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July 20th, 2017 Movie – Sea Beast (a.k.a. Troglodyte)

sea beast

Folks, I have some sad news to report regarding today’s movie. This will be the last time that I am able to play “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Or Can He?”, at least for the time being. No obviously, this means that two things need to occur; 1) I need to buy some more movies with Corin Nemec in them, and 2) he needs to start making some more sci-fi B-movies for me to purchase. Anyways, today’s movie is one of the last Syfy premiers that I remember watching before I got rid of cable, back when Syfy was known for showing all sorts of awesome B-movies. So let’s dive right into today’s movie, Sea Beast.

The plot: Will McKenna is out on his fishing boat with his crew when a storm hits and they try to pull the nets up so they can go home. When a massive wave hits the ship, Will and the crew are knocked off their feet and as Will is recovering, he sees an almost invisible creature standing on the deck rail next to Joey, one of his crew. Another wave hits the boat just as the creature attacks Joey and drags him overboard. Will and the rest of the crew try looking for Joey but see no sign of him and are forced to return home, unaware that the creature, or another just like it, has grabbed onto the bottom of the boat. On the dock, Danny and Drew, Will’s remaining crew, are repairing the nets when Will walks up with his daughter Carly and tells them to hurry in order to make it to the funeral to pay their respects. After he leaves, Carly stays behind to talk with Danny, as the two are secretly dating, and they make plans to go to Will’s cabin on a nearby island with Drew and his girlfriend Erin. After attending the funeral, Will returns to his boat and notices some slime near the rail where Joey was taken. Later, Will is approached by Roy, the previous owner of Will’s boat, and asks Will for his payment or else he won’t be able to go out again and Will grabs him when Roy taunts him about losing a crew member but things are quickly broken up by the arrival of Will’s brother Jay, the local sheriff. After Roy leaves, Will and Jay go to see Arden, a biologist that is studying the decline in the fish population, and she says she found some algae that might be the reason for the decline in fish but won’t know for sure until she does some more tests. Later that evening, Erin says goodbye to Drew, as she is going ahead to the cabin with Carly and Danny while Drew works the night shift on the docks. After they leave, Drew notices something in the water when the creature appears on the deck and spits it’s saliva on Drew, paralyzing him so he can only watch as the creature approaches and kills him. The next day, Will signs out the boat, having raided Carly’s college fund in order to make the payment, and he goes looking for Drew. When Arden shows up on the dock, Will shows her some slime that is on the dock and the follow it to the edge, where they find Drew’s severed arm floating in the water. As Jay and the authorities are called in, Jay says it was probably an animal attack and he plans on forming a hunting party to go look for it. Meanwhile, Will and Arden discuss the slime, and he shows her the slime on his boat and tells her that it was there when Joey went overboard. On the island, Erin is on the beach waiting for Drew and Carly tries to get her to come back to the cabin but Erin chooses to wait. After Carly leaves, Erin notices the rope that tied the boat to shore has come undone and is being dragged into the water and she goes to pull it closer to shore when the creature appears. Erin tries to run but it spits it’s venom on her and as she collapses on the beach, several smaller creatures come out of the water and, along with their parent, begin eating her. Some time later, Danny is out getting some fire wood when he sees one of the baby creatures and as he tries to take a picture of it on his phone, it bites him on the hand. Back on the mainland, Will goes to see Ben, another fisherman who lost a crew member similar to how Joey was lost, and tells him that he thinks a predator grabbed Joey and followed him back to the dock and killed Drew, and asks Ben to back him up when he tells the others. Will then goes to see Arden and asks her about the slime and she says it is some sort of venom from a deep sea creature. As they are talking, the creature attacks a nearby couple and kills them. Will and Arden witness the attack and Will tries shooting the creature but it manages to get away. Will tries to explain to Jay and the townfolk as to what he saw but they don’t believe him, or Ben when he tells them his story. When Barbara, the harbor master, tells the group that a creature was sighted climbing a tree, Roy decides to go looking for it and some of the other people go with him, with Jay going to keep things organized. Will and Ben go to see Arden, who is planning on going diving to look for the creature, and they go with her to help. On the island. Carly is worried about Danny’s bite wound and thinks they should treat it before it gets infected. When they go to get the first aid kit out of the boat, they find the boat is gone and Danny thinks Erin took it to go yell at Drew. Back on the mainland, Jay, Roy, and two others arrive at the park and go hunting the creature but they end up being killed by the creature instead. Meanwhile, Arden returns from her dive with a hatched egg and says that it had probably washed up from somewhere and there could be more out there. The three return to the harbor and while Will and Arden go to look for Jay, Ben stays on the dock with a plan to lure the creature out and kill it. Back on the island, Carly and Danny are returning to the cabin when they find Erin’s remains. Suddenly, one of the baby creatures appears and it tries to attack Danny but Carly manages to kill it with a rock. When they get to the cabin, Carly sees more creatures on a nearby hill and the two work on barricading themselves inside and finding whatever they can use to arm themselves. They manage to kill several of the creatures but when more break into the cabin, they barricade themselves inside the bathroom. Back on the docks, Ben built a cage on the dock to protect himself and places pieces of meat on the dock to lure the creature out. Barbara tries calling Jay but she reaches Will, who had found the bodies of Jay, Roy, and the other hunters, and she tells him what is going on. Barbara goes out to tell Ben that Will was coming but the creature is there and bites her head off. Ben manages to shoot a spear, with a GPS tracker, into the creature but as he loads another spear, the creature spit’s it’s venom at him and he ends up dying from it. When Will and Arden get there, they find the bodies and then discover the GPS tracker and Will realizes that the creature is heading towards the island and that Carly and Danny are probably there at his cabin. On the island, Carly and Danny don’t hear anything inside the house so they decide to head to the old ferry on the other side of the island to see if the radio might still work. When they leave the house, they are attacked by another baby creature but Danny manages to kill it. They reach the ferry but the radio is dead so they go looking for a flare gun to try and signal for help. Will and Arden reach the island and head to the cabin but find no sign of them there but they see the flare and head towards the ferry. On the ferry, Carly and Danny hear a strange cry, and Danny has Carly lock herself into a room while he goes to investigate. In the woods, Will and Arden hear the cry as well and quickly hide as they see several smaller creatures running by them and heading towards the ferry. When they get there, they find Danny, who goes to take them to Carly but before he can, the mother arrives and kills Danny. Will and Arden find Carly, who had been forced to kill several baby creatures that had crawled through the air ducts into the room. Trying to find the creature and kill it, they soon discover that the creature had made a nest in one of the cargo holds and it is filled with eggs. Will has Arden and Carly help him rig a trap to destroy the eggs when the mother arrives and Will tells Arden to get Carly out of there while he holds her at bay. After they leave, Will sets off the trap and goes to leave as well but the creature manages to grab his foot with it’s tongue. Will is finally able to get free of it and the creature leaps at him just as the gas explodes, engulfing the nest and the mother in a ball of fire. As the explosion rocks the ship, Carly cries out thinking that her dad had died but he when he shows up, she rushes forward to hug him. Some time later, Will is set to go fishing with Carly and Arden serving as his new crew.

Well, for the final time, we learn that Parker Lewis can’t lose, bringing his total score to 6-2-1 and proving that he is definitely someone you want with you if you find yourself in a B-movie. This was a pretty entertaining movie all around. The acting was good, with Corin Nemec (Will), Miriam McDonald (Carly), Camille Sullivan (Arden), and Daniel Wisler (Danny) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was pretty good but I wish that they had done a better job of trying to explain what the creatures are. The special effects were pretty decent, though I will say that I was little disappointed in the actual creature design. I did like the idea of the creature turning invisible as an act of camouflage, but felt like that was something really unnecessary, as it would have made the creature too difficult to kill because it could have just stayed invisible the entire time. A fun movie to watch if you are in the need for some aquatic creature goodness.

Rating: 3 1/2 out of 5


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