See You Next Year

Well folks, Yesterday marked the last movie I own that needed to be reviewed, which means I am temporarily done with the blog. I had a lot of fun doing this blog and plan on continue picking it back up but I am honestly a tad bit burnt out. So I am going to take a break from writing til the end of the year (like I said I would do) and pick things up at the beginning of 2019…well, the first weekend of 2019. See, with the way my new job is keeping me busy, I decided that in the future, I will just do the reviews over the weekend, so i am not stressed in trying to get my review in after getting home from work. Since I won’t be buying 7 movies a week, this will be ample time to review any new movies I pick up and also any movies I feel like reviewing. I might make another change or two down the road but for now, that is the only thing I know for certain. So thanks to everyone that has been following me and reading my reviews and I will have more fun next year with this.



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