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August 26th, 2017 Movie – She-Wolves Of The Wasteland (a.k.a Phoenix The Warrior)

she wolves of the wasteland

I have to say, AT&T did a pretty quick job in getting someone out to fix the cut cable yesterday. Of course, I wasn’t too happy about the work crew waking me up this morning to rebury the cable, but since they were supposed to have done that months ago, I will deal with it if it means that this doesn’t happen again. But enough about that, on to today’s movie. Now years ago, I was in the mood to watch some post-apocalyptic style movies and looked up a list that featured some B-movies of that variety. After picking out a couple of titles, I went and bought them on Amazon and for the most part, was somewhat underwhelmed with several of them. Today’s movie, She-Wolves Of The Wasteland, was one of those disappointing ones but who knows, maybe it will be better the second time around.

The plot: As nuclear disarmament was nearly finished across the world, a plague occurred which wiped out all of the men and almost all of the women. One of the surviving women, Reverend Mother, began to take power by finding away to breed new women to form her own army. One day, a woman is racing across the desert in a dune buggy while being pursued by the Reverend Mother’s soldiers. When the dune buggy crashes, the leader, Cobalt, approaches the driver and retrieves a canister from her bag, only to find it is empty. The driver is taken back to Reverend Mother, who asks about the container and when she is told what happened, she orders that the driver’s assistant, Keela, be found at once, then proceeds to kill the driver in order to regain some of her life. Elsewhere, Keela is attempting to sneak out of the city but ends up being captured by a pair of bounty hunters. Before they can take her to Reverend Mother, Keela is saved by a sandtrapper named Phoenix, who asks what is going on and Keela says she will tell her later once they get to safety. They manages to make it out of the city but two bounty hunters are still chasing them. Phoenix kills one of them but when she runs out of bullets, the last bounty hunter is about to kill her but ends up being killed by Keela instead. Making their way through the desert, Phoenix asks Keela why they were after her and Keela explains that she is pregnant with a male child. Phoenix, realizing how serious things are, tells Keela she knows where they can go to be safe and they continue into the desert. Meanwhile, Cobalt learns of what happens and leads her troops into the desert after them. When two of her mercenaries begin fighting over who is better suited to claim the reward, the winner notices tracks in the sand and points them out to Cobalt. Elsewhere, Phoenix and Keela come to an oasis that is controlled by a tribe of women , who take them in. Month’s later, Keela give birth to her son and names him Skyler, but Reverend Mother senses Skyler’s birth and, knowing where he is, sends Cobalt and her mercenaries after him. In the oasis, the members of the tribe are arguing on whether the baby should stay, as some of the women feel that letting the baby boy become an adult would destroy the world again. Suddenly Cobalt and her mercenaries show up and begin attacking the tribe, killing them all. Keela tries to run with Skyler and ends up captured but Phoenix, who was going hunting, heard the fire fight and returns in time to save them and they quickly leave the oasis. 5 years later, Phoenix, Keela, and Skyler have managed to survive in the desert, with Phoenix teaching Skyler how to fight. When she returns to where Keela is, they decide to try and return to the city for some supplies, figuring that enough time has passed so they might be able to get in and out without problem. Making their way through the desert, they come to an abandoned shack and Phoenix has Keela and Skyler wait there while she heads into town during the night. As she is trading for some water, Phoenix sees Cobalt staring at her and she quickly finishes her purchase and heads back to the shack. The next morning, a masked stranger enters the shack and attacks Phoenix but Phoenix and Keela subdue the stranger, only to realize that it is a man. When the man regains consciousness, Phoenix questions him and he tells them that he had escaped from Reverend Mother’s seed chamber and had been living in the shack for years. When Cobalt and her mercenaries arrive, the man, Guy, tells them he has a way out of the shack and shows them a tunnel but the entrance is blocked. While Phoenix holds off the mercenaries, Guy works on clearing the debris, then has Skyler and Keela head through. Guy calls out to Phoenix to head into the tunnel but one of the mercenaries drives her truck through the shack, collapsing it on top of her. Cobalt’s mercenaries drag Phoenix out of the rubble, then sends one of the girls in to find Skyler but Guy, who had escaped through the tunnel, sneaks back and sets off an explosive charge, destroying the rest of the shack and killing the girl. Cobalt and Phoenix believe that Skyler and Keela have been killed and Cobal takes Phoenix back to the city, planning to make her fight in the arena. Meanwhile, Keela tries to convince Guy to help her rescue Phoenix and finally does so by telling him he can keep one of Reverend Mother’s vehicles to help with their escape. Phoenix is made to fight in the arena and after killing her first two opponents, she is pitted against Neon, the reigning champion. Keela shows up at the arena and throws Phoenix a spear, which Phoenix uses to kill the announcer. Keela then grabs a gun and begins shooting at the guards while the champion helps Phoenix escape. Once she is out of the arena, Phoenix takes the gun and kills some more guards before she and Keela leave, meeting up with Guy in his new car. As they are driving along, Keela tries to convince Guy to help them overthrow Reverend Mother and Cobalt but when he refuses, she says she is happy that they are all together. As they make camp for the night, Guy has a change of heart, figuring he has a better chance of avoiding being captured if he stays with them, causing Keela to hug him. While Phoenix and Skyler are asleep, Keela and Guy end up getting closer and kissing before they end up having sex. The group head towards the Badlands, continuing on foot after their car breaks down. As they make their way into the area, they come across a Rezule burial ground and though Guy and Keela want to avoid it, Phoenix says they should just go straight through. When they encounter the Rezule, they attempt to fight their way free of them but they are soon captured. Cobalt and her mercenaries arrive and after realizing they have not just Skyler, but a full grown male, she takes Skyler and Guy with her while leaving Phoenix and Keela for the Rezule to deal with, who then tie Phoenix and Keela to frames and leave them to die. Back in the city, Reverend Mother is taunting Guy while telling Skyler she has plans for him to grow her power, which involves sacrificing him. Back in the Badlands, the Rezule are preparing to sacrifice Keela and Phoenix but they are saved by Neon. The three women sneak into the city that night and Phoenix and Neon begin planting explosives around the buildings in town, then head back to Keela to detonate them but the wire is bad so the explosives fail to detonate. When a guard spots them, Phoenix starts firing at the guards while Neon uses a back-up detonator to set off the charges, sacrificing herself to do so. Phoenix and Keela head inside Reverend Mother’s base and start looking for Skyler and Guy but when they encounter Cobalt, Phoenix has Keela keep looking while she fights with Cobalt. Cobalt manages to wound Phoenix and prepares to kill her but Phoenix pulls the pin on a grenade that Cobalt was wearing, then pushes her away and watches as she explodes. Meanwhile, Keela confronts Reverend Mother for Skyler and she is soon joined by Phoenix but Reverend Mother reveals that she has power over the two women, forcing them to kneel in front of her. Reverend Mother then explains that she is the last of the original human race and had created all of the women currently on Earth, including the two of them. Keela continues to crawl forward and cuts the wires powering the machines that help keep Reverend Mother alive, causing Reverend Mother to collapse into her chair and Keela finally stabs her, finishing her off.

Nope, this is still a bad movie, but it has some funny parts that almost put it up in that “so bad it’s almost decent” category. The acting was pretty bad all around but a portion of that was probably due to the script itself. The plot was very confusing and didn’t really do a good job in explaining what was going on. There were some funny parts, such as the Rezule’s essentially worshiping TV’s and their Holy Word is basically them reciting the titles of TV shows. The special effects in this were laughably bad and pretty much what you would expect from a low budget movie that is basically a heart-beat and one wardrobe malfunction or sex scene away from being a “skinemax” flick as opposed to the blatant sexploitation film that it is. Not exactly worth watching unless you are really curious.

Rating: 1 1/2 out of 5


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