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November 10th, 2018 Movie – Toxic Shark

toxic shark

I am nearing the end of my movie collection but at least I will get to review one more shark movie in the process. This movie was one of the new movies that debuted during the Sharknado Week last year and if I am to be completely honest, that was probably the best year of new shark movies in it’s 6 year run. While this was not my favorite in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed today’s movie, Toxic Shark, and when I saw it was available digitally, I decided to go ahead and buy it.

The plot: At a singles retreat on a tropical island near Puerto Rico, Maggie and Vince are racing on some ATV’s when Vince crashes on something buried in the sand and falls into the ocean. As Maggie goes to help him up, they end up being attacked and killed by a mutated shark. Later, Sam, Zane, and Ryan show up on the island as part of a guy’s weekend in order to help Sam take his mind off of breaking up with his girlfriend Eden. Meanwhile, Eden arrives on the island with her friends Audra and Gabriella for the same purpose and are told of the various things that are offered at the resort. On the dock, Reese, the resort’s owner, is talking with an EPA inspector that had been checking his island due to complaints of former guests getting sick. Reese asks if he passed and the inspector says that he did pass, then tosses Reese a water testing kit before he leaves, telling him to test the water every day before letting anyone swim just as a precaution. Elsewhere, the resort’s chef Damiano and his assistant Gregory are attempting to catch some fish, with Damiano commenting how the area was filled with fish a week ago and now there is nothing there, when they are attacked by the mutated shark, which kills Damiano while spraying Gregory before killing him. Later, Reese goes to the main hut looking for Damiano and Gregory but when he can’t find them, he asks Jesse and Erin to cook something, but they refuse to do so after he leaves. Meanwhile, Sam hits the beach with Zane and Ryan and while Ryan starts flirting with a girl, Sam and Zane bump into Eden, Audra, and Gabriella. Sam and Eden begin arguing about the other being there and both refuse to leave so their friends attempt to get them to keep the peace as they are stuck there for a week and suggest they just steer clear of each other. Reese greets the guests at the resort and tries to get them all hyped up to be there. Meanwhile, Jesse is on the dock attempting to fix Reese’s boat when something strikes it and he sees something in the water but quickly gets off the dock before anything else happens. On the beach, Sam, Zane, and Ryan see Eden, Audra, and Gabriella, and both exes are trying to make the best of things in spite of how uncomfortable they feel. Gabriella goes into the water to flirt with some guys when something hits her leg, leaving a large wound in her leg and she is carried out of the water and into the medical hut. Inside, Jesse treats her wound, telling her that it was probably a broken piece of fire coral. Gabriella insists that Audra take Eden and go have some fun and they speak with Erin, who suggests they join her exercise class. Before she leaves, Jesse speaks with Erin, asking if she has seen another coworker, and tells her he thinks something is wrong as the various people have disappeared. On the beach, the yoga class is finishing up their exercises and the instructor suggests going into the ocean to cool off but while they are there, the shark kills them all. Elsewhere, Eden and Audra attend the exercise class to find that Sam had also signed up and as Erin has the group pick out partners, Sam and Eden end up paired together. Erin has them doing team exercises but Sam and Eden end up arguing and leave the class. Meanwhile, Jesse is looking for the missing staff with Hayden and Liam when they discover that the phone cable to the main land has been bitten in half and a short while later, they discover Damiano’s severed arm. Eden and Audra are at the bar when Gabriella approaches them and tells them that she is going to go lie down but as she heads to their room, she collapses on the beach. Erin goes to help her, calling out for Reese and as they get her to the medical hut, Jesse approaches to tell Reese of the problem. Reese doesn’t want to panic the guests and tries to pass everything off as being fine, which shocks Erin and Jesse and they go to warn the guests to stay out of the water. Sam, Eden, Audra, Zane, and Ryan are competing in a tug of war game in the water when Erin and Jesse yell at them to get out of the water. Suddenly, the shark attacks the group, eating some of the competitors, including Ryan, and injuring others before swimming off. As Reese and the staff work on tending to the wounded, Sam, Eden, Zane, and Audra try to figure out how to get off the island. Audra goes to check on Gabriella and when she doesn’t find her in their room, she tells the others and they find her in the medical hut, as Jesse is still tending to her. Gabriella appears to be suffering form feverish delusions, causing her to react violently, and Reese tells them he will take her, and some others, to the mainland for medical help then come back with help to evacuate the others. They carry Gabriella to the boat and try to get her in it when she suddenly bites Jesse, then attacks Sam. Sam pushes her away as he tries to avoid her and she ends up being eaten by the shark. Reese starts the boat and leaves, with Audra the only one that was on board with him, but the boat stalls out and the shark kills Reese and the boat explodes when the shark’s acid hits the engine but Audra manages to swim to safety. Sam carries Audra to the medical hut, where she is already showing the same symptoms that Gabriella was showing. Jesse theorizes that whatever toxin the shark has on it is acting like rabies, and since Audra’s exposure is closer to her brain, it is infecting her quicker. Sam, Eden, Zane, and Erin discuss what they should do while Jesse bandages his arm from where Gabriella bit him. Erin goes to get all of the other guests to stay in their huts, enlisting Liam and Hayden to help her. As they all meet back at the medical hut, Sam suggests fixing the other boat and going for help and Hayden and Liam show some spear guns that they brought in order to defend themselves against the shark. Eden suggests getting the phone lines fixed so they can call for help instead and Zane, who works for the phone company, reluctantly agrees to take a look at the lines. Sam asks Erin and Jesse to show him the other boat so he can try to fix it, then comments on Jesse not looking too good but Jesse says he is fine. Sam tells Eden to stay with Audra and watch over her and Eden asks him to hurry, as Audra continues to show signs of dementia. On the boat, Sam tells them that the engine is an easy fix but that they will need to repair the hole in the boat and pump out the water. Erin finds the pump and starts working on that when Sam notices the damage to the boat appears corroded, and Erin says that whatever the shark is spraying into the water must be doing it. Not finding a repair kit on the dock, Sam radios Eden to look for one, unaware that Jesse is showing signs of becoming fully infected. Eden looks for the repair kit in the medical hut and finds the water testing kit that the EPA investigator gave to Reese and, telling Audra she will be back, she heads out to test a theory. Meanwhile, Zane, Hayden, and Liam go to where the phone cable is only to find it had floated back out into the water. The three head out to repair the line when the shark shows up and attacks Liam. Hayden shoots it with a spear gun and Zane fires his but accidentally hits Hayden and he helps her back onto shore. Eden heads to the beach and tests the water at various sites, discovering high levels of arsenic in it and tries to figure out where it came from. Back in the medical hut, Audra is suffering the full effects of the infection and, hearing some of the other guests outside, quickly leaves the medical hut. On the dock, Jesse attacks Sam and Erin but Erin is able to knock him out and Sam ties him up so they can take him back to medical. When they get there, they find both Eden and Audra gone when Zane shows up with the wounded Hayden and Erin has Zane help her tend to Hayden’s wound while Sam goes looking for Eden. Elsewhere on the island, Eden notices some debris floating in the water and goes out to see what it is when the shark appears and swims towards her. Sam shows up to save her just as the shark suddenly swims away, with Eden explaining it was because of her shark band. Sam chastises Eden for going in the water and Eden explains what she was doing and Sam apologizes to her, both for yelling at her and for their break up and Eden apologizes as well. The two head back to the medical tent, and Sam asks Hayden if Reese had a repair kit and she tells him where it is. Eden tells them about the arsenic in the water and says that is what has mutated the shark and is causing the infection in people. Sam and Zane go to repair the boat so they can leave but the shark attacks the boat, knocking Zane into the water. Sam goes to pull Zane from the water but not before the shark injures him and they are forced to drive off in the boat to get away from the shark, while trying to figure out how to get back to the others. Eden and Erin go looking for Audra but find no sign of her. When Erin comments about the boat not being a match for the shark, Eden asks her where they keep the yoga equipment. They head to the storage room and Eden has Erin grab all of the magnets, saying that they might work to repel the shark like her shark band did earlier. As they head back to medical, they see Audra eating one of the guests and they quickly run for it while Audra chases after them, joined by other infected guests, while inside the medical hut, Jesse gets free of his bindings and kills Hayden. Eden and Erin reach the beach and contact Sam and Zane, who tell them to run for it as they see the infected mob chasing them. Eden and Erin swim for the boat and the mob follows them, only to be killed by the shark. Eden and Erin reach the boat and they start heading for the mainland, with Eden and Erin using some of the magnets to drive the shark away but it only returns and spews acid on the engine, destroying it. With Erin warning that it will be dark soon, Zane worries that they will wind up like Reese’s boat, which is directly below them. Eden suggest diving down to retrieve the flare gun in Reese’s boat, saying that Arsenic is highly flammable and so she dives down with Sam, leaving Erin and Zane to keep watch for the shark. Eden and Sam find the flare gun and start swimming back to the boat only to see the shark approaching them. On the boat, Zane succumbs to the infection and tries to attack Erin and she ends up knocking him in the water, which attracts the shark’s attention and it kills him. Eden and Sam use the distraction to reach the boat and Sam is upset about what happened to Zane but Eden tells him to focus and worry about the shark right now. Opening the case, Sam sees they only have 3 flares and as he goes to load the gun, the shark strikes the boat, causing one of the flares to drop into the water. Sam fires the second flare and it hits the shark, wounding it but not killing it. Sam fires the third shot but misses and the shark hits the boat, knocking Erin into the water. As the shark charges at them again, Eden hands Sam the bag of magnets, which he throws into the sharks mouth, causing it to react violently. Sam and Eden are forced to jump from the boat when the shark leaps out of the water and crashes onto the boat. As the shark thrashes in pain, Erin surfaces with the last flare cartridge and Eden loads it and fires it into the shark’s mouth, causing it to explode. Eden, Erin, and Sam celebrate the shark’s death, then grab onto some floating debris and start swimming for the mainland. When they reach the mainland, Sam and Eden collapse on the beach together and Sam moves to kiss her but Eden tells him they should take it slow if they want to start a new relationship. Sam agrees but before they can say anything else, Erin suddenly exhibits signs of being infected and the two quickly back away from her as she approaches them.

This was a fun movie to watch but I will admit that they kind of went a little out there with the plot. The acting was good, with Kabby Borders (Eden) and Bryce Durfee (Sam) doing great hobs in their roles. I also thought that Michelle Cortes (Erin), Sean Samuels (Zane), Eric Etebari (Reese), and Jaime Wallace (Hayden) did good jobs in their roles as well. The story was interesting but it was lacking in some set-up. I mean, the shark was mutated by arsenic but they never explained where the arsenic came from, which could have been used for a more detailed opening scene, or better sub-plot. The idea of the people injured by the shark becoming arsenic poisoned, rabid, zombie like people was a nice little side effect but it wasn’t really necessary as it took away from the killer shark, which is what you don’t really want to happen in a killer shark movie. The special effects were ok and I did like the idea of it being able to spray out acid as a result of the mutation but I wish the special effects were a little better in showing it. A fun bit of shark movie goodness if you are in the mood for some B-movie fun with a bite to it.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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