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January 7th, 2018 Movie – Leprechaun 3

leprechaun 3

So everyone’s favorite homicidal leprechaun has found himself relegated out of theaters and in the video stores. To be honest, I am not that surprised about that, because that seems to be the way for many horror and sci-fi movies that spawn multiple sequels. What does surprise me is that this was the highest selling direct-to-video movie of 1995. That absolutely blows my mind and actually makes me curious to see just what I am getting with today’s movie, Leprechaun 3.

The plot: In Las Vegas, a terrified one-armed, one-eyed, one-legged man enters a pawn shop with a large sack and tells the shop owner, Gupta, he needs money to get out of town. Gupta opens the sack to reveal a strange statue with a medallion around it’s neck. The man tells Gupta the statue is a “good luck charm” and warns him not to remove the medallion. Gupta pays the man $20 and after he leaves, Gupta takes the medallion off of the statue and examines it. Thinking it is cheap junk, Gupta puts the medallion around his neck and turns around to find the statue is gone and a pot of gold is sitting on his counter in it’s place. As Gupta goes to examine the gold, the Leprechaun, which had been imprisoned in the statue, jumps on his back and bites his ear. Claiming Gupta to be a greedy thief after his gold, the Leprechaun knocks him down and bites off one of his toes but when he goes to kill Gupta, Gupta holds up the medallion and the Leprechaun backs away. Telling Gupta to keep it away from him, the Leprechaun grabs his pot of gold and heads down into the basement, not noticing one piece of gold falling out of the pot as he leaves, and Gupta quickly locks the door behind him. Meanwhile, Scott McCoy is driving into town and as he stares at all of the lights, he almost hits a woman named Tammy Larsen, who was trying to hitch a ride to work due to car trouble. After checking to see what was wrong with her car, Scott offers her a ride to the Lucky Shamrock casino where she works and the two start talking. Back at the pawn shop, Gupta looks up leprechauns online and decides to try and kill it and keep the gold for himself. As he heads to the basement, he finds the shilling and pockets it, missing the computer saying that he gets a wish for each piece of Leprechaun gold he possesses. In the basement, the Leprechaun realizes he is missing a shilling and hides his pot inside Gupta’s safe, then makes plans to find his missing gold. When Gupta enters the basement, the Leprechaun uses a statue to attack him but when he goes to finish him off, Gupta shoves the medallion in the Leprechaun’s mouth, then makes his way out of there as the Leprechaun recoils in pain. Back at the casino, Tammy thanks Scott for the ride and he asks her to help sneak him inside, as he is not 21 yet, and she reluctantly agrees. As Scott wanders around the casino, Tammy gets ready for work as a magicians assistant but when the magician, Fazio, says he wants to try a new act involving setting the box Tammy is in on fire, the casino owner, Mitch, nixes the idea and then demotes Fazio, wanting Tammy to end up being the headliner. Back in the casino, Scott gets dazzled by all of the gambling going on and decides to take his cashier check for tuition and housing and use it to start gambling. Back at the pawn shop, Gupta tries to make a bargain with the Leprechaun, giving him the medallion in exchange for half of his gold, but when Gupta relinquishes the medallion, the Leprechaun kills him. Back at the casino, Scott loses all of his money and Loretta, the table runner, tells him to go to the pawn shop and pawn his grandfather’s watch so he can try to win his money back. Scott heads to the pawn shop only to find it a mess and Gupta lying dead behind the counter. Scott calls the police and as he hangs up, he notices the shilling on the computer and picks it up, waking the computer from sleep mode. When the computer talks about getting a wish from a piece of gold, Scott wishes he was back at the casino on a winning streak and he is transported back there, just before the Leprechaun can kill him. At the casino, Scott is confused but finds himself on a winning streak, despite Loretta’s efforts to rig the table against him. Eventually, the owner shuts the table down and comps Scott a room at the casino, hoping to win back some of Scott’s money later that night or the next day. Scott runs into Tammy and tells her what happened and she is upset that he gambled but when Scott says he wants to split his winnings with her, she tells him to head up to his room and she will meet him after her show. The Leprechaun tracks down Scott and enters the casino, playing a trick on Fazio as he passes by him. When Fazio goes to speak with Loretta, she points out Scott and tells him his winning streak and asks that he steal the gold coin he uses as a good luck charm. In his room, Scott is getting cleaned up when Fazio sneaks into his room and steals the shilling, then punches Scott when he tries to stop him before quickly leaving. As Scott stares at the doorway, the Leprechaun appears with Scott’s room service order and demands his shilling. The Leprechaun proceeds to bite Scott and Scott grabs a knife and stabs the Leprechaun in the head, then throws him out the window. Unfortunately, some of the Leprechaun’s blood mixes with Scott’s blood and begins turning him into a Leprechaun. Back in the casino, Fazio meets up with Loretta and tells her he got the coin but didn’t get the money and Loretta grabs the coin from him as Mitch shows up and tells Fazio to get to work. Seeing the gold coin, Mitch grabs it from Loretta and they start arguing, Mitch wishes that Tammy would sleep with him. Tammy, who is nearby, is suddenly overcome with lust and approaches Mitch, saying she wants to sleep with him, and Mitch quickly leaves with her and heads to his room. Realizing that the coin’s powers work by wishing for something, Loretta sneaks up to Mitch’s room and steals the coin from him, then quickly leaves the room. With the coin no longer in his possession, Tammy comes to her senses and attacks him, then quickly gathers her clothes and leaves as Mitch fires her. As Mitch tries to comfort himself, the Leprechaun sneaks into his room and uses his magic to make a dream girl for Mitch, which comes out of the TV and starts seducing him. Meanwhile, Scott begins randomly speaking in random limericks and craving potatoes. When Scott spots Loretta and asks if she has seen Tammy, she tells him she is in Mitch’s office and a jealous Scott starts to head up there only to encounter a crying Tammy in the elevator. Scott asks her what’s wrong and she says nothing that hasn’t happened before only she was fired and asks him to forget it but Scott refuses, saying that if they don’t do something then Mitch will just do it again to someone else and Tammy goes with Scott up to Mitch’s office. Back in the office, Mitch realizes the girl he is making out with is actually a robot and he is electrocuted. When Scott and Tammy enter the office and see the body, they are confronted by the Leprechaun but Scott throws a bust at it and they escape out the fire escape just as two mobsters that Mitch owes money too enter the room. The mobsters go to confront the Leprechaun but the Leprechaun quickly kills them, then senses his shilling and smells Loretta’s perfume, heading off to find her. Outside, Tammy asks what they are going to do about everything but Scott begins going through some more changes and asks Tammy to help him. Back at the casino, Loretta wishes that she had her younger body back and once her wish is granted, she goes to show it off to Fazio. Explaining what happened to him, Fazio quickly grabs the coin and runs out of the room, then wishes for himself to be the world’s greatest magician. Back in the dressing room, Loretta continues to admire her new body when the Leprechaun appears and begins inflating her chest, lips, and butt. Loretta tries to escape but her widened proportions cause her to get stuck in the door and she ends up exploding. Scott and Tammy head to the pawn shop to see if there is anything there to help them deal with the Leprechaun. When Tammy picks up the medallion, Scott recoils in horror and tells her to put it away. Scott then tells her something is calling out to him and he finds the pot of gold. Tammy says they should destroy it so they can kill the Leprechaun but Scott, becoming more like a Leprechaun, tells her they can’t destroy it. Tammy manages to slap Scott to his senses just as the Leprechaun appears and tries to kill them but they manage to get away and Tammy takes Scott to the hospital, stopping to grab the medallion on the way out. In the hospital, Scott begins changing more and more and is placed into isolation as doctors try to treat him. Sensing Scott turning into another Leprechaun and not wanting any competition for his gold, the Leprechaun makes his way to the hospital to kill him. Tammy gets paged down to the morgue and when she gets there, she finds the mortician dead and is captured by the Leprechaun. Meanwhile, the doctors discover Scott’s money and decide to spend order more needless tests on him but Scott comes too and uses his magic to subdue the doctors and as he gathers his money, he senses the Leprechaun and heads out to confront him. In the morgue, the Leprechaun asks Tammy about his shilling and when she says she doesn’t have it, he threatens to cut off her nose but Scott stops him and the two confront each other but Scott manages to free Tammy and she chases off the Leprechaun with the medallion. The Leprechaun heads to the casino to get the shilling from Fazio, as Scott told him who took the shilling, and Tammy and Scott follow to try and stop him. Fazio is in the middle of an act when the Leprechaun appears and traps Fazio in a box and proceeds to saw him in half. Scott and Tammy show up and tell the crowd to get out of there and Tammy tries to grab the coin but the Leprechaun grabs her. Scott threatens the Leprechaun with a flamethrower and the Leprechaun tries to reason with him, offering the pot of gold if Scott will join him. Tammy pleads with Scott not to listen and Scott turns the flamethrower on the gold, destroying it and causing the Leprechaun to burst into flames and be killed. Scott is returned to normal and Tammy kisses him and as they leave, she reveals that she had grabbed the last shilling, Scott says it is her call if she wants to use it but Tammy says she already has everything she could want and tosses the coin away as the two embrace and head out of town.

I don’t think the luck of the Irish could have helped make this movie more entertaining. The good news is that it isn’t any worse than the last movie, but that really isn’t saying much. Warwick Davis did a really good job in his role this time around and really seemed to be having fun with the character. Unfortunately, John Gatins (Scott) and Lee Armstrong (Tammy) were both kind of boring as the leads in the movie, with Marcelo Tubert (Gupta) and Caroline Williams (Loretta) making for much more intersting characters. The story was kind of interesting and I liked having it set in Las Vegas, as there is probably no better symbolic location of greed than Vegas. I will say that the whole bit about Scott turning into a leprechaun seemed stupid and honestly felt like it was basically a way to add some more time to the movie. The special effects left a lot to be desired and I am going to chalk that up to the fact that this had a limited budget due to being direct-to-video. It is a bit of mindless time killing entertainment but there are probably better things to wast your time with.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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