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Flashback Review: June 18th, 2014 Movie – Carnival Of Crime (1962)

carnival of crime

Two reviews in one day. Been a while since I have done that and to be honest, I don’t really miss it. So, I decided to take a bit of a break before I tackled today’s movie. Now this movie is from the Drive-In Cult Classics box set and I honestly don’t really remember much about it. The brief synopsis on IMDB actually makes it sound interesting so I hope that Carnival Of Crime turns out to be one of those surprising gems that come out of these box sets.

The plot: Mike Voray wakes up his wife Lynn and apologizes but tells her that he has been called out of town on business. As he leaves, he runs into Lynn’s mother as she is coming for a visit and tells her that Lynn is inside, then heads off. Lynn’s mother asks Lynn if she wants to go shopping and when Lynn refuses, she tries to remind Lynn that Mike loves her, but Lynn is upset about his busy schedule. Mike gets to his office and when his partner Paulo gets there, Mike asks him why they are behind 10 days in their construction work and when Paulo says he has been in meetings most of the time, Mike pulls a liquor bottle from Paulo’s jacket and tells him that maybe his getting loaded is costing them work. Mike heads to Brazil with his assistant Marina for a meeting and tells Paulo to get some work done while he is gone but as soon as they leave, Paulo has the secretary come into their office so they can fool around. In Brazil, two revolutionaries are waiting around for their assignment to show up and discussing the various jobs and targets they have taken out. When their target shows up, the leader says they need to take him alive but his partner ends up shooting him. Meanwhile, Mike and Marina arrive in Brazil and head to their meeting at the building sight and as soon as they arrive, they are told that some of the hard rock has already been put up. Mike heads inside for his meeting and afterwards, he discusses the building with Marina and what it will look like until she reminds them about their plane back to Rio and they rush to the airport only to find they missed their plane. When they learn that there won’t be another plane until the morning, Mike tells Marina to see about getting them a room while he tries calling Paulo and his wife but unknown to them, the plane that they were supposed to be on was destroyed by the revolutionaries. Mike calls his home but gets no answer, while it is shown that Lynn was there but ignoring the phone, as she had an unseen person with her in the bedroom. After Mike gets off the phone, Marina tells him that there are no rooms available so he rents a car and drives all night to get back to Rio, stopping at one point to fix the car when it breaks down. After dropping Marina off, Mike heads home but finds no sign on Lynn and calls a friend of theirs to see if he has seen Lynn but is told that he hasn’t seen Lynn. Mike tries calling Lynn’s cousin to see if she has seen Lynn but she hasn’t and as Mike hangs up the phone, he hears someone at the door and finds Paulo there. Paulo tells him he has an idea and heads to the bar for a drink and as he makes it, Mike asks him if he has seen Lynn but Paulo tells him he hasn’t and quickly leaves. The next morning, Mike receives a letter from the mail from Lynn, saying she is leaving him, and he questions his servant Carlos, who admits she had asked him to mail it yesterday. Mike heads over to their friend Ray’s house and questions him about Lynn but Ray says he hasn’t seen her for a few days. When Mike notices that Ray has company over, and notices that the woman uses the same perfume that Lynn does, he starts to accuse Ray of hiding Lynn from him, as Ray wont tell him who is there but when it is revealed to be Margo, Ray’s fiance, Mike feels ashamed and quickly leaves. Mike heads to the office, where Paulo tells him the people in Brazil are upset that everyone is on time but them and Mike tells him to make their people get back on time. Marina hands him the new plans and Mike asks her to stay a bit, as they discuss the new plans. Mike briefly thinks back to some happier times with Lynn when Paulo interrupts, telling him about the workers in Brazil and Mike tells him to head down there and take care of it, telling Paulo to cancel his plans as his own plans have been thrown up in the air. Mike goes to see Lynn’s mother and asks her if she knows where she is but Lynn’s mother doesn’t know where she is and says that wherever she is, she hopes she finds what she is looking for. Mike checks a couple of other places looking for Lynn and when he returns home, he finds Marina waiting for him. Marina says she is there because she is concerned about him and they talk briefly about work, where Marina tells him that Paulo didn’t go to Brazil, figuring that he must have handled things without needing to go there. Mike asks Marina if she ever noticed anything between Paulo and Marina and she tells him that she had suspicions but never noticed any proof. The two are interrupted by the arrival of a lawyer, who had been trying to see Mike since that afternoon, and Marina takes her leave. The lawyer tells Mike that he had a meeting with Lynn to sign divorce papers but she never showed and he was wondering if Mike knew where she was. Mike gets upset over the lawyer’s news and threatens him when he won’t tell him where his office and the lawyer relents but tells Mike he will make a note about his threatening him. After the lawyer leaves, Mike begins calling some people and tells them to meet at Lynn’s office downtown, knowing that if anyone shows up there, they might be her lover and know where she is. As Mike leaves, his neighbor’s dog starts barking and as his owner goes after him to see what he is after, he discovers Lynn’s body. Mike heads to Lynn’s address and as he heads inside, he is attacked by someone, causing a woman outside to call the police. When Mike recovers, he finds some of Lynn’s things in the room but quickly leaves when the police arrive. At Mike’s house, the inspector questions the neighbor and Carlos about Mike, who has become his chief suspect in Lynn’s murder, and when he asks Carlos where Mike might go, Carlos tells him about Mike spending time with Marina. Mike heads to Marina’s house and tells her about being attacked and Marina tells him that Lynn’s body has been found and the police suspect him. Marina tells Mike to get cleaned up and she leaves to get him a razor, but she is unknowingly followed by a detective. When she returns, she finds Mike is not there but he left her a note, which she quickly hides as she answers her door and finds the detective outside. The detective asks permission to search her place and she allows it and when he finishes, he asks her about the razor just as Paulo arrives and Marina says it is for him. The detective briefly talks with PAulo before leaving and Paulo asks what is going on and Marina tells him about Lynn being murdered and Paulo leaves quickly. Mike calls Marina, who begs him to come back, but Mike refuses to put her in trouble and asks her to do a favor for him, which might help prove his innocence. The next day, the police are searching Mike’s office and find that someone had gone through his cancelled checks. Mike calls the office looking for Marina but the secretary can barely hear him over the background noise from Carnival and tells him she isn’t there. Later, Marina shows up just as Paulo is cleaning out some files, as he feels the business is over with Mike possibly going to jail. Mike calls and Marina tells him the signature from the pawn shop matches a cancelled check from Ray, and Mike heads to where Ray and Margo are supposed to be getting married. Mike confronts Ray about Lynn and he tells Mike that he never really knew Lynn and that they had been having an affair for years. He admits that he was there the night she died and he had killed her when she threatened to tell Margo about them but it was an accident. The inspector had arrived and heard everything and when Ray notices him, he takes off out the window and Mike chases after him. Ray hopes to lose his pursuers in the crowd from Carnival but Mike chases him up to the roof of a building and Ray ends up falling to his death as he tries to cross a scaffolding. Some time later, Mike and Marina arrive in Brazil and he is met by his foreman, who tells them that he finished the building, and Mike looks at Marina and says that they finished but we are beginning.

Well, I think I know why I didn’t remember much about this movie. This was one slow, confusing movie to watch. The acting was ok, but since it was dubbed, it was a little hard to get any emotion from people, as most of the voices felt flat and emotionless. The story sounded good on paper, but the execution of it was just terrible, and I think a lot of that was not just from the dubbing issues, but also the pacing of the movie. The drama was actually pretty good but that is about the only thing the movie had going for it because most of the other aspects were not good. A real let down of a movie and one that is honestly forgettable.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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