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July 2nd, 2017 Movie – Sasquatch Hunters

sasquatch hunters

Another day and luckily for me, another Sasquatch movie. Now I remember first watching today’s movie years ago on Syfy…well, the last 20 minutes of it at least. However, what I saw of this movie had me cracking up. Since this movie is right up my alley in terms of what I enjoy watching so of course, I obviously had to get it. Now let’s see if it was worth getting as I watch today’s movie, Sasquatch Hunters.

The plot: Three poachers (Boyd, Earl, and Taylor) are hunting in the woods when Earl and Taylor are attacked and killed by a Sasquatch that they shot at while Boyd manages to run away. Meanwhile, Senior Park Ranger Charles Landon picks up his friend and former Ranger Roger Gordon and takes him to where the rest of their group (Doctors Helen Gilbert and Ethan Edwards, their student Louise Keaton, and Rangers Brian Stratton, Janet Combs and her brother Spencer) are waiting. Charles explains that they are there to escort Helen, Ethan, and Louise into the forest, where they hope to find possible fossils. As the group make their way through the woods, Boyd is still running from the Sasquatch and catches sight of them but before he can yell for help, he is killed by the Sasquatch, who slams him against a tree before turning it’s gaze onto the group. As the group makes camp for the night, Helen explains the purpose of their trip saying a friend of hers had found a bone in the area that looked to be from a gorilla but there are no gorillas in North America outside of zoos. Since there was a recorded discovery in the late 1800’s of another bone discovered in the region, the museum thought it was interesting enough to warrant financing a trip to see what they can find. They continue hiking two more days and stop for the night, though Ethan wants to keep going, but in the morning, Ethan wakes Helen and shows her a nearby burial ground that they didn’t notice in the dark. Ethan and Helen start digging up some of the mounds and find several bones and Helen says they look like the ones in the museum but are much bigger, indicating the ones in the museum were from a juvenile. When Gordon finds the carcass of a bear up in a tree, the group gets nervous and Ethan, Helen, and Louise head back to the graves while Gordon has Spencer check the perimeter. After several hours, Ethan says that the find is too big for what they are able to handle and suggests that they take some samples back and then come back with a fully equipped team. They decide to stay there for the night and start back in the morning when they realize that Spencer has never returned to the camp site. The group goes looking for Spencer but can’t find him and when they return to the site, they find that the bones are missing. That night, Helen gives a panicking Janet a sleeping pill to help her get some sleep but when she leaves the tent, she notices Gordon, Landon, and Ethan staring at the now refilled graves, causing them all to grow concerned. In the morning, Gordon and Brian head out to look for Spencer but when they are briefly separated, Gordon is attacked by a Sasquatch but manages to fire a shot at it and drive it off. Brian comes to help him and they head back to the camp, where Gordon tells everyone what happened and that they need to leave now. The group leave the area but Janet is still not happy about leaving Spencer and wants to keep looking for him. As they continue marching through the dark, Janet lags behind as she sees someone leaning against a tree and realizes it is Spencer but as she reaches out for him, she finds that he is dead and as she shoves his body off of her, a Sasquatch kills her. Gordon and the others hear her screams and Gordon tells the others to wait there while he goes to investigate and he finds Spencer’s body but no sign of Janet and when a roar sounds out, the rest of the group end up scattering. Brian encounters the Sasquatch and shoots at it but as he runs from it, he trips and falls onto Janet’s body, and Gordon finds him as he picks himself up. Ethan stumbles into a hole and as he tries to get up, he sees his backpack dragged from the lip of the hole and a ripping sound as something searches through it. The Sasquatch then reaches down to try and attack him and manages to grab him and start to drag him up but Gordon shoots at it and the Sasquatch drops him as it runs, allowing Gordon and Brian to save him. Landon and Helen encounter the Sasquatch and Landon leads it away from Helen but as he tumbles down an incline, he runs into Gordon and the others. As they try to find the others, they find an old cabin and make their way towards it when Landon steps on a bear trap. After freeing Landon, they make their way inside, noticing some skeletal remains inside while Gordon wonders about all of the traps surrounding the cabin and after they get situated, Gordon has Ethan tend to Landon’s wounds and Brian keep watch while he goes looking for Helen and Louise. As Gordon tries to find the two women, he sees the Sasquatch and manages to hide in a tree while throwing his flashlight into the woods to lure it away. He soon encounters Helen, who almost shoots him with a tranquilizer, and they try to find Louise as they head back to the cabin. Meanwhile, Lousie is trying to locate the others, using the flash from her camera to help light her way but as she is taking pictures and calling out for the others, the Sasquatch kills her. Gordon and Helen hear her screams and go looking for her only to find her body and they grab her camera and head back to the cabin. As they try to figure out their next step, Helen wonders what happened to the people in the cabin and realizes that they were the trappers who had found the bones in the 1800’s but were never seen again. Ethan finds an old map and as Gordon and Landon examine it, they realize that they are only a couple of hours distance from the road. Suddenly, they hear the sound of a trap being sprung and the Sasquatch roaring in pain but Gordon and Brian can’t see anything. Suddenly, the Sasquatch grabs Brian through the window and the others hear him screaming as he is dragged along the ground, setting off all the traps, Helen says it sounds like there is more than one of them as Gordon and Landon both shoot at it as it passes their field of vision when the Sasquatch throws Brian’s body back through the window. In the morning, Gordon, Helen, Ethan, and Landon leave the cabin and notice drag marks in the ground and a severed foot caught in the trap, indicating that one of the creatures was probably killed by the trap. Making their way to the road, they soon hear the sound of several Sasquatch roaring and one of them appears in front of the group but Gordon shoots it and yells for the others to run. Landon is grabbed by a Sasquatch but Gordon shoots it, causing it to drop Landon and Helen and Ethan help Landon to his feet and carry him while Gordon covers them. As they reach Landon’s jeep, Helen goes ahead and starts it and pulls it closer but when she goes to help Ethan get Landon in the jeep, she is grabbed by a Sasquatch and carried off. Gordon tells the others to get in the jeep while he goes to rescue Helen, catching her when the Sasquatch throws her at him and then killing it. As they run for the jeep, Gordon kills a few more Sasquatch before climbing in and they get away, while the remaining Sasquatch roar in frustration. Landon says that he owes Gordon, who replies that they are even but when Helen says she owes him one, he says they can talk later as Ethan continues to drive them out of the forest.

This is a pretty decent little horror movie. The acting was pretty good, with Matt Lattimore (Gordon), Amy Shelton-White (Helen), Kevin O’Connor (Landon) and Gary Sturm (Ethan) doing good jobs in their roles. The story was pretty interesting, with the idea of them finding a Sasquatch grave yard a fairly unique twist. The special effects were admittedly a little low grade, but in a cheesy fun kind of way. The part that had me cracking up though was the very end as the 4 survivors were running to the jeep. You would get a mix of CGI close ups of the Sasquatch, followed by a wide shot of a bunch of people in Sasquatch/gorilla costumes running through the woods, and then back to a close up of a single Sasquatch. Watching it today still made me laugh. It isn’t necessarily a good movie by critics’ standards, but it can be entertaining to watch.

Rating: 3 out of 5



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