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February 8th, 2018 Movie – Terrordactyl


Along with Terror Birds, today’s movie is the other movie that I had bought digitally after hearing about them. This one was definitely something that was right in my wheel house, as I was a dinosaur nut as a kid and still enjoy watching dinosaur movies now. I have to admit, when I first heard about this movie I was honestly surprised that someone had not come up with the idea before; not so much the plot but the title, as it really is a great play on the creature’s name. Anyways, the movie sounded too good not to buy, even if it was only available digitally, so let’s see how good of a movie I have in today’s movie, Terrordactyl.

The plot: In Los Angeles, a driver pulls his semi into the parking lot for the trucking company he works for before he starts drinking. Suddenly, a meteorite falls from the sky and crashes into his truck and as the driver starts yelling at it, a pterodactyl emerges from the meteorite, then grabs the driver as he tries to run away. The next day, two friends, Lars and Jonas, are working as landscapers while Lars comments about Jonas wasting his time coming up with ideas and inventions that don’t seem to work. When they finish for the day, Jonas convinces Lars to go to the nearby dive bar for a drink. When they get there, they are stopped by Sampson, a regular at the bar, who starts telling them about the shark he shot but they dismiss his story as another one of his tall tales. After sitting at a table, they are approached by Candice, the bartender, and Jonas stammers out a greeting as he tries to talk to her. After Candice takes their order and leaves, Lars comments about Jonas’ crush on her and tries to convince him to actually make a move on her but Jonas says he is taking things slow. As the night progresses, Lars is passed out at the table and Candice is watching a news report about a meteor shower. Jonas manages to talk to her about it, as Candice is interested in meteorites, and she tells him how some meteorites can be worth a lot of money. Getting an idea, Jonas grabs Lars and heads out to the desert to try and find some meteorites. As they are driving down the highway, they are forced to stop due to a downed electrical tower and Jonas decides to start searching the area, thinking that a meteorite knocked it down. As they search the desert, Lars and Jonas end up arguing, as Lars feels this is a stupid idea, but when Lars walks away, he ends up falling into a crater. Jonas goes to check on Lars and they discover a meteorite lying in the crater, with both of them commenting on the rotten egg smell coming from it. They carry the meteorite back to the truck and head back to town, discussing how they are going to split the money before Lars falls asleep. Noticing they are low on gas, Jonas stops at a gas station and as he pulls out some money, he finds Candice’s phone number slipped in among his change from the night before. Jonas excitedly calls her, who was surprised to hear from him that early in the morning, and he tells her that he found a meteorite and asks if he can bring it to her so she can take a look at it. When she agrees, Jonas finishes pumping gas and they head to her place and Lars congratulates Jonas on finally calling her. As they are driving, Lars comments on the smell again when he sees a pterodactyl flying behind them. Lars has Jonas swerve to avoid the pterodactyl when it tries to attack them but the pterodactyl turns around and attacks again, landing on the hood of Lars’ truck. As it begins breaking the windshield to attack them, Jonas slams on the brakes, sending it rolling off the hood, then steps on the gas and runs over it. Meanwhile, Candice is trying to straighten up her apartment when her roommate Valerie shows up, commenting about the fun she had the night before and trying to convince Candice to join her one night. Their landlord shows up, commenting about renegotiating his arraignment with Valerie, as she sleeps with him to cover her portion of the rent, and he offers the same deal to Candice but she asks him to leave while Valerie goes to take a shower. Lars and Jonas show up and start telling Candice about what happened to them. Candice tends to a wound on Jonas’ arm and then examines the meteorite, then says she wants 20% of the profits, which Lars agrees too. Candice tries to call her cousin, who works at a museum, but she is unable to get through. Suddenly, they notice dozens of pterodactyls flying through the city and Candice closes the blinds to the window as one starts to come towards them. Candice, Lars, and Jonas try to stay quiet so it will leave but Valerie emerges from her room, attracting the pterodactyl’s attention and it bursts into the apartment. Jonas uses a bottle of rubbing alcohol to light the pterodactyl on fire and they all run out of the apartment. They run for the elevator, where they are confronted by the landlord, and they quickly duck into the elevator as he is killed by the pterodactyl. Finding more pterodactyls attacking people, they head outside to Lars’ truck only to have a pterodactyl land on it and crush it. Candice leads them back inside the apartment and they head to the garage to grab her car and manage to leave before the pterodactyl they set on fire shows up and can attack them. Candice says she knows a place where they might be safe and heads downtown but they have more pterodactyls chasing after them. When one lands on the car, Jonas stabs it with a tire iron, pinning it’s corpse to the roof, and the other pterodactyls leave them alone, as they mistake it for a live pterodactyl. They arrive at an old warehouse and Lars and Jonas discover that Candice brought them to Sampson’s place, Once inside, they try to explain what is going on and Lars wonders why the military hasn’t shown up yet. Sampson, who is a retired marine, uses a radio to try and contact the nearby base but they hear the base being attacked by the pterodactyls. Sampson has his own armory and says he will let them use his weapons in exchange for the pterodactyl’s body and Jonas agrees to it. As Sampson starts pulling out weapons, Candice reveals that she knows how to use a gun, while Lars has some practice as a kid but Jonas and Valerie have never used them. Candice works on teaching Jonas how to use a gun and they end up getting closer. Meanwhile, Valerie attempts to seduce Sampson into giving her a gun when a pterodactyl bursts through his bedroom window and kills her while Sampson, upset out losing his chance to have sex, grabs a knife and lunges at the pterodactyl. Candice, Jonas, and Lars are attracted to the commotion and break down the door to find Valerie’s body and Sampson and the pterodactyl missing. Lars figures out that the pterodactyls are somehow tracking the meteorite that they found and as he and Jonas argue about it, more pterodactyls start attacking the building. Candice, Jonas, and Lars begin shooting the pterodactyls, eventually driving them off but one of them, which Candice had locked in the armory, knocks over a bomb that Sampson had in there and they all quickly run out of the building as it explodes. As they catch their breath, the pterodactyl that Jonas set on fire shows up and Lars throws the meteorite at it but it shrugs it off, then charges at Lars and grabs him before flying off. Jonas and Candice follow after him and see that it takes him to an apartment that has been turned into their nest, where they find dozens of pterodactyl circling it. Wanting to save Lars, Jonas heads back to Lars’ truck and grabs his gear, then breaks into his tool shed and begins modifying the tools into weapons. Meanwhile, Lars is still alive and notices that the meteorites are actually eggs and as a second man is brought into the nest, realizes that he is being kept alive to serve as food for the hatched babies as the pterodactyls drag the man over to a freshly hatched chick. Jonas and Candice head back to the apartment and head up to rescue Lars, chasing off most of the pterodactyls while finally killing the one they set on fire. Lars tells them about the meteorites being eggs and they later see the heads of several people stuck in a wall, with one of them being Sampson, but as they stare, Sampson reveals that he is still alive. They manage to free Sampson, who goes looking for a drink, and Candice is trying to figure out how they are breeding when they see a giant pterodactyl flying towards them and Candice says it must be the queen. Realizing they have to kill it, Jonas and Candice grab the bombs they made but say they won’t be enough. When Sampson shows up with a bottle of alcohol, they grab it, and all the other alcohol, and fill up a water jug with it, then strap the bombs to it. Lars gets the pterodactyl’s attention and as it climbs up the building towards them, Jonas moves to grab the bomb but Sampson stops him, then grabs it and leaps into the pterodactyl’s mouth. The bomb explodes and blows the pterodactyl’s head off, with the corpse falling to the ground below. Candice, Jonas, and Lars head down and mourn Sampson’s death only to see him emerging from the severed neck, and Candice and Jonas share a kiss. Some time later, Sampson is on a television show discussing the pterodactyls along with an astrophysicist named Teresa. Backstage, Lars and Jonas are talking and Jonas shows Lars the ring he plans to propose to Candice with. Meanwhile, Teresa is talking about how they can’t assume the pterodactyls were the only thing out there, as the camera pans out into space and shows more meteorites heading towards the Earth, containing other dinosaurs (velociraptor or tyrannosaurus).

This is a really good, and funny movie. The acting was pretty good, with Christopher John Jennings (Lars), Jason Tobias (Jonas), and Candice Nunes (Candice) doing great jobs in their roles. I also liked Jack E. Curenton, as I thought he was really funny as Sampson. The story was pretty good, and I liked the idea that instead of killing them, the meteor that fell 65 million years ago blasted them out into outer space, where they floated around for millennium before finally falling back to Earth. I did like the designs of the pterodactyls and while the special effects were kind of over the top at times, that made the movie even funnier. This is the kind of silly B-Movie that is fun to watch and laugh at and definitely worth watching.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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