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June 28th, 2017 Movie – Sand Sharks

sand sharks

This is a fun movie for me to watch today for several reasons. On the one note, this movie stars Corin Nemec, which means we get to play “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Or Can He?” But another reason is because this type of movies is one of the reasons why the letter S is my second favorite letter for movie titles. Ever since I first saw Jaws, I have always loved shark themed movies and believe me, if you did not know this before, you will soon see proof of this in a few weeks. Anyways, I first heard of this movie on a B-movie blog and thought the idea sounded pretty neat, so I bought it as soon as it came out on DVD. Let’s see if that was a good purchase as I watch today’s movie, Sand Sharks.

The plot: Two guys are riding dirt bikes along the beach but when one of the guy’s bike’s stalls out, he is attacked by something in the sand. His friend turns back to go looking for him when he sees a fin moving through the sand and he quickly gets back on his bike and tries to escape but he ends up crashing down a sand dune and as he tries to crawl away, the sand shark grabs him and drags him through the sand towards the ocean. The next day, Jimmy Green heads to city hall and, after a brief run in with Sheriff John Stone, he goes in to see Mayor Greenburg, who happens to be his father, and he proposes an idea to hold an annual week-long festival called the Sandman Festival as a mean to help the town with it’s financial troubles. Meanwhile, John and his sister Brenda, who is also his deputy, are investigating the deaths of the two dirt bikers and argue about what could have happened. Brenda believes the wounds look like a shark bite and tries contacting Dr. Powers at the Pacific Marine Institute, who had helped them with a shark attack before, but he is not there so his daughter, Dr. Sandy Powers, offers to come take a look. Meanwhile, Jimmy meets with his assistants Willie and Erin, as well as Amanda, the representative for his investors, and takes them out to see the beach where the party will be held. As they are walking along the beach, they encounter John and Brenda, who used to date Jimmy, and when John learns that Jimmy is planning another party, he gets upset and says that 15 people died the last time he threw a party on the island. Suddenly a man that was riding on a boogie board along the water’s edge is killed by a sand shark and when his girlfriend yells and gets John and Brenda to help her, she is killed as well, causing John and Brenda to head back to the parking lot. Later that day, a town meeting is held to discuss what to do about the problem and the locals are upset about the beaches being closed, as they can’t afford to have another bad season. One of the locals, Angus McSorely, tells the crowd that he has seen the sand sharks and will kill them for $10,000, but the mayor dismisses him as being crazy. As John tells the people the meeting is over, Sandy, who had shown up during the meeting, introduces herself and after examining the recovered body parts, says that the wounds look like a shark attack but she can’t say for certain. That night, two men that are hunting the sharks are killed and only their hands are left, which Brenda and Sandy examine the next day. Sandy manages to find a tooth and when she shows it to John, says that not only does it appear to have come from a baby shark, though it is already bigger than any shark’s tooth she has ever seen, but it looks like the tooth from a prehistoric shark that her father had found. Meanwhile, Jimmy is upset that he can’t starting setting up his party on the beach and calls Sparky, his pyrotechnic’s man, and has him bring a dead shark that was used in a B-film to try and say that the killer shark was captured but Sandy is able to disprove their claims. That night, a sand shark chews through a power cord, blacking out part of the island and Brenda, Willie, Amanda head to Jimmy’s room, believing he had something to do with it. Brenda handcuffs Jimmy and takes him to the beach, where John has Sparky and his crew in custody. Meanwhile, Sandy is doing some tests on the beach when she sees a sand shark fin circling her. When the mayor shows up and questions what is going on, they notice Sandy and John heads towards her but she tells him to stop. They all see the fin starting to move towards John and Sandy pulls out her gun and fires into the sand next to the shark, causing it to change direction. Seeing this, Mayor Greenburg tells Jimmy that the party is cancelled until the sand shark is killed, as he has to ensure the safety of the citizens, but the sand shark kills him. When they see the sand shark heading down the beach, they realize it is heading towards Sparky, who had gone to fix the power, and Brenda and Jimmy try yelling out and warning him but the shark attacks him just as he connects the power, causing an explosion that kills the shark but also blacks out the island. The next day, Jimmy is getting things set up for the party and Brenda shows up to offer her condolences about his father. Meanwhile, Sandy is examining the body of the sand shark and tells John that it is just a newborn pup, which means the mother is still out there and probably looking for it. They go talk to Jimmy and try to get him to cancel the party but he says that he can’t, as thousands of kids are already on the beach, and since they have no proof that there is another shark, he won’t stop it but agrees to let them keep watch. As Jimmy is excited at seeing the party started, he is approached by Amanda, who begins kissing him but they are seen by Brenda, who gets upset and leaves. As Jimmy starts arguing with Amanda, another sand shark kills her and Jimmy doesn’t say anything to Willie and Erin when they show up until Erin sees Amanda’s head. Willie wants to tell the cops and cancel the party but Erin hits him over the head and tells Jimmy she will deal with him while he keeps the party going, but after Jimmy leaves, a second sand shark appears and Erin throws Willie’s body towards it as she hides in Jimmy’s trailer. The party continues on the beach but all of the vibrations attract the sand sharks, which begin attacking the crowd. John works on getting everyone off the beach, then goes to help Sandy, who is spreading synthetic chum spray to lure the sharks away from the crowd. Meanwhile, Brenda tries to get a drunken Jimmy off of the beach but ends up getting bit in half. Jimmy drags her up to her car, apologizing and saying he loves her but she tells him she hates him before dying. When John tries contacting Brenda, Jimmy answers and tells John that Brenda is dead and when he admits that he knew about the second shark, John says he plans on arresting Jimmy for what happened. Jimmy takes Brenda’s police car to try and leave but when John radios and says he needs Jimmy’s help, Jimmy tells John that the docks are crowded with people and that the ferry won’t get there until the next day. John tells Jimmy to get the people off the dock and Jimmy attempts to do so but is unable to get the people to leave until Angus shows up and helps him. Angus and Jimmy head to the police station and find John and Sandy there and Angus explains that he has a plan to kill the sand sharks. He takes them to a pit he excavated and explains that he knows how to kill the sharks but he needs something that burns at 2000 degrees. Jimmy says that Sparky has something that will do the trick and they decide to go with Angus’ plan, using Jimmy’s speakers to lure the sharks towards them. The plan appears to work but when the speakers stop playing, Jimmy goes out to check on them only to find that the wires are severed. With no other choice, and hoping to atone for his part in the tragedy, Jimmy begins loudly singing as he heads to the pit, then drops to the ground and makes sand angels, sacrificing himself in order to lure the sharks to the kill zone. Angus uses the napalm and a homemade flamethrower to melt the sand into glass, killing the sand sharks. As John, Sandy, and Angus start to celebrate, they see a giant fin moving on the cliff above just as the mother shark attacks and kills Angus. John and Sandy head towards Angus’ bunker but the shark bursts through the bunker floor and Sandy throws the napalm tank into the shark’s mouth as she and John escape out the window before the shark bites through the tank and explodes. Later that night, Erin leaves Jimmy’s trailer and answers a call from someone wanting to hire Jimmy to throw a beach party, but as she talks to the man, a sand shark leaps out of the sand to attack her.

NOOOOOO!!!!. Parker Lewis lost this time. Oh well, at 5-2-1, he still has a winning record. This is still a really fun movie to watch. The acting was a mixture of good (such as Corin Nemec (Jimmy)),  over-the-top (like Brooke Hogan (Sandy) and Robert Pike Daniel (Angus)), and too stiff (like Eric Scott Woods (John)) which was a fun blend of styles. The story was interesting and honestly I thought it was funny how many references to Jaws there were in this movie, such as the meeting with the town about closing the beaches (and the mayor saying only for one day despite John’s protests), Angus parodying Quint’s speech at the meeting, and even Sandy’s last line at the shark with the tank was a parody of Brody’s line before he kills the shark. On another note, I personally think that Brooke Hogan was the second worst casting for a scientist since Denise Richards played Dr. Christmas Jones in The World Is Not Enough but unlike that movie, this movie was not intended to be taken as seriously. The special effects were pretty good, though for the most part it just involved a fin moving through the sand. There were a few times that the actors would react too early before the shark would attack but I have seen far worse problems in B-Movies. Definitely a fun movie to watch and good for some laughs.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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