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September 18th, 2017 Movie – Slashed Dreams

slashed dreams

I have to say that this year really seems to have flown by. I mean, can you believe that it is almost October. That has absolutely nothing to do with today’s movie, I am just amazed at how quickly time flies. Now, today’s movie comes from the Chilling Classics box set, so there is no telling how good of a movie I will be watching. So let’s see how the day is going to start out with today’s movie, Slashed Dreams.

The plot: At college, Jenny gets a letter from her friend Michael and is reading it when one of her classmates, Robert, sits down next to her on the bench. Jenny starts to tell Robert about what Michael wrote, how he built a cabin in the woods and has never been happier, when her boyfriend, Marshall, shows up and jealously pulls Jenny off the bench and walks away with her. During a philosophy class, Marshall and Robert get into an argument and later, Jenny tells Marshall that she isn’t happy with what he is saying and is finding herself unhappy with her life. At a party at Marshall’s house, where he is hazing a pledge for his fraternity, Marshall complains to another girl, Tina, about Jenny and Robert being too close and Tina tells him that they have been friends since they were in grade school. As Jenny and Robert talk about Michael and discuss going to see him, Marshall gets jealous and yells at them, telling them to get out of his house. Robert and Jenny decide to go ahead and head out to see Michael but as they are driving along the highway, Marshall, Tina, and another kid drive past them and throw something on their windshield, causing them to pull over. When Marshall turns around and drives right towards them, then swerves at the last minute, Robert gets out of his car to yell at Marshall but the other guy tries to calm him down. Marshall tries pleading with Jenny to come back with him but she tells him it is over between them and tells him to leave. Robert and Jenny continue driving and eventually reach the county store that Michael had mailed the letter from. When they ask the store’s owner about Michael, he tells them that he knows Michael but hasn’t seen him for quite some time. When they ask for directions to where Michael is staying, the owner tries to talk them out of going but eventually tells them the area and offers them a knife, saying that strange things have been going on there, but they refuse it and head out. Robert and Jenny begin hiking along the mountain and make camp for the night but in the morning, they find a bear has entered their campsite and are forced to lie still as it proceeds to eat some of their food before eventually walking away. As they scrounge for food in the woods, Robert and Jenny have some fun and end up getting closer to each other. As Jenny goes to use the bathroom, she finds a cabin in the woods and quickly approaches it, looking inside to see if Michael is there. Robert soon joins her and as they look around for a bit before Jenny decides to get cleaned up in the nearby pond and convinces Robert to join her when he shows up. As they are fooling around in the water, two men, Levon and Danker, are watching them and Danker eventually calls out to them. As the surprised couple face the strangers, Levon apologizes and introduces themselves to the two, then asks what they are doing up there. Robert explains that they are there to see Michael and ask if they know him. Levon says he does and asks if they have a gun, as they are hunting poachers. After the two leave, Robert and Jenny head back to the cabin and settle in for the night, deciding that if Michael doesn’t show up in the morning that they will head back. Jenny says she doesn’t care if Michael shows up as she is glad to be there with Robert and they two start kissing and eventually have sex. That night, Robert wakes up when he notices that the fire has gone out when Levon and Danker suddenly burst into the cabin, knock Robert unconscious and proceed to rape and beat Jenny. When Robert comes too, he tries to comfort Jenny, then heads outside to give her some time to herself. As he is waiting outside, he sees Michael walking up and greets his friend. Michael is happy to see him and when he hears Jenny is here too, he starts to head inside and go see her but Robert stops him and tells him about the rape. After asking Robert if he is ok, Michael heads inside the the cabin and tries to tend to Jenny and help her deal with what happened. Meanwhile, Robert is walking through the woods and comes across Levon and Danker arguing, as Danker wants to head back up to the cabin and attack Jenny again but Levon is trying to stop him. When Levon cut’s Danker’s leg and moves to finish him off, Robert leaps out of the bushes and starts to attack Levon. Michael and Jenny hear the commotion and run out of the cabin, stopping Robert from killing Levon. As Levon and Danker make their escape, Robert apologizes to Jenny as she holds him and Michael soon joins them. As Robert and Jenny both deal with what happened, Jenny reads an excerpt from a book in Michael’s cabin, as the two are seen walking through a field hand in hand.

Well that was an interesting, and slightly disturbing movie. The acting was ok, with Peter Hooten (Robert) and Kathrine Baumann (Jenny) doing good jobs in their roles while Robert Englund (Michael) put in a brief but very well done performance. The story felt pretty disjointed, starting off with Jenny dealing with her jealous and possessive boyfriend, then moves to the trip to the mountain by Robert and Jenny, then ending with the rape and everyone dealing with it afterwards. Honestly, I feel like the writer wasn’t sure what kind of movie he wanted to make so he just put in every idea he had brainstormed. There was a decent amount of drama involved in the movie, particularly centered around Jenny; first with he relationship with Marshall and his jealousy and then later with her being raped and dealing with it afterwards. Most likely, this was prime material for a drive in but I don’t know if that many people will want to watch it.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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