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July 3rd, 2017 Movie – Sasquatch Mountain (a.k.a. Devil On The Mountain)

sasquatch mountain

You know one thing I just never understand; why movie titles will be called one thing when first released and then have the title changed later. Now I don’t mean the title being changed overseas due to translation issues but movies just getting their title changed for no real reason that I can figure. One example is a Dolph Lundgren 90’s movie called I Come In Peace, which was later retitled to Dark Angel. Now I saw this movie when it first debuted on Syfy and thought the title was perfect. The funny thing is, and I honestly didn’t notice this until today, after the opening scene of the movie occurs, the title, Devil On The Mountain, pops up on the screen. Still, I first saw this movie when it was titled Sasquatch Mountain and that is how I will always view it.

The plot: Late one night in a small Northwestern town, Chase Jackson, a mechanic, takes his tow truck out to help his wife Sara when she has car trouble when he hears someone frightened talking over his CB radio. As he tries to find out what the man is talking about, Sara, who is filming everything with her video camera, goes looking around and sees something moving around in the woods but before she can yell out for Chase, she is struck by a car, and Chase can only hold her as she dies. Some time later, a group of bank robbers (Travis Cralle, Kayla Keller, Wade Clay, and Kyle Carson) are arguing about the small town before they don some Sasquatch masks and proceed to rob the bank. The fifth member of the group, Vin Stewart, is flirting with Priscilla, a waitress he has been seeing while they were in town, and she hands him her number before he leaves the diner. Vin tosses the number on the ground as he gets in his car and heads to the bank but a police officer that was at the diner saw him and followed him to the bank, where he prepares to write him a ticket for littering. Suddenly, the bank robbers leave the bank and get in Vin’s van and in the process of leaving, shoot the cop before he can stop them. Elsewhere, Erin Price stops at a service station to get some gas and as she looks at a table of items for sale, she sees an unmarked video tape and is told by Raquel that she found the tape that her mom had filmed the night she died. After Erin pays for the gas, Raquel hands her the tape, saying she figured it should go to someone looking for a clean start, and then directs Erin towards a scenic route out of town. Erin makes her way along the route but ends up getting into an accident with the bank robbers. As Travis, Kayla, and Wade collect the money, Vin goes to check on Erin while Clay is seriously injured and is barely able to move. As they collect the money, Travis says to take Erin as a hostage, just as Sheriff Harris Zeff and his deputies Ken Robinson and Chris Logan arrive. A shoot-out occurs between to crooks and the cops, where Kyle is mortally wounded, but when there is a lull in the shooting, Harris goes to check things out and finds that the crooks have escaped into the high country. Harris tells Chris to radio for back up and then contact Eli to bring his gear and hunting dogs so they can follow after them. Meanwhile, the crooks are making their way up the mountain, with Wade carrying Kyle, but when Kyle tells him to put him down, Travis says they need to leave him and Wade is upset but reluctantly does so when Kyle tells him to leave. After the leave, Kyle sees a Sasquatch approaching him and tries to shoot it but is too weak from blood loss and ends up being killed. Eli shows up at the crash site and after yelling at Chris for calling him out on his CB handle, he leads the group into the forest. Along the way, he makes a comment about Chase and Harris calls him out on it, saying they all served together in ‘Nam, and Eli says that Chase hasn’t been right since Sara died before going on ahead. Harris and his deputies eventually come across Kyle’s body and Harris tells Ken to find out where their back-up is but they learn that their back-up won’t be there for quite some time before the lose radio contact. Eli contacts Harris and tells him that he managed to get ahead of the crooks but says he has a bad feeling about the place and suggest they get the back-up there quickly before he decides to go radio silent. As soon as he does, he smells something and turns to find the Sasquatch approaching him and as he shoots at it, he quickly radios Harris and tells him not to proceed up the mountain. Harris and the others keep going and eventually find Eli’s radio next to a puddle of blood and Harris says it is afterbirth from some animal. Meanwhile, Erin and the crooks heard Eli’s shots and as they get nervous, tempers start flaring, especially Wade’s, who hasn’t taken his anti-psychotic medication. As he starts fighting with Vin, they hear something in the forest and start firing in the woods. As they go to investigate, the find some blood and fur, indicating that they hit something, but Erin uses the distraction to try and get away. As she is running through the woods, she stops abruptly when she sees the Sasquatch pass through the woods ahead of her, allowing Vin to catch up to her. As they argue, Ken gets the drop on Vin just as Kayla shows up but when Erin runs again, Kayla chases after her, leaving Vin and Ken in a stand off. When Chris shows up, Vin surrenders and Ken chastises Chris for leaving Harris alone and goes after Erin. As Chris keeps Vin at gunpoint, he pulls out a flare gun to signal for help but just as he fires, the Sasquatch attacks, knocking Vin into a tree before grabbing Chris and killing him by breaking his back. Kayla catches up to Erin and the two start fighting before it is broken up by Travis and Wade. When Harris and Ken show up, there is a stand off until they hear the Sasquatch in the forest behind them and Wade goes to investigate. When they hear the Sasquatch roar, Harris, Ken, Travis, and Kayla all start firing into the woods but when Wade is thrown towards them, they all quickly run, with Travis helping carry Wade. The eventually reach an old ski lodge owned by a man named Harmonica that appears abandoned and as Harris and Ken check to see if they were followed, Travis and Kayla use the opportunity to attack them and take their weapons. Meanwhile, Chase, having heard what was happening on his radio, makes his way up the mountain and eventually finds Vin in a tree. After dragging him down, he forces him to march as they go looking for their friends but stops briefly when he sees evidence of the Sasquatch as well as Chris’ broken body. Back at the lodge, Wade is suffering from some internal injuries and placed on a bed. Rejoining Kayla in the main room, Travis tells her they are leaving when they hear a commotion coming from the back and Vin appears, with Chase using him as a shield. After greeting Harris and Ken, Chase tells Travis that they are the only chance they have of getting off the mountain, asking Harris if he saw the footprints outside. Travis doesn’t believe him and sends Kayla to look out the front door but when she sees the tracks near the front door, she tells Travis and he decides to hand the police back their weapons. As they take stock of their situation, Harris and Vin discover Harmonica’s body in one of the rooms and so they wrap it up and Vin and Ken take it outside. As they prepare to get some rest for the night, the group are forced to duck for cover as the Sasquatch begins throwing rocks at the house, breaking several windows and hitting Travis with one of them. As he tends to his injury, Travis asks if the lodge’s owner has a phone and Harris tells him no, commenting about how he was a strange old man who would get supplies once a month and always bought a lot of horse feed even though he didn’t own any horses. Later that night, Harris apologizes to Chase and asks him about what happened the night Sara died and Chase starts to tell him when they hear Sara’s voice and find Erin, Kayla, and Travis watching the tape Erin got from Raquel. The next morning, Erin goes to check on Wade but he sneaks up behind her and takes her outside, where he threatens her with a machete and says that it’s her fault that they are stuck up there. Ken confronts Wade and ends up shooting him in the shoulder but the Sasquatch grabs Ken and drags him away. Chase and the others come outside, with Vin noticing that Harmonica’s body is gone, and Chase says he will go after Ken, instructing Harris to lead the others East towards the road. Kayla refuses to leave and goes back inside the house but as she wanders around, she notices all the food and realizes that Harmonica had been feeding it. Chase finds Ken’s body and grabs his gun and starts heading back to the others when he encounters Eli, who had managed to stay alive and as they go to find the others, Eli apologizes to Chase and says that if Chase says he saw the Loch Ness Monster than he will be right there to back him up. As Harris is leading Erin, Vin, and Travis towards the road, Travis decides to take off by himself. Harris tries to stop him but ends up having a heart attack and Travis ends up saving him before he leaves. Travis heads back to the lodge to find Kayla and she tells him it is the Sasquatch’s home but as they go to leave, they find the Sasquatch entering, carrying Harmonica’s body. Kayla starts shooting at the Sasquatch but it grabs her and breaks her neck, then attacks Travis when he shoots it. Chase and Eli catch up to Harris, Erin, and Vin and Chase says they need to split up and has Erin and Vin head towards the road while he, Eli, and Harris keep “Big Wooly” off their backs. As Erin and Vin run for the road, Vin stuffs some money into an envelope and hands it to Erin, saying it is in case something happens. Suddenly, Wade attacks Vin and almost kills him but Erin grabs the bag of money and uses it to lure Wade away. Erin soon finds herself back at the crash site and Wade confronts her but before he can do anything, the Sasquatch kills him. As the Sasquatch stares at Erin, Vin shows up to try and scare it off, just as Chase, Eli, and Harris arrive. Chase, Eli, and Harris lower their weapons and tell Vin to grab Erin’s hand, indicating that they weren’t a threat. The Sasquatch turns and starts back towards the forest but collapses due to it’s wounds and cries out before it dies. The group hear an answering roar from deep in the forest, as well as the sounds of a baby Sasquatch crying out. Harris’ radio suddenly comes to life and he tells the station where he is as Vin hands him the bag of money and turns himself in. Some time later, Erin, in a new car, stops by the diner and hands Priscilla the envelope Vin gave her, fulfilling Vin’s promise of helping her get a brighter future, then leaves town, waving to Harris as she drives by him. Harris gets into his truck and talks to Vin, who had ducked down as Erin drove by, and the two talk as he drives Vin to prison. As the movie ends, it plays a famed 911 call of a man reporting a Sasquatch outside his house.

This is a pretty decent B-movie but I honestly wished it was a little better. The acting was good, with Lance Henriksen doing a good job as Chase. Cerina Vincent (Erin) Michael Worth (Vin) and Craig Wasson (Travis) doing a good job in their roles as well. The story was actually pretty interesting, with a forced pairing of cops and robbers trying to survive against the Sasquatch. I think they tried too hard to give some back stories and character development to everyone which ended up actually hurting the overall story. The technical aspects of the film were definitely the worst aspect of this movie. The light would fluctuate between light and dark, honestly like something from a very poor 60’s movie, while the camera would sometimes not be in focus, which could have been intentional but there honestly didn’t seem to be a need for it. Still, it can keep you entertained which is all I ask for in a movie.

Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5


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