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April 28th, 2018 Movie – Voyage To The Planet Of The Prehistoric Women

voyage to the planet of prehistoric women

First things first, I am an idiot and once again messed up the order of movies. In my defense, I kind of have a lot of movies and when I put them in my spreadsheet, I sometimes goof on where I place them, then don’t notice my mistake until it’s too late, as it could be years from the time I first got the movie and placed it in the spreadsheet to when I watch it for this blog. The worst part about this mistake, is that yesterday’s movie and today’s movie are on the SAME SIDE OF THE SAME DISK in the Classic Sci-Fi box set; which makes me an even bigger moron for not even noticing it. Ok. Now that I got all that off my chest, let’s continue on with today’s movie, Voyage To The Planet Of The Prehistoric Women.

The plot: In 1998, the Earth’s first manned mission to explore Venus was launched but a meteor struck the ship, destroying it. 6 months later, a second expedition was sent out, containing Captain Alfred Kern and Astronaut Howard Sherman, as well as Kern’s robot, John. In case anything went wrong, a second team, consisting of Commander William Lockhart, Astronaut Hans Walker, and Astronaut Andre Freneau, was made ready on the refueling station. Kern and Sherman reach the planet Venus but as they make their descent, they miss their intended landing target and end up in a swamp. As Kern works on repairing some damage to Robot John, they come under attack by some lizard-men and Sherman works on repelling them long enough for the repairs to be finished and Robot John to lead them away. Afterwards, they attach some cables to Robot John and have him head to shore so they can use the cables to cross the swamp and find shelter until the other team arrives to rescue them. Lockhart’s team blasts off and after stopping at the refueling station, they head on to Venus to find the others. When they land, Andre heads out to explore the area but comes under attack by a tentacled plant and is rescued by Lockhart and Hans. Lockhart and Hans tell Andre he is lucky they heard him call out but Andre swears that he didn’t call out. Contacting Marsha at Mission Control, they are unable to make contact with Kern or Sherman and set out in their hovercar to find them. Meanwhile, Kern and Sherman continue moving across the planet, both beginning to suffer from a lack of oxygen, and have Robot John find them some shelter, then tell Robot John to help the others locate them. Meanwhile, as their hover car heads towards the ocean, Andre hears the voice calling out and has Lockhart stop the car so they can investigate but they don’t find anything. Elsewhere on the beach, a group of women, native Venusians clad are sunning themselves on the rocks when their leader sits up and telepathically tells the others to wake up and that it is time to return to the sea. As they swim in the ocean, they see a pterodactyl flying over head, calling it their god, and their leader says their god is angry and they swim to the far shore. Meanwhile, Lockhart, Andre, and Hans continue head back to their hovercar, with Andre swearing he heard a girl and Hans teasing him about it. Once in the car, they head out over the sea and make contact with Robot John, who tells them about Kern and Sherman’s condition. Lockhart gives Robot John instructions on how to uses part of the first aid kit to revive the two men, and they quickly head off in their direction. Suddenly, the pterodactyl appears and when it attempts to attack the hovercar, they manage to kill it, then submerge the hovercar in order to avoid any more attacks. As they make their way underwater, Andre notices that some of the nearby cliffs are evened out, resembling streets, and decides to take a look. Elsewhere, one of the women sees the prerodactly’s body floating in the water and when the leader sees it, she tells the women that they must carry it to the sacred place to pray for guidance. Underwater, Andre and Lockhart discover a statue of the pterodactyl, with ruby eyes, and Hans admits that there is proof that a civilization did live there once, and Andre says they still exist, they just haven’t found them yet. Andre decides to continue exploring but has the feeling like something is watching him, unaware that two of the women are underwater and watching him, then quickly leave the area. At the sacred site, the leader swears to avenge the death of their god, Terra, and she has the pterodactyl’s body taken back to the sea to be laid to rest. As they say their goodbyes to their god, the two girls swim up to the surface and tell their leader about the men walking in their ancient holy site and the leader says that they are the ones to kill Terra and must be destroyed. Lockhart and the others reach the shore and work on drying off their gear and discuss what they saw under the sea. Andre swears that the civilization exists, believing it to be filled with beautiful women, and he says he will see them before he leaves. They hear the strange cry again and decide to head out to find Kern and Sherman. Meanwhile, the women head to the base of the volcano and begin praying to the fire god of the mountain, asking that it kill the invaders that killed their god, causing the volcano to start to erupt. Elsewhere, Kern and Sherman have recovered and notice the ash cloud from the volcano. They quickly try to take some samples from the area only to find themselves trapped by the lava and are forced to climb on top of Robot John to try and make it across the lava. As Robot John makes it’s way through the lava stream, he suddenly starts talking, radioing his location to Lockhart and the others. When Robot John’s self preservation mechanism kicks in and he starts to grab Kern to remove the excess weight, Sherman smashes the panel in Robot John’s back, shutting down the robot and saving Kern. Lockhart and the others arrive and are able to rescue Kern and Sherman before the immobilized Robot John falls into the lava and is swept away. Returning to the sea, the astronauts take stock of their situation and realize that they will have to return to Earth sooner than intended, due to the loss of some of their supplies and the additional weight of Kern and Sherman on their rocket. They also discuss the idea that intelligent life does exist on the planet and Andre wishes they could find further proof that it existed. Meanwhile, the Venusian women wake up the next day and find the body of Robot John, covered in solidified lava, and the leader says it is a symbol of the strength of the fire god. When she learns that the astronauts didn’t die in the eruption, the leader prays to Terra to take it’s vengeance, causing it to start raining. As the astronauts return to their ship and prepare to leave, the rain starts falling on them and when they water coming down the hills and a crack in the ground underneath the rocket, Lockhart quickly orders them to light the rocket’s load so they can make an emergency blast off. As they work to ready the rocket, Andre cracks the outer shell of the strange rock he found under the sea and discovers it is a small sculpture with a human face. Excitedly, he goes to show the others and says they have to stay but Lockhart drags him inside and they blast off before the water seeps into the crack and causes the ground to open up where they had been. As the rocket leaves, the Venusian’s leader says that the demons are stronger that Terra, declaring Terra to be a false god. She then leads the other women into throwing rocks at the nearby idol of Terra, destroying it, then has Robot John’s body placed in it’s stead, declaring it as their new god. Meanwhile, Andre says that other missions took precedence over a return trip to Venus but Andre claims that he will return one day and locate the girl that called out to him.

So if you think about it, this is almost the exact same movie as yesterday’s just focusing on a somewhat different perspective. The acting was ok I guess, with the dubbing and voice overs making up all of the dialogue. The story actually felt a little more focused than in Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, with the rescue mission aspect playing out well with the sub story of the Venusians using their abilities to try and destroy the invading astronauts. I will say that the idea of the Venusians speaking telepathically was a pretty neat way to get around any dubbing issue with the actresses voices. The special effects were the same as in Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet, making them laughably bad at times. Yet another movie to watch and laugh at if it’s on, but not necessarily something to hunt down to watch.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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