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September 30th, 2017 Movie – Slumber Party Massacre III

slumber party massacre 3

Well, today marks the end of the slumber party horror series. I will be completely honest, I am at a loss for words on what to say about this movie. I never saw it in theaters during it’s limited theatrical run, and never got around to renting it when it hit video stores. When I bought this collection on DVD. it was my first time watching it and, due to the countless other movies I have watched over the years, I recognized some of the people in it from other things. Now let me give it another watch and see how good of a movie I have here in Slumber Party Massacre III.

The plot: A group of teenagers are having fun on the beach, with several of them playing volley ball while others are laying out on towels. As Jackie and Diane are laying down talking about Jackie’s parents moving (and Jackie as well), a weirdo dressed in black walks down to the beach and sits down, staring at all of the girls. After a while, Duncan notices the weirdo and yells at him to look elsewhere and when the weirdo averts his gaze, Duncan tries to use that to get invited to the girls’ party that night but Diane tells him that it is a girls only slumber party. Meanwhile, Juliette goes to get the volleyball when it rolls down the beach and runs into Ken, a former student of their school and after flirting with him for a bit, she invites him to call her that night. After a while, the group leaves but as Jackie goes to get some cans that they left on the beach, she accidentally drops her address book on the sand. Sarah separates from the group and heads to her car but after she gets in, someone in the backseat grabs her arms to hold her in place, then kills her by drilling into the seat and through her stomach. Frank gives Jackie a ride home and before she heads inside, he starts talking to her about pursuing more of a relationship and the two kiss. After he leaves, Jackie notices her front door is open and as she heads inside, she is startled by her neighbor Morgan, who saw the for sale sign and open door and thought they were giving an open house. Jackie says he can look around the house while she checks the messages on the answering machine but he tells her he already looked around and leaves. Later that night, Diane, Juliette, Janine, and Maria show up at the house, with Susie showing up later and when Jackie asks about Sarah, Susie says that she thinks she bailed on the party. As the girls start having fun, Morgan, who is watching the girls through his telescope, asks if he can see the house again but Jackie tells him no. Meanwhile, Frank, Michael, and Tom are nearby and Michael and Tom want to sneak in and spy on the girls but Frank is reluctant to do so but finally agrees to go. At the house, the girls are playing truth or dare and Juliette is dared to do a strip tease and Maria agrees to do one with her but as they are in the midst of their striptease, the guys show up wearing masks and scare the girls. Jackie gets mad and yells at the guys to leave. As the girls get changed, the weirdo in black shows up at the house, having found Jackie’s address book at the beach. Meanwhile, Frank and Tom convince Michael to go back to the house and beg for forgiveness while they go get flowers. Michael goes to the house and knocks on the door but the girls refuse to answer the door. When he hears a noise, he goes to investigate and sees a masked man and runs back to the house and bangs on the door again but he is impaled by the masked man with a For Sale sign and dragged away by the killer. Meanwhile, Duncan shows up at the house just as the pizza delivery girl does and pays her to switch shirts with him and let him deliver the pizzas. As the delivery girl is walking back to her car, the killer comes up behind her with a drill and kills her by drilling her repeatedly in the stomach. Back at the house, Jackie and Diane are talking about Frank when they hear something at the window and, thinking it is Frank and the boys, go to try and scare them but they see the weirdo outside. When they scream, the guy runs and drops the address book, which Jackie picks up. Jackie decides to call the cops while Frank and Tom show up and the girls decide to let them in in case the weirdo is dangerous. Ken shows up at the same time and they let him in as well. Officer O’Reilly thinks the girls are imagining things but tells them to call if they see the weird again, then he hangs up and points out a newspaper story about a former cop that committed suicide to another cop that is walking by. Back at the house, Frank apologizes to Jackie and the two make out while Tom goes down to the basement with Susie to see Jackie’s dad’s mounted swordfish and they start kissing, unaware that the weirdo had snuck into the basement. Juliette takes Ken upstairs to have sex but as Juliette touches his crotch, he stops and says he had too much beer but Juliette says there are other things they can do. As people continue to have fun downstairs, Tom and Susie rejoin the group but Tom accidentally drops some pizza on the carpet so Susie goes to the kitchen, interrupting Frank and Jackie, and Jackie and Susie get some bleach to try and clean it with. Meanwhile, Julliette goes to take a shower, telling Ken to head downstairs and join the others, and while she is getting undressed, she finds a vibrator and laughs as she plugs it in. While she is in the shower, someone turns off the light, then turns on the vibrator and throws it in the tub, electrocuting her. As the others offer advise on cleaning the stain, Maria and Janine give Ken a hard time when he shows up and Maria decides to head upstairs. When she searches the bathroom for Juliette, she sees the water on the floor and goes to clean it up only to discover Juliette’s body stuffed in a garment bag. Her screams alert the others and they head upstairs, where Ken and Jackie see the body. Figuring the weirdo must have killed her, they consider calling the police but O’Reilly thinks they are just playing a prank on him. Ken offers to run to his uncle’s house, who is an ex cop, and Tom says he will go with him so Franks hands them a fireplace poker and shovel to use as weapons and the two head off. As they head towards the house, Ken suddenly complains about a knee injury and convinces Tom to head into a construction yard so they can find some tools to better arm themselves with. They find a sledgehammer and Tom hands it to Ken but Ken uses it to hit Tom and the two begin fighting. Ken gets the upper hand and then grabs a chainsaw and uses it to sever both of Tom’s Achilles tendons and leaves him for dead but Tom is still alive and starts crawling away. Back at the house, the others want to make sure that the house is locked up and Jackie remembers the basement window so she goes down there with Frank to check it. While they are down there, Jackie notices that the swordfish is missing the point of it’s spear. Jackie sees that the window is partially open so she has Frank help her move a chest to try and close it but the chest is too heavy and when they open the chest, they find the body of the weirdo inside, with the swordfish’s spear stuck through his mouth. They race upstairs and tell everyone that the weirdo is dead just as Ken calls and tells them to stay in the house and he will be there soon with his uncle and tells them Tom went to go to the police. Ken then heads into a nearby van, where he has kept the bodies of his victims as well as pictures of his uncle and the news article about his suicide, and grabs the drill before heading back outside. At the house, Duncan answers the door, thinking it is Ken and his uncle but Ken slashes him in the stomach with the drill, killing him. As the girls run, Frank begins struggling with Ken and Morgan, who is watching all this with his telescope, calls the police to report a disturbance. Jackie hits Ken over the head with a lamp but Ken recovers as Frank moves over him and knocks him in the head with the drill. As he goes to lock the door, Jackie says that he killed him and then runs for it. She finds the other girls unable to open the back door, as Ken has wedged something in it. The girls try running but Ken injures Diane with the drill and then corners Maria, who screams when she sees Tom’s body at the window. Janine smashes Ken in the head with a glass bowl and tries to escape with Maria but when Ken corners her, she smashes through the glass of the back door, killing herself with the shards. Ken then begins hunting the other girls and soon finds Susie hiding in a closet He smashes through the door and grabs her, throwing her to the bed,  and is about to kill her but Maria hits him in the head and then runs out of the room, where she runs into Diane and Jackie, and they lure him away. They head to the basement and try to escape through the window but when Ken shows up, Jackie shoots him in the leg with her father’s spear gun and they run back upstairs. They start to go out the back when they see Janine’s body and Ken shows up and throws them back away from the door. As they all struggle to get the drill away from him, Susie shows up and throws a bucket full of bleach water into his face, blinding him. Ken starts swinging the drill wildly and manages to injure Maria again and she starts pleading with him to not kill her but as he puts the drill down to start fondling her, Maria tries to grab the drill but Ken senses her movement and grabs the drill and kills her. Ken then starts trying to hunt down the other girls and starts getting close to Susie but Diane leads him away from her and after distracting her by turning on the TV, they trap him in the volleyball net and Diane knocks him out. As they try to figure out what to do next, Ken comes too and attacks Diane, stabbing her in the chest. Susie jumps on his back while Jackie grabs the drill and uses it to kill Ken by stabbing him in the chest. As Susie pulls Jackie away from Ken’s body, the police show up and Susie goes to let them in while Jackie kneels next to Diane’s body before seeing a picture of Ken and his uncle that he dropped and she picks it up and stares at it before letting it fall to the floor.

Not the best horror movie but it was better than the previous movie. The acting was ok, with Keely Christian (Jackie), Brandi Burkett (Diane), and Maria Ford (Maria) doing good jobs in their roles, while Brittain Fyre did a great job playing a deranged Ken. The story was ok, but it did a poor job of explaining why Ken went crazy, though there were some instances where it seemed to allude to him being molested my his uncle. The special effects were ok, and since this had a slightly larger cast, that meant more bodies but several of the deaths didn’t make much sense. For instance, Frank was killed just by getting hit in the face by the drill while Janine died when she smashed through the glass door and it had just seemed like she had bled out but when the girls try to escape later, you see her guts on the ground, though there was no indication that her wounds were that massive. Still, I will take a bad horror movie with a definitive, albeit confusing, plot over a story where you never know if things are real or not any day.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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