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September 4th, 2017 Movie – Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

silent night deadly night 2

We all know that sequels generally tend to be a worse movie than the original, which is definitely the case with today’s movie. In fact it is considered one of the worst movies of all time, and yet, it has one of the most infamous movie scenes of all time; the infamous “Garbage Day” scene. Now if you haven’t seen the clip, just look up garbage day on YouTube, but right now it’s time to focus on the whole movie. I honestly never saw this movie before buying it, but I always remember seeing it on the shelf at Blockbuster or various other video stores. So let’s see if Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 is as bad as everyone says it is.

The plot: Ricky Caldwell, the younger brother of Billy Chapman from the first movie, is being interviewed by psychiatrist Dr. Henry Bloom at a mental hospital, where he is being held awaiting trial for a series of murders he committed. After the guard/nurse sets up the recording equipment, Bloom tells him to leave and begins speaking with Ricky. After an initial angry outburst from Ricky, Bloom has him sit down and asks him how his parents died. Ricky tells him that Santa Claus killed them, relaying the story as Billy told it to him. Next, Bloom asks about their time in the orphanage and Ricky tells him of how Billy was treated there by the cruel and “naughty” Mother Superior. After changing the tape, Bloom asks about the Christmas Eve when Billy went on his killing spree, and how it affected Ricky. When Bloom comments about the orphanage being shut down after that, Ricky then talks about how Sister Mary managed to find him a family and he managed to live a pretty normal, healthy life, though there were times the trauma from his past would catch up to him. After the death of his adopted father, Ricky is walking through some woods and comes across a couple fooling around in a field. When the couple start to argue and the man attempts to force himself on her, the woman manages to fend him off and he heads to his jeep to get another beer before planning to come back to her. Ricky sees this and after the man grabs his beer, Ricky gets in the jeep and proceeds to run the man over. The woman sees what happens and as she approaches the scene, Ricky gets out of the jeep and the woman thanks him before walking away. Ricky then talks about how he got a job when he turned 18 but one night, he saw a loan shark named Rocco beating up a man for not paying the money he owes and Ricky kills the loan shark by stabbing an umbrella through him. When Bloom asks him about Jennifer, showing Ricky a picture of her, Ricky gets angry when she is first mentioned but reluctantly starts talking about her. Ricky met her when she accidentally hit his motorcycle with her car, having not seen him when she was pulling into a parking spot. The two begin dating but one day, while at the movies, Ricky is annoyed by a guy mocking them at the back of the theater and, after seeing a scene of a killer santa (re-used scenes from the original movie that are not meant to be a flashback), he leaves his seat and heads off. While she waits for Ricky to return, Jennifer is surprised by her ex-boyfriend Chip. Chip tries to get back with her but she refuses his advances, citing her reasons for not wanting to be with him while pointing out he has his own date with him. Meanwhile, Ricky had snuck up on the two people in the back of the theater and kills both of them, with nobody thinking anything odd was going on. Some time later, Ricky and Jennifer are walking through a neighborhood when they encounter Chip, who is working on his car. After Chip taunts Ricky over his past relationship with Jennifer, Ricky ends up using a pair of jumper cables to electrocute Chip. Jennifer sees this and attacks Ricky for killing Chip but when Ricky screams out “Punish”, she tries to escape only for Ricky to strangle her with Chip’s car antennae. A security guard witnesses this and tries to arrest Ricky at gunpoint but Ricky manages to get the gun and shoot the guard in the head, then goes on a killing spree throughout the neighborhood. When he is confronted by some police, Ricky tries to shoot himself but he is out of bullets and the police are able to take him into custody. Back in the present, Ricky finishes talking and addresses Bloom one final time, as Ricky had killed him during his last story, and then leaves the cell, killing the guards as he makes his escape from the hospital. 6 hours later, the police are questioning Sister Mary about what Ricky might do or where he will go and she says the orphanage closed down after Mother Superior’s stroke, and believes he will track her down. Ricky kills a Salvation Army Santa, then calls Mother Superior’s home before heading over there to attack her. Mother Superior, who is confined to a wheelchair after her stroke, tries to escape but Ricky chases her throughout the house and finally kills her when she chooses to face him. Sister Mary and the police arrive at her house and find that she had been decapitated and when Ricky attempts to kill Sister Mary, the police shoot him repeatedly and he falls through the window. As the police check on Sister Mary and tell her he is gone, she looks over at Mother Superior’s head and screams, as Ricky is shown to have survived the shooting.

Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 was panned by the critics, holding a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. While there isn’t a critical consensus on the site, the critics all seemed to think that the massive reuse of footage from the first movie made the new footage seem even more trivial and lackluster. The movie only had a limited release in theaters, earning $154323 off of a $100,000 budget, but gained a cult following of horror fans, who viewed the movie as more of a dark comedy. The “Garbage Day” scene quickly became a Internet meme and catchphrase, with numerous clips of the scene being found online.

Oh yeh, this is definitely one of those incredibly bad movies that can be entertaining to watch. The acting was definitely pretty bad, with Eric Freeman’s portrayal of Ricky being really over the top, which actually made some of the lines/scenes pretty funny. The story itself was pretty disappointing to be honest. My biggest complaint was how they portrayed the timeline in the movie. The movie was 88 minutes long and here was how the timeline of events broke down. Take out roughly 4 minutes for the beginning and end credits, 40 minutes of the movie were essentially a recap of the original (with about 5 minutes of that being brief moments where Ricky is talking to Bloom), and roughly 32 minutes being a recap of past events that led to Ricky being in the mental hospital. This means that about 12 minutes of the movie was really set in the present time. I realize that they were given a limited budget but this still felt like a total cop out as far as what they could do regarding a sequel. Anyways, the various kills that Ricky did were a little over the top at times, such as the umbrella opening up after he stabbed Rocco, but they fit into the way the movie played out. This is a bad movie, but one that is entertaining to watch because of how bad it is.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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