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August 2nd, 2017 Movie – Shark Attack 2

shark attack 2

Sometimes, the location of a movie can actually help make it better. South Africa is well known for it’s great white shark population, so having a shark movie be located there just makes it a little more believable. Of course, when you then have the sharks be steroid-mutated killing machines, that believability kind of goes out the window but that is to be expected with this type of movie. So lets have some fun with today’s movie, Shark Attack 2.

The plot: In Cape Town, South Africa, Samantha Peterson and her sister Amy are scuba diving and exploring a shipwreck when Amy is suddenly attacked by a great white. Samantha tries to save her, even managing to stab the shark in it’s eye, but it still kills Amy and Samantha heads back to the boat and cries out in grief. One week later, marine biologist Dr. Nick Harris is approached by Michael Francisco, the owner of the aquarium that he works at, about a great white that had recently been seen in a local inlet. Michael wants Nick capture the great white and bring it back to the aquarium but when Nick says it is too dangerous, Michael threatens to fire Nick unless he does what he asks so Nick reluctantly agrees to do it. Nick goes and gets his friends, Mark and Tom Miller, and they head out and manage to capture the great white. When Samantha sees a news story about the shark’s capture, she recognizes it as the one that killed Amy due to the missing eye and heads to the aquarium to tell them about it but Michael has his assistant throw her out. Later, Nick shows Michael how he is able to keep the shark from banging on the walls and avoid it injuring itself but after he leaves, Nick talks to his assistant Morton and voices his confusion about how the shark’s dorsal fin and tail look like a newborns but the shark’s size indicate it is much older. That night Samantha breaks into the aquarium and tries to kill the shark but Nick sees her and stops her and the two end up arguing about the shark. The next day, during the aquarium’s grand opening, Nick is in front of the observation window for the tank talking about sharks when he notices Samantha in attendance. While Nick is busy, Michael gives the order to feed the shark so he can give the news cameras a show to film, but the worker is accidentally dragged into the tank and killed by the shark. Michael radios Morton and tells him to seal the gate to the ocean but when the shark starts banging into it, Nick realizes it won’t hold and quickly manages to tag the shark with a GPS. Later, Nick confronts Michael about what happened but Michael blames Nick for the death and fires him. That night, Nick is getting drunk in a bar when he sees Samantha come in and quickly leave when she sees him. He catches up to her and apologizes for not believing her and tells her he plans on going after the shark but when she says she is going with him, he refuses, saying it is too dangerous. The next day, Nick is heading towards the docks when he meets Roy Bishop, a shark expert with a show on Discovery Channel, who has come in to capture/ kill the great white. When Nick reaches the Miller’s boat, he learns that Samantha had hired them before he could and he agrees to work with her to kill the shark. Morton shows up to secretly hand Nick the GPS but they are approached by Michael, who tells Nick that Roy is hear to “clean up his mess.” Nick, Samantha, and the Millers head out looking for the shark and manage to find it but when they try to hook it, it ignores the bait and begins attacking the boat. Samantha grabs her shotgun to try and shoot the shark but as Nick tries to stop her but when the shark hits the boat again, she is knocked into the water and Nick and Tom quickly pull her out of the water. The shark swims away and they try to go after it but the blows to the boat have damaged the engine so they are stuck in the water, eventually getting towed back to the harbor by Roy. The next day, Roy manages to capture a great white but Nick doesn’t believe that it is the right shark, telling Roy about the transmitter he had tagged it with. When Nick and Samantha go see the Millers, they learn that the boat won’t be fixed until the end of the day and both of the Millers are getting ready for the surfing competition the next day. Nick gets the keys from Mark so he and Samantha can take the boat out that night, then the two end up spending the day together. That night, Nick and Samantha locate the shark near Seal Island and when it seems to disappear, Nick uses a remote controlled underwater camera to discover a cave, with 6 great white sharks swimming around inside. The next day, Nick and Samantha go to the aquarium to speak with Morton, who tells them that he got the blood work back from their shark and that it’s white blood cell count is tripled while it’s metabolic rate is incredibly high. After telling them that the same thing occurred in Roy’s sharks, he tells them he found information about an experiment that Dr. Kraven was doing up north, and that the sharks he was using were all female and pregnant, indicating that these mutated sharks were the offspring. Nick and Samantha meet with Mayor Shandu, Michael, and Roy to tell them what they know and get Shandu to close the beaches but Michael doesn’t believe them and says that they have precautions in place to prevent deaths, while Roy says he will go out to Seal Island to kill the sharks. Nick and Samantha head out to the beach to keep an eye on the competition, saying hello to Mark and Tom as they do. Meanwhile, Roy and his crew reach Seal Island and use cages to film the sharks, with Roy wanting to get plenty of footage before they kill them. As they are filming, the sharks begin attacking the cage that the two crew members are in, breaking in and killing one of them. The second crew member manages to escape the cage and starts swimming for the boat but he is killed before he can reach it. When the sharks start attacking Roy’s cage, he manages to get out and make it to the boat and notices the sharks are heading back towards the beach. On the beach, Nick gets a reading from his locator and races to the podium to use the microphone to warn everyone to get out of the water. As the sharks begin attacking the surfers, Nick gets on a jet ski and manages to use it to save Tom, who was bitten by a shark, but Nick is unable to save Mark. Shandu is furious over what happened and yells at Michael about what happened and the resulting lawsuits that the city is now facing because of him. When Nick and Samantha arrive and ask Roy what happened, Roy tells them about the death of his crew and offers his condolences to Nick for Mark’s death. When Nick says he has a plan, Shandu says he has the town’s full backing and Roy tells him he wants to help. Nick, Samantha, and Roy make their plans, with Nick building a pulse generator that will attract the sharks into the cave so they can kill them all at once, or else they risk the sharks scattering out into the open ocean. When Nick tells them they have to go into the cave to set the generator, so they can insure they have them all, Roy says he has an idea on giving them some extra protection and leaves to make a call, telling them he will meet them at the dock. Later that night, Samantha tells Nick she is worried about what will happen, saying she didn’t want to lose him and they end up having sex. The next day, Roy shows them the underwater explosives he procured and the submersible that he had shipped in for them to use. Heading out to Seal Island, Roy explains that they can’t use a remote detonator so he built a timer but once it is set, they can’t stop it. Roy and Nick head down in the submersible and use the generator to attract the sharks but the sharks begin attacking the submersible, trapping them on the bottom. Samantha heads down to help them and they manage to get out of the submersible but the rudder is damaged. Roy pilots it towards the cave to lure the sharks in and bails out at the last minute but one of the sharks grabs him by the arm and drags him back into the cave. Realizing there is nothing they can do, Nick and Samantha start to head back to the boat but are attacked by another shark. When the shark has Nick cornered, Samantha manages to get it’s attention and lure it towards her and Nick uses a spear gun to get onto the shark and shoot it before it can kill her. The two manage to make it back on the boat before the explosives go off and are surprised to hear Roy’s voice calling out for help. After patching up Roy’s arm, Nick asks how he survived and Roy explains that he used his dive knife to get the shark to let go of him, then found a small tunnel in the back of the cave that he was able to swim out of. Nick and Samantha leave Roy to rest and the two embrace and kiss as they head back to town.

Now this is what I was expecting out of my killer shark movies. The acting was pretty good, with Thorsten Kaye (Nick), Dan Metcalfe (Roy), and Danny Keogh (Michael) did great jobs in their roles, and while I did like Nikita Ager (Samantha), it seemed like the writers kept going back and forth in making her a strong independent woman and a helpless weakling. The real footage of the sharks looked really good, especially the scenes of them attacking the bait, but the scenes of the sharks attacking people were laughingly bad, which made this movie really fun to watch in that regard. A definite prototype for all manner of killer shark movies that would follow.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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