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July 4th, 2017 Movie – Satan’s Slave

satans slave

Happy 4th of July everyone. Since I had the day off from work, I chose to do what I have normally been doing on the weekends; sleep in, get dressed, go for a walk in the park, then come home, get cleaned up, eat, and proceed to watch a movie. Unfortunately, I do not get to watch another Sasquatch movie today, which is funny because on this day last year I actually did watch a Sasquatch movie, but I do get to watch another horror movie. Today’s movie comes from the Pure Terror box set and is apparently a somewhat erotic-horror movie, meaning that there are a lot of naked women and some sex scenes. So let’s see what exactly I am in for with today’s movie, Satan’s Slave.

The plot: At a Satanic ritual, a group of masked. robed figures place a naked woman on an altar and after the leader gives his speech, the girl is sacrificed. Elsewhere, Stephen Yorke is having dinner at his home with a woman and after getting her tipsy, attempts to rape her but she fights him off. He yells at her to leave and she quickly grabs the remainder of her clothes and tries to do that but as she starts to walk out the door, the man quickly slams it shut on her head, and her lifeless body falls to the floor. After staring at it for a bit, the man grabs a knife and begins slicing into her chest when a car pulls up and the man drags the body away from the door as a woman, Frances, enters the house and sees what he has done. The next morning, Catherine Yorke says goodbye to her boyfriend John, who gives her an early birthday present, and then heads to her parent’s house to join them for a trip up to visit her Uncle Alexander. As they near Alexander’s house, Catherine’s father has a sudden headache which causes him to crash the car. Catherine goes up towards the get some help while her father checks on her mother when the car suddenly explodes. Catherine is taken inside by Alexander and Frances while Stephen tries to put out the fire but he is unable to save them. Alexander gives Catherine some sleeping pills and has Frances take her to one of the rooms so she can get some rest. That night, Frances goes to see Stephen and attempts to seduce him but he ignores her advances and says he wants to check on Catherine, despite Frances saying to leave her alone. The next morning, Catherine is still feeling upset over the death of her parents and Alexander says she is welcome to stay there and he will look after her. Later, Stephen shows up in her room and offers to take her around the grounds. As he tells her about the estate, Catherine mentions the premonitions she sometimes get and she suddenly has a vision of a girl being tied to a tree and whipped by a priest, as well as her parent’s car exploding but she is burning instead of them. When she snaps out of it, she finds herself alone and heads back to the house, where she yells at Stephen for leaving her alone but he swears that they were heading back to the house and he thought she was following him but when he turned around, she was gone. A funeral is held for Catherine’s parents and they are buried in the cemetery behind Alexander’s house. As Catherine weeps for her parents, she is drawn towards a bush, where a breeze rustles some leaves, and when she investigates it, she finds the grave of a woman named Camilla York. Stephen shows up to try and comfort her while at the house, Alexander and Frances observe them and Frances says that she doesn’t trust Stephen. When Alexander goes to take a call, he tells the person on the phone that everything will proceed as planned, unaware that Frances is using the distraction to try and open a box on the mantle with a set of keys she has hidden around her wrist. The next day, Frances tries again to tell Stephen to leave Catherine alone but he tells her he will do as he pleases and proceeds to take Catherine out for a drive in the country. While they are gone, Frances goes looking through some folders on Alexander’s desk and after finding something, quickly leaves his room. Meanwhile, someone uses a picture of John and the bracelet he gave Catherine to cast a spell on John, making him jump off the roof of his apartment. At the same time, Catherine and Stephen are enjoying some wine in the back of the car when Catherine spills the wine on her as she feels something has happened and asks to go back home. When they get there, Alexander chastises Stephen before escorting Catherine to her room, where he gives her another sedative. Under the effects of the sedative, Catherine begins having strange dreams and when she wakens from them, Stephen shows up to comfort her and the two end up having sex. The next day, Alexander chastises Stephen for possibly ruining his plans for Catherine and says that they have to make sure that things are ready for her birthday tomorrow. Frances, goes to speak with Catherine and explains that she is in danger. Taking her to Camilla’s grave, Frances tells Catherine that Camilla was said to have great powers and Alexander has been obsessed with resurrecting her. Alexander attempted to do use his wife but was unsuccessful, and Stephen had witnessed his mother’s murder which lead to his behavior towards women and killing them. After showing Catherine a picture of Camilla, which looks like her, and telling her John is dead, Frances says they will talk more in the kitchen. That night at dinner, Catherine says she is tired and heads to her room early. Stephen heads to her room later and tries to talk to her about their plan to run away together but Catherine tells him to leave her alone as she is tired, he quickly leaves her room. Stephen heads to Frances’ room, and finds the item she took from Alexander’s office. When she says she only took it to keep him from blackmailing her but wasn’t planning on telling anyone, he proceeds to beat and kill her. Later that night, Catherine slips down to the kitchen to meet with Frances but finds her body pinned to the door with a knife and Catherine ends up fainting. When she comes too in the morning, she finds herself locked in her room and attempts to pick the lock when Alexander and Stephen suddenly enter. Alexander explains that Catherine is now the same age as Camilla was when she was killed and it is time to bring her back, then orders Stephen to bring Catherine with them. They head out into the woods behind the house and Catherine sees the assembled devil worshipers near the altar but she quickly stabs Stephen in the eye with the nail file she was holding, allowing her to escape. Alexander orders his followers after her and they proceed to chase her through the woods. Catherine makes it to the house and runs into her father, who she claims is not real but he grabs her and slaps her. He then apologizes and tells her she has been asleep for over a day after hitting her head in the car crash. After leading her inside, she finds Alexander sitting there, who shows concern at the state she is in. Catherine is finding it difficult to believe everything was a dream and wants to call John to make sure and Alexander allows her to use the phone in the alcove but when she pulls back the curtain, she finds Stephen’s body with the nail file still in her eye. As the men in robes approach her, Catherine tries to run only to find her way blocked by her father, wearing robes of his own, and she screams as visions of flames overtake her.

This was an interesting, though confusing movie. The acting was ok, with Michael Gough doing a great job in his portrayal of Alexander. Martin Potter (Stephen), Candace Glendenning (Catherine), and Barbara Kellerman (Frances) were also good in their roles. The basic plot was pretty interesting but they way the movie played out was pretty confusing and they honestly did a pretty poor job of explaining things until the end, were they basically had Frances do a plot recap. The special effects were pretty good and this had a lot more blood and gore than I was honestly expecting, which was surprising to be honest. Probably not something to try and hunt down but worth watching it it happens to come on.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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