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July 1st, 2017 Movie – Sasquatch


Wow. Three years. Three years since a friend of mine gave me the idea of writing a blog as I start going through all my movies. To be honest, I am surprised that I am still keeping with this but I seem to be doing a decent job with it and people are reading it, which is a plus. I plan on making a change or two to things on here and would appreciate any feedback on what you think I could do to make things more enjoyable.

Anyways, today I find myself dealing with a summer cold, which is not what I want to deal with over a holiday weekend. Well, whenever I was sick as a kid, that was basically an excuse to stay in bed and watch cheesy movies on TV and that’s pretty much what I plan on doing today. Now today’s movie is a Sasquatch movie, which is a type of movie I always enjoy watching, and it has honestly been too long since I have watched one. I guess I need to buy some more in the future but for right now, I’m going to lay down and watch today’s movie, Sasquatch.

The plot: Tara Knowles is flying in a Bio-Comp Industries company plane over the Pacific Northwest when something happens and the plane ends up crashing. As Tara uses a video camera to document what happened, the wreckage begins shaking and the surviving passengers hear a roaring coming from outside the plane. Some time later, Tara is seen running through the snow covered mountain, firing a flare gun so she can see, as something chases after her and when she tries to use the flare gun to defend herself, she ends up being killed. Bio-Comp CEO Harlan Knowles is hit hard by the news of the rescue search being called off, both by the loss of his daughter as well as the loss of the biotech project that was being transported on the plane. Harlan decides to fund and head up his own team to go searching for the wreck and hires local guide Clayton Tyne, wilderness expert and author Winston Burg, forensic investigator Nikki Adams, Marla Lawson (an insurance underwriter for Browning and Burroughs), and Plazz (a tech expert from Bio-Comp). As they make their way up the mountain, Plazz continually talks about cryptozoology and legendary creatures that supposedly live in the area, much to the annoyance of Winston. During their second day in the woods, they hear a strange knocking sound in the woods and when Clayton goes to see what is causing it, he finds an antler that was used for wood knocking, as well as some foul smelling hair snagged on a tree, but chooses not to say anything. When they make camp for the night, something grabs Marla and drags her out of her tent and through the woods but Clayton, Winston, and Harlan chase after her and find her after Winston starts shooting into the woods. Later, as Clayton is tending to Marla’s injuries and they all wondered what happened, they hear a roaring in the woods. The next morning, they find a crippled bear roaring in pain and Winston believes he had shot it the night before but after Clayton puts it out of it’s misery, he discovers that it’s neck is broken and sees a large, blood covered rock that is too heavy for him to lift. As the group keeps going, they argue over which direction they should go when Winston finds some footprints leading to a cave with some cave paintings drawn on the walls. Nikki determines that the paintings are only a couple of months old and Winston finds a shell that Tara wore around her neck, indicating she was in the area so they decide to search the area in the morning but find no sign of anyone. That night, Harlan keeps watch as Marla takes a bath in a hot spring and she asks him about the Huxley Project, saying she had quit her job and was offered money by his competitors for it but Harlan decides to match their offer for her not to say anything about it. The next day, they continue searching for the plane and reach the spot where it should be but find no sign of it. Clayton finds a piece of the fuselage in a tree and sees scratches along the trees where the plane had been moved. They eventually find the plane and Harlan goes inside but doesn’t see any signs of survivors except for a skeletal limb. As they realize that there are no sign of survivors, Harlan says they need to find a metal box, which Winston finds outside the wreckage. Harlan has Plazz check the machine and Clayton gets upset as he believes Harlan is more concerned with the machine than the survivors, including his daughter. When Clayton goes to leave, Harlan convinces him to stay and begins to explain what the machine does. Using some of Marla’s hair as an example, he tells them that the Huxley Project is able to examine and test DNA in a matter of minutes, which would be revolutionary for medical and law enforcement purposes. Plazz then notices that the device was used shortly after the crash and the resulting sample came from an unknown animal, which Plazz says is impossible as the data for every animal known to man is listed in it’s databanks. That night, as they try to figure out how the plane wound up moved to it’s present location, Clayton and Plazz both give voice to the possibility that Sasquatch might be real. When they hear a roaring in the woods, Winston begins firing blindly into the woods, almost hitting members of the group. After Clayton and Harlan disarm him, Harlan fires Winston and says that Clayton is leading the group now and Winston says he will sue Harlan for defamation of character if he tells anyone what happened. Finding a video camera in the wreckage, Plazz manages to get it working so they can see what happened and watch the events that Tara had filmed. Meanwhile, Winston is getting drunk by the fire when he notices some blood dripping down onto his hand and when he looks up, something in the trees grabs him. Clayton goes looking for Winston and finds his body, as well as the bodies of the people from the plane. He goes back to tell the others just as Nikki realizes the cave drawings depict the plane crashing and killing one of the creatures and theorizes that they killed the survivors for revenge. Harlan goes to see the bodies himself and then chooses to bury them before they get ready to leave and head down the mountain. As they sleep in the plane, planning to head down in the morning, Marla grabs the Huxley Project and decides to head down without the others, intending to sell it to Harlan’s competitors, but she ends up being attacked and killed by the Sasquatch. When Harlan and the others wake up, they realize that Marla and the machine are gone and grab what gear they can find and go looking for her. The eventually find her body and Harlan grabs the machine and they continue down the mountain but the Sasquatch follows after them. When the reach a steep drop, Clayton says the Sasquatch is following them in order to get the machine, due to it being able to provide proof they really exist, but Harlan refuses to give up the machine and chooses to make it down the mountain on his own. Harlan makes his way down the mountain but is soon attacked by the Sasquatch, which knocks him out and drags him away. When Harlan regains consciousness, he sees the device nearby as well as the body of the Sasquatch that the plane had hit. When he sees the Sasquatch that attacked him watching him, he aims his revolver at it but then shoots the device instead and the Sasquatch leaves without killing him. Harlan and the others make it safely down the mountain and Plazz tells the authorities they were attacked by a Sasquatch but when the others refuse to confirm his story, Plazz ends up taken to a psychiatric hospital for observation as the authorities fear he is delusional.

Well, this had an interesting story idea but it kind of flopped on the delivery. The acting was decent, with Russell Ferrier (Clayton) and Andrea Roth (Marla) doing good jobs in their roles but Lance Henriksen just seemed uninspired and flat as Harlan. The story was actually pretty interesting, with the concept of the machine that could prove the existence of Sasquatch being a nice twist from the typical “rescue party searching for people encounter Sasquatch” theme. For me, the thing that honestly killed this movie was the camera editing. There were several times where they would pan around the characters, which seemed to do nothing more than kill time in the movie. They also would bounce back and forth between different conversations at different time periods which made things confusing. I’m not talking about Harlan’s flashbacks of his daughter but conversations that obviously happened minutes to an hour apart and yet they were going back and forth between them like it was just occurring. I will say that the whole thermal vision to indicate how the Sasquatch saw the group was an interesting idea but the actual Sasquatch honestly looked kinda stupid, looking like a cross between Tarman from Return Of The Living Dead and a drowned cat. I know Sasquatch movies can be somewhat hit or miss but this one is definitely a miss.

Rating: 2 out of 5


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