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September 9th, 2017 Movie – Silver Needle In The Sky

silver needle in the sky

Ugh. I hate it when my head is soo stopped up that I can’t breathe or even function right. Yet, that is what I am having to deal with today. Now as far as today’s movie goes, it seems I have some more adventures with Rocky Jones to look forward too. I think I might have to go through and see how many movies I have that are actually episodes of the old show, then see if I can find the episodes I haven’t see yet online. Until then, I’m going to try and focus on today’s movie, Silver Needle In The Sky, and then take some more medicine and declog my head.

The plot: At the Office of Space Affairs, Vena Ray speaks with Secretary Drake and asks to be assigned as the navigator for Rocky’s latest mission, carrying delegates to a peace summit. Drake tells her that Rocky is responsible for choosing his crew and he has no control over it, just as Rocky, Winky, and Bobby show up. Drake explains to everyone that the meeting will take place at a space station in the neutral zone, and when Vena asks Rocky if she can be his navigator, Rocky says he has already made his choice, which leaves Vena dejected until he tells her that he chose her. Meanwhile, Queen Cleolanta hears about the conference and is upset that she wasn’t invited to the conference. When she hears that Rocky Jones is flying the delegates to the space station, she orders her spy to sabotage the ship so it can’t reach the conference. Her spy goes to put a detonator on the rocket while it is still on the pad, but he is caught by Rocky before he can do so. Rocky and his crew blast off and make their way to the space station, where they drop off the delegates before heading to a nearby planet to rest and refuel before returning to take the delegates back to Earth. While they are gone, Cleolanta sends a ship to capture the delegates and bring them back to Ophecius, where she can use them as bargaining chips to get her captured men back. When Rocky and the others reach the refuel planet, they radio the space station and speak to Dr. Tyson, but when Dr. Tyson says he will see them in 24 hours, instead of the agreed upon 72 hours, Winky and Rocky get suspicious and try contacting the station again only to get no response. Rocky contacts Secretary Drake to see if he can raise the station and when he can’t, Drake orders Rocky to head back there with some more men to investigate. Rocky arrives to find the station deserted and when he contacts Drake about his findings, they both suspect Cleolanta and the Ophecians to be behind this. Drake questions the captured Ophecians, Darganto and Griff, but finds that they have no knowledge of Cleolanta’s plans so Rocky decides to head to Ophecius himself and find out. After getting off the phone with Drake, Rocky receives a call from Cleolanta, who gives him her terms for a prisoner exchange. Rocky contacts Drake, who says they will make the exchange but under their terms and Rocky contacts Cleolanta with their response. Cleolanta refuses at first but when Rocky says that her actions would start a war with the United Worlds, she reluctantly agrees to make the exchange at the space station. The Ophecian prisoners are sent to the space station and Atlasande arrives with the delegates. The exchange takes place but once it is concluded, Atlasande and his aide pull out hidden weapons and take Dr. Tyler back. As Rocky and Atlasande argue over his actions, Dr. Tyler secretly takes a pill without anyone seeing him. Atlasand and his men take Dr. Tyler and place a time lock on the door to the room, keeping Rocky and the others trapped there for three hours so they can make their escape. However, Darganto is angry over Atlasande not trying to finish off their enemies when they have the chance so he and Griff head to the maintenance room and cuts off the oxygen supply to the room. When Atlasande and the others catch up to Darganto and Griff, Dr. Tyler suddenly collapses and Atlasande pronounces him dead, causing Darganto to claim that Atlasande botched the mission and usurp his command. Back in the room, Rocky and the others realize that the oxygen has been cut off and have Bobby crawl through the ventilation ducts and makes his way to the control room, where he is able to turn the air back on. Bobby then heads back to the conference room and picks the time lock, allowing the others to leave. As they make their way to the control room, they find Dr. Tyler’s body and Rocky orders Winky and some men to take the body back to the ship while he continues to the control room. As Winky and the others carry the body, Dr. Tyler suddenly starts to move and Winky goes to get Rocky. When Rocky arrives, he finds Dr. Tyler has regained consciousness and explains that he took a suspended animation pill his lab had been developing but couldn’t tell anyone about it. They make contact with Earth and relay the good news about everyone being safe. Meanwhile, back on Ophecius, Cleolanta is upset at both Atlasande and Darganto’s failure to bring back Dr. Tyler when one of her underlings brings news that they cracked the Earth scrambler code. Cleolanta reads the decoded transmission and grows even angrier when she learns that Dr. Tyler is still alive and that someone had turned off the oxygen in an attempt to kill Rocky Jones and the others. Darganto and Atlasande quickly blame the other one and Cleolanta decides to throw both of them in a cell together until they can work together. Back at the space station, Rocky and the others leave and Dr. Tyler contacts Secretary Drake’s office to recommend special awards be given to Rocky and his crew, especially Bobby for saving them all.

I don’t know if it is the medicine but I just absolutely could not get into this movie. The acting was ok for the most part, though Richard Crane (Rocky) still feels as robotic as he has in the other movies/episodes. I honestly don’t know how they did casting in the 50’s but I really don’t get why they would cast someone in a lead role who seems to have no real charisma. The story was ok but definitely fit better as an episodic TV show as opposed to a full length movie. The special effects were decent for the time but I always find it funny that even though the characters had guns on them, they chose to fight hand to hand as opposed to using the guns, so that they didn’t have to use special effects for the blasts. A classic sci-fi show made into a movie but I don’t know if it is worth watching.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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