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May 23rd, 2018 Movie – The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Women

the werewolf vs the vampire women

Of course, you can’t have a slew of werewolf movies without him fighting another movie monster. Even back in the day, you had Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, and a slew of movies have followed ever since. Today’s movie is one of the multiple werewolf movies that Paul Naschy did back in the 60’s-70’s but for some reason, when I saw the title I thought of an episode of the old Ghostbuster’s cartoon. In that cartoon, the Ghostbusters find themselves in an out of the way town in the woods that has a vampire problem, only to find that the town’s original residents were werewolves, and since their weapons have no effect on them, they Ghostbusters basically just trap both groups of monsters in the town. Now, I know that today’s movie will be nothing like that so let’s see what exactly it does entail as I watch The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Women.

The plot: Dr. Hartwig and his companion head into a cemetery late at night to examine the body of Waldemar Daninsky, a recently killed man suspected of being a werewolf. As the two men argue over whether werewolfs actually exist, Hartwig decides to remove the two silver bullets from Daninsky’s body, saying that if he really is a werewolf, he will come back to life. After the bullets are removed and nothing happens, Hartwig taunts his companion but as they smoke a cigarette, Daninsky comes back to life and kills them, then kills a young woman in the woods as he leaves the cemetery. Some time later, Elvira is talking to a friend of hers, Inspector Marcel, about her trip through Europe to try and find the grave of a murderess and suspected vampire, Countess Wandesa Darvula de Nadasdy, for her graduation project. The next day, Elvira and her friend Genevieve head out and eventually come to the ruins of a castle. As Elvira explores the castle, she runs into Daninsky, who invites her and Genevieve to stay at his house when their car runs out of gas. As they talk during dinner, Elvira explains why they are there and Daninsky gets a strange look on his face when she mentions they are looking for Nadasdy’s tomb. As they go to sleep, Elvira is unnerved by the situation, saying something wasn’t right about Daninsky, but Genevieve thinks it is simply her nerves and says they should enjoy the hospitality. That night, as Elvira lies awake in bed, a strange woman enters the room and begins to attack her. When she regains consciousness, Elvira finds Daninsky sitting on the side of her bed and he apologizes for what happened and says he will explain everything to her. As they sit outside, Daninsky explains that the woman is his sister Elizabeth, whom he takes care of as she suffered an accident some time ago. While they are talking, Genevieve is exploring the grounds and finds a shack filled with bloody chains and blood on the walls and floor when Elizabeth appears and attacks Genevieve, rendering her unconscious. Daninsky and Elvira hear the commotion and take Genevieve back to the house, where Elvira tends to Genevieve’s wounds and tries to explain things to her. Meanwhile, Daninsky chastises Elizabeth and tells her not to scare them off, as they might be his last chance. Later, Daninsky, Elvira, and Genevieve go over the old maps and legends and figure out where Nadasdy’s tomb might be so they head out. The eventually find it near the ruins of a monastary and open the tomb to find a coffin inside. Elvira leaves, not wanting to see what is inside, and Daninsky opens it to find a skeleton inside. Genevieve takes some pictures and examines the skeleton but cuts her hand, getting blood onto the skeleton before Daninsky is able to tend to her wound. Meanwhile, Elvira is heading back to the car when she encounters a decayed figure in a robe. As she runs from the figure, it suddenly disintegrates just as Daninsky appears, and he tells her they should leave. That night, as they are getting ready for bed, Genevieve finds herself drawn outside, where she is met by the revived Nadasdy. Nadasdy sucks some more of Genevieve’s blood, then embraces Genevieve and leads her away, as Elizabeth watches this all happen. Inside the house, Elvira goes looking for Genevieve and discovers Elizabeth’s body on the stairs, then sees Genevieve approaching her, having been turned into a vampire by Nadasdy, but Genevieve quickly flees when Daninsky appears, holding a crucifix. The next day, Daninsky says he will take care of Elizabeth’s body and tells Elvira that she must leave here but Elvira refuses, saying that she loves him and wants to stay by his side so he says that she should head into the village to get some gas for her car. Daninsky heads out and buries Elizabeth, hammering a stake through her heart and chopping off her head before he does so. Meanwhile, Elvira has gone to get the gas and was given a ride back to the house when they encounter Genevieve and Nadasdy, who walk by Elvira and Pierre and disappear into the woods, as Elvira is holding the crucifix Daninsky gave her to keep them at bay. That night, Daninsky transforms into a werewolf and smashes his way out of the house and starts roaming the woods. Meanwhile, Elvira has a dream where Genevieve and Nadasdy stab her throat and drink her blood, leaving her for dead but she wakes and clutches the crucifix to her chest. The next morning, Daninsky returns to the house and is met by Elvira, and he tells her the truth about his condition and she promises to help him through it. That night, Genevieve attacks Elvira and drinks her blood but as she leaves, she encounters Daninsky and they struggle before he shoves her and she falls onto a cross, impaling herself in the chest. Daninsky checks on her the next day and they make plans to leave the area but Daninsky says that they should wait till after the full moon passes. Daninsky has Elvira chain him in the shack, warning her to keep the crucifix with her as Nadasdy might come back for her but as she wanders the house, she is grabbed by Pierre, who intends to kidnap and rape her. Daninsky transforms and breaks free of his chains and encounters Pierre carrying Elvira and quickly kills him. The next day, Marcel arrives in town and after learning where Elvira is staying, goes to see her but she rebuffs his advances, as she is in love with Daninsky. Daninsky speaks with Marcel, who is worried for Elvira’s safety with all the strange events going on, and Daninsky agrees that it might be best if Elvira leave. Daninsky convinces Elvira to leave with Marcel but as they leave town, they are captured by Nadasdy, who chains them to the walls of her new tomb. The next night, Nadasdy prepares to kill Elvira to summon Satan but Daninsky, who had been hunting her new lair, finds them. Placing a crucifix over the entrance way so that Nadasdy can’t escape, Daninsky works on freeing Elvira but after she is free, Daninsky transforms into a werewolf. Daninsky then begins fighting with Nadasdy, eventually killing her. He then approaches Elvira, who stabs him with the silver crucifix, killing him and ending his suffering, as only someone that loves him could truly kill him. As Daninsky’s body transforms back to human, Elvira works on freeing Marcel and they leave the tomb together.

This is a pretty decent movie story-wise but the camera work didn’t really help it. The acting was good, with Paul Naschy doing a good job reprising the role of Waldemar Daninsky, while Gaby Fuchs, Barbara Capell, and Patty Shepard did good jobs as Elvira, Genevieve, and Nadasdy respectively. The story was pretty interesting, continuing where the previous werewolf movie that Naschy made left off. I liked the concept of how Nadasdy was brought back but felt there were some ways that they could have done a better job with it. The pacing also felt odd, as there were cut aways that just seemed to break up any tension that was building, as well as random events that just seemed thrown in for no real reason, like Pierre trying to steal and kidnap Elvira. I don’t know if it is the copy in this box set or the actual movie but a lot of the camera work and editing was just terrible. There was one point where Elvira’s face was blue, and like I said, I don’t know if it is the copy, or the original shotty editing that is the cause. A lot of potential but definitely something that could have been better made.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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May 22nd, 2018 Movie – The Werewolf Of Washington

the werewolf of washington

Another day, another werewolf movie that I saw years ago. This time however, I didn’t see just the normal version of the movie. Instead, my first experience with today’s movie came courtesy of the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira; as I watched it on an episode of Elvira’s Movie Macabre years ago. Then, a few years ago, I rewatched that episode on Hulu when I saw they had some of the old episodes on there (they have since been pulled). So let’s have some fun with today’s movie, The Werewolf Of Washington.

The plot: Jack Whittier, a member of the Washington pres corp, is on assignment in Hungary, having been ordered to take the transfer after having an affair with the President’s daughter Marion. While in Hungary, Jack meets a woman named Giselle and the two are driving to the airport when they spot a man standing in the road. Jack swerves to avoid hitting the man and crashes into a tree, then gets out and starts yelling at the man, who ignores him and walks towards the nearby gypsy camp. When his car won’t start, Jack and Giselle head to the camp to try and get some help but an old gypsy woman starts yelling at them and the camp quickly packs up and leaves. Jack tells Giselle to stay there, then heads to a nearby farm house to get some help but the farmer won’t leave the house and invites Jack in, worried about it being too dark and the moon. Jack returns to the car to find Giselle being threatened by a wolf and he kills it with a silver-headed cane, but is bitten during the fight. As Jack recovers from the ordeal, he discovers that the wolf had changed back into the gypsy that caused him to wreck in the first place. Jack and Giselle make it to the nearby town and tell the authorities, who disbelieve his story as nobody was reported missing. After the cop leaves, the gypsy woman appears and tells Jack that the man he killed was her son, then gives him a charm to wear, saying that he now bears her son curse and he should keep this charm with him at all times to protect him. Some time later, Jack returns to Washington and during a gathering at the White House, is invited into a private meeting with the President. Later at the party, Jack runs into Marion and the two talk privately for a minute, where Marion tells him that she is engaged. As the party continues, Jack is talking with the wife of a judge, Mrs. Margie Captree, when he sees a pentagram appear, then disappear, on her hand and later that night, the woman is killed as she walks home. The next day, Jack meets with the Attorney General, who wants his help writing a flattering story for Captree’s husband, as they want him to get nominated for the Supreme Court, when the Attorney General gets a call telling him of Margie’s death. Jack is summoned to the White House, briefly running into Marion again, before meeting with the President and and a publisher. As they are leaving, Jack notices the pentagram appear on the Press Secretary’s hand and is startled by it. He quickly leaves, with a concerned Marion following after him, but he tells her to wait for him in her room as he quickly heads into the bathroom and shuts the door on her. That night, the publisher goes to get gas on her way home when she is attacked and killed by a werewolf. The next day, Jack arrives at the crime scene with the Attorney General, who can’t believe the witnesses claims that a werewolf killed the Press Secretary. Jack interviews the witnesses and says that they will be placed under protective watch in order to keep them, then tries to stop the Attorney General from speaking to reporters, as he is going off on a racist and political rant on camera. Later, Jack starts believing that he is responsible for the murders and tries to get the President to have someone replace him but the President refuses, saying he needs Jack. Jack then tries talking with his superior, Commander Salmon, showing him the pentagram that has appeared on his chest, but Salmon doesn’t believe his claims. That night, Jack is talking on the phone when he transforms again, hanging up before the transformation takes full effect. He then heads out and attempts to kill the witnesses, killing the man but he is chased off before he can kill the woman. The next day, the President is holding a press conference about the killings, turning it into a pitch to have Captree placed on the Supreme Court. Later, the President has Jack join him for a game of bowling and invites him to attend a meeting that night at the Pentagon about their troops in Asia. Jack tries to refuse, as he doesn’t want to risk attacking the President or anyone else, but the President refuses to let him leave. As the meeting progresses, with the President wanting to withdraw their troops from Asia, Jack sees his hands starting to change and he quickly leaves the room. Transforming fully into a werewolf, Jack wanders around the basement of the White House, attacking a guard that shoots at him, then encounters Dr. Kiss, a dwarven scientist, who is fascinated by Jack and speaks calmly to him so that he doesn’t cause Jack to attack him, then tries chasing after Jack when he leaves. The next day, Jack wakes up in the morning in a cemetery and makes his way home. At the Pentagon, the President is watching footage of the werewolf from the Pentagon’s security cameras with Dr. Kiss and Dr. Kiss tells him that they need to capture him alive, as it is vital to their projects, which unnerves the President. Meanwhile, Jack is showing Salmon and the Attorney General how the various attacks form a pentagram and tells them that he needs to go back to Hungary to hunt down the gypsy woman and find a cure for his condition. Salmon agrees and tells Jack he will let the President know of his resignation. Later, Jack has Salmon chain him to his chair in order to keep him from killing anyone and Salmon places a time lapse camera to get pictures of the transformation. Sometime after Salmon leaves, Marion shows up and attempts to free Jack but he yells at her to leave. When she refuses, he tells her that there is a gun on the dresser with a silver bullet and she should use it to kill him so he doesn’t hurt her. Suddenly, the phone rings and it is the President calling, saying that the Press Secretary is sick and he needs Jack to go with him, telling him that he is sending the car over to get him now. Jack reluctantly has Marion free him and he goes with the President to the helicopter that will be flying them, and the Chinese Prime Minister, to a press conference. During the flight, Jack transforms into a werewolf and attacks the President as the helicopter is landing. As guards rush to help the President, Jack escapes and makes his way back towards Marion, who ends up shooting him. As Salmon, the Attorney General, and some agents arrive, they watch as Jack changes back into human and Marion screams out in grief. As she is taken away, Salmon and the Attorney General decide to cover up that Jack was the werewolf, saying that he died a hero by jumping in front of Marion when a sniper tried to shoot her. As the credits roll, the President is heard giving a speech, during which he transforms into a werewolf.

Yeh, this is one of those movies that deserves to be riffed because it really is that bad. The acting was kind of ridiculous, which is a shame because I like Dean Stockwell but he just couldn’t really get me to feel any sympathy towards his character of Jack. I have to admit, I was laughing at Biff McGuire’s portrayal of the President, as he played the character almost like a parody of Ted Turner. The story was your typical werewolf fare; man gets bitten by werewolf in remote European forest, goes home, horror ensues. I think the idea of Jack subconsciously killing people that were against the President’s plans put an interesting twist on the story, but the whole Dr. Kiss sub plot kind of came out of nowhere, then was completely forgotten about, making you wonder why they even decided to throw it in there. The political tones in the movie definitely highlighted a lot of the tensions that were still around during the end of the Vietnam war, as well as some of the racial tensions that were still prevalent. The special effects looked pretty cheap and I have to admit that I still laugh at watching Dean Stockwell crawling around on all fours when in his werewolf makeup, as it really was funny. Definitely a lot of laughs but a little lacking on the intended scares.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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May 21st, 2018 Movie – Werewolf In A Girl’s Dormitory

werewolf in a girls dormitory

Well, you can’t have one werewolf movie without having about a dozen more following after it. I’m not saying sequels necessarily, just that there are a lot of movies whose titles happen to start with the word “Werewolf”. Anyways, today’s movie is one that I actually remember seeing years ago during some channel’s Halloween marathon. I actually laughed when I saw that it was in the Chilling Classics box set and it was one of the first movies I actually watched when I bought it because I wanted to see if it was as bad as I remembered. So let me share the experience with all of you as I watch today’s movie, Werewolf In A Girl’s Dormitory.

The plot: When a new teacher, Dr. Julian Olcott, arrives at an all girls school, his arrival proves to be a bit of a distraction for the the students. As he heads to the Director’s office, one of the students, Mary, faints so she can be carried off to the infirmary, as some of the other girls discuss the fact that she faked it so she could get close to the new teacher. Julian meets with Director Swift, who goes over his duties as teacher and reminds him not to speak to the girls outside of the classroom. That night, a wolf’s howling wakes up Francine and Sandy and as they go to look out the window, they see Mary sneaking out of the infirmary. As they watch, Leonor MacDonald, Swift’s assistant, sees Mary but doesn’t stop her as she makes her way to another building and the two girls wonder why she wasn’t stopped. Mary makes her way outside the gates and encounters Walter Jeoffrey, who tries to stop her but she tells him to leave her alone or else she will spill the beans on everything he is involved in. Mary eventually meets up with Sir Alfred Whiteman, another teacher at the school whom she was having an affair with, and he tries to plead with her but she insists that he give her the money she was promised or else she will expose the affair and ruin him, saying she will hold onto the love letters as proof. As Mary heads back to school, she hears something in the bushes and attempts to run but is soon grabbed and killed by a werewolf and dumped into the nearby stream. Whiteman returns to his home, where he tries talking to his wife Sheena and when she gets upset at his actions, he tells her that he is not seeing the girl but she is blackmailing him. The next morning, Mary’s body is discovered and taken to the school, where Julian examines it. He thinks that Mary could have met with a man before her death but the police inspector feels that she just wandered outside and was attacked by wolves. When Whiteman is brought in and asked if he knows the body, he says he does but only in passing and the inspector asks if he will answer some questions as a formality for his report. Meanwhile, Priscilla was given some letters that were written for Mary and sneaks back to her dorm to read them, then tries to find Mary’s other letters but she is caught by Julian and chastised for missing class. Priscilla goes to see Swift, who is finishing up with the inspector, and talks to him about the letter Mary had received and Swift realizes that he will have to call the inspector back. As he leaves the office, Priscilla notices a letter on his desk about Julian being acquitted of a crime for lack of evidence. When the inspector returns, Mary takes them to the dorm to show them the letters only to find them missing and both the inspector and Swift think she was making the letters up. The next day, Priscilla and Sandy are discussing Julian during class and after class, Priscilla asks Julian about Mary’s body and the wounds on it. When he says he can’t say for certain about the wounds, she then asks why he came to their school, and he said he didn’t choose it, but was destined to come there. Later, Priscilla and Sandy find the letters and Priscilla says that nobody can see them, then goes to see Walter, thinking he knows about them. Walter says he knows about them and that she would need to meet him that night to learn the truth. Priscilla sneaks out of the dorm and goes to Walter’s cabin, and he takes her to where Mary met with Whiteman, unaware that they are being followed. When Priscilla arrives at the cabin, she finds Sheena waiting for her there, who tosses her some money and calls her a tart like all the others, thinking she was there to blackmail Whiteman. When Priscilla tells her she was merely there to find out who wrote the letters and thought that Whiteman was the killer, Sheena says that is impossible but tells her that Whiteman did meet with Mary but he left her alive. However, she did see someone that she feels was the killer, but won’t reveal who it was. Priscilla sees someone at the window and Sheena thinks it is probably the caretaker and tells Priscilla to keep Mary’s letter’s hidden in order to spare her memory from being tarnished. When Priscilla suggests that she could have killed Mary with her dogs, as the wounds could have been mistaken for wolves, Sheena gets offended and says she never should have confided in her. After she leaves, Priscilla quickly follows and runs into Julian, who says he was out there laying traps for the wolves. He escorts Priscilla back to school grounds but tells her he will have to write a report about her being out. Meanwhile, Sheena makes it back to her house but someone knocks her out, then injects her with a drug, killing her. Back outside, Priscilla is startled by a wolf howling in distress and Julian says that he has to leave to take care of it, as it could get free. Priscilla says that she is ok, as they are close to the school, but as she gets to the gate, she is attacked by a werwolf. Before it can kill her, Walter’s dog attacks it and bites it’s right hand while Priscilla faints at the gate. The next day, a funeral is held for Sheena, during which Walter catches Whiteman’s eye, but the exchange is noticed by Swift. At the local tavern, Whiteman meets up with Walter and asks if he found the letters but when Walter says he hasn’t, Whiteman says they must find them, as he can’t rest until they are destroyed. When one of the villagers notices Walter can’t move his hand, they accuse him of being the one to attack Priscilla. Whiteman quickly leaves while Walter tries to hold the growing mob at bay with a switchblade but just before they attack him, Swift shows up and stops them, revealing that Walter’s hand has been like that since birth and he has no scarring from a bite on it. As they leave, he asks Walter why he was meeting with Whiteman and when Walter says it was nothing, he tells him to go back to the school, as the villagers might still try to harm him. In the school’s infirmary, Priscilla is startled by the appearance of Julian in the room. They talk briefly, with Julian telling her she has to have faith in him, when Sandy bursts into the room. Sandy apologizes for interrupting them but when she touches Julian’s arm, he reacts in pain, and Priscilla starts at that. Sandy goes to see Swift and tells him she feels that Julian is the killer, saying that Mary was killed on the day of his arrival. Swift decides to question Julian and Julian talks about what killed his career and says that he had been studying lycanthropy, as he had a woman who was accused of murder but had no recollection of it. He realized that she was a werewolf and did his best to try and cure her but she overdosed on one of his trial medicines, and he was accused of murdering her but was acquitted. He admits that his arm is hurt but he didn’t attack Priscilla and Swift says he is having a hard time believing him. That night, Walter sneaks into the girl’s dorm and and tries to get the key from Sandy, holding a pillow over her mouth until she is rendered unconscious. As he goes to grab the letters, another girl spots him and screams out, alerting all of the others, and Walter runs from the room. The girls alert the dorm mother, who tells Swift and Julian as they had heard the screams, and they see Walter trying to escape through the upper levels. Julian tells him to stop or he will shoot but the panicked Walter continues to try and escape, only to fall to his death. As Julian checks on Walter, Swift notices the letters and grabs them, then tells everyone to go back to their bed. When Julian heads back to his room, Priscilla asks him what happened, he tells her that Walter killed himself after trying to kill Sandy. Priscilla thinks that Walter was the monster but Julian says that it is impossible, as Walter had a dog and dogs can’t stand the scent of werewolves. The next day, Swift calls Whiteman into his office to explain the letters and Whiteman says that he did have the affair but didn’t kill Mary, then wishes Sheena was still alive as she saw the killer. Whiteman then says that if he goes down, Swift will go down as well and Swift says he isn’t planning on sanctioning him, as the affair doesn’t need to come up again. That night, Julian and Priscilla go to see Whiteman, thinking he might be the werewolf but when they asks him to go with them to the police, he commits suicide instead. Meanwhile, Swift is shown to be the werewolf, with Leonor working with him to find a cure. Leonor admits that she killed Sheena because she must have seen him kill Mary but as she goes to try and get another sample of wolf’s blood to use for the cure, the wolf escapes it’s cage and mauls her to death, and Swift ends up killing the wolf. The next day, as a funeral is held for Walter, his dog, who Priscilla is holding, begins barking at Swift before getting loose from Priscilla and running off. As Priscilla tries to chase after him, Julian approaches Swift and tells him they need to talk in private when he gets a chance. That night, Priscilla encounters Walter’s dog, who leads her into the bushes, where it digs up Walter’s body. Priscilla screams out and encounters Swift, telling him what she saw. Swift says they must call the police but as they head into his house, Priscilla wonders who was buried in Walter’s grave but when she turns to Swift, she finds him transforming into a werewolf. As Swift goes to kill Priscilla, Julian shows up and Swift struggles with him but Julian finally manages to shoot him. As Swift stumbles into his home and changes back to human, he tells them that Leonor was buried in Walter’s grave and dies, then Julian and Priscilla leave, saying that the nightmare is finally over.

This is definitely one of those movies that is funny to watch because it is bad. Well, let me rephrase that some; the English dubbing is bad but the original Italian might have been better. The acting was ok but the dubbing really didn’t fit well with the movie, as it made the dialogue seem overly forced instead of natural. The story actually was a decent little horror/mystery, as they did try to do a good job trying to cast suspicions on several people as to who the werewolf is. The special effects were laughably bad, as the make up for the werewolf looked terrible and some of the camera work was just poorly done. It’s a terrible movie but can be fun to watch because of how bad it is.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5

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May 20th, 2018 Movie – The Werewolf

the werewolf

I just realized something. I don’t own a single copy of any of the classic horror films. I have several remakes of the movies, and dozens of movies inspired by them, but none of the classic Universal monster movies are in my possession. I find that a bit odd and should definitely rectify that oversight one of these days, but it unfortunately won’t be any time soon. The only reason why this came to mind is because today’s movie is one of those remakes. So let’s see what this remake has to offer as I watch today’s movie, The Werewolf.

The plot: A man stumbles into the bar in the small town of Mountaincrest and orders a drink, paying for it with a large bill. When he finishes his drink, he stumbles over to the fireplace to warm his hands for a minute, then goes to leave when the bartender reminds him of his change and the man asks the bartender if he lives there. When the bartender says he never saw the man before, the man says he must be passing through and leaves. Another bar patron, Joe Mitchell, follows him and attempts to mug him, dragging him into an alley. As the two men struggle, an old woman walking by hears them just as one man screams and when a figure emerges from the alley, the woman begins screaming. The figure runs off down the road as some people from the bar, including the deputy sheriff Ben Clovey, run up and to find out what happened. After examining Joe’s body and learning where the supposed killer went, Clovey, the bartender, and another man head out after the figure while Clovey has two women go and get the town doctor, Jonas Gilcrist. As the men follow the tracks into the woods, they are shocked to see them suddenly change from show prints to paw prints and the third man recognizes them as wolf tracks. Clovey sends the bartender and the other man back to get Sheriff Jack Haines, saying he will wait at the top of the nearby hill for them, and the men reluctantly agree to leave, none of them noticing a discarded pair of shoes behind a nearby log. Some time later, Jack returns to the bar with a badly wounded Clovey and he tells everyone to stay inside and not say a word about what happened tonight. He then takes Clovey to Jonas’s house, where his niece Amy, lets them in and goes to get her uncle. While she is gone, Jack asks Clovey about what happened and Clovey tells him it happened to fast but whatever attacked him, it wasn’t quite human, nor was it completely an animal. When Gilcrist arrives, he begins treating Clovey’s injury, with Amy assisting him, and he talks with Jack about what happened. The two men argue when Gilcrist says it was obviously an animal that killed Joe but Jack says that the witness says a man was the attacker. When Amy says what they are all starting to think, Gilcrist refuses to list Werewolf as the cause of death and Jack says that whatever the case, Joe was murdered and that he has some reinforcements coming to help him search for the killer in the morning. After they leave, Amy wonders if she should try to get some sleep or stay up in case they are needed again and Gilcrist says that since they are up, they should get some of his old books on mythology and give them a read. The next morning, the stranger wakes up in a small mine and cries out in anguish, hoping that what he remembers was just a dream. He then sees his shoes and socks nearby and quickly puts them on before leaving the area. Meanwhile, Jack has some state patrol officers show up to help him search the mountain, then gets called off to deal with some reporters, who are wondering why he has the road blocked off, and he reluctantly allows them through. Unknown to them, the stranger is watching them from the trees and he quickly turns around and moves further up the mountain. He soon finds himself at Gilcrist’s house and ask Amy if the doctor is in and she takes him inside to see her uncle. When Gilcrist speaks with the man, the stranger says he can’t remember who he is or anything about his past. The only memory he has is of a car accident, and being in a doctor’s office with two doctors, but that is it. The man then asks if a man had been killed the night before and when Gilcrist says there was, the man says he did it but thought it was just a dream. When Amy tries to give him something to calm him down, the man jumps up, saying the other doctors did something to him and then runs out of the house and down the road. Amy calls the sheriff’s station and when she learns that Jack isn’t there, she heads there with Gilcrist to wait for him. When Jack returns, Amy and Gilcrist tell them what happened and Amy begs Jack to try and take the man alive, as he seemed more frightened than dangerous, and Jack says he will do what he can but can’t make any guarantees. Elsewhere, a scientist named Dr. Morgan Chambers is doing some experiments with animals when his partner, Dr. Emery Forrest, enters the room and shows him the newspaper article about the killing. Morgan feels like this is proof that his serum works and he believes that they can inoculate themselves and a few select others to survive what could be the oncoming destruction of the planet. Morgan makes plans to head to Mountaincrest to try and find their test subject when there is a knock on their door. When he opens it, he finds Helen Marsh there, who asks him about her husband Duncan, as the police say they brought him there are a car accident a few nights ago. Morgan says that Duncan just had a minor head injury but he was fine when he left their office and they haven’t seen him since, trying his best to reassure her. After she leaves, Morgan and Emery head to Mountaincrest, telling the officers at the road block that they believe the man they are searching for is a patient of theirs in order to get through. When they get to town, they head up to the mountain to go looking for Marsh, who hears them coming and ducks into the mine to try and hide from them. Emery searches the mine and finds Marsh, who recognizes him and asks him to help him. When Emery says there is nothing they can do, Marsh realizes he is going to shoot him and the fear kicks in his adrenaline, causing him to change. Emery runs from the mine but is attacked by Marsh, and Morgan shoots at him, scaring him off. Suddenly, a shot rings out close to Morgan as Jack and the other searchers arrive and question what was going on. When Morgan explains what they were doing there, and Emery describes what happened, Jack has them taken to the station to fill out a report, then orders everyone off the mountain, as it is beginning to get dark. That night, Jack and Amy are discussing Marsh when Clovey informs them about Marsh killing a sheep on a nearby farm. Jack tells Clovey to call all the farmers, or go get them if they don’t have a phone, and evacuate everyone to the town for their safety. Amy is upset about Jack intending to kill Marsh instead of helping him but Jack insists he is too dangerous to do otherwise. The next day, Jack and a couple of hunters set some traps around the town when Clovey contacts him on the radio to come back to town. When he gets there, he finds the reporters wanting to get information on what’s going on but he ignore them and goes in the other room to speak to Clovey and another deputy. Clovey tells him about a car found with the ID for Duncan Marsh inside and how Marsh’s wife had filed a missing person’s report 2 days ago, which makes them think Marsh is the man that they are looking for. In town, Morgan and Emery learn about Helen and her son Chris being in town looking for Marsh and says it could complicate things, as Jack might be more inclined to take him in alive. When Emery seems hesitant to kill Marsh, Morgan reminds him that they are responsible for what happened to Marsh and subsequently everything he has done since so they have to kill him in order to protect themselves. Meanwhile, Marsh falls victim to one of the traps and manages to get himself free, but collapses soon afterwards from the pain and blood loss. At Gilchrist’s house, Helen is talking with Amy about how everyone is being vague about her husband and begs her for details. When Jack shows up, he tells Amy that Marsh was caught in one of the traps and managed to escape but was wounded. Helen overhears this and demands Jack tell her the truth and Jack does so, but avoids mentioning that they suspect Marsh is a werewolf. When Helen and Amy both say they want to go with Jack to look for Marsh, he relents and allows them to come, as well as Chris. When Jack gets to the sheriff’s station, he tells Clovey not to bring rifles, as they will carry pistols under their jackets just in case something goes wrong. Morgan shows up and asks if he can go with them but Jack refuses, saying that they want fewer people with them in order not to frighten Marsh. When Morgan leaves, Jack tells him that he doesn’t quite trust them, as Marsh was supposedly fine until his accident occurred, and he was treated by them. The 5 head up to the mountain looking for Marsh and eventually find evidence he is near. When Helen starts calling out on the bullhorn, Marsh reveals himself and Chris and Helen run up to hug him. then move aside when Amy shows up to tend to Marsh’s injury. In town, the people are celebrating the fact that Marsh has been captured and Morgan and Emery are watching, with Morgan waiting for the perfect moment to try and kill Marsh. In the sheriff’s station, Marsh tells Helen and Chris to go home, and he will be there as soon as he is better, and Jack has one of the state patrol officers drive them home. He then heads over to Gilchrist’s house and speaks with Gilchrist and Amy about the situation before Amy convinces him to sleep on the couch. Back at the bar, one of the hunters who had helped set the traps gets especially drunk and stagger out of the bar and Morgan and Emery follow, then knock him unconscious. They take him to the sheriff’s station and knock on the door, then chloroform Clovey when he comes out to check on him. Heading inside, they go to kill Marsh only to find that he has transformed and Marsh quickly kills them both. Jack is woken up by the screams and heads to the station to find the two bodies, as well as the unconscious bodies of Clovey and the drunk, and he tells the other men that were drawn by the screams to bring some torches so they can scare him out of the village. Jack leads the posse into the woods and the start searching for Marsh, finding a blood trail from his injured leg. They eventually spot him and throw some torches up to help light the area and begin shooting but when Marsh disappears further into the woods, Jack decides to fall back and wait until it’s daylight rather than risk someone getting hurt in the dark. In the morning, Jack and the posse spot Marsh heading for the highway and chase after him and as he gets close to the bridge, Jack yells out for it to be blocked on the other side. Marsh ends up jumping off the bridge to the ground below and tries to escape but the men begin shooting and eventually bring him down, then watch as he transforms back to human after he dies.

This was actually a pretty decent movie all things considered. The acting was ok, though Don Megowan (Jack) actually seemed to come off as a little too stiff. George Lynn (Morgan) actually seemed like a much more interesting character but he got such a limited amount of screen time that you weren’t able to see him really be developed. The story was essentially the same as the classic Wolfman story, just losing the supernatural aspect of it and attempting to give it more of a scientific origin. The special effects with the make-up were honestly pretty weak, but they actually worked as you really only see the transformation twice, one in his changing into the werewolf and at the end where he changes back; every other time he is already changed. It’s not a terrible remake but it definitely is not going to be considered a classic any time soon.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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May 19th, 2018 Movie – Welcome To Blood City

welcome to blood city

You ever wake up in the morning and just have no motivation to get out of bed and go. That is kind of how I felt this morning. Luckily, that is an easy feeling to get over, well for me, as I simply rolled out of bed and went about my normal routine. Now today’s movie comes to us from the Sci-Fi Invasion box set but it is something I have never seen before. Only way to figure out if it actually belongs there is to give it a watch so let’s see what I am in store for with today’s movie, Welcome To Blood City.

The plot: 5 people (Lewis, Martine, Peter, and two other men ) find themselves in a desert dressed in similar clothes and with no memory as to how they got there. One of the men asks Lewis about his story, mentioning a card in the pocket of Lewis’ shirt, and as Lewis reads it, he asks how many people he killed. The others all say that their cards read that they are killers as well but Lewis chooses to rip his card up, saying not to believe everything they read. With only one canteen between the 5 of them, they start walking across the sand and eventually come to a wooded area with a river. As they start to drink some water, one of the group is shot and two men, Sarge and Webb, rise out of the bushes across the river and tell them to get on their knees. As the two men approach the group, they tell them to removie their boots, which Sarge places in a sack while Webb proceeds to rape Martine. After they leave, the group continues moving until they encounter Sheriff Friedlander, who had watched what had happened to them. Friedlander says that he knows their cards all say they are killers but says it’s ok because they are all killers there. Friedlander leads them to town and escorts them into a building, saying they will be safe there for the night and offers them some food and drink. He then explains that in the morning, the citizens will choose who they want to take and reveals that they are considered slaves. When a man named Gellor arrives with his men, he tells Friedlander that he wants Martine. Friedlander tries to argue that it isn’t the choosing time and that he gets first pick but Gellor counters that Friedlander already has a girl and Friedlander reluctantly concedes. As Gellor grabs Martine and starts examining her, one of the men tries to stop him and ends up being shot. Gellor’s man claims it was self defense but Friendlander yells at them and kicks them out. He apologizes and tells Martine having a girl like her in town is dangerous and decides to take her elsewhere so she will be safe. Meanwhile, two scientists, Katherine and Lyle, are watching some monitors, one of which says the subject is terminated and one of them comments about some people seem to look for ways to kill themselves and the other replies that that was the purpose of their experiment. Back in the town, Lewis goes to cover the body then decides to go outside and get some boots, though Peter says it is a bad idea. As Lewis wanders around town, he is followed by a group of men called the Black Guard, who laugh as he is rejected by the various store owners. Seeing a bootmaker’s shop, Lewis approaches it and the owner threatens to hit him with a hammer but Lewis dodges the attack and grabs the hammer from the man, then spares his life in exchange for the boots off his feet. With his new boots on, Lewis then heads to the gun store for a weapon but the owner kicks him out of the store. As he is leaving, Lewis is approached by a member of the Black Guard, who offers to buy him a drink, saying that he is his 9th. In the bar, Black Guard spills coffee on Lewis, hoping to get a rise out of him and when Lewis refuses to drink the second cup, the man says that Lewis insulted him and that gives him right to kill him. Lewis upends the table to avoid being shot and makes a run for it. theHe makes it to the sheriff’s office and asks Friedlander what is going on. Friedlander tells him that it is the law for a citizen to kill a new arrival that insults him, but if a new arrival kills a citizen, then he becomes a citizen and gets all of their rights. When Lewis asks Friedlander why everything revolves around killing, Friendlander has a sudden flashback of a time when he was a college professor, but shakes it off and tells Lewis it is kill or be killed there. Lewis asks for a gun to defend himself but Friedlander says it is against the law and forces Lewis to go back outside, threatening to shoot him himself if he doesn’t. When Lewis gets outside, he is soon confronted by the Black Guardsman, who goes to shoot Lewis, but a female Black Guard tosses a shotgun to the ground and Lewis quickly grabs it and shoots the man trying to kill him. The dead man’s friends reveal that they were merely working as the man’s bodyguards and that all of his possessions are now Lewis’s. As Lewis turns to thank the female Black Guard, he finds that she has suddenly disappeared. Back in the lab, Lyle says that Katherine shouldn’t have directly programmed herself into the game but Katherine says that she merely extended the options in the game. They are suddenly contacted by their supervisor, who says that they need to produce winners and Katherine argues that they are being unreasonable. After getting some new clothes, Lewis goes to see Martine and she begs for his help in helping her stay out of Gellor’s possession and Lewis tells her he will do what he can to help her. He then heads to the saloon, where he encounters the mystery woman, who is now dressed as one of the working girls. She tells him that she owns the place and she is tired of seeing the same old people every day, which is why she helped him, and the two eventually head upstairs and have sex. Back in the real world, Lyle approaches Katherine, who is attached to the simulation, and chastises her for her actions, saying it is almost like pornography. The next morning in town, Lewis is met by Peter, who tells him that Friedlander wants to see him. Lewis talks with Peter some and asks if he remembers how they got there, as Lewis starts to remember his past life. Back in the lab, alarms are sounding as the scientists rush to prevent Lewis from remembering his life and ruining their experiment. When they finally succeed, the scientists are shocked as that had never happened before and Katherine theorizes that Lewis must be more resistant to altered realities than their other subjects. Back in the town, Lewis meets with Friedlander, and discusses his options on what he can do. He then goes to see Martine, who is near hysterics over her worry about Gellor but Lewis assures her that Gellor would have to kill him first before he gets to her. Some time later, Katherine reappears in town and tries to talk Lewis out of challenging Gellor but he refuses to back down from challenging Gellor for Martine’s safety. When Gellor and his men arrive in town, Friedlander tells Gellor about Lewis’s challenge and Gellor laughs, saying that killing Lewis would make his 20th kill and make him immortal. In the lab, Katherine is upset at Lewis and he says that it looks like he is purposefully rewriting the situation so that Lewis would be killed but Lewis says it isn’t personal, he is just following the supervisor’s orders. In the town, Lewis heads to the saloon to try and reason with Gellor but Gellor want’s to go ahead and kill him. When Lewis’s bodyguards try to stop the fight, Lewis yells out about everyone in town seeming to want to be killed, while in the lab, Lyle remarks about him finally starting to figure things out. Back in the saloon, one of Gellor’s men kills one of Lewis’s bodyguards and Gellor marches Lewis out of the saloon, saying he will have Lewis watch him claim Martine, then kill Lewis in front of her. When they get outside, they learn that Friedlander has started the choosing already and an angered Gellor hurries over to the jail. They get there as the last man is auctioned off and as Gellor yells out for Martine, one of the Black Guard tells the crowd that Martine is gone. Checking for himself, Gellor accuses Friedlander of hiding her and when he threatens to kill him, Friedlander shoots Gellor. As everyone leaves, Lewis demands Friedlander tell him where Martine is but before Friedlander shoots him, Katherine says that he doesn’t know because she is the one who took her. Back in the lab, Lyle is arguing about Katherine’s continued involvement in the experiment but Katherine tells the supervisor that Lewis is a perfect candidate to become a killmaster. The Supervisor says that they have to prove it, as they are losing rapidly. Back in the town, Katherine explains she took Martine but they were ambushed by bandits, who took Martine to the old mine. Lewis asks Friedlander to go back to town and get some men while he has Katherine lead him to the mine. As they are riding along, Lewis tells Katherine that he knows they weren’t ambushed but she gave Martine to the bandits and Katherine says that she did it to save him, then rides off as Lewis is insisting on going to the mine. When Lewis gets there, he knows out the lookout, then begins firing at the bandits, killing several but he soon runs out of bullets. Before they can kill him, Katherine returns with some men and they start killing off the rest of the bandits. When the leader holds Martine hostage, Lewis yells at everyone to stop shooting but Katherine fires one last shot, killing Martine. In the lab, Lyle says that Katherine may have been right about Lewis but Katherine says that he disappointed her, as he merely played not to lose, and that he is about to be terminated. In the town, Friedlander heads to the bar and after talking to Lewis for a minute, moves to arrest him, saying he will think of a charge later. When one of the bystanders says he can’t do that, Friedlander shoots him and Lewis makes a run for it. Friedlander chases after him, constantly laughing as he shoots at him. He eventually catches up to Lewis as Lewis tries to grab a horse but instead of killing Lewis, Friedlander ends up killing himself. Lewis asks Friedlander why but when he gets no response, he walks away. As he heads to the center of town, he is met by Peter, who is wielding a shotgun, and told to stop. Lewis tries to reason with Peter, saying he is being set up just like he was, but Peter says he won’t waste his chance and when Lewis keeps moving towards him, he shoots him. In the lab, Katherine is happy to see Lewis died in the simulation but is shocked to see them reviving the real Lewis and learns it is under the supervisor’s orders. Katherine goes to see the supervisor and asks why Lewis is being revived and she is told she exceeded her authority and Lewis is exactly the kind of person they need. As they argue, Lewis regains consciousness and hears them talking about him. As he tries to figure out what is going on, he starts hitting buttons on the control panel next to his chair and opens a window that shows Martine, Gellor, Friedlander, and the other people that died in the simulation, now mindless shuffling bodies in a room. When Katherine and the supervisor return to the room, they find that Lewis had ripped up the controls for the chair and hotwired it to send him back into the simulation.

This was an interesting, albeit confusing, movie to watch. The acting was honestly a little boring, as all of the characters really seemed to be to stiff and robotic in their delivery. I will say that the end scene with Jack Palance (Friedlander) laughing like a maniac as he kept popping up and shooting at Lewis was funny, in a WTF kind of way. The story was honestly pretty confusing in the sense that they really didn’t explain what the point of the simulation was. I mean, yes, the simulation is testing them for something but you never really know why or what Lewis is expected to do for them. I did like the idea of the people being in a simulated world and the whole dying in the simulation causes you to die, well mentally die, in the real world. I feel like The Matrix borrowed quite a bit from this idea. The special effects were ok but the camera work was just terrible, as there were times that they would randomly zoom close to someone’s face when they weren’t fully in the camera shot, so you would get a great view of someone’s cheek. A for effort….well, maybe a B+ because there was definitely some room for improvement.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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May 18th, 2018 Movie – Weird Science

weird science

You know, was there anyone more powerful in Hollywood in the 80’s than John Hughes. I mean, this man made some of the most iconic movies to exist in pop culture in the span of a decade.I honestly don’t know anybody that hasn’t seen at least one of his movies over the years, or referenced one of them. Today’s movie has always been one of those movies that I found entertaining. I think the fact that it seemed to almost always be on TV at one point or another probably helped with that. So let’s have some laughs with today’s movie, Weird Science.

The plot: Nerdy social outcasts Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly are standing outside the gym watching the girls participating in their gymnastics class. As they fantasize about what they would like to do, including with Deb and Hilly, their boyfriends Ian and Max sneak up behind Gary and Wyatt and quickly pull down their gym shorts, then yell out to the girls, leaving Gary and Wyatt exposed in their underwear to them. Later, Gary goes to spend the night at Wyatt’s house and is upset to learn that while Wyatt’s parents are gone, his brother Chet is coming home from military school for the weekend to look after the house and Wyatt while they are gone. That night, as they are watching Frankenstein, Gary comes up with the idea to use Wyatt’s computer to make a female simulation so they can try and practice talking with girls. As they get more involved in their project, they end up hacking into a military computer to boost their simulation’s abilities, then hook the computer up to a doll as a body for the program. AS they are doing this, strange red strom clouds appear over the house and as lightning hits the house and cause complete chaos in the town, they end up creating a real woman from their experiment. After taking a shower with Gary and Wyatt, who both keep their pants on, the woman says she wants to go out and so they head out, with the woman magically changing their clothes as they exit the room. As they are driving downtown in her pink convertible, the woman says that since they created her, they should give her a name and Gary suggests Lisa. Arriving at a bar, Lisa produces ID’s for the boys so they can get in and they proceed to mingle. Gary and Wyatt are uncomfortable at first but soon loosen up, with Gary proceeding to get drunk during the night. On the way home, Wyatt ends up driving and Lisa asks him what he is going to tell Chet about her but Wyatt says he hasn’t thought of it. When they get back to Wyatt’s house, Wyatt runs into Chet, who proceeds to pick on Wyatt and Gary, and demand money to buy his silence, before he goes to bed. After putting Gary to bed, Wyatt heads back down to sneak Lisa inside and she talks to him for a little bit, and works on teaching him how to kiss, and though she doesn’t like it, she agrees to stay hidden from Chet. The next morning, Gary and Wyatt think that everything was a dream until they hear Lisa calling them down for breakfast and Wyatt is shown to be wearing Lisa’s clothes from when she first appeared. They head to the mall with Lisa and while they are waiting for her as she shops, Ian and Max dump an Icee on them. As the two bullies laugh at their prank, Deb and Hilly consider breaking up with them but decide to forgive them, as they didn’t want to be social pariahs. As they are leaving, Ian and Max see Lisa going up the escalator in the opposite direction and quickly leave their girlfriends behind to chase after her. When they catch up to her, they try talking to her but are shocked to find that she is with Gary and Wyatt. As they are leaving, Lisa says that there is a party at Wyatt’s house and she tells them to spread the word and they drive off, leaving a stunned Ian and Max staring after them. At Wyatt’s house, Wyatt is asking Lisa why she is throwing a party and she tells him that they wanted to be popular and have fun and they needed to loosen up. Lisa then goes to pick up Gary and meets his parents, who get upset and angry at what she tells them about Gary and threaten to call the cops but she uses her powers to make his dad forget about Gary and they leave. As Lisa finishes setting up, Gary and Wyatt admit that they have no friends but Lisa opens the door and they see the whole school there for the party. As the party goes on, Ian and Max show up with Deb and Hilly and as Ian and Max go to the bar, then try to hit on Lisa, Deb and Hilly wander around the house. The end up at the bathroom where Gary and Wyatt were hiding and they end up talking briefly before the girls leave. Deb and Hilly run into Lisa, who asks if they met Gary and Wyatt and tells them they should shower with them. Meanwhile, Ian and Max apologize to Gary and Wyatt in the hopes they will set them up with Lisa and Gary and Wyatt tell them about creating her. Ian and Max convince Gary and Wyatt to try and make them a woman of their own and they proceed to do it, causing chaos to occur at the party. When Lisa appears in the doorway, she chastises Gary and Wyatt, then reminds them that they didn’t hook up a doll to the computer, just as a ballistic missile comes up from the ground and into the house. Wyatt’s grandparents show up to pay a surprise visit to Wyatt and they start yelling at all of the kids to get out when Lisa confronts them and puts them in suspended animation. When Wyatt and Gary find out, they start freaking out and Lisa decides to cause a situation to give them a confidence boost. Suddenly, a gang of mutant bikers crash the party and begin terrorizing all of the guests. Ian and Max decide to run and hide, leaving Deb and Hilly to find for themselves. When the bikers grab Deb and Hilly and confront Gary and Wyatt, Gary and Wyatt stand up to the bikers and manage to make them leave. Afterwards, Deb and Hilly talk with Gary and Wyatt respectively and the girls end up falling for the two guys. The next morning, Chet returns from his hunting trip and when he sees the disaster the house has become, he confronts Gary and Wyatt over what happened. When he continually mocks Wyatt, Lisa stops him and tells the boys to take the girls home while she deals with Chet. Wyatt takes Hilly home and kisses her and as she walks to her door, he tells her he loves her, just as the lawn sprinklers come on. Meanwhile, Gary avoids getting a speeding ticket as he takes Deb home and when they get there, he tries explaining that the car, clothes, and everything isn’t really him but she tells him that she wants to know the real him and they kiss. When they return to Wyatt’s home, they find Chet had been turned into a talking piece of crap and Chet apologizes for how he treated Wyatt in the past. When Wyatt and Gary go see Lisa, she assures them that Chet will be back to normal in half an hour. They guys then tell Lisa that they have girlfriends now and don’t need her and she tells them she is happy for them and disappears in a cloud of smoke. Once she is gone, the house, and Chet, are returned back to normal, just as Wyatt’s parents return. The next day in school, Lisa is shown to be the new gym teacher and as all of the guys faint, she winks at the camera.

Weird Science met with mixed reviews from the critics, holding a 54% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The critical consensus on the site is, “Hardly in the same league as John Hughes’ other teen movies, the resolutely goofy Weird Science nonetheless gets some laughs via its ridiculous premise and enjoyable performances.” During the movie, Gary, played by Anthony Michael Hall, mentions having a girlfriend in Canada, a line Hall used earlier in the year in another John Hughes movie, The Breakfast Club. The movie was a box office success, earning $38.9 million off of a $7.5 million budget, and has spawned a television series in the mid 90’s, while a remake has been in the works since 2013.

This is still a ridiculous movie that is pretty entertaining. The acting was pretty good, with Anthony Michael Hall (Gary) and Ilam Mitchell-Smith (Wyatt) doing good jobs in their roles. Kelly LeBrock was great as Lisa, but I honestly thought that Suzanne Snyder and Judie Aronson were kind of boring as Deb and Hilly. The story was a great mix of teenage drama with some science fiction added to it. I thought the nod to “Frankenstein” was a great way to introduce Lisa, who went from being their “ideal” woman to helping them actually gain the confidence to get a real girlfriend. The special effects were good but most of the story was carried by the drama and comedy aspects of the movie. It’s a fun movie to watch when you just want to have some laughs.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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May 17th, 2018 Movie – Weekend With The Babysitter

weekend with the babysitter

Ok, with a title like this that can only mean one thing. I am most likely watching something that could come close to being a soft core porn that was shown in drive-ins. I think they could have given this title a different name. I mean, since almost every movie in this set has basically involved older men hooking up with younger women, and the occasional older woman with younger man, why not just call this the “We don’t want to make a porno but will get real close” box set. Then again, I guess that title might be a bit too long to fit on the cover art. Oh well, let’s see how good, or bad, today’s movie is as I watch Weekend With The Babysitter.

The plot: Teenage girl Candy Wilson arrives at the Carlton’s home and Jim Carlton is surprised to see her there. When he goes to talk to his wife Mona, she seems to have forgotten asking Candy to come over, as she is apparently taking their son Michael to her mother’s house for the weekend. This prompts an argument with Jim, as he was hoping to spend the weekend together and reconnect as they hardly seem to see each other recently. Mona apologizes to Candy as she and Michael leave and when Jim comes back inside from seeing them off, he finds Candy reading the script he is working on and the two end up talking about it. Candy fixes them some martinis and after having their drinks, invites Jim to go out with her and he agrees and they end up at a club with some of Candy’s friends. Meanwhile, Mona drops Michael off at her mother’s, then heads over to see her dealer Rich Harris and pays him some money that she owes him. When he asks her to let him use Jim’s boat for some of his business deals, she refuses and so Rich decides to cut her off and keep her there until her addiction has her begging to let him use it so she can score some drugs. As she is suffering from withdrawls, she talks with one of Rich’s men, Sancho, until she is writhing on the floor in pain and finally relents to Rich’s request, and he allows Snitch to inject her with some heroin. Meanwhile, Jim goes with Candy and her friends to one of their houses and they all start smoking pot. Jim ends up getting high and Candy drives him home and helps him into bed. The next morning, Rich takes Mona and his men to the marina, and as they are getting Jim’s boat ready to sail, a dock worker, Smitty, sees them and asks if Jim is on board. Rich’s man says Mona is and Mona comes out from the cabin and speaks with Smitty briefly, saying Jim was busy at home, and they leave, but Smitty seems suspicious. Meanwhile, Jim wakes up somewhat confused and finds Candy in the kitchen making breakfast. Later, Candy convinces Jim to get a motorcycle and the ride out to a rally to watch her friend race. Afterwards, they return to the house and as Jim starts a fire, they talk for a bit and end up having sex. Meanwhile, Rich has Sancho pilot the boat towards Mexico and, under cover of darkness, they meet up with a small row boat and the two men sell Rich some drugs, which he tests on Mona. The next day, Mona calls to leave a message with Jim and her mother that she is ok, then Rich pushes her into having sex with another woman. Meanwhile, Jim takes Candy up to a cabin he owns in the mountains, where they continue their romance. The next day, as they are getting ready to leave, Jim calls the operator to see if any calls were left for him and he is told that Smitty had left a message for him. Jim calls Smitty and learns about Mona going out on the boat with some men and he gets jealous, then apologizes to Candy for snapping at her. When they return home, Candy tells Jim where she will be for the next couple of days and he tells her he will call her later. When Jim gets to his office, he finds Smitty waiting for him and Smitty tells him that the police and Treasury Department were asking about his boat, and searching several other boats at the harbor, and doing the same to other harbors along the coast. Jim has Smitty go with him and they take his plane out to try and find his boat. Meanwhile, another boat captained by a man named Morgan meets up with Rich but refuses to take the drugs, saying that the Coast Guard is searching boats all across the harbor and he simply came out to warn them. When Jim and Smitty fly overhead, Morgan gets spooked and takes off. Sancho decides to take the boat to an abandoned pier but Rich begins arguing with him and ends up fighting him before throwing him overboard, where he is killed by the prop. Overhead, Smitty recognizes the second boat and when they figure out where Jim’s boat is going, Jim calls the airfield and has them contact Candy and have her bring some help and meet him there. When Jim lands, he tells Smitty to give them a half hour before calling the police, then heads out with Candy and the biker friends to the abandoned pier. Mona pilots the boat to the pier but ends up crashing it into the pier and Rich, Leon, and the other girl get out, leaving Mona on board the boat. As they try to get away with the drugs, they run into Jim and the bikers. Jim goes off and swims out to his boat while the bikers grab Rich and chain him to a nearby pipe, then dump out the drugs onto the ground. When Jim reaches the boat, he finds Mona still alive and they embrace each other before Jim starts piloting the boat back to the harbor, while Candy watches them from her bike on the hill and says “Ciao baby” before driving off herself.

This wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it could have been better. The acting was ok, with George E. Carey (Jim) and Susan Romen (Candy) doing a good job in their roles and showing a pretty decent chemistry with each other. I also thought Luanne Roberts (Mona) did a good job but everyone else was kind of generic in their acting. The story was honestly a little confusing in regards to the timeline of events, as the going back and forth between Mona and Jim made it hard to determine when the events were occurring. The drama honestly felt a little weak and almost cliched to a degree which did not help matters in keeping this interesting. A pretty boring movie that is useful as a time killer but that’s about it.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5