when I got the DVD to learn that this movie was 3 hours long. That is not a common occurrence with these movies. In fact, sometimes they can be hard pressed to be 90 minutes, 2 hours tops. So let’s see if the added movie length made today’s movie any better as I watch Shark Swarm.

The plot: At Northern Pacific University, Professor Bill Girdler is lecturing his class on the dangers that environmental hazards place on wildlife and the balance of nature as a whole. Meanwhile, three men under the employee of Hamilton Lux, a real estate tycoon, are dumping barrels of toxic material into the ocean near the town of Full Moon Bay in order to kill off the fish in the area. The leader of the men, Kane Markus, says they are going to dump a few more then after he takes the boat in, one of the men is supposed to go to the power plant and shut off the waste valve, as Lux has an EPA inspector coming in and doesn’t want him to discover what he is doing as the plant is supposed to be closed. Meanwhile, local fisherman Daniel “Dan” Wilder is listening on the radio as the DJ comments about the lousy fishing season this year while singing the praises of Lux, who is willing to help revitalize the town. As he and his first mate Clint get ready to sail off, they see Kane sailing past them and taunting them with the money he has made by working for Lux. When Dan’s wife Brook and daughter Kim show up to see them off and start work at the family store, Brook comments about Lux sending another contract, which Dan promptly places on a stack of similar unopened envelopes. Meanwhile, Lux arrives in town and meets with Kane and Sheriff Dexter Murray, revealing that Dexter is aware of Lux’s plan. Dan calls his brother Phillip, a professor at Northern Pacific, and tells him about a town meeting that Lux has scheduled and says they should get together to discuss the contract, as Phillip’s name is on the deed to the family store, but Phillip says he can’t as he has classes all day. Meanwhile, Davey and Weaver have sealed the pipe inside the power plant and Weaver is working on welding the underwater lid shut but unknown to them, the toxins didn’t kill the sharks but made them more aggressive and working in packs, and a swarm of sharks attack and kill Weaver. Elsewhere, Kim and Brook meet Chris and Weezer, two kids that have come to town for the surfing and Kim ends up flirting with Chris while out in the ocean. sharks continue attacking more people. At the University, Girdler talks to Phillip about his future plans and after showing him how he has gained access to satellite tracking data, he explains that he wants to do a study of the area around Full Moon Bay and wants Phillip’s help. Phillip eagerly accepts the offer and when Girdler asks about someone who knows the history of the area, he recommends they speak with Dan. Meanwhile, Dan and Clint catch some fish that are covered inside and out with a black fluid and Clint goes to throw them overboard but Dan says he wants to hold onto them, then says to head further North as a storm starts to come in. Back in town, Lux has a meeting with Amy Zuckerman, the EPA agent, and as she is going over all of his paperwork and permits, she asks him about the information regarding the power plant and he tries to stall but she is adamant about seeing them and he says he will bring them to her at her hotel that night. Back at sea, Dan and Clint come across part of the carcass of a dead whale and Dan, thinking something is strange about it, manages to pry a piece of flesh off with a boat hook to take with them. A little while later, they come across a boat belonging to Nick Atkins and Dan calls out to him but when gets no response, he decides to head aboard. After finding nobody aboard and the engine damaged, Dan tells Clint he will stay on board in case Nick shows back up while Clint goes back to town to get some help towing the boat. Back in town, Lux has Kane relay a message to Brook asking her to meet Lux for lunch the next day, as he hopes to be able to convince her to sell their property for his plans. Meanwhile, three of Phillip’s students sneak over to Lux’s building site to hang a banner to troll him but a shark grabs the safety line they are all tied to and drags them out to sea, where they are all killed. At the local bar, Phillip is having dinner with Bess and discussing his project while waiting for Dan to show up but has to leave just as Brook and Kim show up. On his way out, he briefly flirts with Amy, who had gone their for dinner. As Brook and Kim sit down with Bess, Clint arrives at the bar and tells Brook about Dan being in trouble and Kane offers to go rescue Dan after overhearing their conversation, with Clint and Brook coming with him. Back on Nick Atkin’s boat, Dan is attempting to repair the engine when he hears something bumping the boat and as he pulls up the lines, he finds Nick’s arm tangled among them. Heading back inside the cabin, Nick grabs the flare gun and fires off a flare, which allows him to see all of the sharks circling the boat. Kane’s boat shows up and Dan hugs Brook before telling her about finding Nick’s arm. Kane offers his condolences about Nick but then argues with Dan about how it was his own fault for being out there. The next morning, Amy heads out to the beach and collects some water samples while at their home, Dan and Brook are discussing the upcoming town hall meeting and what Dan will say there. Later, Dan goes to speak with Mayor Clarence before the town meeting and voices his concerns about Lux attempting to buy the entire town but Clarence doesn’t see the problem. At the town hall, Dan tries to voice the concerns to everyone but the rest of the town has already signed Lux’s contracts and wants to let him proceed. Dan rips up his contract and storms out after Lux has turned the rest of the town against him and gets angry when Brook and Phillip tell him that he should calm down. Amy goes looking around the power plant but she is found by Kane, who takes her to see Lux, where she tells him she will do her job regardless as to who she knows. Nick’s boat is towed back to the docks and as Dan and Clint examine it, Dan discovers several shark’s teeth in a hole in the boat’s hull. Dan heads to the university to show the teeth to Phillip, who confirms that they are from a great white and is concerned about the size of it based on the teeth. Meanwhile, a local beachcomber named Al is walking along the beach with his dog Maggie when they come across several beached sharks. As Al goes to collect a flask out of the teeth of one of them, the shark bites down on his hand and Maggie runs for help, bringing Kim and Chris, who were talking on the beach, to help him. Dan and Phillip arrive at the beach, due to Kim’s calling Dan, and as Phillip examines the sharks, he sees Amy examining them as well and after they properly introduce themselves, Phillip invites her back to his lab to observe the autopsy. Meanwhile, Brook goes to see Lux, who tries to persuade her to get Dan to sign the contract but after seeing the designs he has for the town, she refuses and walks out of his office. As more people are killed by the sharks in the bay, Phillip and AMy complete the autopsy and discover the shark’s brain has been fried due to severe pollution. Phillip calls a friend to ask if he still has the sonar guns he was testing for the navy and has him charge them up, then asks Amy if she would like to go with him to test them out but she says she can’t, as she plans on visiting the old power plant that night. Meanwhile, Brook tells Dan about her meeting with Lux but he gets upset about her not telling him about it and storms out, then ends up confronting Lux about it, who warns Dan that the whole town is going to end up forcing him to sell if he isn’t careful. Amy tells Phillip she is at the power plant and then sneaks over the fence to examine the grounds and nearby water. As she goes to get a water sample, she slips on the rocks and falls in, attracting the attention of a nearby swarm of sharks but before they reach her, Phillip shows up and pulls her out of the water. Phillip takes her back to his place to dry off and she tells him that she plans on denying Lux the permits he needs to finish his construction project. Daniel heads over to Phillips house, where Phillip and Amy explain what happened and they make plans to meet at the university. Once there, Phillip goes to get Girdler, who tells them the results of the blood work on the shark. Hearing that it had high doses of phosphorus in it, Dan realizes that Lux had poisoned the waters to force people to sell their land to him. After Girdler says that the lack of food plus the pollution could alter the sharks’ behavior, he alters his satellite feed to try and track the sharks only to see the massive swarm heading towards a nearby beach. Dan races off, with Phillip handing him the keys to his boat as it’s faster, but shortly after he leaves, Phillip decides to head out there to help as well. As he makes his way there, Dan calls Clint to tell him to meet him on Phillip’s boat, and learns from Girdler that the shark swarm is growing larger. Dan and Clint head out to Spivey Point and they warn the people to get out of the water. When a shark strikes the boat, Dan ends up falling into the water but is able to use the pulse gun to drive the sharks away and swim to shore. On the shore, Lux and Sheriff Dexter are tying to play the incident off as people panicking over nothing, which angers Dan. When Phillip and Amy arrive to see if Dan is ok, Lux makes a crude comment about Amy’s relationship with the Wilders before laughing as Phillip holds her back from hitting him. Later that night, Chris invites Kim to a bonfire on the beach that night while at Phillip’s house, Amy tells Phillip and Dan that Lux had his friends at the EPA pull her off of his case. Dan and Clint work on repairing the boat and as Dan is taking away the trash, he sees a truck delivering barrels of waste onto the dock. He tries calling Phillip but when he doesn’t answer, he calls Brook and has her call Dexter and tell him to come to the docks. When he gets off the phone with Brook, Dexter calls Kane to tell him that Dan is at the docks and Kane says he will take care of it, then goes and kidnaps Brook. The next morning, Kane, Tony, and Kane’s girlfriend Tia head to the dock, where they show Dan they have Brook captive and force him to head out to sea. When they get close to where Kane’ boat is anchored, Dan tries to throw their kidnappers off balance so they can fight free but Clint ends up getting shot. When they reach Kane’s boat, Kane forces Dan and Brook into a shark cage and, after cutting Dan’s arm, lowers it into the water, as they plan to make their death’s an accident. Dan and Brook manage to escape the cage and climb back onto Kane’s boat, with Dan dragging Tony into the water for the sharks to kill. When Dan and Tia go to investigate the noise, Dan and Brook start fighting with them and both Tia and Kane end up being knocked overboard and killed by the sharks. Dan tries to leave in Kane’s boat but the cable from the cage gets snared in the propeller so they are forced to use a zodiac to head back to town. Meanwhile, Kim had fallen asleep on the beach and goes to leave but Chris convinces her to stay a little longer, as he is scheduled to leave that day. Phillip and Amy arrive on the dock to find Dan’s boat missing but they soon see him and Brook pulling in on the zodiac and Dan gives a brief rundown of what happened. Girdler calls them and says that the shark swarm is breaking into 3 swarms, all heading to different parts of the area, all of which will be populated. They split up, with Dan heading to Spivey point, Phillip and Amy heading to the pier, where Lux is holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for opening the rebuilt pier, and Brook heading to the north shore, where the church is holding it’s baptisms. The sharks start to attack the different areas, with Lux being killed at the pier when he falls into the water, but Dan and the others are able to use the pulse guns to drive off the swarms and save as many people as they can. As paramedics check everyone over, Phillip tells Dan that Girdler had called and said the sharks are dispersing out to sea so the danger has passed. One year later, Dan has a new boat, named Clint’s Courage, and taken on Chris as his new first mate while Kim, who has gone to college on the East Coast, is due to come home that day. Elsewhere, Phillip and Amy are taking some of Phillip’s students on a diving excursion as part of their class assignment and they investigate the area around the sealed valve of the power plant.

As much as I love shark movies, I have to be honest that this was a little long even for me. That being said, this wasn’t that bad of a movie. The acting was good, with John Schneider (Dan), Daryl Hannah (Brook), Armand Assante (Lux), and John Enos III (Kane) all doing great jobs in their roles. The story was pretty good but due to all of the various subplots going on, it made the movie drag out and you actually end up losing interest in a lot of what is going on. The actual main plot about Lux poisoning the waters to buy out the town, resulting in the sharks being driven mad, was actually pretty good but I felt like it had been done before (I’m pretty sure I had seen a similar movie but can’t recall the title off hand). The special effects regarding the sharks were decent but some of the blue screen effects with them interacting behind people looked pretty fake. Definitely longer than you want, but worth watching.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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August 10th, 2017 Movie – Shark Night

shark night

3D. We must make every movie in 3D, no matter how bad of a movie it might be. Don’t get me wrong, when I heard about this movie, I was on board with watching it. But then I heard that it was going to be PG-13, which actually caused me to hold off on seeing it in theaters. I wound up eventually watching it on Netflix a while back and decided to pick it up during a shark movie buying binge on Amazon. The question still remains, was it worth it for me to buy Shark Night? Only time will tell.

The plot: On Lake Crosby, a couple are fooling around in the water but when they guy heads to shore and goes into their camper, the girl is attacked and killed by something in the lake. At Tulane University, Malik heads to the dorm room of his tutor Nick and yells at him about how he needed to get a C to keep his scholarship but as Nick fears the worst, Malik shows him that he got a B+ on his final, revealing that he was just messing with Nick. Malik hugs Nick and then says that as payment for helping him, he is inviting Nick and his roommate Gordon to go out on Lake Crosby this weekend and when Nick starts to refuse, Malik tells him that they are staying at Sara’s parent’s lake house, knowing Nick will go as he has a crush on Sara. The three friends, along with Malik’s girlfriend Maya, Sara, Beth, and Blake pile into Maya’s SUV and head out to the lake. The group stop at a bait shop at the edge of the lake to get some supplies and Sara tells everyone that their cell phones won’t work on the lake. While most of the group head into the store, Malik and Maya are moving some of their bags around in the SUV when a truck pulls up next to them and the passenger gets out and insults Maya. Malik grabs the man and threatens to hit him when the driver interjects himself into the argument. When Sara sees what is going on, she recognizes the man as her ex-boyfriend Dennis and Dennis is surprised to see Sara back in town and says it is just a misunderstanding and that his friend Red has had too much to drink already. The group head to the dock and get on Sara’s boat and head out onto the lake towards the island where her parent’s lake house is. Along the way, they are pursued by Sheriff Sabin, who says hi to Sara and the kids and says he will drop by the next day to bring over the mail like Sara’s mom asked. The group start having fun on the lake and Nick asks Malik about Sara and if she is dating anyone but Malik tells him that in the three years he has known her, he hasn’t seen her date anyone and all she does is hang out with her dog Sherman. Nick, Blake, and Maya go out on the boat while Malik is wakeboarding behind them but as they get close to the dock, something bumps into Malik and knocks him off the board. Nick circles around to try and find him and they see him swimming towards shore but when he gets on shore, they find his arm has been bitten off. Nick, who is a pre-med student, works on stabilizing Malik and then dives into the water to retrieve Malik’s arm but as he grabs it, he sees a shark swimming in the distance and quickly swims back to the dock. Nick, Sara, and Maya put Malik in the boat, with his arm being placed in a cooler, and they head out to take Malik to the hospital but the blood from Malik’s wound drips out the boat drain and attracts a shark, which starts hitting the boat. Maya is knocked out of the boat and Nick throws a life preserver to her and they try to drag her back to shore but the shark kills her. The shark then attacks the boat, damaging the steering and throttle, and Nick, Sara, and Malik are forced to jump to safety as the boat crashes into the dock. With no communication to the outside, Gordon uses a flare gun from the house to try and signal for help and eventually, Dennis and Red show up in their boat. The two start insulting the group but when they find out what happened, they say they will head back to the harbor and get a helicopter to medevac Malik to the hospital and Beth and Gordon decide to go with them but after they get out in the middle of the lake, Dennis and Red reveal that they were the ones to put the sharks into the lake. Back on the island, Malik learns of Maya’s death and, grabbing a harpoon, he heads out into the lake intent on killing the shark. His blood attracts a hammerhead shark and, with Nick’s help, he is able to kill it but as they pull the shark to shore, Nick finds a camera attached to it. Meanwhile, Dennis tells Gordon to get in the water, and when he refuses, Dennis shoots him in the shoulder and the impact knocks him into the water. Gordon swims to a nearby Cypress tree and tries to climb it to safety but a bull shark leaps out of the water to drag him back into the water and kill him. Back on the island, Blake decides to use the jet ski to take Malik to the hospital but as they are heading across the lake, Malik sees a shark approaching behind them. Malik falls into the water, choosing to sacrifice himself to the shark to save Blake but Blake is still killed when a great white leaps out of the water and kills him. Meanwhile, Dennis and Red force Beth to strip down to her underwear and knock her into a netted off area filled with cookiecutter sharks, with Red filming as the sharks kill her. Back on the island, Nick asks Sara about why she hasn’t been back to the island in 3 years and she explains that she had dated Dennis years ago but when she chose to go to college, she broke up with him. Dennis didn’t take it well and suggested they go on one last dive together but when she had trouble breathing, she signaled for help but Dennis refused. Sara managed to make it back to the surface and onto the boat but as she steered it back to shore, planning on leaving him out there, she accidentally hit his face with the propeller. Sabin arrives on the island, having seen the bonfire, and when he sees the shark on the beach, he uses his radio to try and call for help. When Nick passes out, Sabin and Sara carry him to the couch and Sabin says that he probably passed out due to all the stress. Sara goes to get a compress for Nick and hears Red talking on Sabin’s radio, realizing that they are working together. Sara goes to attack Sabin but Dennis grabs her and knocks her out. When Nick comes too, he finds himself tied to a chair, with Sabin preparing to feed him to a pair of tiger sharks. As Nick struggles to get free, he knocks over some gasoline in the boat house and, after using a lighter to burn through his restraints, he sets the gasoline on fire and burns Sabin, who is forced to jump in the water and gets killed by the tiger sharks. On their boat, Dennis has placed Sara into a cage and radios to Carl, the owner of the bait shop, to release a second great white into the lake. Nick swims out and holds Red hostage while telling Dennis to free Sara but Dennis kills Red, then attacks Nick. Nick manages to shoot Dennis and knock him into the water, then goes to raise the cage out of the water but Dennis climbs onto the cage and pulls the pin, causing it to drop free of the winch and into the water. Nick grabs a bang stick and dives in to rescue Sara but Dennis attacks him. Sara grabs Dennis and manages to tie him to the cage, then flicks him off as the great white charges and eats him. The great white starts attacking the cage to get at Sara but Nick manages to kill it with the bang stick, then brings Sara back onto the boat and performs mouth to mouth in order to revive her. After she comes too, Sara kisses Nick and thanks him as they stare out at the lake, where another great white is shown to be leaping out of the water.

Shark Night was panned by the critics, holding an 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “A joyless excursion into the water that doesn’t even produce good gore or nudity thanks to the neutered PG-13 rating.” The animatronic sharks in this movie were created by Edge Innovations, the same company that created the sharks used in Deep Blue Sea, Austin Powers In Goldmember, and the orca for Free Willy. Despite the poor reviews, the movie did make a slight profit at the theaters, earning $40.1 million off of a $25 million budget.

Ok, so this wasn’t the best movie in the world. In fact, it was about what I expected it to be; a watered down movie with a few decent pops but a pale mockery of what it could have been. The acting was ok, with Dustin Milligan (Nick), Chris Carmack (Dennis) and Donal Logue (Sabin) doing the best jobs while everyone else was honestly pretty forgettable. The basic plot was pretty interesting but there were a lot of problems with it, primarily how they were able to keep the sharks relatively corralled in the lake in the areas they wanted them to be. The other big problem with this movie was that it really needed to be Rated R, as the PG-13 rating toned down what they could do to the point that it made the movie more laughable than scary. There were several time where the sharks looked reasonably realistic but the 3D formatting didn’t always help matters and in some ways made them seem even more fake than they already did. It might be worth watching if your bored and it comes on late one night, but there are better movies out there, ones that didn’t get the opportunity to hit the big screen, which are much more entertaining.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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August 9th, 2017 Movie – Shark Lake

shark lake

Amazon definitely has my shopping trends pegged. Anytime I go on their site, they always point out movies that I would be interested in, or already own. Today’s movie is one such item that popped up on my feed a year or two ago. Since Dolph Lundgren has kind of had a career revitalization with The Expendables movies, I decided to go ahead and pick this movie up. Let’s see if that idea was worth it as I watch today’s movie, Shark Lake.

The plot: At Alpine Lake, the police, led by Meredith Hernandez, are raiding the home of Clint Gray, a black market dealer in exotic species. When they enter the house, they find Clint’s young daughter Carly in her bed but Clint tries to escape in his van. As he is driving, Clint calls his client to try and arrange delivery of the cargo he is carrying but as he tries to evade the police, he ends up crashing into the lake and as he swims to shore, a shark is seen swimming out of the crashed van behind him. Clint is captured by Meredith and her partner and as they are writing up the reports, Meredith is keeping an eye on Carly and asks who is coming to pick her up and her partner tells her Child Services, as she has no living relatives aside from Clint. 5 years later, Clint is paroled from prison and Meredith, who has adopted Carly, begins receiving calls from Child Services about arranging supervised visits between Carly and Clint. Carly goes to her old partner Lewis Galloway, who is now the police chief, and asks him to do something to help keep Clint away from Carly, as she feels Clint would be a danger to Carly. Lewis tells her it is the law but relents and says he will see what he can do. Meanwhile, an old man panning for gold on the lake shore is killed and when his wife gets to his body, she finds the arm had been ripped off. When Meredith gets there, Lewis tells her the wife believes it was a bear attack but Meredith is unsure that that was what happened. Elsewhere, Clint returns to his home to find to men waiting for him saying that their employer, Don Barnes, wants to meet with him. Clint refuses to go and when they try to use force, Clint breaks the arm of one man while grabbing the gun from the other one, then forces them at gunpoint to leave the house. Meredith and Carly go out for lunch and as they are eating, Carly is asking questions about the attack, as one of the kids from school had been talking about it. A man sitting nearby overhears their conversation and as Carly goes to the restroom, he introduces himself to Meredith as Peter Mayes, a marine biologist who is testing some gear at the lake. That night, during a bonfire party at the lake shore, two kids go off alone into the water but as they are fooling around, the boy is killed. The next day, Peter is diving in the lake and comes across the arm of victim, which he takes back to show Meredith. Meredith and Peter head to the lake, where Lewis is holding a press conference about the capture of a bear in the area, and warn everyone to get out of the water, just as a parasailer has her foot bitten off. Later, Peter is explaining to Lewis about how bull sharks can live in the lake but Lewis wants to know how it got there, as there are no rivers or streams connecting the lake to a waterway. Meanwhile, Clint stops by Meredith’s house to speak with Meredith but after her mother tells him she isn’t there and he isn’t welcome there, he leave, but not before he sees Carly watching from the top of the stairs. The next day, Don and his men pay a visit to Clint, and Don is upset about the bull shark being in the lake, as Clint was supposed to deliver the shark to Don 5 years ago. Don demands that Clint capture the shark, threatening Carly as a means of convincing Clint to meet his demands. Meanwhile, Meredith goes to see Lewis about getting a restraining order for Clint but he is busy talking to Garreth Lee, a shark hunter who was brought in to capture the shark, but Meredith feels like Garreth is too arrogant for his own good. After Lewis refuses to give her the restraining order, Meredith heads to Clint’s house but find him gone, as he has already headed out on the lake to try and hunt the shark. Meredith keeps looking around the house, eventually finding a photo of a bull shark on Clint’s basement wall as well as a bullet, which she later determines goes to a Soviet underwater assault rifle. Meanwhile, Lewis goes with Garreth and his cameraman out onto the lake to hunt the shark and when they find it, Garret and his camerman head into the water to go after it, only for Garreth to be attacked and killed by two other sharks they weren’t aware of, while the cameraman is killed by the first shark. Meredith had gone to Peter’s hotel room to voice her suspicions about Clint being responsible for the bull shark being in the lake 5 years ago and as they watch the video of Garreth’s attack, he explains to Lewis that the bull shark was pregnant when it went into the lake and apparently two of it’s pups survived. Meanwhile, Carly sneaks into Meredith’s office and looks up Clint’s address and then sneaks out of the house and rides her bike there while Meredith’s mother is walking the dog. Meredith goes out for a drink with Peter after they fail to convince Lewis not to post the bounty on the sharks as it will end up with more deaths on their hands. When they get back to Meredith’s house, Meredith heads inside but when she sees a shark heading for her mother in the lake, she quickly grabs a shotgun and kills it. When Meredith’s mother goes back into the house and finds Carly is missing, Meredith radios for an officer to go check Clint’s house as she drives over there with Peter. The officer doesn’t see Clint there at first but when Clint pulls up in his truck and heads towards his boat he follows him and tries to arrest him for Carly’s kidnapping. Clint is surprised to hear about Carly being missing but when Carly appears, having been hiding on the boat, and distracts the officer, Clint disarms him and then throws him off the boat before heading out into the lake. Clint then talks with Carly for a little bit and tells her that he has to take her home as her mom will be worried but when Carly asks why they are going the other way, he tells her they are taking the scenic route. Meredith and Peter arrive at Clint’s house just as he is leaving and they head back to the dock to get Peter’s boat to go after them. As they are leaving the harbor, they encounter a man on a jet ski that is going out to try and catch the sharks but the man ignores their warnings to stay out of the water. As Meredith and Peter search the lake for Clint’s boat, the jet ski crashes into their boat, knocking Peter out of it. Peter goes to help the jet ski driver but one of the sharks attacks the man and kills him while Peter swims back to the boat. With their boat sinking, Peter fashions himself a weapon to use as they try to swim the shore. They are attacked by one of the remaining sharks but Peter manages to stab it to death with his makeshift spear, only to be killed by the last shark. As the shark swims towards Meredith, she is pulled out of the water by Clint and dragged onto his boat. After demanding to see Carly, Meredith argues with Clint about having her out there but Clint says he was going to bring her back to Meredith, as he doesn’t have a problem with her raising Carly. When Meredith says that it is Clint’s fault that people died, Clint says he knows and that is why he is there to fix it. The shark starts attacking the boat and Carly is knocked into the water. Clint dives in to save her and as Meredith drags Carly onto the boat, Clint fends off the shark and ends up being bitten in the shoulder. After making sure Carly is safe, Meredith dives into the water and shoots the shark to save Clint. As they make their way to shore, Meredith tells Clint that he should go, as she doesn’t want him to be arrested again, but Clint says he is tired of running and chooses to stay and face the consequences. As his injuries are being tended to, Meredith pleads for leniency on Clint’s behalf to Lewis and Lewis agrees to release Clint in exchange for his help in providing information to capture Don.

This was a decent movie to watch. The acting was good, with Dolph Lundgren (Clint), Sara Malakul Lane (Meredith), and Michael Aaron Milligan (Peter) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was pretty good, doing a great job in explaining how the shark got into the lake. The human drama regarding Meredith’s fear and over-protectiveness of Carly regarding her father actually worked in well with the main plot, serving as a great way to close out the movie and bring Meredith and Clint onto the same page, as they both want to keep Carly safe. The one downside with this movie were the special effects regarding the sharks, as they definitely looked overly fake. Since the movie was made in a fairly serious tone, you couldn’t really laugh at them for being bad, unlike in some of the other over the top movies where the sharks are sometimes intentionally designed to look cheap just to up the ridiculous factor of the movie. Still, this isn’t a bad movie and is worth checking out if there is nothing else on.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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August 8th, 2017 Movie – Shark Killer

shark killer

With all of the shark themed movies that have come out over the years, it would only make sense that the Maneater series would have a shark movie or two. Today’s movie is the second movie in the series after RHI’s financial difficulties. Now I didn’t know that it was part of the series when I bought this movie. I bought it because it was a shark movie and it had Erica Cerra in it, who I liked when she played Jo Lupo on Eureka. So let’s see if my impulse purchase was worth it as I watch today’s movie, Shark Killer.

The plot: On a beach in Hawaii, the mayor of the local beach is holding a press conference stating that their shark problem is over and the beaches are reopened. As the people head into the water, the mayor’s assistant tells him that Chase Walker says they still have a problem but the mayor refuses to listen, believing that Chase is over priced, then goes to yell at him when he hears that Chase threatened to tell the press. The mayor finds Chase sitting on the beach staring out into the water but as he starts yelling at him, Chase takes off his shirt and starts running into the water. Several people are on a platform in the water when they see a shark circling them and as they all try to stay balanced on the platform, the shark rams it and knocks a girl into the water. The girl starts screaming as the shark approaches her when blood suddenly appears in the water and Chase surfaces next to her, having killed the shark, and introduces himself. The next day, Chase is woken by someone knocking on his hotel door. When he opens it, he finds a woman, later introduced as Jasmine, standing there and after she hands him an envelope and tells him to be ready to go in 10 minutes, he opens it to find a golden shark’s tooth inside. Chase goes with Jasmine and they travel to South Africa, with Chase trying to learn more about Jasmine the entire way. They soon reach the home of Jake, Chase’s brother, and after the two go through some insulting banter with each other, Jake explains why he had chase come there. Jake tells Chase that a particular great white, one with a black fin, had eaten a priceless diamond he was transporting and he wants Jake to kill it and retrieve the diamond. Chase agrees and convinces Jake to have Jasmine accompany him for this, which upsets Jasmine and she slaps him for it when they are alone. Jasmine takes Chase to the hotel Jake rented for him but Chase refuses to stay there, saying that it is too close to the ocean so he has her take him to a dive motel far from the beach. The next morning, Jasmine picks up Chase and takes him to the marina, where they start loading stuff on the boat and Chase learns that Jasmine will be his guide, which he argues against at first until he sees her wearing her wet-suit and he quickly shuts up. They head out to the spot where the shark supposedly ate the diamond and Chase has Jasmine dive down to look for the diamond, as he refuses to go in because he hates the ocean. When Jasmine surfaces some time later, she starts arguing with Chase before she yells and drops back into the water and when Chase jumps in to try and find her, he hears her laughing from the boat as she had simply tricked him. Suddenly, Jasmine sees the shark approaching behind Chase and she tries to warn him but it suddenly grabs him and drags him under but Chase is able to get away, though the shark swallowed one of his boots and injured his leg in the attack. After Jasmine drops Chase off at his motel and leaves, Chase is confronted by three men, who tell him to get into a nearby car. When Chase refuses, the men attack him but Chase is able to beat them, then grabs one of them and forces him to tell him where he was going to take him. Arriving at the docks, Chase boards the boat the man indicates and eventually meets with Nix, a drug lord who claims that he is the owner of the diamond Jake wants. Nix tells Chase that he hired Jake to steal the diamond from one of the security firms that Jake does business with but Jake tried to double cross him so Nix tells Chase that if he wants to live, he will give him the diamond. Meanwhile, the shark has followed Chase and Jasmine to the marina, where it kills a dog and two people that had fallen into the water. The next morning, Jasmine meets Chase at the dock and he explains that Blackfin, what he has started calling the shark, followed them and that he got some new gear for them. Heading back to the spot where they were attacked yesterday, Chase reconfigures a thumper so that it will attract sharks instead of repelling them but when they sharks that show up are too small, he pulls it back in so he can tweak it to try and attract Blackfin. As they continue moving through the ocean, they come across the bodies from a boat that Blackfin had attacked and Jasmine tells him they are over the wreck of the ship Jake had attacked. Chase dives down there, believing that Blackfin had established a hunting ground and is hiding in the wreckage of the ship, but when he sees the wreckage, he sees the only thing remaining of the crew is their arms, which were shackled to the boat’s deck rail. Jasmine gets worried and dives down after Chase but as she enters the wreckage, she sees Blackfin approaching her. Jasmine’s scuba tank gets caught in the wreckage but Chase manages to pull her free before Blackfin kills her and the two manage to get back onto the boat before it can get them. As they lay on the deck recovering, Chase starts taunting Jasmine about her falling for him, which she denies. When they head back to the dock, they find Jake there ranting about them being gone for two days with no word and he accuses Jasmine of sleeping with Chase, which angers her to the point she pushes him into the water and leaves with Chase. That night, the two are sitting by a fire on the beach when Nix’s men shoot Chase with a tranquilizer and grab Jasmine, telling Chase that Nix will exchange Jasmine for the diamond before Chase passes out. When he comes too, Chase heads to Jake’s house to find that all of his men are dead, with the only survivor telling him Jake had already left before he finally dies. As Chase drives off, Jake appears in the back seat and holds a gun to Chase’s head but Chase repeatedly slams on the brakes and drives forward, then grabs the gun from Jake. When they both get out of the car, they start fighting for a while but eventually, Chase convinces Jake to go with him to rescue Jasmine. Meanwhile, Jasmine tries to get away from her captors but they capture her and begiJaken to hose her down, saying that Nix has “romantic” plans for her. Chase and Jake sneak onto Nix’s boat to rescue Jasmine but as they argue, they end up alerting the guards and rush into the ship, with Chase merely knocking the guards out while Jake argues that shooting them is easier. After getting past all of the guards, they find Nix holding Jasmine in his drug lab and Jake tries shooting Nix but Nix’s work apron is bullet proof, and he proceeds to shoot Jake. Chase grabs Jake’s gun and shoots the light over the drug lab, setting it on fire, the yells at Jasmine to run for it as he grabs Jake, who was wearing his own bullet proof vest, and the three manage to run from the lab and jump off the ship before it explodes, while Nix isn’t as lucky to escape due to his injured leg. The next day, Chase, Jasmine, and Jake go after Blackfin again but they are attacked by a badly burned Nix. Chase shoots Nix with their harpoon gun, but Nix’s body falls on the throttle of his boat and his boat drives off, taking the harpoon gun with it. Jake, frustrated at how things turned out, stabs Jasmine in the leg and pushes her off the boat to use as bait and when Chase dives in to save her, they see Blackfin approaching. Chase stabs Blackfin with a spear and when that doesn’t kill her, he breaks off the shaft and repeatedly stabs her in the head until she finally dies. Jasmine and Chase make it back on the boat, where Jasmine proceeds to kiss Chase, but Jake dives into the water after Blackfin to try and retrieve the diamond. Jasmine tells Chase that Jake isn’t worth it but Chase dives in to rescue Jake as more sharks are swimming towards him, attracted by the blood of Blackfin. Some time later, Chase and Jasmine are driving along the road, with Jasmine holding onto the diamond, when Jake sits up in the back seat and after trying to get Jasmine to let him hold the diamond, Jake suggests they go to Australia, as it has both diamonds and sharks available.

This was a pretty entertaining movie for the most part. The acting was good, with Erica Cerra (Jasmine), Arnold Vosloo (Nix), and Paul du Toit (Jake) doing good jobs in their roles. I also liked Derek Theler as Chase but I honestly felt like his look and character were patterned too much after Chris Pratt’s Starlord from Guardians Of The Galaxy. The story was pretty good, though it focused too much on the conflict over the diamond and not enough on the shark to really make it seem a good fit for the Maneater series. The special effects regarding the shark were pretty decent and the shark looked pretty realistic for the most part, though the bit where Blackfin was trying to catch them in the wreck looked a little too fake with the CGI. One of the more entertaining shark movies to come out in recent years and worth giving a chance.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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August 7th, 2017 Movie – Shark Island (a.k.a. Shark Assault or Shark Week)

shark island

Ahh, the case of the movie that can’t make up it’s mind as to what to call itself. When I first saw this movie listed on TV, it was titled Shark Assault. Sounded cool but I didn’t get the chance to see it then. So I went to look up information online and discover that it is listed as Shark Week on IMDB. Ok, not the first time that I have come across a movie with different titles so I wasn’t to put off. Then I tried to find a copy on Amazon and learn that the movie has yet another title when it was released on DVD. So lets see if all the title changes make any difference on how today’s movie turns out as I watch Shark Island, or whatever the hell it’s called.

The plot: A bound and beaten man is standing at the edge of a pool and screaming out at his captor, a man named Tiburon. When Tiburon appears, he briefly speaks with the man before showing him the key and throwing it into the pool, saying the man has 15 seconds to get it. The man dives into the pool and manages to unlock his chains but when he surfaces, Tiburon says it is too late, as a cage door that separates the pool from a second pool opens and a shark swims into the pool and kills the man. Some time later, 7 people (Holt, Cal, Reagan, Layla, Pete, Francine, and Franke) are kidnapped from various cities of California. The group are bound and hooded, then made to stand in front of the pool before the hoods are removed. Tiburon and his companion, Elena, come forward to address the group but as they begin speaking, an 8th man starts saying he doesn’t deserve to die like this and Tiburon’s henchman proceed to push him into the pool, where a pack of baby sharks proceeds to kill him. Tiburon then explains to the seven people that they are going to play a game, and if they make it from one side of the island to the other, they will live but along the way, they will face more species of sharks that they must kill in order to advance to the next area. Tiburon then tells them that the exit gate in the pool is locked and one of the pups has the key around it’s neck, before having his henchmen push the group into the pool. The group start batting away at the pups to keep from being bitten while Cal manages to swim down and find the pup with the key and unlock the gate, allowing them to all escape the pool. Finding themselves in an underground cavern, the group crawl to shore and rest for the night. Meanwhile, Tiburon heads inside his house and tells Elena to leave, threatening to feed her to the sharks if she doesn’t, but she refuses and sits down on a couch to watch Tiburon’s revenge against the group unfold. In the morning, the group leave the cavern and make their way through the water to a small beach, where Cal discovers that the key unlocks their restraints. As they try to figure out their next step, Holt says that he has people coming to rescue him due to the implant in his shoulder but Pete, who says he is an EMT, notices the wound in Holt’s shoulder and when he checks it, says there is nothing there. Moving further inland, they find a box containing food, water, and a first aid kit. As they sit and eat, they figure out the connection they all have to Tiburon, as they were all involved somehow in the death of his son. As they continue walking along a trail, Tiburon triggers an eruption which causes them to fall into an underground cavern containing a 3 foot pool of water. Tiburon speaks to them, taunting them about the exit and informing them of the shark that they will now be facing, a hammerhead. Cal has everyone link their shackles up into a noose so they can lasso the shark in an attempt to drown it but before they do, Pete is attacked and killed by the hammerhead. They lasso the shark and start dragging it backwards, effectively drowning the shark. When the door opens, they make their way back outside and rest on the beach, with Franke going to look for some food. When he comes back with a knife he found, some of the group question if he is working with Tiburon but he swears he isn’t. Frankie uses the knife to cut some branches down to use as spears as they all try to figure out what they can do to kill the sharks. Holt heads back down into the cave to grab some of the hammerhead’s teeth to help arm their makeshift spears, then the group tries to get some ret. After a few hours, Tiburon speaks to them over the PA and tells them to head down the path to a new cave to face their next shark. When they get in the cave, they see the shark moving around in the water and Cal borrows the knife from Franke and climbs an outcropping above the shark, then jumps into the water to attack it. Francine, carrying some wire, follows after him and jumps in but she ends up being killed by the shark while the others attempt to throw their spears to kill it. Finally, Cal emerges from the water, having killed the shark, and they make their way out of the cave. As they keep walking along they find the remains of a boat but there is nothing in there to help them. Reaching the beach, Cal has Holt stop, as he is about to step on a mine, and they find the beach is mined. Cal goes first to point out a safe path but when Holt steps on a mine, Cal has the others go ahead of him, and then he grabs Holt and they all run as the mines start going off. Cal manages to grab one of the mines before it is triggered and plans to use it to kill the next shark. When the reach a cavern, Tiburon informs them that they will be facing a tiger shark. Cal comes up with a plan to feed the shark the mine and has Franke and Holt link arms with him to lean over the water but they aren’t long enough. Layla goes to help them and holds the mine out but ends up falling into the water. As she clutches onto a low hanging stalactite, the others try to convince her to swim towards the exit but she yells at them to leave, then triggers the mine, which explodes and kills both her and the shark when it attacks her. Leaving the cavern, Franke finds a harpoon that they can use on the next shark but Holt is starting to give up hope of leaving. Heading out into the water to reach the next part of the island, they are attacked by a bull shark, and Franke and Holt are killed before they reach the shore. Cal and Reagan find a raft and Holt tells them to use it to reach the finish line but tells them that they have to face a great white. Cal goes into the water to distract the shark and manages to injure it but when he gets back onto the raft, the shark rams the raft and flips it over, then kills Cal. Reagan manages to make it to shore but is attacked by Elena, who wants to kill her in case Tiburon tries to replace her with Reagan. Reagan fights back and manages to kill Elena by tricking her into stepping on a land mine and blowing herself up. Grabbing the harpoon, Reagan faces Tiburon and demands to know where they are and he tells her they are in international waters 100 miles off the coast of key west. Tiburon tells her she won and can choose any boat she wants to escape but Reagan says that Tiburon isn’t leaving the island, then stabs him with the harpoon. Tiburon falls into the water, where the great white proceeds to grab the body, and Reagan walks off to get a boat and leave the island.

Not quite what I was expecting but it didn’t completely suck either. The acting was ok for the most part, with Joshua Michael Allen (Cal), Erin Coker (Reagan), Patrick Bergin (Tiburon), and Yancy Butler (Elena) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was pretty interesting, with the idea of a drug lord planning an elaborate revenge on the people he felt responsible for his son’s death, being a good draw for the audience. One thing I didn’t care for was some of the confusion regarding the names; as they had names pop up after they were captured but a couple of people were called something else, mainly Holt and Pete. The special effects regarding the sharks weren’t that bad but you could tell they were fake a number of times, and not necessarily in a fun, enjoyable kind of way. An average shark movie that can serve as a break before getting to more serious, or ridiculous, shark movie fare.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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August 6th, 2017 Movie – Shark Hunter

shark hunter

For some reason, a lot of the shark themed movies that came out at the beginning of the century seemed to focus on Megalodons. I don’t know what the reasoning is, though I can’t exactly fault them as the idea of a 60+ foot shark attacking boats and killing people does sound like a great idea for a movie. Personally, I like to think that Steve Alten’s “Meg” series has a little something to do with this (On a side note, I can’t wait for the movie version to finally be out in theaters next year). Anyways, today’s movie is one of those type of movies that I first rented at Blockbuster many years ago and then decided to purchase during one of my shark movie binges. So let’s see how today’s movie stacks up as I watch Shark Hunter.

The plot: Years ago, Spencer Northcut and his parents are vacationing on their boat when something large bumps it while they are having dinner on the deck. As they look around, they don’t see anything due to the foggy night and dark waters so his parents finish putting away dinner and cleaning up but Spencer stays out on the deck and continues looking around. He sees a large fin approaching the boat and warns his parents just as the boat is struck by a megalodon, which capsizes the boat and kills his parents, leaving Spencer floating alone in the sea. In the present day, Spencer, now a professor, is teaching a class when he is interrupted by his friend Dr. William Atkins, who tells Spencer that his research grant request has been turned down. Spencer ends his class early and then argues with William about the decision, stating he built the sub they are using but William tells him to resubmit his request in 6 months. Meanwhile, a three man team is stationed at an underwater research facility and as two of the members are outside making repairs to some of the research terminals, the sonar operator informs them that something is approaching. The two men don’t see anything and continue with their work but they are both killed by a megalodon, with the second attack breaching the station and causing it to implode. Some time later, William tells Spencer about the incident and when Spencer asks about what caused the breach, William tells him he doesn’t know before inviting Spencer to join him for lunch along with a woman named Cheryl. During lunch, William tells a story which Spencer takes as mocking his account as to what happened to his parents and Spencer gets up to leave but William catches up to him and tells him that the Navy want answers as to what happened to the station and Spencer is one of the men going on the investigation. On board the Argus, Spencer is excited to see the sub he designed in real life as William introduces him to some of the crew. When he introduces him to Rob Harrington, the mini-sub’s pilot, Rob takes a dislike to Spencer, calling him unqualified for the mission and mocking Spencer’s account of what happened to his parents. When they reach the site of the station, Spencer dives down to examine the wreckage and finds a megalodon’s tooth embedded in some of the debris. Spencer takes the tooth back to the sub’s lab and examines it but ends up arguing with William about the authenticity of the tooth. William asks Cheryl to help convince Spencer he is crazy but Cheryl gives some credit to Spencer’s theory. Later, William says that there may be some proof to Spencer’s theory, citing a migratory path that whales follow as being within the area they are searching. Spencer wants to use the Argus to hunt down and kill the megalodon but William tells him he can’t authorize that. Spencer goes and checks out the torpedoes the Argus is carrying but Rob finds him there and after a brief discussion, tells him to stay out, then goes to William and voices his concerns about Spencer staying on board. When a report comes in about a school of killer whales being attacked by the megalodon, the Argus prepares to go after it, and Cheryl works on explaining what they will be facing, though Rob is still skeptical about the whole thing. When they get a sonar reading on the megalodon, Rob takes the mini sub out to try and locate it and eventually does, as it passes next to the Argus. As the megalodon circles the sub, Rob lures it in front of the Argus and Will Tchenko, the pilot and head engineer, fires a harpoon into the megalodon. With the sup tethered to the megalodon, they fire some tranquilizers into it but they have no effect and the megalodon proceeds to attack the sub, at one point coming up through the mini-sub’s loading pool to kill one of the crew. When the megalodon starts to dive and drag the Argus with it, Rob severs the cable while Tchenko fires two more tranquilizers into the megalodon. The Argus takes another hit from the megalodon, which also damages the mini-sub and both vehicles are crippled. Spencer takes over for Tchenko and fires a harpoon into the mini-sub in order to bring Rob back to the Argus but the movement attracts the megalodon’s attention. Stepehen has Tchenko load some more tranquilizers and he fires them at the megalodon, distracting it enough to give Rob time to safely dock the mini-sub back on the Argus. As they assess the damage, they realize that they only have 6 hours worth of air left and Stephen says they have to do what they can to repair the sub and get back to safety. When he says they need to kill the megalodon if it attacks again, Cheryl gets upset and argues with him, as she wants to keep the megalodon alive and study it, and says Spencer is just going after the revenge he always wanted but she is overruled. As Spencer, William, and Rob enter the torpedo room, Spencer comes up with a plan to place a tracking beacon on the harpoons in the mini-sub and he will pilot the mini-sub to attack the megalodon, tagging it and allowing the Argus to. As the others track the megalodon, Spencer heads out and tags the megalodon after it strikes the Argus again. Spencer then leads the megalodon a safe distance from the Argus so that they can fire the torpedo but the torpedo misses and strikes an underwater mountain. The mini-sub is damaged in the blast but Spencer tries to bring it in front of the sub for another chance to fire. As the megalodon passes by, Cheryl tracks it’s progress and notices the torpedo tube is jammed. She tries to warn Rob and the others not to fire but the radio has too much static. Cheryl tries to make her way to the torpedo room but is too late as William gives the order to fire and the torpedo hits the debris and detonates, destroying the Argus. Spencer is contacted by the rescue ship and informs them of the Argus’s destruction, then shuts off communication as he sees the megalodon approaching him. Choosing to sacrifice himself to kill the megalodon, Spencer pilots the mini-sub forward, overloading the battery in the process and as the megalodon grabs the mini-sub in it’s mouth, the mini-sub explodes, killing the megalodon and sending it’s carcass floating to the ocean floor.

This was a pretty slow movie to be honest but not too bad. The acting was decent, with Antonio Sabato Jr. (Stephen), Christian Toulali (William), and Grand L. Bush (Rob) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was interesting but didn’t really do a good job explaining how the megalodon came to be still alive. Another problem was that they really pushed the boundaries in the whole suspension of believability aspect when it came to the divers, as they would have been crushed by the pressure at those depths and not able to walk around in suits, let alone regular scuba gear that Stephen used to explore the wreckage. The special effects were admittedly on the low end side but they worked well enough for the movie. While I did like that they worked in how dark the ocean would be at those depths, it did make it a little hard to see what was going on at times. A decent entry into the B-movie shark category and worth a watch at least once.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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August 5th, 2017 Movie – Shark Exorcist

shark exorcist

I have always been a fan of the low budget B-movie but I will admit that sometimes I will watch one and wonder why exactly did I choose to watch this. Never is that more apparent than when I watch some of the really low budget movies like today’s movie. Now I know you might be wondering why I bought this movie. Well, to be honest, I was looking for some new shark movies to watch and the title got my curiosity piqued. So let’s see exactly what I got myself into as I watch today’s movie, Shark Exorcist.

The plot: Sister Blair, a catholic nun, is currently the subject of a statewide search as she is accused of the torture and death of 13 children. Making her way to the lake’s shore in Paris Landing, Blair is confronted by a young woman, who says she won’t rest until Blair pays for what she has done, but Blair quickly kills the woman and drags her body into the lake. Blair yells out to Satan to accept her sacrifice and send her an avenger, and a strange colored shark with glowing eyes is seen swimming towards the beach. One year later, Ali, Emily, and Lauren head to the lake for some fun, with Emily and Lauren working on their tans while Ali tries calling her boyfriend but when she doesn’t get an answer, she decides to go for a swim. Ali gets attacked by the shark but manages to get away and make it to shore, where Emily helps her and yells for Lauren to call for help. Some time later, news reports are talking about the about the shark attacks in the area while Emily is talking to Lauren about her not visiting Ali and Lauren gives the impression that she has been fooling around with Ali’s boyfriend. Meanwhile, Nancy Chase is filming her show Ghost Whacker on the pier and discussing the recent shark attacks. Heading to the shore of the water, Nancy asks the spirit of the water for help and she suddenly begins convulsing and begins speaking out in someone else’s voice. Elsewhere, Emily is walking with Ali, who was released from the hospital, and arguing about Ali’s attitude towards her attack but Ali ignores her and says she is going home to soak in her tub. Leaving Emily, Ali is hitchhiking back to Paris Landing and when a guy picks her up, she convinces him to go with her into the water but Ali suddenly disappears underwater and the guy is soon killed by the shark. Father Michael is informed of the death of his brother and told that the matter is being investigated. Back at Paris Landing, Nancy is filming another segment for her show and says she believes the shark is possessed by a demon but is interrupted by Brianna Bennett, from a show called Ghost Faker, who says that the attacks are by a normal shark and Nancy is just trying to sensationalize the attacks to attract viewers. As more strange things begin occurring around town, such as a group of wiccans trying to summon a spirit in the cemetery only to channel a strange woman in white who starts bleeding from her eyes, Ali is shown to keep appearing in the water and acting as a beacon for the demonic shark to kill it’s prey, even killing a girl in her pool. Nancy tries contacting the spirits again and ends up being possessed and vomits over Brianna, who had been following her to try and expose her as a fraud. Father Michael shows up at the house that Emily and Ali share and asks Emily about Ali. Father Michael tells her about the shark attack a year earlier and wonders if it is the same shark and Emily tells him about how Ali has been acting weird ever since the attack; mainly sleeping a lot and obsessed with water. That night, Ali goes to the local fair and sees Lauren there with Bobby, Ali’s now ex-boyfriend, and she begins following them. When the two get into an argument, Ali follows after Bobby and attacks him and bites into his neck but Emily and Father Michael, who had gone to the fair to look for Ali, show up and stop her. Taking her to the park and tying her to a tree, Father Michael tries to do an exorcism on Ali and when it fails, bargains with the demon inside her to take control of him and release her. The demon agrees and enters Father Michael’s body, while Emily goes to comfort a confused Ali. When the possessed Father Michael attacks Emily and bites her, Emily manages to escape as Father Michael and Ali look up and see a bright sphere open in the sky and the demonic shark exits from it and starts falling towards them. The next day, a woman heads to a park at the edge of the lake to do some sunbathing, unaware of a man watching her and taking pictures of her while she sleeps. When the woman wakes up, she gathers her stuff to leave when she is attacked and killed by Sister Blair. Sister dumps the body into the water and yells out “Hail Satan” but as she turns her back on the water, the body of the woman Blair killed one year ago rises out of the water, grabs her, and drags her into the water to die. Meanwhile, Lauren sees Emily wandering by the docks and goes down to ask her what is wrong. Emily tells her that she doesn’t want to know and then says “Forgive me”, before jumping into the lake and the demon shark suddenly leaps out and kills Lauren. Some time later, a young girl is at an aquarium when she begins acting strange, at one point crying in front of a fish tank and then going to the gift store and grabbing all of the stuffed shark toys. Returning to the fish tank, she suddenly turns around to reveal her vomiting a strange orange liquid while elsewhere, Nancy is shown to still be possessed by a spirit/demon, as she is shown to be wiping bile from her mouth outside the steps of the city’s capital building.

Wow, was that ever a mess of a movie. This was definitely a chore for me to watch, and that’s saying something. The acting was pretty bad all around, with Channing Dodson (Emily) being the best among the lot and the only one that honestly seemed normal, while almost every other actor/actress was just terrible. The story sounded interesting, which is why I bought it, but the end result was just a convoluted mess. Nothing about the movie was ever sufficiently explained and several scenes made no sense whatsoever, such as Ali randomly showing up at a park where a girl is playing or the scene with the girl sunbathing and the guy taking pictures of her. That scene in particular was pretty creepy in a completely pervy kind of way, especially when he is sitting there standing over her and scrolling through all the pictures he took of her. I wasn’t expecting top notch special effects but even I was disappointed in the effects here. People might enjy a good shark movie, but this is not one of them.

Rating: 1/2 out of 5