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September 5th, 2017 Movie – Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!

silent night deadly night 3

Ahhh, another fun year of being at DragonCon. Now to start getting things back on my normal schedule. Well, almost. I took today off from work so I could get a couple of things taken care of early this morning, which is why today’s review is a little bit later than normal (as opposed to the last 4 reviews which I had watched and reviewed ahead of time like I always do during DragonCon). Anyways, today’s movie basically continues the story after the previous movie left it open for another sequel to occur. As poorly as the previous movie did, let’s see if this was just as bad of an idea as I watch today’s movie, Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!.

The plot: Laura Anderson wakes up to find herself in a white room, with the only other occupant being Ricky Caldwell. the famed Santa Claus killer who has been in a coma ever since he was shot 6 years ago. Laura approaches Ricky, noticing the clear dome on the top of his head that shows his brain, and as she goes to touch him, Ricky suddenly wakes up. Laura screams and tries to escape only to end up back in the room, with Ricky calling out her name as he is covered in blood. As she leaves the room a third time, she sees Santa Claus and approaches him but he pulls out a knife, causing Laura to scream and wake up from the vision she was having. Laura, who is revealed to be blind, is comforted by Dr. Newbury, who is using her clairvoyant abilities to try and enter the mind of Ricky Caldwell. Though Laura denies it, Newbury is convinced that Laura is making contact with Ricky and keeps having her make more attempts to connect with Ricky. After each attempt causes Laura to start screaming, Newbury calls it a day and Laura gets ready to leave, saying her brother is picking her up so they can head to their grandmother’s house. As she is about to leave, she tells Newbury that she doesn’t want to do this any more and Newbury tries to convince her to stay, with Laura saying they will talk about it when she gets back. As she waits in the lobby for her brother, Laura has a dream involving the receptionist’s death and after her brother Chris wakes her up and they go to leave, the receptionist says “Merry Christmas” to which Laura replies, “Not for you.” After they leave, an employee dressed like Santa is making his way through the hospital and enters Ricky’s room. As the Santa starts drinking and getting drunk, Ricky comes out of his coma and upon seeing the Santa suit, he ends up killing the employee, then killing the receptionist before leaving the hospital. After Laura leaves her therapist, she is introduced to Chris’ new girlfriend Jerri, who Laura has a disliking towards. As they make their way to Chris and Laura’s grandmother’s house, they are unaware that Ricky is somehow connected to Laura and makes his way there as well. Ricky is picked up along the highway and he kills the driver and takes his car, then kills a gas station attendant when he stops for gas. As Chris and the others stop for gas, Chris calls Granny Anderson to tell them that she is going to go out for a walk in case they get there before she gets back. After hanging up the phone, Granny goes to finish some of her last preparations for dinner when the door rings and she opens it to find Ricky standing there. Back at the hospital, Lt. Connely is there to investigate the homicide and is surprised to learn that Ricky Caldwell is the supposed killer, as he is the one that shot him 6 years ago. As he watches the security tape with Newbury and his assistant, they see Ricky calling out Laura’s name and they realize he might be going after her. Back at Granny Anderson’s house, Granny invites Ricky inside and starts to feed him and when she sees him holding a picture of Laura, she explains that that is her grandchildren and hands Ricky a Christmas present, which provokes him and causes her to kill her. When Chris and the others arrive, they find the house empty and Laura says that something feels wrong but Chris says not to over react. After some time has passed, Chris and Jerri decide to go for a walk and see if Granny is at one of the neighbors’ houses but they find that nobody else is in the neighborhood. As they go back to the house to tell Laura, Jerri finds that Chris’ car is missing. Chris and Jerri go back to look for it, Laura gets a funny feeling and approaches a window, where Ricky is watching her, which causes her to scream out. Chris and Jerri come running back into the house and tell Laura they found his car upside down in the grove. Laura goes to call the police only to find that the phone is dead and as Chris and Jerri discovers that the phone cord was ripped out, Laura discovers that her picture is missing and realizes that it is Ricky that is after them. As she starts to explain who Ricky is to Chris, Ricky’s arm bursts through the front door and attempts to strangle Jerri and Chris stabs his arm in order to get him to release her. Meanwhile, Newbury and Connely are tracking Ricky and as they head to the Anderson’s farm, they argue over whether Ricky should be captured alive or killed and when Connely pulls over to use the restroom, Newbury leaves him on the side of the road in order to try and save Ricky. Back at the farm, Chris grabs his grandfather’s old shotgun and leads the girls out of the house but he is attacked by Ricky. As Chris struggles with Ricky, he yells for Jerri and Laura to run, as Ricky stabs him in the chest. As Ricky goes to follow after Jerri and Laura, Newbury arrives and attempts to stop Ricky by playing the tape of Laura’s session but Ricky kills him instead. As Jerri and Laura hide, Jerri goes to try and find another weapon to defend themselves but ends up being killed by Ricky. Laura discovers her body and, sensing Ricky is there, approaches him and starts to feel his face but when she touches the dome on the top of his head, she freaks out and runs. As she is hiding in the basement, Laura has a vision of her grandmother, which leads her to discover her body. When Ricky makes his way downstairs, Laura uses a pole to smash the overhead light, then starts attacking Ricky when he gets close but he easily overpowers her and snaps the pole in two. Ricky goes to kill Laura but she is saved by Chris, who manages to shoot Ricky in the shoulder but as he goes to reload, Ricky uses the shotgun to choke Chris. Laura grabs a broken piece of the pole and calls out to Ricky and as he approaches her, she holds the makeshift spear out in front of her and he ends up impaling himself on it. Connely arrives at the house in time to hear Newbury’s last words, then heads down to the basement to find Laura cradling Chris’ body. As help is called in, a body is carried off in an ambulance and Connely goes to check on Laura before he goes to take her back home. As they drive off, Laura calls out “Merry Christmas”, while an image of Ricky breaks the 4th wall and responds “And a Happy New Year.”

Man, the sequels just keep getting worse and worse. This was a pretty bad sequel on a lot of levels. The acting was pretty bad for the most part, with Samantha Scully doing a good job as Laura, but Bill Mosely’s portrayal of Ricky felt too wooden, which might have been intended for the character but didn’t do much to show the talent that he will reveal in later roles. The story was honestly weak and pretty far fetched and I know they were just trying to add a new twist to what was becoming a stale story line but it honestly fell flat. The special effects regarding the kills were pratically nonexistent, as most of them were done either off camera or in a way so you don’t see the actually death blow being performed. I don’t know how much they were hoping to make by cashing in on a series that was already floundering but this movie didn’t help them any.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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