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August 4th, 2017 Movie – Shark Attack In The Mediterranean

shark attack in the mediterranean

Now this is an interesting movie. I randomly came across this movie on YouTube several years ago. The only thing I honestly remember from the brief bit that I saw was that it starred Ralf Moeller, who was in Gladiator. Given my love of shark movies, I went looking for a copy of it online and found it just in time to have a shark movie marathon with my friends. So let’s see if this was worth the hunt as I watch today’s movie, Shark Attack In The Mediterranean.

The plot: On the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, helicopter pilot Sven Hanson is jokingly being berated by his friend, Police Chief Carlos Rivera, about his being late to pick up a micro-biologist named Dr. Julia Bennet from the mainland and bring her to the marine institute on the island. When he gets to the airport, he mistakenly grabs the bags of another woman, who begins hitting him with her purse and after letting go of the bags and apologizing for the misunderstanding, he turns and runs into Julia, who promises not to hit him. Meanwhile, Sven’s daughter Maja is working on a boat run by a shady man named Javier. Javier is hired by some German tourist to go shark diving but the spot they initially lower the shark cage into is void of sharks. Javier decides to tow the cage to the Santoro Trench, where there are always some sharks swimming around, but decides to not raise the cage, despite the protests of Maja and Fabio Ortega, his other crew member. As the cage is dragged across the bottom of the ocean, it ends up getting caught on some rocks and the daughter is cut by some of the rocks/coral on the bottom. Javier tries to pull the cage up but his wench breaks and the rope falls into the water. When they see sharks circling the cage, Maja gets on the radio to call for help and her father hears her as he is flying back with Julia and they detour to help. With Julia keeping the helicopter steady, Sven is able to grab the buoy and hook it to the helicopter so they can pull the cage to the surface but as they do so, they don’t notice the giant shadow of a shark swimming underneath the cage. After dropping Julia off at the institute, Sven returns home just as Fabio is dropping off Maja and he ends up arguing with Maja about her working for Javier, then breaks the news to her that they are moving back to Germany. Meanwhile, Julia meets with Dr. Verena Brandauer, the head of the institute, who shows Julia around the place as well as showing her Hannibal, a great white shark they have in captivity. Later that day, Carlos stops by the house to talk to Sven and as they go out for drinks, he tries to stop Sven from moving. When they notice Fabio enter the bar with his girlfriend Tina, Fabio comes over to introduce himself to Sven and thank him for his help and Sven warns him about breaking Maja’s heart. At a dance club, Maja and her friend are discussing an upcoming jet-ski race and how Maja should enter when Fabio and Tina show up. Fabio talks with Maja for a little while, which makes Tina jealous, and she approaches them and says they should go to their “special spot” to swim but Maja decides to head home. At the beach, Tina proceeds to go skinny dipping to entice Fabio to join her, while their friends, Lena and Tobias, are making out elsewhere in a boat. When Lena hears something splashing around, Tobias gets up to look around and ends up getting killed by the giant shark, with Lena being thrown from the boat and killed shortly afterwards. The next day, Carlos is visiting his wife in the hopsital, as she is suffering from a severe form of cancer, when Sven stops by to visit them. Carlos receives a call and takes Sven with him to question a fisherman who claims to have seen a giant shark. As he searches the fisherman and discovers a joint on him, Carlos thinks the man was just high but Sven is looking around the beach and finds the wreckage of the boat with a giant shark’s tooth embedded in the wood. Racing home, Sven compares the tooth to the one he found from his wife’s accident and realizes it is much larger than that one. Sven calls Carlos to tell him about the shark as he heads to the beach to warn the people there, including Maja and Tina as they compete in the jet-ski race. After Maja and Tina park on the beach, Sven grabs the key to Maja’s jet-ski and tells her not to go back in the ocean. When Carlos gets there, Sven tries to get him to tell the people about the shark but Carlos says they have no proof and while they did find  mutilated body, it could have been done by a ship’s propeller. Sven shows Carlos the tooth and they head to the institute to see if Julia or Verena can identify it and Verena says that it looks like it came from a megalodon but it is impossible to tell how old the tooth is. Sven decides to go looking for the shark, passing by a boat that appears empty, and when he drops a device to try and lure the shark to the surface, the megalodon grabs it and starts to drag the helicopter towards the water but the cable breaks and Sven is able to avoid crashing into the water. Later, Julia comes by the house to talk with Sven and confirm Verena’s analysis about the tooth and ends up going to dinner with Sven. The next day, Maja and Fabio speak with Carlos about Lena, who is still missing, and after they leave the police station, the two end up hugging. Sven goes by the institute to return Julia’s shawl to her but as he is leaving, someone tries to kill him by forcing his jeep off a cliff but Sven manages to jump from the falling jeep into a man’s pool. Sven borrows one of the man’s cars and heads to Julia’s place and convinces her to help him break into the institute. Once there, Julia realizes that Verena never ordered the DNA testing on the tooth, making her think that Sven might be right about her. When Sven triggers an alarm by breaking open Verena’s desk, he tries to run from the guards but gets caught when he saves a guard who had been knocked into the shark tank. After the guards take him to the police station, Julia examines the disk that Sven had grabbed and learns that Verena knew about the megalodon and was using it for her cancer research. The next morning, Maja is upset about not being able to compete against Tina since she doesn’t have a jet-ski but Fabio shows up with a new one for her to use and Tina gets angry when she learns that Fabio had just dumped her for Maja. Julia breaks Sven out of jail and as they are escaping from the police, she explains what she found on the disk; saying that they had found a megalodon in the Arctic and Verena cloned it to use for her research but it escaped when the institute was flooded 4 years ago. Verena is now on board a freighter ship to try and recapture the megalodon so they head to the port to stop her. Julia pilots a boat out to the freighter and Sven pops out of hiding to hold Verena captive, then orders the crew to replace the tranquilizers for explosive harpoons to try and kill the megalodon. They miss their first attempt and go to reload but Carlos appears, pointing a gun at Sven, and orders the tranquilizers to be reloaded. Sven tries to reason with Carlos but he refuses to listen, as he feels Verena’s research is the only way to save his wife’s life. When the megalodon attacks the ship, everyone is thrown off their feet and Sven and Carlos begin fighting while Julia tries to save Verena, who had been knocked over the edge of the boat, but can only watch as the megalodon kills her. Carlos gets the upper hand on Sven and Sven tells him to go ahead and shoot him but Carlos can’t bring himself to pull the trigger. Sven and Julia load explosive tips onto the harpoons and prepare to fire when Carlos joins them, loading an explosive tip onto the third harpoon. They fire at the megalodon and manage to wound it but it swims away and Carlos chooses to stay on the ship as it sinks, in case it comes back, while Sven and Julia head back to shore. On the beach, Maja and Tina made it to the finals of the competition but while they are getting ready for the last race, Tina secretly sabotages Maja’s jet-ski. Sven and Julia head back to Sven’s house to get his helicopter and they fly off to the beach where the race is taking place. Seeing the megalodon swimming behind Maja and Tina, Sven has Julia pilot the helicopter while he tries shooting RPG’s at it and manages to injure it some more. When Maja’s jet-ski stalls out, Sven leaps into the water to help her and manages to repair the engine. They race towards shore with the megalodon right behind them and Julia manages to pick them up in the helicopter before the magalodon grabs the jet-ski. Sven loads another RPG and as the megalodon leaps out of the water to attack them, Sven fires and blows up the megalodon but Maja is thrown out of the helicopter by the blast. Sven leaps into the water to save her and when he sees that she is still alive, Fabio grabs a boat and heads out to pick them up. Some time later, Carlos and Sven are watching Carlos’ wife and Carlos apologizes for what he did and Sven says not to give up hope as Julia contacted people in Chicago to try and help treat her. After Carlos is lead away by the police, Sven and Julia leave and go dive down into a shipwreck near the trench, where they proceed to kiss underwater.

This is an interesting movie to watch. The acting was ok for the most part, with Ralf Moeller (Sven), Julia Stinshoff (Julia), and Gregor Bloeb (Carlos) doing good jobs in their roles. I will say that the dubbing issues, since this was a German made for TV movie,  were pretty bad at times, with several instances of words being spoken while lips were not moving. The plot should have been pretty simple but it felt like they had too many subplots going on which kind of made it a little difficult to focus on the movie. The special effects were a little on the cheap side but not as bad as they could have been. I will say there was a little more comedy in this movie than I was expecting, with some funny interactions between Sven and the millionaire. Not the worst shark movie I have ever seen but can make for some fun viewing.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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